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  • Current Version: 3.2.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Charlotte Russe
  • Compatibility: Android
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Charlotte Russe App

Introducing the better than ever Charlotte Russe mobile app! Download and get instant updates on the latest trends, new arrivals, our biggest sales and events. You’ll also get VIP access to exclusive app-only offers and fashion previews! Bonus perks: - Quick & easy shopping and fashion inspiration on the go! - Checkout with just a few clicks (or just one click with ApplePay) - Built-in barcode scanner—scan any style in-store for more product info & additional sizes online - With #CRItsOn share your faves with friends on Instagram, Twitter & more - Find the nearest Charlotte Russe store & get directions in a snap - Check product availability in stores and find which stores near you have the item(s) in stock


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Charlotte Russe app reviews

  • Piece of sh*t app!!! 1/5

    By Autumnlovet
    This is the stupidest app ever. The Touch ID never works. You can’t add items to your wishlist at all! You also can’t add items to your bag without them disappearing and having to start over again. So basically you can’t do… anything the app was made for. Except browse of course, and if I wanted to do that I might as well go to the mall and window shop. At least I’d be able to collect all my items and purchase them. But hey, the layouts nice if that counts for something. They keep putting out updates but never fix anything. SERIOUSLY WHAT’S THE POINT!!!
  • Can’t buy anything? 2/5

    By sweetsweetrip
    I want to buy things. Give you my money. But whenever I try to add things to the cart it says “product blah blah blah isn’t available”. On every. single. thing. Let me give you my money!!! Plz :)
  • Crashing 2/5

    By mandy922
    The app keeps crashing... please fix😩
  • scam 1/5

    By laura1255
    i order a dress online never came .! i call for a replacement and didn’t want to. usps tracking says is alreafy in my mailbox 😡
  • Eh 1/5

    By Secret Girl12
    The fact that CR has nice clothes is the reason I gave it a star but that’s it. I can’t even sign in on the app to shop or save my choices. It wouldn’t let me do the ship to store option on my app.

    By llTetell :D
    I’m just going to to say it the app is pretty trash. I can see what you all was going for and you NEED TO PUT AN UPDATE OUT AND FIX THIS APP. My wishlist keeps disappearing and the app crashes sometimes. To be honest my biggest problem is literally my wishlist. The app has a great content but it NEEDS WORK. HELLO UPDATE THE APP PLEASE. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😩
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Taurusbaby97
    The only problem is that items go months without being restocked. I’ve been checking to see if a pair of jeans have my size for months now.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Isa_pucci13
    It’s a great app! It’s extremely easy and efficient to use!
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By tiff951
    It crashes you can’t even use this
  • Such a pain! 1/5

    By JennRS22
    Trying to check out was the biggest hassle of all time. It kept saying my cart was empty and I had to keep going back to add things just so it would realize it wasn’t empty at all. By the end of it, my order got shipped to the wrong address. I will definitely NOT be using this app ever again.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kaycie.jackson
    I hate to say this but whoever this company uses to write code etc. for this app needs to be fired and should have been months ago. I’ve come across constant problems when attempting to use it, the biggest being that 95% of the time it crashes before it can even load anything when I open it. Pathetic!! No updates have ever fixed the issues with this app, so I’m not quite sure what the updates are any good for. The cart for the app doesn’t work seamlessly with the cart on the website, which turns into a complete disaster. I can’t count how many times my cart has been totally wiped out after spending my time adding items I want to purchase to it. I’m actually offended that a company this size doesn’t have a better app programmer!! 🤦‍♀️
  • Could be better 5/5

    By Yaritzy.
    I spend way too much time on this app lol it's good or whatever but it does sign you out a lot.
  • Can’t save wishlist 1/5

    By Bird<3Baby
  • Love 5/5

    By Carlos is the bæ
    Love it
  • Fix your app. 1/5

    By Meelia5
    LOVE Charlotte Russe but your app is annoying as hell. It works one time and then it doesn’t. Opens and shuts down. Get it together. It’s annoying!!!!!
  • Support for iPhone X please🙄 2/5

    By Vale_2002_pink
    Even before I got my iPhone X, the app constantly crashed. The design is quite nice, but it can’t be appreciated when it doesn’t fit my entire phone screen and crashes constantly. Please fix!
  • Needs to be fixed desperately 1/5

    By Zyntaliation
    The app looks nice but it definitely needs to be fixed. It constantly logs you out. If you are looking through a deals section and want to search up something specific, (ex. floral tops), it takes you out of the deals section and into general shopping. The worst part is checkout! I apparently LOST a 20% coupon because I proceeded to checkout and decided against buying something, went back to remove it from my cart, and my coupon was invalid?? I assume this had to do with the fact that I keep getting logged out of the app, but I’m not sure. I’m very upset and I hope to get my coupon back after NOT having used it at all. Fix this app!! Edit: I also enjoy that the app developers have chosen to pretty much ignore 1 star ratings even though they’re trying to help fix this app, and only choose to praise those with 5 Star, positive feedback. Way to go...
  • FIX IT 1/5

    By Ajsunshines
    it keeps crashing other than that i love it but it barely works...please fix this so i can shop online
  • Okay 3/5

    By Vgsrgvunkphfeeieqhub
    App has some glitches, let's you use coupons, wish I could see product reviews. Sometimes stock is not updated or products get cancelled after it says it has already been shipped. Overall, products are cute and affordable. Not always best quality, have had several items rip, wear out, or break.
  • Thief? 2/5

    By Marianbr1234
    I think is awful that whenever there’s a sale on the app, like 70% off, shoes that were $20 BEFORE the offer become $40 just so the price wouldn’t go any lower than that. It’s such a fake publicity and I think that if you’re gonna be making sales at least be REAL about them, nothing good about this app or shopping online in it.
  • Annoying. 1/5

    By Rheina.
    The app literally won’t even open and it bugs out my phone when I try to open it. Every other app works but this one. I’ve even tried deleting and re-downloading so yikes.
  • Layout and Functionality 1/5

    By ayo.hayley
    when is this app going to be compatible with iPhone X!?!? it’s completely nonfunctional in every way and is very aggravating to maneuver around on the app. 🙄
  • What Even?! 1/5

    By RatedT.S.M.
    This app has one thing that makes me happy to give it 1 star and not upset to give it 0. That is the design. The layout is beautiful. That is it. The functionality in the other hand is complete GARBAGE! Whoever made this app should be ashamed of themselves. If I made this app, I would take this and throw it right into a virtual landfill! It does not even deserve to be put in the virtual trash! It crashes hourly. Trying to complete orders is horrendous. Trying to complete surveys is just as much of a mess! Why are the product details meaningless? Why isn't the the fabric content listed?! That's more important than the sizing chart! Fabric content is essential to know because of: weather, skin sensitivity, determining size, quality (pilling, and fading likelihood, durability, longevity, synthetic vs natural), and fit (some fabrics just don't work well on certain body types, even if an item fits). Fix this app, the ESPECIALLY CHECKOUT section, and ADD FABRIC CONTENT TO the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION!
  • Okay 4/5

    By Jocelinfidelity
    Love the app, design is cute and easy to search for items and connect to PayPal but app tends to crash or sign me out, needs some bug fixes but also love the exclusive app discounts and stuff!
  • sad 1/5

    By Nvbrns
    the costumer service is not pleasing. I tried contacting them about my order being charged 2 times and they never contacted me back
  • App 1/5

    By Annoyedgirl1980
    Takes me an hour to do anything because the app is so ridiculously slow. None of my other apps are this slow.
  • Lots of bug 3/5

    By Kawetj
    I love CR and I have shopped via the app before. It was a decent app but now it’s becoming bad. It crashes so many times within one use. Now, I can’t even log in. Please look into it.
  • Crash 2/5

    By Rebma123456789
    Constant crashes. I open it up and the Charlotte Russe name pops up and it stays on that screen for about 15-20seconds and then force closes and goes to my home screen.
  • Needs an UPDATE 1/5

    By 19PrettyPrissySadity08
    The idea behind the app is good, but it doesn't work. The app constantly freezes or closes completely. Lately I haven't even made it through the sign in page. I am constantly signed out. It's not fair that free shipping comes when you use the app if it's never working.
  • Fix it or delete it 1/5

    By Feliciamichelle
    CR is one of my favorite stores and the sales are great only if I go online to buy my items. This app is only good for showing items don’t try to purchase anything cause you will get kicked out if you are able to log in. Fix this or just let it go everybody can’t have an app for their brand
  • I can’t add things to my wishlist 3/5

    By Dinolover123456799
    I really want to save things for later but when I tap the heart on the item it takes me to the stores near me instead... I really want that to be fixed. Other than that the app works fine
  • I love the app! 5/5

    By AMGsixx
    They always notify me of great deals, and everything always fits perfectly!
  • Deleting immediately. 1/5

    By billie.mj89
    Downloaded the app because I got an email saying that there was free shipping, no minimum, through the app. Well, maybe, but the app has only a small selection of what’s available through the site - it isn’t letting me access a lot of the stuff that shows up on the website, including the shoes I specifically wanted to order without the shipping. Deleting this right away.
  • Nope 3/5

    I tried the app, but it doesn’t have options the website does. You can’t track an order. You can’t contact customer service. It’s easier just to log into their website. And you have more options for info. So, bye-bye app.
  • Won't let me order, keeps saying my address is incorrect 1/5

    By Shehejbehhe
    It says over and over that "apartment number is left blank or not in correct format" and it won't let me leave it blank, I can't order my clothes.
  • Satisfied customer 4/5

    By LuvU1st
    I’m happy with the ease of the app.... quick Apple pay checkout and I can quickly see what promotions are available.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Khaila17
    I’ve signed up so many times it will never register it and it now I’ll never let me sign in I have NO IDEA what’s going with this app
  • Literally a pos 1/5

    By capnkyky
    Doesn't work 90% of the time.
  • Redundant - Signing in twice 1/5

    By Invadermars
    What’s the point of going through finger print access when you have to manually sign in to your account again after using your finger. Just to see purchase history.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Mr.Amor
    The app works amazing, the app has a theme and they stick with it and their appears to be no lag whatsoever. I have truly slept on this app and store!! He o my downside is that when I look at the shoes, they don’t let you look at the shoe in multiple perspectives, you only get two pictures. They also don’t have models wearing all the shoes so it can be hard to determine how they would fit on. Other than that, I love it and I check this app at least 2 times a week due to all their awesome deals!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Trennyphone
    I get kicked out of the app all the time, have to delete it constantly just to log into the account.
  • Crashes all the time! 1/5

    By kagaes
    Touch ID never worked but I still used this app because it was quicker and easier to use in my phone than the web page. But now it is literally impossible to use since it just simply crashes every time I try to log in!
  • Not the greatest 2/5

    By CL3364
    I got the app because there was free shipping, but when I used the code it did not go through and I ended up having to pay for it in the end. Also, customer service told me conflicting things about changing my order so that didn't help in getting my money back either. The use of it is also kind of confusing as I thought maybe there was a confirmation of the order before placing. Some pages also do not have "cancel" or "back" buttons so if you accidently click into something you have to close the app and reopen to go back to where you were. I would rather just go through the website.
  • Love the App 5/5

    By sue-storm
    I shop on here all the time.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Darianbdunsopskn
    I love love lovvveeee this store! But what’s the point in having an app when you have to sign in every time? It gets really annoying, to the point that I’m deleting the app. It’s way easier to just go to their website.
  • Lisa Broadney 5/5

    By Mz Hollywood
    My bd is November 12/ looking for some thing nice I love you all
  • Gets worse with every update 1/5

    By Skylinas
    Everytime I have an update I’m hoping that it will fix the previous problems, but always just creates more. Touch ID login doesn’t work. I used to be able to save to my wishlist but then that stopped, update didn’t fix anything, so nothing can be saved on my wishlist. Now, every time I try to log into my account the app automatically crashes. I love this store but wish the app would work. I wish to shop using the app.
  • Could be better! 2/5

    By QueenCityTy
    Deletes my cart constantly. Doesn’t keep me logged in.
  • Crashes nonstop 1/5

    By Leugh
    Every time I attempt to log in it crashes. I have not managed to actually log in at all which is very annoying
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Juicyfruit41490
    This app is so bad. It always signs me out, it crashes and it won’t delete 2 coupons I put in over a year ago. Errors are constant. I really wish you guys would fix it.

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