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  • Current Version: 2021.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Chick-fil-A App

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® App. Earn points, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits. FEATURES 1. Mobile ordering – Place your order through your phone, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive. 2. Earn points – Earn points with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with Chick-fil-A One™, or placing mobile orders at Chick-fil-A. 3. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available food rewards of your choice. 4. Customized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.

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Chick-fil-A app reviews

  • App is not working 2/5

    By TrinityR1
    I have used this app for some time, but I have been trying to place orders using the app foe over a month and cannot. I keep getting an error saying that my address is invalid. It’s the same address I have always used!! I deleted and added back and it still will not work. So I’ll just use DoorDash...again. And will loose my reward for which my delivery was going to be free 😡
  • LOVE 5/5

    By fields1972
    Great app, easy to use for ordering and easy way to collect points and rewards. Everything CFA does is top notch.
  • Love it 5/5

    By lunadadiesel
    My family’s love chick fli a and this app is the best you get rewarded for being a customer
  • Love this place BUT 5/5

    By jordan12334;'cbhd
    I love this place n I buy every Monday and I just wish I could pay with Apple Pay tht would make my n I’m guessing a lot of ppls faster when they order in the app🙌🏽
  • Not getting notifications 2/5

    By T& J
    I do not get push notifications on my mobile phone for the app
  • Disappointed not fixed payment bugs 2/5

    By momatries
    I’m rating the app, not the restaurant. The fact that you can’t use more then one form of payment, stack gift cards, or use the low balance on a gift card is infuriating. Especially given the way you have to order nowadays due to the pandemic. We’ve got giftcard cash that is unusable! It’s frustrating and disappointing that this has been reviewed on for years without fix, and now we’re stuck since you can’t hand the card to a cashier! Placing the order of f what you want is easy, payment is a nightmare!
  • Best app 5/5

    By rah rah82
    Love it
  • Best place ever! 5/5

    By ec40251
    Chick-fil-A is my favorite place to eat! They have the best food ever! My family and I literally go to Chick-fil-A every day lol not kidding! The line will be like 25 cars long and it will take about 2 mins to get your food! It’s amazing! They have great food,service,and the people who take our orders are soooooo friendly! Chick-fil-A is the best! Keep up the great work Chick-fil-A!!!!
  • Sleazy Phone Number Requirement 1/5

    By Geez, nickname already.
    Love the rewards, but it requires a phone number for no legitimate reason, and the last few times when I’ve tried to redeem a reward they’ve “accidentally” left it out of the bag. Interesting how they remember to take the points, though. Plus about every other time I go they’ve raised their prices again, which are already ridiculous, especially considering how small the portion sizes are. Also, still no apple pay.
  • App & Restaurant ARE NOT the same! 1/5

    By thesweetestpeach
    I had a mobile order to redeem a reward and was told that the item was unavailable so I could not be served. The one star is for the inconvenience because I notified through the app that I was already at the restaurant in the drive-thru. The app should be updated so customers can know that if they haven’t spoke to a team member for a mobile order prior to the cutoff time for breakfast, then it will not be fulfilled. This resulted in me having to wait for vehicles ahead to receive their food before I could even exit restaurant grounds. Very unsatisfied!
  • Keep the FAITH!!!!! 5/5

    By Momma1+Sextuplets
    Thanks for providing great food and a family atmosphere.
  • Thanks Chick-fil-A 5/5

    By Love Chick-fil-A
    I love you guys the service is amazing and the food is always delicious. On days I couldn’t afford lunch I was able to use my app and use my points to purchase me something to eat. Thanks for keeping my stomach full and me smiling.
  • Satisfied customer! 5/5

    By Gina1649
    Always hot and fresh food!
  • Provide a way to modify the vehicle after order is placed. 4/5

    By Hankiwb
    A nice feature would be the ability to update the automobile on a curbside order after the order has been placed. This feature would be helpful if someone has saved two different automobile descriptions and accidentally selects the wrong one
  • Excellent App, 1 suggestion 5/5

    By Anonymous1934
    I love this app; it gives me and my mom/dad free chick fil a. However, I think it would be even better if on the scan page they had a list of the rewards being redeemed in a top corner so you know what is being redeemed
  • I Love Chick-fil-A! 4/5

    By lilpinkmamacita
    I love Chick-fil-A. This app is very easy to use. I just wish they would add an option to use the remaining funds on your Chick-fil-A card as well as another form of payment when placing a mobile order.
  • Second time is not a charm 1/5

    By Pat’s wife
    Had trouble in the past with the reward points and the payment processing. Tried tonight , looks like all things went through but last time it worked I got a email verification that I could email my some so he can pick it up. Nope, I guess I need to bring my phone to the restaurant. Such a hassle I won’t use it again.
  • They have 30-40 min waiting times everywhere 1/5

    By EgyUser123456
    The new version doesn let me setting I am here in advance = no wait in escaping the 30-40 min waiting times. Great job!!
  • How about a kids app 5/5

    By Candice brown
    You guys should really make a kids app like McDonald’s has. That would be amazing
  • Double price on DoorDash 1/5

    By review_wife
    This is more so about them partnering with DoorDash & less about the app. It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that chic fil a doesn’t give you the option to order meals on door dash. You have to order everything a la carte. The $9/10 meal costs double that on the app when you order door dash. Totally ridiculous. 1st & last time ordering delivery.
  • Excellent app; easy to navigate 5/5

    By MoochsMama
    This is one of the best apps for ordering food. Its easy to navigate and customize your order. I have never had an issue with it.
  • Payment Options 2/5

    By jcs&1234
    You can only use one form of payment in this app which is frustrating if you have a gift card that doesn’t cover the entire amount.
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By beagg29
    Great food. And great staff
  • Gift Card Redemption Issue 3/5

    By Jdog2910
    Great app overall but you have got to allow using the remaining balance on a gift card instead of telling me “insufficient funds”. This essentially locks my gift card as unusable if I want to order online which I always do due to the long lines.
  • No rewards when ordering pick up 1/5

    By Sierra702
    When you place order for pick, you get no rewards. Chick Gil A employee gave me my food, I asked her if she could scam my phone for rewards. She told me, she had no scanner and the app doesn’t give you rewards for pick up. If that’s the case, then what’s the point in having rewards?
  • New system 3/5

    By Adokenai
    I had not used my app in a while and did not know they changed their system. I had to create a whole new account. Not sure why and it did not seem anything really changed.
  • Drive-through 5/5

    By addison001
    Really like the way they operate drive through continuously moving through!
  • Wont let you add payment 1/5

    By right buns binders G bunch
    The app won’t let you add any payment option.And since it doesn’t try to process your order until you actually arrive for curbside, you just end up wasting time out of your day because you can’t actually add a payment option
  • Awesome Service with a smile! 5/5

    By Mary Jane Edwards
    This is my favorite Chick Fil A! The employees are always friendly and never have an attitude. I admire how they work so hard!
  • Delicious Breakfast 5/5

    By SweetestAngel62
    Great chicken biscuit Yummy
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    Twice now, I’ve been embarrassed at my local Chick-fil-A when I try to load funds to pay for my meal and the app gives an error message “Sorry, we can’t help you right now.” Not cool.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pie man!
    Payment function is not working. Make the app completely useless. Just spent 25 minutes trying to try different ways to enter the information. Very disappointing.
  • Rewards 4/5

    By Reidabook2
    More rewards for your loyal customers!!!
  • Quality Food App 5/5

    By leelekit
    Love the chick fil a app! It’s top notch amongst all the other food apps I’ve used in the passed. It works seamlessly and I’ve never had issues
  • Waters Scripture down 1/5

    By MissyD146
    Stop supporting Homosexuality!
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By Qwaumi
    Chick Fil A is my spot!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By cynnfullsinnin
    This app is completely amazing. It makes it so much easy to order and pick up, always punctual and correct!
  • Iced coffee reward 4/5

    By MollsAld
    I love this app and that you can earn rewards but PLEASE add iced coffee to the rewards. I get iced coffee several times a week and would love to be rewarded with what I actually buy!
  • great!! 5/5

    By lizzy2734
    i love me some chick fil a. they never disappoint. everything is always fresh and amazing. always giving a lot of everything
  • Don’t Update the App 3/5

    By DarylAE2012
    The app was great, but they suggested an update which I did and now it just crashes and won’t load.
  • Kuddos to the developer(s) 5/5

    By yvyxtx
    I use several apps and I have to say that Chik Fil A’s is by far the best. It’s so sophisticated and intuitive. The features are so awesome! We ❤️ Chik Fil A!
  • Stop force me to update the app when I am in the middle of the order 3/5

    By tianzjngccc
    Stoping force me to update the app when I am in between heading to the restoring and tap “I am here”! . Got stucked by this big
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By app disaster 2021
    This app is good when it works, and very disappointing when it doesn’t. Picked child up at school for early release. Headed to the restaurant planning on curbside to avoid long drive thru line. ....and the app requires an update ( we had run into this issue last week and had already updated it). So we did the update in route, tried to order and claim reward. It would not give us the reward that was shown... By the time we got to the store no connection! It would not find our account or store. This is the second time in two weeks! Sitting in curbside for 15 minutes with three bars of cell reception. Back up plan. Brave drive thru. The line to drive thru is soo long, no time to wait. Very disappointed child. Cannot make this part of our routine any longer.
  • Rewards never work 1/5

    By hans317
    Food is great but every time I try to redeem a reward I get charged for it. Even the free ones that the owners give out for their restaurant. Tried telling customer service and they were no help at all. I just received a very basic response telling me how to redeem rewards.
  • Missing $50 1/5

    By tarraaabugg
    I tried putting $25 on my account in the app twice and both times received an error message on 1/16. But it did withdraw from my bank. I tried to use the box code anyways to see if they could tell it was there but it read that I had no funds, so I just used my card in the drive thru. Since then I’ve tried calling and leaving two tickets through the app in customer support I haven’t heard anything back. When I called they said they couldn’t pull up my account because the stem was updating. So that’s when I used the app to try and reach out. Still waiting... I’ve tried logging out them back in and even deleting and reinstalling the app to see if my account would refresh. My advice done load money through the app. You may never see it again 🤷‍♀️
  • This app changes everything 5/5

    By Matchingoutfitgurl
    From the free gifts and rewards to the ease of use when placing a pickup or delivery order, this app is the best all around!!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By VonyaBonya
    This app is amazing! It’s convenient, easy to use, and smooth. The ONLY thing I’ve found to be a slight nuisance is the fact that your balance amount doesn’t automatically update on AppleWallet as with other apps. You have to remove and add your pass again after every use in order for the balance to update. Other than that, it’s AMAZING!
  • My review 5/5

    By saraiviolin
    This app is great, and easy to use.😀
  • Needs a way to update favorite orders 3/5

    By love2garden
    I’ve got several favorites preset to be able to order quickly but I need to change 1 thing and you can’t. You have to add a new one altogether. Seems like a good idea for an update.

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