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Cengage Mobile App

The Cengage Mobile app allows students and instructors to stay engaged with courses, in-class and out. For students, the app offers offline reading, gradebook access, and notifications for key course events. For instructors, the app offers an easy way to check class grades, take attendance, and create polls that keep students engaged. To use this app, you must be either a Cengage Unlimited subscriber with ebooks in your account, or a Cengage user enrolled in a MindTap, CengageNOWv2, or SAM course. (Note that SAM users must be either enrolled in MindTap or use SAM in conjunction with an LMS.) The app features: - Access to ebooks - Flashcards and flashcard-based practice quizzes - Notifications - Activities organized by due date - Grades - Videos - Attendance - Polling Textbook Reading: Download your textbook with offline access! Browse between different chapters, search for specific pages and terms, or take notes, highlights and bookmarks. Have the book read aloud using Text-to Speech. Note: We currently support most 2015-2019 titles. Textbooks from 2014 and prior as well as international or custom titles are not supported. Annotations do not currently sync with web-based readers. Flashcards & Practice Quizzes: Study on the go using pre-made flashcard decks. Then check your knowledge with practice quizzes. See your scores improve over time as you learn more! Activity Lists: Stay on top of all your assignments with to-do lists! Browse all the assignments and activities in your course and view due dates. Notifications & Reminders: Easily set up assignment reminders and get notified of grade and due date changes. Gradebook: See your overall grade for the course as well as the breakdown of grades by various activities. You can also view instructor comments and grade changes! Access to the gradebook requires additional authentication, by either password, fingerprint, or face ID. In-Class Polling and Attendance: Instructors can check if students are in the classroom using geolocation or by allowing remote check-ins. They can also review and edit attendance records, and export them to their preferred gradebook. Instructors can also author in-class polls, review the results with the whole class, and export those results.

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Cengage Mobile app reviews

  • Getting it done! 5/5

    By Jamiyum22
    This app has saved me a lot of times, I can do my readings comfortably!
  • Let me view my textbook on the app 1/5

    By djnckdndmc
    What do you mean I can’t view my textbook on the app??? Every other platform I use provides textbooks on both the PC and apps, this is the only one where I can’t access my textbooks.
  • Good for reading the book 3/5

    By Aodhwolf
    It works well for reading the book and the layout makes the reading go by quickly. But you can’t view lectures or answer homework in the mobile app which is a huge draw back. I’d like to be able to do everything on my tablet.
  • Reading notes 3/5

    By rae........
    It’s a great app to read notes from the textbook for class But, when I’m done with a chapter and want to go back by pressing the arrow on the top part of the computer screen, it says my session has been expired Making me have to log into my school canvas again, then go all the way back to cengage Please fix this thx But other than that it’s great
  • A giant glitch. 1/5

    By Nana1440
    The app says that I dont have a Cengage account despite the fact that I do. Very disappointed.
  • No homework access 😫 1/5

    By Hojas Secad
    I really don’t like the fact that I can not access my homework assignments through my IPhone :(
  • Cengage 4/5

    By PHILLY Sound Lover
    Truly enjoyed the convenience of having a mobile text book as it allows me to study & review more frequently. Also notably important is that mobile access is consumer and cost friendly. Thanks UCC & Cengage!
  • The Future 4/5

    By I am A Prime!
    Cengage is headed in the right direction for higher education to achieve success, but you have to put the time in and use the tools they provide. e.g., I downloaded the book to my portable device and listen to the chapters in my travels and the flash cards are great. Keep up with the times and study wisely to be successful. I didn’t give it 5 stars because there’s always room for improvement.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By StudyWhenICan
    Absolutely love the app. I work full time, have a family and I’m going to school. If I don’t have time to sit in front of my computer, I can read and study when it’s convenient. Would like to see more ebooks available with the app but it’s great for what it has.
  • Love this program 4/5

    By lisa aber
    This is the best way to study! I love the interaction of the site, I would definitely recommend!
  • Lack of content for app 2/5

    By Stevendd2322
    I got Cengage unlimited and it seems only one of my classes book is available through the app. The other classes I need to use a web browser to access. Students pay close to $200 for the access but having limited content is ridiculous. If some I’ve seen the working to add more content notice but to digitize the book to read should not be difficult or take that long.
  • Initially excited, but let down in the end. 2/5

    By 000000009999.1%
    I’m pretty disappointed by this program. After a few hours of reading, you’ll receive a prompt that the program has “timed out” and it will sign you out without saving your place. As many other users have stated, I found it difficult to load the content. During quizzes I have been unable to select problems I’ve gotten wrong to review which was the correct answer. How am I supposed to study if I can’t learn from what I did wrong? I hate that my class uses this, but it’s required! How awful! Pros: It’s great not having to carry around another large book... If you can get it to load the content, that is.
  • Speech isn’t great. 4/5

    By Professional Dog Aunt
    If you change spots in the book while using the reader and then start reading again, it starts from the last spot you were reading instead of your new position. Also if you open a chapter, it opens to the start instead of the place you last had it open. It is great that it starts up automatically when I connect to Bluetooth, much like pandora does. Great feature!
  • Study Tool Practice Quiz Does Not Work Properly 2/5

    By Falcon5449
    When you start the practice quiz and answer the first question, the screen does not transition to the next question. I’ve tried resetting quiz, but still the same issue appears again. Then there is exiting the quiz and continuing after exiting it. The screen does not move on to the next question, but after answering that question the same issue occurs again. So the only to successfully go through the entire practice quiz is to exit quiz and continue after exiting the quiz and repeat until the end of the quiz. Obviously, this is inefficient, so i hope you will be able to resolve this with post haste.
  • eTextbook 4/5

    By Beaufuh
    The eTextbook is a tough read.
  • Well 1/5

    By Ali J Pittsburgh
    Can’t do anything with this app on my iPhone SE. pretty useless.
  • Audio feature needs an overhaul 2/5

    By M3AG3R
    I was thrilled to discover that you can now listen to books, but it turns out that it doesn’t work as advertised. First, the robot voice that constantly has to say ever punctuation like “parentheses, end parentheses” is really obnoxious. Second, the audio feature in their app won’t even function properly. It will read the chapter title and not continue with the actual chapter. There seems to be no user friendly way to prompt the reader to start at a specific word or sentence. Support couldn’t troubleshoot it, so they told me to use the website itself and not the app. This works, but it lacks some of the features on the app like speeding up the reader. Overall I’m pretty dissatisfied, specifically with the audiobook features.
  • 👍🏿 5/5

    By myraclera
    I like how it gives you videos on what the the chapters is about so you can understand it better.
  • Needs coding support! 4/5

    By ETurnerDWMG
    Love the app, only thing I would change is to add coding support so the coding assignment can be done in app.
  • Helpful app. 5/5

    By Bahar Lawter
    I have been using it for my school. It is very easy to use and all of your textbooks are organized in one place. You have the access to your books anytime and anywhere.
  • Great But Not Fully Mobile Compatible 4/5

    By BlueEyedGoalie
    This app offers a great way to learn. I love the Mastery, the Chapters, the Practice Problems, the Problem Sets, and the Practice Exams. My only issue is that it isn’t fully compatible with mobile devices or iPads. I cannot complete my problem sets using my smartphone or iPad, which poses a problem seeing as I do not have a PC or a Mac. Also, using some PC’s, I’ve had issues with being able to submit precise answers. For example, in trying to correctly create a histogram or bar graph in Chapter 2 of Statistics, it did not offer me the ability to place the the bar exactly where I wanted, but instead gave one value below and one value above. I wanted to graph a frequency of .16, but could only place it at .15 or .17. This is an issue considering I was being graded on this problem set. I’m unsure if it is a sensitivity issue or if the program just doesn’t work well with certain devices.
  • Needs Some Work 4/5

    By Spicses320
    This app has the potential to be something great. I like having access to my books when I’m offline so I can read while on breaks at work. But it’s bugging out one of my courses that I have already entered an access code. And it also won’t let me work on assignments even though I have a very new compatible smartphone. I don’t know if they’re still working on the app or not but I hope they can make it better because in this world constantly being on the go nobody has time to pop open a book or laptop anymore!!
  • Very cool 5/5

    By mishwelly
    This is my first study app for college and I am very impressed! Things I like are the ease of access, and relevant study material. When I go to the chapter I’m studying I 90% of what I’m being tested on. Good job folks! Thank you for helping me be successful!
  • I can’t use it with my iPad 1/5

    By claudiamcknight
    Please change that
  • Never had a problem,but.... 5/5

    By Ktrae420
    It could be better with note taking, selection, more functional
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By vgoneau
    The listening feature would be great if the audio didn’t skip or leave out words. Far too often it reads sentences but doesn’t finish. It would also be helpful to have a playback and fast forward feature, as well as the ability to choose where to start reading from.
  • Excellent tool for school 5/5

    By Pepsi4901
    This is the first e-book and mobile app I’ve used. I must say, it is easy and convenient to use on the go. I can use the flash cards or read chapters during my work lunch to make use of limited time.
  • Leagues better than Mcgraw hill 5/5

    By Alɘɔ
    After using both this & the equivalent Mcgraw-Hill software I can say without reservations this app is far superior (& cengage unlimited is definitely a better value it if you need 2 or more access codes). I especially appreciate the audiobook functionality within this app that allows me to can listen to a textbook chapter while traveling or exercising.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By RyanMødē
    This app is consistently missing figures from the textbooks I am trying to read for school and tech support is zero help.
  • Horrrriibbbllleee 1/5

    By Knockout333
    I take notes on my iPad with the Apple Pencil using the split screen method and it is absolutely horrible. It takes forever to load and the app is all around very buggy. I’m always loosing my place in the pages because it will randomly just jump to another page or won’t load any of the book at all. Definitely just use a computer because this app is a joke and they don’t seem like they’re worried about it.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By enigmaL7
    There’s no point if I can’t view my books. Worthless. And I have Cengage UNLIMITED, thanks for nothing.
  • Worst mobile app ever 1/5

    By hone$t abe
    Impossible to navigate, every night it takes me an extra 30 minutes to assignments because I’m searching in the dark for my homework. This app is so frustrating to use and the mobile online site is even worse please fix this. And stop your monopoly on AMERICAN PAGEANT
  • Best way to study!!! 5/5

    By Dom Durisko
    Easy to navigate, let’s me do everything I need for class on my phone, can even take my exams on the app, awesome!!
  • Cengage is trash 1/5

    By TheJQuimbo
    I couldn’t find anywhere else to rate them so I turned to the App Store. This company and app are complete garbage and their software doesn’t even work. I tried to register for a course and pay for their terrible software because it’s required and they can’t even get a simple email registration box correct. FIX YOUR SOFTWARE BEFORE CHARGING $120+.
  • Homework? 4/5

    By NessJ07
    I’m only giving 4 stars because it’s be great to e able to access my homework assignments.
  • Cengage 2/5

    By KianaRTaylor
    I wish the app supported the activities we need to access for homework and other things. The app only opens certain things and it’s frustrating not being able to complete tasks. Might as well not get the app and just work from an internet browser.
  • Reader needs a little help 3/5

    By Lovedwife
    I have used several online books for school at this point. It seems that everyone is going in this direction. I like to use the reader (the voice who reads it to you) in the morning while I am getting ready. I am very busy so this helps me to read all that I need too that week. This part has been awful. Very choppy. Doesn’t finish sentences. It seems to skip around. Very annoying. Also if I highlight a word/selection on the laptop it does not transfer to the app. Other than that, it’s okay. I am only in Chapter two so I don’t know what the rest of the book will be like. I DO LIKE the word review on each chapter. I thought that was very nice.
  • doesnt let me log in 1/5

    By Tala Alomary
    “forbidden” “user is not entitled to this content.” like what????!
  • Laggy slow and isn’t able to pull up my homework 1/5

    By masterkhan510
    I’m on the XS Max so I fail to understand why it is made so poorly. Invest your resources better
  • Complicates Education 2/5

    By Steven N. 72
    While some may say that electronic educational services such as Cengage improve learning experience for them, for me this is just another subscription-based service for me to stress about. It’s overly complicated, over-marketed, instructors now rely too much on these tools and I see absolutely no benefits to spending a ton of money on this service versus me just buying a book, reading it, and getting assignments from the teacher to supplement my learning.
  • No page numbers, really. 2/5

    By j11181p
    I have homework assignments that specify material from a particular page of the text but this app doesn’t show page numbers. Geez! Is this a way to make us rent the hard copy versions? I used the flash cards to study one time - I couldn’t see how they correlated to my quiz at all. It’s basically a simplistic e-reader.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By ALT352
    Would work better if it allowed us to do the activities/assignments in the app instead of only allowing them to be done on a computer.
  • Very User-Friendly 5/5

    By IzzyHerrmann
    The first time I used it was a little bit overwhelming but as I get used to it, it has been a breeze. It is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Love it!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Lil'flower
    It's not a bad app just needs little bit tweeting. Sometimes is hard to navigate and it does not remember where you left off so you constantly need to start from scratch. The voice reading is horrible. It hurts my ear as it does not follow sentence structure, it pauses after each word so after a minute you are lost and nothing makes sense. Please fix this!
  • Can’t use the book 1/5

    By Asdfghjklasdfghhk
    I’ve downloaded the book 3 times and it’s still all blank. See the devs saying they’re looking to fix the problem... one year ago. Yikes. Just let us download the pdf
  • Cengage Unl. And App are Amazing 5/5

    By New2Truth
    I got Cengage Unlimited last year and will continue to get it. The app is a great way to stay in touch with assignments and access my textbooks. Only thing I want to see more support of is homework assignments and tests within the app.
  • Test-to-speech is pretty bad. 3/5

    By skc dosiwnnrncnz
    Most of the only time I have to study my books is by listening to it while I work. So while I’m very thankful for being able to listen to it through Cengage, it doesn’t work well. The speech often cuts off short before the sentence even ends. I thought there were more voice options on the desktop version. It would be nice to have toolbar option in the app so I’m not tuning it out by accident.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brooke Danelle
    Almost all things are not able to be used on the app version. The only thing it is useful for is to read the book. Pathetic app.
  • App can’t open my homework. 1/5

    By Mannybarrio
    Being on the go the assignment section should be supported by tablets as well as computers. I have an iPad Pro and the thing was a waste of 50 bucks I had to pay the school.

Cengage Mobile app comments

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