Cheap flights — Jetradar

Cheap flights — Jetradar

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Cheap flights — Jetradar App

Cheap airline tickets at your fingertips. Flight booking made easy. Download the Jetradar app today to start your flight search! ---Features:--- Jetradar gives you access to these incredible features, delivering the cheap airline tickets you deserve: • Comprehensive Search Engine: Jetradar compares airfare deals from 1,038 regular, charter, and low-cost airlines. Compare flight ticket prices from hundreds of travel agencies and booking systems, too. Great deals on air tickets and flights await. • Explore options with Price map: A convenient price map displays cheap plane tickets across several destinations. Pick a place, book flights with peace of mind, and save. Low-cost airlines can take you places you’ve always wanted to see! • Price calendar with cheapest flights: Are you flexible? Fly a few days before or after your chosen date and save up to 70% on your airline tickets price! Air tickets prices can vary depending on the day or week. Book flights knowing you’re getting the best deal. Airline tickets booking is finally easy. • Personal profile: Browse your flight searching, favorite flights, alerts, passenger info — everything is synchronized across all devices in your personal profile. Cheap plane tickets aren't all we’re here for; we want you to have a personalized experience! Discovering cheap airfares and deals on low-cost airlines is not enough? Jetradar offers a number of valuable additional features to deliver the best airline tickets booking experience: Favorites: Find cheap airfares but think they might get cheaper? Add airfare search results to your "Favorites" list — track planet ticket price changes instantly! Jetradar sends automatic notifications about airfare changes, giving you the chance to book airline tickets at the cheapest prices, every time. History: A comprehensive archive organizes all your previous flight searching. With a tap of your finger, view every air ticket deal you've scored and every plane ticket you've ever purchased. Airfare search history provides a detailed account of cheap airfares across low-cost airlines. Flight statistics: Check baggage allowance, delay information, aircraft models, and even who’s running your flight. Who knew plane tickets could come with so much? We do more than providing deals on flight tickets, we give you the juicy details. Flexible Filtering Options: Search for cheap airline tickets however you want, whenever you want. Narrow flight searches by a number of stops, total price, journey time, stopover duration, and more. Jetradar even provides recommendations for cheap flights based on your preferences! Flight tickets booking made easy. Sharing: Easily share cheap plane tickets via several messaging services. Great air tickets and flights for the perfect journey with friends or family. You don’t have to be the only one with awesome airplane tickets! Jetradar is designed to make flight booking easy, helping you compare cheap flights with convenience. Find unbeatable deals on airline tickets from American Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. Whether you're looking for domestic flights, international flights, or last minute deals on flight tickets — it doesn't matter. Jetradar empowers you by delivering all the cheap airline tickets available, and other helpful options you need when trying to book flights with great airfare deals. Get the best air tickets price, every time. *NOTE: The Jetradar app helps you find cheap flights from A to B. We don’t sell airplane tickets. We look for the best airfares available and lead you to airline and agency websites to book airline tickets. We’d love to hear more about your flight search and flight booking experience!


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Cheap flights — Jetradar app reviews

  • Excellent 5/5

    By leprince10
    J aime vis affaires, je monte à bord
  • Don’t use this site 1/5

    By Madtravler
    I booked through them. Both my flight from Tampa and LasVegas were delayed and I was not notified. Almost missed both my connecting flights. Delayed my travel and my plans at both destinations. Worst experience ever.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ydelim
    Affordable ticket
  • Very good 5/5

    By bajabbbehmmbsukslhsnbkaushk
    It’s very nice to use on it it’s helpful Thank you and I appreciate thise
  • Bargins 5/5

    By Evelyv1
    Best rates I’ve seen so far. Impressed 1st time using this.
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By Bryanandgrace
  • Do not buy tickets here.. 1/5

    By PittGh
    Jetradar is garbage,, people only laying.. :)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Shaq0213
    This app helps me find all the cheap flights hands down. Not a bot 😅
  • Hand down the best 4/5

    By syeds00
    The best metasearch app. Saves tons of time!
  • Fake pricing 1/5

    By adelinesma
    Every time I go to buy a ticket, it’s always over $100 more than what the Jetradar says. The app will say $210 a ticket and then the website it sends me to says the tickets are $350 each. Scam.
  • Best of the best 5/5

    By KingZillaPaulo
    The best app I ever used
  • Bait and switch kings 1/5

    By ffftyresvhi
    This is such a scam. They quote low rates and when you book they zap you with a different price structure. EVERYTIME I tried using this ap I got the same nonsense. I recommend you stay far away from this.
  • I want a explanation 1/5

    By 骑着毛驴想宝马
    The ticket I bought on this app costs $342, but the bank charge is $486. I sent an e-mail to them for an explanation, but their customer service staff had a poor service attitude. The reply given to me was: This order has already been paid and is correct. I don't know if it's a problem with this app or it's a problem with that airline. Is it so hard for me to want an explanation? Do you just deceive consumers like this? I hope someone can reply to me!
  • Best app 5/5

    By kaymanculley0707
    It give you so many reasonable options and ways to filter through everything
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Beba Bere
    I just started using this app, and I’m happy to have it because I can found a lot of options here.
  • Can I trust the agency 5/5

    By john88776
    I’m very like the app, but is it real? I see very cheap price on the app which is form smart can I trust them . Thanks
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Abram Stirtz
    This app will save you a lot of money. It searches the internet for you and can be very cheap. I was looking for flights to California from Kansas City. MCI-SAN Alaska Airlines was $90 one way!!!!! That is a good deal right there. A 3 year old could pay for that. It was good, a little too good. Corporate must of sent in a personal I don’t know what next but I will keep looking, if you find out anything comment on one of my YouTube videos code word Santa got a brand new bird. PS I don’t believe in Santa. But do tell me if any of you find out anything.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Mr NickL
    Booked through the app only to have my flight unconfirmed. Then was offered a flight that costed $200 more.
  • Cheaper than Most 5/5

    By Jajaja176
    I’ve been able to find tickets for less than $100 compared to Expedia prices.
  • Scam. Never again. 1/5

    By GDimitrov
    Stay away. This is a scam. I purchased a ticket online. Immediately after I submitted my transaction, I was contacted by an agent who wanted to "verify" information. I was told that they were verifying the fare with the airline. After being transferred back and forth between the US and India for over half hour, I was finally told that I needed to pay an additional $400. I refused because I had already paid the full fare plus additional taxes, fees, etc. I requested that the ticket be cancelled. As soon as I said this, I was transferred back and forth again. Finally, I spoke to someone who said that they will try to get the lower fare and call me back. After half hour, I received a call from a nicer agent with better English. She said that I can keep the lower fare, she asked me to confirm my information, and completed the transaction. She said that I had to complete a credit card authorization as required by AmEx. She emailed me that and I did it the following day. After that, I started receiving call after call. I was told that the signature on the authorization did not exactly match the signature on my passport (from 5 yrs. ago). So I was told to resend. The following day, I received a confirmation email with my tickets. Then the same day, I was contacted again. Another agent asked that I send over a color scan of my documents (passport page, credit card, etc.). I asked how long I had to do that as I don't have a color scanner at home. She said no rush. The next day, I received another email stating that my reservation was cancelled because I was not responsive. I am not sure how much more responsive I could have been since I have been on the phone and email with these folks every day. I am starting to question whether this is a legitimate company and if they just obtained all of my information to conduct further credit scams etc. I will report to the online app, the consumer protection bureau, etc. In any event, horrible experience (over four days of harassment). I will never use these people again.
  • Big Time Scam!!! 1/5

    By zincjazz
    Second time in 3 days they give one price and after you give them all your info and buy the tkts , they call you from somewhere in Bombay and tell you that they are “very sorry” buy they can’t sell it for that price and try to sell me one $150 more...😡 Don't use the app.!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By mister rover
    The best
  • Thanks 5/5

    By PastorGenaBelarus
    THANKS!!!!! For good deals
  • Useless 1/5

    By melpent
    U can’t even keep records
  • Great way to save money and easy to search. I love it. 5/5

    By Jin zhang
    I love this app. So easy to search and get cheap fly. Thank you a lot.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By HelgaLondon
    Very convenient and amazing app. I love it! Thanks!
  • Best flight app ever 5/5

    By iamthehit
    This app is everything. Downloading this was the best thing I've done in a while. So helpful and easy to use.
  • Cheapest Platform 5/5

    By 44sapina kadar malatyali
    I got my ticket for flying to Europe last year via your platform. It was a good experience. I will look for the new one for summer.
  • So far okay after reading reviews scared 3/5

    By ShortyG415
    I got this App because my husband and son want to visit family in Mexico. Didn’t read reviews hope it wasn’t a mistake. Bought tickets at a good price but, now I read the reviews I’m scared we will get scam. We saved each penny to visit family. Hope the reviews aren’t real because I’m here not able to sleeping thinking of our money. When ever I get more info will update my review. 😢😣
  • JarRadar 5/5

    By BlakNdn
  • Helping me make my videos! 5/5

    By TrevorH223
    I have a YouTube channel (Cheap Traveling Trev) and I travel all around as cheap as possible, and this app definitely makes it a lot easier to find cheap flights, I love it!
  • Very good $$ for my trip...!!! 5/5

    By luisbevi
    Very good deal...!!! With few more days to to make the reservation to fly...they found an excellent deal for my trip...Thank you...!!!
  • So far my favorite flight app 5/5

    By TopFeeder
    I really like this app! Gives me the most flight options at the best prices.
  • Be careful 3/5

    By CSCP1972
    This app itself is okay and may have great deals but be cautious about which agency you purchase from. I found some really cheap tickets from Kiss and Fly but they asked for passport info on the purchase page. I thought that was odd. I then decided to Google them and they had many complaints. Do your research before buying any tickets.
  • Great app! Annoying adds😑👎🏽 5/5

    By That amazing!
    Adds pop up all the time 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • Not safe! 1/5

    By BlackRose88
    We buy our tickets here then my bank called that i got charge for more tickets i didn't get... saving extra money is not worth your safety...
  • Good 5/5

    By TheShyGhost
    Nice and easy app
  • Cheapest prices I’ve seen anywhere! 5/5

    By Cindyswine
    I love this app! This is where I’m finding the best prices and most options. And I like the cute little airplane too! ✈️
  • Prices are higher 1/5

    By itsmefalo
    I just added this app today and immediately noticed that prices using this app are higher that the actual airlines websites. I compared several airline prices to this app and the prices are way too high. Not sure where the developer is getting their pricing information from, but it’s better just to book directly from the airlines themselves. I’m deleting this app ASAP.
  • ***False advertisement, very suspicious business, fake reviews suspected*** 1/5

    By Glue128
    I looked up a flight and booked it in the app because the price was lower than anything I had seen. Of course, this was dumb. There are NO DEALS on plane tickets! If you see such low prices, STAY AWAY! I should have known better. After booking, I of course received a message (from Justairticket) telling me a person would call me within 15 minutes or I could call them because there was a problem with my reservation. The English in the message was so bad it seemed like one of those phishing emails sent by con artists trying to pass off as your bank to steal your credit card number. Here is the message I received: Your booking is under process. Our travel specilist have to reconfirm this iternary the with the airline. Your card may be charged. Please wait for sometime. Our travel specialist is working to fix this booking & will call you in 15 Minutes or You can call us @ 1-800-940-9345. So after 15 minutes passed, I called. I waited after talking to a first person, talked to a second person who told me there was an error in the fare and made me wait about 10 minutes to come up with much higher prices than advertised in the app for the same tickets. I said ok, that’s odd. It was still a tiny bit cheaper than the airline, so I went ahead and confirmed I wanted the tickets. Then the person reconfirmed everything (names, price, dates) and sent me documents to e-sign by email. Then another form to fill out and send back along with a scanned copy of my driver’s license. After that, I called back and the person said my card may be charged several times but the total amount would still be the same as what I was offered (suspicious?). Then about an hour later I did receive e-tickets and a confirmation code that works with the airline. They made me jump through so many hoops to get the tickets. TL;DR VERSION: They lure you into their scam with very low prices. They act like there is a problem with the fare and give you much higher ones than advertised in the app. They sound suspicious. You will probably still get your tickets, but after jumping through many unnecessary hoops. I suspect raving reviews are fake. I’m going to report this app and travel agency to the appropriate authorities so they investigate and closely monitor my credit card activity. You should do the same if you purchased tickets in this app. Apple should also investigate.
  • Best app 5/5

    By p0711988P
    Till now no problem y recommend it
  • Simple, clear and unobtrusive and FREE 5/5

    By ranbaul
    Thank you for being on my lookout for great options and prices! I am excited to get back to traveling again.
  • Possible scam 1/16/2018 5/5

    By Marine634life
    Be very careful I logged for the first time and found an amazing flight for my brother in law to fly in from Denver to Sacramento and paid for it with my credit card - after it processed my credit card it showed the details and I couldn’t print it because I was on my phone but then it timed me out . Now I have no way of know anything about the flight for my brother in law and he did not receive nothing. It’s pretty hard to figure out who I’m calling. I’m going to notify my credit card company to cancel this transaction it puts me in a bid not being able to confirm the flight or get details . There is no purchase history on their website and I don’t know who to call . I hate that I cannot contact them about this.
  • Thumbs up 5/5

    By ckleads
    One if not the best for searching low cost airline tickets.
  • Avtar 5/5

    By Samrala (Urna)
    Very good app I like it
  • Good app searching... 4/5

    By chegre
    I used this app just to look up prices for tickets and I can say that Jetradar was helpful to me and I can give references until then.
  • This app is good for finding the cheapest 5/5

    By Rhxurvsj
    Needs to be updated for the iPhone X screen though. At least it’s not at the time of me writing this. Really if you mess up it’s down to your own fault. That’s why you double check everything you put in, it’s not hard to mess up and pay big. I know..
  • Best Flight Search App 5/5

    By McNasty19
    This is the best flight app that I use. It find cheap flights and is fast. I have used them to book previously and will continue to book through this app.
  • scam 1/5

    By horannguyen
    i tried to purchase from this app , i searched for a ticket to vietnam and it show me the price for 816$ then the app took me to a website called justairticket to filled up my information and payment , after that i had to wait for that website to call me , and a guy named James Smith works for justairticket called me and said the price for 816$ is not available anymore and they have ticket but much higher price that the actual actually showed on the app , and they charge me $915 on my bank account and no refund yet. dont download this app or purchase from it.
  • Layout 4/5

    By Son of Amun Ra
    I love the layouts!

Cheap flights — Jetradar app comments


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