Cartoona Photo Editor

Cartoona Photo Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Creative Bits
  • Compatibility: Android
19,552 Ratings
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Cartoona Photo Editor App

After a development process of 1.5 years, we proudly present Cartoona which, we believe, is a great art app! This may even be a first! Cartoona uses deep learning technology and offers you amazing results by using cutting edge AI technology. Cartoona is a photo editing app including lots of different cartoon and art effects. You can create comics, cartoon characters, sketches, artful oil paintings, striking art works or pencil drawings from your photos just in a few seconds. EXCELLENT USER EXPERIENCE: In black-box tests we have run, 8 out of every 10 users have stated that Cartoona is the best art app they have ever used! Download our app now and share your feedback with us! We review each comment you make on Apple Store. We value your opinion and try to make Cartoona even more perfect according to your feedback. NEW FILTERS EVERY WEEK: We add new filters to Cartoona every week to keep our content refreshed. Don’t forget to use Cartoona everyday to discover new filters! DISCOVER MORE: -Cartoona produces high-resolution output. -You can scale images in accordance with popular social media platforms. -Cartoona has unique light effects! CARTOONA PREMIUM: You can try Premium in order to enjoy updated content of Cartoona. About Subscriptions We are offering in-app purchases and a 7-day free trial for the premium version of Cartoona! The Premium version allows you to have unlimited access to all content and share without watermark. You can purchase a weekly subscription for a short-term trial. We advise you to purchase a yearly subscription to better benefit from the Cartoona Premium. The cost will be charged to your iTunes account and it will vary from country to country. You will be able to see the fee amount before completing the purchase. Subscriptions with in-app purchases will be renewed according to the renewal scheme of the selected payment plan. To terminate automatic subscription renewal, you must deselect the automatic subscription renewal option at most 24 hours before your subscription expires. You can cancel your automatic subscription renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. Where applicable, the privileges granted during the free trial period that have not been used will lose their validity at the time the user purchases a subscription of the related publication. Privacy Policy: Terms Of Services:

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Cartoona Photo Editor app reviews

  • Terrible. Wanted to charge my card to use 1/5

    By 72023jdp
    Well it says that it’s free with in app purchases… When I downloaded, it said that I could use the unlimited version for seven days free then I would be billed beginning there after. I don’t want to have to keep up with another subscription to cancel if I’m not interested. I was just looking for the basic version. #InstantDelete
  • Just lame 1/5

    By Serjantik
    They want money on app launch, they do the same as instagram filter does, DO NOT INSTALL this lame
  • Ass 1/5

    By cocainemouse
  • Cartoona 1/5

    By starblazedfl
    It doesn’t really cartoon you like the ads say it does, it just throws a heavy filter on the picture lol. Definitely not worth it
  • Cartoona 1/5

    By ابومنار
    A very bad program that withdraws money from the iTunes balance without my approval under the pretext of renewing the monthly subscription by about $9 an exaggerated amount and I consider it a kind of fraud and do not recommend using it or giving permissions to him advice to the product review the program and stop scaming
  • Dont bother with this app 1/5

    By Metal_Arggo
    This app dose not have anything in previews that it shows on social media this is a really cheap bad app and plus you have to pay 9 dollars a month for an app that isn't worth a dollar to begin with
  • No sirve 1/5

    By luisreyes95
    No Good
  • Totally Misleading - Don’t bother 1/5

    By Scruzzer
    Did you see the ad to make an animated character of yourself? Well guess what? It doesn’t exist! It’s bait to get you to download a photo filter app with pretty bad filters at that. Don’t waste your time.
  • Should have read the reviews 1/5

    By mattster1212
    The app said I’d get 7 days free, I was immediately charged $8.99. They basically stole from me. No one would spend $30 a month on this.
  • Horrible, False Advertising 1/5

    By JiaAggarwal
  • Deceptive IG advertising 1/5

    By fedor_andres
    No 3D cartoon in this app. Not sure why they go with the trouble to make a fake ad in 3D, if they have a nice basic 2d cartoon app. Disappointed.
  • Fraudulent App 1/5

    By 11223388990066 cooool
    Once or if you click continue after downloading app it will force you into a trail based subscription.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By never again will i use this
    This app does not do what it says it will do in the ads, don’t trust it, they’re probably sending your pictures to a third party to use, waste of time and probably a breach in privacy.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Sultanah Nadim
    Saw this ad on Snapchat so decided to download. Huge mistake. It’s basically like PicsArt but with less options. They don’t turn your pics into cartoons, just hideous filters.
  • App marketing is inaccurate 1/5

    By The great manny
    The marketing for this app makes you think you can take your real picture and transform it into a clever wacky cartoon. Or take a video and make a cool dynamically/passively generated 3d emoji version of you. Unless those features are hidden behind a premium pay wall, this app is nothing but a lie / waste of time. I’m tired of seeing the ads, I’ve blocked it on my social media platforms and hope to never see this annoying app again
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Nixgc.4
    The edits seem very cool. But you have to pay nearly $10 every WEEK.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By MaddyMarley
    The advertising for this app is false and misleading it tells you that you could turn yourself into a cartoon or a live cartoon but you can’t even do that with the pro this app is terrible because you could just get an app that has all these filters for free.
  • No from me 1/5

    By 208vanfleet
    Not even cartoon like
  • Ads Deceiving 1/5

    By Mr. Nitty
    Simple filters. Does not make your pic look like an animation cartoon. False advertising.
  • I paid for a year subscription.... 5/5

    By Jeremy tattoo sniper
    I really enjoy this . I hope they work out the bugs
  • 😂😂 1/5

    By Dreem305
    $9 A WEEK!? 😂 This app better do more than just turn my pictures into cartoons. Ridiculous...

    By truthrunner
    This app is garbage!!! It doesn’t do what what the preview shows. It’s poor quality and all the filters have practically the same effects. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GARBAGE
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By Arya Ryan
    They will charge you money without telling you this app is a scam!
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By N8dawg70
    The app does not make your pictures look like a cartoon like their video suggests. It merely changes the colors of your images. Pretty lame. Plus it’s $8.99 weekly subscription. Don’t waste your money on this cr’App’. Make sure to cancel the subscription before they ding you.
  • Somthing will be done about this con. 1/5

    By jsjsbvs
    One. You have to pay and they do weird stuff takin momey not om time, Also this app is just a scheme to get people to sign up and hopefully forget to unsubscribe. The Better Businesses Bureau
  • Nothing special 2/5

    By shabba spankin
    App is nothing special. You can get free editing apps with the same effects on the App Store. The fact that they charge almost as much money as a Netflix subscription for a one week trial for mediocre filters is moronic.
  • Free is free 1/5

    By Kgb1107
    Not gonna try something that has automatic renewal if I don’t cancel. If it’s free it’s free then if I like it I will sign up for more
  • Misleading 1/5

    By cheeto$
    I don’t know how this has so many good reviews. I follow a lot of art pages on Instagram, and the ads you saw for this were stolen from those pages, and given no credit. Plus you have to accept a 7 day trial and then start paying, when you could just use another free app that actually has what it shows on an ad.
  • Very displeased 1/5

    By Angelena Jimenez
    This app is a complete lie. It says it can make your photos look like a cartoon, but it is a lie. All it does is give filters that look like paper or paintings or just a color filter. Even the premium ones aren’t good. This app is falsely advertising cartoon photos that it cannot do.
  • 👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By 12386433
    This thing is stupid why does it say free but you have to pay😤
  • You could have made money from me 1/5

    By Dfciap
    If you sold each cartooning as an Individual sale I would buy them from you, but I cannot justify $40 a month for an app that I might use once a month. You missed a lot of possible funds!
  • Ad 1/5

    By dumbass_ho
    The ad made it seem like you didn’t have to pay, and it would make your pictures pretty sick. i was wanting a cartoon picture for my lock screen, and i was going to use this app, hoping it would work. it doesn’t. don’t use the app unless you want to be disappointed.
  • I messaged you through your app but this is for anyone wanting to use your app. 1/5

    By disgustedatyou
    I’m truly amazed at the level of deception your ad contained. There are so many apps to provide simple filters for free and in my opinion in higher quality. Subscribing at 9$ a week for an app that doesn’t do even slightly what it’s advertised to do should be against the law. You should be sued for false advertisement. I’m sure you bank on people forgetting to unsubscribe from this ridiculous subscription which is pretty wrong.
  • Love it! Hate it 1/5

    By Utah ADHD Therapist
    Fun app, But even though I have a paid subscription it won’t let me use it on my phone, iPad only. Driving me to drink!
  • False advertising 1/5

    By ed1983316
    Ads on Facebook show one thing software is just a bunch of instagram filters.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Snookiepooh0803
    Very misleading you get 7 days free so nope uninstalling
  • Forced to subscribe to premium 1/5

    By JRocks2000
    Why make an app free and then force them to have to buy/pay for premium in order to use it. Make the app a paid app or make it free.
  • This is bad 1/5

    By farahzinoun
    This app is bad you have to pay 1st then you can use it I just wanted to try and see if it’s good BUT I HAVE TO PAY THIS THE WORST APP EVER
  • Have to buy it 1/5

    By blingbl0ng
    Can’t even use any features nothing is free

    The effects they have are poor, they look nothing like what is advertised through their commercials. Huge misleading commercial, the reason I downloaded the app was because I was intrigued by the “Grand Theft Auto” photo filter that they so happen to promote time and time again throughout their commercial. Once I downloaded the app their was no such filter available. Huge disappointment!!!!!!!
  • 8.99$ a week!!! 1/5

    By Lisahill1976
    You want 8.99$ a week for a subscription to use your app???? You’re crazy.
  • “Free trial” scam 1/5

    By 22234&
    Got the free trial and they already charged me without me knowing! I am hoping to get my money back.
  • HUGE SCAM! 1/5

    By guiiids
    I just found out that I have paid so far 53.00 to this garbage app since March 21st. I didn’t even use the app. I didn’t even remember downloading it. Now they are charging me 8.99 >>>PER WEEK<<< and, wait, it gets worse. For some reason , I will start paying 9.79 >>PER WEEK<<<. I seriously can’t believe I have been robbed for over a month by an app that supposedly turn pics in cartoon, but from the other review it seems like they do a poor job . That’s not even my thing. And pay attention to the Developers’ responses, it’s always the same and out of the subject: “You can create cartoons and bla bla bla”. T R A S H Y A P P << BE AWARE!
  • Disappointing and misleading 1/5

    By Soniazam
    Don’t believe the Instagram ad, this app doesn’t NOTHING like it advertises, looks more like cheap and tacky filters . Waste of time :(
  • No me abre la aplicación. 5/5

    By Hector Perez PESCANDO
    Pague mi suscripción al año y no abre la aplicación. Que pasara?
  • 🙄 1/5

    By B.A.G.S
    No one likes an app like this because you false advertise and make people pay so you can go and fix this app🙄
  • Price 2/5

    By Johncar87
    9 bucks a week. Really
  • zero stars 1/5

    By literally not okay
    this app is terrible. absolutely not worth anything near the ridiculous 8$ a WEEK price. filters and styles are unoriginal. this app falsely advertises its quality for editing. it just tricks ppl into downloading, getting the free trial, and forgetting to unsubscribe. huge scam. do not get this app.
  • Is a scam 1/5

    By Sajoma0
    Once you download it they ask you to pay or you can’t use it

Cartoona Photo Editor app comments

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