CBS News: Live Breaking News

CBS News: Live Breaking News

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CBS News: Live Breaking News App

The CBS News app brings free, live, 24/7 streaming breaking news and analysis to your iPhone, Apple TV and iPad -- no login or authentication required. Whether you’re looking for national news, local updates or entertainment and sports coverage, the CBS News app has you covered. With the CBS News app, you can: • Live-stream breaking news, analysis and original reporting from CBSN, the free, live, 24/7 streaming video news service from CBS News • Get free, live, local news coverage from CBSN’s nine local streams: Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh • Watch exclusive interviews, in-depth reporting and features on-demand from CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Face the Nation, CBS This Morning: Saturday, and Sunday Morning • Subscribe to push alerts for breaking news updates, live events and exclusive reporting • Deep-dive into key issues driving the national conversation with CBSN Originals documentaries • Read the latest U.S. news, politics and finance reporting from • Stream sports and entertainment coverage via ET Live and Sports HQ - For feedback or questions, please contact us at [email protected] California Privacy/Information We Collect - Do Not Sell My Information -

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CBS News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By 103275
    Nothing about protests in Seattle and Portland. No mention of people losing their jobs due to cancellation of Keystone.
  • One of those the worst; actually more of the same 1/5

    By babs0628
    CBS is not news; it’s merely opinions at best. I got rid of televised CBS yesterday, and finishing today by deleting the app because I am no longer going to tolerate much less support liberal talking points from ANY organization, group, company etc. If I want to hear the opinions of ONLY liberals, I don’t need CBS to do it since you lib news organizations just repeat the same exact articles and headlines as the next. Same EXACT news stories 🤦🏼‍♀️ No thanks; I’ll pass on your propaganda.
  • Functionality neutered when VPN is enabled 2/5

    By The Bamboo King
    You have to choose between securing your device or using the app???
  • Show on top of show 2/5

    By Malati Shinazy
    Can’t get rid of headlines to watch something else. Have to turn off my phone! Pleeez
  • Commercial volume 2/5

    By Dan Whitney
    Great app. Only downfall is the volume of commercials is at least 2x of programming.
  • It’s okay.... 3/5

    By Bell'ham
    More up to date news would be nice.
  • Update lousy 1/5

    By 4Mikesell
    I was just forced to update to version 4.2.3 of your app. I watch it on an iPhone 6. The previous version was fine. This version it’s not downloading well. It took a couple tries to watch overtime. I tried to watch the live feed and the speakers could not finish a sentence before the video and audio would freeze for a minute or two at a time. Finally I tried to watch a favorite, take out and it would never download just gave me a black screen with the play button but no video, no audio. No change when I pushed the button. Please work on this and create a new update very quickly as you have rendered the app nearly useless at least on an iPhone 6. This update I will eagerly take but I really resent wanting to watch five minutes of some thing and being forced to wait and update the app before I am allowed to do so. A much better method is to alert the viewer that there will be a forced update when they close this use of the app.
  • No clips on guns 5/5

    By kanooknchili
    Good morning I was watching Face the Nation and noticed the National Guard has no clips in there guns. How safe is our democracy and our Leadership? Thank you CBS does a great job
  • Sunday Morning 1/5

    By mlrtvc
    Sunday Morning used to be an upbeat and interesting show, full of interviews with people who had made a difference in some way, usually something unusual and informative, if not just plain fun. Now it is full of politicized stories, definitely slanted to the left. This morning I turned it off three times, starting with a Kamala Harris puff piece. Each time I “tried again” it was the same, ending with a comedienne who has made it big at the expense of (yet again) Donald Trump. I am NOT a Trump fan in the least, but have realized that your editorial staff on this show has turned sycophantic and only wants to adulate the left. I’m finished. Buhbye.
  • Needs some work … 2/5

    By the book guy
    I’m on an iPhone 7plus. Randomly terminates while I’m reading a news story, forcing a restart of the app. And the user must scroll to the top of the screen to find a ‘back arrow’ in order to get back to the news story list. Programer guys: use right and left screen swipes! But good for viewing The Takeout (which is fab) & 60 Minutes; that works well.
  • Mental adult shot by cop 5/5

    By cbs2021
    I have become more aware of mental illnesses since having neighbor with dementia. Mental illness is really scary and our world just does not know how to handle this. More and more people are becoming this way. I hope instead of spending so much time dwelling on what the cop did wrong. You will use this to help all people understand. That man may have calmed down if cop would have just listened to him. Calmed him down. I do this with my neighbor. I know cops are more afraid, fear for their lives. But this may help fears people run into even in grocery store. I am now much more aware. We all need help in this. Thanks
  • CBS News, What a Great News South 5/5

    By Will Ribinson
    I have enjoyed the truth being told by you, I have enjoyed it my whole life, 62 years, Thank You!
  • Fake political news and bias 1/5

    By drtealandme
    Sick of your opinions - just tell the news like it used to be told - keep your thoughts & opinions to yourself
  • CBS 2/5

    By Hartsough
    It keep cutting out, why is this happening
  • Needs Dark Mode 4/5

    By katrebmor
    Am I overlooking the option for dark mode? This app blinds me when I’m laying in bed at night catching up on the daily news.
  • CBS news 1/5

    By johnsorl99
    It pushes its agenda and goes after those that disagree.
  • Stahl 1/5

    By Tsunami John
    Stahl, is a rude, disgusting personal who purports to be a reporter
  • CBS News app best one Yet! 5/5

    By Goth1095
    I have three other major News apps the two best ones I have are the BBC and now CBS News. CBS News app offers so much including to my surprise 60 Minutes at no charge you can watch any particular segment or watch all of them. We are living in a time when the three major cable news networks have become so Politicised as well as people creating alternative facts we need news that we can depend on I have always thought the BBC is one of the best sources and I feel that CBS News is in the same league.
  • Great news service 5/5

    By Verghese
    A great service which should put CBS on top around the world. It is free and open on several platforms around the world. It is neutral, truthful, informative and gives the world an American view of world events. CBSN is a competition to France24, Euronews, NHK and Sky News.
  • Why No Share Capabilities? 2/5

    By Keren Neshama
    I really enjoy reading your articles, but then I want to share the article so others can read it. I looked at the end of the article and I saw that there is no way to share on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere. Very disappointing.
  • Great News Source 5/5

    By Ron-Jon_77
    I’ve always loved CBS News and their app has been great. I specifically enjoy the radio feature. Simply slide the button and it plays the latest news. This is journalism at its finest.
  • AntFlo 2/5

    By antflo1956
    Goes blank and says check back later a lot
  • Please add ChromeCast and leave it available 4/5

    By Javagirlz
    I love this app. Please, please put the ChromeCast capability back on your otherwise outstanding app. And leave it there, don’t put it up and take it down. Not having that option to cast on this app forces me to watch you, my primary news source, only on my phone. All my other news sources allow me to stream on my television. I’d rate you five stars if you would restore the ChromeCast option. Thank you.
  • Why change it? 1/5

    By Tiny House Bitchies
    My old app for CBS was great
  • Delete 1/5

    By emilyjgrosnacc
    I wish you cared that I am deleting you. You are a Bias entertainment network—not journalists.
  • Sad new news 1/5

    By gmanchris
    Can’t deal with this horrible one sided close minded network. It’s pathetic that this is what people have to count on for actual news.
  • No search capability 1/5

    By Jnlyn5
    Guess will watch on website
  • CBS News 1/5

    By Dog zilla
    It is 4:30 p.m. CST on December 31 and the most recent CBS This Morning is from December 30. Why advertise live streaming and online viewing if I can’t do either??
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Madafferi
    Cannot find a show. Login doesn’t work.
  • CBS APP 5/5

    By Hanna-Holobaugh
    CBS allows you, via text notifications, the opportunity to watch breaking news andThe news as it unfolds live. This allows you to follow the news that you’re interested in, when you are busy with your day. Perfect just the way I like it! Thank you CBS!!!
  • Where is SEARCH function? 1/5

    By emersonia
    Where is SEARCH function?
  • Waste of time for news 1/5

    By Bbell1024
    This app has way, way, waaaaaaaaay too many commercials. You just don’t have the time to sit through all of them to get your news. Ridiculous and disappointing.
  • CBSN The personification of news reporting! 5/5

    By Privetbrooklyn
    Undoubtedly the best journalism on earth without exceptions‼️ Michael Melendez Santo Domingo Gaithersburg, MD
  • No search option 1/5

    By Punk Nut
    Can’t find The shows they market to you. Perplexing.
  • Creed67514 1/5

    By Creed67514
    Very very disappointed in this App. You will love it if you love 90% commercials and 10% news, and thats being generous. Site navigation is also very poor.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By hate cbs now
    Impossible to cancel!!
  • Was a 5, now a 1 star App. Avoid ! 1/5

    By Dhecksel
    The content is 100% politicized. Avoid !
  • CBS online 1/5

    By bawdybear2000
    Lousy search function
  • The “headlines” are way late and there’s many better options. 1/5

    By A LeopluridonxX
    Headlines are late and poorly written. App is slow to load, new phone..... After about 4 hours the “live” feed is just looped. So by saying live 24/7 then having replayed content throughout the day is actually false advertising and very misleading. Look into a good news agency’s app, this isn’t one of them.
  • Always buffering 1/5

    By La Gran Via
    Every app we have Netflix, Showtime, etc. we have no problem watching 4K shows. CBS app is always buffering, and the commercials but for the longest making me not want to use their product
  • Keeps glitching even tho our signal is strong! 1/5

    By Pozz26
    Are we doing it wrong? Where do we go to stream CBS Evening News all in one piece?

    By Not able to hear!!
  • President Donald Trump 1/5

    By Michelle M Penn
    I’m very disappointed that your network correspondent Mrs. Jiang continues to address our President as Mr. Trump. He is our President just like President Biden. I’m disgusted that Mrs. Jiang who was not born an American citizen and whose husband is a supporter of the Democratic Party would not treat all as the most important person in our democracy. I blame CBS who obviously has allowed this to go on. Shame on you.
  • Live broadcast is not live 1/5

    By cbird5052
    Doesn’t show “live” broadcasts as they are actually being broadcast. Very much delayed.
  • Repression of news 1/5

    By MGB74
    Imagine my surprise when I could find no mention of Hunter Biden being investigated for tax evasion. No mention of Joe Biden’s brother being investigated either. CBS should be investigated for news fraud.
  • Sharing 1/5

    By lakedelta
    Please make it possible to share stories
  • Loss of objective journalism 1/5

    By ArvDeo
    One sides coverage. No objectivity. Where is Hunter story? Where are other important stories other than negative stories day in and day out on current administration. That is a shame. A great news organization loosing its journalistic values.
  • I can’t find live with Gail king 1/5

    By Soo Zee
    I can’t find morning with Gail King
  • Ellen Degeneres 1/5

    By Unhappy #67
    I really don’t think this should be breaking news! Alot of people have COVID-19 and are dying, they aren’t individually on breaking news, why is Ellen any different! I’m deleting the app because of this, you’re very disappointing!