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  • Current Version: 3.8
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Caviar - Get Food You Want App

Your first delivery fee is always on us. And from now until December 31, you also get $5 off your first order in the app with code WELCOME.* You could eat that old spaghetti in your fridge. But you could also not. | Get food you want—delivery or pickup—with Caviar. Caviar is currently available in: Boston, MA Brooklyn, NY Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Los Angeles, CA (including Orange County) Manhattan, NY Philadelphia, PA (including Greater Philadelphia) Portland, OR Queens, NY Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA (including Bay Area) Seattle, WA (including Eastside) Walnut Creek, CA Washington, D.C. *$5 off delivery orders of $25 or more in the Caviar app, excluding taxes and fees, through December 31, 2019. Limit one use per customer.

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Caviar - Get Food You Want app reviews

  • Horrible customer experience 1/5

    By rcsc123
    Caviar makes its drivers do multiple orders at one time and is dishonest about when the food will arrive before we pay. Multiple times that I ordered food I received notification that my order was about to arrive only for the driver to drive past my house after picking up my food and sit there waiting at another location for someone else’s food. Forcing the customer to sit there and wait while it gets cold and lying about delivery time. What is the point of having a tracking device that lets users see the location of drivers, only to literally show them picking up other orders and waiting for ANOTHER order on top of yours, with your food? Restaurants are putting trust in caviar to deliver their food in a timely manner right after it’s picked up and instead they make the customer wait an entire hour so they can do multiple orders the entire time showing it on the screen where the driver is going. They drove right past my house, stopped somewhere a mile away for at least 20 minutes completing an entirely separate order, AFTER notifying me that the courier was arriving to my door. Why not just be upfront to begin with about how long it will take and that a driver may be completing a separate order at the same time? Its dishonest, money hungry, horrible customer service, creating a bad experience for the CUSTOMER AND THE RESTAURANT AND THE DRIVER. All to what, save a little bit of gas? To squeeze out as many orders as possible in the littles amount of time but sacrificing what matters, the people who make the food and the people who eat it and who are literally paying caviar.
  • Horribly slow delivery and poor estimations 1/5

    By Apklatz22
    Every single time I order from caviar my food is ready but there is 20 mins or more before they find me a delivery driver. The food is never delivered in the time range estimated and my food is often cold. It’s the only app that delivers my favorite restaurant, so I continue to use it but have been so frustrated by this apps poor performance. Feedback: stop taking orders when there aren’t enough couriers, extend the initial amount of time estimated for delivery before the order is placed, and maybe consider paying couriers more when there are surges so they’re more incentivized to deliver.
  • Consistently late, cold food 1/5

    By tgfood
    The orders have consistently shown up after about twice the estimated time. Often over an hour after it was suppose to show up. Tired of bs delivery estimates and cold food
  • Horrible Customer Service and Overall Unreliable Service 1/5

    By a-over
    They’re just completely unreliable and their customer service is atrocious. I received 4 ‘time adjustment’ messages for an order from a store that is a 15 min walk away. I told their customer service that I won’t be able to pick it up at the new ‘adjusted time’ and they were extremely unhelpful. Just so over them. This isn’t even the first time it happened.

    By Catave16
    If I could give this a zero I would. I have been waiting for my order for over TWO HOURS when the estimated delivery was 20 minutes at the time I ordered. I have been on chat with their support for over an hour and they keep changing their answer on the delivery time. They have no idea how to operate a business and I will NOT be ordering from them again.
  • Awful, worst of the delivery services 1/5

    By anankervis
    Every time I order on caviar, the “driver” turns out to be someone who took four buses or bikes it across Seattle and shows up an hour later than the delivery estimate. Or they pick up my food, then go run someone else’s delivery in a different part of town while it gets cold (I watch the delivery map show them drive somewhere else, wait half an hour, drive the wrong way to drop it off, the whole time insisting they’re “on their way, just 15 more minutes!”). Customer service refuses to process refunds.
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By MLock102019
    A restaurant couldn’t fulfill my order, but neither the restaurant nor Caviar can provide me a refund for whatever reason... No one in customer service seems to be able to do anything about it...
  • Overpromise, underdeliver 3/5

    By Anubis3562
    I’d say about 60% of the time there is a delay or a problem with an order. Basically you have to order 90-120 minutes ahead for lunch in order to have it on time. While many delivery folks do a good job, I’ve also had delivery people who walked other people’s dogs while delivering food.
  • Love it, but confused by some restaurants becoming unavailable to me 4/5

    By FranniOH
    I absolutely love caviar and have used it many times. The restaurants on this app are high quality. However, some of my favorite restaurants that I have ordered from multiple times, are no longer available to me? So I am now limited in my selections.
  • Service is getting worse and worse 1/5

    By ArchDH81
    As time goes on and drivers take on more courier orders delivery time gets worse and worse. Delivery from restaurants just a few minutes drive away take up to 45 minutes to arrive AFTER the food is picked up. It’s absolutely abhorrent. These courier services will not survive if this is the the standard of service they are dropping to.
  • CONSTANTLY asking to enable notifications 2/5

    By cheebachooba
    The app keeps asking to enable notifications EVERY time I check my order. I don’t want to enable notifications, and I’ve already said no a billion times, but every time you want to check your order or do anything it asks if you want to enable notifications. No means no. I don’t want to use an app that constantly harasses me to enable things I already said no to. Otherwise works fine but so annoying and frustrating and that’s all I associate with Caviar now.
  • We love Caviar! 5/5

    By @larryb
    Excellent service and great choices!
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By rlouai
    We ordered from the 1st time using this app last night, at 7:20 pm, with an expected delivery time at 8:17 pm. 2 hrs later, at 9:20 pm, it still said that our order is being prepared and there’s some delay. We kept on trying to call the restaurant and messaged Caviar twice online - without response. We ended up ordering using Seamless from another restaurant, and got our food on time. This morning, at 7:20 am, it still says that our food is being prepared 😂 What a farce. Reading other reviews, seems like this is not the 1st time happening. Wow.
  • Fraudulent order 1/5

    By appleuser613
    Someone got into my account and placed an order. Caviar’s solution was to close my account and do nothing to refund my money. A Caviar rep said they were going to carry out an investigation but I doubt they’re actually going to do anything. I’m fine with closing my account because they clearly have issues with security but I want my money back for the order I didn’t place.
  • Terrible customer service. First order delayed by 59 minutes with no explanation 1/5

    By mary_cspwrb
    This was my first experience with Caviar, and while the app looked aesthetically pleasing, the experience was horrendous. My one item soup order was placed and received by Caviar at 2:55 and expected to be delivered by 3:26-3:37. The delivery order was pushed back three times with no explanation. In the app, they didn’t start working on my order until 4:06, over an hour after placed. I received my order at 4:25, a full hour later than expected. When I reached out to customer service, I got 3 waiting progress updates and ultimately a response explaining that they wouldn’t be able to attend to my inquiries AT ALL. They were completely unreachable, with no explanation for the delays. At this point, I need to leave the house and am waiting for my order to arrive and am late for my next appointment. Completely useless application.
  • atrocious experience, awful customer service 1/5

    By zeliktarn
    The title sums it up; I missed a call from delivery guy, called back a bunch of times, no answer, get a notification that it’s delivered, yet no delivery. tried to contact customer service, with no response for 15 minutes. Eventually went down to check packages: food was left with packages. Awful.
  • This company is a joke!! 1/5

    By Jojjjjjfdddddd
    My estimated time for delivery has changed so many times, the app is now saying the order will deliver 3 hours after I ordered it! If I had known the delivery time would be so late, I would have never ordered the food in the first place! Caviar won’t let me cancel the order, but is offering me $20 for a future order. Still very disappointed. I spent nearly $50 and I don’t even know if the food will even end up arriving at all. There is no way it will arrive warm, that’s for sure! What a joke of a company!!
  • Horrible customer experience 1/5

    By Hstak
    App is fine, but experience is always horrible. Latest and likely last issue is placed an order, asked for status update and finally asked for support chat after waiting 45 minutes. Customer rep comes on and says it’s all good now, courier is on its way. Good to check 15 minutes later and order is cancelled - no notification or anything else. Unhappy about this experience and go to ask what happened, rep tells me the restaurant stopped taking orders a few weeks ago and then closes the chat session as resolved. Basically one customer support rep lied or was completely incompetent, next one did an equivalent of hanging up. Then a third says they will look into it and then closes the case. Last time Caviar!
  • Deceptive time 1/5

    By Sosofig
    While I completely understand an ETA can’t be exact all the time, literally every single order I’ve made was delayed and exceeded the overall time of order + delivery time would take. Can’t be a coincidence at this point and feels truly deceptive.
  • Deceiving delivery times 1/5

    By iliacher
    This app just shows you delivery time that is initially unrealistic and then it keeps ‘updating’ it. It may keep doing it for a looong time. Very annoying and deceiving, customer support is pretty bad too.
  • Disgraceful 1/5

    By GShoei
    This service is appalling. Our food took longer than expected to be delivered, it arrived cold and had a missing item. Then, the app kept crashing every time I tried to submit a refund. Then the restaurant was belligerent in their response. Then, there’s no obvious area to request a refund for the appalling food. So, what is the purpose of Caviar except to over charge me and take my money for the process of conveniently ordering crap food? Never again.
  • Hands down the worst food ordering app 1/5

    By sm2459
    Awful. I wish I could rate it lower. Twice now they’ve taken our money and an order was not complete. This latest time the restaurant didn’t even have caviar after they took $114 from us and said it was delivered. Oh and caviar doesn’t have a support number... I’ll never use it again.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Athos502
    Tried for awhile to get in touch with their customer service just to get weird poorly worded responses that said nothing. Big waste of time. With all the other delivery services out there, I see no need to try and use caviar anymore after this experience
  • App needs improvement 4/5

    By MNH9
    Great restaurant selection and customer service, but not being able to store two credit cards is ridiculous. When I need to expense an item, I have to replace my personal card with my corporate card and repeat the process again when I want to order using my personal card. This really needs to be fixed.
  • No explanation for my my order was cancelled & account blocked? 2/5

    By No explanation blocking
    I love the restaurant choices and my partner is a restaurant owner and claims caviar is the most fair to the restaurants they work with so I was happy to use the app, until they just canceled my order AND blocked my email from the app? Once this happens there’s no way to contact them unless you make a new account with a different email. My only inkling as to why is I have my partners card on my app, his old card worked fine, he recently lost his card so I updated the new card info. Made one successful order before this happened. If they were suspicious of the card they could just cancel the card until ID was provided? Why is there blocking with no explanation or ability to contact.
  • Getting worse and worse 1/5

    By ELmously
    Started out pretty good and quickly went to acceptable service and customer support. Their customer support is pretty much non-exsistant. You either hit or miss with your courier!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By pipatonyc
    More than 3 hours to get my food (I’m still waiting for it)... when the restaurant is just 1 mile away from my home.... this is annoying and ridiculous!! 🤬... Don’t waste your time downloading this app... try DoorDash, Uber eats.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By lele-hc
    Caviar used to be good, unfortunately there is no more control on the deliveries. “Request an update” it’s obviously a fake feature and it’s offensive to the user just even its presence. My last 6 orders were ALL late and wrong. I asked for support and refunds and I just got $20 back. Customer service is a bot or worse: it chats like a bot. This is not acceptable anymore. Uninstall.
  • Account was Hacked 1/5

    By 1774747999
    Caviar allowed my account to be hacked and billed for twice for $150 plus and proceed to tell me to contact the bank when they were the cause of the account fraud. They then proceed to deactivate my account so I could request further information on the charges.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Gretti10
    Considering that seamless/Grubhub is always on time and has yet to screw up an order I will continue to just use them. Almost every order I have put in has been either incorrect or substantially late. Receiving a $10 credit on my next giant disaster is not worth my time. GET YOUR OPERATIONS TOGETHER THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!
  • Terrible app, terrible service 1/5

    By Alonmower
    Driver lied about delivering food. Trying to use the in app chat makes the app immediately crash on the latest version of iOS. Don’t seem to monitor or respond to support issues through email.
  • Better off with Uber eats. 1/5

    By obxxoo
    Caviar is garbage. The order is always late/wrong/ someone else’s. I have never written a review before but after my 7th bad order from caviar in a row I had to.
  • Totally misses the mark 1/5

    I’ve tried so hard to love caviar because they have all the restaurants I love. The food is ALWAYS late, the customer service takes forever to respond... it’s honestly so disappointing for the amount you pay. Total bummer.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Jay4728683
    Customer service was unable to provide me with a receipt of my order at all after I specifically requested one. Customer rep was responding slowly hoping I’d hang up, then closes the issue without a resolution. Absolutely horrible if anything ever goes wrong with your order.
  • Shockingly bad service 1/5

    By OurManInNirvana
    I experienced the following: 1. Placed an order at 6.30am and was given only one delivery window option of 6.15-6.45pm so I selected that window 2. At 6.45pm I am notified that the order has been played but they don’t have any couriers 3. I start chatting with support and got the following non-sensical response “ Upon checking, your order is prepared and just waiting for a courier to pick it up. I also have seen that there is an issue with courier assignment which causes the delay. Up until now, there is no courier assigned yet. I tried calling a courier whenever they are assigned but then again they kept on being unassigned. I sincerely apologize for this troubles.” 4. The support agent kept apportioning blame to the couriers: “ I wanted to be honest with you, I know that you are frustrated now but I still don't have a updated ETA and how long will they assign the nearest courier to your order. I am really sorry Robin.” 5 So after placing the order 12 hours in advance, 1 hour after the promised delivery time they still cannot give me an ETA

    By thestyledlife
    This is literally the worst service I’ve ever received! Don’t waste your time on an app where there’s only a 50/50 chance your order will ever be delivered. Seriously save yourself some trouble and order from ANY OTHER APP!
  • Horrible app, stay away if you are using your own money 1/5

    By 不酥服
    I hate Caviar. I only order from it because my company pays for it. The status update is never reliable, they always mess up delivery and even pickup!!
  • Apps fine, service is awful 1/5

    By jhutch2k
    Simply put, they didn’t deliver any food for a lunch meeting that I had scheduled the day before for 6 people. They ghost marked it as delivered the day of. I reached out to support and they said whoops we’ll look into that, here’s $10 that expires in 30 days with no further explanation as I scrambled to feed a room of people. I’d take your business elsewhere to DoorDash or Postmates.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By elaisterns
    Every time I order it gets delayed. I get an email that says they are pushing the time back further and further. Then they give a weak credit for your next time and the next time the delivery gets pushed back. When and if the food shows it’s cold. Don’t use them if you actually want your food. Clearly they need more drivers and probably need to pay them more since they always have a shortage. They clearly got too big for themselves to actually serve their customers. Deleting this wack app.
  • App doesn’t load 1/5

    By Par Trivedi
    Simply doesn’t even load up. Garbage
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By geezthebee
    I was so excited to try Caviar for the different restaurant selection, however, don’t waste your time! They are always EXTREMELY late. The estimated delivery time has never been accurate. I’m talking about like 2-3 hours late and they will only offer you a $10 credit. This has happened to me more than 3 times. I’m over it.
  • Annoying notifications 1/5

    By A.gile
    I turned on notifications so you could alert me for actual delivery updates. Not for annoying push notifications for no reason every day asking me to order food. Push notifications are for actual alerts, not lazy advertising. Deleted.
  • Brings meat to vegetarians when the order says vegetarian & terrible with refunds 1/5

    By TaxiNYCer
    After using caviar with mixed experiences, tonight after 1 hour (during which time the restaurant closed) they brought a veal pasta after ordering vegetarian and even checking veggie in the app. The refund policy? ‘let you know in 7 days & only a dish not the $$$ app fees’ which is terrible. The app also has bad relationships with the restaurants.
  • Do Not Use This Service!!! 1/5

    By Mushumike
    My account got hacked and I have been dealing with the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They refuse to answer my questions, they refuse to refund my money, and they refuse to assure me that my credit card and personal info are safe. When I pressed them for more information, they started to make up clear falsehoods in order to placate me. This company has terrible security and is unwilling and uninterested in perfecting your credit card. DO NOT USE!!
  • GGG132 5/5

    By gsg624
  • Do not use this service. 1/5

    By Ryan Michael McMurray
    They are always late and the customer service is terrible. Seriously. Do not use this app!!!! You will regret it!!! Soooooo many better options out there.
  • Federal Donuts 1/5

    By Mott2
    I ordered a dozen of donuts from federal donuts. I was running late for a meeting and ask the delivery person to drop them off. When I told the delivery person I wasn’t there and I was on my way he left with my order. I need my refund!
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By rihallix
    Want to be told your lunch will be arriving at 12, then 12:15, then 12:30... until finally the wrong thing arrives just before 2pm? Want to be continuously distracted during meetings by your perpetually delayed lunch? ETAs are dreadful. Perhaps this works and they prioritize larger orders but if you’re ordering for one forget this app - they do their best to try to mitigate their terrible service but ultimately every time I’ve used this app lunch is delivered at least an hour after the original delivery estimate.
  • Scamming is rampant 1/5

    By Mcat craze
    Ordered food. Food on app was “delivered” but we never got anything, no phone call, nothing. Requested refund and still waiting for customer service. We’ll probably get our money back (even if having to go through our card) but just be aware this app is full of scammers. Do not use.

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