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Caviar - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2.68
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Caviar - Food Delivery App

Step up your restaurant ordering game. Whether it’s delivery or pick up, Caviar serves up the best food in your city. No matter what you’re craving — whether it’s fresh sushi, cheesy pizza, or tasty Chinese takeout — we’ve partnered with your favorite restaurants so you can order the best. Browse photo menus of restaurants near you (it helps to know exactly what you’re getting), add in special instructions for your order (“Extra cheese, please”), and track your meal with real-time GPS (no judgments). Love what you ordered? Add it to your “Favorites” for quick and simple re-ordering. Caviar’s free food ordering app is currently available in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Greater Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Marin County, Orange County, the Peninsula, Philadelphia, Portland, Queens, Sacramento, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Seattle Eastside, Walnut Creek, and Washington DC.


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  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By Zainab Imam
    Delivered on time but it was the wrong order and there was no way to return the food. They kept insisting that the restaurant was closed, even though the restaurant was open. I finally asked for a refund (which will get to me in 7 BUSINESS DAYS!). I had to order from Uber Eats, eventually. I’d stick with that, going forward. No Caviar for me, never ever.

    By Diamondbacks000
    These idiots have gotten my order wrong three, count it, Three times in a row. A young Mexican lad just showed up and delivered about what must be 100$ worth of the wrong food....... all I wanted was chicken fingers and fries. But now I have the feast of a big fat f*uck that could have only intended to sleep in or bath in so much food.
  • User reviews and return/replacement/refund policy 1/5

    By MoxieNYC
    Inedible food from a restaurant resulted in $10 credit for inconvenience. Caviar didn’t respond quickly to remedy so no replacement was offered. Instead they asked me to photograph the items to substantiate my claim (which I did). What happened to the customer is always right. Order for one entree totaled $37 on a $27 item with a laughable $10 credit Also annoying that one can’t see the reviews of the restaurants that are in their program. Additionally when one wants to pop in a star rating for said restaurant and one makes a mistake, it can’t be changed. Buh-buh Caviar. Figure out that your customers are your business and take care of them
  • Consistently sloppy 1/5

    By nycfoodguy5
    I’ve had multiple orders screwed up by these guys. Sometimes they deliver the wrong dish, or they deliver from the wrong restaurant, or they’re just insanely late. I use all the delivery apps in nyc. Caviar has some unique restaurants but they have the worst reliability. Their customer service is also the least helpful. To the restaurants, you are pissing off your customers with caviar. Expand to other delivery apps!
  • Terrible delivery 1/5

    By lilxiannv
    When I made the order, it said the estimate deliver time is 30mins. I have been waiting for 1.5 hours, my food is still not here… This is not the first time! Very disappointed!
  • Fix login 3/5

    By Permabox
    I have to enter my email and password every Fing time I use the app.
  • Never received my food 1/5

    By Sassoom
    After ordering my food I got a call from the delivery guy saying he was at my gate. I buzzed him in while I was on the phone with him, and I heard the gate open. Then he never showed up. I received an email that it was delivered, so I called and called and he didn’t answer. I tried contacting customer service but there is no number to call, so I was limited to texting and emailing them. They took ages to respond to each text and email, and they eventually closed without giving me any answers. The last thing they told me was that they couldn’t get a hold of the delivery guy and they didn’t know what happened to my food. I had guests at my house who ended up leaving without dinner because they had a plane to catch and everything was closed after all this ridiculousness went down. Caviar didn’t even offer a refund, I had to demand it. I demanded something be done about what happened as well and all they’d do is give me a ten dollar credit. The customer service is AWFUL and you cannot rely on this service to actually bring you food. I haven’t even received an email or anything confirming that I will be refunded. So who even knows if they really did issue me a refund. I just read other reviews and it seems food not being delivered is a common theme with Caviar. Looks like they make it way too easy for drivers to steal the food, and then they blame the customer for it. I will never use this app again.
  • Truly irresponsible business 1/5

    By charlestonn
    If you want nice food you’re better off going to the restaurant While a noble concept, caviar continues to screw up with listing restaurants that don’t deliver, and absurdly poor communication with customers. I’ve become afraid to place orders with their own credits they continue to give me since they are so unreliable. Wise up~ the areas you serve are full of people that need good service, not 10 dollar credits and unreliable service. I would change the review if they got serious about REALLY taking responsibility for their problems by actually fixing them. It is never the delivery persons fault here. Only management is to blame.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By jodedelia
    There’s NO WAY this is a 4.5-star app. I created an account on caviar today, ordered a meal, paid the money, and in less than one minute, my just-created account was deactivated, and my order was canceled. I wanted to reactivate my account and find out what’s going on, but there’s no way to do that. I found that I was charged for the meal and one more dollar for no reason. Then I tried to find their contact number, but the caviar web says that I can only see their contact number when I was logged in. Then I called the restaurant, and they told me the number, and I called. The woman on the phone’s a liar. She told me that she’ll find out what’s going on and will call me back, but she didn’t. I was starving after all that, and I wasted money and time on this ****. Do not download this unless you want to have a same experience as I had!
  • Way too expensive 1/5

    By Usylesses
    Eight dollars combined for delivery and service fee? [email protected]$& off.
  • Customer service and delivery drivers are bad 2/5

    By MikeMike909
    Food arrives cold despite the driver being nearby, food arrives late because they picked up the wrong order. This is not once but 3/4 times I have used this app to order food. Never had a problem with Grubhub and I will be going back to only using them in the future. To add insult and injury instead of giving a full refund the time they were an hour late delivering the cold food they just offered $20 credit on a $50 order. 2/5 stars because at least they answered customer service texts.
  • Design & Convenience, But at What Cost? 2/5

    By kayelzee
    Caviar feels like one of those “you get what you deserve” apps. It looks nice, it’s easy to use, they have relationships with good restaurants... But as soon as something goes wrong with an order, you realize the app is designed to get as many food orders moving around as possible — not helping YOU get the food YOU ordered. No customer service phone number, just a horrible texting system (or email) that takes an incredible amount of time, and resolves with them trying to give you fractional, nickel-and-dime refunds on portions of your order. It makes you miss restaurants that simply deliver their own food, and you end up feeling like an idiot for rewarding this kind of opportunism and disregard for customers. Ugh.
  • It doesn’t serve its only purpose 1/5

    By Shock nastyguy
    Ordered food one night and had no issues. Very next night from the same place had issues. Called after the pickup time had passed and they said they never received an order.
  • Good bye caviar! 1/5

    By Svenjisan
    No clue what happens. Delivery driver leaves at 8:12 from a location that’s maybe 15 mins, with traffic, from my house. 30 mins later she shows up, doesn’t say anything and walks away. Okay thanks for the completely cold food that I microwaved and also no napkins or utensils provided. Contacted support and the offered me $10 credit. Nope. Delete app and will stick with Uber eats from now on!!
  • The worst ever. 1/5

    By Rleinw
    This is the worst service ever. Don’t use unless you want to wait for your food at least an hour later than you wanted it. Ordered at 3:24 pm for 6:30. Still waiting at 7:21. And they tell me someone took the order and they are trying to reorder. DELETE THIS APP. USE UBER EATS.
  • Status alerts not based in fact. Bad service. bad app. 1/5

    By Steve Harshbarger
    The app sends a notification that your order is ready after a set period of time, not when the restaurant actually has cooked the food. This was confirmed by the host.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DJ PBJ
    The past few orders I use requested have been hours later or cancelled for no LEGO reason. Avoid these scam artists.
  • Best Delivery App 5/5

    By Bertram Gilfoyle
    Used Caviar in Philly, SF, NYC, Boston, DC, and Seattle and the restaurant options are always great and the delivery quick and easy.
  • Han Dynasty Manayunk 5/5

    By cgrox128
    Amazing! Food ordered and delivered in just 30 minutes!!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By IlyaGrebnov
    Received promotion email about restaurant I really like. So I installed this app to find out that this restaurant is not available for my location. Rating 1 start for wasted time.
  • DOA 1/5

    By Idamaidama
    Downloaded the app, signed up, loaded up an order from a local restaurant, tried to add a credit card and it wouldn’t take (error). Tried another card, same error. Restarted app, same error. Bye
  • Payment method 2/5

    By diadhk
    Doesn't let me add any of my credit cards for payment method. Pretttttyyy annoying!!!
  • First time I tried, waste of time 1/5

    By Flex lovejoy
    I just downloaded the app and attempting to order, and it’s failing to save a credit card, so can’t complete the order. Just a pointless first experience and waste of time. Breaking at the most basic of functions. The app will now be deleted.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By chipperhi
    They make it incredibly hard for you to contact them on purpose since they don’t want to spend the money on customer service team. They keep having issues with Apple Pay and their excuse is that I need to edit on the website vs. the app. I thought this Company was owned by the same company founded by Jack Dorsey? Just seems they want to squeeze every dollar they can out from the customer with little care for how the service is delivered.
  • Awful 1/5

    By sherwhat
    I only use caviar for work, they restaurants always mess up the orders. Then caviar customer support agents can’t even refund your personal card correctly. Terrible service and I’m grateful my company will no longer being using them.
  • Service is terrible 1/5

    By AndreDanger
    I use to use this frequently but I have orders cancelled or sometimes hours late with cold food. It’s very odd and so unreliable it’s not worth using.
  • Can’t add a payment method. 1/5

    By Stinkyboy2011
    I’d love to be able to actually use this app but it hasn’t let me add a payment method. I’ve tried three different cards. Each gets an error message. One star.

    By DeleteASAP
    No quality control of delivery. No way to contact anyone in real time. No consistency of any kind. Not really cool to beg for an e-mail response when a house full of people are hungry for food. DELETE.
  • Service used to be great 1/5

    By rito118
    Previously when I had a problem with my delivery Caviar had no problem issuing me a refund for food that arrived too late or cold. The last time I had a problem I had to contact customer support twice before someone responded. They refused to refund my order because the order was inside the “delivery window” whatever that means despite the fact that my order took almost an hour to arrive and was cold by the time I got it.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By joshaetna
    States it’s in Dallas and when I put in my address it says it doesn’t deliver to Dallas. What a waste of time. 4th biggest metro area in the country and they don’t deliver here.
  • Credit card processing not available 1/5

    By EAK1
    Caviar rejected processing on 3 valid credit cards for unexplained reasons. Will be deleting the app without ever using it because of this issue.
  • Caviar is struggling 1/5

    By Groovin4Him
    Caviar used to be amazing. It now takes forever for orders and food has been cold almost every time I have used it. For instance today. My order never came. My wife and I waited for 90 min. When I called the restaurant they said no delivery person came. I asked how long my food had been sitting out. They said over 30 minutes. At a certain point one has to just stop using this app as it has failed me multiple times.
  • Worst delivery app 1/5

    By boku12345
    I’ve used this app 3-4 times because they credit every time the order is wrong, Cold, or super late. It has been wrong once, Cold once because it took longer than anticipated, and then just flat out late. Never will use again.
  • Wow - talk about a complete downward spiral of service 1/5

    By RSeGmdi
    Used to love Caviar. What a joke now - orders repeatedly late, no help from customer service who robotically apologize and do little or nothing to help. I have been a loyal user for years but does not seem like they give a crap how their customers feel. I live at an address in Brooklyn that happens to have a similar address in Manhattan and they have sent the courier to wrong address 3 of last 5 orders and then suggested that I call them every time I place an order and confirm my address!! Forget it - crap service now. So many better alternatives.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By ssherwoodsf
    I downloaded Caviar because they’re the only service that delivers from one of my favorite restaurants. Lol, the catch is they don’t deliver the food. They charged my card 3x and I never even got the food. I’m on the phone with my bank right now, trying to reverse the charges. Save time and money by NOT using Caviar.
  • This service does not work 1/5

    By funglor
    We have been waiting for over two hours for a pizza delivery from a restaurant less than a mile away from our location. This is ridiculous. If I knew the app wouldn’t work, I would have called the restaurant directly and picked it up myself. I am reporting this to the restaurant and telling them to drop Caviar from their providers.
  • Bad Delivery Service 1/5

    By sjp8528
    Not worth it if you actually want to eat. Lag time between order placement and restaurant acceptance is ridiculous. ETA for my food just kept increasing and customer support just stopped responding to my inquiries... bad service all around stick with Ubereats or postmates.
  • Really horrible 1/5

    By MI2018tdn
    The first few times I used these guys they were great. They have become awful. By far the worst food delivery app. Not only do they promise a delivery time and change it (often 3-4 times) but they let the food sit at the restaurant and it arrives cold and inedible. In addition, They don’t have any way to contact an actual person. You have to email.
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By ougarcia
    Customer service could NOT have been more unhelpful. Their conduct was unacceptable due to their rude demeanor. I have NEVER had customer service argue with me before and this was the first time. I ordered 4 sandwiches at around 10:25am scheduled for estimated delivery at 11:44am. I was in the hospital and could not leave my post for long so I decided to leave 10 minutes before 11:44am to receive my food. The front desk staff told me that they had come 5 minutes ago when I showed up at 11:35am and don’t know where the driver went. The driver presumeably left the drop off point IMMEDIATELY after finding out I wasn’t there. According to your policy, they need to spend 10 minutes looking for you before they leave. They left immediately. Here’s a tip for your app. If you STATE on your app that the estimated time of arrival is a certain time, your driver should STAY there because your customer is EXPECTING it to arrive in tbe ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL. Not only that but I was not contacted once! And even worse, I was not able to call the driver on the app! It should be noted I checked the app constantly for updates... it went from estimated 20 minutes arrival to... oops your food is forfeited, you’re out 40 bucks and food oh well! How infuriating is that... that’s was th WORST experience I’ve ever had for any delivery service. And the customer service deciding to argue with me was worse. I almost did not get a refund! Completely unacceptable. I immediately resorted to DoorDash. A very reliable app that tells me exactly where my food was. I was able to contact the driver to ensure They knew where I was going to be and the pick up was seamless. Excellent customer service and you should consider modeling after them if you are going to be taken serious as a business. Overall 1/10 app organization and 0/10 customer service. Consider a different line of work, Caviar.
  • Poor UI 1/5

    By Simsimsimsimsim123
    The sorting and filtering features are lack luster. At least give us an option to sort by open restaurants instead of having to scroll through pages of recommendations.
  • Impressive 5/5

    By when I rate
    Truly impressive customer service. The app works wonderfully! Best food delivery on the market right now. A few things: 1. Please expand the approximaty of restaurants deliveries. I find myself craving or food at a restaurant that is out of my delivery range. So I'm forced to use Postmates instead. 2. Items search. I find it annoying when I search for, say for example, matcha. I only get the results of restaurants where they list matcha as a single item. But if the list it as a choice under an item called "drinks", it won't show. So I miss a lot of restaurants that actually have what I want. 3. Filters of vegan and gluten free would be MUCH appreciated. 4. When I want to add extra protein but there is no choice for that, for example, I would have to choose something like side fries and then note to the restaurant that I actually want to add protein. It'd be great if there's option where you can add money to an order and then write description of what you want to add. 5. I'd be great if I can also tip the chef afterwards, same way I tip courier after I got meal.
  • Orders often missed 1/5

    By kmo1969
    We used to order caviar more but we slowed down and will now stop altogether for two reasons: 1) they have delivered messed up orders with significant forgotten items too many times. The whole point of ordering in is to save time and gas, and each time I end up having to run out and get something for the unlucky party who’s food didn’t come. And 2) they started charging crazy processing and service fees.
  • Worst Ever 1/5

    By Jen9696
    One of the most atrociously horrible food delivery apps on the planet. It takes HOURS for food to be delivered and once it comes the entire order is always wrong. I’ve given them many chances and they always blow it without fail. I think this company is on the brink of going out of business and it shows.
  • Can’t tell if order went through 1/5

    By Ian76854309
    When I tap “schedule delivery order” Apple Pay chimes to say my payment went through, but the caviar app goes back to the same screen and doesn’t add anything to my order history. No I have no idea whether I’ve paid 3 times or 0 and will have to call the restaurant and credit card company to avoid repeat charges. When I tried entering my card manually only then did I get told I’m out of the delivery range for the restaurant, even though my address has been on file all along and it’s only 8 minutes away. Now ordering by phone and driving to pick up. App was a huge waste
  • Worse customer service than Comcast 1/5

    By atreblemaker
    Don’t bother with them - just stick to seamless, and for any restaurants not on it take a taxi and pick up the food yourself, you will be much happier (and it’ll probably cost the same). Caviar touts itself as an upscale delivery service allowing you access to delivery from restaurants that you can’t get anywhere else and charges prices (delivery and service charges) to match. My first few orders I was okay with this because I could get food delivered from some pretty wonderful restaurants...then it all went downhill. My last few orders have been nothing short of disastrous, and the worst part of it has been the customer service. Rather then helping or problem solving, they (barely) apologize and blame the restaurants. Today, when our food arrived late and stone cold they were flippant and passed off blame to the restaurant, even though their app said food was out for delivery for 40 minutes AND it was delivered not in a hot bag/case. After quite a bit of back and forth, they finally relented saying they would give a $5 credit to “make things right”. And that was it - after overpaying for cold food that was here well after it should have been. Quite honestly, I’ve had more luck with Comcast customer service, and at least with them you have a phone number to call.
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By pdx-ne
    And then the restaurant adds $ to the order. It’s a rip off.
  • Terrible!!! If there’s 0, I will give a 0 1/5

    By lin__d5_a
    Didn’t get the food order at all after waiting for an hour! App said “delivered”, delivered to who and where? Security person of the building said someone went upstairs, I didn’t get any phone call or any message, nothing at all, then the delivery guy just marked the order as delivered?!!!!! Super mad at this!!!! Try to contact support, website says send a sms, and sms is down as well, and who knows they will reply sms message, the only way is to send an email?! So my lunch for today probably going to be replied when tomorrow or a few days later? The only thing you do as a company is to get food delivered(Really delivered to the person who ordered it), and it failed!!!! I will get my money back for the order , and never use it again!!!!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    The worse service out of all the service companies! It took 1 1/2 hours for my food to be delivered from a place that was less than 0.5 Miles from my house. Furthermore, they sent two text messages stating the driver was on the way when it took him an additional 40 mins to deliver the food.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By oqion
    First: The app is very difficult to use. Second: They don’t deliver to very many places. This isn’t clear from the app so you end up ordering and them expecting you to pick it up.
  • Fool me once... 1/5

    I signed up for Caviar when they first stared up. I got a referral credit and saw that the list of restaurants was lackluster. I waited a bit and then decided to place an order one day only to see that "Caviar is not available in your area yet." Huh? So all those restaurants I saw before are now unavailable? To add insult to injury the referral credit was removed. There was no indication of expiration. So, I decided not to use this poor excuse for a service. A year later, I got a postcard in the mail with a list of restaurants that I knew did not deliver so I decided to download the app again and order from one of those restaurants. The only thing is that those restaurants on the postcard were not on the app. Not a single one. I changed the delivery address to one across the street from the restaurant to see if it was a delivery area issue. Nope. I tried this for every restaurant listed on the postcard. NONE OF THEM WERE AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM! Don't waste your time with this poor excuse of a company. They don't have their act together and I highly doubt that your experience will be trouble-free.

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