Caviar - Food Delivery

Caviar - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2.82
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caviar, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caviar - Food Delivery App

You could eat that old spaghetti in your fridge. But you could also not. | Get the best restaurants delivered—or order pickup—with Caviar. Caviar is currently available in: Boston, MA Brooklyn, NY Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Los Angeles, CA (including Orange County) Manhattan, NY Philadelphia, PA (including Greater Philadelphia) Portland, OR Queens, NY Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA (including Bay Area) Seattle, WA (including Eastside) Walnut Creek, CA Washington, D.C. *$5 off delivery orders of $25 or more in the Caviar app, excluding taxes and fees, through March, 31, 2019. Limit one use per customer.

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  • Order is never right 1/5

    By not happy 985599
    I have given this business multiple times to get things right. I don’t know why they have places do put notes since no one reads them. Deleting app and telling everyone how bad the service is. If you order don’t ask for salsa from the salsa bar cause it won’t happen. Don’t ask the not to put something on your pizza because it won’t happen. All drivers have been nice but they say they can’t see my notes and obviously the Resturant can’t see them either.
  • Avoid! Worst ever.. 1/5

    By the honest truth 😊
    Absolutely awful. They do have access to fantastic restaurants but their customer service is horrid. They respond with cookie cutter answers to huge mess ups (wrong order, missing items, delivery time wildly late as in 2 hours) and will offer a small discount that doesn’t even cover their “premium service fees”. Caviar needs a competitor to execute their concept well!
  • Good Service and Customer Service 5/5

    By AZAJ17
    I was referred over to Caviar and received a promotion that I was excited about. I didn’t know there was an expiration date on that so it disappeared from my account. After reaching out to the Customer Support Team, they went out of their way to correct things and allow me to take advantage of the promotion. Companies and Apps that will do that are top notch and I will be a returning customer with Caviar.
  • Wrong order. Horrible support. 1/5

    By bigboytyler
    This company has the absolute worst customer service. I ordered over an hour ago, with a delivery mishap reported. This was a little annoying but whatever. Then I get my food and unknowingly shut my door. I open the package and it’s from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RESTAURANT with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FOOD. And it looks gross. Not only that, there is absolutely no phone number to call. I have been attempting to email them with no avail. They aren’t responding to anything. Thank you, Caviar, for ruining my night. Screw you.
  • I deleted all my other food apps after this one 5/5

    By kkffeedd
    I love this app so much! I just paid $2 for my food because I had referred my friends because I love this app so much. The courtiers that deliver your food are so friendly, so polite, and so quick. I literally couldn’t recommend this app more.
  • Worst delivery service out there 1/5

    By Bcrombie
    Ordered 1st time and it was delivered to the wrong address and we never received it. Reordered with a promise to expedite with a driver at the store to get it ASAP. The restaurant rushed the order but the driver took 45 minutes to get there even though the restaurant cooked it in 10 minutes. Food was ended up ice cold. Stick to Door Dash or Uber Eats
  • Bad drivers, good food 2/5

    By TexasFight78703
    I’ve used Caviar 4 times now and 2 of them I either did not get my food at all or I was delivered the wrong order. I order from Grubhub, Postmates, and uber eats all the time and have never once had this problem. Two stars for restaurant selection and the fact that the restaurants made it right on both occasions.

    By SSSStephK
    The food takes twice as long to arrive as estimated. They don’t know how to correct mistakes and problem, which occur with alarming frequency. They are impossible to get a hold of. There is no phone number and they have taken away their texting feature. Possible problems you can anticipate: Wrong order delivered No order delivered Food will take 90 minutes, but you were quoted 35 My favorite: Caviar calls you to tell you the restaurant doesn’t have what you ordered, so they are cancelling the order. Then, you inexplicably get an email from caviar stating that you did in fact get the order (you didn’t!) and they won’t be cancelling your order after all, so you can either pay for something you never received or try to deal with the non-existent customer service at Caviar. There are countless problems you will encounter! They have access to great restaurants, but after a delivery fee, service fee and a tip, it’s not worth it!
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Jackbauerid4
    I was a loyal customer for a very long time until one day I tried to log in and received a note that my account had been deactivated. That’s it. “Your account is deactivated.” And guess what: You can’t reach Caviar support... unless you have an account. So I tracked down a phone number and called and was told by an incredibly unhelpful representative that my account had been deactivated “for a reason” but that “the reason could not be disclosed because it is company policy not to disclose reasons.” You read that right: They will delete your account, they won’t tell you that they deleted your account, and then when you manage to figure out how to contact them so you can ask why they deleted your account, they won’t tell you why. They told me they would review my case and possibly reverse their decision, so I asked when I could expect to hear the decision and was told that they “could not promise someone would reach out” to me. Like I said, I had been a loyal customer for years. I was worried about losing my account. But I quickly discovered many other apps have the same restaurants (and lower fees!). So do not download Caviar. There are better apps out there.
  • No food/ no refund 1/5

    By acandrsn1
    I never received my order or a refund. I’ve been working with them for over a month now, but they informed me that my “case was closed.” I hate writing bad reviews, but this experience was infuriating.
  • not optimized for ipad pro 2/5

    By Squijid
    looks very silly on ipad bc it’s just a black screen with the phone app window in the center
  • You will not get your food. 1/5

    By Ihaveanopinion12
    Also, no one will care. Despite the app saying that my food was “being prepared,” they cancelled my order after 30 minutes because the restaurant was closed. I was offered a $10 credit with an expiration date. You can get $20 just by using a different email address with their referral program. When I pointed this out, their customer service rep offered to extend the $10 credit for 60 days. I think Caviar is missing the point. If you are trying to get a delicious meal for you and your friends or family, look elsewhere.
  • Just use Seamless 1/5

    By JimmygGood
    Worst customer service experience. Twice in a row I used this service with two separate restaurants. Order is placed, expected wait time says 35-50 minutes out. Shortly after placing the order, the wait time jumps 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes, until the expected delivery time is 1.5 hours after placing my order. For both occasions, I called the restaurants who had the food waiting within 30 minutes after the order was placed. On both occasions, by the time the food was delivered, it was cold. There is no way to contact customer support other than opening a ticket (lame). First incident, to their credit, they refunded the order in the form of a credit to my account. Second instance, they said they could do nothing and gave a $25 credit for a $90 order and basically just asked for “my understanding”. We’re paying for a service, folks. It’s your job to run the business and not ours to understand poor performance. Goodbye Caviar, hello Seamless / Postmates / literally ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Good service, not executed well 2/5

    By al adr65
    Great restaurant selection and easy app. However the estimated time is always of by 40 minutes and a meal that should cost 50$ ends up being 80$ after all the hidden fees. Much prefer Uber eats.
  • No support team 1/5

    By Rudy Fraser
    Food came 20 minutes late and all I got from support team was a "we'll do better next time", but there will not be a next time.
  • Multiple Terrible Experiences 1/5

    By Teddylikethebear1
    My first experience was a disaster. I ordered food that said would be delivered in 45-60 minutes. Two hours later I was told it was en route. Two minutes later I was told it was delivered. I called the restaurant and my food has been sitting there for 1.5 hours. Caviar reimbursed me and gave me a credit, which I later used for a pickup order since I didn’t trust the couriers. It’s now been 30 minutes and the app hasn’t notified the restaurant of the order. Postmates and Ubereats all day.
  • WORST APP EVER!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By hatePM
    I paid for a non-existent meal FOUR TIMES! When I attempted to place the order, the app told me my card was declined. I thought, “That’s weird! I have the credit,” so I inputted the credit card info again. Declined. Asked my boyfriend to try his card. Declined. He inputted it again. Declined. We both check our credit card apps to see our last transactions and we were each charged TWICE! Even worse—the amount that we were charged didn’t even match the total quoted in the app. Couldn’t find a phone number for customer service in the Caviar app so I had to google them to reach a human. Get this—they tell me my cards were NOT charged (LIE) and, if they were charged, the money should be returned by my bank in 48 hours. I asked if they could provide a credit in the amount of my order total so that I could at least get my food at this point. They’re not authorized to do this. I asked if I can speak to someone who is authorized. No go. So frustrated that I hung up on them. Next calls will be to our banks to contest these charges. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
  • Horrible Support (no phone, SMS or chat) 1/5

    By keiphers
    In the past year, Caviar has dropped all but email support — no more phone, SMS or chat — leaving no live options. We just received an order that’s 100% incorrect, and it’s taken 15 minutes to get any response, and that was to ask for a photo of the incorrect order. With an increasing volume of incorrect or cold orders, Caviar has gone from my go-to to never using again.
  • Try other apps instead 1/5

    By Adios tinder
    I’ve had issues with my last 6 orders on this app and despite the credit I’ve received each time, the issues continue. I’ve had two issues with two orders today alone with it going on 2.5 hours since I placed the order. This app lost my business. Delete.
  • Complete Mess 1/5

    By GinaZC
    My order was delivered to someone else. Someone ELSE’s order was delivered to me. The first person called me since my number and name were in the order and we both tried to get help from Caviar for over an hour but to no avail. Finally got through to restaurant who is currently remaking my order and driving it to me personally. Complete fail on Caviar’s part.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jeff57abc
    Worse delivery service in America.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By TJP-NYC
    This app is terrible - DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! I ordered food, and the restaurant never confirmed it. I contacted Caviar customer service after an hour and requested to cancel the order. Caviar refused to let me cancel it, and they contacted the restaurant who then confirmed my order and they made me wait another hour until it was delivered. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. My food (a pizza) arrived cold and was all folded over itself in the box. I sent a photo to Caviar and they still did nothing. Absolute waste of time and money - I will never order from them again.
  • Major delivery fail and cust. service is MIA 1/5

    By HC4496
    My first order got delayed three times and then cancelled 1:45 hr after it was placed. No reason given, no apology. There is no phone number to contact customer service, only an email form. Sent 2 emails and didn’t get a response besides the automated email that the order was cancelled and a refund was issued. Deleting this app.
  • Always late. Bad customer service. 1/5

    By pcdc9348
    Every second order is up to an hour late with no warning. Customer service bad or non existent.
  • Ever EVER use caviar 1/5

    By some/girl
    They take 3 hours to deliver. The retailer denies your order till you write a bad review. DO NOT USE CAVAIR EVER
  • Great app. I wish it would identify the make and model of the car 4/5

    By 1264890064
    Great app/service. See suggestion in title above. That’s why it’s only 4 stars
  • Food stolen 1/5

    By StillHungry001
    Never received my food
  • Poor delivery ETAs 1/5

    By Coop62626
    Caviar provides incorrect delivery times via the app, and then food arrives 1 to 2 hours late. No way to cancel order from the app directly, support does not respond to complaints in a timely fashion.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By yzayne
    They are always late and utilize sketchy drivers.
  • Try and fail to get your food 1/5

    By rmccaffr
    That’s what they should call this app. Charges a huge fee and yet, on three occasions, I’ve ordered and then an HOUR later had the restaurants cancel. An hour. Drivers are regularly unprofessional. On numerous occasions drivers have refused to bring food to our apartment, which is why we needed a premium service— we have two toddlers and can’t go out to eat or leave them alone in our high rise apartment to fetch food ourselves. Eat 24 or Grub Hub doesn't charge extra for delivery and you actually get your food.
  • Poor service on multiple orders 1/5

    By MKaechele
    Watched my first order be driven around town before getting to me cold. Second order just sat there. Their request update status feature is a joke 3 updates assuring me that the order was in good shape. Then finally cancelled the order as the restaurant was closed. Credit is not enough to keep me as a customer.
  • Horrendous customer service 1/5

    By anogawa
    I would say the app experience is superior to other delivery apps, which is a shame because the customer service is terrible. Our expected delivery time upon ordering was 8:24 pm, which eventually got pushed back to 8:49 pm. The app notified us of the delay, which is better than other food delivery apps in which I’ve experienced delays but wasn’t notified. However, when order finally arrived, my husband noticed the delivery guy gave us the wrong order. Turns out he had given our order to the wrong person. Driver says he’ll contact support, saying they’ll probably re-deliver. I contact customer support on my own, and the rep offers a refund...okay, but at this point it’s past 9 pm and we still haven’t had dinner. I reply back saying it’s not okay. Rep blames it on me, saying that I selected that the items were missing and I preferred a refund. Except there are no options for “my driver messed up, get me a new order asap”. Eventually he offers $10. Their twitter account offers me $30, saying the restaurant is closed, which is why a re-delivery wasn’t available. The correct response would have been to offer expedited delivery form another restaurant. At this point, I am not going to use this app again and will not recommend this app to my friends. Note to the developers: there are other food delivery apps out there, you are the new guy and you need to do more to stand out besides offer different restaurant selections.
  • Do the delivery people crawl on glass? 1/5

    By Mikemogie
    Arguably the biggest ripoff and scam I’ve ever participated in. Service charges in the Northeast almost make you wonder if these restaurants are paying the mob for protection and the delivery people are crawling on glass and lava to get to you. Complete ripoff. I’d rather just pick it up myself instead of paying $20 extra to wait an hour for cold food.
  • Fix this 2/5

    By wittyphrasehere
    Make it so logging in on my iPad doesn’t log me out on my iPhone, and vice versa. Ffs
  • Crap & inconsistent LATE cold service & con 1/5

    By NotAPPLEcable
    This is exactly the gig economy on a bartered electric scooter that cant do anything right. But what do expect from a bro boy startup that takes advantage of non-employees? You have a delivery person thats not an employee of the restaurant AND not a employee of cavaiar bc they’re contractors. Only recipes this company serves is a recipe for conning hospitality industry out of hospitality & good food with service. The food is always cold, the app always extends 15 MORE minutes for arrival, the ppl are crap for customer service, rushed & tired, the restaurants dont care bc theyre already paid & handed off to NOT their employees & not their customers & cavier has no knowledge & requests your email for crap followup to their crap app for crap food w crap service. Crap is caviar. Also shady bc their app rating is all-time vs most recent version which they can choose. Sort this crap app reviews on most recent to see how crappy they are & why you shouldnt use this service. Apple should be ashamed to float this propaganda crap biz model.

    By Mr.always right
    Seriously — this feels like a scam! I ordered food and then my account became locked, the restaurant claimed I never placed an order. Can’t get a refund because my account is ‘locked’. Utter garbage, don’t waste your time or money!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Wazzdakka
    Last 2 orders were not delivered. Best they could so was offer a credit to their delivery service. Restaurants did the right thing but not Caviar. No phone number for the drivers or customer service. Terrible experience.
  • If you like surprises... 1/5

    By EightyN
    ...then maybe Caviar is for you! I’ve ordered from them at least 20-30 times and they significantly messed up the order (missing and/or wrong items) at least half the time. I say you have to like surprises because on top of this, their text-based customer support is useless and will generally not fix your problem. Typically they offer you a credit on your next order, but won’t fix the current one. My last order had three salads and every single one of them was completely wrong. They effectively said, “well, you got three salads so we can’t refund you even though they are the wrong ones.” Text-based support would take 5-10 minutes to respond and then mark the case resolved—even though it wasn’t—and then I would have to start over explaining the situation, at which point they’d transfer me to the same person that kept closing the case.
  • Nice app, terrible execution 1/5

    By charlie111
    The concept is great but the execution isn't there. It seems they got too big too fast, and now they aren’t able to offer quality service. 4 out of 5 times I have to deal with customer service wondering where my order is. This service won’t last.
  • 18% service Fee 1/5

    By Whit99
    This app has a lot of places you won’t find on similar food delivery apps... That being said they really take advantage of that, 18% fee based on the price of your order seems a bit aggressive. Use one of the millions of other apps available to order food that don’t price gauge.
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By planer44
    Don’t bother downloading, the app simply doesn’t work. It’s impossible to order food off of, it simply is not an option.
  • Best but $$$ 4/5

    By BuyIt!!!!!!
    It’s probably the best delivery service except they charge an arm and a leg
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By pb327
    DO NOT USE! Awful service and even worse customer service.
  • If you don’t have WIFi good luck 1/5

    By daveybo1
    If you do not have a WiFi connection, this app won’t work for you.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By lanathrlla
    Ordered food at 11:45 and at 12:45 they canceled my order with zero explanation or notice. Now I’m starving, running late and so I’ve no idea what happened to my food/ order. Customer service chat is also useless.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Jhunt_1
    I have used other delivery services and when there was an issue with an order I was able to easily chat with a representative who helped me until my issue was resolved and even offered a credit. Caviar is terrible!!! First, it is hard to contact a representative, why you can only email someone is beyond me. An item was missing from my order so I asked to have it replaced. After waiting over an hour for the missing item, in addition to the original 50 minutes I had already waited. I asked for an eta on the item. I was told there was no definite eta and the restaurant would be closing in 30 minutes so an additional 45 minutes to an hour for delivery. Why should I wait three hours for a missing item that was their mistake!!!! So I asked for a refund, we’ll see if I ever get that.
  • AWFUL!!!! 1/5

    By Gratiekay
    They kept pushing my delivery time back. Payed over $50 for food... it NEVER came. I never got a text/phone call or doorbell that they were here. Apparently they left it out in front of my apartment in the rain near the projects.... NEVER GOT IT! I’ve tried to contact customer support and there’s no number, just emails and they won’t respond. So angry, of all of the food delivery apps, this one is the worst! Don’t use it! Save yourself the headache. Truly hope this company goes under.
  • Ridiculous fee! 1/5

    By isabellasd38
    Although it is a good idea the app charges $6 to simply use it... it is not a delivery fee and nor does it include the tip, it’s for simply ordering through them. Sad to say I won’t be ordering from some of my favorite restaurants anymore due to this fee:(
  • Hangry and scammed 1/5

    By marw4
    Ordered $60 worth of food for finals study break. Was delayed for two hours and the courier delivered it to the wrong person. No contact number or anything on the app and no answer from the driver or restaurant.

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