Catholic New American Bible RE

Catholic New American Bible RE

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  • Current Version: 20.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: greg fairbrother
  • Compatibility: Android
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Catholic New American Bible RE App

This iPhone/iPad app has been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). This app does not require a internet connection to read the bible. The entire bible will be on your device after you download the app. App features include: - Easily switch between books - Move between chapters via swipe left/right gesture - Increase/decrease font size by pinch in/out gesture - Search verses, filter by chapter, book, old, new, entire bible - Bookmark verses by touching a verse - Copy multiple verses - Highlight verses - Tweet verses - Book introductions - Hypertext footnotes - Hypertext endnotes - Hypertext references - Daily Readings - History of Last 50 Verses Visited - Stories, Parables, Miracles, Prayers found in the Bible - Read the Bible in a Year Released on March 9, 2011, the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) is the culmination of nearly 20 years of work by a group of nearly 100 scholars and theologians, including bishops, revisers and editors. The NABRE includes a newly revised translation of the entire Old Testament (including the Book of Psalms) along with the 1986 edition of the New Testament. The NABRE is a formal equivalent translation of Sacred Scripture, sponsored by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, using the best manuscripts available. Work on most books of the Old Testament by forty revisers and a board of eight editors began in 1994 and was completed in 2001. The 1991 revision of the Psalter, the work of thirty revisers and six editors, was further revised by seven revisers and two editors between 2009 and 2010. Table of Contents Preface to the Revised New American Bible Old Testament THE PENTATEUCH Introduction The Book of Genesis The Book of Exodus The Book of Leviticus The Book of Numbers The Book of Deuteronomy THE HISTORICAL BOOKS Introduction The Book of Joshua The Book of Judges The Book of Ruth The First Book of Samuel The Second Book of Samuel The First Book of Kings The Second Book of Kings The First Book of Chronicles The Second Book of Chronicles The Book of Ezra The Book of Nehemiah BIBLICAL NOVELLAS Introduction The Book of Tobit The Book of Judith The Book of Esther The First Book of Maccabees The Second Book of Maccabees THE WISDOM BOOKS Introduction The Book of Job The Book of Psalms The Book of Proverbs The Book of Ecclesiastes The Song of Songs The Book of Wisdom The Wisdom of Ben Sira THE PROPHETIC BOOKS Introduction The Book of Isaiah The Book of Jeremiah The Book of Lamentations The Book of Baruch The Book of Ezekiel The Book of Daniel The Book of Hosea The Book of Joel The Book of Amos The Book of Obadiah The Book of Jonah The Book of Micah The Book of Nahum The Book of Habakkuk The Book of Zephaniah The Book of Haggai The Book of Zechariah The Book of Malachi Preface to the New American Bible New Testament THE GOSPELS Introduction The Gospel according to Matthew The Gospel according to Mark The Gospel according to Luke The Gospel according to John The Acts of the Apostles THE NEW TESTAMENT LETTERS Introduction The Letter to the Romans The First Letter to the Corinthians The Second Letter to the Corinthians The Letter to the Galatians The Letter to the Ephesians The Letter to the Philippians The Letter to the Colossians The First Letter to the Thessalonians The Second Letter to the Thessalonians The First Letter to Timothy The Second Letter to Timothy The Letter to Titus The Letter to Philemon The Letter to the Hebrews THE CATHOLIC LETTERS Introduction The Letter of James The First Letter of Peter The Second Letter of Peter The First Letter of John The Second Letter of John The Third Letter of John The Letter of Jude The Book of Revelation

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Catholic New American Bible RE app reviews

  • Blank Index - app unusable 1/5

    By aLaugh123
    Index is blank even after re-installing and restarting. Solved: Does not work with new iOS update when in dark mode. Switched to light, and it’s all readable again!
  • I used to love this app but now... 2/5

    By MHaxB
    This app worked fine for me until I upgraded my iPad (gen 5) to the largest system software (iOS 13.1.3). Now the text is fine, but the index is all but useless; as a result, I can no longer easily navigate from one book or chapter to another. All the lines in the index are blank. When I tap on one line in the index, the book name or chapter number appears, but only one book or chapter number at a time. So of course if you tap on a line, you go to the hidden book or chapter you selected - whether it’s the one you wanted or not. And yes, the app was updated to the version that’s supposed to be updated for the new iOS. And deleting the app and reinstalling it doesn’t help. Any suggestions? Marge
  • Today’s readings broken in 13.1 iOS 5/5

    By upgrade101
    Please get that fixed This really makes the app not so helpful
  • IOS 13 update makes app crash 1/5

    By Garms87
    I can’t access my highlights of scriptures please update
  • Sunday Readings 2/5

    By Mathlete2006
    I used this app to quickly find the Sunday readings and share. The latest update deleted that option , only giving me the first reading and the Responsorial. What a disappointment. I would like the option of choosing what want to see.
  • Worst Bible App 1/5

    By SprayBeach
    I have 4 Bibles on my phone. 3 are excellent and this one is terrible to navigate. The others were free and I paid for this worthless app!!!!!! Don’t waste your money.!!!! There are too many really good Catholic Bible Apps out there. I wouldn’t give this app one star. I have never made a complaint about any purchase from Amazon or anywhere else so you know this has to be pretty bad!!
  • NAB re 4/5

    By Tisha Ray
    I like this app but what became of the audio capability? It seems that at one time I had used it.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Happy in Vancouver
    Hard to use, navigate. Unable to delete highlights. Disappointed.
  • The read in a year has a bug 3/5

    By ThePowerwriter
    this is my favorite translation of the Catholic Bible. And I do enjoy this book. However, I like to use the read a Bible in a year feature which is very nice with the exception that it has the New Testament chapter 2 or three times at least in each daily reading. I noticed that when I was reading the same thing every day. And so I checked it out and sure enough the New Testament chapter was inserted into at least two different days. There may be a reason for that but I don’t know what it would be. In general, I like the way the book is laid out. There is no way that I can see however, to provide feedback or to contact the developer. I tried to contact the developer by his website and got no reply. It would be nice, to make an audio version of this book as well. Aside from these issues, I do recommend the purchase of this app.
  • Useful, suggestions for improvement 3/5

    By tech for teaching
    We use this in a high school. Two requests for improvement so that we can continue to use it/not switch to another app: 1) it is not currently compatible with split screen view on the iPad. 2) you are not able to highlight footnotes.
  • Can’t navigate 1/5

    By Bernadotte
    No way to find the table of contents.
  • New update 3/5

    By Brewbp
    The new update doesn’t highlight with a color like before making it difficult to know what the reading is for the day
  • Favorite mobile bible 5/5

    By Spreadsheet review
    This is my favorite bible app. Now that the psalms from the daily readings are back I'll be using this daily. I'm a huge fan of seeing the daily readings within the context of the rest of the text.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Nana4010
    Easy to navigate and find scriptures for study. Keeps your favorite quotes handy. Has a read the Bible in a year function but I haven’t been able to discover how it works.
  • The Best Bible App I have Seen: Catholic NAB 5/5

    By JoeESenior
    I have used this app for several years - it is outstanding. Navigating to to any desired Book, Chapter, and Verse is a breeze. Every footnote and cross reference is hot-linked, which makes study so easy. And the back and forward buttons really simply returning to your desired location.
  • I repent 1/5

    By Joe Blastoff
    I repent having bought this Bible. It doesn't have anyway to find the books of the Bible.
  • Use 1/5

    By 9153
    Search does nothing. Only usefulness I see is getting the daily readings
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Auto confession
    Very hard to use if you want to use it like a written bible. Hard to find where bible books are listed. It's fine if you want to just have a daily bible verse automatically pop up each day. Needs to be easier to use
  • Please improve 4/5

    By SouthRanger
    Would be very nice to have a night view alternative. Thanks.
  • Psalms update 2/5

    By 260TX
    What has happened to the 2017 Psalms ?? This keeps up will need to find a new bible app. Only want to take one document or pad to bible study, church! Cannot count on the daily readings being correct without a second source. REALLY REALLY NEEEDS AN UPDATE FOR 2017.
  • Flawed 2/5

    By JimCoker
    The set up of this one year Bible is OK, but it has a serious flaw. The new testament readings often repeat themselves. For example, I'll read some verses for Matthew on a particular day, the next days reading will have the same verses for Matthew. I have not seen that on the old testament readings or the Psalms, but it has happened a few times on Matthew. I hope they would correct this soon.
  • Dependable, Easy and Officially Catholic 4/5

    By Old Palm OS Fan
    I've been using this app daily for about 5 years. It's the translation approved by the US Bishops with helpful foot notes. Very easy to navigate, highlight and copy and share verses. I really like how it shows the daily readings so I can easily read the previous and following verses to get context.
  • Great app 5/5

    By 928B099CC7
    I love the app. I read the Bible using its feature Read the Bible in a year. The app is easy to use, intuitive, runs smoothly. I must say that when the app was broken, the developer was extremely responsive and when alerted to the issue, he worked on it right away, and then even emailed me telling me that the fix was ready. I just wish I, or someone else emailed him earlier, I didn't think of it! I saw a couple of negative reviews instead. Working with technology myself I know first hand that things happen and you might not be aware of them.
  • All fixed again 4/5

    By Petums
    Now that the bug in read in a year was repaired, this does almost everything I would want
  • Bible in a year is broken 1/5

    By RH 617
    Bible in a year is broken. Old Testament will not advance past Genesis 1. HELP!!
  • The Gospel reading does not agree with the correct Sunday reading 2/5

    By stacychuck
    Today 2/12/2017 should be Matt 5 17-37. APP shows Mrk 5:17-37. Somethings wrong. Please correct program/APP.
  • What happened to the daily Psalms? 4/5

    By Lucho_m
    Please reinstate the daily Psalms!
  • Reader 5/5

    By Trak71
    This is a fantastic app! My older eyes find it a joy to read on my iPad versus my fine print hard copy. The table of contents is very quick and easy to use and the forward / backward page buttons are awesome. With this functionality you can always return to your original reading spot as you jump around to various sections in the Bible.
  • Daily readings 4/5

    By MyBest61
    The Psalms still aren't showing up on my iPhone 7. Is there a fix for this yet?
  • Maps! 5/5

    By chris645
    I am a Catholic and remember the maps from my Bible. Care to add maps to this online version?
  • Bookmarks 3/5

    By Gumbo 49
    How about bookmarks to be able to save my place from day to day. Also, a table of contents of sorts to quickly reference the books of the Bible.
  • Readings are now Okay 3/5

    By englishdoctor
    Hello, I'm a daily reader. For many months now the readings are repetitive between Luke and John. I am wondering if you are Okay Brother.
  • Search is usable now 5/5

    By icewingdog
    Thanks for changing the layout of the search results!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Triet90247
    Great app. Thank to developer
  • Look at Help before you start! 4/5

    By Casaga
    Good but not intuitive so go to Help first.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Drew Fitzgerald
    I've tried to use this app to search specific books of the bible and the search tool is non-functioning. Please update your app so it works and the bible can be accessed.
  • Correction 4/5

    By Pegskids
    The readings have been one day behind every day since Dec 31. Can we get it updated?
  • Date errors 5/5

    By Carl again
    Dear coder, having same problem as Jimbo of the 1-1-16. Today is 1-3-16 and the today reading states 1-2-16. The< showed "back" , then 12-30-16 date shows.
  • Jim 4/5

    By Jimbo5642
    Daily readings Keep going back to 13/30 & cannot advance the date. Love the ap but is not good now.
  • SamListens 3/5

    By Sam EGV
    Using the read Bible in a year stopped working on day 351, until then there were only some minor issues. Sent an email to the developer but there has been no reply.
  • Errors found 2/5

    By KittenCab
    Found large errors in wording from same paperback version I have. Otherwise it is okay, just have to pay attention while reading.
  • Fine until Day 83 3/5

    By Twhitewh
    Using Bible in a Year feature. Crashes at day 351. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Was great until then. Can't find a solution.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Precisionguided
    This is an excellent app that works well and really provides a lot of advantages over reading a hardcopy. The notes and references have allowed me to study the Bible in much greater depth than I have before. Also, with fairly regular updates, the app has improved substantially since I got it and continues to get new features.
  • I got it now! 5/5

    By gilfran
    I clicked on the help button and it explained how to navigate through the bible. Thanks.
  • Not working :( 5/5

    By 깊이에의강요
    I love this app. But suddenly!!! It's not working.
  • Outstanding! 5/5

    By M.J.Antonetti
    The app makes it very easy to look up chapter and verse. I am new to bible study, and I have my phone in my hand with this app open all the time. It is easy to read, highlight, and take notes. Well worth the price.
  • Incorrect Gospel Readings 4/5

    By WalkingGirl47
    For (at least) the last two days, the incorrect Gospel readings have been identified in Daily Readings. We should be reading from Matthew's gospel, not from Mark's gospel.
  • By far my favorite app 5/5

    By pinktux
    I use this app on the daily! I'm always forgetting exactly where a verse is and this app's word/phrase search feature makes it easy to find what I'm liking for. Plus, it allows me to bookmark and highlight favorite verses and it keeps track of my viewing history. Well worth the money!
  • Daily readings 3/5

    By erica.shae07
    I am trying to use this app to read the bible in a year....however, the book of Matthew keeps repeating chapters every other day. For example, chapter 7 will appear 2 days in a row. Not sure if this is suppose to happen or if it is a bug.

Catholic New American Bible RE app comments

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