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**Important Notice** Versions below 2.2.4 are no longer supported. Be sure to keep your app up to date CBS Local is constantly updated with the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic. Select your city and personalize your front page for the ultimate coverage of stories that matter to you. Features: •Choose from 24 Major U.S. Locations •Live-Stream Audio and Video Broadcasts •Wake Up to Your Favorite Radio Stations •Receive Special Offers and Deals in Your Area This is the official mobile app for the network of CBS Local brands including: CBS Atlanta, CBS Baltimore, CBS Boston, CBS Chicago, CBS Cleveland, CBS Connecticut, CBS Denver, CBS Detroit, CBS DFW, CBS Houston, CBS Las Vegas, CBS Los Angeles, CBS Miami, CBS Minnesota, CBS New York, CBS Philly, CBS Pittsburgh, CBS Sacramento, CBS San Francisco, CBS Seattle, CBS St. Louis, CBS Tampa, CBS Washington, CBS 2, WCBS, 1010 WINS, WFAN Sports Radio, WBZ, 98.5 The Sports Hub, CBS 3, KYW, WIP, 670 The Score, WBBM, KNX, KCAL, WCCO, 97.1 The Ticket, KDKA, CBS 11, 105.3 The Fan, CBS 4, KPIX and more! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.


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CBS Local app reviews

  • Won’t refresh old news! 1/5

    By Design all the time
    Tried to refresh - no way to do so - a disappointment and I will not use this app.
  • Rogelio093 4/5

    By Mr. RDO
    The best local app for news stories.
  • Ann. 4/5

    By Cimzadi
    Great app but buffering is annoying but love the app other than that .The music is great. Please make it better. It is still great music but still needs bugs worked out! Still needs a little work! But I love the music! Still love the music! Needs a little work!!Great app but still needs work! Needs more work and bugs worked but I love the music! Still enjoy app but need a little more work.♥️♥️😊😊
  • Worthless 1/5

    By nbc local
    Needs a lot of work constantly crashes
  • Can’t see fonts too small so allow Larger Fonts 2/5

    By DoñaCaite
    Setting should allow Larger fonts so ..
  • I Like It 4/5

    By Rosseald
    Works fine for me. Some hiccups in the live streaming but nothing worth complaining about.
  • Great news service 5/5

    By lauralee1974
    Not sure why all these other reviews are so bad. I love being able to watch the news live. It keeps me informed every time I click on the app. Love CBS News. Thank you.
  • Awful ... so sad 1/5

    By Lisa is my idol
    Impossible to use. It crashes upon launching any story. You usually have to wait a long time too for the video to load before it crashes too. CBS doesn’t have enough money to pay their developers to design a functional app? Another thing that I cannot handle is the Bounce dryer sheet ad before EVERY SINGLE news clip. No mixing it up with a few different sponsors, just the same painful ad with a horrible parody of a formerly good song by The Police. The WBZ app has been part of my morning routine for years now. But I have been forced to watch other area stations because of the repetitive ads. The Bounce ad has finally broken me. I will also NEVER buy Bounce again.
  • Repeated stories 2/5

    By Ricado Montiband
    News is stale with some stories hanging on in the original wording for days. Fresh news with strong, professional wording seems lacking. CBS Pittsburgh you’d think who exemplify a higher standard for their press people.
  • Horrible: STILL BROKE! 1/5

    By Peregrine101
    Even after update, while listening to a station and you choose a news article, the radio stops. Even if there’s no video in the article. You have to swipe out of the article and restart the radio. And the app freezes a lot. What a shame. I like the news radio I listen to in the morning. I just have to read a different station’s news articles at the same time.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By sohosakura II
    Tons of invasive ads that are impossible to close. I always have to close the app & restart so I can pick up where I left off, and then all over again. YOUR APP IS THE WORST!!!
  • Stopped loading pages 1/5

    By Dudealicious1
    Used to work fine then it just stopped loading any and all pages. Just a blank screen. I rebooted and still nothing. Running latest version on iPhone 7. Informed them about the problem but 10 hours later still nothing. I’ve given up. I’ll get my news from NBC.
  • Update 2/5

    By Ninja76398876
    New update ruins the app. Have to use it like YouTube... can only listen while app is open. Dumbest feature.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Girlaone
    App worked for the first couple of weeks. I got to watch the morning news. Now the app launches but you click on the video stream and it crashes an closes. Very disappointing
  • App crashes under video tab 5/5

    By Pinky Stanseski
    The app crashes when I try to play a video listed under the video tab, but plays perfectly under the news tab after I tap on the story inside the news tab.
  • Worst 1/5

    By plokhgfdd
    Renders horribly on you phone. I like my local bz station but this app is a turnoff it took three times just to submit this review.worst news app ever
  • iPad app constantly crashes 2/5

    By Nucc1994
    It’s always a roll of the dice on whether not I’m going to be able to watch my local news on my iPad in the morning. I can usually watch live news on my iPhone (after and an usually a long walnut ad), but when I try to load it on my iPad, it crashes.
  • 1 star only because it couldn't get zero star 1/5

    By Garro1
    I was looking to see local things like I would see in the morning such as video of local weather and traffic. Completely useless
  • Newest version crashes 1/5

    By Drmich
    Newest version crashes every time I try to watch the video weather forecast. Also, I agree with another reviewer about the ads. Do I really need to watch an ad before EVERY 30-90 second short video, or when re-starting a video that crashed? And if the answer is yes, for the love of Pete, please get some new ads. I do not want to hear another word about great-tasting, heart-healthy, California walnuts.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By GremAl
    Sit through ads 3 or 4 times and the article never appears. Being ad driven is one thing but for the article never to load is ridiculous. Or tap article of interest in the news section and get taken to something totally unrelated. Not once, not twice but every time. If I could rate the app negative stars, I’d give it a -5.
  • NEEDS a search function 2/5

    By evelyn7221
    Not going above two stars until I can search for the specific topic I’m interested in, sorry. PS: the silence during commercial breaks when I’m watching my local TV station’s feed is so creepy that I usually just end up closing the app.
  • No longer streams 2/5

    By Fjm4160
    Use to be able to stream my local radio station. Just sits on connecting. Have deleted it twice to if that would work. Not. Use to listen to WWJ am every day. No longer.
  • The worst 2/5

    By kirangrand
    Trying to view live local news but it was terrible. The same Priceline ad showing over and over and no news. The abc app works fine please you can do better
  • Crashes regularly 2/5

    By Todor
    I’d say once or twice a month the app is problematic. During those times, I attempt to play a video (usually the weather report). The app crashes repeatedly. I attempt to submit a comment. The app crashes. Once the weather video crashed the app but the other videos played correctly. This app is better than coping with their website. That experience is worse. The ads tend to cause problems with the video player. That problem is more consistent than the app problem.
  • Rotation bug new 2018 feb (old bug not been fixed) 4/5

    By touhid
    On iphone when you keep the phone landscape rotate ---and then u turn on the app see what happens. Portrait time its ok but only landscape time the app gonna mass acpect ratios
  • Notifications never go to story 1/5

    By HeRatesApps
    EVERY time there is a breaking news story notification, this app NEVER actually takes you to the correct story if you click on the notification. It always simply takes you to the app’s home page. Also, way too many ads before videos for my taste.
  • Mommies and puppies 1/5

    By Newsrox
    Where's the news?????? The investigative story is duplicated and has run for days as well... If you gave up, just shut it down already!!! Thanks for all the hard hitting puppy stories. What happened??? This app is unnavigable. Fix this!!
  • Live streaming and contact support don't work 1/5

    By 2MuchCoffee
    The live streaming video of the newscast seems to nothing more than a frozen image of the White House. I've sat through the stupidly long California Walnut commercial three times and still the show does not stream or even appear. But to make the issue even worse, I've also tried to send an email through the "contact support" option well over ten times now. I continually get a "try again later error". Should I try a different support line to figure out why I can't contact support? I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, which is still the same version, 2.2.10. As President Trump would say, "#Sad."
  • More greedy CBS BS. Ads before everything! And unstable. 1/5

    By MajorHavoc
    Buggy app, crashes a lot, and makes you watch too many apps. Just skip it and get your news elsewhere. Would give zero stars if I could. CBS Local: Like just about everything to do with CBS lately, the app is awful. I go to a new story to see a local NEWS VIDEO. But CBS, you greedy idiots, have to play an advertisement first. OK. The ad plays fine, and then the news story starts, and hangs about 10 seconds into the story. After a long pause, the app crashes. As usual. Bad enough, but when it relaunches to the story again, I have to watch the ad again. Seriously? Could you get any greedier? And before EVERY short news video! Give us a break from ads. But I suspect this will be a paid app soon anyway. First CBS All Access where you have to pay to stream WITH commercials. You are the only network that when one subscribes on cable or satellite, they still have to pay extra for the streaming service. You hold your channels hostage on Dish for more money, costing subscribers more. Now, ads before EVERY news video in your local app, where that video is usually shorter than the ad. Why not just come into my house and steal things while your at it? Oh, and feedback inside the app? IT STILL DOES NOT WORK! The app feedback email ALWAYS says try again in a few minutes. Seriously, are you guys for real? If you don’t want feedback, remove the button at least. App deleted!
  • 98.5 the sports hub? 1/5

    By 5152870044
    Why did you remove 98.5 the sports hub from the App?
  • Mostly old news 2/5

    By DrGeekPC
    This would be great if I had only limited access to this app, and no other news source! Too much old, stale, moldy news.
  • Great Coverage 4/5

    By patconz
    Just found this app will continue to use it.
  • Traffic Map Still not fixed. 1/5

    By MN Rockstar
    WCCO NEEDS TO BE FULLY SUPPORTED. Not just CBS Minnesota. Develop CBS TWIN CITIES. No unsupported functions/glitches. It’s 2017. Mpls/St Paul is a major market.
  • Second call to fix the app 1/5

    By JBF 71
    Since the most recent update, the app kicks off after about 10 minutes and continues to kick off. It is very unreliable. .
  • Where is WBZ RADIO??? 1/5

    By Sheba4kk
    Had to delete app as WBZ radio is gone. Sad!
  • WBZ Radio Boston missing! 1/5

    By jsykbtwasap
    The CBS Local Boston no longer has WBZ 1030 radio!!!!
  • Can’t listen to the game 1/5

    By HowManyAshleysAreThere?
    Downloaded for the specific purpose of listening to the Falcons/Seahawks, which the 92.9 website promised I could do. THAT. IS. A. LIE. No I can’t listen to the game and I can listen to anything. App is whack. Don’t lie to me. To post this review it is going to force me to give it at least one star. Truthfully, I give it negative seven stars
  • Wbz won’t stream! 2/5

    By Sep44
    Wbz Boston will not stream anymore for some reason. All my other favorites are fine, but that one won’t play and it’s really the only news station I listen too. Very bummed!
  • Radio turning off when Phone Screen turns off 2/5

    By Alanwiad947
    I have been listening to CBS Local for seven years and I’ve never had a problem until I updated the app today November 14, 2017 and now When the screen turns off my music stops playing
  • Use it daily 2/5

    By Spt87
    Once CBS Radio stations are sold and not present on the app. I won't need it anymore and will delete it.
  • Lots of errors 2/5

    By yetunaung
    Couldn’t get in any news in the app. Couldn’t even contact support center. Please fix it.
  • News Alert, but now now 2/5

    By MD Mikey
    Notification for news! Cool. Click on it and oh wait, we really want you to watch the live news feed 15 minutes from now so you just see a page that shows a blank video screen. I’d prefer to see the actual news article when I click the notification.
  • Absolutely Worthless 1/5

    By 3M by the Bay
    This app has continued to give me error messages to "try again" when I attempt to move viewing from my iPad to tv. Tonight I tried just viewing from my iPad and for 15 minutes I got nothing but commercials. The news never came on, just commercial after commercial, then repeating the same commercials. Very frustrating and absolutely worthless.
  • Need to fix 1/5

    By DonnieGsxR
    Every time I get a alert I click and nothing shows. Then when I go into a app video freezes, or don’t even start
  • Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Kingsfan123123
    Every freaking video has an over 1 minute ad every time. DELETED. I'll stick to FOX News.
  • Streaming commercial 3/5

    By Di 1245
    I would like to give this app a 5 star rating but I cannot. The problem is the first commercial. Sometimes it will not stream or it stops and starts. By the time I get to the end of the commercial the news cast is half done.
  • “Breaking News”? 2/5

    By piratefancarrie
    I don’t like getting “breaking news” alerts about how the Steelers are gonna do this week and although it’s sad, I don’t think that Tom Petty’s death is “breaking news”. If I get one more petty, semi-interesting alert labeled as “breaking news” I will remove this app.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Ang3135
    I just have to delete this app because it stop loading any info on Home and News that pop on my screen never opened...
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Gapper47
    Whoever thought this was a good idea was wrong. Deleted app after several attempts to customize for my local station. Wish the old app still worked.
  • Too many repeated commercials 1/5

    By Egadzooks!
    If you like listening to local news, you will be happier buying a radio. Didn't think the app could get worse, but now the commercials are cutting off the stories. Seemingly endless, repeated commercials from the same sponsors ruin the listening experience.

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