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  • Current Version: 3.0.7
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Carnival HUB App

Use the Carnival HUB app to share your cruise countdown with friends, then explore and book shore excursions, spa treatments, drink packages and more. When the time comes, you may also check-in and obtain your boarding documents. As you board your ship, connect to Carnival’s Wi-Fi to view what’s happening, weather, dining menus and more! Onboard internet purchase is NOT required to use the Carnival HUB app. Before your cruise: • Load up on excursions, drink packages, spa treatments and more • Check-in and prepare your boarding documents • Share your cruise countdown with friends and family (At this time, guests on Australian sailings may share their countdown and use features once on board their ship.) Once on board: • Chat to connect with family and friends on board. (Low, flat activation fee applies.) • Day-by-day schedule of hundreds of onboard events • Choose your favorite events and get reminders • Open times of food and drinks venues • Daily restaurant menus • Searchable deck plans with key areas highlighted • Itinerary details, including current ship time, arrival/departure times for upcoming ports of call • Real-time information on guests’ current Sail & Sign shipboard account balance • Weather for each day of your sailing • Find information like dining attire easily • Ability to view and purchase shore excursions • Order pizza for delivery almost anywhere on board (Fees apply.) Go ahead. Download it now. Your vacation deserves it.

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Carnival HUB app reviews

  • yes 3/5

    By Sgirhge kontracte
    Yes yes very good yes
  • Great Uses 4/5

    By Heehaw021
    The app was great to keep track of events throughout the cruise. The chat worked intermittently depending on where you were on the ship. We used it to keep everyone connected and together at the right place and time throughout.
  • Great app but a tad Buggy 5/5

    By BG from MD
    This was my 4th Carnival cruise and my first being able to use this app and I loved it. To be able to see everything that was happening around the ship without having to carry the Fun Times was very handy. The chat feature was great too but only if you closed other apps that you had on your phone. If you had other apps open while using the Hub then the app would freeze up. Definitely worth the $5! Thanks Carnival for coming up with a way for people to connect with their parties including people you meet around the ship so easily.
  • Carnival HUB app is AWESOME!!!! 5/5

    By H-town gamer
    The app is better than having walkie-talkies. I was able the chat with friends on the cruise, as well as know which events my friends were planning to attend. The easy access to your account information and pictures were incredible. I recommend everyone download the app and purchase the chat feature for only $5.00. Way to keep up with the technology Carnival!!!!
  • App review 5/5

    By Robert Wittenberg
    Great App, just wish it had a tracker of the boats current location and speed.
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By XavierBChristian
    This app was very helpful while experiencing my first cruise. Everything on the boat (activities, food, shopping centers, and even the casino) was posted via hourly and with certain locations to find whatever you’re looking for. I’m expecting to use this app again besides the paper that was given to us daily in our rooms.
  • Good info 5/5

    By Rynostrip
    Very helpful when your on the ship. All info is tat your fingertips.
  • Great way to communicate 5/5

    By shawn.ultra
    We used the app to chat and it worked flawlessly. The only issue was when we had a few of our group off the boat and a few on (during port). That was problematic as we were between cellular and Wi-Fi but that is understandable. Also loved favoriting events on the ship since the app let you know if others in your booking (all four rooms for us) were also interested. Highly recommend.
  • Keeping in touch. 5/5

    By zerro is mi hero
    The onboard chat line kept 13 family members connected for 5 days. Great addition to onboard communications. Thank You...
  • App is good 3/5

    By djs19!
    Tells you what is going on the ship. Not useful with texting others.
  • Carnival Hub App 5/5

    By Mychal85
    I really loved that it’s $5 for the entire trip and it has all the information needed to enjoy your time. I wish that we were able to send pictures because your phone won’t work on the ship unless you have the data plan and it can be costly. But it would be easy to take a pic and send it so that you can save it to everyone’s phone.
  • Hub app 4/5

    By nanci123
    Liked the Hub it showed Everything that was going on and allowed us to plan our days and evenings payed extra for chat which sometimes worked.
  • Love it and very helpful 5/5

    By Ryan Stout
    Loved the app. It worked great. I marked my favorite activities and it reminded me that activity was about to start. Loved that you can look up your spending account as a whole and for each person in your party to see what they spent. Potential Improvements: Missing Items: There were a few things not on the app that was included in the fun-times. For example, no mention about tea time in the app. So if someone was relying just on the app itself, they’d miss out on tea time. Dinner Menu: There is also a dinner menu, but no photos of the food. If I’ve never had something before, I tend to look around to see if anyone ordered it in the dining room to see what it looks like. Having photos of the items being served would be helpful to me. Social Media access: I also got annoyed at having to key in my folio # and date of birth each time I wanted access to the social media features. If my daughter was on it, I’d have to key this info in every time I wanted to get onto the plan. I understand only one person can use it at a time, but if I’m on the app under my account, I shouldn’t have to key in my info each time. It should remember me and let me log in each time. Expense account: Some reason I couldn’t email my expenses to me. It kept telling me to enter my email addy in settings. I checked settings in the app, but no where there to key in an email addy. I checked settings on my phone and my email is already there. But no go. Ship Map: I’m a very visual person. I tried to use the map, but it’s just a photo of each deck like in their books. So if I was looking for a particular place, you had to just look on each deck. No search feature that I found. It would be helpful to be more interactive. Maybe even show me where I’m at at that time and which was is the Aft and Forward in relation to your real time map usage.
  • Helpful but has a few bugs 4/5

    By rtpaige
    Great for knowing all that was going on and reserving table in dining room. Chat feature would often hang. Also, it would show weird times on the messages, not even close to accurate
  • Good overall!! 4/5

    By Jolleynurse
    Hard to give a perfect rating because unless the app is up you don’t know that you have received a message!! This is unfortunate when you have paid for the chat feature. Other than this, the app is great to keep you on ship’s time, tells you what is happening on board, gives the menu for the evening. My husband wished it gave the ship’s statistics—coordinates, speed, and so forth. Overall, I think the new app was nice!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Lynn-Diddy
    Honestly, everything we needed to know was located on this app! Dates, times, EVERYTHING! We even purchased the $5 chat which made it really easy to communicate and keep in touch with the other people in my party.
  • HUB APP 5/5

    By Steff4ut
    It was awesome!!! Helped me out a lot when we were on the cruise!! And was also great to make a reservation!! Love it!
  • I love everything Carnival 5/5

    By Love jays
    Great way to stay up to date with activities and traveling companions. Only negative is having to pay 5$ to use chat option. Should be free!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By YikaPR
    All the information you need during your cruise at your fingertips! For $5 per person you can use the chat feature to communicate with others.
  • Good most days 4/5

    By Cruise Bird
    We enjoyed using this app and it was helpful. The $5 charge is reasonable, however I gave it only 4 stars because half the time the chat feature didn’t work. When it did work, it was great.
  • Great but could be better 4/5

    By Melne828
    I like the ease of finding what’s to do, what’s open to eat, and sail times. It needs a free chat function for adults and one for teens/kids. Im not paying $5 more to chat. It would have been nice to ask other sailors about what to do and where to eat at each port.
  • Nice price 4/5

    By fghugftg
    Good for keeping up. May want to add some type of limited banking app. For Long cruises would come on handy without having to purchase a 24 hour plan for quick transactions that most likely are for Carnival.
  • Great App .. even better when it was free. 4/5

    By mztgh
    Great app except for temporary freezing and restarting and the fact that it cost 5 dollars once on board.
  • We loved this app! 4/5

    By ronnie and neen
    We loved this app. From using the deck maps to entertainment. The only thing we weren’t impressed totally by was the chat. It didn’t always send the messages in a timely manner. But otherwise a wonderful tool for the cruise!!!
  • Loved the chat , because of all the action all around it’s hard to hear 3/5

    By TnHotrod
    The app really needs some tweaking, if you could get the screen flash and phone vibrate when you get a message it would help. With all the things going on onboard there are a lot of noises and anyway to get your attention would be helpful. Also putting more information on the site about the days activities would be much more helpful.
  • At Your Finger Tips 4/5

    By Wxcited Customer
    We used the app as a family to communicate. It was great having all the information at your finger tips including the ship map. It would have also been great to have your photo pix included. I experienced this opportunity previously on Carnival Conquest and it was awesome. No lines or searching for your pictures. My only complaint with the app was when your phone is silent no notifications of receipt of message unless you looked at your phone. It also didn’t allow you to stay automatically connected to WIFI. I had to reconnect each time I wanted to check or send a chat message.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By jedialan
    This app needs lots of work. The messaging system is essentially useless since you don't get the messages when people send them to you. And if you have multiple threads going replies will show up in the wrong thread. Positives are seeing the daily activities and menus. Update: now I'm getting constant reminder notifications and I'm not even on a cruise or anywhere close to a cruise boat!
  • Faith 4/5

    By Bman0401
    This app was very helpful, I like the what’s happening and being able to keep up with my charges. The only thing I did not like is it doesn’t vibrate when a message comes in.
  • Works very well 1/5

    By Rprice548
    This app works well the only issue is how much battery it uses when nothing else is running. Laid fully charged phone down for the night with alarm set and six hours later phone was almost dead. Only app running was Hub.
  • Great form of Communication 5/5

    By Orlando Jai
    After purchasing Walkies having this app is so wonderful, however that’s for communication with family but being able to talk and communicate with your new friends while on the ship this was amazing. I love this app it keeps up on everything.
  • Great vacation and thanks to app kept hold of my daughter. 4/5

    By yani h
    I would have given app 5 stars if it wasn’t for that it kept kicking me off chats. Overall a very good app. Keeps you informed of everything and you get to chat with anyone on board even making group chats.
  • Communication 5/5

    By Filomena20
    I really truly like this up they kept me in communication with us. We were a party of 28 for the wedding renewal It was hard to see all of them at all times this was great. I like it because I could see the program during the day without having to carry papers with me save a lot of time looking for events. Thank you very much
  • Great App 4/5

    By Mich3ll3+35
    I really enjoyed using this app throughout the cruise. It kept me aware of what was going on when so I always knew where I wanted to be and could plan my day accordingly. It also helped me keep track of my spending. This would be a five, but I didn’t like how you have to pay $5 a day to text those on the ship to keep in contact. And it only works if everyone is willing to pay the $5 a day. If not then you just wasted money, which is what happened to me. Anyhow, overall great tool
  • Love it 4/5

    By bditndl
    Very convenient
  • Glory July 2019 4/5

    By cozemel cole
    The app was great for keeping up with accounts, activities, excursions and mapping of the boat. I would not recommend paying $5 for the texting. It was not reliable. It would only worked 1/2 the time even when others were close by on the lido deck.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Dothedab:-)
    The app is very useful if your on one of Carnival’s ship, like Carnival Pride, its nice to have an app that has a map to direct you in case you get lost.
  • Almost totally loved it :) 4/5

    By nykristie
    Absolutely LOVED this option for on-board communication. It crashed a lot which was a bit annoying, and it would be awesome to be able to share pics/videos (probably a bandwidth issue which I get), but otherwise it was really convenient and useful.
  • Very helpful!!! 5/5

    By vacayjunkie
    The app was easy to use and very helpful in planning out each day.
  • Love the Hub! 5/5

    By Cruisin' Frank's
    This Carnival Hub App is SO convenient. We had a group of 11 & we all were able to keep in touch on board. I appreciate that they only charge $5 a person for the whole 7fay cruise. The only thing is, you can not do “group” texts. That would be extremely helpful if that could change. Thank you Carnival for always looking for ways to help us!

    By Debbie Trey
    Best thing ever. Have everything I need to keep up with all the happenings!
  • Great tool! 5/5

    By Cruising Again!
    We took walkie-talkie to communicate and did not have to use them. This app is great!, you can check in for your reservations, you can check the menus, you can even check your account. I am leaving this app on my phone and I’m ready for my next cruise! 🚢
  • Great for communication 4/5

    By Shonnie ME
    All 25 plus family reunion members were able to get updates on what was going during our cruise. We planned picture dates and dinner dates. Notifications could be improved but all in all a good app. Just an added note. It would be really great if debarking info. is utilized. Passengers could use this for real time information. My family and I had a great time on carnival sunshine.
  • Used It Twice Before Reviewing 5/5

    By socalhockey72
    It works really well. My wife and I used this app last year for a 4 day cruise, and we used it this year for a 8 day cruise. It’s reliable, intuitive, and has a ton of info that makes maximizing the fun factor on your Carnival cruise really easy to do. I will say that we tried the chat feature this year, and we did not find it worth the $10 that it cost us. It was worth a try, but we wouldn’t use it again. You have to keep the app open at all times for it to work, and for some reason that was a challenge for us. Overall, having your account balances, what dining options are available at any given time, and knowing what is going on and where at your fingertips at all times is incredibly helpful, and I’ll definitely continue to use this app on all future Carnival cruises.
  • App was a great tool on cruise 4/5

    By -KLo
    Our family loved the app and utilized it throughout the cruise to keep up with events, make reservations, and chat among family members to make plans. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is my 11 year old had the newest version of Apple downloaded and the App wasn’t compatible on his device. Carnival guest services said they were aware of the issue, but couldn’t provide a solution. It was a bummer, but we would just give our son one of our phones when he went to kid camp etc. so that we could stay in touch with him. Otherwise it was a great tool!
  • Carnival Dream 4/5

    By beza2019
    The app was great to use very handy for schedule on dinners, shows, a map of where the location of whatever you are looking for.This was our first cruise and it made it easy to navigate around. The only thing i had a problem with was at times it would not send out text, or the text was received the next day. So caused a little bit of confusion. But nevertheless useful.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By flashlightnbgsty
    The best thing ever
  • It was very helpful 5/5

    By Gbusti
    It was overall amazing! It's only $5 which is nice. Last time we had no way to really communicate ,but this was very helpful. The only complaint I have is that if the app is closed you dont get a notification. Therefore you can easily miss an important message. The app is great and give details and helps inform you about the events.
  • Great app 4/5

    By 1515jkshong
    This app worked great to know the ship time, what’s happening, etc. I would suggest you add something that you can opt out of your main dining dinner if you don’t plan to eat at your scheduled time. That way it would open up tables for people who would like to change their dinner time for a night. We wanted to go one night to the earlier dining so we could see a show at our scheduled dinner time and they said they had no openings, which I’m sure not everyone ate at the dining room every night, we didn’t.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By twice traveler
    The chat option, list of activities, and dining times are very helpful. Suggestions: Please include Camp Carnival (childcare) times of operation and activities.

Carnival HUB app comments

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