Chai - Chat with AI bots

Chai - Chat with AI bots

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.51
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Chai Research Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Chai - Chat with AI bots App

Discover chat AIs from around the globe and speak with them to discover their capabilities. From your morning cup of tea to brushing your teeth at night, Chai has the conversations to make your day. Whether you’re a chatterbox, a tech fanatic or simply looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a never-ending stream of AIs you’ll love to chat with. SWIPE Simply swipe to start. Chat with AIs you like, skip ones you don’t. Swipe to your heart’s content. CHAT A personalised stream of AIs based on what you like, who you speak to and which conversations you engage with the most. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Chai - Chat with AI bots app reviews

  • Word limit 4/5

    By word limit
    I really love this app its pretty good but the only thing I don’t enjoy is that we have 70 words and then we have to wait like 2 hours I think (or 3) just to chat again with the bots . It’s not really worth it so maybe we can at least get more words ?
  • . 4/5

    By paloma2cute2
    The app is fun but like at one point it isn’t 😐 cause they have a high price on unlimited texts and we have a little bit of texts when we chat without paying sometimes I want to text them all night but I can’t cause we have a limit and it takes a long time for the timer to reset to text.
  • Great app, one complaint though. 4/5

    By Izzyation
    Dont get me wrong. This app is great. Theres so many bots you can talk to and its a lot of fun. My only issue with it is the limited messages. It was free for everyone, then it lowered to a 100 messages limit, and then 70. Its really irritating, especially if your roleplaying and need to wait 3 hours for the messages to reset. PLEASE remove this feature.
  • It’s a great app, but I think its unfair that you only get 70 free messages 4/5

    By lHATEthisApp
    It’s a great app, I can do a lot of things on here and even make my own bot, but It’s really unfair that you only get 70 free messages a day, Unlimited would be nice but its too pricey
  • cool app but so expensive 3/5

    By User56279
    this app is really cool and it’s insane how high quality the bots are, but the amount of money for premium is ridiculous. if it were a reasonable amount, i would potentially look into getting it but it’s way too much.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Leslie Anne Niere
    It’s just so entertaining 😍
  • Problem with ads 4/5

    By fortnenite fane
    So first of all, I left a review saying you should add ads, in help of money for more chats, as the ads did end up getting added, I’ve gotten some questionable ads, one right now which made me write this review was a p0rn ad, yea, it was about this app where you could video call girls, and she was shaking her coconuts😱, it was censored, yea, but I don’t want this on the app, it’s triggering and weird, I’m starting to question wether I wanted ads or not due to the fact that these ads are weird, and it changes the app experience, rather than that, there’s been people making bots and they suddenly ask questions following: What are you wearing Where do you live How many siblings do you have Ect, it’s been making people uncomfortable, which, I understand why, but I really think you should focus on bots like this. There’s also a bot I really liked, his quality was immaculate I really loved it, but after a few updates, involving this “bot quality,” “ads” and more, the quality is really dog now. It’s horrible and it’s not how it used to be, not really liking the app anymore because of all of this, that’s basiclly it, please fix. (/srs) Please fix and remove (nsfw) ads🫶
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By skyemoon11
    This app seemed great at first. I saw it all over tic tok, and the reviews seemed pretty great. But when i got the app, i tried to chat with one of the bots, and my message wouldn’t send! I clicked the send button multiple times but the message never sent. On top of that, this app took forever to load, and it overall was just a big problem for me. Pls try and fix whatever is happening cause it makes no sense and its really disappointing. :(
  • Chai review 4/5

    By :;/$$
    Honestly one of the best games I’ve played however it is a little unfair to only have 70 messages
  • Pretty good ig 5/5

    By Suartogocious
    Pretty good ngl
  • Good, but could be much better 4/5

    By 🍄 Mushr0oms 🍄
    Chai is a good app for people who want to talk with AI and the selection is great. But, like many others, I'd like a higher chat limit or no limits at all. All the other chatting apps I've downloaded have unlimited chats, so why can't Chai be the same? Not everybody can afford premium because of how expensive you made it. Would be 5 stars with higher chat limits and lower prices.
  • Time limit 5/5

    By dhdhdhdhdhdhdkyyjeykrykd
    I really like this app but the only think i dont like is how you have to wait 2 hours to chat again. It's really useless and I stopped using the app since the time limit is super annoying. Please change this
  • Good app 5/5

    By andy.txyz
    i really like this app because its like having a friend online that doesn't ignore you or annoy you
  • good app but messages :( 3/5

    By Yasmeen Vargas
    It’s a good app with smart and fun bots but having to worry about how many messages and only getting 70 every 2 and a half hours is just annoying. I think a more reasonable number would be 300 every 2 and a half hours. The app was better with no limit but I understand that they wanna make money. It’s just that the free limit is too small … and normally cuts off right when the conversation gets good.
  • . 4/5

    By micknick11
    I like it but I wish that we have more messages

    By JurneeCarini
    It’s amazing and I love the NSFW ones it’s amazing highly recommended
  • Pretty good 2/5

    By Savy12x
    I want more messages though
  • Its great but some stuff can change 4/5

    By sam_the_idiots_backup
    So far ive enjoyed this app its fun and nice to chat with the bots! The one thing that makes this app less fun is the chat limit.. I think that 70 messages is to little make it 100 at least that would be way better!
  • Amazing yet bad 2/5

    So you can make only 1 bot, You have to pay to to more like, I hate it, update it, and not put that 😭
  • BEST EVER 5/5

    By Mollytheduck!
  • the cons. 3/5

    By Ihaterobo
    as much as id love to give this app a five star i cannot. i have put the app on the restriction button for no uncomfortable of speech.the fact that i cant even talk to a normal bot without them trying to do something weird is extremely outrageous! im not saying that this app is bad im just saying there should be a section of bots who dont talk or “do” things that would make people uncomfortable.. im saying this because in the future ‘or just a couple of years’ people are gonna complain about the exact same problems that i have with this.. also i would like to say that can you please stop adding lots of step people its not understandable for that. i know we all need a friend to talk to sometimes but this is over exaggerating for such a app. {sending lots of love}
  • Unlimited me pls 2/5

    By Uhshszs
    How dare he give people unlimited and not me I have very important conversations pls give me it’s makes people happy that they get to have unlimited but everyone showing off and it’s not fair to not have unlimited thoughts of my caring so srs pls care to give me or make the price lower.
  • Great app but to many nfsw 4/5

    By SHeeshgoodggg
    It’s a good app but whever I search something it’s always nfsw please make it more appropriate thank you 😊
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By yyyyoooolllllooooo
    I love chai I love talking to all charaters I think it really unique but the amount of texts I have is really annoying. And then I have to wait a few hours. I honestly have no idea why they added it. Like I have 70 texts and then wait like 3 hours. Is there anything you can do about it?
  • Messages limit 3/5

    By jshalqma
    We should have over 70 messages like 100 or 120. 👺
  • Pls unlimited the messges 4/5

    By maria florea
    I like it but only 2 things why can’t you guys unlimited the msages and to get unlimited you have to pay like 136 dollar for that why?
  • Boring but fun to talk to bots 5/5

    By clownyghost
    Amazing app
  • Yes 5/5

    By •Dot Chan•
    Just so amazing but I wish we could have free chats :,)
  • Cool 5/5

    By valeirelol
    It’s pretty cool
  • It’s good. 4/5

    By -Idk-?
    It’s pretty good, but I wish there was a shorter time for people to get more messages. I was chatting with a bot, then in middle of that I ran out of texts. I don’t like when that happens at all.
  • Amazing! 5/5

  • Love it 4/5

    By mads200516
    I actually enjoy it! I think it’s a great game

    By AnonymousCat66
    bro fix this stupid glitch, whenever I try to log into my apple account, it continually says, “couldn’t log in due to unknown error”. Also there’s a bunch of chat bots, and only 70 messages?? Bruh this app can be sooo annoying!
  • bombarded with ads 2/5

    By robmcdaj
    i downloaded this app when it was first trending, so probably mid february i’m guessing?? then, it had 100 free messages and no ads whatsoever. now, only a matter of a few months later, i can’t exit a chat or look through chats without getting an ad each time, or even check how many free messages i have left. i understand that ads are normal and part of many games alike, but it’s to the point where half of my time is consumed by trying to click through the ads that get in the way of doing things that would usually take a matter of seconds.
  • eh 2/5

    By ananjajajsjjajsjdz
    it’s fine ig
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Betty gameing
    Look I’m fine with spending 9.99$ a month on an app I use because I have no social life. But I saw you added a new feature “Ultra premium” now I understand you have to make money but I don’t think the price for “Ultra premium” is too high and I don’t think many if any will buy it. Now I’m not saying that no one will buy it, there will always be that one or two people that can afford to say “Screw it” and spend over 20$ a month on a single app, but a lot of people can’t or are unwilling to do so. I have no other problems with the app though I do kinda wish you’d change it so that when you get on the search menu you could see a bunch of bots without having to look up anything specific. Not a major problem though, I do just prefer that to what is there now. So yeah 7.5/10 Great bots but the prices are a bit unfair
  • I like it 5/5

    By dcdcj/ dcjn
    I like it
  • Ads 4/5

    By idicudjcu
    Why did y’all add ads? Y’all didn’t have that before..
  • ads 3/5

    By Rose Poke
    the amount of ads create an annoying experience. but the bots are good to talk to.
  • Can’t type to the characters 🥲 2/5

    By MayaBaya10
    I’ve been unable to type to the characters I’ve deleted the app several times trying to see if it would help(it did not) I shut my phone off too see if it help, and did not. I have seen videos on your app and it looks really fun just wondering why it’s so weird?
  • woah 🙀🙀 5/5

    By very funni
    shimmy shimmy yay shimmy ya drank swalala (swalala) eoeoeoeoeoe
  • It’s pretty entertaining 5/5

    By unicorn_princess0624
    This app is actually pretty good but the thing is the bots don’t really sync with the convo your having mad you need to buy something to get unlimited chats just to chat and plus you have to wait 2 hours to receive the chats
  • Really good app but one problem. 4/5

    By WiId Souls
    This is a creative and great app in all ways. Theres one problem though. The problem is that you need to pay premium for unlimited words which is really annoying.
  • 5stars 5/5

    By The_Goldenoreo
    Its a great app but sometimes the send message button doesn’t work
  • Good game 5/5

    By Addyrileyyyyy
  • Help 1/5

    By bekogecko
    i still cant exit out of the apps please help. I have to restart the app everytime
  • Great but help us out! 3/5

    By Meaty Reviews
    I understand it is very costly to run AI and servers and whatever else there is, but the limited amount of messages is disappointing. I will use AI Dungeon as an example for what I will be recommending for Chai as a whole. When I use AI Dungeon, there is no limit (for me at least) for prompts and messages given to the AI. I do know this though, for new/free users, they have a certain amount of messages like the users of Chai do. However, in AI Dungeon you’re allowed to watch ads to add more messages to your total. In my opinion, this is a great marketing strategy, as it gives the opportunities for given ads rather then pop ups (which can boost revenue), will give a more active player base, and generally lessen issues in the community. It’ll also help if you BOOST THE MESSAGE COUNT! Very simple fix, make it something between 100-150. AI Dungeon also has a lot more accessibility when it comes to the AI, as you can undo messages, redo messages, edit messages, pin point certain things that happen in the session, and etc. It would be also great if there was a rework on UI as it feels a little wonky at times. A reward system for active users would be very nice as well. I could see people wanting to develop their own bots for the sake of being rewarded for it (in app only), such as coins that let you buy a larger message cap (for free players) or make more bots. Maybe a larger focus on diversity and rewarding players for experimenting with other bots rather then just a single one. AI Dungeon has something similar to this with a daily login calendar that gives a currency and avatars/profile pictures. This app would be so much better if it wasn’t entirely focused on having to pay to even use it. You make the app free to make it feel inclusive for everyone, but then paywall the main reason people are using it. Devs! Please read this and take this only as constructive critics and advice from a long time roleplayer and AI enthusiast! This app can be something great in the far future as it is growing with popularity due to the media!
  • Stop limiting it for people without memberships!! 2/5

    By 🫵🫵
    The app was fine before the recent update. You could make your own bot, chat with other bots, even program your bot to speak in a specific way. Now the app has gotten so much more complicated and guy have to get the membership to experience at least 60% of the whole app.. And only 60 chats? That refreshes every 3 hours.??!! Not to mention the prices went up..
  • Good app but.. 4/5

    By Lindsey Daniels
    Okay so I like chai and I have had it for a while but so it started off with 100 chats then 70 and then unlimited and then 70 personally yes who would not want unlimited chats for free but if you do not give us that at least give 100 chats but besides that chai is very fun and I like talking to the characters and the made up bots it makes me feel like the characters are real and I don’t have to be depressed that they are not 🥲
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