Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2

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  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nestlé
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cat Fishing 2 App

More fish is more fun in Cat Fishing 2! Friskies® new Cat Fishing 2 is an all-new game designed especially for cats. Tap “start” and get ready to watch your cat go for the catch of the day. The more she catches, the more challenging the game gets. Three levels of fun with one, two, and three fish at a time. How to play Cat Fishing 2: • Place Device on flat surface near your cat. • Tap “start.” • Watch your cat score points. • If your cat stops playing for 30 seconds or more, the game will "meow" to attract her attention • Reward your cat for winning. (We suggest some Friskies® Seafood Sensations®.) Please be aware that in our experience, the bare glass screen holds up trouble-free to a cat’s claws, but plastic add-on screen protectors might not.

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Cat Fishing 2 app reviews

  • Fun 5/5

    By hdjejwndurndhvjwlsc
    Entertains grandma
  • My cat loves it but... 4/5

    By 🍓stwaberry
    I recently downloaded this app because my kitten would always try to catch the things moving on my iPad. I thought I'd try this because she can't go outside yet and gets bored in the house. It's adorable when she plays! Afterwards she's playful and happy. I am a little disappointed because it only lasts for thirty seconds. I think you should make a level that just goes on forever. She just likes watching and playing with one or two fishes at a time. This did cause a bad habit for my cat though. Now she is always trying to scratch or eat my iPad. Overall, this is a good game and my cat enjoys.
  • This app 4/5

    By handspring45
    I download this app today and my kitten looks at it!! And when there’s 2 his face looks all over my phone!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻!!! But I love this app!!!!!!!!!
  • NOPE 1/5

    By MARVELlover216
    My cat didn’t even want anything to do with the game 😠😠😠😠. She just wanted to play with my phone case!!!!! Don’t waste phone space for this game it is horrible
  • Color blind? 2/5

    By SophieFlammel
    Is it possible that my cat can’t see it? She completely ignores it no matter what I do. I tried it on my moms cat and she was fine.
  • Great game so fun🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🦋🐝🦄 5/5

    By 🦄UniQueen!! 💝sugargifts🍬💎
    My cat Millie loves this💞🧡game sometimes I like to play it too🙃😉😌one time she got to level three I give this games 100✨💫⭐️🌟✨💫⭐️🌟✨💫⭐️☀️☀️☀️stars!!!!!!!!!
  • Spud 3/5

    By KitKatPita
    My cat didn’t even notice the fish. Any tips? Anyway, it is pretty good, but there is room for improvement.
  • Uhhhhh......??? 1/5

    By Mermaidmainiac 🐬
    Ok, so I got this game for my 10 month old cat and,um, is this supposed to be a MOVIE FOR YOUR CAT because he just watches the fish and doesn't do anything, also the game is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW!!!!!😿😿. Please please Please fix this bug. I'm super disappointed. My cat loves to watch me play games but when I let him play this game he just STARES at it!!Sorry, but I hate it.☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Mermaidmainiac
  • My dog loves this app 5/5

    By Daniel Pae
    This app keeps him busy for 5-10 minutes.
  • Don’t know if it just my cat 3/5

    By pumpkimon005
    Don’t know if it’s just my cat but she not even a year old and she’s totally not amused by this and it does teach them bad habits like tapping on your phone tablet computer whatever but my cat hasn’t picked that up but total waste of time
  • Problem on iPad mini 3/5

    By Donnyboywest
    Cute game, but our kitty swipes the screen into other applications and quickly gets other screens. Interesting idea though -
  • Miss the old version 1/5

    By sjp0812
    I just had to download this because the original version doesn’t work on the newest IOS cat loved the old version- one fish at a time, no timer! She will look at this version, but the timer ends before she finishes “stalking” the fish. So then she walks away. It really makes me sad, because she loved the original game so much.
  • Paisley loves it!! 5/5

    By OperationHydration
    My 6 week old kitten loves this game! And honestly I’m guilty of playing it myself.. it was 3:30am okay?? And yes I was entertained. Lol
  • Good for babies too 5/5

    By the best maddy
    I use it for my 6 month old sister, she loves it and it works perfectly for babies to play as well!
  • Meh.... 2/5

    By tx_princessSA
    Y kitten likes watching tv and videos with me. But he is not much interested in this game. He likes Mouse 2.0 a lot. I think this one is just too slow for him.
  • Nice idea 3/5

    By caileyn.h
    This game was a really good idea but my cat is really lazy and was not that thrilled but my cat is lazy and I know it works for other people but my dog likes it.
  • You did the impossible... 5/5

    By Rose52615
    I have only shown two cats (I own 3) this app. Indy is a hunter and has no problems with real toys, so he has the high score and loves it. Mia on the other hand... she demands to be treated like the royalty she thinks she is. She knows that the laser pointer is something I’m controlling, and the only toy I can get her to play with doesn’t require her to stop laying around. I got this app and.... she actually sat up! She even killed a fish! You are miracle workers! It wasn’t much compared to Indy, but considering all she does is lay around on her chubby butt, this is big! I’m doing my best to make her lose weight, and I think apps like these are the trick since she already LOVES my iPad (it’s a wonderful bed) and I’m not ‘controlling’ the fish. I don’t know how long it will be before she catches on to this app, but you’ve worked miracles over here! I have no problems with the app, as the only issues I’m having is Indy activating Multitouch when he gets into a game and switching apps, but that’s nothing that you can change. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  • Nice app! 5/5

    By Sander Gordziej101
    At first my cat wasn't interested, but he eventually became curious about my phone, so I quickly opened the app back up, and he loved it!
  • Needs heavy human interaction 2/5

    By Can'tFindAvailableNickname
    The “levels” are very short and the whole game is over in only a minute or so and then needs to be re-launched by the human. Just too click heavy for a cat-friendly game.
  • NOT Working 1/5

    By Steveht37
    My cat swatted at the fish once, but then realized that it was a screen and stopped. Do NOT download unless you have new kittens.
  • Older cat 5/5

    By wellthenmeow
    I’m not sure what happened but my elder cat is purring and falling asleep purring. Regardless playing or not something has to be said, this app made my calico happy, worth a try.
  • My 15 year old cat is obsessed 5/5

    By He. No
    This is an issue! I can no longer use my iPad without my cat pawing at the screen waiting for me to start her game. I do wish they would fix the swiping motion from taking her to the previous page so I wouldn’t have to keep taking her back to her page, I tried explaining that she can’t swipe at the fish but she doesn’t get it.
  • Its good but beware!! 5/5

    By jagkkt
    Its a wonderful app my new litter of kittens fell in love with it immediately. I have a big ipad so its big enough for multiple kittens to sit on the screen and tap or just watch the fishies very adorable! The problem i have is they have learned a bad habit. I can no longer play on my ipad myself without my kittens trying to tap at the objects on screen, which makes it hard to win the game lol. Not only have they become obsessed with sitting and tapping on my ipad my computer screen has become very amusing to them and the keep chasing the mouse around on screen... all five kittens are harassing me! So yeah...i dont think this was such a good download : / ... i still have it though so when the kittens are harassing me i give in and let them have it lol which is only reinforcing bad behavior :P they even fall asleep on my ipad while watching the fish so its just too adorable to not have this app!
  • Great idea but.......... 3/5

    By A couuple probs
    I think it is a good idea. But my cat isn't interested whatsoever. ☹️
  • My Kitten Did Nothing 1/5

    By Cupcakeaa
    Sat for 15 min and my Maine Coon did nothing
  • My kittens Love this game 5/5

    By Dog lover 06
    All of my 3 kittens love this game they always go in to other app when they are playing
  • Recommend 5/5

    By Blahrocks
    My kitty loves it!
  • Good game just needs no timer 4/5

    By Cosabear
    My kitten loves the game and plays it a lot but after the end of level three he stops then wants to play again later. Just make it non stop!
  • Cats hate it 5/5

    By tht bugga
    Both the cats aren’t Willing to even look at my cats are so lazy they enjoy real toys better sorry
  • My 5 kitties love it! 4/5

    By Erin Gene
    I'm socializing a litter of 5 kittens and trying to expose them to as many experiences as possible. I tried a handful of games-for-cats apps and this is by far their favorite. It's simple- just tap/paw a fish, then it wiggles and sinks from view. The bubbly sounds were the first thing to draw them in, and if there's no action for a while a cute little "meow" sounds and always captures their attention. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is for the game's duration- after 3 brief levels it reverts to the menu screen and needs human attention. That isn't all bad though, since I have fun playing it with them, too! :)
  • It’s fine 3/5

    By Tabbihahaloveliez
    The cats were mildly interested. One of my cats cracked the screen protector. Overall ok, nothing special.
  • My cat loves it I think 5/5

    By Nora104
    I pull this game out when the cat has worn me out but he still has all the energy and with 5 min he is asleep ! Wish I could attach a pic it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • LOVE IT 😂 5/5

    By TInyAlicePlaysXD the youtuber
    Omg I love this app so much my cats were looking at the fishes for a while so I started playing with the fish to make my cats want to play with and and it worked my cat started playing with it and picked up my phone 😂 and took it away form his sister than after him playing with it again he picked my phone up again and put it in his food bowl had me dead 😂😂😂😂💀💖💖💖💖💖
  • Not very good... 1/5

    By Nudge gal 96
    My cats did not seem to like this game at all. That's all I have to say
  • Review 1/5

    By Catpuppycorn
    My cat won't even touch! This game is a waste of storage, so I don't recommend it.
  • That’s cool 5/5

    By it_yoboyanthony
    That cat fishing game is cool
  • Lol 1/5

    By I'm puppy dogg
    My cat Tara stared at it but didn’t want to touch and it’s really crazy because she’s so playful!!!
  • Good game! 5/5

    By FunnySweetie8
    I love this game, except my cats don’t. They look away cos they are not fishing cats. They are too smart for it. But I have an awkward addiction to tapping the fish, kinda. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Cute 4/5

    By Hamantha
    I recently got a kitten and shes very playful. I needed something to entertain her while laying in bed and found this. She played one round, jumped all over my phone and got most of the fish. But the next round she just lied down and watched the screen. She did this for a couple rounds and i eventually turned it off, but i think she liked to watch the fish.
  • Cute 4/5

    By kelseymarie805
    Cute and fun game my kitty loved it but lost interest quickly but it all depends on the cat. He’s super active and easily distracted so he doesn’t have as much interest. If your cat is a little more laid back but still playful they’ll prob love it.
  • 390 points from a cat! 5/5

    By Simply.Celeste
    Wowowowowowowoowowowow. She loves it.
  • 😺 5/5

    By ultimateloss
    My cat likes it
  • Turkey 5/5

    By PUFD 127
    So I let my turkey play this game soorrrry but he absolutely loves it!
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Shadow @ Stoneybrook
    This game is great and fun for my kittens. The one thing I really don't like about this app is that there are only 3 levels. I can't leave my iPad in the kittens room with this game on because after about 1 min and 30 secs the game is over and you have to reset it. Maybe make more levels or automatically restart the game?
  • Cilla Loves This! 4/5

    By ElvisFreak1
    My kitten, Priscilla loves this! She bats at the screen every time I try. But my 6 month old cats, Alice and her sister Callie are loving it!
  • Remove the timer 1/5

    By |ok|bk|
    My cat doesn’t care about it’s score. All it does is make him lose interest as soon as the fish disappear. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?
  • It don’t work 1/5

    By cat,dog and bananas make kylie
    I do’s not work!!!!!!
  • Cat loves it but why is there a timer? 4/5

    By TheGeneralKey
    My cat loves this game but cannot for the life of her figure out how to "Play Again". Not sure the logic in having "rounds" and a timer on a game for cats....would be 5 stars and even worth paying for if it was just an endless loop of fishies!
  • Too Many Fishies for a Kitty 3/5

    By Bougity Boug
    My cat interacts with the game when 1 fish is on the screen. Before she has a chance to really go for it, however, the level changes and more fish appear. At that point she sits and watches the screen. The game would be better if it was a continuous level that you could add more fish to if you wanted.

Cat Fishing 2 app comments

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