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CBS Radio News App

*** Apple CarPlay Ready*** This app offers live-streaming breaking-news as it happens, straight from the CBS newsroom. Get up-to-the-minute national and international news broadcasts every half hour, 24 hours a day. You'll also hear the best CBS News features on money, technology, health, politics, and more. You also have unlimited access to our podcasts from our app, so you can download and listen even if you aren't connected to the Internet. See text headlines and tweets from @CBSNewsRadio. You'll also now have access to CBS News Radio content through your dashboard using Apple CarPlay. Highlights: Breaking News • An up-to-the-minute newscast from the CBS News Radio newsroom, updated every half hour • The latest CBS News Radio newscast every time you launch the app • Breaking News on our 24/7 stream when it happens On-Demand Listening • Thought-provoking news and features on the stories that matter to you • Newscasts, news pieces, features and analysis Programs • Latest Newscast -- All the world's news in three minutes • 60 Minutes -- America's #1 news magazine show • Face the Nation -- Bob Schieffer hosts this weekly political roundtable • Weekend Roundup -- CBS Radio News' 40-minute news magazine show, a comprehensive look at the week's news Technical Notes • Runs best on iPhone 5 and later units. • CarPlay is only available on certain car models. See for more details. Find out more about us, at our Facebook page at, on Twitter at and at our website

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CBS Radio News app reviews

  • Terrible app that should be much better 1/5

    By kzqwz
    Developers: Start over from scratch and make a good app. For one thing, there is no way to pause or stop play, even by minimizing the app. There is no way to close it, except by opening an app like Tunein and playing something. The most recent broadcasts are not available, and usually only one is. It is absolutely terrible and reflects very poorly on CBS.
  • Auto-Play Broken 1/5

    By Tox Uthat
    When opening this app, the auto play opens to two simultaneous audio streams. Unusable. I would like there to be a clear setting in the CBS News Radio app to auto-play only the hourly news update on app launch / alarm clock wake-up. Is there a way to enable this?
  • Doesn’t want to work 1/5

    By Mr Memetic
    Just like that office temp with an attitude problem, this app just doesn’t want to work. It keeps saying there’s no internet connection despite the fact all my other apps are connecting fine to the web (or more precisely the three other ones I tested out while getting this message from this app). Since you won’t be paying a dime you might as well see if it works for you, though
  • CarPlay is a mess! 1/5

    By jgrnt1
    I’ve used this app in my car via CarPlay to get the hourly news and half hour updates. Though a bit buggy, it’s generally worked for quite a while. It has not worked properly since iOS 15. I can get the live feed, but all the recorded news shows as blank. It’s not that it won’t play. The CarPlay app doesn’t even show the podcasts. They are still on the iPhone app and will play from there, but I don’t access my phone while driving. That’s what CarPlay is for.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Cjneg
    Where to start. Takes forever to load and at times won’t connect to internet. Podcasts won’t load properly. Downloaded podcast will not play. I NEED THIS APP FOR CLASSROOM USE. I have used KCBS for 35 years and I am now having to use the ABC news app as a replacement. PLEASE UPDATE.
  • Hot mess 1/5

    By Jimmyjoejeeter
    I read the negative reviews from years ago and thought, “Well they must have fixed it by now.” Nope. On the iphone once you open it it plays news radio, the off switch doesn’t work, so you have to swipe it off your screen to turn it off. Oh,and the ads are intrusive. That’s as far as I got before deleting it.
  • Spying on you! 1/5

    By comstock100
    When I have copied something from the notes on my phone to the clipboard and then open the CBS News Radio app, I get a notification saying that CBS News Radio has pasted what I had on my clipboard. Why would this app need to know what anyone has on their clipboard??
  • Cuts out 1/5

    By Ydoweneedanickname
    App constantly cuts out n stops working
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By DSM Mike 0311
    There is great material but it’s so buggy I don’t use it often. Ads and stories run at the same time or multiple stories run at the same time. Stories stop abruptly. No consistency in volume. It was much better as part of the old app. This needs fixed badly.
  • Poor quality app 1/5

    By Racer C
    Unless I’m at home or some other high speed portal, the refuses to fully load. There are many other buggy issues with this which makes it difficult to listen to the top and bottom of hour newscasts. But these problems have been going on for years, so it shows me CBS just doesn’t care. :(
  • Another app dead for older IPad 2/3 users after update... 1/5

    By Marty not a unique nickname
    Older interface used to load with no issues and play radio and downloaded content with no issues... Now it won't load at all and crashes immediately. Pathetic and makes you wonder why people are switching to android tablets. DO NOT UPDATE and as far as Apple is concerned allow rollback to updates or refusal to updates so there aren't constant update number notifications on AppStore
  • Gone from CarPlay display?! 1/5

    By The_Unbeliever
    This app no longer shows up in CarPlay as of iOS 13.
  • Can’t connect 1/5

    By akampfer
    The latest version when you open it says it can’t connect to the internet. I only have 4 stars.
  • Knock, Knock! Anyone home! 1/5

    By Woodchup88
    Seriously, this app needs an overhaul! Always stops playing within a few minuets after you open the app - you must manually restart it using the Play button. To make matters worse, there is endless bragging about CBS news and all the rewards they have received, over, and over, again! Today it stopped playing after the first news report and refused to work at all - even after I restarted my iPad. Nuff said!
  • Big Disappointment 1/5

    By Jherna7
    Why do I keep waiting for the update to this app? Every time I run it I get extremely frustrated when two sound tracks play simultaneously and the volume is difficult to adjust. Honestly my advanced Computer Technology high school students put out better projects than this garbage.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By KyleQuake
    It’s a shame CBS allows this app to be used. The news/sound comes on without you even opening the app. Stories start then stop or switch to another sound source... rating F-.
  • Consistently Crashes 1/5

    By Blackhound958
    This app is horrible. I used to download the World News Roundup podcast every morning before leaving for work. Now apparently the only way to get the podcast is through this app, which crashes almost every time I hit the download button. Other times it will show as downloaded, but then nothing plays back. Did anyone bother to test this before releasing this version? Either fix this app or make the Roundup available again through the Podcast app.
  • Needs an update! 2/5

    By MommyMona
    For the last several months when I open the app it will play between 5 seconds to a minute or two and then shut off. I use the sleep alarm function and it has nothing to do with that. Every night I have to restart the app. Annoying! But I love the news updates at any time, only it’s boring I. The weekend because it isn't updated enough.
  • No CarPlay 1/5

    By Zazaza73
    Doesn’t show up in my CarPlay screen
  • An Audio Nightmare 2/5

    By Faelandaea
    This app had the potential to be one of my favorite apps for any mobile device ... however at this time I absolutely cannot stand to listen to this app. CBS apparently has no clue what audio normalization is. Volume issues with this app are a nightmare in my vehicle. When I did try this app out, I spent a full week trying to see how it would fare as a primary news app while I am on the road as a truck driver. The result was a constant battle with the volume control. Every time the story would change from one narration to the next, I either could not hear the speaker at all or the sound would blow my ears out. I quickly realized that this was actually causing a major distraction in my driving. With the amount of time I was putting into the volume control, I may as well have been texting and driving or something just as dangerous. I conclusion, I have decided to ditch this app and go back to another news app to get my news while I drive. I wish I did not have to as the other app spends more time asking for donations than actually delivering news to my ears. But frankly I’d rather put up with that than the terrible audio nightmare that is the CBS News Radio app. When CBS hires someone who has a clue on audio normalization, I’ll be happy to return to this app.
  • Won’t show up in CarPlay 1/5

    By Part Time Pilot
    And, yes, I tried deleting and reinstalling. Twice. Still won’t show.
  • Male ED commercials 1/5

    By ArtistJMC
    Far too many male ED commercials. I understand you got to pay the bills but are they the only ones paying for commercials?
  • Last update broke CarPlay support 1/5

    By cjbne
    The last update broke CarPlay support. Please fix it. That was my favorite feature of this app.
  • Good News, Awful App 2/5

    By Jack_McCoy
    Awful interface that looks like a website from the late 90s. The app is all over place — sometimes it crashes, sometimes you’ll get an unskippable ad when you open it (though sometimes you won’t). Half the time it crashes when you try to download audio for offline listening. It’s hard to believe that one of the biggest, most powerful media companies in America has an app this amateurish. Please get this app into the 21st century and I’ll happily update my review.
  • Crash 1/5

    By abcdwf reviewer
    I used the app everyday, but every time I try to open recently the app crashes. Seeing other reviews, I tried to delete and reinstall, but continued to crash. Worthless real estate on my phone now.
  • What happened to CarPlay support? 1/5

    By aaronkaiser
    Where is the CarPlay support? The icon is gone from my dash.
  • Not working properly with CarPlay 1/5

    By Krugaroo
    The app no longer shows up on Apple CarPlay although is still is being marketed as CarPlay ready in the App Store and on Apple’s website. Please fix this, it has been months!
  • No CarPlay? 1/5

    By MacMan9876
    I downloaded this app for one reason: it said it works with CarPlay. But as other reviewers have said, that is a lie. So, I am deleting this app and will just use the CBS News station that is available inside Apple Music.
  • Crashing for a week now 1/5

    By damian921
    Deleted. Reinstalled. Still won’t work.
  • App does not work. 1/5

    By Skyway20000
    I enjoyed the radio on the news app but it’s been removed. Now this new version keeps crashing.
  • Doesn’t work with CarPlay 1/5

    By Bradsdad44
    I thought it might work with IOS 11.4, nope. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it doesn’t appear in CarPlay on my iPhone 8 It was good like 3 Stars when it worked.
  • No longer is working with car play 1/5

    By TzTerri
    Newest version no longer seems to support car play.
  • It doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By scottfg
    when you open the app, all it does is give you a weight icon you never got any content. It sure as hell does not work with CarPlay like it’s supposed to but just does the same thing nothing happened so it’s this is an absolute piece of junk. How the hell I got on to the Apple Store mysteryI thought apps how to actually work before they could be on the store. What a joke
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By hoop dreamer
    This app crashes constantly. Always play one story and then, gone, never to return. Disappointed.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Nnoel6
    Crashes every time it opens..unusable
  • Need a KCBS App 2/5

    By Snowburst
    I was expecting KCBS so that I could receive info on Bay Area emergencies - e.g., live updates on huge Sonoma and Napa county fires. Instead, a steady stream of national news. I can get that elsewhere. We need a KCBS app so we can get urgent local news when out of town. Not a steady repeat of other stuff you already broadcast five times.
  • Crashing; although fixed, delete reload it!! 5/5

    By Bnh.Sah
    It was crashing but then I deleted and reinstalled new and it works again. Please do and poof it will be fixed!! Old review: I used to love to listen to the news updates in the morning. But now every time I launch the app it crashes. Please fix!!!
  • Please delete and reinstall 5/5

    By Dustin Gervais @CBSRadioNews
    (I'm an app developer.) As other reviews have stated, if you are having trouble with the app, please delete it and reinstall. Everything is running well, once you delete and reinstall. Please contact us in the app if you are having any difficulties.
  • New version won't even load 1/5

    By airira
    I have been using this app for several years and the new version that just updated for iOS 11 -- I am still on 10 myself -- will not even load. It starts to download content and then totally disappears. It's a no star app at the moment. Please fix this.
  • Boooo. Hooray!!! 5/5

    By bribriny
    Can't get past the splash screen. Once fixed I'll be back to love it. Update. Deleted and reinstalled... everything is fine!!!!!!!
  • Crashes on launch 1/5

    By AIM Fan for Years
    Won't startup beyond the logo screen. Wait for the next update.
  • update? 2/5

    By Adizzie
    so many complaints. no update since October 2016. why?
  • Waste of time downloading it 1/5

    By Muhammad kashif
  • WAS Perfect 1/5

    By JBandrew
    Revised again - 8-15-17 This app appears to get worse as time goes on. What a mess and what a shame. Will delete yet again. At one time, this app was my primary source of news while driving. Thankful for NPR One. Revised: (Previous) The ads are so often so intrusive, I have deleted the app from my phone. Such a waste of a good app. Absolutely terrible now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Radness1021
    Hangs up all the time and blasts you with pop up adds making it unusable
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Twiz419
    I wanted to listen to news on the truck, not a happy hour singer with a guitar.
  • Car play broken 2/5

    By FamousPerson199
    Car play used to work. But now it does not. I finally noticed The app on my phone was trying to play and ad and was stuck. Please fix!
  • Frustrating to Use 1/5

    By thesmc78
    This app is supposed to work with Apple CarPlay but it constantly hangs up, won't play if my phone is locked & randomly shuts down. Also, the excessive ads are ridiculous, especially the full screen ads which require you to touch your phone to close them. Lately, the app CONSTANTLY redirects you to the App Store to download a game which is maddening because it minimizes the CarPlay interface. Total waste of time to download.
  • So frustrating, I want it to work so bad 1/5

    By carplaynewswish
    This here is a load bearing wall. We're going to rip that out. Completely unnecessary, and it triples the budget. That and the terrible App Store push that kills the app. So frustrating.