Cherry - Period Tracker

Cherry - Period Tracker

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  • Current Version: 1.7.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PentaHealth Tech HK Co., Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cherry - Period Tracker App

For women, it’s normal to have a few special days every month. Whether you are living by yourself or being cared for, you need to learn to take good care of yourself. Cherry is customized for you. Cherry provides not only an accurate menstrual calendar, various health tracking options, daily health reports, and reminders, but also a high-engaged community where users can freely discuss interesting topics related to health, lifestyle, fashion, emotions, relationships, and more. Cherry is an all-in-one app for the well-being and accomplishment of modern women. Key Features for Period Calendar Cherry 1. Period Tracker & Reminder 2. Daily report & advice for you 3. Menstrual Calendar 4. Birth Control & Pregnancy Rate Prediction 5. Speak freely in the community 6. Protect your privacy with PIN 7. Fancy Interface & Sweet Care 1. Period Tracker & Reminder • Get reminders before your next period time. • Notifications for your period, ovulation and fertility tracker. • Analyze your current and past cycles with the menstrual tracker. 2. Daily report & advice for you • Record your moods and symptoms to get the daily record card. • Effective suggestions for you to keep your body healthier every day. 3. Menstrual Calendar • Detailed health report to record your special day. • Track when your next period is coming. • Helps you to predict menstruation, cycles, and ovulation. 4. Birth Control & Pregnancy Rate Prediction • Predicted Pregnancy rate calculated to know your chance. • Helpful for your birth control planning by tracking the period & fertile days. 5. Speak freely in the community • Express yourself freely in the community. • Comment, Like, and Follow posts that you enjoy • Post pictures and text • Share your milestones and hardships and receive support • Discuss any topic that is on your mind • Interact with women across the globe 6. Protect your privacy with PIN •Set a PIN code on the personal page to protect your privacy. 7. Fancy Interface & Sweet Care • Pinky interface to bring you sweet mood and gentle love. • Cute & sweet reminders to give you care together with gentle love. • You are less likely to be stuck in embarrassing moments since you now have an intimate reminder. 8. Cherry integrates Apple Health to track your health and activity. How to Use Period Calendar Cherry ① Open the app and follow the guide to fill out all the information; ② Check your calendar to note down your mood and sex; ③ Go to “Me” page to turn on notifications. Let Cherry keeps you company and provides intimate care. Do not let busy work and study affect you to take care of yourself! Download Cherry NOW to feel our care for women's health. Contact Us Shall you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know via email: [email protected] **Subscription Terms** Cherry offers auto-renewing subscription options at $4.99/month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The account will be charged according to your plan for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew by going to your iTunes account setting after purchase. You can read our privacy policy at!AqeI0hcCNWbBefV86llKOlP7FOA and our Terms of Use at!AqeI0hcCNWbBd6yt_uK0BpChnXE

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Cherry - Period Tracker app reviews

  • Bad app 1/5

    By ploopgfrghvdf
    This a a horrible app I keep saying I’m pregnant even tho I’m a virgin ps I’m 12 that’s why so I hate the app
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By tawny0418
    I used to love this app because of its accuracy and ease of use however they have changed over like everyone else and now each time you switch pages you have to sit through an add first. Of course the only way to remove this adds it to pay and upgrade to the premium package. So I will soon be uninstalling this because of that reason. I am tired of this ploy to make money and refuse to give in or give money to stop it.
  • Disgusting articles 3/5

    By Kgraydon
    I love that it’s good at period tracking and has all of the symptoms you can log. But every time I open it to log my period there are loads of sex articles that pop up. If I wanted that I would go to pornhub. I just want to log my period without annoying ads or disguising articles
  • Love it but hate it 4/5

    By beccagamer101
    I love this app. It is accurate, you get to track feeling and other things even on days you aren’t on your period. Document any smells or discharge or whatever. It gives you little tips which is great!! But I absolutely hate all of the ads. An ad pops up when I open it. When I hit analyze. I feel like there is too many ads for this period & ovulation tracker.....
  • Misguided information 1/5

    By Furious young Adult
    I have been using the app for a while and I liked until today. Please be aware that no everyone using the app is sexually active. In a relationship, or looking for sex advice. My niece is only 13. She usually get this sexual photos with couples in bed when she is using the app and she tells me about adults topics that comes up in her notifications. I only used the app to track my period since they are very irregular. My sister talked to her about those things and told her to only track her period and close the app and notifications. The last straw was today, when under sex since I put none, it said that I’m at high risk for cardiovascular disease, I didn’t ask for that. It’s my body cherry. Sex does not prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases. If you smoke, don’t exercise and have a diet high in saturated fat then you are at high risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease. Don’t try to be smart.
  • Porn 1/5

    By Can I give 0 stars please
    I came across this app on Snapchat, I’m 13 and I got my first period this month and I wanted to track it and literally there were these posts on there talking about sex positions and pregnancy and female mastrubation. I honestly didn’t want to see vaginas and penises today thank you if I wanted to I could go pornhub no problem, it would help if you added what age people are so that you can show more appropriate things to 13 year olds like me thank you!
  • This is a period tracker app 5/5

    By Alex9923$$$
    I love this app I learn about period everyday I tracker my period

    By Elliot Lillyberry
    I think it’s cool that people can post here. Weird. But ok. But I have had this for a day and have seen about 50 transphobic comments. It’s really upsetting.
  • This app is awesome 5/5

    By queenandrearosado
    Ok I love this app but one thing the horoscope part this nothing there as many times I try to go to it it’s completely blank please fix I’m still giving 5 stars though
  • Comes with extra inaccurate posts 1/5

    By Debbie Arbuthnot
    I signed up just wanting to be able to track my period and I got a lot more than I wanted. There are weird posts about sex and I’m not sure who posts them but some give incorrect information and the extra stuff in general just isn’t necessary. One post I clicked on didn’t even have good grammar. It looked like it was written by a five year old. Then there are topics like ‘Never marry a guy with these 15 habits’ or ‘How can I tell if my Vag is too tight?’. It’s silly little 12 year old girl topics you would find in a BOP magazine only written by five year olds.
  • Cherry 3/5

    By keydinena
    Hello I been using this app and now I been late 12 days the calendar has checks on the days what is that mean ?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By shea butter beauty
    Very informative
  • Update Gone Wrong 2/5

    By GreenRiver662
    I used to love this app! I changed from a different period tracker (which is a big ordeal) and loved the look & simplicity. It was user friendly & helpful. NOW it’s all about the social aspect? I get about 6 notifications a day about different articles, and there is no way to change the preferences, unless you turn notifications completely off. Which, the notifications used to be helpful because they would warn you when your period was soon, and when you’re ovulating. I used to look forward to using the app, now I’m seriously considering changing to a different one again.
  • Getting pregnant can kill me, due to complications 5/5

    By Turntbettie
    So unfortunately I’m using the app so I don’t. Really is a lifesaver!
  • don’t download 2/5

    By dayanra_nicole
    over all the app worked but was constantly notifying me of unnecessary irrelevant things i couldn’t turn off notifications bc i still needs to k ow when my period would come but this apps home page is also irrelevant stupid annoying media
  • ovulation date 4/5

    By lindy96
    why dors ur app not reqinize an ovulation date ur app always say i ovulate the day after i usulally ovulate it is never correct.
  • No options! 1/5

    By HeavenSentks08
    There is no option to add that I didn’t start my period! According this app I’m 5 days Kate but I r already had a period this month and according to the other app to due tomorrow.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Lizzylucinagrac
    Love this app but they could add more things showed friends it would definitely get
  • The Cherry App? 2/5

    By Cherry User 2016
    Every Time I Open The App It Closes Back On Me , I Like The App Just Trying To Figure Out Why It’s Doing This.
  • MUST READ 1/5

    By Donut Girl 🍩
  • Super 5/5

    By jinyell
  • Good app but 4/5

    By Senorita Burrito
    Good app but i am not married lol. I am single I am a virgin so maybe it should ask if you have a job or if you have had sex before or is you are in a relationship
  • Cherry 5/5

    By Leilani Wise
    Cherry is a wonderful app that not only tracks periods, but also tracks when you’re ovulating, how you’re feeling, your pain levels, if you exercise, and how many glasses of water you’ve drunk!! This app is great if you’re wanting to get pregnant, and if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant (along with condoms lol)!! This is recommended for all ages!!
  • 😍 5/5

    By Boss queen❤️
  • Review 1/5

    By Ravi💕💕💕
    Needs Lots of Improvement
  • Well it’s not toooo accurate 😂😬 5/5

    By LinaMarie2020
    It’s SUPER convenient for keeping track of periods BUT I was on a “pregnancy safe” day when I got pregnant 😂😂🤷‍♀️ oops lol
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By sha737293
    Amazing app very useful and accurate!
  • Love 5/5

    By Eh, really cute but..
    I love my cherry app! It definitely helps me keep track of my cycles and my moods day by day! (:
  • My opinion 5/5

    By CURLY🥶‼️
    Perfect for when you just start your period
  • Was ok until they have different opinions than me 1/5

    By Purpleflirp
    It never told me when my best chance to get pregnant was. It always said 34% chance. Also I am 100% behind the abortion bans and cherry is not so i deleted the app and am going with a different one.
  • Didn’t trust this app from beginning! 1/5

    By fhdyfhudvhhgbuu
    I’ve been using this app since October of 2018 and it always shows Ovulation differently then i actually had it. and there’s a way you can manually change it. so it tells you the right way for next month. And for the next month it jumps to its original way! and Because of this stupid app i actually got pregnant! This app i wouldn’t recommend to those who don’t want to get pregnant!
  • Help with good app 1/5

    By mztia85
    I love this app for the most part but when I switched my phone it will not download my information it made me start all over and I had premium so it will not allow my premium to kick in. Once that is figured out it could be a 4-5 star
  • Control 3/5

    By Gilmimi81
    Me ayuda a controlar mi periodo, sin embargo no termino de entender cómo funciona la app. A veces no coincide exactamente con los días de mi periodo así que no la uso como método anticonceptivo natural
  • My period 5/5

    By Roseline jeanbaptiste
    I need to no with my period don't come on when my period don't come how many day do think you pregnant
  • Cherry 4/5

    By Am I helping you?
    It is really good with having to take your period and predicting it and it asks you questions but their is a membership thing if you want to have that might help
  • Eh 3/5

    By Softballkindofgirl
    I love the fact that it keeps track and overall it’s on point. It asks u simple questions everyday that would only take a min to do. But the network is always down and it will never save.
  • The update is awesome 5/5

    By Im mfntieddd
    The old cherry was horrible. the new user interface is so much better and now the app is easier to navigate!
  • Extras 5/5

    By susymaliciosa
    Muy buena e eficiente me encanta
  • Shunda 5/5

    By sgubda
    I love cherry
  • Bugs 1/5

    By kim06789
    The first month the app seemed to be working fine. But after that I noticed bugs. The whole month was highlighted as me being on my Period and the previous months data was erased
  • Still don’t get the hang of it but I love it. 4/5

    By IssyLove 💜
    Perfect app to track your period
  • Period edit 3/5

    By Kaayy34
    It’s a nice app except the fact when I try to edit my period length it doesn’t save it
  • 💓 5/5

    By DaniElis22
    Muy buena app! 👌🏼💓
  • .. 2/5

    By roc251
    I had this app for my android phone ,which, is damaged so I can not turn on . So I decided to download it on my iPhone but I can’t sign in without Facebook. So did I lose all my info/data? If so I’m so disappointed

    By oliviatsouprake
    Not all women care about their horoscopes and I definitely don’t want a notification about it every single day. I love this app, but if there’s no way to turn off these notifications in the next update I’m deleting it.
  • Karla 5/5

    By lollypip0515
  • Inaccurate reports 1/5

    By girlz__10191817
    Seems like ovulation and period prediction is accurate but symptoms are way off. I reported headache and some nausea and report came back that I was reporting itchy and funky smell more than once even though I only had 1 day recorded? There wasn’t even an option for those so not sure how where got those symptoms from 🧐🧐 going to try the FLO app instead! 😉
  • Widgets? 5/5

    By Jumna jus
    I’ve just started using this app, & let me just say that it is very effective and accurate. However, I’d like to know if widgets could potentially be added for IOS users. I think it’d be extremely useful to be able to swipe over and keep track from the lock screen. Just a suggestion but overall awesome app!
  • nice app 4/5

    By chemcnair
    I think better if you have the summary of the activity so that we can track and can give accurate data to our doctor.

Cherry - Period Tracker app comments

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