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CBS News: Live Breaking News

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CBS News: Live Breaking News App

The CBS News app brings free, live, 24/7 streaming breaking news and analysis to your iPhone, Apple TV and iPad -- no login or authentication required. Whether you’re looking for national news, local updates or entertainment and sports coverage, the CBS News app has you covered. With the CBS News app, you can: • Live-stream breaking news, analysis and original reporting from CBSN, the free, live, 24/7 streaming video news service from CBS News • Get free, live, local news coverage from CBSN’s nine local streams: Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh • Watch exclusive interviews, in-depth reporting and features on-demand from CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Face the Nation, CBS This Morning: Saturday, and Sunday Morning • Subscribe to push alerts for breaking news updates, live events and exclusive reporting • Deep-dive into key issues driving the national conversation with CBSN Originals documentaries • Read the latest U.S. news, politics and finance reporting from • Stream sports and entertainment coverage via ET Live and Sports HQ - For feedback or questions, please contact us at [email protected] California Privacy/Info We Collect - California Do Not Sell My Info -

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CBS News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Kareem interview 5/5

    By Macd44
    This Morning interview of Kareem was best piece on protests that I have seen. Congratulations on great reporting on this difficult issue.
  • App switching screens 1/5

    By Linda Moore
    I was reading one news story and all of a sudden the app HORRIBLY switched to a VERY UNWANTED SCREEN & I couldn’t get back to my original news story that I wanted to finish reading ... !!!! 😰😭😓😱
  • CBS news cancellation 1/5

    By sa16ne
    I don’t want cbs news on my iPhone any longer.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Nellies paints
    The app doesn’t let me share!!’ Crapola!
  • Can not stream audio in background 1/5

    By Dannybill13
    I cannot listen to app if screen is off, need to burn battery
  • Audio 2/5

    By Golfermom42
    Many times I have been on the app and all of a sudden there were two different transmission. Then I would have to shut it down. Also how do you get CBS-BayArea. Or is that only on a computer
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By WillowRiver54
    I thought I would get new about Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.... seniors want to know about the areas where they live and close to home Too We’re can you send your questions or thoughts to? Comments?
  • Video overload 1/5

    By Smokeys mom
    I like to read my news - not be bombarded with video clips. This app has way too much video.
  • Doesn’t work with Chromecast 2/5

    By Azwildcat78
    Good app but won’t cast to Chromecast.
  • Bad app 2/5

    By oprahand gayle
    There is no search option that I can find. I wanted to send a video from today’s CBS This Morning and I couldn’t find a place to put in the guest name and subject. It was an interview by Gayle with Robert Smith. After scrolling through numerous video highlights from the past week, I was unable to find that one interview. Not a good design. And now this won’t send without a nickname. BAD.
  • Useless 1/5

    By morrisonlucy
    There is no search function and it won’t play videos from the internet.
  • Stimulus checks 5/5

    By Iweeny
    I am a senior an have not got my direct deposit yet what’s up with that? I’m not the only one!
  • Morons 1/5

    By kshhhbrjsj
    This is like reading people magazine. Done with it. CBS - Where did you go? You should be embarrassed.
  • L 5/5

    By Ryn001
    Let ya guys op Has l O P P
  • WTH??? 1/5

    By just me2
    The ads at the bottom of the story (about the Atlas rocket launch)I was reading on this app this morning were all in CHINESE. What is with THAT, CBS? Have you been hacked??? Is this China trying to be "funny," telling us that they're watching our launches? Well,I am not amused. No more reading the CBS news app if your running ads in Chinese, either unwittingly, or on purpose. I've had enough of China just jow, thanks.
  • Stop giving me the HIV drug commercial 3/5

    By blaaaa124
    Good app and I love the news/material but for the love of god stop playing the HIV drug commercial. It’s 60 seconds of a product I don’t need...
  • Poorly deigned app, but it is somewhat less annoying than CNN 1/5

    By Zekeorama
    This is terribly designed app in that it is very clunky to navigate from one story back to the main feed. I rarely use it because of this design flaw. It’s somewhat less annoying than the CNN app as far as content, even though the CNN app has a much better design.
  • App just exits / needed to upgrade app on phone 3/5

    By AviatorDave
    Not very interesting/ broken app:-( After updating the app it starts up at least
  • Needs some work 2/5

    By SKAcrows
    I’ll start by saying that I like the articles so that’s important. However there are a few things that need to be addressed by the team. There now has been a new implementation of ads that roll in from the side and cover the articles. There are already ads embedded into the articles that get overlapped by these side ads. It’s too much guys and is driving me away from my go to news app. Also, when you are reading an article there is no side by to give you an indication of how long that article is. You have to you have to keep flicking your finger until you get to the bottom then flip all the way back up to the top if you do want to read it. If you are at the end of an article there is no way to go back to the previous page of articles without scrolling back to the top. Every other app has that back arrow there at all times. This app only shows it when you are at the top of the page. So read your looong article the scroll flip upwards 10 time so the arrow appears then go back a page by hitting it. I’s ridiculous. Please fix this. 1. Stop the ads that now enter from the sides 2. Add a side bar so we know how long that article is 3. Have the back arrow visible at all times. These will make your app enjoyable rather than a frustration. I’m almost done with this app for good.
  • Free but update made site worse 1/5

    By VictoriaSahar
    Now site has way too much movement, stories are still on or regurgitated for weeks and longer, cannot rewind live news. Also, if read a story must scroll up to hit back cursor to return to main page (take a hint from CNN cursor remains throughout story to return to main page at any time). Love CBS especially, Vlad and Anne Marie and rest of the gang in that time slot. Replacing Gayle King would be a plus.
  • Garbage sensationalism 1/5

    By Someone who regrets
    Full of pop ups with malware
  • Terrible audio control!!! 1/5

    By mpd9937
    The audio from reporting clip is so low I have to turn up my volume really high, and when commercials come on it’s blaring. I know that the commercials are generally louder to get our attention but come on! It doesn’t need to be that stark of a contrast from whisper to air raid siren. Please fix this application because I like CBS news and it enables me to watch clips when I want.
  • Loud commercials 1/5

    By bchfgshgkfuug
    I will stop watching you if you continue with the loud commercials. I would rather pay for cnn then listen to these loud commercials. It is so annoying especially in the morning. Fix it, or lose consumers. You wonder why you’re losing money? Also - Vladimir duthiers is so annoying!
  • Use to love list app. 1/5

    By Tokyo 6
    I use to use this app all the time for news and watching 48 hours because it worked overseas. In the last months they changed that. So very disappointing. Need to find a new option.
  • Poorly laid out 2/5

    By Out $$
    A poorly laid out jumble of stories and video clips. Makes me Not want to waste my time looking through it.
  • Scrolling... 3/5

    By Michael_Zucker
    Why do I need to scroll to the top of an arrival to get back to the main page? The only way the arrow at the top left appears is if I scroll to the top? Really?
  • Fake News By Fake People 1/5

    By i_love_norway
    That’s right now get it right. No more of this comic book reporting !
  • Watching shows 1/5

    By kelsea0718
    Trying to watch 48 hours, commercials play periodically, unfortunately the commercials play while the show plays. It’s 2020, come on really
  • Commercials don’t work 1/5

    By NopeCBS notWatching
    After watching 9 commercials in a row while trying to get to the second half of face the nation I gave up
  • Won’t cast 1/5

    By Feud addict!!!!!!!!!!$
    Casting doesn’t work with Google Chromecast. Was the only reason for me to download this app
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Bonddock
    I thought cbs would be unbiased news but but the cover up of Biden and his sexual attack’s is unfortunate and unbelievable
  • No sound on the videos 1/5

    By budagirl
    Don’t like your videos because there’s no sound
  • Too many ads on this app Don’t waste your money or Tim 1/5

    By Jerry from Nevada
    Trying to to them !
  • Trump Jr. 2024 1/5

    By trump jr 2028
    CBS Fake News
  • Friday discussion on CBS This Morning re: Small Business Insurance 1/5

    By librarian at play
    Update status of small business owners suing insurance for claims that were denied to them re: loss of business due to government closing
  • The auto load video is a deal breaker 1/5

    By mhjkn
    Nothing in settings to change that. Deleted app.
  • Governor Gretchen 1/5

    By BradInCLE
    You people are SICK to condone her behavior, citing “medical experts” what medical experts? We don’t have any. Fauci, the WHO, CDC, NIH, etc. are all FAKE SCAMMERS. and CBS tops the list? Where is the report where you faked camera shots of CBS’ staged events. Are you blind? Can’t you see how you feed the corruption and misinformation? CBS admin is SICK
  • Sunday Night Movies 5/5

    By walker&
    Thank you for bringing back classics and letting me escape from what is happening now. I know it will get better and only hope we get better. We love to be informed and love America, the world and the celestial realm and beyond. My father, a physicist would say in the whole scheme of things we are just gains of sand.
  • Help ! 5/5

    By 1955danceparty
    Please help me out of all this. All I want Is a plain CBS station. I am just a normal 72 years old lady. Thank you for reading this.
  • Latest update 4/5

    By WhoGirl314
    I like this app. But lately when I open it, it has this pop up, I think to go to what live right now. I cannot delete this pop up! It’s very annoying... if I wanted “live”, I would click on the “live” button. Please fix this.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Chacer02
    Loser...where is the #metoo articles on Biden
  • Way Too Many Ads 2/5

    By GBC151
    Ok content but if you want to watch the CBS News video, get ready to watch an unbelievable amount of ads. I gave up and didn't wait for them to end, just quit. This is my first app review about ads. Just so annoying. Also, no way to provide feedback on content. Very liberal bias.
  • Incomplete 3/5

    By judyt222
    The content is not complete. I wanted to replay the segment on the food photographer from this morning (May 2) and get more info on his program to sell his prints to benefit food industry workers. Nowhere to be found.
  • Poor performance 3/5

    By Tonywalsh
    The app makes your scroll back to top to go back. Most apps have the go back icon when just move up a notch
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By David l. B.
    No delays on the news or interruption with this app. I like it!
  • Useless Notifications / No Way to Turn Off Certain Notification 1/5

    By Grumpbuscus
    I don’t want an update on every governor in every state doing their daily press conference. There are two options for notifications: all on or all off. I’m fine with every other alert I get from them but I don’t care enough about COVID-19 to get an update 8 times a day about a governor in another state talking.
  • Rate 1/5

    By kindess endures
    Where is the Biden sexual harassment news? It appears you are avoiding coverage
  • Mask Comments 4/5

    By Terry Gilmore's IPad
    I think this is the most professional of the Nightly news but I am disappointed that many of the reporters that Nora used to go over the Daily Highlights doesn't wear protective mask ! Is it because they don't think they are attractive? Makes no sense to me and we wonder why everyone doesn't wear mask when the reporter who announced the amount of deaths in USA as most don't, really Amazing!
  • CBS APP 2/5

    By OnTheDogWatch
    Can not send links from shows

CBS News: Live Breaking News app comments

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