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  • Current Version: 2.42
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: US Customs and Border Protection
  • Compatibility: Android
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CBP One App

The CBP One™ app serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services allowing users to be quickly and conveniently directed to the features they need by answering a series of guided questions. CBP One ™ currently has two features available, with more features being rolled out over the next year. · The Inspection Appointment request feature allows brokers/carriers/forwarders to use their mobile device to request an inspection for perishable cargo entering the U.S. They will also be able to receive real-time status updates regarding their appointment requests, or chat with a CBP Agriculture Specialist if additional information is needed from them. · The I-94 feature allows travelers to apply and pay for their I-94 up to seven days prior to their arrival in the U.S. at a Port of Entry (POE). CBP One™ also provides access to a digital copy of their I-94 and up to 5 years of travel history. The I-94 feature is a mobile version of the I-94 application process and information that can also be found on the I-94 website at https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home. · The "Check Your Trusted Traveler Programs Status" feature allows travelers to check the status of an existing Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) application and membership using CBP One™. Also, TTP applicants that have scheduled a remote interview can attend their interview using CBP One™. Features rolled out over the next year will benefit Small Vessel Operators, Bus Operators, Aircraft Operators, Seaplane Pilots, commercial truck drivers and Commercial Vessel Operators. CBP One™ I-94 is available nationwide. However, the ability to make appointments for perishable cargo is available at participating Ports of Entry (POE) only, please contact your POE for more information.

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CBP One app reviews

  • Pésima 2/5

    By Ninguna tan mala como ella
    Muy mala calidad por Dios🤦🏼‍♀️ su nivel de funcionalidad es pésima tengo a mi mamá en Mexico desde diciembre y día a día entra y nada q puede agarrar su cita. Siempre es un error distinto .
  • No Travel Authorization 1/5

    By Minardeh
    My family member in Haiti successfully submitted his information since January and he is still waiting to get the travel authorization. I’ve reached out so many times to CBP ONE and still nothing. At this point we don’t even know what to do anymore since the app clearly states it could only take up to 3 weeks, it’s been well over a month for my family member. Hope someone can help me out.
  • Error in app 3/5

    By JB💗
    Please fix the app. My family in Cuba is trying to finish up the parole process but it doesn’t let them. It keeps saying there’s an error. Please fix
  • Last version is not working 1/5

    By danxatp
    This last version you updated is having problems,when Im going to submit the form for the Travel Authorization there is an error that say “Record cannot be found Please review your Alien Registration number, date of birth and passport number in your myUSCIS account to ensure the information is correct.”
  • Help 2/5

    By Merving2006
    After capture the foto when I want to submit my information I can’t this message error persist « record cannot be found » whenever everything is correct when I revise my informations. What can I do ?
  • Bad user experience 2/5

    By str8rainbow2023
    I mean it’s 2023. Can we add face ID to log in?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lkopnvd
    Should start over but think it through first
  • Token 200 error 3/5

    When trying to take photo of oneself for identity verification my cousin receives a message that it failed. It says error code Token200. Any help?
  • 11 days haven't appointment 1/5

    By Reserve date on captcha moment
    My most horrible experience. When I choose date/time and have a token200 on old captcha WHY THIS DATE NOT RESERVED? How many days I need nervous about this omg..... Family of three is impossible to schedule something.
  • Error to confirm appointment 1/5

    By frustrered
    When we finally get to make the appointment at the time of confirming the appointment he says that he doesn’t have enough capacity for one people for one person no matter what day it is or what time it is it always gives a error please fix it is very stressful very frustrating I’ve been trying to get him to get an appointment with my two little girls for several months. I’m stuck in Tijuana and try every day to get this appointment. Please do something or go back to letting the shelters help us like it was done before
  • Token200 code error 1/5

    By w**lf**do
    The app in the part to take the selfie it has an error every time token200. It doesn’t allow the take the picture.
  • token200 3/5

    By roza arturova
    so many people with small children have been stuck for a long time and cannot register. forces and means are running out. Please fix token200 won't let you take a photo
  • Good bless America 5/5

    By Rabbagfirly

    By Anaelle7777
    Please, help us and fix this error. My beneficiary has been trying to submit his info. After almost a week of difficulty to capture the picture, when the picture is finally captured it keeps saying that his RECORDS CAN’T BE FOUND. We reviewed and all info is correct. Please, fix that error. It’s been a week now and still not working.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Kevinwa
    I tried today. It keeps me in a loop. Never get to sign in to .gov
  • BIOMETRICS SCANNER/ Datos Biométricos 1/5

    By rosy2509
    If you’re having errors with 2.30.0 version. Uninstall application and search on the web how to install prior versions of application. You can find previous versions at apkmirror.com The picture part does work with 2.29.0 version. Turn off automatic updates for applications prior to downloading app to avoid upgrade to 2.30.0 version. Make sure to allow access to your camera and location through your phone settings prior to trying to scan your face. . Good luck! Si está teniendo errores con la versión 2.30.0 cuando se escanea su cara, desinstale la aplicación. Busque en la red para bajar la versión 2.29.0 en el sitio web apkmirror.com El escaneo de su cara si funciona con la versión 2.29.0 . Antes de bajar esa versión asegúrese de ir a ajustes y quitar instalaciones automáticas de nuevas versiones bajo los ajustes de aplicaciones. Luego instale la versión 2.29.0 de CBP one. Y vuelva a sus ajustes bajo aplicaciones y dele acceso a la cámara y su localización antes de hacer el escaneo. Si funciona de esta manera.
  • Cannot take the final picture!!! 1/5

    By Helio03
    The app has a bug that does not allow you to take the final picture in order to finish the process. Please fix this already hundreds of people waiting on this bug to be fix!!!!!!!
  • Can not capture photo 1/5

    By Kay5Kay
    Keep getting an error message when trying to take a photo. When the camera finally opens it’s quick and is never successful
  • Won’t take face picture 1/5

    By Kbronxy
    We’ve been trying for days now and it won’t even give us the option to take the picture. So many people are having the same issue. Please fix!
  • TOKEN200 1/5

    By leonkzn
    TOKEN200 Such an error comes out. Unable to register. Doesn't do a selfie video.
  • Bug 1/5

    By iUnlock Team
    Last app version .30 have a bug for all users, when you try biometric scan allways say session expired, logout and try again is global error please fix it
  • App issue 1/5

    By Varens13
    The app have several problem for my Haitian people it’s really bad and I m really frustrated
  • Unable to use app to take pictures. 1/5

    By LladyJo
    Please help us out, they’re are bugs that need to be corrected, we’re unable to use the camera to take the picture. Every time we see the camera we take the picture it keeps saying to try again. we try different phone same problem. Please fix
  • Serios problemas de error 1/5

    By ruthmp33
    La aplicación esta teniendo serios problemas para cargar los datos biometricos. No funciona en casi ningún dispositivo.
  • De veras no tiene sentido 1/5

    By Churry98
    Tengo 48 horas intentando hacer el escaneo de mi rostro y siempre me dice q ocurrió un error q lo intente de nuevo y cuando por fin logro escanear mi rostro me dice q mi sesión a expirado… q debo cerrar sesión y volver a iniciarla e intentar de nuevo… por favor si alguien me puede ayudar o alguien sabe q debo hacer o a donde dirigirme lo agradecería… pues estoy en mexico indocumentado y sin conocer nada aquí… mi numero es +52 962 290 9493
  • I can’t upload my photo 1/5

    By EMR1955
    I’ve been able to fill in all the information required, but the app doesn’t allow me to upload my personal photo in the final step.
  • Picture error 2/5

    By Dj3589
    It’s a problem when it comes to taking your picture. Keep receiving error messages.
  • 🥴😡🙃 1/5

    By Yabezwen
    Pourquoi une application comme celle-ci ne fonctionne plus??? Alors que je dois faire une demande d’autorisation de voyage en urgence, cette application problématique ne me permet pas de prendre ma photo afin de soumettre ma demande. Avec la dernière mise, CBP ONE est devenu catastrophique… Après combien de temps encore, les utilisateurs comme moi parviendront à prendre sans la moindre difficulté ?🤨
  • Please help us 2/5

    By P!lo
    Hello! We have tried to include the photo and the Venezuelan passport but the new update 3.0 does not work for iPhone because there are many errors
  • Problem 2/5

    By Daddygray_fit
    I trying all my best to scan my face I Cnt too much bugs on that new version
  • This just torture. 1/5

    By chachepaw
    There are more honest way to get people waiting. My girlfriend has been trying to take her picture and scan her passport for 48 hours straight out of desperation. I can’t honestly believe this is just a bug, please tell me this is not being done on purpose. She is literally hiding in a town where she has no family out of fear since I was granted parole myself. Please help!
  • Please help me 1/5

    By jeanpaolalindsaysungy
    My photos cant submit ,i am trying trying but it doesn’t work,can someone help me
  • This app is atrocious 1/5

    By Mssrpierre
    The app has so many bugs that needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be this hard to take a simple picture of your face for verification purposed. I’ve been trying for days to get that done and most of the time it is unsuccessful. When it finally allows you to scan the face; it tells you that the session is expired and closes everything. It does not make sense of how difficult this is.. please fix it
  • Bug alert: Version 30 doesn’t take photo!!!! 4/5

    By wisebudgetor
    For those filing the Advance Travel Authorization by Air, the system asks to take a photo of passport and a photo of self. Version 30 is fine taking a photo of passport but doesn’t let one take photo of self. We had to go through a website to download CBP One version 29 (the previous version) so then the photo of self went through and we were able to submit it.
  • App malfunction 1/5

    By tatie96
    I have been trying to take a photo of myself for the past five days every time I click on “take a photo” it says “submission unsuccessful” without even letting me access the camera. when it finally let me through and I try to take the photo, it says session has expired log out and log back in. I keep on logging in and out it keeps on saying the same thing no matter how many time I try, please fix the app. Thank you.
  • Error 2/5

    By _dolly_bell_
    My mother has been in Mexico since January 5, and when she manages to do all the paperwork, she gives her an error (TOKEN200) and (PHOTO 300) she is only one person and tells her that she does not have the capacity to attend to one person. Please review the app and fix the errors. My mom has been in Mexico for many days without a home and without hope of being able to get there.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Doune$
    I wonder when this app will be fixed. I know a couple of people who are having a lot of trouble completing their face recognition for more than 2 weeks now. They keep getting error messages.
  • Unable to take picture 1/5

    By qwekxr
    This app is awful. It doesn’t allow one to take the real time picture required to obtain the advanced travel authorization form, for the humanitarian parole process. I have been trying day and night this whole week, but i keep getting an error message.
  • Terrible app! It does not work 1/5

    By Sanchezeye
    Put one star to let me write the review but actually is zero star…Unable to take the photo, tried for days several, times in different phones, tablet (iOS, android)and nothing! This is delaying the whole process for a time sensitive process, it is unacceptable!
  • Big time problem with facial recognition 1/5

    By Philadelphia007
    The facial recognition feature simply DOES NOT WORK. I’ve been trying to complete my parole application in order to get my travel authorization and I have been trying for almost 4 days straight ( day and night) and it’s almost imposible. Help is needed . Thank you
  • Défaillance 1/5

    By Lonely tr
    Veuillez mi à jour la reconnaissance facile c’est nulle
  • App Has Bugs with capturing photo scan 5/5

    By Tommy Wiseman
    My beneficiary has attempted multiple times over the course of three days to process her application and the app continues to stall out during the photo capturing step giving her an error message unable to process and/or unable to scan face. She has uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times on an android device as well as an iOS Apple device. Still unable to capture photo. Please look into getting a fix for these bugs.
  • An error when they tried to take a picture 1/5

    By cbolivar82
    My beneficiaries tried taking a picture to submit a request for advance travel authorization but the app is getting an error when the app tried opening the camera.
  • Big problem in app 1/5

    By RaPToR HV
    The application is giving problems, it does not allow various processes to be carried out and I had to go to an Android mobile with version 2.29.0 for the functionalities to work, please fix that. There are thousands of people who use  and they cannot because the appstore always gives you the last one please thank you.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By Alijo84
    If I could give negative stars I would. My family all got approved and are trying to flee violence in their country and this app and the photo section are all that’s standing in the way. This is ridiculous and devastating to every person spending hours trying to use it. Do better CBP.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Haitian frustrated
    My sisters have been trying to take their photos for a week yet to be done it. They have access with the camera after trying a thousand times, faces scanned reading, boom “ your session has expired please log out and log back in” it’s frustrating. We need some held with this situation.
  • Scanner problem 1/5

    By Msprecords
    Problem with the photo scanner repetitive error even after scanning
  • Version 3.0 with error 1/5

    By Thailicilla
    So whenever my mother in law that is stranded in Mexico tries to take the photo of herself the app throughs an error message. I tried it myself and it also happened. So apparently the new version has a bug there. It needs to be fix ASAP for those people that are just waiting on that.
  • Issue trying to take a photo for identity verification 3/5

    By professionalAS
    Is not letting me to take the photo, it keeps saying “try again”
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