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  • Current Version: 3.0.7
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Carnival HUB App

Use the Carnival HUB app to share your cruise countdown with friends, then explore and book shore excursions, spa treatments, drink packages and more. When the time comes, you may also check-in and obtain your boarding documents. As you board your ship, connect to Carnival’s Wi-Fi to view what’s happening, weather, dining menus and more! Onboard internet purchase is NOT required to use the Carnival HUB app. Before your cruise: • Load up on excursions, drink packages, spa treatments and more • Check-in and prepare your boarding documents • Share your cruise countdown with friends and family (At this time, guests on Australian sailings may share their countdown and use features once on board their ship.) Once on board: • Chat to connect with family and friends on board. (Low, flat activation fee applies.) • Day-by-day schedule of hundreds of onboard events • Choose your favorite events and get reminders • Open times of food and drinks venues • Daily restaurant menus • Searchable deck plans with key areas highlighted • Itinerary details, including current ship time, arrival/departure times for upcoming ports of call • Real-time information on guests’ current Sail & Sign shipboard account balance • Weather for each day of your sailing • Find information like dining attire easily • Ability to view and purchase shore excursions • Order pizza for delivery almost anywhere on board (Fees apply.) Go ahead. Download it now. Your vacation deserves it.

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Carnival HUB app reviews

  • Carnival Dream 4/5

    By Teresa Goff
    Until leaving everyone was wonderful. As we disembarked though I encountered a very rude and possibly stressed but no excuses. Food was good loved the amenities were perfect. Last but not least. When entering your room bath there is a small step. Late at night trust me it’s a hazard. I should have seen the dr but it’s just badly bruised. I’m ready to go back!!!
  • Great app and works very well with the ship. 5/5

    By jforjforjfojrfijrefiojreif
    This app is almost too easy to view charges, check ship show schedules and also stay in communication with your shipmates! (Because there is no cell service on the boat). I used it heavily for 4 days while on the ship and had no issues. Thank you Carnival !
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Trackndog
    It worked most of the time but it did freeze up from time to time, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Juvae74
    I did enjoy being able to use the app, my only compliant is the app failed a couple of times with the $5 chat plan. It would work then it wouldn’t and so sometimes it was hard to communicate with family.
  • Must have during cruise 5/5

    By CarnivalCruiseColie
    Great way to keep up with Activates, know what time it is, connect with cruisers
  • Great Way To Stay Connectes 5/5

    By Takeya R
    The Carnival HUB app was just what we needed to stay connected on the ship. We were able to meet up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, the comedy show, and the club without having to run all over the ship. I would definitely recommend anyone cruising to download the app and pay the $5 fee for chat capabilities.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By kitkattttt
    Worth the download!!! I did not upgrade to the texting because we all stuck together. I did like where you can choose favorite events that you want to attend and they remind you so you don’t forget. And it gave your your account history to check your on board spending.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By K Moorefield
    Very helpful to know what was happening and where! Never have to miss anything Account info being available was great! Map info helpful....only thing that could be added would be to provide some description of how to navigate maps when you had to cross over to get to certain places! Still a fantastic app as u can tell from my “5”.
  • Hub App 5/5

    By rvausmc
    This app was so helpful if you have kids in the teenagers era. Having the ability to text the whole family was awesome. They were able to roam and be free while keeping us informed. For only $5 for the whole cruise, this is worth it. The only downfall was they alerts only work when the app is open. We made a habit to check it ever 30-40mins to make sure we didn’t miss any messages. Other than that, having the schedule at your fingertips is a great tool. And also the favorites on the calendar gives you reminders of the things you want to see 15mins before it starts. Awesome must have app on any carnival cruise.
  • loved 5/5

    By melly_moo03
    we had a huge group to try to keep track of on our last cruise. this was so handy!! easy to communicate and make meeting spots, get together for dinner, etc. works well!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Tomter
    Our family used this to send messages on the boat. Just don’t close the app! You can see what is happening for shows, check the menu for dinner and plan your day. It’s great. It’s worth every penny of the $5 per person to use. We are really looking forward to booking our next cruise.
  • Good and free 5/5

    By Rupert Glendale
    Awesome and helps find activities
  • Insight 4/5

    By I b strokin
    App gave great insight in what my fellow passengers were doing!
  • Carnival App 5/5

    By Cruisetime
    It’s awesome! I basically used it to check account and check out what’s happening around the ship! Loved Carnival Sunshine!!
  • Convenient app 5/5

    By Powder97
    App made it super easy keeping up with everything that was happening on the boat. We also purchased the chat function to keep up with the kids. Definitely made planning easier.
  • Carnival HUBb 4/5

    By rei rei 21 21
    I love the app.!My only complaint is if your phone is turned off you might miss an important message.But as I said I LOVE the app.
  • A must have when sailing 4/5

    By Sweetly vindictive
    The app was very helpful to showtimes of events, food places and times, and knowing where places were on the ship. Was also nice to be able to monitor my spending and few my account charges in real time. Would like to have been able to see available spa treatments & prices.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By Lucegravl
    I do like the app, but need to have some form of notification when you get a message. We never knew we had a message unless the room was quiet or we were looking at the app.
  • Great app to use while on a Carnival Cruise. 4/5

    By 92127SD
    This app is really helpful for looking up daily event schedules, daily menus of the restaurants on board, booking shore excursions etc.
  • Worked Great, but $5.00 per user is annoying. 4/5

    By Ash L.
    The only complaint I have is that it’s $5.00 per person to use chat. It should be per stateroom. Just mho.
  • Carnival App 5/5

    By O&S 4281
    We were on the Carnival Dream. What a beautiful cruise ship!! By all means download the app. It was very helpful to know times of shows we were interested in and would notify you when it was time for “your” show. It was also nice to keep in contact with other members in our group because we didn’t do everything together but met for supper every night. Will definitely use the app on future cruises. Thank You Carnival for a great vacation!!!
  • Serves the purpose 4/5

    By UncleMillie
    I gave 5 stars because the crew staff is so amazing but the app could use some work. It’ll let you know what is happening and where to eat. They should add a social stream allowing you to interact with other people on the cruise and share pics. The messaging part was not user friendly. It took a few hours to start working. The cost is per person not per cabin. It doesn’t work when you’re on land.
  • Carnival Cruise App 5/5

    By Ann Burton
    The carnival Cruise App was great.... it kept us informed on what was going on and which deck. I highly recommend using the cruise app!!!!
  • It was perfect I had a terrific time 5/5

    By Nitabharris
    I’m traveling again with you all in November on the valur I think leaving out of New Orleans I have the information written down but I left my complimentary robe that I fell in love with on the sunrise is there any way to get it sent to me that was going to be my on personal souvenir I was In room 2262 Millicent Harris. I’m on file I traveled on the Fantasy and fascination
  • Carnival Sunrise 4/5

    By Chandakids1
    Definitely an awesome time great for knowing What will be happening next
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Db's Reviews
    Works with airplane mode allowing to save battery on your phone!!! This app let me communicate on board without paying for WiFi and thanks to that I was able to go anywhere on the ship and they didn’t care! If this is your first time on a carnival cruise or if you are just hearing about this app definitely worth the 5$ subscription!
  • Awesome 🙃 5/5

    By foreverhislove
    Our first time cruise and it was very helpful absolutely 😊
  • Easy 4/5

    By ltlance96
    The app is fairly easy to navigate and useful. I wish the chat feature had a little more functionality.
  • CarnivalHub App 4/5

    By mlct1234
    I loved all the information and maps on the app. My group of 4 had a problem using the Chat app. We rarely noticed when we had a Chat message, and my husband had trouble connecting to it with the other 3 of us. We all agreed if it could “ding” or show op on the phone face we would have noticed it. We rarely had our phone out, checking the app to see if there was a Chat message. It was only $5 more, so it wasn’t a big deal, but it didn’t work for us.
  • Needs sound or vibration 3/5

    By luckyslotsucks
    Needs to have a sound or vibrate option,and sometimes messages didn’t send or couldn’t revive them! Overall a good way to communicate on board the ship
  • Lost and Found 5/5

    By yet, another glitch
    I downloaded the app the day I booked my cruise. Watching the hours and minutes count down kept me so excited waiting for embarkation. I studied the layout and thought I was ready to take advantage of everything being offered. Wow, was I ever wrong. I ended up using the app for so much more. For the first 3 days I was totally reliant on it to get from one fantastic event to the next. It was my personal gps on the ship. I can’t wait to book the next cruise and be able to get a jump start on where to go and especially how to get there!
  • Needs some updating 4/5

    By Lizb2010
    Nice we could talk to each other. But need to work on the notification part of it and also make it so the app doesn’t have to be running to get messages. It kills the phone battery so fast having to leave it running alllll day. Also $5 is a little high for the basic messaging it is. I think it should be something offered for free to guest.
  • Used on carnival legend - May 2019 4/5

    By mtmroz
    App was great for getting forecast and daily events. You could see the activities that others in your group tagged as “favorites” Improvement- allow spa treatment and excursions to be added to the family timeline. Lots of swapping screens to see these expensive add-ons
  • Great 5/5

    By Word-queen
    Best app .. kept us on the track to fun
  • Great way to keep up. 5/5

    By grdaddy
    Great way to reference what’s planned for each day and event location on the ship. You can check your account summary easily on the app and bookings excursions is really simple & quick all directly from the app. Highly recommend.
  • Great to keep track of the events and your family members! 5/5

    By Stewart3d
    Our kids came with us on our cruise, so it was great to be able to check in with our teen using the chat feature. The app also lists all the activities on the cruise, the shore excursions, restaurant open times (my favorite part 😂), and menus. The only improvement I would make is to have the kids activities listed in a section of the app with the ability to add those activities to your favorites. There is a paper schedule for the kids activities, but having them on the app would make things easier to coordinate.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By shannonPoin
    Really enjoyed the app keeps you up to date on what’s going on what floor it’s on what’s open booked excursions and keep up with how much you are spending really loved this app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By river913
    Reminded u of all the activities u have chosen to participate in. I loved it. N it was easy to figure out.
  • Helpful App 4/5

    By bunnygamerheart
    Pretty useful and convenient app. My husband and I didn’t purchase the internet plan, but the Carnival Hub app allowed us to purchase the chat function, for a $5/passenger price, and we used throughout the six days of traveling. The only con is that, it only works when the app is open being used/open.
  • I love the app. 5/5

    By Macdiddy1351
    The messaging option is great for keeping In touch with your group.
  • Pretty Awesome App 4/5

    By DiamondLuv04
    The App is awesome to have aboard the cruise because the $5 plan helps you to communicate with one another. I just wish that the app didn't have to be running in order for it to work and for you to get notifications...
  • Great for scheduling 5/5

    By el8476
    I loved this app we did not use the texting feature but it was great. We used the weather a few times for both on ship and in port. We were able to order pizza and see the menus for the dining room. We really loved the what’s happening feature. It was very helpful in planning your day and it notifies you when something you tagged was coming up
  • Great Purchase 5/5

    By Jen 517520
    Great way to communicate with family and friends! Great buy!
  • Maybe next upgrade. 4/5

    By what the flow
    Sometimes it takes long time to receive a message. But for the day to day schedule and Fun Times info. It’s wonderful. I do wish it would sound more than the one time. And vibrate more than the one time. MAybe the next upgrade will offer this.
  • Crash Crash Crash🤦🏽‍♀️ 2/5

    By Ejooky
    I love the app...BUT it wouldn’t load up for a very long time when I tried to connect once aboard. I’ve used this app many times on past cruises, but seems like this time was filled with issues. The app would freeze in the middle of scrolling down a page, or get stuck on a page, or even just completely turn off and I would have to reopen the app. Needs lots of bug fixes, but the app is fun and very helpful when navigating the shop and activities.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By kimprice33
    Loved the app I carry my phone everywhere so I had a map of the ship at all times and a list of everything that was going on and what’s times and where to go! I recommend it. Now it is $5 per person to use the texting part of it. But you do NOT have to get it. We didn’t
  • Cozumel 5/5

    By cpmllc
    Amazing time
  • Handy App 5/5

    By lggfromsc
    We did not use the text option as there were two of us and we stayed together the majority of the cruise. This is a great way to keep track of what’s happening around the ship at all times. I also checked in for the “my time dining” twice and it worked like a charm each time. Highly recommend.
  • Easy to use, contains everything you need 5/5

    By JennyG63
    This is the second time we have used the Carnival HUB for our cruises. It is easy to use. If you do not see something you need on the main page, you can use the menu. We organized our time and what events we went to because all events are listed in time order. We were able to view our daily pictures on the app and decide which ones to purchase. We loved the app.

Carnival HUB app comments

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