Caviar - Food Delivery

Caviar - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2.96
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caviar, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caviar - Food Delivery App

Your first delivery fee is always on us. And from now until September 30, you also get $5 off your first order in the app with code WELCOME.* You could eat that old spaghetti in your fridge. But you could also not. | Get food you want—delivery or pickup—with Caviar. Caviar is currently available in: Boston, MA Brooklyn, NY Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Los Angeles, CA (including Orange County) Manhattan, NY Philadelphia, PA (including Greater Philadelphia) Portland, OR Queens, NY Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA (including Bay Area) Seattle, WA (including Eastside) Walnut Creek, CA Washington, D.C. *$5 off delivery orders of $25 or more in the Caviar app, excluding taxes and fees, through September 30, 2019. Limit one use per customer.

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Caviar - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Not enough couriers!! 1/5

    By tim-96
    I have had only negative experiences with the delivery part of this app. It so far has taken over 2 and a half hours to get my food because they can’t find people to pick up the order. Maybe just shut down the delivery service when you guys are low on couriers? Overall very frustrating experience! They never give refunds in these situations only extra credit for the amount of the order which is pretty useless considering nobody wants to continue using the app.
  • Like Food Russian Roulette 1/5

    By IMGC
    Review based on probably 100 Caviar orders in NYC over the last couple years... Ordering from Caviar is like Russian roulette, you will never know with complete certainty what will happen, but you have a 1 in 6 chance of it being really terrible. More often than not deliveries are late (to the developers: your batching system is a joke). Every once in awhile you’ll have a delivery guy string you along for a solid hour to two before cancelling outright. Customer service is polite but hapless at the end of the day. I haven’t had a home cooked meal in about two years, but even with my desire to never cook and Caviar’s great selection of restaurants, I can say unequivocally that I won’t be using them unless I feel like not eating.
  • Stolen account, no customer service 1/5

    By linwalkjohn
    Someone has hacked into my account, made a bunch of purchases and changed the email address associated with it so I can’t login or communicate with customer support. How is it that the system allows someone to change an email address and then require all support be done through email? Obviously I can’t reach them! Please help me cancel my account. No response so far while money is being stolen from me.
  • Bad. Just bad. 1/5

    By bay9001
    I wouldn’t recommend caviar to my worst enemy. I try to give the app the benefit of the doubt but each time I’ve used it the delivery experience is HORRENDOUS.
  • Terrible delivery service 2/5

    By ENDR mr ENDR
    They never meet their promised delivery time. Ive waited 1+ hour past their promised delivery time in multiple occasions. Late deliveries have happened every time I’ve ever ordered from them and it’s truly unacceptable. I continued to use this app because they have some exclusive partnerships with great restaurants in SF. They have a responsive and friendly customer service team. Unfortunately that doesn’t fix a terrible product. I will give my business to other delivery services who are more respectful of their customers time and money, not Caviar. If you’re reading this- do yourself a favor and use ANY other delivery app. It will be a better experience guaranteed.
  • ALWAYS late 1/5

    By Digitalover
    I used to love this app when they first started. I used to live in Philly at that time. I moved to Boston about 4 years ago and their service has been horrible since then. They are almost always late for at least 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours (once 2 hours!!). You will certainly be better off with DoorDash or UberEats.
  • Great first experience 5/5

    By ninyg
    Just tried it and so far I love it yea it’s a lil expensive but for emergencies it’s awesome. Will try it again
  • App keeps freezing 2/5

    By Fixxxx itttttttttt
    Freezing when trying to sign up
  • Fraudulent charges - account hack 1/5

    By Mjduped
    Caviar is unprofessional and obviously doesn’t care about fraudulent activity because it’s impossible to talk to anyone or find a working customer service email address to report someone hacking into my account and having food delivered to their address in Hershey Caviar!
  • First time using caviar 5/5

    By John Gargiulo
    I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything was delivered. I will definitely is caviar again.
  • Great app 5/5

    By BigSmall88
    I use Caviar all the time and their app is always improving. Love the Siri shortcut, clean user interface 👍
  • Late and missing items, as always. 1/5

    By RetroElectroMike
    Food came an hour after the stated time and only half the food arrived. Stressful and awful. Customer service repeatedly lied, which didn’t help. Claimed the driver was waiting on the restaurant when the restaurant was waiting on Caviar. This company deserves all the going out of business it has in its future.
  • 1st time user 5/5

    By TY038
    I was really skeptical about the app; however, I was wrong!! The food, driver, real time status, and tracking was all on part! Did I mention I REALLY ENJOYED MY SUSHI🤤😂😂
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    The app charged me twice then gave me an “error” and my food never showed. There is NO WAY to call these guys and the email support is a joke. Just go pick the food up and save $15 in delivery and tips.
  • Who Blindly Shares Contact Information? 1/5

    By rod.musselman
    I HATE SPAM! No thanks....
  • Great app until there is a delivery issue 1/5

    By Noesurf
    July 1, 2019 Original Review: Easy to use, great app. I use it 10-12 times a month and have been doing so over 2.5 years. It improved significantly since I first started using it. Great selection of restaurants but 20-30% more expensive then Doordash for the same order from the same restaurant. Having said that it has a far superior selection of high end restaurants. HOWEVER, when things go wrong with the order that's when the entire experience goes pear shaped. My orders got cancelled via caviar or the restaurant several times. The cancellations were generally 40-50 mins into ordering the food. I never got notified and got no explanation on why my order got cancelled. I noticed the cancellations when I checked the status of my order after an hour or so. I don't understand why caviar wouldn't send a text notification outlining the time and reason of the cancellation. On a similar note when there is an involuntary cancelation, each time I contacted customer service I got a standard and very unsatisfactory response: you need to order again, wait another hour for the food to be delivered and here is your$10 coupon. Again I don't understand why Caviar can't generate an expedited delivery order automatically if the cancellation was due to a driver or restaurant error. And what's up with the$10 coupon? If the family dinner ordered for 6pm is still not on the table by 8pm, and if each of our orders are around $100, what good it is to give a repeat customer $10 coupon. Terrible customer service idea implemented by incompetent customer service managers who clearly don't know and understand their target customer demographics. If $10 was important to us, I would have ordered from other cheaper delivery services. We are after convenience and good customer service that is delivered in a consistent manner. Unfortunately Caviar fails at this promise again and again. ------ July 5, 2019 CAVIAR Response: I got contacted by caviar yesterday regarding my review offering to help. Here is their response ( This is quite embarrassing and funny at the same time. After my rant about $10 coupons on this review, guess what they offered: a $10 COUPON). Here is their response: " Hi Hasan, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experience. We're constantly looking for ways of improving our delivery methods. Thank you so much for your patience as we perfect this process. We appreciate your ongoing loyalty to Caviar and have applied a credit for $10 towards a future order. This credit is available immediately that you can take advantage of and will expire after 30 days if unused. May we know on from what restaurant you had your order delayed? I’m sure that we are not the perfect service but we will do what we can to improve in every way possible so that we can provide the best service as we can to our valued customers. Sincerely, Deanne "
  • Delivery delay 3/5

    By heming311
    Probably lack of drivers. Food arrives late and tastes no longer good. Will prefer Uber Eats if one restaurant is on both Caviar and Uber. Updated my rate to 3 stars due to customer service response.
  • 2hrs to get my food 1/5

    By Random character number 1
    Worst delivery service.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By EpicHatchet
    Gets the job done, good restraint lost and Very prompt and courteous service when I needed to adjust an order!
  • Faulty App 1/5

    By Alejhdez
    As the subject headline here says...fix the app bugs pls.
  • You can’t cancel you own account 1/5

    By Swissykane
    There is no customer service number either so don’t expect to be able to speak to anyone. My account was hacked and there was no way for me to protect my information because the app doesn’t let you cancel you own account. AVOID if you care about your identity.
  • Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with 1/5

    By furious in nyc
    Twice in a row, Caviar failed to deliver my food. Earlier this week, they delivered an order without the main dish in it. Not quite sure how that happens. By the time they responded, the restaurant was closed. They provided a refund and a credit of 10 dollars. So I ordered again tonight. Placed my order at 845. Said it would be here at 930. By 945 it had not arrived so I went to the app, which said it had been delivered. Then I saw Caviar had emailed me saying the order was lost because the delivery guy was in an accident. I’m hoping they are ok but when I tried to figure out what to do it got totally out of control. The email asked if I wanted a refund or redelivery. When I responded asking them to contact me I got no response. They sent this in an email, mind you. (Who uses email to communicate in time sensitive situations?? Seamless calls and texts when there are delays) By this point, the restaurant’s kitchen was closed. I couldn’t find a phone number for them. Sent three emails that i have not received a response for. And then got a “live chat” representative who responded by text but took up to five mins between responses and didn’t actually read my descriptions. It took me 15 mins to confirm a refund with them. I have never had such terrible customer service. Caviar needs to get its act together.
  • App always underestimates delivery time 2/5

    By L2006R
    We always get a message after we've ordered that the order is taking longer than anticipated. It's such a scam. Overpromise and underdeliver, and there are no ramifications to this. Imagine any other service saying they'd get done in a certain of time and then consistently missing that timeframe for a deliverable. Uber eats and Postmates don't have this issue. Use them instead if you want an accurate delivery timeframe.
  • Delivery aspect isn’t good 1/5

    By Ymmvor
    The app and user interface is great. No complaints there. However, the delivery is not organized enough to get food on time. The only time an order arrives on time is if it’s the only order that a carrier has which is rarely the case. It seems that once the order is picked up, the delivery person decides the order of delivery which has resulted in cold food and very long delays multiple times. If they are going to allow multiple orders to be picked up at one time, there should be management of delivery times.
  • Scam 1/5

    By caviah8r
    This app is a scam
  • Avoid at all costs— just do Ritual 1/5

    By MM81287
    We’ve tried them several times now in my office, and they have a tendency to cancel without explanation and leave you high and dry for meetings. We’ve received cancellations almost as much as we’ve actually received the food. On top of that, the customer service is appalling. There is no way to directly speak to a person— you need to download the app and start a chat (with no keyboard to type?). This platform was built for convenience but I would save yourself the headache.
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    By Ihatethisapp69
    Nice enough app, decent food; ordered a meal at 7:30pm at 9:30 & after multiple assurances from support Caviar ended up canceling on me. Not up to snuff with Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc.
  • Horrible!! Don’t use 1/5

    By Burllie
    My order was missing two items. Restaurant would not resend the missing items and apparently fired Caviar as their delivery service because of our messed up order. Won’t use them again!!
  • Consistently horrible service 1/5

    By boyonabike
    I have to contact support about half the time. Their drivers just disappear or doesn’t pick up the food. They give me $10 credit and my food is cold and an hour late. This time the food was supposed to be delivered almost an hour ago, but it’s still sitting at the restaurant as I write this. Contacting support for the second time on this order. The variety is good with Caviar, but service is by far the worst of all the food delivery apps.
  • Incorrect Delivery Times 2/5

    By jvuwho
    The app is good, I hate how they send multiple emails updating you on your order. The reason they send so many emails is because they constantly change the delivery times. Set correct expectations and less people would be upset. There is ALWAYS an issue with delivery. The only reason I continue to use Caviar is because they’re the only app that has multiple restaurants that aren’t offered on DoorDash or Postmates. Earn your customers loyalty and build better algorithms to predict delivery times.
  • Slowwwww delivery 2/5

    By Squeakykiki
    Caviar used to be quick and reliable, but they’ve gotten crappy/sloppy/lazy. “Sorry, there’s an issue with your Caviar order.” is the mysterious message I get every time I order something, which means they randomly lop an extra 15 minutes onto the delivery time. Never thought I’d use Postmates, but it’s so much better.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Shimnast
    1. There is no clarity around closing times. You can be in the middle of an order, and suddenly you receive a message that something went wrong. No clarity what it was. Eventually after this happened I figured out it was because the restaurant closed. While you are ordering, there is no visual cue that you are about to be shut out. Even a timer would help. 2. Status updates are completely useless. You may have an order that is due at 9:50. The time estimate will keep being pushed forward until suddenly it says the courier will be there momentarily. There’s no lead time.
  • Nightmare 1/5

    By ee23089
    First time ordering food from this app and it “arrived” about 30 minutes late and it was the completely wrong order. Did not accept the delivery and the items were automatically reordered, this time with a delivery time of 2 hours past my order time. This reorder happened without notifying me or requesting my approval, and the total was $10.00 more than the initial order... The restaurant said that the driver ignored them and took the wrong order and left. Will not be ordering again using this app.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Aneibs785
    I hope they go out of business
  • The worst 1/5

    By MM282038
    I would give it 0 stars if I could. Every time I try to place an order here I have issues and the customer service experience is awful. They don’t give accurate deliver estimates and no way to get updates on your order. Waited 2 hours for a delivery from a restaurant not that far away, because there was in issue with the courier and they never replaced them.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By nmarie00
    Food never showed, though was marked delivered. Customer service could not provide any explanation. Would not compensate in any way other than to reorder food and then have us wait for another 40 minutes.
  • Order keeps pushing back 1/5

    By Mika6654
    I ordered my things at 12:30. I kept getting notices say it’s getting pushed back. Idk y a sushi burrito would take 2 hrs to make and delivered wen I can actually take the bus and get there in 30 mins!!!!!!!
  • Terrible Customer Service and always late 1/5

    By Boximus0236
    I have never had an order delivered close to the initial delivery window and most of the time it’s been updated at least twice. It’s a shame because there is a great selection of food but I don’t trust the service. When customer service is contacted, they never give any reason for the delays and just issue either a refund or a small credit. I do not understand how a company can be so consistently inconsistent.
  • App sign in broken for weeks 1/5

    By ArmanJava
    I can’t even sign in and it keeps saying bad internet connection when every other app I have is working fine.
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By cynmc42
    Caviar used to feel like a classy restaurant ordering service. But all of the sudden it takes ages for my food to get picked up, often arriving cold. It’s definitely not the restaurants; Caviar seems to be losing drivers or something. I can get the same food faster on other apps.
  • “Outside of Delivery Range” 1/5

    By Dakkon7
    As a delivery-based app, Caviar is a biggest joke ever I’ve used. Despite where I live, all of list indicated “Outside of Delivery Range”. I guess they want me to use Grubhub that restaurants happily provide to customers. Okay then, that’s what I’m going to use. One-Star reviewed and uninstalled.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Antoine7gr
    I was patient and tried to understand that issues can come up once or twice when delivering food. However, there hasn’t been a SINGLE order where I didn’t have a problem. I won’t even try to mention everything only the latest one which will force me to delete this ridiculous app and never use it again. When you go in the app to order, underneath the restaurants an indicative delivery time window is shown. This time range is NEVER kept. The worst example of the above, today’s order. Supposedly it would take 25 mins to receive the order. 10mins later, when you can’t cancel anymore, the app informed me that my order would take more than ONE HOUR! A respectable business would never even suggest a delivery window of more than 45 mins. But over an hour? After I specifically selected that restaurant for the “quick” delivery. Do not download. What a joke.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By owdicuwbeifbeuejejeiuwh
    Not good
  • My new go to for food delivery! 5/5

    By Jennuinelife
    Caviar is amazing! I decided to give it a try since my first delivery was free and I’m so glad i did! My courier arrived before the anticipated time AND my food was piping hot and my drink was still ice cold! (I have no idea how he did it but I’m appreciative!) on top of my food being delicious Ronald (my courier)was super cool - he provided some insight on the restaurant i ordered from since i told it i was trying it for the first time. He chatted with me and gave other recommendations as well - just super pleasant and i appreciated that he wanted me to have a great meal experience. Try caviar you have nothing to lose and a new app to gain (+ love) 😁
  • Security issues and terrible customer support 1/5

    By Brianab8
    Do not do business with this company. The app and the company won’t help you if you need it, there are serious privacy and security issues, and there is no way to contact a customer support number, only email- and only if your account is intact. Lack of integrity by the business support representatives. Not to mention high delivery and service fees. I had unauthorized charges for a Caviar order on the card associated with my account. Immediately after the fraudulent charges, I received an email stating that the email address associated with my account had been changed, and that this was the last email I would receive from Caviar. It also stated that if I did not make this change, that I should contact their support center. There was no “click through” link to verify that I intended to change the email on my account. The hacker was simply able to do it without verifying through my email. This is a serious security concern that Caviar clearly does not take seriously. Regarding the “support center”, there is absolutely no phone number to call. The link for the “support center” is just a list of FAQ’s. And in order to email customer support you have to have an account. AND in order to chat with support you need to have made an order. So I literally had to create a new account just to email someone that could help. I emailed a representative who got back to me saying that he wasn’t able to help, and that the only thing I could do was dispute the charges with my bank. Extremely unhelpful and poor integrity practices as they knew my account was compromised, but were unwilling to refund my card. What is really concerning is that my account that was hacked and changed still has my card saved on it. They are completely unwilling to delete my card from their system, or cancel the fraudulent account. In face, they haven’t even responded to my email responses. Don’t use this service if you care about your privacy and security.
  • So so sad 1/5

    By auzzy1018
    The food / restaurants are superior than other competitors but the difference is I actually get my order within 1 hour with all other apps. Have had my delivery pushed back for over 2 hours now one too many times.
  • Every location is out of range 1/5

    By trbrew
    Major problem out of the gate. Every location that I’ve ever had services from using other apps is “out of delivery range”. Lol. One is about a mile away. Deleting this useless app
  • Out of range??? 1/5

    By Lushuzbuffy223
    This is the 4th app for food delivery that when I put my address there’s no restaurants available to deliver like its always out of range. What’s he use of a delivery app of you don’t have places to choose from?
  • Dishonest 1/5

    By Docrob7
    I got a flyer in the mail so I thought I would try this app. They advertised $10 off and free delivery. Turns out that delivery was free but they were charging a $7 “service charge”. I’ll stick to Grub Hub.

Caviar - Food Delivery app comments

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