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Cengage Mobile App

The Cengage Mobile app allows students and instructors to stay engaged with courses, in-class and out. For students, the app offers offline reading, gradebook access, and notifications for key course events. For instructors, the app offers an easy way to check class grades, take attendance, and create polls that keep students engaged. To use this app, you must be either a Cengage Unlimited subscriber with ebooks in your account, or a Cengage user enrolled in a MindTap, CengageNOWv2, or SAM course. (Note that SAM users must be either enrolled in MindTap or use SAM in conjunction with an LMS.) The app features: - Access to ebooks - Flashcards and flashcard-based practice quizzes - Notifications - Activities organized by due date - Grades - Videos - Attendance - Polling Textbook Reading: Download your textbook with offline access! Browse between different chapters, search for specific pages and terms, or take notes, highlights and bookmarks. Have the book read aloud using Text-to Speech. Note: We currently support most 2015-2019 titles. Textbooks from 2014 and prior as well as international or custom titles are not supported. Annotations do not currently sync with web-based readers. Flashcards & Practice Quizzes: Study on the go using pre-made flashcard decks. Then check your knowledge with practice quizzes. See your scores improve over time as you learn more! Activity Lists: Stay on top of all your assignments with to-do lists! Browse all the assignments and activities in your course and view due dates. Notifications & Reminders: Easily set up assignment reminders and get notified of grade and due date changes. Gradebook: See your overall grade for the course as well as the breakdown of grades by various activities. You can also view instructor comments and grade changes! Access to the gradebook requires additional authentication, by either password, fingerprint, or face ID. In-Class Polling and Attendance: Instructors can check if students are in the classroom using geolocation or by allowing remote check-ins. They can also review and edit attendance records, and export them to their preferred gradebook. Instructors can also author in-class polls, review the results with the whole class, and export those results.

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Cengage Mobile app reviews

  • A lot of potential. 3/5

    By User of chase
    For the most part user friendly. When it reads aloud it doesn’t finish the sentences and it isn’t super easy to pause the read aloud but an amazing feature that helps me learn on the go.
  • Book not available on app 3/5

    By Khull27
    App works great, just frustrated my other book isn’t available on it.
  • Needs more features. 3/5

    By nianxah
    The Cengage app is useful for reading the textbook and organizing assignment due dates. I just really wish I was able to do my homework and quizzes/tests on my phone. I’m very mobile and a feature like that would be perfect when I’m traveling and can’t use my laptop!!
  • Much better than some alternatives 4/5

    By MStokley
    The book is easy to highlight with this app. I love that we get to continuously scroll down and not have to swipe from page to page. Some figures are missing, not all of them. That’s why 4 stars. You can read entire book offline. Many only allow only a portion offline, and you have to download while online over and over.
  • Great 5/5

    By Caleon7
    Love it. Makes reading the textbook so much earlier.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Winning907
    This app is worthless. None of the activities are supported by the app. Downloading it is a total waste of time.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By DanJ21
    This is by far the worst app ever. However, there is no alternative. My subscription gives me unlimited textbooks, so it’s worth it. Please improve UX asap.
  • No quiz functionality 3/5

    By Docwabbit
    Great for reading the textbooks. But I have no access to complete any of the assigned quizzes or attached videos.
  • Love 5/5

    By Stabbymcswiggan
    I love Cengage! The activity style and layout makes learning so much easier for me!
  • Speak Function is terrible 1/5

    By ghvry
    I purchased this app for a class and attempt to use the speak function to read my textbook. It’s absolutely horrible, the speak Function is super unnatural and incorrectly reads a lot of words. App needs major upgrades
  • Craigslist Could Have Done A Better Job 1/5

    By Illscsg
    The bookmark does not work in the app or when you read online. I constantly have to scroll back to where I left off when signing on the app or online. The readspeaker is a generic computer voice which will not save where you left off, or does not allow you to select what you would like for it to read. For the amount of money I spent on this book, I would expect an actual person narrating the book. Unfortunately, this review does not allow me to give zero stars.... as I stated in my title “Craigslist could have done a better job”.
  • Summary of our educational system 1/5

    By Arty 15678
    For the outrageous amount of money one book cost, it boggles my mind how I can’t do my hw on this app
  • Love it 5/5

    By TeeDeeCee
    I have not experienced any issues with this app. It’s great. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to search by page number (as my prof is always giving assignments by page number).
  • Aside from ebook load times it’s great 4/5

    By jaytothe^2
    I’ve used this app for two semesters now, it’s not mandatory but is provided this semester. It’s easy to navigate compared to similar products like Pearson’s Mylab, WileyPlus, etc which aren’t even worth installing. I like the ability to easily highlight and then review only highlighted material. Much more practical then highlighting a textbook or notes, bonus I can still use the textbook and resell it as “like new”. I haven’t used it yet but in the past the reading to you function was great. I can’t read my law 201 textbook for long before getting bored and trailing off so it’s a useful source. I do have a problem with the random load times for sections of the text. It’s always been buggy and either sometimes won’t load at all, or just requires you exact the app and reopen it. Sometimes it will be there ready to use, other times I have to try it again, even then it can take several minutes to load up. Other then that I’d give it 5 stars.
  • Negative comments 5/5

    By Project One2345
    I’ve read a lot of the negative comments and for me the app does what I need it to. Allows me to get notifications and it can read the textbook to you while you drive or just in general. Can search the text to find specific topics within the chapters. Only downside is that the app does not let you do the course work. But that may be asking too much. Doing it on the laptop is just fine and using my phone to search the textbook while I work on the laptop works perfectly and saves time. Very useful app just glad it even exists.
  • Functional, but needs updates 2/5

    By Markiffer
    This app is functional for what I like it todo, which is read the book for my class. I appreciate that I can also listen to the book on this app as well. I hope that it is upgraded so quizzes can be taken from the app, so I primarily use my iPad for school. I wish it was easier to highlight things in the ebook as well. Selecting it to highlight is a time waste. Apple Pencil integration would be even better.
  • It’s okay... 3/5

    By PËPŠÏïï
    It gives me full access to the ebook I need. I’m not sure if this goes for every book (I rented an ebook for calculus) but there are no page numbers to reference or an ability to to go to a specific number page. When doing the questions it can be difficult to as, like pages, they aren’t numbered. One thing how I like about using this version is that when you are doing (what would be) odd-numbered questions, you get the answers right below the questions rather then having to go and bookmark the back of the ebook.
  • Great for on the go 4/5

    By Kellyy1313
    I work full-time and go to school full-time. I love the ability to read the chapters on my phone while I workout on the bike or elliptical. The quizzes in the app are good. However, would be great if the questions changed so you could use it as a review tool. Overall good app!
  • Can't do activities 1/5

    By Ariklen
    This App just lets you read and study while you are away but doesn't let you do the actual activities that have due dates.. I am very disappointed that I can't do it when I am out on my way to work or somewhere else... Please this is my request to UPDATE the App so we students can do our activities rather than receiving lower grade.
  • Useless 1/5

    By chaaanyeol
    I can’t log into my account for some reason even after numerous attempts. I know that the password and other information are correct, but I can’t log in.
  • better off using reminders on your phone 1/5

    By That man knows what's up
    only purpose of this app is to see what you have to do but you can’t not complete any assignment which is really convenient when you’re not home with access to a computer
  • Great for reading. 4/5

    By JRC875
    I use this app on my iPad to read chapters on-the-go and works great! It currently doesn’t support the quiz or homework functions of Aplia so I have to use a laptop for that. It would be great if the Aplia function is supported on the mobile platform soon. I will give it 5 stars when that happens.
  • Can’t copy and paste 1/5

    By Annissey
    I don’t know why I can’t do something so simple as copy and past on this app, I use my phone to complete assignment and sometime even essay papers on my phone and why there isn’t cite option for when citing from the app and website? Simple stuff like this are incorporated into multi billion platform puzzles me.
  • Assignments 3/5

    By Twinzzzz
    We are in school to learn, and online classes need more support, hence all the online problems should have “show me”. Many of the problems referenced to a section of the book, but it wasn’t helpful. It took a long time to figure a majority of the problems.
  • Good 4/5

    By Keithfan1996
    There are quirks with the user friendliness and functionality but overall it is definitely a net beneficial tool and positive experience
  • Useless App 1/5

    By anna_78
    Useless app. I can’t complete assignments on the go in the app. The web version doesn’t display properly on an iPad or iPhone. Always have to get to an actual PC to complete anything with cengage. So frustrating, I really hope future classes don’t use cengage programs.
  • Hot garbage 1/5

    By War_torn
    The ebook experience is just the worst. The app “loads” the chapter you are on, but if you swipe left or right if attempts to “load” the next section/chapter and you lose what you were just working on. Extremely frustrating attempting to go from the lesson and exercise question for math. Try to page through the exercises, sure there are answers but no steps so you can’t actually learn if you aren’t sure what to do in a specific situation. So you try to go back a few pages to the lesson... which has to load. Honesty, this app is a waste of time and energy in its current state. Most of the problems could be fixed with a decent “find” ability because then I could snap to what I wanted to see rather than dealing with laggy and slow loading screen roulette. Which section did you swipe to? Not the one you wanted, guess you can wait another 2 minutes to load what is hopefully the right section!
  • Mind Tap 5/5

    By 1DEW
    Cengage’s Mind Tap (digital book) has helped me be a more kinesthetic teacher, individualizing instruction. Each student is able to work at there own pace. In some ways I see it has put the fun in learning. It not only a book, it has video, audio, and many other digital components taking learning to another level. Learning about Cengage unlimited has made me think Cengage is one of the most cutting edge publishers.
  • Great idea but poorly executed 1/5

    By Dr48223
    Dismal interface design. DISMAL!!!!! Using the texts is a nightmare. Poor technical implementation. The physical system is, apparently, not up to handling the user base. (constant timeouts). Unresponsive support. The texts could use some fact checking.
  • Pretty crappy application. 1/5

    By user-564986
    Crashes all the time. Can’t find anything easily.
  • This app is absolute trash and no fix even though it’s been months! 1/5

    By Crisana414
    I have been having problems with this app for months now and lately customer service has been unhelpful and unresponsive. At the beginning of this spring semester I was able to view my statistics textbook just fine and then suddenly the app didn’t support it anymore and wasn’t going to be supporting it anymore soon. So the app is completely useless to me now which is inconvenient because now I can’t read my textbook unless I have computer access. Very disappointing experience.
  • Love It 5/5

    By SamieJayne
    Very Useful & I Enjoy Being Able To Just Use The App On My IPhone 📲 I’m Able To Do Schoolwork From Anywhere When I Have Free Time 🤓💁🏻‍♀️
  • the best app 5/5

    By g.m82
    so far I find out that this is the best course app so easy so fast very helpful
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Ash101010tay
    Clear and easy to use. Love the E books
  • I hate this website and publisher 2/5

    By Human 3.0
    I’m in college and using this for my textbooks in language arts gen. Eds. It’s super obnoxious that I need to resign in every time I go on the website. It times out to quickly and requires to much internet to run in my phones data. The app is ok but super obnoxious to run. I just really hate their website.
  • Horrible ebook. 1/5

    By Jourdan85
    I wish I could get my money back. This made me hate ebooks forever.
  • Excellent reference and study guide 5/5

    By Lchar731
    Self testing capabilities studying and ease of use.
  • Terrible Navigation 1/5

    By Nickolette44
    There is a search bar available for searching words, but not pages. If you need to go to a specific page you can’t, and the pages aren’t even numbered. Right now I’m unable to find an article that I have an assignment due on because I can’t even find the page.
  • Improvement needed 4/5

    By RebeccaOrchard
    While there are many things I like about app, I wish that more activities were open so that I could complete them on the go.
  • Honestly 4/5

    By buthoooz
    Mind tap is good. This is new for me and I love the on the go features. Having the app read the books to you while I'm syncd to Bluetooth at work is great. You can choose the speeds of the voice. Also, the option to download the book works well when your conserving data or out of a service area. There are a few kinks that need to be worked out. The eReader on the IOS mobile app doesn't bookmark. If I close the app I can not go back to where I left off. If I stop the eReader and want to skip to another page in the chapter. Once in awhile it will act as if I did not perform the action to skip certain parts. The highlighted reading of the eReader chops the first part of the sentence off. Meaning it auto scrolls for you, however, the first part goes to far up.
  • Can’t open eBook 1/5

    By Unlimlited 21 user
    I can’t open any eBook in this app. Please fix it
  • I like it 👌🏾 4/5

    By @prettiestofthem_all
    I think the app would be even better if you could actually work on assignments in-app, on-the-go. Other than that, it works great to me and I like how you can view grades, book, to-do lists, etc.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Minhp23
    I never realized how bad a app could be till I met this one. With a IPhone 10s I still have trouble with the pages actually loading also you can even search page numbers directly. Literally the most useless textbook app I’ve ever seen. Cengage unlimited in general is a bug filled mess with a difficult user interface for no reason.
  • Some issues with the iPad Pro 3/5

    By NoahCruce
    The indicator at the bottom of the screen At how much time is left in the chapter is blocked by the home navigation bar. It would also be great to have the text to speech options that’s available on Cengage.com on the app, the other Voices. It also be extremely helpful to be able to have page numbers for when the professor says go to a particular page
  • Sub-Useless 2/5

    By KG0825
    All you can really do is read your text! Most activities you have to use desktop version. Smh
  • All around horrible 1/5

    By Dr eval
    $128 for 4 months of access... $128 for 15% of my grade but it’s on the syllabus as a ReQuIrEmEnT. Website is clunky. In 2019 the website doesn’t function on chrome. Mindtap claim that this is due to a bug in the Chrome software... really??? A multi billion dollar company who depends on chrome for revenue has let a bug slip by and somehow these hacks have figured it out?? Foh. The important features, the ones that would be nice to be able to do on the app are not supported. One Hundred and Twenty Eight of my dollars that I worked hard for—going to this trash. No thank you. Uninstalling so they can’t steal my data to sell and make even more money off me. Next time I’ll gladly take the 15% hit on my grade.
  • Useful 4/5

    By Linnea Elizabeth
    This is a useful tool. I can quickly get to my current chapters reading and flash cards. 5 stars when ALL of the assignments are shown and accessible through the app. It can be confusing to see “no assignments due for 2 weeks when you know you have stuff due”. So, don’t base your whole class on this app, but expect it to be helpful.
  • I like it 4/5

    By June-bug!!
    I like how I can take my textbook with me on the go just by bringing my phone. Also it’s helpful that I can see the quizzes and any assignments that are due throughout the day. And I absolutely love that the textbook can be read to me so I can listen to the chapter while doing other things. My only issue is that I can’t take the quizzes on my phone and that the audio for the textbook can be improved. But other than that my grades and I are super grateful for this app!
  • Straight garbo 1/5

    By GHendrixxx
    Purchased the digital copy, input the correct codes....the book disappears from my E-Book Library 2 days later. It reports that I to have no active courses like I didn't just pay for a Marketing Class...smdh

Cengage Mobile app comments

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