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CES 2018

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  • Current Version: 3.0
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  • Developer: Consumer Technology Association
  • Compatibility: Android
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CES 2018 App

The official app for CES 2018 has everything you need to make the most of your CES experience - the exhibitor list, full conference and event schedule, wayfinding, speaker list, in-app networking and important show information.


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CES 2018 app reviews

  • Not bad, could be better 3/5

    By Mobi194
    most annoying layout issue is with exhibitors marked as a favorite. It is too o easy to click to remove them as a favorite when navigating that page!! Then you have to go find them again - remove is right where you want to click to navigate the page and it removes the favorite. Though it was ok otherwise....I guess I thought an app for CES would be a little better
  • Notifications and Search are awful 1/5

    By Sksjwhvwvans
    I type something to search for and click on one of the results. Then while reading through the description, the app randomly switches to displaying the “Notifications”. I have to re-search for the same thing to get back to where I was. And there is no indication whether a notification is read or not. And 75% of the notifications are just for you to go and read a security briefing on some other website.
  • One star is too many 1/5

    By Fyodor Sukhov
    Buggy! Location services and navigation are all but useless. As support for the big consumer electronics show, it’s especially embarrassing.
  • CES & CTA is about disruptive amazing technology but 1/5

    By ishii106
    CES & CTA is about disruptive amazing technology but this app is total opposite. They seriously when low budget on this app. I can’t find some of the exhibitors in the app whom I know they’re here at CES. I don’t get why I need to register once at CES/CTA site and again I need to register just to use this app. This app is just embarrassing.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Wiuara
    This app doesn't provide much clarity to how to find things. You'd think the app for CES would be impressive, this isn't.
  • Surprisingly even more useless than the website 1/5

    By Metropark
    Separate from the website, not separated by conference track, confusing and useless garbage. By the way, it’s 2018, why are we still standing in huge lines to print paper badges.
  • Simply useless 1/5

    By shortbeach
    No words can describe this ridiculous effort that tries to make accessing information helpful. What a disappointment.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Spencer at SMU Law
    Clicking the login link notifies you that you must be logged in to use the login feature. Utter rubbish and completely unusable. Who coded this? Who paid for this? Get a refund.
  • Get it together 1/5

    By Cjid
    Why another login for CES? Why can’t I upload a profile photo I have full bar LTE and I’m told I have an unstable network App does not sync with website 😑
  • How did the app get so monumentally bad? 1/5

    By Dansker for Beer
    This is the guiding star for a technology conference, yet its impossible to find anything. Dear CES please hire competent developers, not just awesome bonehead ideas..
  • App is an embarressment to CES And CTA 1/5

    By Davisadm
    This app is a joke and an embarressment to both CES and the CTA. First, there is no syncing between the web site OR between devices. I entered my favorite exhibitors and schedule on the web site, then went to my iPhone to update it, nothing there! I called CES and asked what I was doing wrong. She told me that the two do not sync, and many have called to complain. OK, went to to my my iPad to reenter everything. Spent time to make sure everything is correct. Then went to my iPhone to double check everything is there. NOTHING! Data does not sync between devices!!! I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the iPhone. NOPE! I plan on carrying my iPhone with me during the show, not my iPad. I have to reenter everything AGAIN. I don’t understand how CES & CTA decided to use “eventbase” to create their app. Didn’t anyone at CTA do any testing?
  • This is the app for THE tech show? 2/5

    By Bad Gustav
    My first time at CES I want to plan out my day, register for panels, etc. And after many tries, now doing all that on the website because I can’t get any CES login I’ve created to work. Why aren’t they shared? Why isn’t this app more intuitive. Hit the floor and find a better app team.
  • Can’t share data between iPad and iPhone 1/5

    By Vb solar pro
    Like everybody else, I don’t understand why I could not find my favorites on my iPad and have them show up on my iPhone. This is Icrap
  • Useless for show navigation 1/5

    By OldTech1
    I thought the purpose of the app was to help navigate the show and show where all the exhibitor’s booths were on the map while coordinating my show profile with the map. It does none of this. The map is just a big block of the building exteriors with no interior information given as to where any booths are. It has no method to integrate with the CES website to bring over my show profile. Apparently all this app is intended for is to be a social networking tool. Pointless.
  • Lack of Support for iPhone X 3/5

    By Concretesnake
    Decent app, no support for the iPhone X which is on the bleeding edge of technology.
  • Login link doesnt even work 1/5

    By TaterTot222
    Dowloaded and tried to login for the first time and after clicking on the obvious login link it sends me to a "you must be logged in" page creating a catch 22. Really bad beta testing Who approved this app for production?? And this is the top tech show of the year? Wow
  • Utter garbage considering 1/5

    By VintonC
    This is utter garage considering this is THE tech show of the year and the organization can’t write an app or contract it out that integrates their website with the mobile app. I spent a lot of time adding exhibitors to the myshowplan site which had the same banner as the main CES site but none of the vendors I added to Personal Show Plan appear in the app. Now I have to search for each of the 171 vendors with the app and mark them again. Last year the app crashed for the first two days of CES and the navigation was nonexistent.
  • Still broken 1/5

    By JesseS80
    Still can't login and app crashes when you try to mark all notifications are read.
  • I would give it a zero if I could 1/5

    By DJ_Don
    Created favorites on my desktop they don’t show up in the app. Recreated favorite exhibitors in the app and guess what? They don’t show up here either. If I search on an exhibitor it see the star is selected but when I go to my favorites list it is empty. Did anybody test this app before it was released?
  • Whoa! Practically Worthless 1/5

    By wulfeman
    I've spent weeks selecting exhibitors and events, from my CEA.tech website. Every time I checked on the app availability, I kept seeing "Coming Soon." Now that the app is available, I find that it requires a separate login and there is no apparent means of importing all of the schedule and exhibitor data that I have already setup via CES.tech. What a waste of time! This is the largest expo for Consumer Tech, in the world; yet they provide the most user-unfriendly experience that I've seen in ages. What is the purpose of letting attendees input all of that data, if it can't be accessed via the app. Why have an app that ignores everything that was already input via the CES.tech web login? Whoever organized this "Charlie Foxtrot" app integration (or more accurately, the lack thereof ) should be looking for a new job, flipping burgers! (My apologies to anyone, reading this, who has previously worked in such an occupation ; I did not intend to insult you.) It seems as if the CEA, is incapable of settling for a specific app developer, from year to year. The developer link, indicates that this may have been produced , internally, by the CEA. If so, there is no excuse for the lack of integration. Even if the CEA was less than satisfied with prior app developers; at least those apps were able to share data with a users CES web profile. This app needs a lot of work and should have been left in the "in development" phase for at least another year. I believe contracting out to mapmyshow would have been a far wiser option, as opposed to this non-integrated, incomplete, piece of junk. Sorry, if my thoughts about this app seem unclear. ;-p
  • Another junkie app 1/5

    By Jjobin
    Makes no sense to create and manage exhibitors I wish to visit using the online to and not have them sync with this app. Buy the time I find what I need in this app, the show will be over.
  • Where is the Personal Show Plan? 1/5

    By jdherman
    It isn’t integrated into the app. Exhibitors I map online don’t transfer to the app. I have to re-enter them as favorites. No way to mark which exhibitors you’ve visited. You need 3 logins: Registration, Map Your Show, and CES Tech. Why? I don’t understand why the CTA continues to get this wrong year after year. Frustrating.

    By stpierrea
    Whoever is responsible for developing this end-user app for the Consumer Electronics Show - arguably the greatest expo on the planet - should be FIRED! The app doesn’t work on my iPhone or my iPad. What a lost opportunity to excite and engage with your audience in advance of the expo. **F**
  • stoked for ces 2018 5/5

    By hotsk8terboy13
    outstanding keep up the great work :)
  • Names on maps!! 2/5

    By egandersme
    Need names on the Maps!!
  • Meh 2/5

    By netdzynr
    Creating a schedule/profile on the web site doesn't appear to transfer to the app. Maps are minimally labeled, difficult to get orientation (in-venue printed maps are worse). Nice to get notifications of events.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By mrriggz
  • Very poor UX 1/5

    By Xervai
    Very poor design and login requirements. Should do a much better job learning about the users and what they need. Integration and omni-channel issues galore. Of course the audience will notice, it's our job.
  • One of the worst app for events 1/5

    By whoeverys
    Skip it, don't waste your time.
  • CIO 5/5

    By Gonzo SD
    Truly enjoyed the simplicity of scheduling and note ability for keynote speakers I plan on attending.
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By VilmadeMoreno
    Very difficult to use I couldn't log in
  • Less user friendly than previous year versions 3/5

    By MetrologyHead
    I rely on the CES app to get around in the past years. This years app is less user friendly and it is hard to find the general information like the exhibit hours. The maps are confusing as well. Too much of a learning curve. Sorry, you guys messed up a good thing.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By G Fones
    Can't get past the login screen. Unresponsive.
  • Limited functionality 2/5

    By CES2017 Attendee
    Limited functionality with bugs. Transferring events to calendar not working. Note taking feature cumbersome. Writeable area covered by 'cancel' 'done' commands when notes surpass 5 lines. Cannot see what is being written. Would also like context included in emailed notes: i.e. From specific session with following speakers or at least an embedded link to specific event on CES site.
  • Woha how bad 1/5

    By HSausW
    Also this year a big fail. The search function finds nothing. If you look for names or booth numbers- no results! Who needs a 3D map? Still making things more complicated than improving and fixing bugs. Absolutely waste of time this app.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By bulakava
    Can't synch and log in with LinkedIn. One of the worst conference apps I've had.
  • Lacking too much functionality to list 1/5

    By susiefen
    Although I recognize that CES is a huge show, I would expect the organizers of a tech trade show to provide an app that syncs to their website in BOTH directions and not just from the app to the website. I spent HOURS on their website (which also lacks user friendliness) drilling down to vendors I want to visit, only to find I can't see this list on the app. In addition, the only way I can sync any of the data is by using the email address on my LinkedIn account (which I don't) and allowing the app access to my LinkedIn data. I could go on, but in short this app provides absolutely no value to a show attendee. The Consumer Technology Association needs to study up on user experience!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By usalegin
    I can't login.... just keep getting repeated captchas The app doesn't sync with my already saved exhibitors from the website (based on a colleague's experience). It's a terrible experience
  • Get rid of LinkedIn requirement 1/5

    By SmokenHotDad
    Absolutely unacceptable that CES requires you to log into their app with your LinkedIn credentials. Please fix this for next year.
  • We'd like to access your contact list on LinkedIn 1/5

    By Halmirth
    EPIC FAIL. All I need is a convenient access to the schedule I'd built over the last few days on the website, using my CES account. What genius decides THAT can't be my login? Makes the app a complete waste of time. Those who spec'd the app and those who sign into it should pay attention to the data privacy sessions offered on - let me check my *printout* - Saturday. Clearly they scored low in notions of appropriate use and minimal exposure. We've had this app for YEARS. Why doesn't it get BETTER each time?
  • LinkedIn??? 1/5

    By Dlbdbadba
    Whose bright idea was that? I register for conferences and trade shows with my work email. LinkedIn is NEVER associated with my work email.
  • Privacy Issue 1/5

    By 5c6
    I find it unacceptable that the CES App requires you to provide your LinkedIn login information in order to utilize the apps sync function to other devices. I today's era of personal privacy concerns, requiring login information for another service to use the features of the CES app is a poor decision on the part of CES, regardless of how much LinkedIn is paying them.
  • Requires Your LinkedIn login 1/5

    By BostonNow
    There is no way to bypass the Linkedin log in requirements. I really don't want to create a fake Linkedin account to access this app. Absolutely not sharing my real one.
  • Finally a good CES app 5/5

    By Aurora club fan
    The past CES apps never worked very well. This one does! All you need in one app.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By nvt1
    Insists on logging you in by accessing your LinkedIn profile with no option to use email and password And if you use 2FA on LinkedIn it won't work
  • Almost none of the features are even present yet 1/5

    By MartyF81
    Would be nice if the maps, syncing with Show plan... etc... actually worked before the show starts in a couple days.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ZIM6
    Love it, getting better year over year. Best feature is syncing from device to device.
  • Not very useful 1/5

    By T Locke
    There is no option to login to the app and sync with your online account, which makes this app relatively useless. CES makes it very difficult in general to sift through and keep track of all of the events, conference tracks, supersessions, etc and this app certainly doesn't make planning and organizing your schedule any easier.
  • It's here... 4/5

    By Smith2t
    It only gets better...having an app regardless of the issues for this event is essential and bug fixes will come and go as long as I can see schedules and the map I'm good!
  • Need to sync with online schedule. 1/5

    By Atsushi Sakai
    This app doesn't have an ability to sync with online schedule. it must have it...

CES 2018 app comments


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