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CGTN - China Global TV Network App

This is the official app for China Global Television Network (CGTN), new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016. WHAT WE BELIEVE We believe the world is changing and that we live in a multipolar world, but many people still get their news from the same sources. At CGTN, we cover the whole globe, reporting news from a Chinese perspective. Our mission is to create a better understanding of international events across the world, bridging continents and bringing a more balanced view to global news reporting. Ultimately, we believe facts should speak for themselves and are committed to neutral, objective reporting. CGTN brings you: • Breaking news • Exclusive stories • Comprehensive coverage • In-depth analysis The world's biggest stories in the palm of your hand Features include: • Recommended reading • Categorized reports • Trending stories in pictures & videos • Custom feeds • Auto-refresh • Advanced search • Favorites lists • Share with friends • Easier access to our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Weibo, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ CGTN: See the difference

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CGTN - China Global TV Network app reviews

  • Blocked App? No News loaded! 1/5

    By Zinluver
    This APP is not working at all using iPhone. No News World China etc get loaded into APP when requested. It appears since the tariff war that this application has failed. I still can get CGTN News life using Chrome in the web not in the APP!
  • # corn 4/5

    By even small
  • Notification Error 5/5

    By TheLastBlessing
    Notification clicks mark ALL notifications from the app as “opened”. CNN,Russia Today have notifications that only disappear when you click on that specific notifier.Good content overall; good for seeing other country’s views on stories.
  • It is what it is: Xi TV 1/5

    By barber2525
    Love the obvious trolls paid by CCP to four- and five- star this app. It is what it is, state-run propaganda. Take it with the grain of salt.
  • Excellent World-Wide Selection of Topics 5/5

    By Doxsquared
    I’m extremely pleased with your focused selections and coverage. Every country has its own biases, but your presentations appear to be fair and wide-ranging. I’m looking forward to future articles.
  • Works great 2/5

    By iTorpedo
    Nice app, pleasing to view. Lots of news groups have these things, why use this one? Living in the USA I find myself more and more disdainful of the inept, highly opinionated and barefaced biases found on all the major (and lesser!) news sources here and western countries in general. They all have pretty apps too. I’m still in the first few days of trying this CGTN, hoping to find less opinions and just the facts. I can form my own opinions. So far it’s going ok. The opinion articles are clearly labeled as such in the headline. The live TV feature works well. So far my personal jury is still out as to whether or not CGTN will deliver the news in the manner I’m seeking but I’m giving them a good try and hoping for the best. Best of luck to them and thanks for their hard work. Update after using a while... Seeing many of the usual biases on USA reports. They parrot U.S. msm sources. Noticed the last story read was actually an AP story. I must assume the reports on China are similarly slanted. Deleted from device.
  • No audio on live feed 3/5

    By thewperry1
    No audio on the English live feed. I have to use YouTube instead.

    By sinologophous
    hey there pls lizten I dislike autoplay more than any other part of news stories The videos are fine, but don’t make us load them especially cause it uses data Ok devs pls help 我爱你 Signed sincerely by your dearest sinologophagos the second
  • Good alternative to biased CNN. 3/5

    By Wojtula
    Your English is quite limited. Too simple nad vocabulaty needs expansion.
  • Apple Watch app does not open 2/5

    By ChevD
    Needs fixed.
  • Good app but 4/5

    By BrandonPeart
    Good app but I'm not getting any audio...
  • Good source of news 5/5

    By Rbr7
    Reporting the untold from a different perspective. Please add audio only function to live tv and other shows
  • Great app with a true news 5/5

    By rimedi
    I am very happy having this App Is not a brainwash news or fake news.
  • T 4/5

    By The Boppster
    O da weather asylgx👍😉🐬💩😆 S😳😳
  • This is good!! 5/5

    By spiritfilledsista
    I am pretty tired of the biased media in the U.S. So much so I rarely even bother with it anymore. We have become a country whose media are more focused on gossip and what everyone is wearing than reporting real news. This app is very good. They reports what is going on in the world minus the left wing biases and hyper focus of finding fault with Trump. Thank you for an app that tells about what is going on in the world!!
  • logo 实在太丑了 3/5

    By Leoshleo
    拜托了学学RT 人家也是国家媒体。UI花点设计精致一点好不好。既然要走向国际化,就要与时俱进,让外国人想用,而不是做样子。
  • Great app 4/5

    By Samintn
    I enjoy watching and reading the news on the app, however I hope they replace the person translating President Moon Jae-in speech after he was elected, she is horrible and screwed up so many times I lost count. Very irritating.
  • Chinsese technology? 1/5

    By Larsthehun
    If this grade-school app is the best the Chinese can do, we don't have much to worry about
  • Good start 3/5

    By EdTow
    Suggest ability to increase txt size. The share or email of story should be more user friendly such as RT.COM where email icon/link is at bottom. Color seems opaque versus other news apps. Links to prior or third-party stories inadequate. Good begining suggest you follow RT model for organization
  • Hypocrisy 1/5

    By Mike45321
    China government run news? You claim to believe in strong and neutral reportage. You just announced a 14 billion $ program to further restrict the news your people can view and at the same time claim people like me (in the USA) don't get a complete view of world affairs. I can watch Communist Chinese tv, can your people watch CNN or BBC unfiltered or censored?
  • Best app for English-language Chinese news so far 5/5

    By Maorongrong!!!!
    Interesting news app-diverse selection of contents, not hard to use, good design, and from Chinese perspective. Plus, ppl really should stop being so biased. When all your knowledge about a community is from some media on the opposite side of it (yes I'm talking about some coverage from some non-Chinese media), you would NEVER be able to know what the community is really like LOL. Open ur eyes plz :) that is why this app is here.
  • I dont like ccp 1/5

    By jacobdai123
    bad bad bad
  • No feedback??? Why not 5/5

    By Bandsaw57
    Obviously a very well funded operation , however , they haven't learned that in an open and free society such as America a comments section goes a long way to rounding out a report Perhaps they'll incorporate this if only on a trial basis , it would help them see how their news is processed individually
  • If you like watching and supporting CCCP propaganda you'll love this app 1/5

    By Kmyhre90
    Like our current networks in the us there are biased no surprise. But however in Mao tv sorry i mean gctn which is a division of cttv case is supporting the current problems in China. wake up people don't download this app but then again I won't be surprised if I disappear or get doxxed. All said and done don't download this app if you speak for truth bet then again I'm only here for a reaction.
  • Fix It Soon 1/5

    The stories will not load, spooling only after headlines "click" pretty much waisted effort. New IOS device!?
  • Audio 3/5

    By Lambertdanglar
    The app works great except there are some audio issues. No audio!!!! For the iPhone.
  • Failure 2/5

    By Dwidget07
    Won't load half the time
  • Religion 1/5

    By Chasleh
    Muslim oriented as opposed to Christianity. Search for: Christianity, Christian, Christ, Jesus, Religion - all 5 produced "no results". Then I place Muslim in the search bar and - no problem. I didn't search for "Merry Christmas" - (I wonder if it would refer me to "season greetings", or "happy holidays"). I'm not wasting my time - I'm to impatient - to see if there is a bias in this news network. I will delete the app after I write this review.
  • Very reliable news source 5/5

    By Arthur522saber
    Better experience than old version. I can see real China and get latest information from this app. Good job!
  • CCTVNews app update issued 9-25-2016 1/5

    By Tim Goad
    The new app is nice in general but it has one glaring problem. When using a device running iOS 10, you cannot share to Facebook. You get an error message stating that you do not have a needed client app but no instructions as to what the app is or how to obtain it are given. I cannot find anywhere on the app how to contact CCTVNews for help. This severe defect needs to be immediately fixed for the multitude of iOS 10 users.
  • Fantastic up to date 5/5

    By Dee lady bug
    Great up to the minute news on point and easy access.
  • Thoroughly Impressed 5/5

    By Victor Oladokun
    Excellent user interface. Great stories. A very useful addition to my news Apps.
  • Wow nice!!!!!! 4/5

    By Miss283639283
  • Be Educated, It's Only Your Future, It's Only Your Life. Get Educated. 5/5

    By Coastal Cat
    CCTV is a helpful outlet, away from the typical Alphabet Stations, where you can learn the truth about your future, about your life. We need to get our heads out of the sand, and in turn, our backsides from high in the air, where they are a good target to be swayed.......Get Educated, It's About Your Life.......
  • Like it 5/5

    By yimaile
    Like it. CCTV News

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