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ChargePoint® App

ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with over 100,000 charging spots. Only the ChargePoint app allows you to find these stations, see if they’re available and start charging. You can also find stations from all other major networks. Map: Find stations from ChargePoint and all other major networks. Real-time information: See which ChargePoint stations are available to charge. Start charging: Just tap your phone on the station to start charging. Notifications: Get real-time updates about your charging status. Filter: Only see stations that work with your car. Driver tips: Leave and view tips and photos about stations and their locations. ChargePoint Home: Connect to and control your home charger.

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ChargePoint® app reviews

  • Invasive and unnecessary 1/5

    By R-mom of 4
    I just wanted to use my charger. There is ZERO need for this charger to have my name, email address, phone number and WiFI password. Yes, to use all of the features of the app and service, I get it, but to simply set what the amperage of my circuit breaker is so that the charger will perform does not require all of that.
  • Easy Charge! 5/5

    By Love blooms
    Fantastic service and location! Thank you so very much!
  • Easy to use... 5/5

    By Rattlebite
    ...very helpful with finding places to charge my EV
  • ChargePoint 5/5

    By Peterl102
    This app is awesome it notified ahead by text that my vehicle started to charge at lower amps and may soon be ready. Certainly ten minutes later it finishes charging and I am there. Very convenient and works. Good bless.
  • Mr Red Lgsp 5/5

    By Red080365
    Greatest one
  • New home charger: ChargePoint Flex 5/5

    By steve in solivita
    We just love this new charging pod! Bluetooth feedback, local new grey costs can be entered in (it actually knew our provider!). Simple to use!!!!!
  • It needs lots of work 2/5

    At first I bought this product because is WiFi enabled and because is a respectable brand. I thought it was a great idea however is not very user friendly. It feels like is designed by developers for developers. Hello get real people to work with with you guys. This app is not end user friendly at all.
  • Works as you expect 4/5

    By AP2725
    Works just as well as you expect but why do you charge $10 when going under $5?? Why can’t we just pay as we go?
  • Rick Probst 5/5

    By Rick Probst
    Awesome vs Chevy App
  • Works great 4 me 5/5

    I just purchased my first EV, a Tesla Model 3. Currently I living in an apartment complex that does not have any charging available, but this app has been very helpful. There are a number of paid and free chargers available around me that maybe ChargePoint or another company’s charger. But they are visible at the least. I only found a one time issue at the Walgreens, it showed a vehicle was charging while nothing was there. Anyway, works well for me.
  • Not always accurate! 5/5

    By smarcus1031
    When it works, great! But the app doesn’t always list Charging Stations nearby. Example, I used a Charge Station near Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park,California tonight... it was NOT listed on the app, but it was a real ChargePoint station. The transaction has not shown up on my credit card, and the charge was not on my history. Also, many ChargePoint stations are either still not listed, or are listed but don’t exist... Update more often.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By GabbyParrot
    Works perfectly. Simple to set up and use.
  • Tesla 4/5

    By murphdolly
    I have been using your station for two months. Very convenient for me one block from my house. When I go to your app for my activity it says that there is no activity. One visit I was charged 8 dollars when all the other visits were 3.85.
  • Too many liberties taken 1/5

    By bad Chatterjee
    This app hijacks your settings and overtakes your phone
  • Most Convenient Charging Network 5/5

    By Bruce1768
    I live in San Jose with a Chevy Volt. The Level 2 chargers are what the Volt needs and ChargePoint has a lot of them in convenient locations. The app is great and billing is always accurate.
  • Deducting $10 automatically doesn't feel right 4/5

    By Reviewer2204
    Would be great if didn't deduct $10 automatically.
  • Interrupted my day to ask for a review. 1/5

    By Timothy Tech Toys
    I have a standard policy: when an app interrupts my day to beg for a review, I leave one: a one-star review. It’s a pity that this app did thus, because I might have left a better review given more time. The interface is efficient. The maps are good and accurate. And the tool is useful. I like it. To anyone from ChargePoint who is listening: don’t try to justify your policy to me. Just make it better. If I’m not bothered again, my review may gradually increase over time. If you attempt to justify, I will never raise my rating.
  • I don’t like it. 1/5

    By Elven Princess
    It’s supposed to charge my card as it goes but it’s like it charges me a usage fee that gets taken from my bank account every time I use the card. $10 gets taken without my permission. I’m getting ready to contact my van to dispute the charges because I didn’t authorize the card to do this. Also there is no cancel account or subscription option so I have no way I closing the account to prevent further charges from hitting my card. I’m very unhappy with this company.
  • Privacy nightmare 1/5

    By the evalutaor
    After using the app to charge my car- I am suddenly bombarded with aggressive spam and marketing offers all targeting me as an EV owner, which prompted me to review their privacy policy looking for an opt out - which does not exist in the app btw. They are essentially collecting all the data they possibly can, and even more troubling - sharing and combining with 3rd parties. No thanks.
  • Bad updates 3/5

    By NJCY
    Seems like this new update has more bugs. My avatar doesn’t show up and also no selections. My charge graph is broken deepening on which view you are in. Totally not acceptable fix. Redo.
  • Automatically withdraws money from your card 1/5

    By Twixars
    Withdrew 30 dollars from my debt card with no notice even though my balance was fine.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By astaronearth
    Appreciate it
  • Best in class ecosystem, need prove filtering 4/5

    By Foolio
    Overall the most solid charging user experience in terms of feedback for the user to monitor charge rate etc through the app, nfc integration etc. some of the older hardware still in the wild can be iffy (24 kw dc boxes mostly) But pricing can be a wildcard with vendors often setting prices ridiculously high. REQUEST: filter/sort by price .... help spur competitive electricity pricing to further accelerate the BEV transition. Sometimes they are priced such that it’s more expensive than gas!! Would love to not waste time looking at overpriced ChargePoints unless it’s an emergency. Also geographic markers on the map view are especially poor in this app, especially often in this app, even if the same station in plug share is marked spot on.
  • Overcharged 3/5

    By mH1.8.1
    The App works well but keep a close look at your charges. When I looked at my credit card statement I noticed numerous overcharges. I called the company and it’s a known software issue.
  • Great app 5/5

    By pmccully26
    Love the feature that shows you which charger is being used.
  • Charging costs and credits 3/5

    By M1Chaney
    Was told I would receive a credit of $10.00 ? Have yet to receive? As there was some confusion over a 5 hour charge that only produced 8 miles on my Chevy Volt?
  • Chargers don’t work a lot of the time 2/5

    By Jacked up2
    I’ve had a lot of trouble with charge point. Should be as easy as holding your phone up to the charger. A lot of the chargers seem to struggle doing that.
  • Exceptional App 5/5

    By dbjayhawk
    Since I am a rookie to EV & live in a condo without a charging station, I was looking for a simple app that would identify area charging stations. That stations are identified as free or fee is an added bonus.
  • Zero problems, ever! 5/5

    By Pedi H
    Well designed system! And charging to day for FREEEE!!! 👍
  • Thanks loads 1/5

    By Adam's Apple
    I’ve been standing here for fifteen minutes at a charging station waiting for this app to download, because this company won’t let anyone charge who doesn’t have it, presumably because in addition to making me pay about 40 times the going rate for electricity they also want to sell my personal information, including when I’m away from home, to the highest bidder. And the cell reception is not good out here, so it appears I would have time to write an even longer review if I wanted to. And if I were on T-Mobile apparently I simply couldn’t charge my car here because hey who cares about customers?
  • Byebyebaby 5/5

    By byebyebaby1962
    I got a home charger working great love it
  • Love it 5/5

    By jadehamster
    Great app and service but can you add a carplay interface so we can locate chargers near out current position directly from our car’s dash?
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By Dr. Larry G
    Tried it at a public charger froze my hands off trying to get it to work . totally user hostile!
  • Excellent App. 5/5

    By Smiller59
    See all charging stations in the area (not just ChargePoint). See your charging status (energy consumed, GHG, costs, time charging). Great integration with ChargePoint home charging station. Great graphics. Would love to see pictures of charging stations. Maybe in the next release.
  • Worthless - No Station Connectivity 1/5

    By Dae1er
    First, I couldn’t charge using the app so I set up my Apple wallet so that I could use the tap-to-charge feature. Now, a few months later, this doesn’t work either. I have been late to work 3 days in a row now because I have to call these people to have them unlock the station. My only hope now is to get a card from them. Such a waste of time!
  • Replenishment option is dumb 1/5

    By ThisAppStoopid
    This app is stupid. I have to “delete” and re create an account just to get my threshold back to the original $10. So basically if I only have 15 in my account they’ll take out 20..and what if I don’t have the money. And CHOOSE to not charge my car until I have money in my account. This is ridiculous and an option to bring down the threshold should be available. Absolutely ridiculous
  • Does what it’s supposed to do 5/5

    By Zamini
    It’s good that they realize this app needs to be reliable and not necessarily fancy. It works well. Suggestion. Please allow us to set a time to be waitlisted. For example, when I tap Join Waitlist, I should be able to select the time I want to join the waitlist. This will save me from having to stay up till midnight to get into line for charging at work.
  • Charging station 4/5

    By Katori3006
    Overall the app works great. A nice feature would be to add a sensor or a camera so you could view the parking space in front of the charger. This way you don’t show up at the charger spot if there’s a gas car taking up space. If it had this feature I would give it a five star.

    By Amii27
    The app and charging stations seemed great until I used a charging station once for a total of $1.12, and a couple days later was charged $10. They make you have balance in your account at all times and you can’t withdraw it. When your balance falls below $5 they’ll automatically charge you another $10. You don’t have the option to say not to automatically add money and I can’t find a way to disconnect my card. This is a scam to get credit card info to steal your money. Now I have to contact their support and hope that they’ll refund me and remove all my information. Do yourself a favor and don’t let them have it in the first place.
  • I like the service but I think the user interface in the App could be better 3/5

    By Los_1904
    Not as easy to navigate as other charging apps
  • Account requirements are anti-consumer 1/5

    By arronhunt
    The fact that an account is required to use the charge point chargers is an anti-consumer and anti-privacy travesty. The sign up process is unnecessarily complicated requiring you to provide full name, location, email, and phone number to use. There is no technical reason for this requirement and is purely the product of horrible business practices. Bad service bad company.
  • Helpful, with lots of room for improvement 4/5

    By EV Ninjas
    Good app to have those of us driving EVs. However, too many errors on locations of the charging stations or their availabilities.
  • Great Charger 4/5

    By Tesla Guru
    This is a wonderful, free charger in lieu of a Tesla Supercharger. Easy to use, once you set up account. Also located in a walkable area near restaurants. Four stars due to charging speed (23 miles/hr) for a Tesla Model 3.
  • Simple and easy to use 5/5

    By Sebsail
    First week using the app with the Home Flex charger and a Tesla Model3. Love that it calculates the true cost base on my Electric plan and it automatically asked me to select my utility plan based on location. It took less than a minute to configure everything. It also automatically created the default schedule based on my plan to only charge at the low rate. Great first impression so far!
  • Doesn’t save filter settings 1/5

    By KitCat2000
    On the iPad, go to filter in the app. Change some setting, like I want to see the DC charging stations. Save. Go back to filters. It didn’t save.
  • Deabueno Chiropractic 5/5

    By Deabueno Chiropractic
    Fantastic App!!
  • Home Charger works great 5/5

    By Astronut42
    Just got the 32amp EVSE. Works great so far.
  • Great app, just needs a bit of work with notifications 4/5

    By nickmckellepp
    Hands down the best charging network app out there. A million times better than miserable Greenlots. I love that I can add my charge card to my Apple Wallet, making it even easier to plug in and go. Great Apple Watch notifications too. The only downside is that I get frequent notifications that’s my car is finished charging, even though it’s nowhere near fully charged.
  • Total dumpster fire. Favorites and lists terminally broken. 2/5

    By Reid C.
    Add a station to a list. List never shows up. Add a new station to a list. It complains that list name is taken. Eventually lists show up. It’s a bunch of pins that say things like .2 and .05 and a bunch of gibberish that makes no sense at all. UX utterly atrocious particularly any time there’s more than one station in an area. The web site is even worse somehow.

ChargePoint® app comments

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