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  • Current Version: 9.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Chegg eReader App

* Student life is extremely busy and you are always short on time. Finding ways to study faster and smarter is the key to productivity and better grades. * Whether you need to quickly scan a reading before heading to class or want to study in short-bursts throughout the day, the Chegg eReader can help you study more efficiently. * With the Chegg eReader you can study anytime and anywhere by accessing eBooks purchased on across all your devices (mobile and tablet). * All the eBooks you've purchased will be available in one convenient location. * You can use the live filter to search for the particular book you are looking for. * You can also download your etextbooks directly to your phone or tablet to avoid streaming. Features: In you ebook you can easily access the table of contents and skip to various chapters, specific textbook figures and diagrams and notes you've made. Take notes directly onto your eBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open the Chegg eReader and review your notes. Highlight directly on to your eBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open the Chegg eReader and review key concepts.

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  • STAY AWAY, find another service ... you will be locked out eventually for having two tabs open 1/5

    By Natallia P.
    Be ware, you will be locked out eventually for having two tabs open. I lost access to my account for two full days during the time I needed it most (it is summer session so the classes are quite intense and meet often, hence lots of h/w. I tried logging in but the message on the screen said that account is blocked because I broke the terms of conditions... there was a button to press for more information and it brought to the page titled “Help! I am suspended for sharing my chegg subscription! “ Needless to say, I did not let anyone use my account. This was in fact confirmed by the customer representative I spoke to when I realized I was blocked from using my account. I did, however, have more than one window open not a different device or a different browser even). It might have been stated somewhere that one can only use one screen at a time, but it is must have been in fine print buried somewhere in the terms and conditions. Who in there right mind expect to be limited to one tab at a time?????The advertising that chegg puts out clearly is misleading and does not make it apparent to the user that they are signing up to use one tab/browser at a time. If they are not able to track down people who do cheat and share their account credentials with somebody else, that does not give them the right to just shut down honest users. I have already paid for the service, for one full month! Instead of locking people out they should invest in technology to either prevent users from opening a second page from a different IP address or automatically log out from the first page if another one is open under the same account but different IP address. Shame on you, CHEGG! I am looking forward to finding another study help provider that values their customers.
  • I wish this worked better with the Ipad 2/5

    By Kitty1690
    I like to read with my ipad and highlight using my Apple pencil. But with this app it is impossible. I dont understand why I cant do anything with my pencil but instead have to do it with my finger? Plus its so sensitive that when I press down with my finger it turns the page. I honestly would rather use another ebook once im finished with this semester. I am disappointed with chegg, I also rented all my books with them. But I guess its time to find something new.
  • Not user friendly on iPad 2/5

    By Nomosyn
    Tough to navigate and turning pages, highlighting and changing chapters is not as easy as ther readers.
  • Cannot find any book in this app 1/5

    By Unrecongize
    Cannot find any book in this app
  • Easy navigation 5/5

    By Yaria100
    The app is easy to navigate. I tried the app on my windows desktop and Ipad pro.
  • Read outloud 3/5

    By ladyjojo2020
    The read out loud is a good feature however I dont like the robot voice
  • Good 4/5

    By oingodokie
    It’s helpful! Love the definitions at touch of a finger. The reading aloud function is a little robotic though.
  • Not great 1/5

    By jillianrp1112
    You can’t write directly on the page which is annoying. Books won’t download unless you stay in the app.
  • Unable to select text/highlight/define/copy/etc. 3/5

    By excelsior1021
    Since a recent update I have not been able to long press on text to select it, highlight, or have any other options available. Please fix ASAP.
  • Review 5/5

    By DB0099
    It is great, the different font sizes and read to you is great for words you don’t know.
  • Lost highlighting 3/5

    By RHOyalRain
    Whenever the last update happened, the app lost the highlighting function. I cannot highlight anything.
  • Rent Physical Textbooks, not eBooks 2/5

    By HaveMahBabiez
    Probably one of the worst ereaders. It’s clunky, slow, and hard to navigate through different pages.
  • Unable to use the highlight and define tools on iPad 2/5

    By Zeewok
    I’ve been using the etextbooks for about 2 years now and they have been working great up until recently. I am able to use all of the functions on my iPhone but for whatever reason those functions seem to be disabled on my iPad. Chegg’s help guide aren’t very helpful and some of the information on there is false. Will probably seek an alternative next semester.
  • Needs serious improvement 2/5

    By jdkfkihc
    Overall, it works and gets the job done, sparing me from carrying heavy books. But I find myself constantly aggravated by this app’s thoughtless set up. A few of many issues: - Why does it take so many clicks to highlight text and switch colors - IF you even hit the right location you want to mark precisely enough the first attempt? - no handwriting notes, on a tablet interface? Who wants to constantly switch iPad position between reading/highlighting and typing clumsily on the iPad keyboard? Handwriting also helps with information retention better than typing - the side panel should show you all chapters and sub chapters for easy navigation. Why make me navigate in and out of each section trying to find the chapter I’m looking for? Feels like whoever designed this app hasn’t actually tried using it.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Dvbdbddbej
    Use socratic your way better off
  • Messing up equations 1/5

    By 746d;s
    If you get a textbook with equations, the eReader seems to not be able to show them properly.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Lynwil
    Good app and no bugs so far. I like that it can be used offline. Love that I can take my studying with me.
  • Inconsistent with what I have on windows 1/5

    By Nindroid Kai
    When I downloaded both the book and app I was expecting that the same notes and highlights would appear on my phone because it’s the same account, but sadly that’s not the case. On top of that once I did link my app to my account I have not been able to make anymore annotations to my reading. I have tried to find a solution but nothing pops up online so if developers can help me out that would be amazing as I think this service is awesome truely, but what I’ve stated so far ruins my experience.
  • Love the book and intention 95% perfect 3/5

    By Hotpantrn
    Ok. I followed the instruction to “voice” selection and nothing change. I still get the female robotic voice. I ch aged to Siri male voice and nothing. There is a glitch. Fix ASAP.
  • Half the time the e-book doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jguitreau
    Read the review title, it’s incredibly annoying when I’m trying to do homework or study with limited amounts of time and have to wait on the book to become available online again due to random issues on chegg’s end. Doesn’t do much good to have an electronic copy of a textbook if you can’t access it half of the time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By wippipppip
    Chegg eReader as a whole is horrible ! Honestly renting the actually book is much more beneficial and easier . - The wait time is trash . You have to download the book in the app which takes forever. On the actual website it take minutes for a single page to load ! - It’s like the book is in 320p which is horrible. Even when you print the pages it has a blur to it ! - No pdf function either. I understand the on-the-go books and apps but this has to be fixed before i purchase another ebook from Chegg . I’ll stick to renting physical books , it’s less strain on my eyes and don’t have to worry about a page taking 5 minutes to load. As well as waiting 30mins - Hour for the book to download in the app. Fix it Chegg ..
  • 1 star 1/5

    By lucy-perligin
    It keeps logging out, and come out of the app. 4 times in the last 5 minutes.
  • Good 5/5

    By derpw)
    You download and can read any part of the whole book anytime anywhere. Although this app is only for iOS. Everything works - links, extensions, all text functions (font, size, highlight). Also the quality of layout is just very good.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By doniislove
    The app crashes a couple of times while I’m reading. I wish there was a button where it would make it easier to highlight.
  • Can’t open my textbook 5/5

    By Lyn Solano
    I can’t open my textbook online on the web browser nor on Chegg e reader. This is terrible. I paid Chegg $165 for a e-textbook and I can’t open it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By NewStudent109
    I can’t recommend this to anyone. I’m constantly getting this annoying message that says to refresh my browser and it won’t go away. I have to wait around 20 minutes before it lets me read my book...absolutely frustrating and unacceptable considering how much I pay for cheggs services. Just let me download a pdf version on my computer so I don’t have to deal with these annoying bugs on your website and apps.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Abigail!!!
    The voice on the ereader is terrible and they mispronounce so many words, which is so distracting. Also if you stop using the app for even just a few mins it logs you out and you have to log in again. Very annoying.
  • Ebooks disappeared 2/5

    By frKah
    I download 2 ebooks from the app to make them available offline, and was reading from them. A week later they’re nowhere to be found. I don’t even see any link to “ebooks.” Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the app
  • It works 4/5

    By cheggacheggachoochoo
    Thumbs up. Wish auto hilight worked on tablets. May b I b missin something tho
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By stevenw33
    Has as much functionality as their webpage. Pages on the app take a second to load, so the book isn’t even really downloaded, it seems.
  • Horrible Robot Voice 2/5

    By Coooooourt
    Y’all should take a lesson from Cengage’s read aloud feature. Your “feature” features a dead, monotone voice, grammatical errors, and mispronunciations. Despite there being directions to change the voice to the iPhone device voice, the terrible robot sounds remain. There is no change besides ‘male’ and ‘female’ dead robot voice.
  • No clue how the rating on this is so high 1/5

    By ahhhnchan
    This has functionality issues at its core. First off it simply opens a small internet window to chegg since there is no in-app store for book purchase (at least expand it a little guys). I got two textbooks on chegg, both will not load (or download?) It never finishes and restarts the loading process completely when you tap on it. Again how is this possibly a 4.6 rating???
  • Eh 3/5

    By pdjguejebf
    Wish it worked with the Apple Pencil.
  • One Star 1/5

    By Nice skins
    This app is not good at all, it was super hard to make an account and when I finally did I tried finding my book, when that didn’t work I tried to find any book and this app did not show me a single book. The whole thing is super confusing and it’s not worth the hassle, didn’t download this crappy app.
  • ebook does not download 1/5

    By Karen-23
    Purchased an ebook and tried to download it on the app and it never downloaded.
  • Easy access and reading material so perfect 5/5

    By NJEM27
    My time in this book is amazing. Thank you for the rent and way cheaper than physical book.
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By nahyam
    Frustrated because I downloaded the eReader app which only shows a loading symbol on the book I purchased. I can’t even open it. Does this app even work ?
  • chegg is not what it used to be 1/5

    By Ali7971
    chegg use to be good specially for its tutors now they block using it, there are plenty of other options i moved from chegg for good
  • Keeps closing 1/5

    By boastfulafro
    Keeps force closing
  • Horrible Read Aloud robot voice won’t change 3/5

    By Tiny but fierce
    When using the ‘Read Aloud’ feature, the default voice used is a dead, robotic voice that mispronounces many words, even some of the most simple ones. When you go to settings there’s directions to change the voice in my iPhone settings. No matter what I select though, the same robot voice is used. Painful. Selecting where you want the reader to start reading in the text is also a pain. It will start at whatever is at the top but if you missed hearing a sentence or want to relisten to a part that was just read, hit the back button will result in it jumping to the beginning of that paragraph. There is no option to back up a few seconds like in audio book apps. This results in having to search around for your place, scrolling it to the top then hitting play. Read Aloud will read everything on the page including page numbers, photo captions and every number listed in a graph in that horrible robot voice. Makes following the main part of the text confusing with that extra info randomly thrown in. Be nice, though I don’t know if technologically possible, to have the option to exclude that superfluous detail. I also have issues with pausing the book using the play/pause button on my headset. Sometimes it will work then other times I have to pull my phone out, unlock it, open the app and tap the pause button a time or two like it’s on a roll and doesn’t want to stop. Doesn’t matter what type of headset I use either.
  • It would be great if we could write on the books! 4/5

    By MartinLubell
    I like the reading aspects of Chegg, and that you can access the dictionary on the iPad, but it would so cool if we were able to write your notes on top of the books.
  • Great idea but has flaws 3/5

    By cazranger
    The app keeps closing when I use it. Overall it’s very organized and easy to use.
  • E-Books App Not Working 1/5

    By Hehshejwhe
    I got an E-Book but I can’t use their app. It doesn’t let me login so I have to use the web. The web doesn’t work as well either. I really hope you guys fix it or I’m gonna end up going to another company for my ebooks.
  • Not letting me sign in 3/5

    By joshua_1305
    Hi I’m writing this review is because I just recently got this app on a iOS device and was trying to sign in with using my google account but every time i tried selecting it, it would just take me back to the login page, please fix this I love using this app. I greatly recommend this to many of friends
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By mariiaa1234
    I have not been able to view my book for the last 2 weeks what is the point in having an app that does not work? Have downloaded and re downloaded and no help. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Was working great update 1/5

    By LabNerd1
    The app was working great as I have several ebooks from Chegg. However now the app won’t even open. I have deleted it from all other devices and reinstalled several times. The start of the school season is not the time for the app to go down. Several weeks later and my app is still not working! I have paid a lot of money for my ebooks. Why is this not fixed??!
  • Okay stop chegg 1/5

    By IDK[12
    Dude you don’t need 3 apps. Just make one app with eReader, Books, and Study??
  • Android>apple os 5/5

    By russel93
    Can’t seem to log in on my ipad pro. Running ipadOS so maybe it’s that but same issue with my Xr. My samsung s10+ has no anyone else having the same problem with apple devices?
  • Never opens 1/5

    By reviewsandreviews
    I’ve been trying to read a book all day. App stays in the sign-in screen and doesn’t load or login. I'm able to access Chegg books app but not the ereader, I will have to read it on my laptop I guess.

Chegg eReader app comments

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