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Looking for your Chegg eTextbooks. Download the Chegg eReader app to read your eTextbook anytime anywhere. Need college textbooks or other required classroom materials? We’ve got you covered: • Easily search for textbooks by title, author, ISBN or by scanning a barcode. • Buy or rent textbooks and eTextbooks for way cheaper • While your book is on the way, get 7-day FREE instant access to your eTextbook so you can get started on that math homework or physics assignment right away. PLUS: Just in time for the end of semester/quarter, we want to buy textbooks from you to give you extra cash (and us, more textbooks to rent). Scan your textbook ISBN to find out how much cash we’ll pay for your book. Print your label, ship, and done! More cash for you, more books for us. Looking for Chegg Study? Download the Chegg Study app and take Textbook Solutions and Expert Answers on-the-go. For bug reports or general feedback, email us to [email protected] or tweet @Chegg #iosapp *Save up to 80% on rentals and eTextbooks. Up to 90% on used. Savings calculations are off the list price of physical textbooks.

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Chegg Books app reviews

  • Shopping cart empties for no reason 1/5

    By Shah_1998
    I was looking for books for my class and had found 3 of them after awhile of looking them up, then when I was looking for my 4th book I go check to see the cart and it says empty. It did that twice to me so I’m leaving this review to let them know there’s glitches on this app before I delete it.
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By I give 🖐🏽 stars
    Hello, Just received my book today and I could say I’m pleased. They are so nice they even gave me two coupons and a cute little gift.
  • Poor Quality App 1/5

    By msirhc
    Has not been updated in a year. In-app checkout process is slow and glitchy. Apple Pay is added, but you never get the chance to use it since the app doesn’t load your payment choice. There’s so much more information available on the website for textbook type and rental choices that you don’t get access to from the app.
  • GREAT!! 5/5

    By Remythe3rd
    I loved it!! It came with a red bull! along with my book for class! It also has this amazing gift card that I just found in my box! I hope it works!!!
  • Check Out Page 1/5

    By JAJ56
    It’s taking too long to load, it won’t even load at all
  • Useless for Several subjects 1/5

    By philosophy hurts
    I bought this subscription to help with my take home philosophy exam because my questions weren’t already answered on chegg. I type my question in and go to select subject and there isn’t philosophy funny right? Yeah maybe if you had 15 dollars to waste, I literally cannot stress how annoying this was like I planned to find this money elsewhere like walking dogs or covering someone else’s shift neither of which I have any time for! 15 dollars might not seem like a lot for many people but for me it definitely is myself including my 3 other siblings are all in college rn and clearly my parents aren’t able to support us all so here I am ranting about this subscription that is useless to me because it didn’t have any other subjects I have courses in either instead of doing this sad test thank you for making my life even harder and making me $15 poorer.

    By EMI017
    I LOVE THIS APP!! I got my books on time and when I opened the box I got a Red Bull, mentos, & a $25 dollar gift. At first I was kind of nervous cause I never ordered from here but it DID NOT disappoint me! I will order from here again anytime I need a book for school. It’s honestly soo worth it!
  • Great 5/5

    By Kkroxx111
    Amazing prices and shipping! Will be using for all my books in the future! Cool coupons included too!! Love this!
  • Highly Recommend! 5/5

    By KaypeeJones7
    It was my first time renting a book from chegg. At first I was hesitant. However, so many people recommended the app to me. In total I paid $31 but it was so worth it the book is in great condition. It came super early and I even got a few little gift such as a 5 hour energy and midol pills for them cramps lol. Also with a lot of coupons. Won’t mind renting another book in the future from chegg.
  • Cannot purchase etextbook on the app 1/5

    By DC671
    Like the title says, the app on both the iPhone and iPad cannot be used to purchase etextbooks. You literally have to use the website to rent etextbooks then use the reader app. This app is useless if you’re trying to rent etextbooks from the app.
  • LOVE CHEGG 5/5

    By lwilderrrr
    I love chegg!! For the same book that I can get at my book store I pay more than half the price to rent it. I ordered a book the first day of classes and was stressing not having one and they sent me an e-copy to use until my book got there, which was only two days later. Returning it is so so easy. Just keep the box and print out the label. I love how you can extend your rental as well. Or you can even buy it if you chose to. I love how they send goodies and gift card with their boxes. I also use chegg study and it has helped me tremendously. I cannot say enough good things about chegg. They are the best!!
  • Google sign in option. 3/5

    By Gabriel2790
    The app needs to have the option to sign in using google account like in the website.
  • Inaccurate book alignment 1/5

    By Gurn B.
    Cancelled within hours of subscription. Found the book via manual search and match of ISBN. Presented questions not even remotely what is in the book I have.
  • Okay 3/5

    By aileen5798
    Sure you save money on here, but almost every review that I’ve seen says they provide a digital copy while your books come in. This was the only reason I decided to go with chegg, because i needed a copy right away. However, after I finished my payment process (still thinking I was gonna get the digital copy everyone was saying) I never received that copy. I waited an hour after purchase too just to see if it’ll come in, but nothing!
  • Wonderful service and great products 5/5

    By Cecelia Jones Martin
    Chegg was recommended to me by my Grad School Success Coach. I’ve been using their services exclusively since I started my program in March 2018 and will continue to use it until I complete in December 2019. Honestly, these books have arrived on time or early - every time. The books are always in good or better condition. The Apps ease of use and return process is extremely efficient and simple. I’ve recommended this App to friends and family. My sister is in a Grad Program and my husband is in his Nurse Practitioner Program; they each use Chegg’s services and are very pleased. Thank you for providing service and delivering product I can count on.
  • Don’t order from here 1/5

    By Emily6555
    I ordered two books from Chegg and it came in a beat up box that has been used many times already. I was going to be okay with it as long as the books were alright but the book I’m renting is in terrible condition and the book I bought is loose leaf and when I ordered it it didn’t say it was loose leaf, so I paid 73 for a loose leaf “book”. I am never ordering from here again!!!
  • Great resource 5/5

    By nickname101022
    Great for all my textbooks. They make returns and rentals very simple. Prices are great! Highly recommend!
  • App is horrible 3/5

    By Shoefend
    I purchased 3 different books for class that I cant download. I’ve been downloading these books separately and simultaneously for last two days! It’s already more expensive for an ebook than a physical rental and the app works when it wants to.
  • Loved the service, but stole my money 2/5

    By ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻
    I am a college student and I used chef this semester to get my college books. My books came fast and were much cheaper than anywhere else. I also enjoyed the little things I was sent along with my order like gift cards and a sample. HOWEVER, upon ordering my books I got a free 30 day trial to Chegg Study. I myself used it once and it did not work for me so I cancelled my prescription on it so I would not be charged again. I ordered my books at the beginning of January and cancelled it later that month. Come February, there was no charge for Chegg Study. Come March, I was charged for Chegg study again. I’m a poor college student. I have bills to pay and now I won’t be able to afford groceries. Thanks Chegg!
  • Not a good app. 1/5

    By Heat terror
    This app requires a download of all books paid for. I had been having issues on my laptop with chegg and I decided I would download their app to make things better. Instead I was never able to open my book. I would not advise downloading this app or renting online books through them either.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By f00tball player
    This app has made my whole college career 10x easier! While others students that aren’t using this service may spend about $100 on 1 textbook, people like me that use this service spend about $150 for all their books for 1 semester(I’m taking 5 classes this semester). Thanks so much to whoever runs this company, you know what they say, “Not all hero’s wear capes”
  • Fix the App 2/5

    By haikeem
    The app doesn’t allow me to checkout my books it’s very annoying.
  • I love this service 5/5

    By ness_uh
    I barely started using Chegg because previously I would buy my textbooks from the bookstore at my school, and I was a little nervous that the textbooks wouldn’t come in good condition. I finally gave in and ordered from chegg the book was in great condition and came quickly and so much cheaper then spending hundreds on buying the textbooks definitely recommend!!!
  • The app freezes 3/5

    By Associate101
    Lately the app has been freezing a lot at the checkout process or it takes longer than before. And sometimes when I click check out it says I didn’t enter information and it won’t work. The first time I use chegg one of the books was very damaged but I love their return policy and how easy it is to send books back. I really recommend this app it has saved me a lot of money.
  • Simple 5/5

    By WatchView
    Fast and easy.
  • Chegg Is Your Best Friend 5/5

    By TheOnlyDoom
    This app has saved me thousands of dollars. It really is great using this service to get textbooks that are not inflated by university pricing. I’d avoid the reviews about this service being bad because not every service will be great and the fact that majority of people will write a bad review after the first experience (myself included). I have used Chegg for the last year and half and it has been nothing but an excellent experience. Chegg outclasses amazon without a doubt and I would recommend highly to use this service. The only thing better they could do is pricing with efiles, but that is a service that will come down eventually (their efiles are still 40% cheaper than amazon).
  • Convenient 5/5

    By GG Nunez
    Super convenient, affordable and easy. Love this place! So impressed with this company. I felt pampered that they offered the ebook while waiting for the hard cover. They even included a red bull! I don’t drink them but honestly they made my day for doing that! I even got a coupon for a food place. My book was in great condition. Yes, used but they are needed temporarily. Let’s save trees :)
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Panda9281
    Chegg is the best thing ever to happened to students, I love their customer service as well! 10 stars for me
  • Never sell your books to Chegg 1/5

    By Mohammed BEN YOUNESS
    I sold my books to chegg 3 months ago and still disappointed receive my money. I called 3 times and every time I called they said there issues with my check, and they process a new check to be mailed again, but nothing comes to my address. I verified the address three times for accuracy, but still have the same problem. I wish I sold them to my school instead so I can get instant cash. I thought it will be good to try it but I was wrong.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Krism1128
    Why make an app that says Chegg Books if I can’t read my book. Why do I have to download a separate reader. I’m very busy and I didn’t enjoy having to download several different apps until I finally got to the app that just lets me access my book.
  • Lifesaver in College 4/5

    By Smoothe88
    This site has save my backside multiples times when it comes to obtaining books. I wish the app would let me order eTextbooks.
  • Security Breach 1/5

    By Aria Scott
    There was a major security breach in April where my information was stolen and they claim that they only found out about it in September but my credit card company was already handling their mess in August. Untrustworthy
  • Lost and not helpful 1/5

    By Carley W.W
    I ordered two books that were to be sent two days after ordering. The one came on time where the other did not come in. I contacted them, they were very kind and sent me another book. The day came for the book to come and it never did. I contact them again and they tell me the book was out of stock and could not send it to me. They could only send me a 10% off of my next purchase. Now I’m on my own to find a new book as soon as I can because they were unable to provide multiple times something I ordered. Do not recommend.
  • worst app ever!!!!! 1/5

    By so terrible app
    Avoid this app as possible as you can! Only used it to get answers for three simple questions. All of them were wrong. But the subscription is automatic. So I had been charged for more than one hundred dollars for three wrong answers so far. And I didn't find it before. And it is soooooooooo hard for you to find how to cancel your subscription!!!!!!!!!
  • Love Chegg 5/5

    By Lucille Perez
    Omg so my book came early and the book looks in good condition even though it’s used. I love the fact that it came with a $30 gift card for a food place and a red bull for those late nights. Receiving this package made my day because I was just expecting my book that also came at a cheap price and it came with the book and little extra gifts. I would 100% recommend to my friends because what was so nice is that that they give you a digital copy of the book while your book is shipping over. And if your purchase is over 35 it’s free shipping. I am now going to be getting all college books off chegg
  • Forced to attach card info 1/5

    By Puppycatdog
    Needed a book ASAP as I just added a class and only chose Chegg because Amazon sold out. Was glad to see Apple Pay and even PayPal were options as I’d REALLY prefer not to have another app in control of my card info. Apple Pay option just returns you to the payment options screen endlessly and offers no additional prompting as to what’s happening. So I tried PayPal and it just returns a little red prompt “invalid zip code”. It is so infuriating. I don’t know what the form is looking for but that’s my zip code. The one all over my mail and attached to all my bills. I tried the app and website but there’s no difference. Ended up forced to use my card as I just need the book ASAP. Says it applied a coupon for 2 day shipping but then says it’ll be delivered in 5.
  • Books came is messed up. 1/5

    By Cuah.
    About a week ago I ordered 4 books on chegg to rent. The books were too expensive for me and I was fired for not being able to work as many hours because of college, so money is tight for me at the moment. I did some research and I found chegg. It was really helpful and I planned on using it for next semester as well. I’m not sure about this any more though because I had issues with 3 of the textbooks. My English textbook unfortunately came in a messed up box which was fine as long as the books were okay. Unfortunately only one of the books were okay while the other book had a bent cover and certain pages ripped. I went through the book to see if the passages I needed for the course were okay atleast but some of the pages were sticky inside and others were folded so reading the book alone is very uncomfortable and uneasy. My two ASL books I had issues with as well. One had parts of the cover torn and they both had none of the dvds included. I’m not sure if that’s how all the rental books are but had I known that I would have not rented them at all. I need those dvds and now I have to buy them elsewhere. The awkward part is that I recommended chegg to a friend of mine that was also fired for the same reason and I’m hoping he doesn’t go through the same thing. The ironic part is that the only book that was fine was the extra book I accidentally ordered.
  • Perfect for a college kid 5/5

    By Lol car
    Saves money for college textbooks. Love it. Only wish you could read the books on the same app rather than installing another one.
  • Chegg is my best friend 5/5

    By ashguadana
    If you are new to college, do yourself a favor and do not bother getting textbooks anywhere else. Chegg is the way to go! So affordable, i absolutely love this website/app. They are extremely helpful, and it is obvious they care about you getting your books on time. I have never gotten “no results” for a book i needed. Chegg is always there to save the day! Also, they throw in little surprises in your package and it actually makes me look forward to getting my textbook. Thank you Chegg for making college an easier, more inexpensive experience for me.
  • Wonderful company with great customer service. 5/5

    By WellThenPoopiePants
    I love this service. Almost every book that I’ve gotten so far has been from here, and most of the ones I didn’t get from Chegg were wicked overpriced, and upon further research I later find that most of them could have been purchased through Chegg at a better rate. I just received my package and although I know that they always include a freebie, I didn’t expect them to send five. I couldn’t be more pleased with their service and will continue to use them all throughout my college life, I will also continue to recommend them to my classmates! 10/10
  • Question... 5/5

    By Thkj5899
    I just got me ebook for school.. amazing price by the way. How do I return the book when I am complete with my course or will it automatically take it back after the 120 days expire
  • I love Chegg 5/5

    By ldjston
    Chegg is an amazing book service! I always get my books so cheap and fast. Most of the time I can find a free shipping code online and it saves me so much. Chegg makes it super easy to return books and even gives you plenty of time after the semester is over. I have had some well used books sent to me, but most of the time those are rentals and they were pretty cheap. I have found that the older editions are super cheap and most professors will let you use older edition books. Some may not so I would check before ordering. Thanks Chegg for always being amazing! Oh, I almost forgot, you can make some money back from those old books!

    By czyannah
    I was so pumped that a friend of mine recommended me to Chegg! I was desperate to get books for college but I was anxious about the cost. This app seemed to be a miracle for me! I placed my order around a week ago and my books were delivered today. I opened my box to discover used books which is totally okay! What isn’t okay is that my books are completely sticky, bent, and written in! I can’t even hold one of my books because it’s SO nasty! I’m very disappointed that 2 out of 3 of books were gross. I can’t believe I recommended this app to my friends. I will not recommend this to any of my friends in the future because I don’t want them to think I have it out for them! if this app worked out for you and your books weren’t nasty and gross then I’m so jealous of you! Be grateful this didn’t happen to you.
  • No information 1/5

    By handready
    I recently ordered a rental book on 8/11/18 have my credit card information and the process has been pending for two days! No tracking number or conformation it’s been processed. Also they offer a ebook preview for 6 days till your book arrives and have had issues even when downloading there app. I’m extremely frustrated since there is no way of contacting them on there app! I’m hoping someone reads this review and helps with this issue
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By _monnie_98
    Being in college, the first things on the list after classes of course are the textbooks. You can either spend hundreds of dollars in the bookstore or save a bunch of money buying them from Chegg. Even better you can rent them way cheaper than your bookstore as well. Why pay for a book you’re not gonna use later.
  • Can we replace every college bookstore with chegg? 5/5

    By @gimmethel00t
    Absolutely phenomenal. I’ve saved THOUSANDS of dollars because of Chegg, and I’m not even exaggerating. Not only are they more than reasonable, but they are punctual, caring and organized. I NEVER EVER do reviews, so you gotta take my word for it lol, and everyone seriously needs to but know about them!
  • Great app for finding basic textbooks. 4/5

    By SophBrown2017
    This app is nice for finding textbooks for intro level college classes and finding those books with cheaper prices. Highly recommend.
  • Useful and affordable 5/5

    By Mp1092
    At times the books I find here are cheaper and arrive earlier than Amazon
  • Thank you so much!! 5/5

    By Kelguapo
    I'm a poor college student and Chegg has helped me passed my Accounting 2 class!

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