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Castle Wreck

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  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Do you want to relax before work or school? Maybe you need some stress relief from the world? Or perhaps you just simply want to destroy stuff? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should get this game. If you answered no, then you should also get this game and find your own reason of why you need to play it. In this game you get to shoot cannons, destroy castles and watch it all fall down! All from the safe space of your own mobile device. Tap to aim horizontally, tap again to aim vertically and the cannon will shoot by itself. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 100% historically accurate! * * Disclaimer: we are not actually guaranteeing anything and we are also not sure if it's historically accurate.

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  • Castle wreck 3/5

    By Weezman67
    Fun game..... only problem it plays for a while then drops your game / sometimes your points.
  • So easy a caveman can do it 2/5

    By Matt_M78
    The game was great at first. It truly is a mindless activity aiming cannon balls at castles. I do believe there should be more strategy to this game if you want users to continue playing. It only takes one hit on some levels to take out the entire castle due to the 5+ sticks of dynamite. Reduce the number of dynamite pieces, change up the castle setups for variety, make the boss levels more challenging, and maybe offer different difficulty/point settings based on user preferences.
  • Is it broken? 1/5

    By bshsywyfjdhs
    I paid the 2.99 for ad-free game-play, but it won’t let me progress past level 9. Game just quits and phone goes back to home screen. I tried app support in the App Store, but it’s just a big ad for all their other stuff.
  • Ugh the LAG is real... 3/5

    By Nicolina919
    Game would be fun if it wasn’t so laggy!!! So frustrating especially when I’m trying to aim perfectly only for it to lag right before I click and I end up getting locked onto the complete wrong spot. Even tried to turn of sound and clicks to see if it would help... it didn’t. Deleting!
  • Great game 5/5

    By baller950
    This is one of the best button pushing games ever made
  • Played the game five minutes.. 1/5

    By MPDoG523
    And was already forced to arch five ads. This is an ad that occasionally lets you play a subpar game. Deleted and not recommend.
  • Annoying ads 1/5

    By AlmazStonne
    Let’s start with pros : -cool game , I like the design and the idea. Cons: way too much adds!! I understand that small developers live on money from the adds , but I never seen ( until now) another game so packed with adds. You guys have 2to 3 adds on the scree while I was playing... then after EACH level you propose me to watch an add and get 3 coins , and if I press NO I still have to WATCH an add but... for FREE... this is RIDICULOUS!!!! I only played 25 min and I deleted it. Will consider coming back, when will be an reasonable amount of adds.
  • Fun game but it lags more than dial-up Internet 2/5

    By Danny p6773894
    This game lags so much it’s hard to want to play.
  • Great game 4/5

    By bearhunter 3
    Cool stress reliever
  • Meditative destruction 4/5

    By plaintiger
    I have now destroyed 1,401 castles and feel prepared to review the game. Overall, I love it. It’s satisfying. I love the realistic physics of the crumbling castles and flying debris – especially when an airborne brick descends right in front of the camera – and the circular ripples in the water where debris hits it. One of the first things I did was to pay the $2.99 fee to remove ads and I feel that’s one of the best three dollars I ever spent. It allows me completely on interrupted gameplay – with the rare exception of those times I accidentally hit the three-cannon balls-in-one button when it isn’t fully charged and wind up watching an ad. (It always takes me a second to figure out why I’m seeing an ad when I’ve paid to banish them.) For this reason I think the three-cannonballs-in-one button should be smaller and tucked away down in the corner. Minor complaints I have include that - I can’t keep firing after I've satisfied the requirements for the level; I’d like to have the option of leveling the whole place and not being forced to leave one or two towers standing - I can’t pan around and survey the site after I’ve destroyed the castle - I can’t tap to skip the animation of a missed shot flying off to nowhere - the three-shots-in-one button should be smaller and placed more out of the way - there’s a memory leak; on my iPhone X the game would invariably slow down and start to get all jerky after I’d played 10 or 20 levels, and one time I ignored it for too long and the game crashed, causing me to lose 15 or 20 levels of progress. I now have an iPhone XS Max and have not noticed the problem on the new phone, but it should be fixed regardless ...and I think there may be some other things that I’m not thinking of at the moment. But even with these complaints, I still love the game and do recommend that even if you’re a person who never makes in-app purchases, you drop the $3 to get rid of the ads. That’s the only way to play this, in my humble opinion. Happy wrecking!
  • Slow and glitchy 4/5

    By Jclaire23
    I really love this game it’s so satisfying when it works properly. Right now it’s getting pretty frustrating when it lags and you can’t anticipate hits.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Brandon Buker
    Just started playing today and I’m already at level 110. I just can’t stop
  • Chuck 3/5

    By calquick
    I paid for no ads- I still get videos and other crap. Why?!?
  • Needs way more levels 2/5

    By Commensensemadness
    You repeat the same basic levels, the game does not change no matter how many levels you pass. Played to level 120 and still the same ammo, same castles.
  • Battery killer game 1/5

    By KACE user1
    This game will kill your battery quick.
  • No app support, keeps kicking me out 2/5

    By gtoman28
    Don’t get me wrong this game is fun. But, with so many ad’s per level it keeps knocking me out of the game. When you have a banner at the bottom, a pop up in the middle, and a full blown ad after each level the IPhone can’t handle it. If the trick is to pay then I might try that. But if it keeps doing that than... I get to level 14, it crashes, then sends me back to level 11. I paid the $2.99 and it didn’t stop the crashing. There is no tech support.
  • Fun but very bad 1/5

    By MorbidlyDeranged
    The game is a fun time killer, but it closes out after every castle and is very laggy. This isn’t the first voodoo game I’ve played that does this.
  • Lag lag lag 1/5

    By Dave Lafleur
    This game lags so badly it’s almost unplayable. Then when it can’t lag anymore it crashes losing any progress you’ve made some last opening it. Don’t wast time with it.
  • Too easy 2/5

    By X9saga
    I beat all the levels in about 2 days. Need I say more?
  • Interesting 3/5

    By olaver2
    I have not played all of the levels so I feel that I have no right to list improvements for this game.🎮
  • Ads 2/5

    By Funke927
    Thank you for the constant ads, made me quit playing this silliness, and delete the app
  • Please fix issues 4/5

    By dead clown 81
    This game is fun but it needs to stop glitching every time you shoot a cannon ball it kicks you out of the game and brings you back to your home screen icon then you have to restart the level you was on
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By 9(8(8(7(&??8)66
  • Satisfying explosions 3/5

    By Sons of a silly person
    I think it’s the sound of the secondary explosions that kept me coming back, but when after level 100 I realized there were no new castles and the game didn’t get more challenging I lost interest. It’s fun though & was worth the $3.
  • Castle Wreck 3/5

    By SZGraphite2
    3 star The game was ruined with the last update. The purpose is to blow up castles, not watch soldiers flying through the air. In most cases by the time the view comes back to the castle, it’s down already. Way too much focus on the soldiers.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By whatbislife
    Yaw have got to stop the system crashes it happens after every round
  • Love this game, but voodoo always does this... 3/5

    By Loveing
    After playing a few levels of this game, I left it a 5 star review. It wasn’t until I got higher up in the levels that I saw what voodoo was doing, which they do with many of their games I have noticed. The levels will repeat themselves just from a different angle or position. This makes it appear that it is a new level when in reality you’ve played the exact same thing before. I also don’t know why every boss level is exactly the same. I actually hate that. Other than this small frustration, I love the game, but step up your game voodoo and actually put time into creating new and challenging levels!
  • Great game but needs some work.... 4/5

    By Hipopotumas
    I have been playing this game ever since it came out and I absolutely love it! I have already gotten past level 200! I wish that when you reach the “BOSS” level every other five turns that it would be a different castle and gradually get harder. But the reason why I rated 4 stars instead of 5 is because the game can get some really bad lags and almost freezes at times. If this could be fixed it would be great!!
  • Adds out the Wazoo 2/5

    By JRandall69
    Could be a fun game if not for a Final Fantasy add after every level. Don’t literally waste your time here. Your life is more valuable.
  • Cool game 4/5

    By chr1sfur
    This game is a cool and fun way to kill time! My only thing is that I wish we could view the destruction we caused from all different angles. Also, it would be really cool if we could keep going with launching cannon balls at the remaining standing castle. There’s been a lot of times where I would advance to the next level but a huge chunk of castle is still standing and I have multiple cannon balls left. Those are my only two things. Other than that, it’s a pretty awesome game!!
  • BOREING 1/5

    By SmokeyMcPie
    So bored of this game. God isn’t anyone creative
  • Game 5/5

    By 32Roc
    Love this game
  • Great 5/5

    By bambergen
    Love this game aim n shoot
  • Harder than it looks tag line! 1/5

    By Pappy2017!
    It’s harder than it looks alright. Harder to keep playing after being booted over 10 times after download. Made past level 16, only booted 10x, and an AD after every level completed.... nah, deleted and moved on. Don’t waste time with this stinker...
  • It’s great, but getting boring. 3/5

    By Ap051
    I’m 165 levels in and waiting for it to get hard. I like the game because of the blowing stuff up factor. But, it’s really repetitive.
  • The best 5/5

    By Tbone23316
    Ok I’m down loading this I have it on my iPad now two phones and who ever hates this you are soo the worst
  • Great game ? 2/5

    By Shooter19qwerty
    I have beaten level 19 and it won’t go to level 20. The game will freeze after ads or kick off completely. Fix these opportunities and you will have a great game.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By andy81tx
    It said this game relaxes you? Yeah right! It lags sooo bad! Then it kicks me off back to my home screen every time I move to the next castle. Could be fun but needs serious work. About through my phone at the wall
  • Geeky 5/5

    By Dsavage497
    Casually fun :)
  • Good game but TOO MUCH LAG 2/5

    By Hirv
    Castle wreck is one of the best physics games ever but it has so much LAG It takes 2 minutes just to finish a shot And the boss level is reused And there’s not a lot of cannons Not the best game when it comes to creativity
  • Great! 4/5

    By Shadow9980
    Been playing this for quite a bit (on level 740). It’s been fun to see the additions and animations added in. Ads are ridiculous so I did pay to have them removed, and after some time the game does lag or closes out. With those fixes I’m hoping to see more levels, and a change to the far too easy, super repetitive, boss level.
  • It repeats the same levels over and over 1/5

    By Jokeboi98735820
    That’s all
  • Used to be fun 3/5

    By dkrybi,au
    This game used to be pretty cool. Until updates threw little emoticons in my game and tried to , to make it “hip or cool” or whatever their doing. Time to delete it, much better games out there that aren’t doing lame stuff!
  • Make a wish 3/5

    By KOonc0817
    Really enjoy the game. Straight and to the point. But as I pass level 250 could we make things a bit harder? Don’t mind the graphics at all. Just more interesting is needed. Thanks.
  • Yay 5/5

    By wighsk
    Stupid game but fun😂👍👍👍👌😎🔥
  • Can’t get past level 9 !!!!!! 3/5

    By Ark beaver
    Blast level 9 & the app crashes every time!!!!! What is up with that & then starts back a level 9!!!!!!! Need to address this. Other then that it is a good time wasting game Now it is level 19 still crashes after ever turn not happy
  • Fun game 3/5

    By cpsadp
    Is a fun little game to entertain your self for hours the only problem is it crash over and over in level 60. Fix it please!
  • Good idea, bad execution 2/5

    Cool concept but the game is super laggy, every level feels like it’s taken from a total of 8 premade levels and every single boss fight is exactly the same. So not bad for like 5 minutes but extremely underwhelming and disappointing
  • Lag & crash crash crash 2/5

    By ZombieSpaulding
    This game crashes more than Hellen Keller as student driver with Stevie Wonder as the teacher. And the lag is brutal! It's a shame too because I've really came to like voodoo & what they put out, but it's been a problem with every game. Sometimes it eventually gets a patch & they become playable, sometimes it's just terrible until I give up & delete the game. This game is fun. Well, I can tell it would be fun if it didn't crash more than an drunk asian businessman on the PCH during rush hour & have lag for geezus. Please fix the game, I'd like to play it as intended.

Castle Wreck app comments

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