Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online

Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online

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Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online App

Carvana is the first end-to-end online vehicle retailer. We have over 15,000 meticulously inspected and photographed vehicles in our owned inventory. See every detail before you buy. Search cars for sale, get instant financing terms, then buy online and track your delivery. Delivery is free in our growing list of local markets around the country. Need to finance your purchase? Carvana works with all types of credit. Upgrading your ride? Get a firm trade-in value in minutes. All purchases are protected by a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love your new car, we'll come pick it up and bring you a different one or provide a full refund. Need help? Carvana’s customer support is available seven days a week. Give us a call at 800-333-4554 and we’ll help you through every step of the process. With the Carvana app, you can: Buy Cars Online • Select from more than 15,000 vehicles • Schedule delivery straight to your driveway • View and reschedule your delivery date • Track your car’s delivery all the way to your door Finance & Trade In • Get instant financing terms • Value your trade-in in less than 3 minutes, with no photos or inspection required • Make auto loan payments—manual and auto pay options available • View your auto loan details Stay Informed • Get notified if there’s a recall on your car • Get all the information about your warranty or vehicle protection plan in one place Buy online. Get it delivered. Love it or return it. Download the Carvana app now and discover the new way to buy a car today.

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Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online app reviews

  • Nell 5/5

    By escobar82
    Awesome deals!!!!
  • Easiest car buying process ever!! 5/5

    By Jph41
    Carvana made it so quick and easy! They have my business for any car n Ed’s. AVOID VROOM! Vroom will just waste your time. And Vroom has HORRIBLE customer service. Carvana, on the other hand, was AMAZING! They kept me updated on every situation! LOVE CARVANA!!!
  • I’m not one to write reviews but I am blown away by carvana 5/5

    By nickname Dc
    Honestly I did have a couple troubles getting all of my information approved the first time around that was my own fault though. Carvana representatives made it so easy for me and were always willing to help. They walked me through. I finally got my car. I drove 4 hours we had gotten stuck in traffic and would have been 20 minutes late unfortunately they closed at 7 and I could not get the car, lol my fault again with time management...that was a little upsetting but they scheduled me for 10:30am next day and I did get the car. It was the neatest easiest time I’ve ever had buying a car. Walked In to this beautiful carvana vending machine, there was a lovely young lady waiting there for with all my papers it was less then 5 minutes she gave me a token I put it in and watched my car get vended. It was that easy. My overall experience was amazing. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. I honestly do love my car as well. It was exactly as described and I may need to trade it just because the middle council may not work for me abd they are doing everything they can to make me happy. I highly recommend this....get rid of the dealers and go straight to carvana!
  • Terrible so far! 1/5

    By djd24djd
    I order a car. Next day I go to upload rmv1 form and my car is no longer saved!?! No warning on how long I get to upload all documents when the only car I can finance is taken off the hold list. Go to orde a second car.. looks fine online, just light scratches. Dat of delivery, a good guy calls and says oh wait actually this thing is beat up you shouldn’t take it and get another one I’ll mark your record. Now I’m back to square one after 2 weeks of bs. I’m going back to carmax is carvana can’t make this right.
  • Convenient and great value 5/5

    By bjalls84
    So so easy to use and so many great cars to choose from.
  • Needs work 1/5

    App hasn’t worked the past two updates. Search doesn’t keep filters or what the financing downpayment is.
  • No share button! 3/5

    By jannae79
    How in the world did you miss this feature?? Please add this, it makes it much more realistic to use the app for buying
  • First time using caravana to buy car 5/5

    By naik sunil
    Very easy process completely satisfied with all my meets

    By Chris .P beacon
    Ordered my car to arrive 8/6/19. Yesterday, 8/3/19 I got an email saying my delivery is delayed until 8/13/19. Because the driver’s license expired and I now I’ll be out of a car and can’t go to work because I travel 26 miles, so I’ll be losing almost $2600 cause I’ll have to call out. Oh and the best part is I’m paying insurance, $500 for a car that I don’t have, which is due a week after I get it then they got the nerve to tell me there’s nothing they can do about it yet they’re charging me $300 for delivery. Not my fault you don’t check your drivers info. Now I have to lose money cause of their negligence.This place is a joke..... 8/12/19 they called and said that my delivery is being delayed till the 8/27/19, an additional 2 weeks because the bumper was damaged during transport to the hub.. I told them to keep the car a went to a dealership the next day to buy the same car, that didn’t even take me 6 hrs.. lol @ making car buying experience easy
  • Generally bad 1/5

    By trishalindey
    The app is really awful, but the website is no better. I applied, got financed for certain terms, searched for vehicles within the limits of my terms, but the app doesn't work that way. So is still listing all vehicles that fall under a name instead of what I have checked and selected on the filter. Then you contact customer service and I was directly told that if I don't like my terms I can get outside financing. The financing was never the issue, the app and website are! On top of that, the terms you are approved for only last 45 days. If you don't make a purchase by then, they change. Meaning my required down payment went up almost double since my first approval no one can seem to answer why?
  • Fix the search option on the app 1/5

    By V3 sx4
    Fix the search option quit trying to be fancy just put a year make model search I get different selections online from the app
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By chuck503d
    No hassle. I’ve sold and am currently buying through Carvana, no problems, no issues easiest car experience ever.
  • Review 5/5

    By Greatman28
    I love it!
  • Needs ongoing search capability 3/5

    By AntMich
    Does the job but would make it easier to use if the app had ongoing search capability with notifications when a new cubicle is added that meets search criteria.
  • I Love It❤️ 5/5

    By Axzairea
    Simple Process & They Really Work With You❗️ Great Offers After Buying Your Car Also❗️
  • A+++ 5/5

    By kolb.edward
    Carvana is everything they promise to be! Easiest, smoothest car purchase ever!
  • Great 5/5

    By Tarek Abdelt
    Great experience and seamless process!
  • Absolutely wonderful! 5/5

    By jadey66667
    Loved everything about this experience from beginning to end. The Carvana staff is there to take care of everything for you. Phone calls returned without an issue. Everything explained in detail and car delivered as expected by a super knowledgeable and friendly rep. Loved the vending machine as well. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone! Look out car dealers, Carvana is taking over. 🚗🚙
  • App < website 2/5

    By bbdwchi
    The app is definitely not as a good as the site. The app doesn’t load all the saved vehicles I have saved online. It also doesn’t show the cars that are “coming soon” or the chat function. It’s just not as useful.
  • Worst car buying experience I have had 1/5

    By Akw619
    Buying through Carvana is largely about a convenient process, and as a mother of 3 small children I couldn’t stand the thought of spending hours haggling at a dealership. Purchased a van, scheduled delivery for a few days later; sold my current vehicle in anticipation. The night before delivery, they called to say they had found damage on the vehicle and he delivery would be delayed 8 days. I was frustrated, they gave me few options (wouldn’t price match a different vehicle, wouldn’t cover expensive transfer fee) other than a $25 per day rental car reimbursement. Now, 2 days before scheduled delivery, they have called and delayed the delivery another 4 days. Worst customer service, limited apologies and still not working with me to keep me as a customer. On my way to a dealership now and will absolutely cancel this order if I can find a similar vehicle. Do NOT recommend.
  • Ruined My Mother’s Birthday 1/5

    By penguins1991
    They couldn’t figure out a way to process the purchase administratively. My mother’s surprise birthday was ruined because of them. Bureaucratic stupidity on full display!!!!
  • Beware 1/5

    By ZR rider
    The process of selecting, paying and delivery couldn't have gone smoother until vehicle arrived to our home. Vehicle arrived with multiple imperfections that weren't disclosed and interior was filthy. I contacted customer service about the issue and they asked if I wanted to return or have imperfections corrected. We liked the vehicle and agreed to get an estimate. The Rep said to submit claim and they would get it paid by Silver Rock (carvana warranty) We submitted claim in 24hrs and now is where deal went south. I didn't hear a word from them for two days and we were getting close to the 7 day return window. I reached out to CS again and they asked if I received the email about reimbursement? I did not and she stated that they would be mailing us a check for $100 to correct imperfections. Thats great but the estimate was for $2500. She said they wouldn't pay this amount and that the car was used. I agreed that its used but the issues were not disclosed and that if they were I wouldn't have purchased the vehicle. I informed her we would not be accepting this vehicle and they can schedule a pick up. They picked up the vehicle 3 days later and refunded down payment within 5 days. I think the Carvana idea is great and process was very simple. I looked at lot of cars and they seemed to be very picky about disclosing imperfections so was surprised when this car arrived with scratches and rub marks. Was this a one time problem or are people not as picky as me, I don't know. We purchased the same vehicle from a local dealer in perfect condition and still not paying dealer fee's. The idea is great but we'll be purchasing future vehicles from local dealer so we know what we're getting.
  • Beware! Don’t rely on anything they say 1/5

    By Viviana Arboleda
    Please beware, I ordered my car a month ago. I spoke to multiple customer service agents and received email confirmation that stated “This is your official confirmation to let you know your vehicle is on it's way. Your purchase information and documents have been reviewed and approved”. Once I received that I made plans accordingly that my car would arrive Monday August 5th. I got the required insurance which included an almost $300 down payment and the cashiers check for the $1400 down payment for the car. My husband and I sold our current vehicle. I was all set for delivery on Monday. I called today August 3rd to ask a question about gap insurance they had mentioned before and to add a referral code I received from a friend giving me $500 off. When I added that I was told I would have to resign the contract because it looks like since the price changed everything had to be reconfirmed and verified. I didn’t think it was an issue because it had already been approved. Well I was wrong. I got an email moments later saying it was denied and my order cancelled. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it sure this was a mistake. After waiting to speak with customer service for 4 hours they told me it was denied and they couldn’t discuss it unless I wrote them a letter by MAIL ?!? What? How long will that take? I don’t have that kind of time I now have no vehicle and spent money on getting this car already. Plus hours of my time. I’m shocked they would do this after already confirming and approving everything and not even giving an explanation. I planned my whole life around this purchase and rearranged many things. Please please let your customers know that the “confirmation email” actually means nothing and you may withdraw the financing up until delivery. If I would’ve known that I would have waited to sell my car and spend money on the insurance, accessories and things I bought preparing for my new car. I’m extremely disappointed up until this moment I was so in love with this company and the process.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By BoehringerJerome
    One of the worst experiences buying something in my life. Period. I waited a week for the car to be available for pickup even though it was in my area at the vending machine for several days and only 1 hour before my scheduled pickup they emailed me to inform me they needed to reschedule pickup, fine thats understandable, though i was annoyed because i had already paid for insurance on the car which you must do in order to go forward with the purchase. However i came to find out that they needed to reschedule because they reinspected the car 1 HOUR before i was scheduled to pick it up and found that its alignment was slightly off. This would be fine if they didn't tell me they needed an entire week, 7 days, to realign the wheels. I called the 3rd party mechanic they sent it to and i came to find out the drivetrain was bend which is a sign of a previous accident, which they didn't bother to put in their original inspection or tell me over the phone when i called asking what the problem with the car was. So after 7 days of me originally putting in the order for the car, having my credit pulled twice, spending countless hours on the phone with carvana and the insurance company figuring out how to register the car which carvana will “do for you” (even though I submitted half the paperwork having no idea what the regulations were for submitting them), being lied to not only by a representative but by whatever mechanic originally inspected the vehicle, and paying for insurance, i now am back at square 1 with no vehicle and a lower credit score. DO NOT USE CARVANA.
  • DO NOT BUY A CAR. 1/5

    By Anaomixo
    I never in my life have written a review but this is an absolute must. This has been the worst experience in my entire life. I received my vehicle back in feb. 2019 AND I STILL don’t have my plates. They will not give me a rental (which they can do). My neighbor also is having the same exact issue but she has a rental vehicle. They also told me I would have them by the end of this week and still don’t have them at all, I called them again today and they told me I would have them by next week when I was already told it would come by the end of this week. Customer service is TERRIBLE. Honestly I wouldn’t not recommend this not even to my worst enemy. I’m paying for a car and insurance that I can’t even drive. They keep telling me it’s now my fault that the plates are coming next week when they have already received all the paper work they needed. There is hold on their end and they are blaming me for their hold up. I’m letting you know now this is not the place to purchase a vehicle. Do it In person with a dealership, you can even get cheaper vehicles with a longer warranty on them and get the pre certified with no issues and plates the same day, if not the same day it will be that week. Carvana is a complete scam and they told me I WASN'T ALLOWED to give the vehicle back. This is the most stressful/annoying/terrible/horrible/crazy experience of my entire life.
  • A New Way To Buy Cars! 5/5

    By kittenKatt21
    I’ll start with cons because there is only one and then all the good stuff! Make sure to do your research, some of the cars on there are listed at the same price as a new 2019 model but overall they seem pretty accurate if not better priced. Now to the good stuff. It’s so easy to navigate. The filters are accurate and the 360 features go through all of the aspects with you inside and out of the car. You get all of the important information right at the beginning and even a photo of the original sticker. Their financing is fair and I haven’t seen monthly payment past $350, even with 21.00% interest rates and the minimum downpayment being $1300. It calculates everything for you and makes actually buying the car almost seamless. Checking out I was surprised by the delivery fee but it wasn’t nearly as much as I expected, $299. They offer you warranties starting at $21/mo that won’t screw you over like a lot of the warranties from lots do. They do have your best interest in mind when it comes to helping you buy a car, and it’s amazing that you have that kind of access at your fingertips. This is a game changer and if you’re looking to buy a car, look not further!
  • I’ll be back 5/5

    By Jalaya Jackson
    This was a really good experience and I will buy my next car here. Great job!
  • Car Purchase 5/5

    By Nenaw52
    The fastest and easiest car buying ever. Everything was handled on line very promptly. Picked my car up at a car vending location. Was on and out in about 15 minutes. Love my car and Carvana!!!
  • Too many “Purchase Pending” cars 1/5

    By paulbarnard95
    Why even show the car on the app if someone bought it? Waste of my time.
  • 2012 Tahoe LTZ 5/5

    By LJ Calabrese
    You guys are awesome and for the record I was searching a Tahoe on both online and at dealerships and by far the best deal, cleanest truck, biggest safeguard and easiest experience was you guys.. when I went back to the dealership I was originally buying from to get my deposit back, they said they were upset at losing yet another customer to Carvana.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By B0mbietiffy
    I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a used car. The process was so easy! It was literally like ordering a pair of shoes online! Loving my 2016 Audi!!
  • Searching on the is a REAL PAIN sometimes. 1/5

    By Jeffreyblaze
    I’m not a fan of Carvana so far. Great idea but I have had problems from the beginning.
  • Carvana Rocks !!!! 5/5

    By lordzeaser
    Awesome Customer Service great company the best in the Car Business
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By Douggefreshvt
    If you value prompt responses Carvana is not for you. If you value companies who do what they say they will do Carvana is not for you. If you value your time Carvana is not for you.
  • What an experience 5/5

    By metroplexmusicman
    Turning 65, retiring, and 40th Anniversary gift from us to me. Bought many cars through the years. Decided to make the hour drive to the vending machine cause it looked like a fun thing to do. It was cool. Recommend you do it too. This has been the easiest buying experience ever. Thank you Carvana and your staff for the Happy Anniversary card. It made our day. Very thoughtful and awesome.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By AGabiie
    I got my car last month and realized today that they did not give me the 2nd pair that it was supposed to come with. I called them today and they tell me that since it’s passed the 7 day warranty there’s nothing they can do about it and that I’m going to need to pay out of pocket for the 2nd pair. Why should I come out of pocket for something that their delivery driver failed to give me? And then the rep sits on the phone and antagonizes me, trying to make me feel dumb for not calling about it sooner. But either way if my vehicle is supposed to come with two sets of keys, I am supposed to get what I paid for. Just for this experience I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy
  • Just got me a BMW 435i Xdrive 5/5

    By Omar The Rocka-Master
    I don’t have to worry about dealers no more. The hassle is over thanks to Carvana. Im am a fan and I am very impressed with the service I received over the phone during the final moments before the car is finalized. I am very happy to find Carvana and will definitely recommend. I am a scientist and a professional. Trust me, this experience was awesome!!!! Bye Bye dealers!!!
  • Got the car but very disappointed with the process. 2/5

    By oooooo fonguk
    They told me they were going to have the car at my house at 10-10:30. I then received a phone call and they told me they just didn’t know where the car was and that they weren’t going to be able to get it to me that day. When I called to try and figure out what was going they told me I’d be able to pick it up at one if there lots in “an hour and Change” after 3 hours I spent another 45 minutes on hold to try and figure out what was going. Felt like the really didn’t acknowledge the amount of my time they were wasting. Gonna get my next car the old fashion way
  • FLAWLESS!!!!!!! 5/5

    By ABORTED One
    Awesome ap. Soo easy to use.
  • great app just dnt chose the delivery option 3/5

    By Bobby Sosa
    Started out great... until my delivery got delayed until the 31st ! They emailed me less then 24hrs about the delay. my insurance company needs an inspection done by the 27th ! This is why insurance should've started the day i got the car like they advertised. Customer service called me 3 hrs before their alleged “Deadline” & told me to get insurance before 6pm or ill have to wait longer for delivery . Disappointing, hopefully they let me just pick the car up. I was told the delivery guys in nyc are just lazy.
  • Carvana is coool 5/5

    By yeaayeaaaaa
    I think it’s very easy and awesome customer support l!!!
  • Terrible experience! 1/5

    By momlaptop
    First car transmission problems Second car crashed in delivery Third car rear end probelms that the delivery agent was amazed that carvana even allowed to be delivered. All three cars were delayed in delivery time as well! Now let’s see how long takes to get down payment back 🤬
  • CARVANA 5/5

    By tpenny910
    CARAVAN, is my first time analyzing the website and the carvana website is a nice car website with lots of beautiful cars, makes and models to choose from the Carvana, website. The Carvana, website has various cars selections with great prices too take into consideration for financing purposes and allows the customer the ability to finance a car with great monthly payments or to purchase a car for the comfort of the customer or customers ability to maintain financially and professionally.
  • Shorty Empress 3/5

    By Unicorn Empress
    Not enough info Sometimes need to talk to s person
  • Hidden information 1/5

    By stan leigh2
    The app hides important vehicle details. Problem vehicles are easily obscured.
  • Pretty simple! 5/5

    By Mrs. Moxon
    I have a few hoops to jump through being in a bankruptcy but in the end they were so nice and accommodating! They put me in a brand new car and adjusted my rates when o ran into an issue.
  • stop the nags 1/5

    By anonymandy
    I keep ignoring it but you keep pestering me for a review, so here it is - stop nagging me! no means no!!
  • The best cars 5/5

    By cyborg354
    Thanks you so much for doing your job
  • Great but glitches 4/5

    By litascle
    This idea and service is great! The app (and website) are filled with glitches, mostly filters not working. Feels like a small price to pay for not having deal with used car salesmen. The purchasing competition is intense so I’ve yet to make it through the entire buying process but look forward to doing so.

Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online app comments

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