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Chegg Study - Homework Help App

Stuck on a difficult homework problem? Studying for a test or getting prepped for a final exam? Get real help, real fast with the Chegg Study® app. The homework help used by millions of students let’s you: • Conquer your homework Tap into our massive library of millions of fully explained step-by-step Textbook Solutions. We cover subjects as diverse as math, business, physics, engineering, chemistry & more. Get homework help for over 80 subjects, & hundreds of courses. Chegg Study has you covered for your toughest classes and assignments. • Get expert help 24/7 Snap a quick picture of any homework question, and submit it to our Chegg experts to get help. You’ll get a detailed answer back in as little as 30 minutes*. • Find the answers you need now The right answer, right away. Search our library of over 26 million fully solved homework questions. We’ll show you step-by-step how to solve them. • Learn with guided video explanations New! View video walkthroughs for thousands of problems. Watch video explanations for some of the most popular problems on Chegg Study** From Business, Accounting, Chemistry, and Calculus, the Chegg Study app will help you learn how to solve tough homework questions. Why Chegg Study is the best way to study See what our students say when they leave 5-star reviews: This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used for homework… it gives you direct answers this is awesome!!!! Best aid ever. I really like having this as a way to check the process of my work. If I go about it incorrectly or make a mistake, Chegg is here to guide me in the right direction. Best app for learning The fine print: * Expert’s response time varies by question and subjects. Our average response time is 46 mins. ** Available for select problems Chegg Study subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. For bug reports or general feedback, email us to [email protected] or tweet @Chegg #iosapp Privacy Policy - Terms of Use -

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Chegg Study - Homework Help app reviews

  • Money hungry 1/5

    By urbanbond
    I’m so tired of this new policy where you can only have 2 devices on file a month. I have 5 devices that I consistently use and it’s so frustrating that I am paying for a service that won’t even let me use half the devices with. Worst of all, the devices I do use don’t even work with chegg. Chegg consistently logs me out or goes blank when I’m using it🙄 I have had to reset my password 2 times in one day because of “unusual activity” it’s me you morons I’m using chegg stop asking me. I have never had a worse a time using this service. If you’re reading this Just save yourself your money and go elsewhere this is not the place. I better not get a generic response from the development either 🙄 please Apple take them off the App Store they don’t deserve to be here with the money hungry direction they’re going.
  • Review 2/5

    By babyjuu
    When it becomes to Advance Terminology it doesn’t give you the exactly answers. And it doesn’t give you access to The Language of Medicine either. When you type questions it gives you similar answers but you can’t even find the closest one. I find it kinda annoying that you have to be googling things bc this app doesn’t have a lot of information about Advance Terminology. Please Chegg Study have accurate information about terminology!
  • Good and very bad :/ 3/5

    By Sher1K
    This app or “the software company” helpful, but they got somehow frustrating software on their app for smart devices. For example, I paid for the subscription on my iPhone over the safari browser and the log in from the app itself, but when I logged in from my laptop as well after that. And a screen message showed up which saying “you can only log in from two devices for each bill circle (each month)” “Do you want to register this device?” Asking me. And I went a head and clicked Yes since I know this is my second device (the iPhone and laptop). But then asked me which device you want to remove or swap for this moth?! There was three option on my laptop screen (laptop - iOS device - Phoenix .... something like that which was the app on my iPhone) so I removed the third one mistakenly and couldn’t use the app on my phone again which is the only side that allows to take screenshots and pictures of the stuff you want!!! So why?! Want only two devices in this case? Or you just count the safari browser on the same iPhone another device?? This is a bad software !!!
  • Good 5/5

    By N_MAC
  • I use this app way too much and the bugs on it still haven’t been fixed 2/5

    By Brotherman Phill
    Been using this app for 1 years now and still has the bug where it just refuses to open images and forces you to restart the app the actually look at images. Also there’s a new bug with the pasting system, I literally cannot paste anything on the search bar anymore for some reason and it’s really annoying.
  • Awful Formatting 1/5

    By Jessxivix
    DO AN UPDATE THAT ALLOWS US TO OPEN THE CHEGG APP THROUGH SAFARI!!!! I mean seriously now!!! With you limiting the amount of devices to 2 per account (which by the way, doesn’t even work, because it’s more like by browser than by device because on my one device it only lets me use chegg with one browser so I can’t even switch between safari, chrome, and the app....). Especially since it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find the exact problem you found using google on the chegg app. Every other app is able to perform, so what’s cheggs excuse?
  • 2 devices only? 1/5

    By a Student inTx
    It linked 2 devices to my computer only. I can't use it on phone or ipad. Bad design.
  • 2 device feature 1/5

    By M8 Steph
    I hate your 2 device only feature. Even when I’m using my phone and laptop, the two devices that I connected my chegg study to, I’m still unable to use it. It always says “I’ve reached my limit of 2 devices”. When in reality, I’m using the 2 devices I’m logged in on. It’s super frustrating. I’m unable to use chegg study, a service that I’m paying for. I understand the reason for this new feature, but why is it happening to me when I’m using the 2 devices I’m logged in to??
  • Extremely hard to unsubscribe 1/5

    By bshdbsn
    They make it super hard to unsubscribe so they can keep charging you after you done with your studying.
  • PLS READ This was great until it SUCKED 1/5

    By Connahoe
    So apparently you are only allowed to ask 20 questions a month, but you pay 15 dollars a month. For someone in COLLEGE with no parent to help them pay for this. In the long run this does not add up, some of the questions people answer is even WRONG. I do all my homework from home due to COVID and teachers / tutors are only accessible Monday - Friday maybe not even that! I will not be re-subscribing. That 20 question limit A month is absolute insanity. Chegg you were good till you weren’t.
  • Service Awsome 5/5

    By glorius5
    Last semester I had a horrible experience which make me quit subscription that I had for several month, as I turned back I had some technical issue and contact support it was a guy answered Shawn which he make my problem his problem and solved it was really helpful answerd proffesionaly and did not close the chat till we end the conversation. I just want to congratulate you about hiring the right people who actually even if will happen problems will try to solve not to get rid of
  • Bs 1/5

    By haybw
    I called them because they took 3 transactions from me and when I tell them they just hang up. So [email protected]& rude.
  • Limited of swapping between my devices 1/5

    By Donalddd40
    Too limited on swapping between devices
  • Copy and paste? 1/5

    By Alejandro28gonz
    After I swap between my devices (because now you only can have 2 devices register) I register my iPad as my new device and I noticed that in the search bar you can paste any kind of text... so what do you want chegg? That I type my whole question this is so ridiculous taking in consideration that I’m paying 14.99 per month.
  • Issue with the app and charges too much 2/5

    By sosonoe
    So I noticed you can only login your account on two devices per month and I find this so annoying. Those two devices Chegg was talking about were both my phone. I remember Chegg did something where you can’t open your account on several tabs but now it’s pissing me off a lot. Another problem is how will be paying $14.95 every month and I can’t get the help I’m looking for. They sometimes don’t answer my questions because Chegg doesn’t have the course I’m taking. I have to input psychology instead of philosophy because Chegg doesn’t have philosophy there. So I will be canceling my subscription for this month since it hasn’t been any useful this semester. It’s just made things more worse and hard for me.
  • Thumbs up 3/5

    By ohbsnev
    They always ask for a thumbs up but it always gives me an error when i attempt to. Otherwise I love the app
  • Limited device 2/5

    By Irispaola
    I have two device that I have registered to use Chegg but it’s not letting me the second one I registered which is my phone. I wanna know how we can fix this because I don’t think it’s fair that I’m paying for something that doesn’t let me use it even when it’s registered.
  • Happy response 5/5

    By fclar
    Thank you for teaching me!
  • System doesn’t let me unsubscribed 1/5

    By lissdennis
    Don’t subscribe this application. Maybe you can use app subscription but don’t use their website. Website doesn’t let you unsubscribe our deleted your account. Be careful!! These guys work like thieves.. Don’t give them a your credit card information.
  • Stop suspending my account! 3/5

    By Morganscott2000
    I love this app and the website. I’ve been using it for years to compensate for what I don’t learn in class or have trouble understanding. It is an amazing help and most of the questions I ask or search for (as an accounting major) are very helpful, but a good bit of them are not correct. This is understandable because we are all human and make mistakes (this is why the feedback and comments feature is so important). However, I am getting sick and tired of receiving an email once a month about “suspicious activity” on my account. I have always been the only one to use chegg, I just use it frequently because I learn by seeing someone else do it then doing it myself. I have had to wait for someone to review my account three or four times due to an overprotective security system. This prevents me from being able to use the app and website. I understand they are trying to prevent others from piggybacking on others accounts, but it is so frustrating have to reset my password and get in contact with a representative to earn my account back that only I was using on my two devices in the first place.
  • Not efficient 2/5

    By Lee1737282
    Why can’t I paste the questions from another app when I updated it
  • Fast Responses 5/5

    By nerd smarty pants A+ student
    Answers quickly with correct responses. Great for studying.
  • Help 5/5

    By hahahsjajbahsiskdldk
    Beautiful answer thank you so much
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Sa_mj5
    Even though, you have to wait about 30 minutes to get the answer!!! That is ridiculous, photomask and Socratic are way better and free!!
  • New version is not good we need the old one 1/5

    By raed223312
    The new version of chegg is not good at all, in the old version i had to find every single questions but now i cant even find one its hilarious
  • Loving it!!!! 5/5

    By FDB38
    Well worth the money spent each month 🤩
  • Getting ripped off 1/5

    By JoeKidd 51
    At least half of the answers are wrong, and submitted by incompetent foreigners. Why give the customers wrong answers
  • I love chegg ♡ 5/5

    By bri-1211
    This is a really helpful app, it’s honestly worth it!
  • I love it this app really help me with home work wow thank you chegg 5/5

    By Saintflina
    I ill
  • Chegg Study 1/5

    By tiylier
  • Device swap 1/5

    By dopestkid11
    The 2 device swap is not efficient at all. 2 devices is really 2 browsers, if you use the Chegg study app on your phone, and then safari then you’re locked in till next month.
  • Great app! Definitely worth the subscription! 5/5

    By MoNi BC Parker
    It is easy to use and convenient.
  • Trash 1/5

    By luludontlikethisapp
    I am literally having problems with chegg app. I registered my phone and my laptop on as my main device. When I use chegg on safari, and when I choose to upload a questions, it told me to get the chegg app. I did and this box popped up saying that I have 2 devices already, and it’s at limit. So, I could not upload the image because on my phone because it is such a pain the the ass. I have to do upload it to my laptop and post it on chegg but I don’t like that way. It takes time. I never had this problem before but it is become a problem for me. Do something about it. Chegg should be grateful already that I have this one star or I would gave it 0 stars including my subscription monthly.
  • Annoying bug regarding swapping devices that they need to fix 1/5

    By noeyg
    I’m so disappointed with this app I’ve had to cancel already once before and it’s happening again that it’s failing to recognize the only two devices that I use to access my phone and my computer yet every time I login it access it it’s registering a new device and now I can’t access the material! completely annoying and a waste of time I do not recommend this app until they fix this problem and I’ll end up canceling the subscription again. stop restricting accessing with devices some students have three devices and work from different areas and if you’re going to limit it to two devices within fix it so that it continually recognizes it and doesn’t act as if it’s a new device every single time and now you allow one slot per month and I can’t even swap the same actual device that I’m using in the first place. ridiculous waste of time.

    By Uddina
    Chegg is actually stupid. I registered both my phone and laptop to it and it keeps telling me that I reached my 2 device limit and won’t let me look at Chegg with my phone. EVEN THO ITS THE SAME PHONE THAT’S REGISTERED. What kind of money hungry controlling feature is this??? I pay my $15 every month for me not to be able to access my account whenever I need? If you’re going to take that many precautions to ensure people aren’t sharing accounts at least make sure IT WORKS. The fact that I can’t even trust my own account that I’m paying for to work is pathetic and I’m canceling my subscription asap and moving to anything but this.
  • Crap 1/5

    By niaflix
    Don’t buy it’s not helpful at all
  • Too much for too less 1/5

    By sdnsjjbdh
    Chegg has the nerve to cost $14 yet only allows you to use two devices. Why is that acceptable when I pay $14 a month? You should be able to do your homework on how ever many devices you need!! They need to do better. It also locks for no reason and usually takes 2-3 days to get your account back,. I’ve missed assignments due to Chegg locking my account unexpectedly.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jo12345$!
    Turned in my return books on schedule and kept getting charged to purchase them. I can’t get ahold of any representative of chegg. I hate this app! Never purchasing any books from here ever in my life. 300+ dollars charged to my bank account even tho I don’t have the books. A whole scam.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By tahanix3
    This app is great in all honesty.
  • Expert questions and answers 1/5

    By Ollie231323
    I don’t have the option to look up questions that were answered by experts. I am paying for the subscription. The app changed this last month and I’m having difficulty looking up questions.
  • Boo 1/5

    By blarg808
    Give me a free month
  • Cancelled my account and continued charging me 1/5

    By estefaníaa
    I payed for a membership to help with my homework since online school is gave me trouble but I was only able to use it for about two weeks before my account was suspended due to ‘shared account’ because I used it in my two devices and they continued to charge me the membership ($16) for some months after they cancelled my account.
  • My C++ answer 5/5

    By rubemendez943
    I find that the answer I get on my homework are very helpful, especially during this pandemic without seeing a physical tutor to guide you on how to solve your problems
  • Great tutoring! 5/5

    By Cande81
    love that you explained it very detailed! Thank you!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Frand92
    Fast response and excellent structured explanation.
  • Rates 5/5

    By BugZaddy
    You guys rock
  • Exelent resource for quick reference 5/5

    By Caring Builder
    It’s hard on this pandemic work, Study , with chegg you got your doubts covered, download it now
  • Inefficient App 1/5

    By Louisa J A
    This App itself has no purpose as we’re not allowed to access the account in different devices. The Chegg itself is a good resources for college student but with almost $15 per month not even able to sync Chegg in any other devices makes the app on the phone pretty useless to have.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dreame---Scame
    Won’t let me sign in to read the books that I paid for. Not cool please do better.

Chegg Study - Homework Help app comments

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