Chicken Scream

Chicken Scream

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  • Current Version: 2.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Perfect Tap Games
  • Compatibility: Android
2,950 Ratings
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Chicken Scream App

Chicken scream is a fun and interactive non tapping addictive game where your voice controls the chicken. Make a lot of noise to force the chicken to run and jump or stay quiet to control the chicken moves slowly. This addictive game ensures plenty of fun in the same style as eighth note. Get your high score and collect points for getting far in the game but be careful about the obstacles and the water! Try to reach the top of the leaderboard and beat your friends on Game Services! **** How to play and control the chicken ? **** - Don't make any noise to make the chicken stop - Speak softly to make the chicken walk - Scream to make the chicken jump

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Chicken Scream app reviews


    By GeeGi dragon slayer
    everytime I’m keep dying these ads pop up and I don’t like it. can you make it better. I don’t like the ads and the ducks cost a lot of money 💴 they cost to 300 and I don’t like that make this game better!!!😡😡😡 it’s gonna be the worst game if you dont make it better.
  • Broken 1/5

    By CheatingCunt0512
    So I put on microphone played the game but when I talked it didn’t move I put sensitivity up all the way screamed, nothing. How does it work for others??
  • Fun game, too many long ads 3/5

    By Applesauce1492
    Enjoy the game play, but the ads are too frequent and too long.
  • Irritated by ads remaining after purchasing “Remove All Ads” 3/5

    By lonesongbird
    I really am amused by this game and play it with my five year old. I’ve purchased the ad removal option (it’s a fun enough game and I’m happy to support developers that way). But the ads will not remove. I’ve restored purchases and nothing. The ads still appear.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By YinaD
    Add songs and lyrics like karaoke. I want credits lol
  • Ad Galore with glitches 1/5

    By BabyBear303
    The app forces you to watch a 30 or 40 second commercial after every two games, and after the commercial ends the app glitches out to a blank screen where you have to quit it and restart anyway.
  • More bad then good 2/5

    By Buttercup419009
    I love the game but when I play it in the car it heats the air conditioning and moves on it’s own and same goes for the TV it does whatever when the TVs on. And the ads are so freakin annoying when the ads just appear every time a loose you may be asking “why don’t you pay for them” because until all the problems are fixed I will not pay nothin till these problems are fixed and one more problem is it’s a scam!!!!!!!! Don’t get it it’s bad and my suggestion is ignore this game!!!!!!!
  • Great but makes throat hurt could get vocal nodes 4/5

    By Mintgreenhusky
    This is so fun but it disturbs others in the builonding and get definetly get you vocal nodes. My throat is hurting as I type this
  • Inappropriate ads for kids!! 1/5

    By Angel 30
    Game was fun for my little ones until I saw the inappropriate ads!! I’m sick of these “kid” games showing the game “Choices” with half naked teens!! It is disgusting! This game will be deleted because of that.
  • Love it! ❤️I small problem 5/5

    By Fluffy Tail 🐕
    I love this game! It is so fun and funny! Well, it’s not actually a problem, it is just you have to get used to what tone of voice you use for the different kind of jumps. And, I have had this game for a while and I only had a couple adds but they never interrupted the game. I only got them when I died. I really like this game all in all!
  • Good game, two many ads. 1/5

    By itssarahbitch
    Every other time i “die” it makes me watch an ad that’s at least a minute long. So about 2 minutes of gameplay to every minute of ad. No can do that. So uninstalled.
  • What do I love??? 5/5

    By rr3tvgtnkmhaertgukkkjkoofd
    I love to yell so this game is soooooo fun
  • Saw this on TikTok 5/5

    By PianoCat17
    Very fun! It was on rickychainz's account! I had to download, xd!
  • Ads 2/5

    By tictok person
    I like the game but it has so many ads and I hate ads the only reason why I downloaded this game because it was on Tictok
  • e 5/5

    By meeeeeeeeeeme
    i do not recommend to play this app at night.
  • Moving Chicken 2/5

    By xxAestheticKatexx
    At first, I didn’t mean to buy it... but then I noticed t was a fun game until level 1 to level 3! But on the forth one I realized my chicken went out of control after adds. I thought the money was worth it, but no. Fix it please! I didn’t want to waste money on something that can’t even work for me! But, I do understand the game has just been released. Keep that note for the next update.
  • Ok... 3/5

    By skakakskajandnd
    So I was playing the game and I almost lost my voice , but great game I just wanted to let you guys know.

    By Heart in the sum
    Awesome game! I love it so, so much!
  • Stressful 2/5

    By hdhudhshdhsusu
    Stressful Stressful Stressful
  • Bad 1/5

    By dkrups
    This game made me get hit in the head so now I am uninstalling
  • I love this 5/5

    By daliyme
    This is my new favorite game I like it 😊
  • I don’t even know. 1/5

    By lizaissistershook
    This game is really fun, but even with high sensitivity, it hurts my throat. I played this for 1 minute, and my throat is already swelling because of the screaming. It isn’t a very safe game, and my throat is really bad because of this. My voice is going hoarse, and overall, the sensitivity levels need to be better, as in, high sensitivity should mean just raising your voice a little should suffice for a jump.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jcshot
    Screaming is a no go for me. I rather my kids go outside and play while screaming and shouting.

    By gReaT sPellEr mAn 4fiVesiX.cOm
    O crEp I doWnloaD bY aCciDent aNd paY gUd moNIEs tO us.e mE aNd mY fAmilY liVe iN a boCkS oN dA strEt bEcaUsE diS gaM coSt MILLLLION BILLIONNNNNN MONIEYS. sO tAnkS gAm fOr kiLLinG mUh liF.
  • Loved it 5/5

    By devinsdiabetes
    Amazing game
  • It’s cool...but, 4/5

    By algywalgy
    Now yes I do thinks it is a great game, but I have a few complaints. First of all, there is no pause button. I think you could at least be able to have that. Second, I think the game’s a little sensitive. Like I barely have to even yell to get the chicken to move. Third, ads. Some ads that show up make the game crash. It’s just annoying!!! But besides that, I think it’s a fun game. I would give it 5 stars, but...I just said why I can’t.
  • What they need to fix 2/5

    By oooppohnkhhkgddghj
    It jumps on its own you have to whisper to talk and talk to scream it is not good
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By ---- Joey
    I can’t play it in class -annoyed teatcher
  • Does not pick up sounds very good 2/5

    By monicaperry
    My poor chicken, may he rest in nuggets.
  • I don’t have powerful enough voice to make the Chicken Jump. 1/5

    By John, Mike no Frank hmm Susie
    Heck it barey moves when phone is next to an impact wrench.
  • Super fun but... 4/5

    By Ajack905
    This game is amazing but the only bad thing is that after watching an ad it gliches out. I was about to beat my highscore then i died so i watched an ad and after the ad it just walked of.
  • Tricks you into watching ads 3/5

    By 凯特.贾德
    An ad promises 30 coins, but it doesn't give me the coins. This happened 20 times.Please fix.
  • YouTube 5/5

    By MSM Dude
    I'm only here because of FGTEEV!!!
  • Game is not working 2/5

    By monsterj67
    My game is walking on its on with out me talking
  • Very bad game 1/5

    This game is ver bad because I do yell but it do not jump so I do not like we have create lots of noise.
  • Great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By el mejor juego lo rrecomiendo
    I love this game
  • Doesn't work well 1/5

    By AskMeA?&ITellNoLies
    This game doesn't work well and has too many adds.
  • Ad crazy. 3/5

    By Skhi Dawg
    The ads are too much. I tried to pay for the ad free version, but the app won’t let me. Otherwise it is a fun game.
  • Great game, needs a bug fix! 3/5

    By aubbydobby
    We LOVE this game, SO MUCH!! The kids and I play it together, and it’s fabulous. We’d give it a 5-star review if we could pay to remove the ads without the app crashing. My kids are 4 and 6, they’re not great at closing ads. I’d happily pay the money to remove them! Every time I click the button, nothing happens. Please! Let us give you our money!!! Lol. Other than that, FANTASTICALLY FUN GAME!!!!
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By Jared407
    This app has way to many ads you open the app up to a ad sometimes 3 ads back to back
  • Unable to purchase "no ads" 4/5

    By EiusAmor
    The button on the shop page to pay for the "no ads" version doesn't seem to do anything. The button below it doesn't do anything either.
  • Cannot Purchase 2/5

    By Money O'Maley
    I’d love to purchase the ad free version as the ads are excessive and sometimes inappropriate for kids. I wanted to play with them, but I haven’t because of the ads. Unfortunately, the purchase link doesn’t work.
  • Looks good put i cant play 3/5

    By mirlind balidemaj
    I cant allow microphone wher im in ios. Ipad
  • A breast up 4/5

    By KY_Gently
    This game is what I needed. I’ve been going through a lot and since I can’t scream at children, at my phone, or significant others. I can scream at this chicken and get awarded points and not have Siri get snarky with me. Thanks
  • Doesn’t work very well. 2/5

    By Sapplinger
    A great concept but it doesn’t work very well. I tried giving them my money but the in app purchase doesn’t even work. Sad. Could be really fun
  • Very fun game 4/5

    By Maryryryryryryryry
    We love this game. Is very fun to play. Our kids really had a lot of fun trying to make the chicken jump with the sound of their voices. Is kind of tricky in the begging because you need to control the volume of your voice depending on the type of jump you need the chicken to do. But that is the magic of the game. You can use chicken sounds or any other sound, even sing. As a Pediatric Therapist, I bet it can be a lot of fun in therapy too. The only reason I give this game 4 stars is because it has too many adds/commercials. Other that, we really love it.
  • Potential to be fun but the ads are absurd 2/5

    By tha_driver
    I get it, ads are a way to raise money for the devs, but this is over the top. The free version is pretty much unplayable- I am not paying 2 bucks to remove the ads if I can’t even try the game for free. Devs i hope you read this: you would likely make more money if you scaled back the ads
  • Killing my ears 1/5

    By jslvk
    The creator of this game is running out of ideas.
  • Won’t recognize voice 1/5

    By LucyLaph
    Even after allowing microphone....

Chicken Scream app comments

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