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Chegg Prep - study flashcards

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  • Current Version: 1.10.0
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  • Developer: Chegg, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Chegg Prep - study flashcards App

Crush your quiz with quick help from Chegg Prep, a free library of over 500 million high quality flashcards. Chegg Prep is the easiest way to study and conquer your quiz no matter what you’re learning! Chegg Prep for students • Create and study your own digital flashcards for free • Customize your study materials with images and rich text • Search over 500 million study materials and flashcards seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices • Find the most relevant flashcards that matter to you • Learn Spanish and other foreign languages, science, math, history, coding and more • Conquer your quiz! Chegg Prep for teachers • Help your students to lean and study • Make flashcards for your course and share with your students • Spanish, foreign languages, science, engineering, math, coding, history, chemistry, no matter what you teach, Chegg Prep is your online library to store and share course material • Stay connected with other teachers and see what flashcards are available for your course Whether you need fast answers or want to eke out all that untapped EXTRA STUDY time (a.k.a., bus-stop waits, a boring NCAA game, or the five minutes before class really starts). We judge not where you find extra time, but we are (slightly) judgy in how you use it. So go on, organize your flashcards and ace next quiz. With your classmates at Chegg Prep, you are all set to get connected, learn, and conquer your studies! For more information, see our • Terms of Use Agreement at • Customer Service & Help Center at Follow us on • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Chegg Play:

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Chegg Prep - study flashcards app reviews

  • Not as good as chegg Flashcards 1/5

    There used to be an option where you could have an e-reader read it to you but the got rid of that and they make it complicated to edit cards get quizlet if you can.
  • Not as good as Chegg Flashcards 3/5

    By Pdokes
    Lost functionality, not sure what is better about this app over the discontinued chegg flashcards. T won’t read the flashcards Andy more and I can’t study just the ones I missed. Still using it though because I don’t want to have to rebuild my card decks.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Finncat50
    Thisbappnis all the tage...mostbamzingbthingnsincensliced bread.
  • This App is ruined now 1/5

    By Santissa
    The new update is awful. I had the Chegg Flashcard app for many years and found it useful, for my Spanish lessons. I build so many flashcards and appreciated the flashcards other members shared. Now I can’t find member flash cards and I lost many of the flashcards I saved. The format is just disgusting. I don’t believe it, I am so disappointed. I typically do not write reviews but I was compelled to since this App is no longer useful for me. Honestly I see the developers respond to other reviews, I don’t see them saying that they will change the format to reflect what the app use to be.
  • Good 5/5

    By person who uses flashcards
    Good for writing notes helps remember stuff
  • Not for iPad 2/5

    By heather31323123
    WHY is this not compatible for the iPad... yes it ~works~ on the iPad but it is not made for the iPad. I don’t only want to study for my classes on my iPhone. Bring back the old app or make this one better!
  • They ruined a perfectly good app 1/5

    By PWN1975
    I do not see how they can call this app an improvement. I was happy with Flashcards +, I paid for it, and then they disabled it. FC+ had many functions I used that this app does not have. Example, the ability to search for a particular flashcard. Or another example, the ability to have an audio recording of a flash card. I use this app on an iPad, but itis designed only for an iPhone. I am constantly having to switch screen orientation since this app is only in portrait mode. They even admit that this is not a finished app. They have responded to other reviews that their development team is still working on this app. They should never have disabled FC+ until this app is finished.
  • They Totally Ruined This App 1/5

    By Jajajajakaja
    Why on earth did you make us switch to the new version of the app, and then take away all of the features? The app used to be awesome, and so helpful, but now I haven’t even used it since they forced us to switch to the new one 2 months ago. My biggest complaint is that it only remembers which cards were studied the last time you did it, not anything before that. What if I want to break up looking at the cards into multiple sessions? I can’t now, because as soon as you start studying again it resets all your progress! The old app let you mark each card as done, and then it would remember that until you cleared the progress, so that you could filter your studying to only the ones that haven’t been done yet. It’s also a little annoying that you can’t reorder the cards in a deck like you used to be able to. Please can you at least just bring back the features that used to be there, that we had gotten so used to over many years of using this app?
  • DO NOT USE THIS APP !!!!!! 1/5

    By considering other options
    I have used this app for several years and it worked fine until today. I could not open the app today! It wanted me to download a different app from Chegg. I lost ALL my content!!!!!!! All that work and the developer flushed it. Crushed. Rrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Why? This is not ready! 1/5

    By mr.grench
    I can only say what others have said before. This app is a serious downgrade, I don’t understand how anyone thought this would be a good idea. The original Chegg Flashcards “app” was a masterpiece. The new flashcard “section” is pathetic. None of the amazing features that made Flashcards+ what it was are here. At least let us use Chegg Flash until Prep is actually ready to replace it.
  • Response to your response to Christ’s 42 1/5

    By Splash Rosie
    If your development team is still working on the new app, you should not have turned off use of the old app until you had the new one working!
  • Unable to search 1/5

    By Lirpatoo
    Don’t think I like this new update as I am unable to search my flash cards.
  • Why??? 1/5

    By rakh2
    This app used to be so great!! I don’t understand why they would discontinue it for this terrible one. I’m so disappointed.
  • Lost all cards 1/5

    By 1appreviewname1
    I didn’t know the app was changing. I never made an account with the other one now I lost all my 1000+ cards.
  • Necessary Feature 1/5

    By revanTheGreat
    I’m still waiting for this app to implement a search function so I can search through a deck. I used to use the old Flashcards app as a reference as much as a study tool.
  • Bring Back The Old App 1/5

    By Vertigo1978
    If Chegg didn’t have the new Prep app ready, they should not have “sunsetted” the old flashcard app. The new Prep app lacks many of the most basic functions which made the old Flashcards such an excellent app. There is no longer a separate iPad app, there is no longer an option for duplicating a deck or merging decks, and there is no longer a way to turn your cards to landscape view to keep more of the information on a single line. If the new Prep app is really going to be so much better than the old Flashcards app, then they would not have to force you to stop using the old app. Now I must find a new flashcard app that has the features from the old app and retype all of my cards, since the new Prep app no longer has any of the features that made the old Flashcard app so helpful for studying.
  • Bafflingly bad 1/5

    By vetstudent746294
    I don’t understand why you would go through the trouble of making a perfectly good app worse. All of my old decks have been automatically transferred to the new app with no organization, so it’s impossible to find what I’m looking for. I created a new deck, but that was deleted. What I loved about the old app was the simplicity of it. Didn’t need to be changed.
  • Complain 5/5

    By Senchylo Denys
    Hello! Thanks to your updates, you only ruined my educational process. After the last update 03/14/2020 all my cards completely disappeared. This is two years of work. It seems that you are specifically trying to spoil the learning process. I am very disappointed with you.
  • Need more organization 1/5

    By KorryV😛
    The First chegg flash card app had a lot of organization features that was very useful. Now this app is plain and simple and doesn’t have any organization at all. This app needs more work for now I’ll find another flash card app to use until there’s a update with better organization modifications
  • Ugh 1/5

    By eicodnfjrkfoekckdkc
    The old app was so much better. Now, you can't organize the deck into folders or study only the learned words and some of the formatting is messed up. 😡 now, it's basically a worse version of Quizlet. I'm switching to Quizlet and others should also switch to another app honestly
  • I’m Mad! Horrible!! 1/5

    By Aimbar
    They lost many of my old Flashcards!!!! I used to use the old list of cards for a quick mental review. Now it’s all spaced out so you can only see a few at a time. What were the thinking? It was a great 5 stars. Now a 1 star seems too high. I have a hard time believing any of the good reviews. Why did they do this????? Terrible!
  • Deleted Flashcards 1/5

    By Charl573528
    First I learn that an app that I personally own is “no longer supported” and I can’t use it anymore. Then after installing the new app, almost all of the flashcards that I spent hours working on are gone. I had hundreds of flashcards and only ten are still there. The worst mistake I made in my education is definitely trusting Chegg with anything.
  • They will lose your data and not even care... 1/5

    By SJ990
    Beware. If you invest time creating flashcards, you may lose it all to a glitch. They will make NO effort to help you recover your work.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By James_1234567890
    I am disappointed in the new app’s features and the fact that I lost decks that I had on the previous app. I was able to organize my decks into categories on the old app which helped me navigate through my flashcards and I lost serval decks that took a lot of time to create after signing into the new app. I hope the new app has some updates in the near future to correct for these issues or I will be switching flashcard apps.
  • Chegg Flashcards+ - Chegg Prep 1/5

    By Grove Inn
    I have used the original app for years and have more than 4,000 flashcards. It has been my go-to bible for studying Spanish. All my cards that contain special formatting as allowed previously have been corrupted. I am not sure I understand the intent of this new app replacing Chegg Flashcards+. Many features that made the original app exceptional have disappeared. So how is this an improvement? No longer: Sorting decks Sorting cards in a deck either automatically alphabetically or how you wish. Now it’s first in last out. Font formatting and shading in color. Audio for front and /or back of cards in numerous languages. Studying entire deck or only those cards not checked off (those that need attention). Search feature within a deck. The ability to check off a card as correct without having to flip the card All the above items are many of what made the original Chegg Flashcards+ app awesome. Now they have all been removed. I am sure I will find more, but this is what I have discovered in just 5 minutes of viewing the new app. What is even worse is that there has been nothing new added to make this a new and improved app. Yes, it looks different, but that does not mean it is better by any means. I often asked that someday it would be great to be able to review cards in a deck automatically so that one could study their cards without the need to keep touching the phone, but by merely listening instead. Update weeks later. If you read reviews sorted by most recent since the update, it is obvious, NO ONE is happy about this upgrade (DOWNGRADE). The only response I received from Chegg is what everyone is receiving ... a canned generic statement which when translated means ... We really don’t care what you think. I had hopes with all the poor rating that the old app would return, unfortunately not. Years of work complete trash now. Glad I prepared for this and went to another source for studying. 3/11/20 - Final update. Nothing, and to top it all off, after the recent update this week, all my decks and 1,000’s of cards are now gone. Goodbye Chegg. You are the worst and you were once the best.
  • Used to be good, now it’s garbage. 1/5

    By Christos 42
    The app used to be good but the new update has completely ruined it. I’ve been refraining from writing this review, but the feedback option within the garbage app doesn’t even work so this is my last resort. It was simple and working great before but I knew some brilliant minds would find a way to ruin it. Basic formatting options and indents no longer work, the chapters option is gone so there is no way to organize decks any longer. I used to have shares in the company but have since sold. I’m glad I did, this company is run by individuals who have no idea what they are doing. It’s been some time and there still has not been an update resolving these issues. Addendum *** An update was provided that fixed absolutely none of the problems. Indent with numbers does not work still. The category/chapters functionality is still gone. The morons running Chegg introduced a feature where you actually have to tag a college course to categorize your cards. So, you apparently can’t learn from flash cards and categorize them if you have long since graduated college. Chegg even had the audacity to state “You asked we listened” and promoted this as a fix. I can’t handle this and want the old app back!!!! ***
  • The really did ruin this app 1/5

    By ashdicosta
    I used this app to study languages. I chose it over brainscape because it allowed me to upload photos to the cards from my phone rather than only on my computer as brainscape does, and they used to have a function where you could select the la gauge of a particular side of the card which was automatic... they no longer have this. I had to dump all of my cards and rebuild on brainscape.
  • I’m NOT a student; create my own flashcards 1/5

    By Mrrpe
    I’ve Jerry-rigged flashcards( my old ones that Chegg locked me out of) into Omnioutliner app. My cards are items in an outline; I use collapse and expand to hide and reveal the ‘back’ of each ‘card’. Omnioutliner is an outstanding outline app BTW.
  • They ruined it 1/5

    By PwnageMcgee
    I’ve love this app for French and made may decks. Being able to have the French words spoken was very useful, that’s now gone. Some of my decks were missing, and I can’t use the old app. The look is more primitive, worse in every way I can see. Worse still, this is the second time they have locked me out of an old app I was happy with. Won’t be fooled again.
  • This App Destroys User Data 1/5

    My flashcards are gone. All of them. One fine afternoon I opened up the Excellent Chegg Flashcards Plus app to see that I could no longer use it. I was told to download this new app instead. This new app has no awareness of the 1000s of flash cards rely upon from Flashcards Plus because I never made a Chegg account. I cannot get access to those cards from the original app or this new one. Those flashcards are gone. I understand the need to force users to use new apps, but effectively destroying user data is reprehensible.
  • Ruined a great product. Lost all my work 1/5

    By Hfbcr
    Like many others I’d spend untold tens of hours putting study material onto the flash card app. The app WAS versatile and very useful, and could be used for studying WITHOUT access to cell service or Wi-Fi. I work in remote locations with no access to Internet but I could still study the material. What they’ve done now is made it impossible to see your own material off-line by taking away the ability to have your flashcards reside only on your device. Additionally, Chegg is unable to locate the majority of the flash card decks I had spent untold hours creating! These people have inexplicably ruined a good product and effectively wasted a huge amount of my time. It’s unbelievable. Do yourself a favor and stay away from anything this company produces.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Matrix-Slave1.5
    Well, so far so good. I logged in with my account and all my flash cards seem to be here and working. I only loaded one deck but everything was there. Will update if needed, but thank you Chegg.
  • You Didn’t Listen to Us 1/5

    By Fredbalabala
    Don’t waste your time with this app. I don’t know how many 1 star reviews you need to tell you this isn’t the app for you. With so many good options out there, find something else.
  • App is dumpster juice 1/5

    By jlwdiggs
    Won’t upload my new flash cards. Wish there was a way to upload from keynote. It’s trash.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By mzkristen12
    I log into my chegg app today and find out it’s been automatically switched to this one . I worked long and hard the day before to write these flashcards so I can study for my test today . I look on this bs app and see they are no where to be found !! Left the notes I took from class at home because I transferred then all to the old flashcards. Now because of them I will fail my exam . New app is pointless . Don’t fix what’s not broken !
  • From Hero to Zero 1/5

    By sucksmyass
    Unfortunately, Flashcards + is no longer with us. The new app is a shadow of its former self. A message to the developers, please do not leave your upbeat, automated response, to email you at [email protected] blah blah blah. Your superior product is now inferior, and I am already looking elsewhere. See ya
  • I’m done!!! 1/5

    By Done with you!
    They lost several of my decks which totaled about 1000 flash cards that took me several years to accumulate!!!! arggghhh!!! i have been corresponding with the support group and they at first blamed me and then acknowledged the problem. As you can see from the other reviews i am not the only one this happened to!! They told me they are working on a fix but it has been weeks since i heard from them and i still can’t get to my decks!! So all of work to create these decks has been lost! I am sooooo frustrated with this i will be switching to a new flashcard app!!! i am done with these clowns!!! Save yourself the headache and don’t use this app. any of the 5 star reviews for this were probably generated by friends of the developers!! Oh.. and i’ll probably get a bot reply to this saying they want to understand the problem and for me to contact support.... which i have already done!!
  • Absolutely Horrible!! 1/5

    By Debhem
    Flashcards+ was such an easy, effective, user friendly app that had everything I needed. Navigation was simple, finding the flashcard I wanted was easy, etc. Unfortunately this new Chegg app is absolutely worthless! I have an iPad, but this app won’t orient to landscape. I’m no longer able to re-order my flashcards; I have to scroll through all my flashcards in order to find the one I want; the font is ridiculously huge, which is unnecessary; it is no longer intuitive and I could go on and on with how horrible it is! Needless to say, I can no longer use it!! If I could give it “0” stars I would! Please bring back Flashcards+! It is FAR superior to this new one!
  • The old version is better 2/5

    By squash10
    It’s super complicated and takes much more time, plus my Flashcards are not in categories e.g math, science etc. so I hav eit find the ones I’m looking for. I prefer the old version please bring it back or do another upgrade to a similar to the old one. Thank you
  • Update is horrible 1/5

    By ftsacs
    If you’re an older user of flashcards, trust me. You’ll hate this.
  • Not Good! 1/5

    By jaymatic813
    I used flashcard + for years. Loved the app. This new version awful... The main reason I don’t like this new app is Bc I can’t study just the flash cards I don’t know... In order for me to study the cards I don’t know... I have to go back and study the whole deck!
  • Ruined it 1/5

    By Rfz1
    Took out the search function. Terrible update.
  • Step back 1/5

    By i need new friends
    They added fancier graphics, but functionally this app is so much less intuitive and less effective than the previous one. A downgrade if anything.
  • Remember to save. 1/5

    By Grackene
    I did not. Also it looks like it was made by an amateur app developer with terrible screen ratio on iPad.
  • Not very good on iPad 4/5

    By Felyne33696
    It’s as if there were a virtual phone like thing. Decent, but annoying. Can we have iPad support? Can’t make Flashcards at school anymore.
  • Can’t access my old Flashcards 1/5

    By k53281
    You bricked the last Flashcard Plus app and now I cannot access any of my flashcards. I was not signed in because I don’t need my flashcards to sync. I just want them on my phone, and now I can’t access them at all. Guess I won’t be using that deck of flashcards I just created to study for my exam today. Thanks Chegg!
  • Totally messed up app 1/5

    By Southboy318
    Please listen to your customers. Last version was better. Can no longer separate the cards you study. Used to be able to study only cards you didn’t know after you learned some. Now you have to study the entire deck no matter the number. Whether you have 20 or 100 you have to go thru the whole deck. Very much a hassle.... Please don’t respond with thank you for your feed back if you’re not going to do anything.
  • Why force us to use a new app 1/5

    By eedeeq
    The old app was perfectly functional. Why brick it and force us to use the new one? The new app is missing features that were in the old one and has a few annoying bugs too. I can’t think of any reason to brick the old app unless there’s some monetization they want to implement that they can’t do with the old app.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Albarghuthi
    I can’t thank you enough for making this app . Best app ever

Chegg Prep - study flashcards app comments

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