Cash Tornado™ Slots -  Casino

Cash Tornado™ Slots - Casino

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  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Zeroo Gravity Games LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Cash Tornado™ Slots - Casino App

Cash-in on a splendid casino fantasy and the most innovative Vegas slots game to-date – Cash Tornado Slots! Grab 5,000,000 FREE COINS to enjoy incredible fun slot machines, explosive JACKPOT payouts, exciting in-game features and thrilling casino community events. Spin away to marvel in huge winnings beyond your wildest imagination!  With Cash Tornado Slots, experience authentic casino slots from world-class casino. Earn amazing Free Spins and Scatter Features to experience massive fantastic bonus rounds. Unlock brand new and entertaining game play, such as Lock & Spin or Vegas Lightning, to revel in even more winning styles, and spin your way to a Wild slots paradise with endless free coin rewards and countless slots mini-games! Accept the invitation of Cash Tornado Slots to start cashing-in on golden prizes, each day, every day! Cash-in and spin with multiple exciting free bonuses and hours of fun! ▶Fabulous daily, hourly and quarterly coin bonuses.  ▶Endless stacks of WILD multipliers to increase total winnings. ▶Premium selections of the hottest slot themes on the Las Vegas Strip. ▶Addicting seasonal quest collections and daily power challenges. ▶Authentic in-game music and sounds for immersive casino game experiences. ▶Striking graphics, dynamic effects and realistic slots gameplay.  ▶Adventurous slots journeys to partake you in a trip around the world. Keep Spinning!  Sneak a peek at the huge varieties of slots collection and  larger-than-life jackpot from Cash Tornado Casino! ▶ Full of lucky spinning and epic wins, catch up with your Magic Gold hidden at the end of rainbow in free games, up to 20 bonuses!  ▶Enter into Tarzan Battle slots and wreath in a jungle of fortune and wealth. ▶Play peekaboo with our lovely baby panda at Panda Riches slots! The maximum coin value of bonus here can be up to 200x! ▶Become the deep sea’s protector in The King of Atlantis slot machine! Lock & Respin, clench your golden gaff and fight for the massive win!  ▶Enter the heaven of fortune and hold back your breathe for collecting countless coins at Panda Bless slot game! ▶Spend the endless bright nights with wolf pack! Press the Howling Moon and get the reward coins ranging up to 50x the total bet at Howling Moon slot machine! ▶Want something juicy to cash-in on? Spin and lock away a fortune of millions in Cherry Splash slot game. Cash Tornado slots is just getting started! Tune in each week to experience the newest slot games and features!  Questions or comments?  Feel free to contact our support team through the “Contact Us” tab in Game Settings Disclaimer: - The slots game is intended for adult audiences over the age of 21 and is for entertainment purposes only. - The casino game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. - Any success in social casino gambling is not indicative of future success at real money gambling.

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Cash Tornado™ Slots - Casino app reviews

  • Love! 5/5

    By bettyrage325
    I love this game
  • Having fun 5/5

    By LeftLeggedWarrior
    Makes my time go by quick when I’m bored lol
  • Love it 5/5

    By Sexu Shay
    Great Gaming .. Casino Style
  • Love it 5/5

    By Krods05
    The best
  • Circus game 5/5

    By Que!!!!!!!
    It’s fun, you have to figure out your strategies on the bonus game! Makes you think
  • Love it! 5/5

    By kitkatdexterfreak
    I play everyday and some days you loose and some days you win but everyday I love playing!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By yura011216
    This game keeps me from going out to spend real money and I have fun with this
  • Can keep you interested 5/5

    By chokie44
    Fun game, a good time killer!
  • Cash 5/5

    By TrueBlue66!!
    Why is it to win you have to buy a coin package?????
  • Awesome 4/5

    By delinfi
    I love playing this cash and enjoy all the challenges and bonuses. I gave 4 stars because of an issue I am having with a package purchase that still has not been resolved. I think that the Customer Service Team needs to improve response time to players and help resolve issues.
  • Best Casino Games I’ve Played yet 5/5

    By Aducted
    His is the best game I e played that gives you more start up coins each day. Love it
  • Love it 5/5

    By dnwks wow d
    Great game
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By Se ufa
    At first joining and playing this game was exciting, winning was fun and even more when you’re hitting the big jackpots, it makes you want to play more and then it comes. The losing streak, you bet big to win big but it always make you think that you will get it back. So you start to spend money and more money before you know it, it becomes a bad trend you forget to lose yourself in the game that you want to keep playing and hoping for a big break, but of course it’s automatic you won’t get that break, so with this game it’s just going to be played but not as much and I won’t spend anymore real money good luck….. well the players that will or still playing this game.
  • Ads Freeze 3/5

    By Moneyeatcher
    Fun game for sure but just when you are about to win coins certain ads just freeze the whole game. Frustrating.
  • Quests 2/5

    By Boooncheats
    Quests are a joke. If you pick ‘easy’ the first 3 games are sort of easy. After that they bleed you dry before you get done with the next game. I don’t expect to be given money, but give back what I put in!
  • Lying company 1/5

    By Cizx192
    U can’t say it’s on chances wen u get up n levels like I’m on 400 + u win less n u waste more money n u don’t win u less u bet small I deleted game soon as I seen it’s a scam after a certain level u stop winning high bets n u only win wen u bet 1-3 million anything higher n the game rips u off n it’s worse game ever like if u spend money wen u have to spend again they take up price it’s a chest n I spent 200 times to win 27 times n no we’re near what I spent I put 30 billion to win 100 mil only or less n the game is a Gemick it lets u win n then nun but losses come for couple days no matter wat games u play fina delete n download vegas slots I’ve spent over 50 bucks on this game n I’m done after today worst game ever
  • Games 1/5

    By sen$ one that is not taken ok
    Would love to play more if and I say sometime I could get free spins or perhaps extra spins. The games are too tight for players and the amounts you have to play are very very far out of reach. Spend 570 million to move on up is so way to far to compete. Spent 2 billion chips for cherry respin and never got close to getting the cherries, MAKE THEM EASIER
  • Money hungry 1/5

    By frswoman
    They won’t let you win because they want you to buy coins to continue…..I would generally go through 80 billion coin before the win and only get 20 billion back…..constantly happens…just got to the point it was no longer fun….they have rigged it to lose on a regular basis
  • Rating 2/5

    By trying to like the games
    Your quest games have goal of winning certain amounts from bonus rounds but the games are so tight you rarely get in. Takes more credits to complete a step than the end prize is worth. Boo
  • Music and games 5/5

    By kjcarebear
    I wish it was better. Lots of games follow same patterns for bonus.
  • Yes 5/5

    By AngieMe79
    Wish I could get free coins by watching ads
  • Scam be aware 1/5

    By Othman.SF
    Be careful it’s a scam once you purchase they would keep track in your play to make you purchase again and again you will never see winning again skip this game it’s all about Pay to play don’t let them take it vantage of you
  • No longer fun 1/5

    By q12s3
    Game is no longer even fun to play the amount of ads and ooo ups are insane. Within five minutes your watching 10 ads absolutely annoying
  • AdsRus 1/5

    By factotumologist
    I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Andcthen you have to close the ads 3 times yo get thrm to close. I know you have to advertise but come on this is a bit much.
  • 1 star 1/5

    By Chuckydollar
    I’m giving a 1 star because the more coins you spend the less you win on anything
  • Adds 1/5

    By Jryarbs
    The pop up adds to buy additional coins was bearable, but now 30 second adds every time you switch games. Definitely know how to push players away!!!
  • Ads lock up screen 1/5

    By Gabby7664
    Please fix the pop up ads, when finished playing, there is no way to touch the X to get rid of the ad. I either restart my IPad or wait an hour for the screen to clear. It has cost me points by doing this. It locks screen when you try for double coins when collecting an award.
  • Lock&spin 1/5

    By evxertynhygc
    200000000 is it possible get a free spin lol
  • The Best 5/5

    By tonjibear
    Game to play, loads of fun and excellent graphics. Plenty of bonus games and all sorts of interesting levels.
  • Alright til the frog machine quest 1/5

    By Leo55944
    Payouts were solid til the frog machine quest and then 9 Billion coins ate up with no free spins. I’m not paying to play so will be uninstalling. What a shame
  • Fix bug 3/5

    By tessamessa81
    Every time I sign in I get booted out and it’s frustrating. I remove the app and reinstall it and same thing
  • Entertainment 5/5

    I live close by casino, and a place that has mini various slot machines. Sure I do visit them at times, but man I hate losing real money. The funnest part is going to win establishment like those or when I hit the bonuses or the extra features because that excites me and it’s entertaining so when I do go I’m basically paying for my entertainment because I don’t play to win because of all of that actually happening are typically slim. With this app there are multiple ways you can win money to play for completely free, and your chances of getting the extra features and bonuses are more than I ever expect. They even have these little side games and quests that are new extra money to play even more games. I really enjoy this out the many different Choices and options they offer makes this game even more enticing.
  • Best 5/5

    By aaww88
    Super kind relaxing
  • Rip off 5/5

    By Teps Mom
    Your current Tornado Quest game where you have to move through the various phases is a rip off. I went through 200 billion coins and hundreds of spins before I got the free spin which is necessary to pass the level. That free spin got me half way to the amount goal of the phase. Then you push a “$9.99 to pass” because it is too hard. I know gambling algorithms and you are not using them correctly. There is no game that does not pay back a % of what you bet. I bet 200 billion and am down to 55 billion with NO way to move past except to pay you 9.99 which I will not do. I have already spent hundreds of dollars on your “specials” and they are a rip off. And if you are trying to encourage people to use the different games by this quest, all you have done is tell me what games I do not want to play because they never pay out. Do you give this feedback to the developers? Sad. Bye bye
  • Where is the money????? 3/5

    By 357316755
    I got this app because I like to gamble and I was under the impression that this app was one that actually paid cash….. I was on a coin pusher game…..for hours I played and won games and the app actually allowed me to cash out… had a window that showed $$$$ I was supposed to get within 7 days and after 7 days it changed the rules saying that I had to push 36 different fruits….I had 29 of the fruits and the missing ones never was dispensed from the coin and fruit dispenser so I never had a chance to push those fruits. Without saying what I really want to during all this time spent, opening the PayPal and Cash apps, I had to watch hours of advertising!!!!!! I hope you deceitful advertising mongrels are sued with a class action suit and I hope the vendors who pay you developers $$$$ for advertising their products are included in the lawsuit. This is nothing more than a capitalistic scam that steal peoples’ time and exploit their vulnerability…..if it’s sounds too good to be true….. it’s usually not!!!!!! I’m going to keep the app on my iPhone so that I can be one of the claimants to get paid for my time and data use!!!!!!
  • Poor ability to meet challenge requirements. 1/5

    By bellis4800
    Needed 6 to meet challenge requirement and (5) 91 times in 800 spins. If you want players to quit, just keep doing what you are doing.
  • Good to bad 1/5

    By Bird 1952
    This was fun in the beginning but the more you play the. More ads there are that mess up the game and result in coins being stolen from you. Warning don’t play if you are going to spend real money!
  • Great 5/5

    By kill3rnano
    Very fun and rewarding (loose slots) everyone should try this game
  • Money pit 1/5

    By sadatgame
    You only win if you keep buying more chips.
  • Game 5/5

    By Foptical
    Great game thank you
  • Cash tornado 5/5

    By Sqwakamaxius
    Awesome game
  • Omg all you do is watching ads 1/5

    By Andrew Mos
    95% you watching ads and 5% of your time you are playing. Uninstalling
  • Gems 1/5

    By sprint customer 10000009
    The cash tornado game takes coins and gems from u when u haven’t used them and doesn’t give the correct amount of the win when u win
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Edjones8941
    I bought coins to remove ads as it said but guess what every time you win anything or change games you have to watch ads for other slot apps,it does not take very long before you get tired of that and I enjoy the games but not all the ads I will play a slot app without all the ads .If you wonder why people don’t play your games this is why!
  • Money grab 1/5

    By Hustler31
    Hope you like spinning and losing cause that’s all that happens and if you do win it’s lower than what you bet!
  • Longer I play the worse the payouts 1/5

    By Nicholas Milne
    Having played the game for a number of months, I have reached level 900. Now when I buy in the coins last lest turn 2 mins. That’s a buy in of $8 with a 4 billion purse. The longer I play the faster the coins are spent. I can buy in for $20 and it won’t last me 10 mins. I am afraid I am going to delete. When you first download you will play for days the more you play the worst it gets. This is rigged very badly for the house.
  • So many ad’s 1/5

    By digbickdigbicj
    I been playing this game for a year now and this last update just ruined the game. I loved this game cause it kept going with out any interruptions and now every second there is a ad. Can’t even play the game.
  • Very addictive and fun. 4/5

    By Shane2212
    I’ve enjoyed all parts of this game. There are some frustrating time but it feels so great to complete those the most. I literally have everyone in my house playing this game.
  • Gets old 1/5

    By Apex_Pro
    It’s amazing to me that you can spend 2B in $15k increments and still win absolutely nothing…VERY MUCH A PAY TO PLAY GAME…it gets pretty boring after a little bit, especially after closing all the ads to buy, buy, buy….
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