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Cedar Point

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  • Current Version: 7.206.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cedar Fair
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cedar Point App

The official, Cedar Point app! Get more out of every day at the park with ride wait times for your favorite rides, an interactive guide map that will help you find the fastest route to any place in the park, easy access to your FunPix photos, a complete listing of all the entertaining shows and events, including show times, so you won’t miss a minute of the action. Buy tickets or store your Season Pass on your phone and receive special offers and discounts only available to app users. Everything you need to make your day at Cedar Point the best day ever! Use the free Cedar Point app for: • Personalized experience based on your likes and interests. • Wayfinding for events with multiple locations. • Click on a particular location to view events that are happening at that location. • Addition of ride status • QR codes on in-app tickets • New onboarding prompts to provide more context for permissions due to iOS 13 • Updates to message inbox to provide more context for permissions due to iOS 13

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Cedar Point app reviews

  • … 5/5

    By Rambo050505
    I’m just here for the ticket of a lifetime reveal lol
  • Inaccurate wait times 2/5

    By Arob34
    Writing this review while standing in line for the ‘0 minute’ wait. Maps are handy. Fairly easy to use. Unfortunately the wait time are not reliable.
  • Only useful as a map 1/5

    By Nate #2
    The wait times were NEVER accurate. The only thing this was good for was know where to go and where things were located.
  • Wait Times Not Accurate 1/5

    By Meghan Harrington
    The ride wait times on the app are not accurate at all. Steel Vengeance said 30 minute wait on the app, when we got back to the start of the queue they said 1 hour (which we were willing to wait anyways). We ended up waiting 2 hours in total, and the app still said 20 minute wait when we got off. This is the worst example of the day, but we also had similar experiences with Maverick, Millennium Force, and Gemini which were the only big rides we even got to ride because we tried to use the app to plan our day and we’re screwed up every time. Lesson learned!
  • Small tweaks needed 4/5

    By JFJ2000
    The app is good, but just needs a few tweaks to improve it. First thing to update are the descriptions of the rides. We need actual info not flowery language describing the ride. People carry bags, so state whether there is a box at the top of the ride or a locker system. Then state where the box or locker is located. A link to explain the locker process would be helpful. Second, the find a restroom feature should have the guided walk feature like the rides do, so that if you select a restroom it will show you the route. Third, the restaurants need actual menus with prices and ingredients, so you can decide whether you could eat at a specific spot due to allergies, dietary restrictions, or money if you’re a teen. Third, the wait times aspect is fairly accurate, but you should not have to login to check wait times. There have been several improvements made in the park and on the app. I’m encouraged to see what will be added next.
  • Internal error 1/5

    By Dmullinax333
    Can’t even log in. Internal error every time I do . Useless
  • Lack of functionality 1/5

    By Kateness21
    App is almost useless for season pass holders. Reservations are a major hassle to do in the app. You still have to copy and paste and add info each time you reserve a date even though your pass and the app are supposedly linked. You do not actually need the app for anything. The exact same functions are available on the main site. This app is basically just a shortcut to access the main site. Waste of space on your phone. This is an embarrassment cedar point. Do better!!!!
  • The complete opposite of useful 1/5

    By Account???
    Cedar Point is great. The app is abysmal. Zero intuitiveness. I’m signed in, my info is saved. In what universe does it make sense to need to manually enter all my ticketing and personal information every time I want to make a reservation? This is all saved on your app—you don’t have issues using it to sell for marketing, why can’t you use it to fill in the stupid form!? FunPix is a scam and a half. Very few rides actually have the pictures. Swing and a miss on this app. Pathetic. Pa-thet-ic! The app is worse than Shoot the Rapids ride! You know, the one that tipped over and almost drowned all those people? Yeah, the app is worse than that.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By musteric
    The wait times for rides are not accurate. So unhelpful.
  • Innacurate and Inefficient 2/5

    By stvjih
    I write this standing in a 2 hour line for Steel Vengeance, and the app says there is no wait. They also started test rides when the ride was supposed to open, and it took about an hour. Half the rides are closed today, yet they invited the same amount of people into the park, which makes wait times even worse.
  • Ride times and chick fil a 3/5

    By jossie134
    Ride times are useful! Chick fil a is closed on Sunday but not listed as so on the app.
  • Reservations total failure 1/5

    By I Adore John Moray
    This app developer should be sued. Cannot view ticket purchases to make reservation changes. Getting error for all my tickets.
  • does not work 1/5

    By ffushdhsbshzh
    the ride times do not work what so ever they all say open when i’m reality they’re over three hours
  • Forces sign in 1/5

    By WxxxxxxW
    Force me to sign in to see ride wait times...uninstalled.
  • Cedar Point is Disappointing Now 1/5

    I drove 3 hours for a vacation with my family and I only got to ride 2 rides because they decided to close @8 instead of 10 pm which limited my time to get on rides, the services weren’t any good and the workers were rude. Also the wait times for the rides were ridiculous..the workers were uneducated as well and steered us wrong which also took up the time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By skeirjrbelsjdjdk
    This app is awful. It crashes 3 seconds after I open it every single time I had to race to take screenshots of our passes bc the app wouldnt stay open long enough for the employee to scan them
  • Drives me CRAZY! 1/5

    By DesaHeem
    This app is the vain of my existence! Every time I try to use it it crashes and I end up having to use the regular site on safari (which is confusing and annoying as well). When I leave the park and want to come back in by showing my season pass, I try to pull it up and it crashes a good 2-3 times before it pulls it up. I’ve just screenshot my pass instead. I have 7 family members passes on my account, but if u think I’d be able to pull them up at any given moment you’d be wrong. Smh And the health screening on here crashes as well. This app is useless.
  • Fun pix 1/5

    By nightcool
    Fun pix is broke across their entire chain of apps. Come on guys fix it!!!! All that shows is the background!!!
  • Precursor To Bankruptcy 1/5

    By cedarpointbyebye
    The app could have been great....but they opted for buggy and redundant instead. You’ll have to put in your season pass info into the app, even though you are signed in already and have already added the pass on the desktop website. The focus is you spending money instead of being an actually beneficial tool. With covid battering their income, you’d think someone there would be slightly smart and make a GOOD reservation system. It’s trash though.
  • Works ok 3/5

    By JohnMosesBrowning
    Would be infinitely more useful if an Apple Watch app was included. Hate carrying my phone around the park. Add the Apple Watch app! I don’t want to lose my phone on Steel Vengence!
  • Update Ideas 4/5

    By BenZup67
    I feel like this can be a great app for when visiting cedar point. I have a few ideas that I think could improve the app. 1. Make it so you can see wait times while out of the park - this way people who commute over 30 minutes can decide if they want to go based on wait times 2. On the interactive map make it so when you click on an attraction include a POV that can be viewed - allows people who aren’t regulars at the park to decide what they want to ride if it’s a busy and only at the park for 1 day 3. Make a tab just for the season pass that shows all add-ons and not just the meal plan 4. Add a feature that shows how populated the park is on a given day by adding trackers at the entrance and exits of the park to allow people a knotted option to determine if they want to go based on wait times 5. Add exclusives to the app to entice people to download the app 6. Add live video like from the website and add behind the scene exclusive videos from in the park 7. Release news about the park on the app like a blog I hope that some of these ideas get taken into consideration to help progress the app and what I feel make it more enjoyable for enthusiasts and the general public.
  • Funpix 1/5

    By GBSST216
    App keeps crashing when using Funpix same on the Kings Island app as well
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Bobby D 9119
    The wait times are utterly worthless. They're never up to date. That feature is 80% of the usefulness of the app, so it's just not helpful.
  • Good passes 1/5

    By #1Fan1234678845875
    This money starved “business” is run like a cheap carnival! I’ll never be back and this app is totally useless!
  • meh 2/5

    By ofclaire303
    the only good thing about this app is showing you where things are in the park. all the wait times are completely wrong. DO NOT TRUST THE WAIT TIMES
  • Wait times 1/5

    By Chojinteki
    I’m a season pass holder. I should be able to see the wait times to decide if i want to spend my time heading to the park.
  • Wait to for milk force right now 1/5

    By waiting150907
    The app said 105 min wait time. Board said 2 hours. We have currently been in line for 2.5 hours and we have AT LEAST another hour to go. Maybe more. App not worth it but maybe cedar point is not worth it.
  • Mostly Pointless 1/5

    By Dizzle2134
    This App is great for a mobile map of the park. Outside of this there is not much use to it. Ride times are never accurate and it is not current with ride closures.
  • What? 1/5

    By coaster cpl
    Why in the world when I open the app and all I see is how to buy tickets?
  • Wait times are useless 2/5

    By 113322446655779988
    Pretty much only thing this app is good for is the map of the park. The wait times are so wrong continuously, I’m not even sure why they have them on the app...completely useless. App showed a 30 minute wait for Maverick the entire time we waited in line for an hour. Showed an hour wait for Gatekeeper, was on in 15 minutes. Not sure how they update the wait times, but the system they are using isn’t working. Don’t plan your rides around the app wait times or you will be disappointed.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Dante's inferno 60
    Ride times are not often updated and when they are, the times are significantly longer.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By TJM2
    I can get 3 of our 4 season passes stored in the app. The app crashes a lot. Visit counter doesn’t work. I can’t buy tickets/meal plans in the app. The interactive map does work well. Wait times are the same as what is posted at the rides.
  • Pride and prejustice 2/5

    By Dibbgoogs655
    I am very happy with cedar fair and their app but I have some hatred for the funpix integration. It should be a stand alone app- I pay for a funpix account and the images from the park I garner never load into the app properly. It’s like I have to select them blindly and download them one by one. This is also an issue on the King’s Island funpix integration. Please fix this user experience!
  • Awful 1/5

    By mhartsh1
    The wait times listed on the app are inaccurate to a point thats unbelievable and beyond its frustrating. You’re better off playing the guessing game. And leaving this app in your IOS graveyard. Worst part is we just bought Gold Passes.

    By The Tea Spiller 2.0
    The ride times are never up to date and always wrong. They are rarely accurate, and extremely frustrating!!! ruined my entire trip. do not recommend. Never coming back again

    By Robbilady
    The wait times in the app are wholly inaccurate. With that being a main function of the app besides the map, it’s pretty much nothing but a venue to buy tickets and overpriced fast lane passes.
  • In app purchases not available in app? 1/5

    By Rachael.330
    I’m a platinum pass holder and took advantage of the bring a friend discount offer - purchasing several tickets in the app. My pass information linked to my account and visable in the app - however I had to repeatedly renter my pass number while I made the purchase. This was a pain because I had to screenshot my pass number from the app and text it to my husband so he could read it to me while I typed it back into the app. I successfully completed the purchase and selected mobile delivery. I received the order confirmation # and could see the 6 tickets I purchased in the app - and was given the option to put in the persons name for each ticket which I did. At that point I thought everything was good to go... until we got to CP and could not find the tickets in the app! And there was no order confirmation number?! My husband and I were able to enter the park and had to go to guest services while our friends waited outside with no tickets. They told me that the tickets do not automatically stay in the app and I can only access them from the confirmation email? At this point I’m freaking out because I used my work email for the order which I didn’t have access to with my phone. She was also unable to look up my order via my pass number - How is that not linked? The GS employee was not at all sympathetic and made it seem like it was my fault for not printing (PRINTING?!) my mobile tickets? I was finally able to escalate to someone who could locate the order using my credit card. Not a great start to our visit due to this terrible app.
  • Gold Pass Issues 1/5

    By BobbyJamPics
    Our Gold Passes won’t load via QR or manual entry. Child’s pre-K pass loaded fine. Don’t know why you’d put so much into advertising these new good passes but not have the app support them.
  • Not very helpful 2/5

    By 6?;;)?
    Wait times are usually twice as long as what the app says. I’ve been in line now over an hour for what was supposed to be a 30 min wait.
  • Just a bad app. 2/5

    By Lakerogers
    Mapping doesn’t work well, is difficult to navigate and read maps. The wait times are never accurate. Even the wait times at the entrance of rides isn’t correct. Your implementation of fast pass has ruined the entire user experience.
  • Oops 3/5

    By Ol-harpo
    I’ve found the app to be very helpful in the past for getting wait times and my on-ride photos. But, since the last update, I find it is crashing very regularly on my iPhone 6. Please address this issue. Thank you.
  • Never up to date!! 1/5

    By wisegirl499
    I have tried to use this app but its never remotely accurate!! Would be helpful to add last time wait time for each ride is updated... I think the just guess or only update once a day.. pretty useless
  • Nice map, otherwise totally useless. 1/5

    By HongKongBlooney
    The only thing you spell about this app is I can help you figure out how to get to rise, which you could just as easily do with the paper map. The other thing is you can tell if a ride is open or closed generally speaking. The wait times are all wrong all the time. This is based on multiple trips of being attention to the app versus the time at the entrance. Really dumb.
  • Don’t use for ride timer 3/5

    By Boozer
    The app doesn’t update for current times. One ride says 20 minutes but it ends up being a hour. Everything else works fine.
  • Trash app and park 1/5

    By Jape1
    App and sign said wait was hour and 15 mins. It’s been 2 hours and 5 mins and I’m still in line. I hate this place and this app. You ruined my life!
  • Trash app 1/5

    By ryan--z
    On the app a ride said it had a 0 minute wait time we got there after walking the entire park and there was a 3 hour wait app still said 0 minutes and it also said just updated.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By AppleGal2019
    This app is terrible. It doesn’t work half the time. If you are on cellular and not WiFi you can’t see the wait times. Yet it’s nearly impossible to stay connected to the janky WiFi network
  • Wasted my time 1/5

    By Frimbxs
    Downloaded the app while at the park to see wait times. Needed location to show wait times so I turned it on. Then it said you have to make an account to access the wait times.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Base Star
    Why should I have to create an account and give you my personal information just to access wait times?