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Checkers & Rally's Restaurants App

Checkers & Rally’s has been the drive-thru and carryout expert for over thirty years, and things keep getting better. If you love Checkers & Rally’s, you’re going to love the Mobile App and Rewards program. At Checkers & Rally’s, we are taking convenience to the next level: - *NEW* Scan to Earn & Redeem - an easier way to earn points and redeem rewards. A unique 3-digit code appears in the app to provide to the cashier to access your account and available rewards. - Exclusive Offers & Rewards - Earn points every time you make a purchase - Order ahead and pay ahead in-app - Place an order for delivery - Conveniently re-order your favorite items or past orders - Refer a friend and earn even more points and rewards

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Checkers & Rally's Restaurants app reviews

  • Poor service & Poor Food Quality 2/5

    By MadLadGamer001
    Not impressed for the price I paid for a Big Buford. Sloppy presentation to where I couldn’t even eat the sandwich. Once I brought it back to the checkers in Leesburg, Fl the cook had an attitude stating that’s how they come. No replacement sandwich just disappointed all around. Won’t be coming back.
  • Personal problem 1/5

    By Jabón con dulce
    See I was just trying to order and go and i ended up clicking pick up instead of delivery and i can’t do nothing about it like bro
  • One of the BEST food apps. PERIOD! 5/5

    By @PhatVegetarians
    This is one of the best fast food apps on the market! It’s so easy to use and the rewards make it, well, rewarding! I wish all other good apps were this good!
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Me.0822
    I love checkers! Super yummy and staff is friendly.
  • Don’t waste your time and money 1/5

    By Steve81234555
    Every single car has to be told to pull to the parking lot for their order. It is always wrong when they finally bring it out
  • Chili dog 5/5

    By My choice, chili dog
    I love ordering the chili dog at checkers. The only thing I wish is you cannot order online for one chili dog only one hotdog. Normally I do not want to chili dogs but you can order online. I love the service and the food at Checkers.
  • Literally overcharged me 1/5

    By Egeowg, squire of Rlav
    Buggy thing somehow added 5 dollars to my subtotal, and I have the screenshot to prove it. Don’t use this.
  • Y’all have to do better 1/5

    By mzphooh61
    Every time I come here my order is made wrong 😑 it’s always something missing and something I didn’t ask for in my bag they always have you on hold forever and I never get my money back or any free credit for my next visit I have tried all hours of the day and still the same outcome my kids love rally’s so please improve your service
  • Great 5/5

    By jshelmsm
    Good food great service
  • Best fries 5/5

    By Kevin2good31
    Best fries I have ever ate chekers got ‘em, love them
  • The app does not work. 1/5

    By mr. quick 2445
    I had an offer for a &1.49 large fry. On my way to the restaurant I tried to get open the offer I did not receive a QR code. I attempted to have the cashier at the drive-thru help, but she only told me that I was able to get 10% of meal. The app has a bunch of bugs that needs to be fixed.
  • 🥰🤤 5/5

    By 199TV

    By Tdmajette916
    If I could give 0 stars I would. The customer service is terrible. I got a delivery order and have been bounced between DoorDash and checkers concerning missing items and no one could help me. I am quickly deleting this app because apparently they like stealing from their customers. Never have to worry about me again.
  • The best 5/5

    By Kuba1109
    I don’t know what the others are talking about. This is the fastest service I have ever had. Literally placed order and 3 minutes later I pulled up to the drive thru. Super fast and friendly.
  • Worst Ordering Experience Ever 1/5

    Order was not complete. I was not informed that they were out of an item until after I picked up the order, and they simply decided not to include it in the bag. The person at the drive-through window rudely informed me that no substitutions could be made, and that I would have to return to the app to request a refund. Not only was I not able to request a refund through the app, it makes it very difficult to even locate where you can send a message regarding your experience. I definitely will not be using the app to order anything more from this location.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Auncgstudent
    I don’t know if it’s the app or the location but you can order things that aren’t in stock. I had a terrible experience at the Durham, NC location as well. I didn’t expect much from a prior experience and this was way beyond what I could imagine.
  • App order 1/5

    By Where is the search button!!!!
    Pleaded an order online, when I arrived the order wasn’t ready! Had to wait for a good 10-12 minutes
  • Aplicación casi perfecta. 4/5 4/5

    By Stufooh
    La aplicación solo necesita una función para un cupón de clip para agregarlo al código QR en la aplicación para que los clientes podamos obtener el cupón de descuento y los puntos y tener la opción de pagar en efectivo en la ventana del pedido si no queremos. use la tarjeta en la aplicación.
  • Messed up whole order. 1/5

    By deathscythe1337
    I ordered multiple burgers and other items and they were all messed up. Wouldn’t recommend ordering from there online. Go In person and order. Worst part is the receipt has the correct order and the way it was supposed to be done.
  • App crashed while ordering and charged me 1/5

    By voskiva
    Stupid app crashed while I was ordering and charged me ,the store didn’t receive my order and couldn’t get a refund so I had to make another order and spend money again the app basically stole my money 🤬
  • Terrible 1/5

    By doocrich
    Currently still waiting for my app pre ordered food. Currently at 55 minutes. This better be the best it has ever been
  • Can't create account bc someone used my phone number 1/5

    By Mr Keothi
    Idk how to log into an account that already exists when I've never used the app before

    ‘Nuff said….
  • They was nasty 1/5

    By Whit Whitne
  • Mobile App is a joke 1/5

    By Anon……
    Why have a mobile order when you can’t go through the drive through?
  • Cold Food, items missing,refused condiments, no napkins 1/5

    By shore4al
    This was the worst food experience I can remember ever receiving at ANY ESTABLISHMENT!!!! I used the app and it needs a lot of attention and work as I checked items, go to save it and would have to redo the entire order. It said I had rewards, could not get any of them to work. It took me 13 minutes to place the order, even then we wanted checker burgers and ended up with mushroom Swiss. I requested a change and was told, you ordered that, nothing we can do! Then I asked for BBQ sauce to go with the chicken bites and was told I had to buy that, it doesn’t come with the meal. I asked for napkins, sorry, we are out of napkins. I asked for ketchup, he looked at me, walked over, brought back 4 packs, there you go-lots of ketchup. Well, I was already running late and didn’t check the order thoroughly; upon arrival at the Hospital and starting to give food to people, it quickly hit me in the face—OH MY GOSH—THEY FORGOT AND SHORTED ME THE MEDIUM FRIES I ORDERED!!!!!! I was so mad at that point. It would have been about a 11 mile round trip for the Fries, I could not be away from my mother that much more time. I am so disgusted with this experience at Checkers. I spent $15 for $11 worth of food. I live the opposite direction from the hospital, but; I feel owed a refund for at least the order if not more. If the don’t treat every customer this way, it sure would appear that discrimination was the driving force for this kind of treatment. I will reserve my rights in said course of actions by these employees. Please contact me wit your resolution! Thank you!!!!
  • App needs to communicate with each location 1/5

    By twister2go2
    I ordered on the app only to get to the window to hear that the ice cream machine was out of order. That followed by the worker’s anxiety when asked about my refund. Id used an app coupon so they actually shorted themselves. This system needs work! It’s ridiculous.
  • Great 5/5

    By Khartoum to j
  • Old nat checkers 1/5

    By Bj089765:3
    Horrible night shift. No leadership everything never the way you order it. I wouldn’t give to my dog.
  • Rally’s is awesome 4/5

    By Groc44
    Fries are the best in the country
  • Easy and Efficient! 5/5

    By Flocka_LaSmurf
    Simply put, the app is easy to use! Orders are easy to place and rewards are easy to apply. For me, that makes for getting through the drive thru line much faster!
  • App review 3/5

    By o to the j to the m
    Is there any way you could improve the app when it comes to requests. For example when I order monsterella stix there is no way to add a dipping sauce. So since I can’t request it, the staff will not include a sauce in the sealed bag. Today I ordered the 6 pc. Stix and when I asked about the sauce I was told everything is in the bag. WRONG! I got home and once again no sauce. I guess they need to see it printed on the receipt. The app certainly needs improvement. You can request things such as No Pickles but try asking for extra mustard, it’s not possible on the app. I know you can do better so please do.
  • Long wait, cold food, rude employees… 1/5

    By Unhappy73579
    Ordered on the mobile app, it said ready in 5 min. Waited a few minutes then went to window and gave my order# After waiting over 10 minutes I inquired about my food. This person went to check on my food and found it I left before I discovered my food was not hot. Apparently it was sitting while I stood outside in the cold I decided to give feedback to Rally’s but discovered the green ‘receipt’ on the bag wasn’t a receipt. They hadn’t provided the receipt (nice trick) so I couldn’t give feedback as it requires a number from your receipt I seriously doubt anyone from Rally’s reads this, but I feel better having done what I can to give feedback
  • Refused to give me my order 1/5

    By astraith
    I ordered my food at 11:32AM and it was supposed to be ready by 11:45AM. Now they are saying because they don’t have a ticket they will not make my food. Do not use this scam app.
  • good 5/5

    By aj1010102050
    easy to use discounts
  • App tracking location uninstalled 1/5

    By البروف البروف
    Weeks after deleting the app after not even having finished setting up my account (because honestly it looked a bit off and shady to me and I didn’t trust it) the app is for some reason still tracking my precise location at all times.
  • Rallys app 5/5

    By autumn Brookins
    I loves this app it’s fast easy to get around the menu and literally the best coupons n deals of all time seriously I love rallys and the app makes it 2x better with the rewards.
  • Charging tax incorrectly 1/5

    By Sboog87
    I live in a state with no sales tax. App is trying to charge me. Because of this won’t be using it at all and will be leaving the one star.
  • Trash 1/5

    By kingfuqu
    Garbage employees horrible customer service and they JUST OPENED
  • Uhhhhh.. 1/5

    By alybear1996
    How the heck do I view/ track my order? Come on people- i can barely code but could do a better job than you are.
  • Needs pay in app 3/5

    By Countertenor
    Needs a way to pay within the app preferably Apple Pay.
  • No locations is open 1/5

    By Iryna052297
    What the point of deal if no location near me is open. Due to hygiene issue.
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By stenngenn
    I love free things
  • Good so far. 4/5

    By Aliases2021**
    I’ve ordered through the app several times over several months. We’ve used digital coupons and rewards that I’ve earned from ordering. Have been pretty satisfied each time with my orders and ease of using the app. Helped to get a quicker order pickup when they’re busy, and I schedule the time I want my food. I’ve only had one glitch with a milkshake ordered, that couldn’t be fulfilled, because the machine was down and scheduled for repairs. But the restaurant manager kindly offered me a couple of substitutions to make up for the price difference of the milkshake. Used my rewards at least once so far to get a couple free meals for my family members. Satisfied with the app, and I’d recommend if you’re frequent customer.
  • Works when it wants to 1/5

    By MerkLikeMark
    Really annoying when you order and get the confirmation. Then upon arrival it disappears and the employees act like I’m a crazy person because my order doesn’t exist when I literally just ordered on the app and got confirmation and everything? Wow
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Nate.B
    Worked great! I love to order from home and I think it makes the drive thru better for everybody!
  • Undercooked. 1/5

    By NotInterested86
    Once again their chicken be sooo undercooked and not greasy as heck. Don’t be fresh at all and you can never get in contact with anyone at the store. Shameful.
  • App is OK 3/5

    By Brian13851976
    The app seems to work ok but it’s up to the person working to actually get the order right. I ordered a Fouble Checkerburger and Fish sandwich and ended up with 2 fish sandwiches.
  • Can’t Pick up Mobile orders thru drive thru 1/5

    By kuddleluv
    My only problem is that you have to pick up mobile orders at the window counter instead of the drive thru. This is why I don’t eat here except once every 6 months. I pretty much order all my fast food on the app. Love Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Burger King who allows you to pick up your mobile order in the drive thru. It’s suppose to be convenient and having to park your car and walk up to the window isn’t convenient. Not sure if all stores are like this but this one does 3225 university ave Gainesville, fl