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Caviar - Food Delivery App

Your first delivery fee is always on us. And from now until May 31, you also get $5 off your first order in the app with code WELCOME.* You could eat that old spaghetti in your fridge. But you could also not. | Get food you want—delivery or pickup—with Caviar. Caviar is currently available in: Boston, MA Brooklyn, NY Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Los Angeles, CA (including Orange County) Manhattan, NY Philadelphia, PA (including Greater Philadelphia) Portland, OR Queens, NY Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA (including Bay Area) Seattle, WA (including Eastside) Walnut Creek, CA Washington, D.C. *$5 off delivery orders of $25 or more in the Caviar app, excluding taxes and fees, through May 31, 2019. Limit one use per customer.

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Caviar - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Seriously backward 1/5

    By Jack Park 2014
    Why don’t they enable ratings on their restaurants? They considered it and decided not to. This is totally backward. They don’t allow customers to voice their opinions on restaurants they pay a premium to order food from. More than any other place, they should allow ratings and make it easy for customers to review their restaurants and talk about their experiences. Super inaccurate delivery time estimates. Estimated 1:19-1:30 but came at 2:10. And the food was completely destroyed. Delivery dude just smiled and left. Caviar: the solution is certainly not to make your customers do more work by contacting you yet again. I think you’re downplaying the extent by which your estimates are late - it’s happening to many people in numerous situations; just fix your system.
  • Don’t download it 1/5

    By manoelagp
    Honestly, I downloaded to try maybe new restaurants, but they don’t have that much options from where I live. Also it takes forever to come. For example, my last order took 2 hours to come. And I’ve tried to give a chance to the app, but it takes forever to come all the times.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By hannahb88
    I’ve tried for two days now and it just shuts itself down or freezes on the page where I type my address. Terribly frustrating
  • Deplorable customer service 1/5

    By wilenta
    This company has the worst customer service out of all the food delivery services. My attempts to speak to a representative were rebuffed repeatedly, problem wasn’t fixed, and the “customer service representative” basically told me to turn off my phone and turn it back on again to try to fix the problem. Considering how much competition is out there and the fact that they have the highest service rates of all of the groups there is no way I will use them any more.
  • Something is wrong 2/5

    By thisisridixjlus
    I’ve used the app several times with mixed results. About 60% of the time it works great, service is fast and convenient. A couple of times the delivery has taken way too long. One time I contacted the driver to get him to my address. When he arrived, we compared screens and he had been given the wrong address for my order. The last time (and I do mean last) the eta was in 55 minutes. 50 mins later the app tells me it will be another 30 mins but shows the food is on its way. After almost 90 minutes from placing order I contact CS who contacts the driver and order is delivered almost 2 hours after I sent it, an hour after leaving the restaurant. It arrived ice cold after 9 pm. So I had to reheat everything. When I complained to Caviar I was got a credit for a free delivery. Not good enough!
  • Food never delivered 1/5

    By boydknife
    A year ago, this app was fine, but lately the food never gets delivered, and the refund doesn’t make me any less hungry. Save your money and time and just order elsewhere.
  • extremely annoying lack search features 3/5

    By Kittykattorrez
    I love caviar. Amazing customer service quick delivery, order tracking, etc. However, I HATE their app layout so much that I am writing the first app review I’ve ever written. There are no advanced search features, no ways to pick a category of food or price point or delivery time or “open now”. I think this app would be highly improved with the addition of advanced search. I’d love to be able to search by distance, food type (Thai/Italian/Mexican etc. But also breakfast/lunch/dessert), open late, dollar signs, delivery fee. The app is so annoying because it lists restaurants and the specifics of each restaurant but all you can do is scroll through these, there is no way to search specifically for what you want. This feature alone makes me want to delete the app entirely and download some other delivery app.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Brilliantcrank
    I placed an order and received an acceptable time frame for when I could expect delivery. Time kept passing and next thing I know 45 min. was added to the delivery time for a Chinese restaurant that never takes more than 10 minutes to get food to a table. My 30-40 minute delivery shot up to 1 hour and 30 minutes which means gross, cold, mushy food. I might give this company a break if this was a weekend, but this is on a quiet Wednesday night.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Bill Khufu
    Spends time and energy advertising to a market they don’t exist in wasting my time and energy making a account only to find I have to delete because it seems to be useless in the entire state of Michigan
  • Way too limited 2/5

    By my nicknanw #3333
    I’ve had consistently good to great service with them. Fast delivery, accurate and friendly. BUT over half the restaurants listed are either “pick up only” (why would I bother with your app and fees for food I’m picking up myself??) or outside of my delivery zone. Add to that the restaurants that show a delivery time of more than a day and there’s not much to choose from. Literally a handful of restaurants. And it’s not like I’m in the boonies... I’m in the muddles of Silicon Valley, I can name 20 places within a 10 minute drive that aren’t on this app but are on the others (DoorDash, Ubereats)
  • Extremely poor customer service 1/5

    By XB12
    Plan on 2hr food deliveries in SF (even when it says 30 min)
  • Poor, unprofessional service 1/5

    By HopelesslySingleX123
    The driver arrived and sent a text with the make and model of his car because he wanted me to pick up my order at the curb. I declined. He said he didn’t have my apartment number, and I said it was because food could only be delivered to the lobby where I was waiting. Then he sent a text that he didn’t have a coat, and I reminded him I paid a delivery fee and tip to have my food DELIVERED. He eventually brought my food inside claiming to be deaf and unable to converse with me. I texted that I would use Grub Hub after this poor experience. Then he said by text that I should “calm the f*uck down” (autocorrected to ‘dork.’). It’s unprofessional and unsafe to expect customers to go outside and get food from a random car. I’ve never experienced that from any other food delivery service. I immediately started a chat with customer service about my poor service and didn’t get an immediate response. Within the hour I got an email saying my tip would be refunded and I would get a $10 credit.
  • Awful 1/5

    By JuliaCarneiro
    This app does not value its customers. Have been waiting since 9 for a delivery and they keep giving excuses saying its going to be 10 minutes and it never arrives. Not the first time ive had problems with this app.
  • Terrible Delivery Service 1/5

    By Strockoa
    This service is an absolute joke. The posted delivery times mean nothing. Order accuracy is abysmal. Also, there is no phone number to call when you receive the wrong order. 2 out of my last 10 orders were received on time (or within 10 minutes) and with all items ordered. The other 8 were incorrect, late, or never received (2 restaurants closed after waiting an hour). Honestly, fool me 8x, shame on me! I’m done (probably).
  • Delivery range very limited and not stated up front 1/5

    By Travler33
    I took the trouble to download the app, only to find that none of the restaurants are in range of my address. I have no problem getting delivery from these restaurants from DoorDash. The app does not simply tell you that you are not in a delivery area. You have to navigate with many steps into the restaurants to find that out. Poor design.
  • Mrs Lampert 1/5

    By frederiquenyc
    This is the worst app ever! Their service is pathetic, never honor their delivery times. Will tell you one hour and half later that your order will never arrive.. can never reach anyone. Do kit use them I have been disappointed now week after week!
  • Worst experience with a food delivery service 1/5

    By plsDoBetter
    An 35 minute eta order ended up taking over 80 minutes. I was straight up lied to by support twice, and support closed the line even though I asked them to keep it open until the food arrived. I ended up just waiting for the full 45 extra minutes because I was constantly told it would arrive within 10 minutes, preventing me from showering or doing anything else.
  • Poor tech poor customer service 1/5

    By Mgutted
    I’ve tried and tried w Caviar since they replaced Order Ahead in my area and it’s always ALWAYS a disappointment. I quit using them for delivery a while back because they just don’t have the drivers that DD & UEats has and they would cancel on me. Fine I’ll use it for pickup since I like the selection. I am currently sitting in a restaurant waiting for my food. I chatted customer service and they ASSURED me 10mins ago it was ready when I simply asked “has the restaurant acknowledged my order?” Instead of answering truthfully (obviously they have not) Caviar support flat out lied to me so I wouldn’t cancel. Instead of canceling this order I am deleting the app. They can’t handle the tech or the business or customers. Use ANY other ordering app but this. Seriously you will definitely end up disappointed.
  • Deleted app because food was over an hour late THREE TIMES 1/5

    By Creditonecustomer17264
    This is insane. It has been over an hour and a half since I ordered my food. I called the restaurant, the guy said the food was ready within ten minutes of the order and has been sitting waiting for the caviar delivery guy ever since. This is the third time food has been over an hour late with this app.
  • Scam!!! Worst possible service ever!!! 1/5

    By zigdonjack
    We have tried multiple times to place orders for delivery and without fail they either get it wrong or it comes way past the estimated delivery time!! This app scams you because when you complain about the order or lateness they offer a credit so it ropes you into coming back again. Then when you come back again they inevitably mess up again and you get more credit!!! I would rather have my food then be starving after a long day of work then have these dumb credits!! Deleting the app today!! Consider yourselves warned!!!!!
  • Search is useless 1/5

    By tvs_stephen_colbert
    Latest bug is now when you start a delivery order and search for an item it shows you all restaurants that are outside of your delivery range and prompts you to schedule a pickup. What a waste of time.
  • App issues and subpar customer service policy 1/5

    By owenbecks
    I’ve been using the app for a while and have noticed that the option to remove an item (rather than let the restaurant substitute with something similar) is ignored. I’ve let it slide in the past, but told the restaurant that I didn’t want substitute cookies and had them removed. The employees said they would call Caviar to remove the charge. I reached out to Caviar customer service three days later after noticing my account had not been credited. I was told to contact the restaurant. Had I ordered directly from the restaurant that would make sense. The app is supposed to provide convenience. I ordered via the app so the onus is on Caviar to handle issues with their vendor, even if the vendor forgot to call them. I called the restaurant and the manager was unaware that the “remove item - do not sub” option existed. The problem is inherent in the app and customer service policy is to pass the buck onto the customer to deal directly with the restaurant. On a positive note, the representative was polite and credited my account, along with a $10 credit after I called the restaurant so I gave them another chance. I ordered a week later from another restaurant only to find out the place wasn’t open. Another issue — you shouldn’t be able to order from a place that isn’t open. I will not be wasting anymore time. Both restaurant managers said its easier to dial direct. This app could be great if the problems are addressed and customer service is empowered to handle problems directly. As for now, it’s an inconvenient convenience app.
  • You don’t get what you pay for 1/5

    By dmarcantonio
    The delivery service for Caviar has gone downhill. It’s a shame because it used to be a great service. Now it’s a crapshoot if your driver is competent enough to drive and get to your place in a reasonable fashion. My last order had the driver in the same spot for 30 minutes. The driver hadn’t moved for 30 minutes. Support tried calling the driver and no answer from the driver. Finally when the food arrived the driver didn’t seem to care he was late. I was uncomfortable with the whole after support service that I threw the food out. I don’t know if the driver did anything to our food since we inquired where our delivery was. Caviar needs to better vet their drivers. I guess if you have a car and the app, anyone can be a driver for Caviar.
  • Address bug 1/5

    By Teighlorre
    Repeated error. Keeps saying I don’t have a delivery address.
  • Just disappointing 1/5

    By Dan11223344556677
    I will be deleting this app after I write this review. I read a bad review and thought maybe it was just an off day but no. Once my food went from being prepared to being delivered it took an hour to arrive. I watched the map and saw them stopping at several other places before mine. Then I received a call from the driver saying he was 2 minutes away and just parking so I went down and sat in my lobby. 10 minutes after the call the guy literally pulls up to the front of the building and hands me my food with no sorry or even have a nice night. When I finally got my food the order was of course cold but also surprise surprise it was wrong as well...and not just one thing but half the order was wrong. Grubhub offered the same restaurant but I thought I might as well try caviar, clearly a mistake I will not make again. I mean I did get food at some point so I guess they have that going for them.
  • Account locked and no email received 1/5

    By angryuseroftheapp
    I sent the share website for the $20 promotion to my friends and my account got locked. It said I would receive email to unlock but I got no email. I went to the website to resend email, still no email.
  • Excessive lateness 1/5

    By Son un fastidio
    Today, I ordered a simple pizza with some meatballs as lunch (3:20pm). It has Been already two hours of delay. I contacted their support and they said that they found a new person to do the delivery. Guess what, nothing has happened and I am still waiting for my order (5:17pm). This is beyond unacceptable.
  • Don't 1/5

    By Tiny Chum
    Are you looking for a delivery app that charges a service fee, a courrier tip, AND a delivery fee and can't deliver hot food on time on top of it all? Then boy is Caviar for you! I rarely use this app, but I bit the pricey bullet tonight to get food from a restaurant I like. When the food was marked "out for delivery" I watched on the map as the courrier didn't move at all for a half hour. The food arrived 15 minutes past the estimated delivery window (45 total) and... surprise, surprise.. was freezing cold. My steak had an internal temperature of 77 degrees. When I contacted chat support they kept kicking out stock phrases like "I know I don't like my food to arrive late" etc so I'm not even sure I was chatting with a real person. They kept trying to give me credit for a future order but I insisted on a full refund. They ultimately agreed, but for some reason on my adjusted receipt I'm still being charged $10. I don't know why the fees are so much higher for Caviar than other services. Do yourself a favor and use someone else.
  • Trash 1/5

    By HellaFasho
    Awful customer service that sets an automated ellipses too look like someone is typing when no one really is. Won’t just let me leave my question and wait for a reply, I need to wait until someone at support graces me with their presence. Sat there like an idiot before coming to the conclusion their support is fake. The developers must be even worse cause apparently they can’t get promo codes working properly. Don’t bother with this app unless you want to spend more than you have to, and not be able to actually contact, or even FEEL LIKE you’re contacting anyone.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Marindoll
    Don’t bother. You will never get your food...
  • Poor service and no communication 1/5

    By H.Fil
    Confirmed my team order at 10am, promised 12pm delivery, charged my card, then cancelled at 11:21 with no warning, reason, phone call, or explanation and no lunch for my team. I won’t chance using this service again and I had better get my money back!
  • Good app/ Worst delivery 1/5

    By deepstackM
    Ordered at 4:38. Saw food being prepped at 5:02. Delivery person doesn’t get to restaurant until 5:25. Watched my delivery get all the way to my apartment. Watched him circle my building. Then saw it was marked as delivered at 5:52. Once that’s done you can not contact delivery person. No delivery was received. Finally get someone on the phone (about 6:15) to find out they have no idea what happened. Left with hungry husband and toddler. Not the first time this has happened. A refund does not make up for the inconvenience or give me confidence that I’ll receive better service in the future. They need to improve customer service. Badly.
  • Best app 5/5

    By amix777
    The bed best best best application I've ever worked, it's not like other food deliveries. I've worked for all food deliveries but this app pushed me to delete my other applications. Thanks, Caviar you are the best app
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By sfguy111
    Don’t be fooled by the high overall rating - all recent reviews are 1 Star. Save yourself the headache a use a different service. Bad drivers, bad support, multiple issues and they make it seem like they’re doing a huge favor by sometimes not charging you for food they don’t deliver.
  • Hit or miss 1/5

    By Tsnklds
    When it’s good, it’s good. But when things are bad, you could wait up to 2 hours for your food. The customer service is helpful but some couriers have absolutely no accountability.
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By jgc46
    Restaurant choices: 5 stars Delivery time: -1 star Order accuracy: 2 stars Customer service: 1 star Not very good. I would defer to other food deliver services.
  • Worst delivery app 4/5

    By dsgruntled-customer
    BUYER BEWARE Couriers will forfeit orders for no reason and you will NOT get a refund. Wast of my time and money.
  • Increasingly unhappy with Caviar 1/5

    By Gfrtyhfd
    I keep having poor experiences with Caviar. It seems like they aren’t doing much to connect with their restaurants to ensure a good experience. I recently placed a large order, and after waiting for nearly 2hours found out that the restaurant was too busy to prepare my order. Caviar did nothing to connect with me and let me know what was going on. I had to contact their customer service to cancel the order. They “refunded” my order by giving me a credit in Caviar, WHICH EXPIRED IN TWO WEEKS, rather than an actual refund on my credit card. Then tonight, despite me checking the options for “cancel my order” rather than allowing the restaurant to make substitutions, they delivered food that I didn’t order, and that one of my kids couldn’t even eat because of allergies, because they substituted food (at an extra charge!!) rather than cancelling. I haven’t had any of these problems with other delivery services, just Caviar.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By JamieMac75
    This was the first time I used this app. I ordered three items. Delivery was prompt, but there were only 2 boxes in the bag. I asked the driver if there are only two items because I ordered three. His response was to contact Caviar, which I did. They were polite about getting the remaining items. However, they then canceled the order prompting a call from the restaurant. I don’t think I’ll use Caviar again.
  • Worst food service I’ve tried 1/5

    By Marmarriah
    Worst food service I’ve tried. Waited three hours to receive our food when they said an hour at the longest. When it finally arrived part of our order was missing, we are still waiting on a refund.
  • poor customer service 1/5

    By missyannsparkles
    horrible experience with no accountability for regular mess ups. just don't do it
  • Awful 1/5

    By stohc
    Want cold food and poor customer service? Than Caviar is for you!
  • Horrid customer service. 1/5

    By _sleepytiger_
    As others have commented- the customer service is severely lacking. The delivery time took way longer than what was stated prior to order. I contacted the restaurant to learn the food was ready at least 45-50 minutes before it was even picked up. It’s understandable to be a little late, but when the app says it should take 35-40 minutes total when really it takes well past twice as long, then that’s a problem. Who wants cold food? Now it was way past when I thought I’d receive my order and I had to leave the location I was at for another appointment. I tried to cancel it but thanks to customer service they said the best they could do was give me half of my money back in credit (but only good for 30 days), and that the order was still being delivered. You can keep your credit Caviar. This has been a repeated problem with your app. Be honest with your delivery times and don’t expect people to twiddle their thumbs when their food is exceptionally late. Do you think anyone’s gonna be excited to pay for your overpriced service fees for cold food? Oh and fix your lousy customer service.
  • Consistent delays in order arrivals 2/5

    By Eeeeeeeee$
    I used to use Caviar pretty consistently and had a great experience. Starting a few months ago, every single one of my orders has been delivered 30-45 minutes+ after their estimated arrival time. The customer service is helpful in terms of following up when I reach out to inquire about the order, but it doesn’t change the outcome of cold food that is delivered far past what the expected time was.
  • Your order won’t arrive 1/5

    By IriasEscher
    I have ordered twice from this app, and both times they took over an hour to tell me I won’t receive my order.
  • Can’t even use app 1/5

    By Squigo
    Downloaded the app, but as soon as I enter in my address, it freezes and won’t go any farther. Deleted and redownloaded, but still same issue. Don’t even know the offerings because I can’t even get that far.
  • Horrible cust service & issue handling 1/5

    By camrola
    The first time using Caviar, wanted to give them a try, and I got someone else’s order. App doesn’t provide a ph #. You have to either email—which routes you out of the app and back to the site, which then asks your username and pw again!—or submit a missing item complaint via the app, which gives an automated response, by email, that they’ll get back to you. Not at all logical or efficient when dealing with fresh food delivery. The restaurant couldn’t help because Caviar uses their own drivers and limits contact with them as well. I finally got a direct call from Caviar 30 min later, from an offshore call center (for real!). I’m happy to stick with Grubhub. No extra “service fees”, you get what you order, and if any issues do arise, you can contact a live human!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JingJingJingN
    The app doesn’t work on my phone. Frozen at share location step...tried re-installed, but still the same.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By peterg82
    It says outside of delivery pick up only I understand this is new but they shouldn’t start up an service if they can’t deliver

Caviar - Food Delivery app comments

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