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Cash App is the easiest way to send, spend, save, and invest your money. It’s the SAFE, FAST, and FREE money app. SAFE: Protect all of your payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. Pause spending on your Cash Card with one tap if you misplace it. FAST: Sign up and make your first payment in minutes. Instantly send and receive money from friends. Cash out from Cash App to your bank account instantly instead of waiting days. FREE: Send and receive money at no cost. Get a completely free virtual Visa debit card in minutes, and we’ll mail you your custom physical debit card for free in under a week. Here’s how it works: * SIGN UP IN SECONDS * It only takes a couple of minutes to download and sign up for Cash App. The signup process is simple and fast so that you can start using Cash App as quickly as possible. * SEND AND RECEIVE CASH INSTANTLY * Send, receive, and request cash from friends and family instantly with only a few taps. Cash App is the easiest way to pay a friend back for dinner or chip in on rent with your roommates. * CUSTOM VISA DEBIT CARD * Order your Cash Card (a customizable Visa debit card) directly from Cash App. You’ll instantly be able to make online purchases or add your Cash Card to Apple Pay for in-store purchases. Of course, we’ll also mail you your Cash Card in less than a week so you can use it to pay anywhere. * INSTANT DISCOUNTS * Cash Card is the only free debit card with instant discounts at your favorite stores and restaurants. These instant discounts - Boosts - are easy to use and are applied to Cash Card transactions instantly. Just select a given Boost in your app and then use your Cash Card to pay. It’s that simple. No points, no waiting, just instant savings. * BITCOIN * Cash App is the easiest way to buy, sell, deposit, and send Bitcoin. Track the BTC price in realtime in your app and buy as little as $1 of Bitcoin. Your BTC arrives in your app instantly and you can keep it safe in Cash App or choose to withdraw it. * STOCKS * Instantly begin investing commission-free with Cash App. You can buy as little as $1 of stock in top US companies. Track stock prices in realtime in your app and monitor the performance of your overall investment portfolio. Create a list of companies to follow so you can stay up to date on performance. Brokerage services provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA / SIPC. Investing involves risk; you may lose money. Investments are not FDIC insured. * PAYCHECK DEPOSIT * Get your paycheck deposited directly into Cash App. Instantly receive a personal account and routing number that lets you or your employer make deposits into your Cash App via traditional ACH transactions.

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  • Sorry excuse for an app 1/5

    By LeytonMac
    Just opened an account I didn’t put a debit card at the beginning set up and now I can even figure out where to add my debit card...doesn't show any external account go to support and can’t even get a resolution it looks like someone make this app with crayons...
  • Cash app is the best!!! 5/5

    By Slim610
    I love this app. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. This has been a life saver because of the convenience it provides.
  • Needs to be like paypal 5/5

    By haleypatterson67
    I wish i could use the money on here like paypal u can pay with it online
  • Thieves 1/5

    By sidsgothem
    I had cash app for some time and all of a sudden during COVID19 they started making nearly 100 transactions under $10 in the span of about a week. There are no transactions list in my cash app for what they charged my bank. They took nearly $500 in a week luckily I checked at the end of the week but I usually don’t even check they would of took all my money eventually. This method under $10 a transaction will not cause your bank to trigger fraud risk. So you will not get any notifications. If you have cash app already check your bank statements thoroughly. This is blatant theft....speaking with my bank right now, locked my card already, then going to report to police and get a lawyer (not for the money but the principal) I’m going to sue them.
  • Cash App Does Not Care 1/5

    By DogeTheDog6nine
    When people defraud you of money, Cash App does not help. Their “support” is meaningless and they are unable to refund transactions. What type of financial institution does not insure transactions? This is a business model that should not last. Response to developer response: If “CashApp isn’t a platform for buying and selling goods” then why do I have a debit card? To buy goods. I understand that your garbage terms of service say you cannot reverse anything, but that doesn’t somehow make it a decent policy. Existence of terms does not justify them.
  • Cash app 5/5

    By little Magnum
    I love cash app it never been more easy to transfer money! I uses it all the time to receive and to send money on the go! It’s perfect
  • Do Not Use 1/5

    By Takisha Drake!!!!!
    This app has been a pain in my (you know what)!!!Asa I start using it ask me to ID verify!For what!!!!!!?Its a cash app that I’m sending and receiving money to and from!!!!I ID verify my bank me contacts and still can’t use the app because NOW THEY WANT ID AND THE DMV CLOSED DUE TO A PANDEMIC!!!!
  • Don’t use if you are paying higher amounts 1/5

    By Ajsjejzhcrn
    I paid my rent (over $3,000) through this app only to have them return it over a week later after my landlord accepted payment stating it was for my protection. They occasionally review transactions. I get it, but give the sender a heads up so they can at least explain to the recipient that it might get returned. In this case, I now have to pay fees and interest because it is considered late. Not worth the hassle. Just use PayPal or Venmo. Update: They tell you the same lame, general response “Every payment on the app is subject to security review which can occasionally result in payments failing for your protection (protection I didn’t need). If a payment fails more than once, we recommend completing it outside of the app.” I also recommend completing the transaction outside of the app and in an app that is reliable.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By dezzieshmezzieyy
    I was sent $50 and did not click instant deposit so I had to wait 1-3 business days and my money still was not deposited into my account! This app is a SCAM!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By G2300
    Better hope you don’t have an issue. This Cashapp company literally does not want to waste any Human Resources for its support team. All you get is pre-asked questions with only 1 solution for each. After spending 30 minutes trying to locate a human I can speak to, so I can explain my apparently uncommon issue, I was left empty handed. They expect every issue to be one of 5 things. And if it isn’t, youre out of luck. Stick with venmo. They have a rep. call you, instead of having a robot help you with your money.
  • Updated Reciew 4/5

    By iOSmojo
    I drug cash app through the mudd and the issue was mine. If you are missing a deposit and have multiple accounts check them all. My deposit went to an under account. I rated 4 because support is very very slow but they did come through.
  • Quick and Easy 5/5

    By Soraya-Sky
    Love the convenience of cash app. Send money to friends and family right from my phone from anywhere I’m at. One of the newest inventions of all times. Thanks cash app. I really appreciate y’all!
  • 5$ Bonus 3/5

    By I love it it is so much fun
    I signed up using the code i was given and still seemed to have 0 dollars. Help
  • Dont download, find something else 1/5

    By DaveUserBre
    These people locked my account for no reason and told me they couldn't provide me with any information as to why they did it. My transactions and payments keep failing for no reason and the cash support is no help ! This is a regular thing with them. Aside from that, i used cash app for my business on another account & someone accidentally sent a payment to an old account i had and they were no help all because of an old phone number i had on the account and no longer have access to. I don't even know which number they were referring to, to be able to proceed, so i gave away free products and took a loss because of that. They are spamming my email, only to not be able to help me. Im annoyed and looking for a new service asap.
  • In need of actual customer support. 1/5

    By Ashtab22
    Hello Cashapp! I’m having some problems verifying my identity but I could not find anywhere else to contact but here since there is no number or email. I’m underage, and when I first received cashapp I got 30 dollars sent to me, but when I tried to send money to someone else that’s when you guys decided to tell me i needed to be 18 to use it. So I put in all my info including my social security number but my grandfather used the picture of his driver license. Now Cashapp is saying they can’t verify my identity (which is understandable) but it’s also not letting me put in any new information so I can just put all of my grandfathers information into it. I wouldn’t care IF I didn’t have my 30 dollars on there. If you can help me at all please get back to me.
  • 👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By pelong
  • Dark Mode 2/5

    By airic
    Dark mode please. IPad app please.
  • Absolutely no support 1/5

    By Satwoanira
    Don't bother, they won't help you.
  • Kindly F off!! 1/5

    By xxx144622
    This is a scam.
  • GET $5: LTTHTLJ 5/5

    By andndmen
    The app is awesome !!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Kiyahahhs
    It makes u put ur driver’s license on here just to get a card wat it’s this
  • People help asap 1/5

    By d ti d kk V b KB g hi
    It logged me out and it’s not letting me get back into the account and I have a good amount of money on there. Please get back to me it’s asking for me social security if and I’m not 18 yet but I know a lot of people who us this app and aren’t 18, at least give me my money and lock the account for eternity 🙄
  • 🤦‍♀️ 1/5

    By zayden morin j
    Ive had a terrible experience i hsve 10 dollars stuck on my acount i tried to cashapp a friend and all that happenedwas it requested my social security then a driver’s license now wont go off thst screen have tried reaching out no help and cannot acsses my acount
  • CashApp is real 5/5

    By Lejubon
    I love this app. It’s very fast and convenient.
  • Cash app 1/5

    By pancakes honestly
    I am below 18 and I initially made a cash app because I wanted to buy things virtually my dad send me 21 dollars and I realized I couldn’t use the money because I couldn’t get a card I wanted to send it back to him but I could because my social security code was correct but I was under age I am trying to contact support but I can’t find any I would just like to send my money back and I don’t know why I’m having this issue someone from cash app please reply ASAP there needs to be a better way to PHYSICALLY CONTACT support
  • Love the cash app 5/5

    By Flojshelly
    It’s good to have...
  • No support! 1/5

    By Jt1976
    Account was hacked. Money gone. No help from app !! BEWARE!!
  • Lost money ! 1/5

    By jesssssssssssass
    Never use their bitcoin portal . Cash app will take your money and the merchant will never receive the money . When you think about reaching out to support . No one is of any help getting your money back . Big waste of time and money !
  • Good 5/5

    By Oconsejero
    It is fantastic and easy to use thank you
  • Cool 5/5

    By cobreed7
    Cool app easy to send to anyone
  • Cash 5/5

    By YellaTia
    I love cash app I get paid 2 days early, I am able to spend money to my family at any time and I have a cool card ❤️
  • Liars 1/5

    By bluefave33
    That canceled my payments twice and said my money would come back to my card and it didn’t I will never use cash app again
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Monae199
    The app is Horrible
  • Can’t switch boosts 1/5

    By Dr.PHeshIPhoneapps
    Deleted the app, not good
  • Can’t report scammers 1/5

    By Dryce93
    I was dumb and fell for a scam. Totally my fault. I didn’t lose too much money, but I want to report this person so they don’t scam larger amounts from innocent people. There is absolutely no way that you can do that apparently and they are switching their name and profile picture around which is ok to do, but reporting people is not. I’m absolutely removing this app.

    By weedman909
    I’m looking at these reviews and I’m shocked I have had cashapp for three plus years I get direct deposit from my work 2 days in advance and I’ve never had a problem like money missing or bogus charges. Most of the time I get reimbursed atm fees and I follow cashapp on instagram and they do giveaways every day I’ve won a few time's. Well done cashapp hell off a app you got here. @cashapp $REVITALIZED3
  • Nothing ever goes through! 1/5

    By tommie4556
    I tried to use cash app to pay friends back or pay rent and without fail, every time I send money it says it fails. “FoR YoUr PrOtEcTiOn We DeClInEd ThIs TrAnSaCtIon” let me send my money where I want.
  • Miss refund 1/5

    By Outlawed Inc.
    Missing my 30 dollar refund and I can’t get ahold of anyone
  • 🚨Alert🚨 issue still unresolved 1/5

    By Danücht
    I did as they ask to reach out to support however the issue is still unresolved! This needs to be escalated higher up!
  • take away age limit 1/5

    By contribute3546
    u shouldn’t have to be 18 to use the app. u shouldn’t have to put yo social security in to send money cause if somebody has money on their cashapp and not 18 how are they gone get it off u guys make stuff and don’t know how to develop it for everybody.
  • Great for sending money 5/5

    By doonk1982
    I can send money easily to family and friends
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By event chica
    Love cashapp so useful specially at this time
  • Love it 5/5

    By isthisnick
    Super fast super easy
  • Sold money from me 1/5

    By balieywest
    A friend of mines tried to send me $60 bucks on his end it says $60 was sent to me but on my end it says failed. So my friend tried to send me $5 bucks to see if that would work and it worked? But where is this lost $60 bucks it says it was sent from his phone but on my phone nothing is showing up. This app is either cheating people out of money or something shady. The fact of the matter is I need that lost stolen whatever happen to it money because it was for medicine. This app shouldn’t play with people money right now. Not at this time when people are sick and fighting with other issues. Now is not the time to play with people’s money
  • I love cash app 5/5

    By Pinkrockstarr1
    Easy to send money, it to your their stocks and it doesn’t cost much to use
  • Most frustrating experience 1/5

    By Morgan McMagistrale
    Hello, Honestly, I’ve used both cash app and Venmo. I will be exclusively using Venmo now. I needed to update my debit card and I was trying to do so, but I had to delete and when I went for re-add it wouldn’t allow me. I tried the support link on the app and it leads you to instructions, but does not give you an option if those instructions don’t work. And you call and there is no one to talk to. Also there is no email or anywhere you can submit a request for assistance. When it come to baking and finances it is insanely irresponsible to not have customer support available for your customers. This is something they need to fix or customer base will continue to decline. Use something else.... anything else.
  • Terrible customer service! 1/5

    By ale$x
    Customer service is non existence with this company. When everything is well this is great app but finger crossed you don’t have any issues. No phone calls just emails which would be fine if they were not just generic responses to tell you someone is looking into your problem but don’t expect anything more from that. I have had this app for a few years now. Recently I started buying stocks through this app. Last Friday I noticed one of my stocks was reduced to a fraction. I reported it but so far nothing has been done to correct it nor have I heard anything from customer service to say they are fixing the problem. I am still waiting for someone to get in touch with me!

    By Sambuca6178
    People, do NOT download this app! It’s a complete fraud and a joke! They offer no customer service and literally took the money that was sent to me by a friend. It is run by criminals! How are they still functioning???
  • Dont Work 1/5

    By NezPort0511
    I Tried Sending A Payment. It Keeps Saying Pending. I Tried To Cancel That Payment. And It Said Unable To Cancel. There Is No Help From Support. It Says Contact Support But There Is No Number or Email To Reach Out. This App Is Stupid.

Cash App app comments

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