CBS News: Live Breaking News

CBS News: Live Breaking News

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CBS News: Live Breaking News App

CBS News for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV keeps you informed on breaking news and the latest developing stories from around the world. Get all the latest news stories from categories including U.S. News, World, Politics, Science/Technology, Health, Entertainment, Moneywatch and Crime. This app features CBSN, a 24/7 digital news channel from CBS News. CBSN has live anchored coverage, original reporting, and breaking news in an innovative interactive video experience. Watch what's live now or use on-demand to view past segments on topics that interest you the most. You will also get on-demand video clips or full episodes from CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Sunday Morning and Face the Nation. With updates throughout the day, the CBS News app is your one-stop source for comprehensive original reporting, new videos and commentary from respected journalists. CBS News for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and Apple TV includes these (and many more) features: • CBSN, our free 24/7 streaming video news channel with live anchored coverage. • No cable subscription required. • Real-time reporting of developing and breaking news stories throughout the day. • Live breaking news push notifications. • Latest business headlines and market info from CBS MoneyWatch. • On-Demand video clips and full episodes (when available) from top CBS News programs. • Share interesting stories with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. • Chromecast support now available for CBSN Live video. • Stay on top of live and breaking news with our lock screen widget, supported by iOS 10 or above Closed Captioning: To enable/disable closed captioning in CBSN live streaming, please go into Apple Settings > General > Accessibility > Media > Subtitles & Captioning and enable closed captions. Lock Screen Widget: Add by swiping right on your lock screen, select edit at the bottom of widget screen, and add CBS News.


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CBS News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • CBS makes keeping up to date easy. 5/5

    By Assembly of Ancestors
    News on the go is great if you have a busy schedule or commute. Also have two offices and two residences, so no time to watch a television set. Can enjoy my favorite program when I have time no matter where I am.
  • Right Wing Bias 1/5

    By ddb7cbs
    Once again the app features seven Republicans with articles, interviews and comments but only has one Democrat interview with a Republican to counter his voice. Not one democratic black congress woman is mentioned anywhere on the app. CBS perpetually caters to White Republicans. This is should not be allowed in a country that prides itself on fairness!
  • CBS app 4/5

    By new to eflex
    Good app. Works well. Only complaint is too many commercials.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By bruceshin
    It is very helpful for me.
  • Mature News 5/5

    By Sean1835
    Love the Anchors they have women of color as well as valuable Journalist.
  • Older iPad no service 1/5

    By 50 for a little while longer
    Because I have the iPad 3rd generation they completely removed my ability to use the app. They will not let me use it with the older operating system.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By b.burnstein
    I haven't had this app very long but it's worked great so far. If it continues I'll be back to rate it all five stars Had it for a while now. Works as described.
  • Cbs news 1/5

    By bobmac65
    Won't open on my iPod. keeps asking to update but still won't open.
  • Discriminatory! 1/5

    By Intermezzo 401
    This app discriminates against people who can't afford the newest technology. I have an older iPad that can't be updated to the latest iOS. The newest version of the CBS News app requires iOS 10 or better. The older version of the app is now requiring me to update to the newest version (which I can't do) or it kicks me out. There's no real reason for this. This is not a game that needs tons of computational power, it's just a glorified way of reading content from This simply discriminates against folks with more modest incomes.
  • Live news doesn't work. 1/5

    By J.Desgroux
    With the new update the Live streaming news does NOT OPEN UP.
  • Average Americans Rejoice! 1/5

    By LinBob
    If you want real news please skip this news service and Read the Intercept and Democracy now. This news is mainstream and lacks in-depth coverage of many important issues. This organization spent weeks covering a wedding of rich white people from England....enough said. CBS is mainstream news for the weak minded. They have light brown skinned reporters telling the a distorted narrative derived and owned by white Rich people. The incessant looping of the same stories is designed to make you care about these stories only and to forget the rest of the issues that are truly important. Like White people who get married and celebrities that kill’s sad. This is entertainment. Not news. And now there are pop up ads. I do not use the Apple email app so there is no way to send feedback. Hopefully the white collar criminals in the office read this.
  • 1 BILLION STARS!! 5/5

    By BTarmac
    Outstanding! My go to News Source! 1 BILLION STARS!!
  • No support for older iPads 1/5

    By TEdwardFox
    Evidently, CBS doesn't think anyone with an older iPad that cannot be upgraded to IOS 10 deserves to use their news site. Well, s***w you, CBS News and your programmers!
  • CBS news app 5/5

    By JoanieTM
    Real-time news. Unbiased perspective.
  • Cbs is journalism 5/5

    By ELMDI
    In the polarized world we live in, I can count on CBS to be factual and thorough & moderate. Truly journalistic excellence and a drive for the truth, digging deep into complex issues. I don't trust many other news sources, so thank you for being trustworthy.
  • Best news app ever 5/5

    By Paul's Reviews
    Simply the best.
  • Room for improvement 3/5

    By Go To Circles
    Far too many repetitive commercial announcements. This makes one question the independence of news content. Moreover, the control of sound levels between commercial and news items is a seemingly lost art. Not bad. Too many commercials, VERY repetitive and rather parochial, compared to BBC or CBC editorial coverage.
  • Intuitive and Reliable 5/5

    By Maveric43
    I’ve found the Ap to be intuitive, easy to navigate and reliable...delivering content with out “ crashes or glitches “ In my opinion that ought to be the standard all Ap developers adhere to....whether creating a new Ap or upgrading an existing Ap.
  • Love CBSN, hate the app 3/5

    By Pltidwell
    Original app worked well on iOS devices both phone and tablet, then the “update” that screwed everything—and continues to screw up live video. C’mon CBS, I love your anchors, your news, your views, just fix the app!
  • Free, 24/7, streaming news! 5/5

    By Spitzarino
    I am a proud cord-cutter & this app allows me to watch national news for free 24/7. Furthermore, I have found CBS to be more “news” focused than NBC & ABC; particularly on the major morning news program. Less gimmicks, more content.
  • New app and lack of support 1/5

    By Dale02
    New version of app will not load on older IOS and CBS will not provide data for older apps. Guess what CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox still support older platforms and IOSs. CBS's loss, not mine!
  • Issue with this version 3/5

    By Clarknet
    Normally this is a 6 out of 5 star app. Recent version keeps asking me to update to latest version, I have, yet it keeps saying I need to update. I've deleted it and re-installed it.
  • IT 5/5

    By Likey Clock
    This is it. All others are wannabes don't waste your time get this one! Great update too.
  • Keep it Real 4/5

    By Zeke Z
    So far so good. I do not want political views or opinions that just degrade another person. News is what happened and true as can be.
  • Chromecast Functionality Is Fixed!!! 5/5

    By mocomain
    Chromecast streaming works again, hurray & huzzah! Well done, CBSN!
  • Annoying pop-up 4/5

    By Interrupted User
    The streaming CBS News App is excellent, if only I could continue using it. I updated with version 3.7.2 months ago. I verified this in the App store, which prompts me to open (rather than update) the app. When I do open, an annoying pop-up appears to prompt me to update the app. Neither selecting cancel nor update allows me to use the app. Cancel closes it, and update takes me back to the App Store. I detest pop-ups anyway, whose sole function is to keep users from doing what they intended. Not user-friendly.
  • Why update and why review 1/5

    By Couldn't be better
    You’ll through out my review, as soon as you find & read it! All you proffer is FAKE NEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Craps out! 1/5

    By Bandito55
    Always crashes. Now cannot update app and is totally useless.
  • worst app news ever 1/5

    By carlosma
    The user experience is terrible, scrolling and browsing around is bad. Videos don't update in the main view. Currently says I have to update to version 3.7 to continue using the app, then I'm transfer to the app store where there's no available update. I deleted the app then downloaded the app again, appstore asks me if I want to download an older version, I accept as my ipad is old, then open the app and again I'm forced to update to version 3.7 ad infinitum and ad nausea. You should keep providing support for older versions or alert me you no longer support my ios version and not misleading that I MUST update it and ending up not being able to use the app anymore.
  • Biased news 1/5

    By rambkumar
    The news is obviously biased against President Trump Makes your network appears to do fake news

    By KidFromDaBronx
    I updated the app, now its stuck on the "To continue using the app update..." Keeps looping back to store. Deleted, because of incompatibility, store suggested i install an older version which i did. Same issue. So im not allowed to have CBS app on my ipad?
  • Older Apple devices abandoned 1/5

    By rancidmeat
    CBSNews app now requires a version of iOS that can't be installed on older Apple devices. Usually when this happens, the older version of the app will still run; not CBSNews.
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Shar831
    CBS makes it easy to keep up with breaking news and also to follow up on news stories left hanging. They don’t interrupt me every 10 minutes but they are there when I want them.
  • Freezes repeatedly 2/5

    By clcmn
    Very disappointing. The app freezes every time I use it. Have deleted and re-downloaded it repeatedly to see if that helps.
  • Just What We Need 5/5

    By sarek1701
    CBS NEWS is the last bastion of balanced reporting. In a polarized world CBS NEWS has lived up the tradition of Murrow, Cronkite, and yes, even Rather. Any body remember Eric Severeid??
  • CBS News 5/5

    By Pritt505
    Its the beast!!
  • Abandons older iPad users 1/5

    By Tschudin Chocolates
    New app won't load on older iPads and on older version you can't get access anymore. Why abandon your loyal early adopters?
  • Biased 1/5

    By ltMDres
    Very biased reporting. Local Baltimore station always stirring the pot.
  • Love streaming live news 5/5

    By Gin98225
    I cast live news with chromecast using this app. Works great.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By ganpsah
    Awesome App
  • Does not work on version 9 iPads anymore 1/5

    By Too many commercials!!!
    New App revision puts you in an endless loop and does not appear to work on pre-version 10 iPads anymore. Too bad it's not backward compatible. Prior version worked fine.
  • Latest version now needs IOS 10! 1/5

    By PN in SB
    Latest version (3.7.2 dated 3-29-18) does not work on my iPad (13G36) which cannot be updated to IOS 10. It has IOS 9.3.5. ABC news app does not have this problem. Hello CBS! You have eliminated a WHOLE lot of users who have older iPads!
  • stopped working 1/5

    By LibbyG
    App will not open, it says update required.3.7.2 No updates available, button says "open" for app. I am trapped in an endless cycle, being routed from update screen to app store and back again. Was working fine until they "fixed" it...? I guess AP is my news source now.
  • CBS this morning:,Constipation 3/5

    By Barry Denver
    1. Norah O'Donnell is ridiculously beautiful. 2. I'm a fan of the show. John Dickerson is a total pro. 3. I'm okay watching commercials on the app. 4. But for God's sake show more than one commercial. It seems you run the spot for the Medicine that cures constipation - and only that spot- for weeks at a time. And it's constipation! Really... Is America really that constipated?
  • No longer streams 2/5

    By AdiG2018
    This app no longer works with Google Chromecast
  • Completely unusable 1/5

    By Dr joe black
    Loads up as normal, displays current news, the pops up a notification to download the latest versions of the app (3.7.2) and quits. Version 3.7.2 requires iOS 10, which will not run on this phone. Goodbye cbs: Removed the app from all devices.
  • App will not work anymore 1/5

    By Techexpert25790
    I have been using this app every day for a year. I have an older iPad 9 (as does 30% of the population still) of users and they just pushed out an update with requirements of 10.0 or higher. Which the older ipads dont have. This should be treated like TV viewing not apple phone service, viewing audiences do not upgrade their TV's to get their news every few years and we should not have to buy a newer version of our ipads to see CBS streaming news every fee years either. How many households watching news can afford to update their device to get their news? I am getting an update error and its taking me to the page where i downloaded this app. I have no update available because i have an older ipad. So i can not update. Im going in a circle now and the app shuts off, can not play it. So very disappointed i just lost my every day CBS news.
  • Fix This 1/5

    By F1 & Hockey Fan
    Until yesterday (5/29) CBS was my 1st go to news app. Message appeared telling me to upgrade to latest version. Unfortunately, my I-Pad will not run version 10 of the operating system (it is old, like me but it works fine). I am not getting a new i-Pad (or any other tablet) until this one quits, so Please, fix the app so it continues working on older hardware! Thank You frank R.
  • Will not work with older iPad and iOS 9.3 1/5

    By Paul Crowl
    Demands update to open, but after downloading update, still demands the update and then closes. I use this iPad 2 as my knock around.
  • Best news 5/5

    The CBS app is the best news app that I have. It is always up dating news stories so I am current with what is happening.

CBS News: Live Breaking News app comments


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