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  • Current Version: 2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FatChicken Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Charades!™ App

Charades! is the outrageously fun and exciting multi-activity game for you and your friends! And thanks to you, it's also the #1 Word & Card game in the USA! With different challenges from dancing, singing, acting or sketching -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out! Features: - Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time. - Draw a new card by tilting your phone up or down - Wacky activities from dancing, impersonating to trivia will challenge even the most well-rounded players With over 100 themed decks to choose from, many packed with over 400+ exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop! So whether you're an artist, a singer, an actor, or a science nerd--there's something for everyone. Decks include: - TV Shows & Movies - Dance Moves - Science - I Love the 70s, 80s, & 90s - Movie Characters - And lots more! Challenging players in trivia and creativity, your next party, reunion or family game night will never be the same.

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Charades!™ app reviews

  • Idea 5/5

    By nordjo1
    Can someone reach out to me I have an app idea I’d like to sell. For kids. Use pictures and words at the same time. So they can associate the word with the picture
  • Finicky Controls 1/5

    By MustPurchasePremium
    Who thought using the accelerometer for a charades game was a good idea? Accidental tilt, pass - pass - correct - pass -etc...
  • Emma Collins!🥰🥳❤️ 5/5

    By emmaleilani
    This game is so fun me and my sister love this game we played it on our way camping! She’s really good I’m ok yea she’s way better then me I gave this a five star rating! I really hope you like this game cause I love it!
  • Fun fun fun 4/5

    By BishSTFU
    Love this game, glad it updates regularly! Wish you could click on the names to read more about them though
  • App in middle of game 3/5

    By hgerics
    I really did not like getting adds in the middle of the game so if there’s a way to get rid of them that would be great
  • Utter crap 1/5

    By TJVash
    Completely useless.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By UglyBrother
    Runs ads during a game.......really.......?don't bother.
  • Why I love this game 5/5

    By i am a rock star sudent
    I love this game because it is the best
  • Scam!! 1/5

    By owlcity2night
    Paid for the app to not have ads. Still has ads interrupt our games. Will be reporting
  • Too many ads. 2/5

    By 2ndpurple
    Used to be very fun with updated categories but now there’s ads after every turn. Kills the momentum of the game for everyone.
  • Good 5/5

    By nicadoodledo
    A good app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By feb222
  • Disneyland 5/5

    By bray2009
    It’s a great game even in Disneyland’s long lines go try it it’s really fun🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By baneska
    I was doing this with my family and kept on getting ads
  • Sharing decks 3/5

    By older sibling
    I wanted to have a deck on 2 devices and I emailed it to me and I typed in the id it sent me but it didn’t work how do I share the deck to other devices

    By bizbiz__
    I didn’t mind the adds until the adds blocked me from playing the game completely. lost scores. don’t waste your time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By poopbreath69
    Terrible game. Barely works. Can’t believe apple lets it be this high in the App Store.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By zzziiittt4444
    Same thing as emersonfam1
  • Variety 5/5

    By Yaddi b
    The game has a variety of categories and also since there is teams this make this game and review a five star.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By KatelynNath_164
    Super fun to play with family and friends just like heads up but better because is is free I recommend this for EVERYONE this is the best app I have on my phone!❤️
  • Too Many Ads!!!! 4/5

    By Telly Tubie👍🏻
    So I downloaded this app because I saw an add for it on Instagram. I first played it with my sister and after every round there was a VERY LONG AD!!!!!! If you can just take the ads out I would give it a 5 star review. It is just very annoying because you get an ad after every 1 round (which is 60 seconds long) and you don’t even get to see your score before the 1 minute ad comes up. It’s very annoying and is making me lose my patience!
  • Love dis app 4/5

    By Flat Ava
    So,I went to Disney world and we all know how long the lines are.So I got charades to play with my family on my phone.Love this game,we did the catagory 🤩 Disney characters since we were at Disney world.Two problems though.Number 1,I have an iPhone X and it doesn’t have a home button,every time I flipped it,it went off of the app and we had to start a new game.Number 2,when somebody gets it right and flips it the right way,it goes to pass,this doesn’t happen all the time,but when it does happen it’s pretty annoying.Overall it’s a great 👍 game and love it!!
  • Like the category depth, but needs a few changes 3/5

    By CYBORG3005
    Hello! I love the depth of this game in terms of the categories and topics. They are very detailed! Also, I love that the game is free. However, I feel that there are some changes needed to be made to the controls. Some of the controls are complicated and take obnoxiously long to do. The motion sensors for this fame are way out of wack. It makes the experience much harder to enjoy - especially when it is a quick game on the go. I would appreciate it if you took some of these suggestions into consideration. Thanks!
  • Yaaaaas queen 1/5

    By youngmegaphone
  • Love your game 5/5

    By Danny❤️horse
    I love this game! It gets peeps to get together and laughing 😀
  • Signed by Sandy. 5/5

    By Sandy the creep
    This game is fantastic it couldn’t be better! This is a fantastically huge game and millions people play it! There isn’t one other game better that is like this. This is a fantastic game. Not one thing is missing!!!!! But to all the people with those annoying glitching phones, I would just restart your phone completely, and how you do that is you press down the phones lock 📴 button for as long until a button comes on your screen, then you will swipe it. After your phone is going to turn off you won’t be able to turn it back on unless you press down the phones lock, then it turns on again. This are long things to to but in the real world it is very easy to do. My name is Sandy, and I love ❤️ Chardes! (I am in between 9 and 7 ( yes if you guessed 8 you are correct that was a easy question. BYE!! See you later and happy almost Halloween 👻 there are only 25 days or 26 or 27!!!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By dughfhvf
    Horrible don’t buy
  • Love charades 💕 4/5

    By christmas_lover💕
    I love charades it is super fun with my family! And I love that you can play it with 2+ players. Sometimes it’s just me and my sister other times it’s my whole family, either way, really fun. We stick to the Star Wars or animal category because the other stuff we haven’t even heard of and some of it is inappropriate. Still a great app just needs to be updated.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By knrnenfidek
    I can’t delete a item in my customization.Also it repeats the same thing I typed.For example,I wrote something and it doubles.Also it always exits me out.Please fix this I was trying to play with my family but I couldn’t sadly because of this bug.
  • App review ‘ 5/5

    By App review'
    I like how it’s FREE
  • You should get it😁 4/5

    By Nanya buissiness!😁
    This game is so fun, it’s just like heads up but free! I play this game when I’m bored and hanging around with my friends! I recommend this game, but of course it has its flaws, its not for all ages and some of the stuff makes no sense and sometimes it just puts things no one knows! I still like this game you should get it!😁
  • Shalini 5/5

    By whehbrbfihr
    This app is amazing
  • Like heads up 4/5

    By Kool kitten 😺
    This game is great! It does what it says it does but I would definitely like to see a kid section with things kids know. I am 9 and I don’t know most of the things in the categories. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but this is a really good game for free!
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Blank,blankly
    Good game but could you add Spanish as a language.
  • 𝐼 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝐼𝓉 5/5

    By 𝓔𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓷𝔃𝓪
    I love this game i asked my dad if he want to play with me but I guess he doesn’t want to play with me
  • Sleep good night Morning Miss Too Love You James Embery Miranda 4/5

    By James Embery
    Sleep good night Morning 💕😴💤💙💍🛌🌙
  • Different language? 4/5

    By 181saramarie181
    I live playing but I want Spanish instead of English. :/
  • Bestum best 5/5

    By rc rishabh ch
    Waaah kya aap hai I am thrilled bc I love it
  • My family loves this game! 5/5

    It’s super fun! I love it so much!
  • Fun but inappropriate ads. 1/5

    By roldroyd
    Fun game with the whole family until pornographic ads popped up. I no longer use this since those ads are there.
  • This game is so much better than Heads Up 5/5

    By Jxjxjxnnn
    This game is amazing I love it
  • Its not that bad at all!🙂 4/5

    By pianoorc
    So...I have been scrolling down at the reviews and I saw alot people saying that this app is not really meant for kids.I just on.y have one issues with this app,the ads ruin the mood and fun.I didn't really see some "Not for Kids stuff 😒.Maybe In some of the catorgry has some Not for kids kinda things.Well this is just advice for you guys,make sure when your doing Chardes with your family or with somebody younger than you;just pick a catorgry that is family friendly so there won't be a big of a problem.You can also make your own catorgry!I found that out just now so you can make a catorgry for you and your family. :D
  • Good party game 3/5

    By girl_next_door_.1108
    It is a great game to play at a party or just with a friend, but I was a little disappointed that there was a DCEU category but not an MCU category. Maybe in a future update they could ad it, but else then that it is a fun game.
  • Good for ride waiting😋 5/5

    By kendrewanel
    This game shows me sometimes but I prefer to get it and I have fun
  • Amazing 😍 5/5

    By Abdullah bbb
    My favorites are the friends heads up the chick flick heads up and the Adam sandler movies 🍿
  • It’s okay 5/5

    By Chandoval
    It’s okay
  • Commercials ruin it 2/5

    By ImogenR
    This is a really good idea and a quick fun game to pull out for the kids. BUT if you have a touchscreen phone, as most people do nowadays, and happen to accidentally touch the commercials popping up, which happens constantly, it’s a complete waste of time. SO disappointed! The only way to play it is on airplane mode so that the commercials won’t show up. I’d almost rather pay for the app or pay a very small subscription.
  • Heads up VS charades 5/5

    By Storm 225
    Charades wins
  • Meh 4/5

    By tthunter88
    Too many adds good game

Charades!™ app comments

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