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  • Current Version: 5.9.87
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Casetagram
  • Compatibility: Android
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Millions of users love CASETiFY! CASETiFY is the world's first social design platform that turns your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos into custom cases for mobile phones and tablets. It's the simplest way to capture and take your favorite moments with you, everywhere you go. CASETiFY is one-of-a-kind. It's the photos you just took and posted. It's an app that's fast and seamless with tons of editing and filtering options. It's an app that allows you to use your photos to create a personalized case. It's as simple as logging in with your Instagram/Facebook account, then using one of the cool designer templates, you can place your favorite photos all over your case! And within days, you will have your very own custom case delivered to your door - FREE shipping worldwide. The wait is finally over! With Apple Pay, iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s series or Apple Watch users can now pay in an easy, secure, and private way. No more hassle with finding the right card and filling in the address. Just pick your design, then check out with a single touch. It is as simple as that. You can also share your design on Facebook, Twitter, Photo Library, Instagram and Email. CASETiFY prints the designs on an easy snap on, durable, hard case. It features an extremely slim profile and yet provides quality protection for your device. Need additional protection? Try our newest (and most loved) Impact cases today. Supported Devices: -iPhone SE -iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max -iPhone Xs / Xs Max / XR -iPhone X -iPhone 8 / 8 Plus -iPhone 7 / 7 Plus -iPhone 6s / 6s Plus -iPhone 6 / 6 Plus -Apple Watch -Macbook -iPhone 5 / 5S -iPhone 4 / 4S -iPad Pro -iPad Air / Air2 -iPad Mini/Retina -iPad 2/3/4 SHOOT IT. PLACE IT. CASE IT.

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CASETiFY app reviews

  • It tried to get me to buy the phone case 1/5

    By brooklyntriplitt
    I didn’t want to buy the phone case I just wanted to make one and save it to my gallery but it is making me but it but I don’t have any money because I’m to young to have $40 to spend on a stupid phone case
  • Bugs 2/5

    By tdy23
    The app has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Whenever I drag and drop photos a yellow exclamation mark appears in the top right corner of the picture. And when double tapping to edit and move the photos around it doesn’t show the pictures so I can know what I’m doing. Overall very disappointed after hearing such great reviews
  • My case 5/5

    By remixrivaldomeh
    My case has pictures of my dog remi when it gets delivered me and my dog are gonna be so happy I definitely recommend Casetify ~your very have costumer
  • Amazing 5star 5/5

    By bubble tea!
    I love Casify I love the case I just made i love how you can customize your case anyway you want it’s amazing and totally recommend
  • I love Casetify because you get to choose whatever you whant 5/5

    By aveess
    You want
  • This app is stupid 2/5

    By stupid_app_today_274
    I downloaded this app to make a case but I can’t delete other cases. And some of my pictures are blurry so I don’t recommend using this app.
  • This is a scam! 1/5

    By gx link Hockley
    So in app purchases means you have to pay money this is not in app purchases but it still cost money! This is a scam!
  • Caseify 3/5

    By arlasia
    I like that yuh get to design your case but if yuh ask me the prices are really high 😒
  • I love it but add mor devices 4/5

    By Douglas clarke
    I love this app I love making custom cases and having the ability to buy them. But there is no iPad mini 5 or iPad 8 no MacBook Pro 13 2020 or MacBook Pro 16 and by the time they add them a. New one will be out. I like this app but whenever apple releases a device I would like you to add ASAP.
  • Love my new case so much 5/5

    By bablenicole24
    I really love my case of me and my mom I will get more cases later on and mine came earlier then expected.❤️❤️❤️
  • Got some good and bad things 3/5

    By RoBlOx=D
    This is a really good app but it haha some complications which are that it is a little confusing to use but the rest is good
  • Opinion 5/5

    By mxxckey ya jit
    I love it because its easy to use and, you can make your own custom case!
  • worst thing ever 1/5

    By mikeswife🥰
    i looked at prices amazon is so cheaper for the same stuff 😭✨
  • The app is amazing but there’s a lot of bugs 3/5

    By Rox olive
    Sometimes when I try to delete something out of cart it doesn't work and it stays in cart and I can’t buy anything and someone times my designs don’t save. Can you please fix these bugs- I want to buy a case but I can’t because of this I want 1 case not 4
  • Ugh 2/5

    By jeyra_z
    Doesn’t let me delete anything from cart
  • My god 3/5

    By hcvffjjf
    Ok hear me out, when ever I try to sign up it takes me to log in, like I DONT HAVE A ACCOUNT TO LOG INTO
  • Don’t get it 3/5

    By sera363
    Soo in the app the only option u got is apple but when u go online there is apple and android. Second, on the app u can only put pictures on it and online u can put more than that like u can make a glitter case and u can make one with ur name and I really want one with my name on it and on the home page I see a case with a name on it sooo it makes me think I can put me name on a case sooooo it took me 1 and a half days to figure out I can put my name on it. Sooooo I really don’t get it.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Jungle_Bunny2.0
    It’s a good app, But I don’t like how it advertises that they custom cases for IPhone 6/6s & when I downloaded the app , the option wasn’t there.? Only SE Skip the 6/6s then it’s 7-12, like where they do that at
  • My review 5/5

    By castify case maker
    This app is amazing! I get to make what ever case I want and I love it! I also love it because it allows me to share my work on Pinterest it is also awesome because If I want a certain case and can’t find it anywhere then I can just make it I really appreciate this app and I’m totally in love!
  • What I think 2/5

    By BlueJBlue24
    Well I haven’t really had a good experience with you guys because you guys won’t let me delete any cases that I messed up on and sometimes it does delete my profile and all my cases are gone And I have to go through the whole experience again to get all my cases back so I feel like you guys really need to work on that
  • How much I love this app 5/5

    By divedgypt
    I love this app so much when I need a new phone case I go to this app and make me a phone case I don’t even have to go anywhere like after you make it a comes to your house I love this app so freaking much
  • Takes too long to get your order (for me atLeast) 1/5

    By angxabhdx
    Also tough to get ahold of in my case
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By avenjune
  • Great app 5/5

    By Laila Collier ÙwÚ
    I love this app but I wish there were cases for iPhone 6/6s
  • love it 5/5

    By hdjdnsinejd
    This is a great way to make cases and once you get a case they are 100% drop proof I have had one of these cases for 1 year now and have dropped it probably 1,000 times and it hasn’t cracked once I totally recommend
  • Casetify 5/5

    By Malena's musically's
    Really cute phone cases
  • Ok 3/5

    By Bella_THEUnicorn
    I like Casetify because you can add whatever pictures meaning you can add which ever type of case you want but they don’t show that many cases that I like but that’s not their fault it’s just like not my style but overall it’s Ok
  • Hard to navigate and control 2/5

    By The person that did or didn't
    This app is very confusing. I can’t delete cases in my cart. Not a fan.
  • Poorly Designed and Slow 1/5

    By SCLEV99
    App functions in the most minimal of ways. Lacks integration with FaceID, deleting Designs doesn’t reflect in the app and major glitches in functionality, not to mention the company cannot match their shipping/delivery guarantees.
  • Best 5/5

    By Breethrbomb
    This is really cool this is a cool present and when I first got it I liked to just play around with it and I love the pictures you can download
  • Like it 5/5

    By lumbs up
    I like it just I wish I could do more than collages but whatever
  • “We’ve got you covered!” WRONG!! 1/5

    By Rebelsrose6165
    This app is great as long as you have a Mac or Apple product! If you have anything else, don’t bother with the app. I was trying to find an app that would allow me to create a special case for my sister who has an Android , no such luck here!
  • Shipping takes for ever and you don’t know when your case will come 1/5

    By Curlyheadedaj
    Before i got a case from here i made myself an account. When i bought my champion case Monday it emailed me and it sent me a track your order email. My order has been processing for 3 days and i still don’t know when it’s going to come. It’s not even letting me log into the app and see when the case will come. I tried to cancel my order and get ny money back but it will not let me cancel. Do not get from this App. Thank you.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jtempleton36
    That is horrible I hate this app so much it is the worst app I mean it clearly says oh yeah we have our cases you only have like six cases there’s a lot more and you just need a better app and because it’s 35 and $40 I mean like cases don’t cost that much they cost like 10 or $15 this app is just not good
  • greatest phone cases ever 5/5

    By hdhdbcbxbsshd
    you can even make your own phone cases
  • Can’t shop for cases 1/5

    By MarisaakaRis
    I don’t know why but the app only wants you to customize a case with your own pictures. I don’t want to do that, I want to shop through their designs. I don’t like it and it makes no sense.
  • Great app only 1 issue 4/5

    By Pinky Ab
    This app is great, the only problem I had was when I add something to the cart and it didn’t let me take it out when I wanted to change something. Besides that great app.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By highbxj
    This app is amazing you can create however you want with any phone and there cases are very durable.
  • 🙃 5/5

    By marpixxa♥️🍕
    This app allows you to create so many cases designs and save them and I'm excited to save up for a case!! I love this ❤😘
  • Log out automatically 2/5

    By Arad Sobouti
    This app is the definition of bug. Constant crashes and every single time I enter the app I should log in to my account.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Jordan2108.
    I made a phone case I thought it was great I saved it to send to my dad and when I went to go back to buy it it was apparently sold out and gone and when I kept trying to sign in it said there is are in the account with us so I tried signing up said the same thing so I had to delete my last account and make a new account just too much trouble was really easy to use but then ruined it. That’s why I gave it to start one for doing a good job and letting us drag it and one for being crappy...
  • Good, But why can’t I track my order? 4/5

    By Brooke.Blueberry537
    a couple days ago, I made a case and then paid for it and it was expected to come May 24th. Although it isn’t supposed to come yet, I’m afraid that my case got lost. I made the case with no account and no, I can’t track my order or even see that i ordered anything. It requires an account and won’t let me see anything. What do I do? Is my case lost? Will I even get my case?
  • Shipping 5/5

    By clara.k.a
    It does anybody knows how long is gonna take the order to get shipped because it’s telling me the tracking number is wrong Thank you.
  • For a girlfgjj 3/5

    By lovebug54342794-
    The app did not show up on my screen
  • Pricey but Quality 4/5

    By ksjtbkahubdks
    This is a great app but it’s a little pricey, for a basic phone case you have to pay at least 35$ but if you want real quality it goes up to the 40$ price range. While it’s not a lot of money, I kinda makes you think why u are buying a phone case that costs 3 times more than your current one that works fine. I don’t know, just very expensive but otherwise great app.
  • To Casetify 2/5

    By NGHKCGj
    You need to make more ways that you can put pictures on the case the corners are too small of pictures
  • Make the case is free 5/5

    By DeaconBowman
    Make the cases free
  • ? 3/5

    By Ollie-Rosa
    So Casetify is basically where you can get any kind of cool case so even though I want a case with pictures I also want a case from there website but I can't find a way.
  • Super Buggy, Thinks Everything’s Low Quality 1/5

    By Rose Em Z
    Super buggy app whenever trying to add pictures. Hard to scroll through once you import them in. Thinks all of your pictures are “low quality” no matter the resolution of them or if they’ve been taken with an iPhone 12 Pro.