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  • Current Version: 1.9.17
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Guilherme Rambo
  • Compatibility: Android
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ChibiStudio App

ChibiStudio is a fun and exciting app which lets you create cute chibi characters with the help of your friends, all of this within iMessage. With over 1000 options (and counting) for eyes, hair, mouth, clothing, shoes, and more, the possibilities are endless. Save these cute chibi characters as stickers and unleash the cuteness of these kawaii chibis anytime you want. Maybe you'd like to create an anime character to represent yourself. You want to have a set of manga faces stickers that are completely unique; no one else on the planet will have your own chibi stickers. ChibiStudio helps you achieve this by making it very easy to create a character and use it as stickers across your iOS devices. Share the fun: send these chibis and collaborate with your friends on iMessage for cuteness overload. Both of you can add and remove customizations. There is no other avatar creator or chibi maker application that provides this feature on the App Store. Here is how you create a character with ChibiStudio, the best avatar creator on iOS: Pick a chibi character and customize it anyway you want. If you want to, you can collaborate with your friends on iMessage. Both of you can customize the cute chibi by adding, removing or customizing the anime character. Customize his or her cute manga face such as eyes mouth, hair, and more. You can also customize his or her clothing, shoes, accessories, and other elements! Choose from over 500 options, 200 of which are free! Save your chibi avatar as stickers and use them whenever you want. Easy, isn’t it? This avatar creator app also stores your chibi characters on iCloud so they're are available on all of your iOS devices. So cool! If you have a dream of becoming a manga artist and create your own Japanese characters and manga faces, this is your chance to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to be a top artist to create unique and cute chibi characters the way you want them to be. With 500+ options, there are endless possibilities and combinations. The sky is the limit. Create your signature kawaii chibi characters and share them with your friends to impress them. They’ll be amazed at your creativity and they will want to join in the fun! ------ Visit our website: for more inspiration and information. We are constantly improving our app. If you have any problem with using ChibiStudio, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We’ll resolve your issue as soon as possible. If you like this anime avatar creator, please show your support to us by leaving us a rating and review!

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ChibiStudio app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kdsoccer13
  • Great! 5/5

    By what nick name aint taken
    I love it, but the thing that disappoints me is that there is a premium . But it doesn’t bother me much. I wish there would be a little more backgrounds for beginners though. But still it’s amazing! Thanks!😃😃😃😃
  • Some improvements 3/5

    By unicorn 24680
    I would give it three stars but it needs some improvement. Number one is at first I thought you could not change the skin color. You should make it more easier and more obvious of how you do it it would make more people want to play it. Maybe something should pop up to tell you how do you do the importance of the app. because somethings are confusing like how do you change the outfits without all of it coming off. because at first if you’re trying on a lot of the outfits you don’t know that you have to tap it to get it off so I didn’t know that so maybe you have like to Tutorial or something else like that. One more thing is with premium all the cool things are in that package. My mom is not going to let me get it, so I can’t use the stuff that is premium. I don’t think you should get the premium version. There are all different types of packages for money. So overall it needs improvement.

    By Secret Somone :)
    This game seems pretty cool and when I’m bored it’s fun to just dress up characters, and it actually has some really cool things Just let me know when it will update. ID LOVE TO SEE NEW THINGS IN HERE!
  • Quite disappointed. 3/5

    By VJR22_6
    The hairstyles? Diverse. Lots of textures and styles. You get one color with that style, though, and you better like it. Clothes? Wide array, but again, no color changes. And I hope you like three expressions of mouths because that’s what you get. Shocked, smiling, straightfaced. And half the eyes are just one side green and the other blue. And, of course, the base is always a white person. Sorry if you want to make any character beyond an average pale person.
  • I love This Game 5/5

    By and Aaliyah
    You girls do it ever you want
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Maddie Mccauley
    I would recommend this to people who love to design like celebrities and friends so I like doing a lot of that and other things but just a reminder share this game with your friends and family it really puts the amaz in amazing
  • Love it 5/5

    By eloicita
    I love this app it’s perfect for anime love it I hope you guys respond to me but I love it
  • Good 4/5

    By Joeldrumespinosa
    I love this app because I love chibi and anime. One thing I hate is how you have to buy almost everything. So overall i give this a GOOD.
  • This is amazing game! 4/5

    By Boilerman83
    This game is so amazing because you make your own characters and it’s 2 in one gatcha and anime thank you for making this game!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By hdjdhdydivdudkebkk
    Premium is stupid
  • Sooo goood 5/5

    By EmoExtreemo
    This app is awesome especially for making OCs! I’m kind of lazy and I know I could draw them myself but this is sooo much cooler
  • ChibiStudio 5/5

    By Finding a new
    I love it!
  • The Best Game Ever! 5/5

    By Mackenzie Downing
    This game is soo fun! I play it everyday now. You get to make your own characters and send them to your friends and others!
  • It’s cool but, 4/5

    By edkwjs
    I don’t like how limited it is. Like if u wanted to make chibis with More verity then I would need to buy an upgrade. And I understand with these types of games you have to make some sort of profit and I agree. Other that there is so much you got to buy, I genuinely like the game.
  • Worst game I have ever played 1/5

    By Bulldog lover❤️
    There is nothing to do.And they aways look wired
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AlwaysWishing1983
    Cool I love it
  • I give this AN ONE STAR because you can’t even delete you ChibiStudio when you want to 1/5

    By rigmaris
  • Queem👸🏽_mymy_rap🤪 5/5

    By queen_mymy💯❤️👸🏽
    The best app

    By sidndndjd
    I am very picky with my apps and when I got the app I was amazed about how fun it is! You can make so many cool chibys with your so many cool options! I love it❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💕💞💓💗💖💝💘
  • How good this game is... 4/5

    By JAERYN.p
    You get to create your own characters it’s pretty cool. It’s just like Gacha life but you don’t play with the characters you you get to look at them you can put it in a pattern like boy girl it’s fun I just got it🙂
  • The cutest 5/5

    By Aime jojo lover❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Chibes are so cute I love this app just you have to pay a lot!
  • My Claim.. 5/5

    By Chibi app review
    The Chibi Faces Are Cute And Adorable! Even the Premium Packs!!!
  • Good game...Just a few things... 3/5

    By Rainbowdash326
    When I saw this game and I uploaded it I wanted to make some adorable characters and I saw the cutest clothes and styles! But you have to purchase too much stuff. 😑 There was little variety of colors and clothes as well. Plz if you can, I would love to see more variety! 🙂
  • Get this 👍 4/5

    By bathtud
    All together it’s a really good game. But most of the really cool stuff you have to have to pay for. But I really do like this game. I use it all the time.
  • Review 5/5

    By l'm in your house
    I just got on this game five minutes ago and I love it so much but the only thing is can you change the skin tone?
  • Chibi 5/5

    By Mrs Pickey
    It’s a fun game and is really interesting to see all the different things you can do!
  • I hate the game 5/5

    By lolfan336
    I only rated it five stars because I wanted to be at the top of the list I hate how when they ask you to try for free it doesn’t work so I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but it doesn’t work
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AgentUnicorm
    I looooooooooooove getting to create chibis!
  • Good 4/5

    By really good vs really bad 🥳
    It’s so awesome and cool
  • Really fun 5/5

    By review292908
    It’s really fun to make you own character and share it with your friends if you do not get this app your crazy
  • Warning 3/5

    By Sabrinahaylie
    Plz answer my question:why every time I make one I come back 7 hours later and all me chili’s are deleted
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Sulamithe
    You can SO many cut stuff I love it
  • A Great Game! 5/5

    By jal418
    Although there is a ‘Premium’ purchase in ChibiStudio, it doesn’t bother me much because there’s only extra clothes and such. Don’t get me wrong, I love the clothes, and wish they weren’t premium, but I have enough options for chibis as it is. There are no ads, as far as I can tell, and overall, this is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who loves designs or dress-up. This is also a great way for me to design characters, as a writer. I just wish that we could change the colors on the clothes, that would be VERY helpful. I was also hoping you could add the ability to give them names. That would be helpful also. I hope you liked these suggestions and consider putting them into ChibiStudio. I love the game and everything in it.
  • It’s a rip off.🙄👎🏼 3/5

    By zo zo kitty
    This game is fun and all but I realized that this was a rip-off of gacha life. I hate how they took gachas idea away I’m actually kind of mad that they did that. I love gacha life but they took it away. I hate that. And you need to buy some stuff in premium. With your own money and not diamonds like gacha life. Pls change the idea and I will give more stars.
  • A little suggestion.... 4/5

    By Claaaaaaaaaaaay
    I love the app but their is a few suggestions I have... #1... I can’t seem to make my chib’s skin to be a different color so maybe can you show how to do it??? #2... Well I love the cute clothes and all but I would really like it if you would let us design some of our own. These are just suggestions but I would really appreciate it if you would change some of these things! 😄😄😄
  • The game 5/5

    By lilbug bro
  • Good but 4/5

    By Give is five stars
    I made lots of character bt it gets boring because I’m using the same stuff I want to have more free stuff to use
  • Good 5/5

    By Averyjulz
    Best app ever to have!
  • SO COOL Omg it’s my Club!! Star Light!! 5/5

    By Robo Talking cat
    Ok star Light is my club AND your game was my game :D
  • Great 4/5

    By Gavyn Truglio
    This game is amazing it slows many characters and allows even to change colors but 20$ for all of them is a little expensive for a virtual chibi maker so if you could lower it it would be 5 🌟
  • More hair 2/5

    By ctyfcyvgjhgfu
    It needs more and better hair styles
  • OMG 5/5

    By more games please!📱
    Omg!!my life has a big smile smack dab in the middle!! I play this everyday for my text messages!!😋Thanos!
  • ChibiStudio was good... 4/5

    By Ella the great!! 🍩🍩
    It was good but it needs some perfecting and when I tried to make a character it took its head away and idk how to get it’s head on and how do u delete stuff like the characters or else I’ll delete something like the app!!
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By KerLyell
    This is an awesome game! It let’s you creat characters the only thing is you can not make vids with them but they super CUTE and COOL
  • I think 4/5

    By Allie my grammie
    It is a nice game but you should make a role play place to role play with you characters
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By Nina de baker
    But... one improvement. I love this game and I’ve made like four hundred Chibis, but there’s room for improvement. Okay this first thing is VERY important, and simple to do, and I think you should really consider is and it would probably improve ur amount of players. You NEED to explain how to change skin color in the opening info thing. I’ve seen countless complaints of people angry about being all Caucasian and I don’t think they all know about changing clothes and skin colors. Now this is just other stuff now. I wish maybe you could add patterns? Also, I would like it if you could do it so we could watch an add to use a locked piece. It did that for awhile, but went away? And then, just out of curiosity, what is the point of the black chunky-things that cover the whole body, and the weird black underwear stuff? Please respond, or at least consider some of it. Great game overall!
  • Awesome chibi 5/5

    By hdbdnms d c
    This ChibiStudio game is awesome I love the game and the cute things u can put on them
  • I don’t know what to title this 4/5

    By Lover joy123456789101112
    So I have a few things to say 1. I want you make something so you can change the eyecolor 2. I will also like to choose your own Pose

ChibiStudio app comments

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