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  • Current Version: 4.0.29
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Cengage Mobile App

The Cengage Mobile app allows students and instructors to stay engaged with courses, in-class and out. For students, the app offers offline reading, gradebook access, and notifications for key course events. For instructors, the app offers an easy way to check class grades, take attendance, and create polls that keep students engaged. To use this app, you must be either a Cengage Unlimited subscriber with ebooks in your account, or a Cengage user enrolled in a MindTap, CengageNOWv2, or SAM course. (Note that SAM users must be either enrolled in MindTap or use SAM in conjunction with an LMS.) The app features: - Access to ebooks - Flashcards and flashcard-based practice quizzes - Notifications - Activities organized by due date - Grades - Videos - Attendance - Polling Textbook Reading: Download your textbook with offline access! Browse between different chapters, search for specific pages and terms, or take notes, highlights and bookmarks. Have the book read aloud using Text-to Speech. Note: We currently support most 2015-2019 titles. Textbooks from 2014 and prior as well as international or custom titles are not supported. Annotations do not currently sync with web-based readers. Flashcards & Practice Quizzes: Study on the go using pre-made flashcard decks. Then check your knowledge with practice quizzes. See your scores improve over time as you learn more! Activity Lists: Stay on top of all your assignments with to-do lists! Browse all the assignments and activities in your course and view due dates. Notifications & Reminders: Easily set up assignment reminders and get notified of grade and due date changes. Gradebook: See your overall grade for the course as well as the breakdown of grades by various activities. You can also view instructor comments and grade changes! Access to the gradebook requires additional authentication, by either password, fingerprint, or face ID. In-Class Polling and Attendance: Instructors can check if students are in the classroom using geolocation or by allowing remote check-ins. They can also review and edit attendance records, and export them to their preferred gradebook. Instructors can also author in-class polls, review the results with the whole class, and export those results.

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Cengage Mobile app reviews

  • Love 💕 It 5/5

    By SamieJayne
    Very Useful & Easy To Navigate💁🏻‍♀️🤓
  • Needs work. 3/5

    By miss bettis
    I like the app. It finall definitely need work. I like to take the practice test. It didn't work on my watch....
  • Good but 5/5

    By nicoleettajskei
    It’s good but I can’t download the book
  • Average 3/5

    By al$&
    My only complaint is about the ebook read-out-loud feature. It is bad I should be improved
  • PSY101 5/5

    By zemmyzeo1
    I found the mastering part vital to comprehension of the material. It wasn’t an option for the first two chapters. I did much better on my mid-term because if it. I found the program easy to navigate once I familiarized myself with it and don’t know why people are having such a hard time with it. Along with it you must also check emails and communicate with your instructor. All the assignments are not always in the program. My midterm was separate and I almost missed it.
  • UPDATE 1/5

    By Jessicafaith67
    For Christ’s sake, EVERYTHING A COLLEGE STUDENT DOES IS ON THEIR ELECTRONICS—make it to where we can access homework/problem sets on our phones instead of just a laptop!!! Some of us can’t take our laptops into work but can be on our phones.
  • Table are blank in ebooks 1/5

    By SikesP
    I’m using the Sec+ book by Mark Ciampa as my material for my Intro to Security courses this semester and the ebook does not display information in any tables in the iOS app. Really bad design since many of my students, as well as I, prefer to bring the iPAD around, vise a number of books. I will be to looking at other publishers for getting the information to my students for the Fall 2019 semester if this isn’t remedied before I begin my course prep for Fall.

    By Poollyyyyy
    I had a lot of homework, I tried downloading the app on my cellphone and the it didn’t supported the activities. ):
  • Sub par 1/5

    By Lance Banion
    Sub par. Ebook lacking the most basic features like page numbers. Simply awful.
  • Can’t take quizzes on mobile platform 1/5

    By Faulpeltz
    Can’t take quizzes on mobile platforms and the program costs $100 in addition to tuition. Absolutely disgusting. It should be criminal to bleed students dry the way Cengage does.
  • Reading/Studying 5/5

    By 😀😉😍
    I use this app to read my chapters for my class at work and on the go and to study before a test and it works great. Just wish my other assignments were mobile.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Squashblossom4567
    The app is a nice study tool. But the navigation could be easier. Also, for the price, this should work flaw but there are a few glitches
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Mic06
    I like being able to access lessons through the app. But unfortunately not every is accessible.
  • Ebook 2/5

    By longjump21
    The one for the tablet doesn’t work all that well. I keep getting error messages. Very frustrating!
  • Suddenly the app doesn’t allow me to view my textbook 1/5

    By Crisana414
    I use the app to read my stats textbook while on the go but suddenly it doesn’t allow me to view it anymore. Which is odd because I used to be able to see it just fine. I’ve contacted tech support about it and they couldn’t fix the issue. I’ve update the app and logged out and back in but nothing seems to work. Which is really inconvenient because I usually don’t have my computer on me so I look at the book on my iPhone or iPad. You guys should really fix this because the app is completely useless now that I can’t access my textbook.
  • Poor ebook 2/5

    By Pccrochets
    I was ok the first couple of chapters- sort of*. But got to my 3rd chapter and tables aren’t displaying on my iPad. Really? Who wants to read a book on the computer? Or have to log in through a browser- what’s the point of the app, then? I’d like the ability to take the downloaded book on the go/to work without having to connect to read a dang ebook. *I despise the scrolling chapter. It’s not page by page but one long scroll. You can’t bookmark where you left off - it just creates a bookmark on the chapter so I have to scroll through to find where I left off. Also, the header pop up while I’m reading is annoying. And don’t even bother trying to do assignments- they don’t work on the app. Which is fine - it’s a programming class and I expected to have to use the computer for assignments. So just leave them off the app if they don’t work.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Nacho Mamma
    If app can’t sync to class or current edition book, don’t have an app. Errors give directions that can’t be followed because there are no options available. Hysterical an online learning app can’t offer online learning through an app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By HisMommy123
    I cannot do my assignments/tests from my iPad BUT I can read the textbook and study from this device. I love it because it is so much easier to read from here than clicking and everything from my laptop. I can also easily access information when I need it. I am so glad I downloaded this app.
  • Can use some work! 3/5

    By WGU biz student
    I like the convenience of it reading to you. However, once it begins a chapter it continues to pick up where you left off which seems good but if you want to skip to another chapter or section it won’t unless you shut the app down.
  • iPhone support 4/5

    By Garcia103
    It’s great I can access the book and read the course material. It’s easy to navigate! The only problem is the assignments are not supported by IPhone. This made it difficult to complete work and advance at a reasonable pace.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By CindyRobi
    I listen to my chapters in my car. It is a plus when I am constantly on the go. Thank you.
  • Love 5/5

    By mizzmarie13
    Of all the tools I’ve used in my college career, this has been my favorite. Due dates are very clear and kept together in one unit. I never miss due dates! I also like the ability to read my book on the go via my phone. Lastly, I love that it shows my progress through the semester. Seeing how many hours I spend on homework makes me feel accomplished and I always know exactly what my grade is!
  • Cengage App 5/5

    By cegagelex
    Great app. Would definitely recommend!
  • E-Reader 5/5

    By Trinmill
    I use the app for reading the assigned chapters. The app works great for highlighting what sections I need. Other than that I do nothing more with the app.
  • Lacks most functionality 3/5

    By snapboom
    I only downloaded this because the pronunciation test is easier to do on my phone. You can’t do anything else useful that I can tell. Still a laptop or tablet app.
  • The worst 1/5

    By jessaykamm
    The absolute worst and waste of money. Buy or rent the real book on amazon or elsewhere. The representative came to class and made the program seem to be flawless and claimed we could have full access in the app and audio availability with voice change etc. When it came down to it, you can’t do any assignments on the app and the audio sounds worse than any other electronic voice I’ve heard. Don’t waste your time.
  • Junk. 2/5

    By Frustrated Student 28
    When the App works its okay. But most of time the app is super slow and hard to navigate. I have also had the app randomly close in the middle of doing a project, which is SUPER frustrating. I have updated my IPad Pro so everything is current so i know that my IPad is not the problem. When you open the app it shows you the next due projects, ( some would say this feature is nice, however, i find that it is more of a pain than anything). If you are wanting to do anything on the app besides the next due project you have to navigate back to the home page. WHY CANT YOU JUST START OUT ON THE HOME PAGE AND HAVE A SIDE-BAR WITH NEXT DUE PROJECTS!!!! I end up using the desktop website because it is more user friendly. Fix the home page and the crashing problems and I’ll give it another try, but until then, I’ll stick with the full blown website.
  • Books 3/5

    By bleinrdg
    I only use this app to download and read my books. It doesn’t work very well for anything else.
  • Homework 2/5

    By B264
    I hate that you can’t do the homework on the app. It’s a real inconvenience for all of my classes.
  • Version not compatible 1/5

    By secret0905
    My iPad 4 gen is not compatible with this most resent version. Can't access my books with the iPad. Please fix.
  • Ok app 4/5

    By CKBOY14
    I like the app because I can read my textbooks on my phone and iPad. However I don’t like how the bookmarks are not synced across devices if I bookmark something I would like to be able to go to that exact location on my phone or computer.
  • Student 4/5

    I’m brand new to Cengage and Mindtap. It was not easy to download it onto my laptop after the purchase of the books for my courses. However, when I called the 800 number, the associate was nothing but knowledgeable & helpful. The one feature I wish it has is highlighting the notes.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Partydeep
    Just use the website, I downloaded the app to hopefully be able to view my book better but it’s “unavailable” on the app.
  • Library unavailable without courses 1/5

    By Jjjgdedv
    Paid for unlimited and can access books through the app?
  • Annoying 1/5

    By jack Boyyyy
    The idea of a mobile version is good but, it’s really annoying that it doesn’t show you the page numbers. That would be easier if you could just reference back to a certain page, I should’ve just purchased the actual book.
  • It’s on Par w/ others 4/5

    By Browskiez
    I want to say that the only fault with Cengage Mobile is I can’t see the page numbers or look through my STATS eBook with page numbers. This blows bc it makes looking for homework/examples way more troublesome. I also wish additional textbook content was more easily accessible with the app. Sometimes it is a hunt to find what I’m looking for. This doesn’t bother me if I’m reading a chapter start to finish, BUT if I’m just looking for supplementary material then it’s my worst nightmare.
  • The app won’t read the book 1/5

    By BA4631
    The app won’t read but the first line of the book! The book does not load all the way. I have to go to the website to make it work
  • Needs work 1/5

    By EeveeJo
    I was using this app fine there were a few glitches here and there when I would try to save my place it would save some random page instead. After my IOS update today I opened the app and my ebook in my library is gone?!? It keeps asking me to register my course but all of the information and my book has been wiped. It could use some revamping to smooth out some bugs and I am not at all impressed with the fact that some of these reviews have continuing problems and there seems to be an overall lack of concern to address these issues.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Cloudy_3465
    I'm in a college class and this was super easy to navigate through. They might add a few more awesome features but I live it the way it is. 10/10 would recommend it.
  • Snapchat’s update was better than this app 1/5

    By bbbmkordbkkybb
    It’s honestly useless considering the fact that you can’t do the homework or anything like you can read the text book and that’s it
  • Pros and Cons of Mindtap 3/5

    By B-matt226
    Mind Tap is useful to have. You can study on the go and you don’t have to hassle with a textbook. What I don’t like is that you can’t review your assignments after you submit your work. Once it’s graded I’d like to go back and see what I didn’t do correctly etc.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By The-Blob
    The quiz questions give away the answers! There’s supposed to be a blank and you choose the answer that fills in the blank, but the blank is already filled! I guess I can finish my quizzes in record time, but they are zero help for actually studying and learning. Also how do I clear the “unread messages” notification??
  • You would think they a company like that could get this together?! 1/5

    By RichardB999
    Trust the reviews and don’t even give it a try, there is so much that’s wrong with this app that I am overwhelmed trying to write a review that clearly will go nowhere as many other wrote before me
  • Good for when a lap/desktop aren’t available 5/5

    By NoKoMeMommy966
    I’m a mom of 3 who stays very busy in the drop off pick up line and at events for the kids. It’s nice to be able to access reading and some activities that can be done mobile instead of having to be somewhere with a computer. Love it for that few minutes I can get something done now and not have to do it later!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By cruisin'life
    Horrible app, hoping the update would make it somewhat better, but ended up making it even worse than before. Good job for not listening to the reviews
  • Disappointed In the app 1/5

    By Blake Rutherford
    Wish it had features where I could do hw and quizzes...
  • Speaker issues 1/5

    By Aiham Paul
    When you’re trying to listen to the terms the automated system reads it in like French accents. Totally nit worth buying books through it.
  • Decent. But can get better. 3/5

    By Thegingakid
    It’s very difficult to navigate online.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Timbobbybob
    Using the website through my Safari browser is better than using this application.

Cengage Mobile app comments

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