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CAVA | Order Online

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cava Mezze Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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CAVA | Order Online App

Your cravings can’t wait – and now they don’t have to. Turn line time into mealtime with our easy-to-use app; it’s the simplest way to order ahead and get your CAVA fix when you’re on the go. You come to CAVA for vibrant, better-for-you options – for convenience and customization. Now you can get all your pita, grain bowl, and salad favorites (from Hummus to Harissa and Spicy Lamb Meatballs) how you want them, when you want them. Make your meal completely yours and order it from wherever you are. Then, just head to your preferred CAVA location for easy pickup. Features: Order Ahead and Avoid the Line – Order in advance for Pick-Up or Delivery to get your food when you want it without waiting in line. Customize Your Meal with Unlimited Possibilities – Build your meal at your own pace and customize it to your diet and tastes. Reorder Your Favorites with Ease – Tap the heart next to items in your recent orders to favorite them to make reordering your custom bowls even easier on the app. Filter by Dietary Preferences – Easily set dietary preferences and we’ll flag the items you’re trying to avoid. Sign up and Earn CAVA Rewards – Sign up and earn rewards on all orders placed through the app or when you scan your QR code in store.

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CAVA | Order Online app reviews

  • DoorDash integration broken 2/5

    By mixtapemusings
    I don’t know why they haven’t realized this and fixed it but the integration with DoorDash doesn’t work. Tracking delivery and clicking the link to do so leads to a blank page that does nothing and it isn’t isolated to me.
  • Cannot provide feedback to the store? 3/5

    By pjlrn
    Tracking your order for delivery does not work. Plus the app also does not allow you to rate the order nor does it allow you to notify the store that a portion of your order is missing or wrong. So, CAVA is never held accountable for your missing portion.
  • Reward points only work by scanning. 3/5

    By cweise04
    If scanner is not working at cava stores the app doesn’t allow your purchase to be applied to your reward points. Wish you could apply them via the receipt.
  • buggy app 1/5

    By philtheazn
    the ui is bugged, can’t order :/
  • What good is the app if restaurant doesn’t take online orders? 1/5

    By magnus919
    I love Cava’s food (who wouldn’t) but sometimes I’d love to just go pick up my meal already prepared. So I install the app and select my nearest location aaaaaand…. They don’t accept online orders. So what’s the point of the app if you can’t order food on it anyway?
  • Vomit 3/5

    By reek93
    I hate the new branding, puke yellow doesn't make me hungry and the icon fails basic accessibility tests.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Soitsme
    Points never register. If you tap an option in your order you can’t undo it. You have to start over. Still some screens don’t fit properly. That’s just the app. Don’t get me started on trying to order and get food in person.
  • GORGEOUS 5/5

    By Step91
    Literally one of the most beautiful apps I’ve seen. These UI/UX designers need all the awards! And please go re-design all the other chain restaurants apps!
  • Deletes points 1/5

    By Lopez8Fam
    I had this for years and used it a lot, everytime I was close to an award it would delete my points! It’s a scam fr
  • The website was so much better. 1/5

    By Adam Tolley
    The web site was more intuitive if not as attractive, and had the advantage of not randomly losing portions of out order. I am so glad that turning off calorie display is enough for some people to give this app 5 stars, but I would prefer to receive all of my food.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By v6-16-2022
    It constantly errors out, says items are out of stock, but in stock items are unavailable on the app. The food isn’t that great to begin with…app just makes me give up and eat better food somewhere else.
  • Super frustrating 1/5

    By cregnow
    It took me several tries to order because every time I wanted to look for something I had to back out of my order and start over. Plus I had to go into the details of every bowl because I couldn’t tell what they contained based on the truncated verbiage on my phone. Awful experience!!
  • Annoying Ads 2/5

    By Ashb6170
    This app is constantly sending irritating ads. Muted the notifications to shut them up which will also make the app less functional for actually picking up food. Still worth it to mute given the awfulness of the ads. The food is great and ordering in the app is easy.
  • Enhancements needed 1/5

    By dll1701
    There needs to be an option under sides to order proteins as a side. There also needs to be a special instruction section to add to the app.
  • Process is impossible 1/5

    By Cmooreblessed
    Requiring a scan prior to ordering when phones don’t receive cell service inside buildings is an unworkable process. It holds up the line with people attempting to scan without success. Are you that worried about people scanning extra receipts that you cannot allow a loyalty program that can scan receipts when cell service is available? Other restaurants simply limit one scan per day. People cannot use your program for this reason. If nothing else you need to provide free WiFi as a workaround.
  • Please confirm pick up time 5/5

    By Cava Enjoyer
    The food is great and the app is nice and slick. My only suggestion is to confirm pick up time before placing the order. Because the soonest time is pre selected, it is very easy to miss if you are ordering for pickup in the future. This has caused me to place my order for pickup fifteen minutes in the future rather than the intended time of an hour later.
  • Do not use this app - it’s terrible 1/5

    By ABGxx
    They never include the free pita and the orders are always incorrect/missing items. I’m exhausted having to deal with customer service and will finally delete the app.
  • Missing a few features 4/5

    By Snockers
    It has an overall aesthetically pleasing design and easy ordering process. Since I always customize my meals or even do build-your-own, I would love to be able to save my favorite items to make it quicker to order and know I didn’t forget to add a component (like forgetting harissa or feta). It would also be nice to add what model of car you have for pickup or license plate, just to make curbside orders easier if there are two black sedans or grey suvs, etc in the parking lot.
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By Forrester99
    As someone who struggles with an eating disorder the option to hide the calories was a huge deal for me. Thank you Cava! I got to order and eat what I wanted without stress.
  • Only basic features that isn’t very thought out 2/5

    By GADJB
    It lets you do the very basics of ordering. However it doesn’t let you do the following: 1- Use your gift card balance in the store. That makes for a bad experience using the app in the store. 2- Ability to make notes about your order to the preparer. For instance, if I want double feta cheese, I have to hit the icon twice…BUT the preparer almost always thinks a mistake and doesn’t do extra. If they could fix those items, it would provide a much better experience.
  • Hard to customize order 2/5

    By Saffron
    The app is pretty but needs improvement. I tried to order a kids meal pita for my vegetarian child. There is no option to skip the protein. I tried to add one and then click x to delete, but then the add to cart button is greyed out. I can’t add to cart without adding a protein. Please add a skip option for the categories.
  • Points don’t collect 1/5

    By Fanfsu
    This is the third time I’ve scanned my loyalty QR and didn’t get any points. Come to find out after reading the help page/faqs that if your points don’t appear after 24 hours you must email the team with your purchase information but you only have 6 days to do it. Ummm what’s the point of having this app?? I won’t place orders on it because I’ve read enough reviews to know not to but I WOULD like to at least get my points for the money I am spending at CAVA.
  • Worst app experience 1/5

    By subbu1995
    No pickup status available, I have no clue when the food is ready and I had very bad experience every time I place pick up, I wait close to 30mins at my closest CAVA. Food quantity is very conservative even when paid extra. Not acceptable!
  • Cava Brooklyn New York 5/5

    By mrs. Magnum p.i
    When is the green point Williamsburg coming grand opening -NewYork Brooklyn
  • Zero function 1/5

    By Dr. MB81
    I tried for TEN MINUTES to get anything to work and it wouldn’t let me add a single item to the shopping cart. Decided it wasn’t worth my time!
  • Technical Problems 1/5

    By Greenvino
    I found the app easy enough to use but something is causing issues today. The app is functioning very slowly and popping error messages so much and I gave up. Pls fix.
  • Constant Notification Spam 1/5

    By Shutter41
    App sends constant ads/spam as notifications and provides no way to disable.
  • Don't use this garbage app 1/5

    By Baconade
    Cava's food is good but their tech is awful. I used the app to "reorder" a prior order. It doubled the order for some inexplicable reason. I tried to cancel but there is not way to cancel an order! I called the store and they said they couldn't cancel. I contacted support and they said they couldn't refund or cancel the order either. Food is good. App is garbage.
  • Allergen update - thank you for your reply 3/5

    By JBondu
    Thank-you for your reply about the allergen filtering feature of your app. It is helpful to quickly see what is safe. However, I am still unable to directly communicate allergens to the restraunt through the app. Also when ordering a kids meal the app makes you choose a drink to check out and the only options are dairy options which are one of our allergies. Other than this inconvience our child really loves your food! We want to use the app more since the line in our city is always out the door!
  • Terrible User Experience 2/5

    By gebjeff
    The user experience (UX) is not intuitive. I wanted to custom order a bowl and the UX displays a selection of standard bowls (e.g., Lentil Avocado, Tahini Caesar, etc.) and be titled “salad”. I selected salad and it wasn’t clear what kind of greens were in the bowl. I then picked Greek salad and saw that some of the greens, toppings, etc were circled, indicating they were included. I didn’t want olives, so I touched the circle, thinking it would remove the olives. Guess what, it doubled the olives. I then saw I could delete items at the top of the screen. There are many other issues with UX, too. Updated comments to reflect v 3.3.0: You can now delete items from specific bowls. However, I think having to swipe left to right is an awkward UX when compared to something like Chipotle’s. I’ve upped my review to two stars.
  • Convenient, but… 2/5

    By SlingCorp
    Creating and submitting orders is a breeze. However, this is an app that will send you ceaseless advertisements to your notifications screens…. Turn them off, you say? That means to turn off all notifications from cava…. Steer clear of this and use the browser instead.
  • No option to communicate allergies 1/5

    By JBondu
    Please add an option to communicate about food allergies!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By doiod1317
    Never connects to the internet, logs you out of your account constantly
  • Broken 1/5

    By veths
    App is broken, will not allow me to place orders
  • Points going away 2/5

    By JN Robertson
    So I love cava but their point system is pretty crummy. If you don’t use your points super fast they disappear. The way chipotle does it if you are inactive for 6 months they get rid of them. Cava is really annoying to assume I can get to cava like 10 times in a three months span. Like bro I can’t afford to just go out all the time.
  • App is ok. Integrated door dash delivery is not. 1/5

    By Baconade
    Two orders placed and two failed orders. First one never arrived. Second one arrived after 2 hours. Terrible.
  • Cava food is great, Cava app is not 2/5

    By Mr. Man Pumpkin
    I love the Cava food. I do not love the Cava app. For how wonderful the food and in-store experience are, I would expect the app to have some common order flows and technical issues worked out. Good luck modifying an order you made in the past, you’ll crash the app! Trying to place and order? Nope, “Technical issue, go visit us in person.” Or try again four times and, oops, the thing you deleted from your cart was ordered, too! On a positive note, the app does a great job helping you make sure you’re ordering from the right Cava.
  • I am not able to register 1/5

    By Jaqueline_601
    I hit the ✔️ mark and it doesn’t go forward neither says if there’s any wrong information or space in blank. I just cannot place my order then. What is this app for?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    I have tried multiple times to set up an account on the app. Loaded, deleted the app, filled out the information only to get to the end of the page with no option to submit. (I even went through the “terms of use” thinking the submit button would be there!) Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but no error message if I am. I use MOD Pizza, Chik-fil-A apps on a regular basis and would love to add Cava as they are all close to my house. I’m giving up for now. Please fix or let me know what I’m doing wrong.
  • Love the food, HATE the app 1/5

    By DistraughtLlama
    I have tried 8 times and 3 different payment methods and it will never place my order. I wait for about 5 minutes and it just keeps loading and loading and never goes through. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I will stop eating at CAVA if they can’t fix their app.
  • Improved 3/5

    By Mr. Microphone
    Had a terrible experience with it but it apparently works better now. Hopefully it merits a full 5 stars! Time will tell
  • Not the best UI/UX 2/5

    By Iron_Mic
    This is among my least favorite lunch time on the go apps. They make it difficult to pull up your loyalty bar code and also it constantly signs you out so when you're looking to pull up the bar code at check out you will be scrambling to recall your login info. I don't have this issue with most other food apps.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Fabian-Bre
    Please stop making type in my login every time. You can do better
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Apoc1
    I spent a lot of money there and signed up for the app after I picked up my order. The app wouldn’t let me add points from a receipt. That’s App 101.
  • Don’t. Ad Spam. 1/5

    By JRo22471
    Yet another app that spams you with push notification ads.
  • Not able to create an account 1/5

    By CapnCody1622
    I tried to create an account and it seems to be broken. There’s no button at the bottom to submit the form and the check mark at the top right doesn’t work even if the form is completely filled out. So I wasn’t able to sign up, create an account, or place an order today ☹️
  • OK to submit an order. No support available. 1/5

    By YamsThePotato
    Was able to submit an order through the app, but when we were missing items, there was no way to contact anyone through the app. The store told us they were not able to help and we had to submit a request through the website.
  • Bad 2/5

    By dcboys3
    Won’t let me make an account
  • Love the food, but time estimates are terrible 1/5

    By math31488
    Currently waiting for an order that should have been ready half an hour ago, 45 minutes after placing the order. When I ordered, this app told me a 15 minute wait. Soon as i arrived, there were several dozen people waiting with me. Pretty obvious these estimates never made any sense. I genuinely feel terrible for the staff that have to bear the brunt of unhappy customers. The app developers have clearly let them and customers down big time.