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  • Current Version: 2.13.38
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: US Customs and Border Protection
  • Compatibility: Android
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The official CBP ROAM App (formerly OARS) from U.S. Customs and Border Protection allows pleasure boaters and other eligible travelers who arrive at remote locations to report their arrival online. In addition to submitting a report of arrival, pleasure boaters who are not currently enrolled in a Trusted Traveler Program, Local Boater Option, or I-68 program who are currently required to report in person may be eligible for a video inspection. Disclaimer: This is a pilot version only for use in limited areas. Contact your local Port of Entry for guidance. Create a trip by adding travelers, your mode of travel, your location, and contact information. After you submit a trip, you may receive a push notification on your device to start a video chat with a CBP Officer to finish reporting your entry into the United States.

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CBP ROAM app reviews

  • Outstanding 5/5

    By RobertYJ
    A real simplification of the process for coming back to the USA from Canada. The app works well and I’ve had nothing but courtesy from the agents who have followed up by phone.
  • Authentication Failed 1/5

    By dazzzzzj
    Cannot seem to log in off my phone anymore but can log in off other peoples phone. Keeps telling me authentication failed try again
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By mike895623
    Glitchy and slow. Have to wait over 20 minutes for CBP to decide if they want to call you or not. Facial recognition takes 5 or 6 tries. This is what you get when government tries using technology.
  • Probably somewhat illegal usage of this app 1/5

    By Carelesscarol
    I downloaded this app do to some demand from a local bailbondsman. I’m an American citizen and not a pleasure boater, why is the CBP allowed to run a bail bonding service for my state through the App Store?
  • Functional but major security flaw with Zoom 2/5

    By JCDeo
    Unfortunately must delete due to massive security and privacy abuse with Zoom. Please consider alternatives from Microsoft or Cisco. Thank you.
  • iPhone 11 log in issues 1/5

    By Mattro34
    Unfortunately I have not had a good experience with this app. I was able to create an account online but when I try log into the app it is stuck on the log in screen and does not advance to the verification code. I have an iPhone 11 and tried to reinstall the app and my phone several times but still does not work. I’m lucky I wasn’t trying to report as I was testing out my account, this needs to be fixed...
  • Great for local boaters, but still a few bugs 4/5

    By stevebreeze
    This app is great for local boaters here in the USVI and Puerto Rico. Very easy to use and add travelers. The video chat to clear in works really well and the officers very professional and good to work with. Still a few bugs: When logging in you get a text message pin#, but you need to switch apps to read the text message. It works okay using the home button to switch, but if you use the text notification to switch it gives you a blank screen when you return to Roam, It would be good to remain logged in for a period of time after using roam. Each time you exit out you need to go through the entire login procedure again. Or even better - use the finger print recognition to log in quickly.
  • Absolute JUNK! 1/5

    By Mpete007
    The system is NOT READY. I am 0 for 5. Don’t waste your time putting all the information in. Save the time and just go thru customs you end up doing it anyway. I am a computer designer and I can’t make it work. Why they would roll this out without working is unbelievable. Go idea very poor execution.
  • Update ruined ability to call before arrival 2/5

    By rooster1445
    The latest update defeats the purpose of having a Nexus card as you cannot submit your arrival information until in US waters. If your entry point once reaching US waters has poor cell service you will not be able to submit your entry information, and you will not even know most of the time if they have not received it which forces you to sit around wondering if they got it. As a Nexus holder that can submit arrival information four hours prior to arrival, the app should have not only the entry location but your exact ETA of when you will arrive. This would also be beneficial to CBP officers if they want to meet you and inspect you. App needs to allow submission and approval prior to entry into US waters.
  • Junk 2/5

    By Mitch5531
    Tried to create an account had to go off app to retrieve a code. Could not enter code. Had to start over.
  • So awesome! 5/5

    By YankeeScott15
    This app is great!! Makes everything so easy. You have to be a complete ignorant fool moron if you can figure out how to use this app and sign up for the login.gov thing. Now those Customs dudes can spend less time messing with Americans on a boat and concentrate on getting those illegal Irish overstays!!
  • Great and needed app! 5/5

    By An appreciative guy.
    Has been working great until recent update with Spanish language support. Editing or manually entering a traveler causes the app to quit. No easy way to report bugs. This is why I am posting here. Thanks! (Maybe invite me to TestFlight beta program 😊)
  • Can’t find support 1/5

    By Zip716
    I’m running into an issue setting up the 2nd security key and no one responded to my emails and the phone number simply gives you messages then hangs up.
  • Unable to log in, stuck in a loop 1/5

    By fghutrdfhyghjgffghuus
    Created login and password, setup backup authentication via text to my cell phone. After entering the code that is texted to me, I keep getting sent back to the page requiring me to set up a backup authentication. Deleted app, reinstalled, still stuck in this loop that will never let me login.
  • Won’t go past accept button 1/5

    By Ghhdjj
    I hope the developer reads this. I press the accept button but it won’t accept. Can’t get past the accept page. Deleted and reinstalled numerous times but that didn’t work. 5 stars when we can figure this out. Running a iPhone X with all the updates.
  • App isn’t loading 1/5

    By Simeoniii
    Using iOS 12.1.3, the new update no longer works. Fails to open. The ability to reenter the country with a bus load of people is a moot point if the app won’t load.
  • Not loading 1/5

    By cbill43
    Been trying to load the ap for a couple hours ad it won’t load
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By niagara gypsy
    Love the app. Simplifies the entry process and makes clearing easier for both boaters and CBP. GREAT JOB !!
  • Works like the gov... Slow and unresponsive 2/5

    By Capt. Adam
    Can only be used when you have cell service. Gets frozen on a screen and no way to get back in to the system. Only good at certain locations and with certain offices and with certain guests on board. The good is that when it works it works great. They video call and chat with everyone and show them passports and all is good. But it doesn't work often and many times I have had to go in to the office anyway
  • Smooth 5/5

    By NWA life
    Just used this app to clear at the Northwest Angle on snowmobile. Works great!
  • Brian Muston 5/5

    By Muston B
    The app is great. A nice addition to the CBP arrival process. No more having to spell out all the different names from crew who from all over the world. Easy and straight foreword. I am sure there will be bugs etc. but so far it has been very useful. Great Job.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Raf66
    This app worked flawlessly for me this past weekend. Well-designed and easy to use. Super improvement over the SVRS. Thank you, Homeland Security.
  • It’s from the government, it’s free, easy to use and it actually works, 5/5

    By kendallbos
    Those things are rarely said together so it is worth repeating: It’s from the government, it’s free, easy to use and it actually works. Even the BP officer I spoke with seem almost giddy about it. What an amazing improvement over the old video phones.
  • Successful After Outage 4/5

    By DougSharpe
    Easy to enter data. Upon submitting trip, got a “Service Outage” message. But data was saved and quickly approved after call to CBP. “Received” is misspelled on the Video Chat info page.
  • App crashes when trip page is displayed 5/5

    By Paacalg
    After an initial bug was fixed, this app works very well and is a big improvement over the old float plan SVRS. Just used it to clear returning from the Bahamas and it was quick and easy. 5 minutes After submitting the data, an officer came on the built in video conference, checked out faces and passport and done. Very nice system.