Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast

Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast

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  • Current Version: 10.21.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
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Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast App

Like a tiny Chipotle that lives in your phone, our app lets you order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery. And… ABOUT CHIPOTLE REWARDS • Members bank points automatically for in-app orders. • In-person, scan the app to earn points and redeem rewards. • Redeem points on Food, Goods and Giving in the Rewards Exchange. • Set a favorite reward to track points as you go. • Get rewarded faster with extra point offers and early access to new menu items. • Oh, and let’s just say… we won’t forget you on your birthday. FEATURES • Pick up quicker with mobile pickup shelves and Chipotlane. • Or, get your food delivery bought straight to your door. • Try tasty menu items you can only get in-app or online. • Get your faves faster with saved meals and recent orders. • Go crazy with unlimited ‘extra’ ‘light’ and ‘on-the-side’ customizations. • Low gift card balance? Split the payment with another card. • Pay your way with Google Pay. • See your sustainability impact with Real Foodprint metrics. • Start a Group Order to invite your squad in on the fun. • Save your go-to Chipotle locations and food delivery addresses.

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Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast app reviews

  • Good & bad 3/5

    By Manly-Man
    Placing the order was pretty easy, but it’s progress reporting stinks. I placed my order and soon walked in to get it. The progress line showed the order having been placed, and that’s it. Within a minute I saw the guy making my order, and soon it was done; the progress still showed the same. It didn’t move past order being placed.
  • Knock off the spam 1/5

    By GummyKibble
    Today I got a pop up about some random TikTok creator coming up with a quesadilla, or something ridiculous like that. I nearly deleted the app right then. If I gave one whit about TikTokers, I’d have installed that app. I don’t, and I didn’t. Keep it out of my food, please.
  • Stop using push notifications for promotions! 1/5

    By MotoX-450
    Push notifications are useful for getting order updates. Stop abusing it with constant promotional notifications. At lease give us the option to disable promotional notifications and allow order notifications.
  • Hidden cost for delivery are huge 2/5

    By brown chicjen brown cow 3
    Hidden cost for delivery are huge
  • Love this place! 5/5

    By duhhgirksnhd
    Only chipotle that hasn’t given me INSANE runs dog. I can eat comfortably knowing my jeans are safe and it’s all thanks to you guys! Thank you!
  • Not enough options 3/5

    By prettiphatalaa
    You can’t ask for rice or beans
  • Chipotle Indian Land 5/5

    By Zupoter
    Food is always on time when ordered through the app. And is made perfectly!
  • Chipotle has fallen off 2/5

    By Raye018
    I was charged $25 but never received the food, I keep having awful experiences with chipotle. I’m just giving up on this at this point.
  • Upset 1/5

    By L_Dub20
    Not gettin the right portions that I ordered
  • Works great 5/5

    By ChanceM2020
    I think the main problem that I have with most mobile food ordering apps is just how glitchy they are, and chipotles by far at least recently has been the least glitchy mobile food app I’ve used
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DLle37494
    The app will give me notifications constantly but whenever I open the app, it crashes.
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By Samantha Von Berch
    Why can’t I create an account?! It just says”something is not right…” I can’t use it without an account, so let me make one!
  • Don’t order through this app 1/5

    By smoketrees
    If you have any issues with your order, you’re out of luck. The automated support doesn’t work and closes out your help request. If you want to track your rewards through this app, that might work better, but I’m not sure I’ll keep the app long enough to find out
  • One payment option 1/5

    By safarifkchrome
    You can only pay with Apple Pay through app, I can’t use a chipotle gift card? Wack
  • Consistent quality 5/5

    By 6k2u42
    This chipotle has the best quality and it is consistent. The food always taste fresh and well put together. My orders have always been made correctly and perfectly. This Chipotle is also relatively quick even during the dinner rush.
  • Former Raving Fan 1/5

    By B Rad 2004
    So now mobile app is required to order the most inexpensive item on the menu. Sad day when some cannot come into restaurant and just order something off the menu. Mobile app experience as requirement to order my favourite menu item is a step too far. I’m sure they have considered the side effect to those who can’t afford or use a mobile app easily.
  • Verification failed… 2/5

    By NickD9312
    Tried to login and was asked to enter an SMS code sent to my phone. I did, and it said the verification failed and I was locked out for 30 minutes. Well, ok…guess I won’t order Chipotle today, then. Would be good if they at least let you try a few times before locking you out (or, didn’t fail verification for valid codes in the first place).
  • App crashes I can’t use it at all! 1/5

    By JennyHopeK
    When I visited a restaurant and attempted to get credit for the visit or look for rewards the app refused to stay open on my 14+ iPhone. I reset my phone and went to the App Store to check for an update and nothing works. Unable to get credit for $50 paid in purchases here today.
  • Chipotle … yum yum! 5/5

    By Horsesdabomb
    The staff is always friendly and their food is delicious!!
  • Glitchy App 1/5

    By HMGilbert1
    I have had one successful experience ordering through the app. What a shame.
  • Issues with the app 2/5

    By DEValleyGirl
    I scanned my app yesterday and didn’t check until this morning. My visit wasn’t recorded. This happened before last year, but I didn’t do anything about it. I love to cook, so I don’t dine out/order in frequently…but it would be nice to get credit for visiting.
  • Fajita Quesadilla 2/5

    By swgforthefence
    I had high hopes it was gonna be good. Sadly, it’s not the case. I’ll keep this to the point as best I can. I have tried the quesadilla several times, and now once again with high hopes they would get it right. Chipotle still not selling a Mexican Quesadilla. Do you see the picture you are using in the app? That picture is a very "false" representation of the “Chipotle Fajita Quesadilla”! There is no RED whatsoever in your fajita mixture. ZERO! So now you are calling it a “Fajita” quesadilla. A true fajita mixture is: bell peppers (red, yellow, and green)* sweet onion · portobello mushrooms. Well for sure, Chipotle does not use mushrooms. But at least you could have used the red peppers. There are no peppers in your so-called fajita mixture. Zero‼️ Also👉🏽Do you see the picture with the 3 compartments of sides? That is not what they serve. I got 3 small plastic -to go- containers holding just 2 tablespoons each. That’s it. #1. You guys need to fix the picture in the language in the app where it says fajita. There is no red in that mixture. I did not get any mixture in my two orders last night. #2. You need to make “fajita veggies” an “on off button option”!!! How is a person supposed to know to click on that to get the fajita veggies❓❓❓ ‼️The red 👉🏽”selection required” should come on with that!!!… as it does with the sides, when you don’t make a choice. 👉🏽Your advertising fajita quesadillas, but people aren’t getting the fajita blend. Picture edit, language edit Is much needed in the app‼️ I’m reading so many complaints that people are not getting the fajita mixture when they want it.

    By Caleb bray
    Ordered 2 days in a row from the app have yet to receive points. Smh
  • Wrong Order 1/5

    By gonfam
    The app never works and never seems to be able to be competent. Chipotle in general is a piece of crap. They put guac when no guac was CLEARLY stated on the order. No chips were given. We paid for this with REAL MONEY. We deserve the bare minimum which is a correct order. F you, Chipotle, and f your app. Errors happen but this is so regular that I don’t remember the last time I received a correct order at ANY Chipotle location.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Annalee Kraai
    Does not allow me to order any on the app.
  • Botched order 1/5

    By Dudz720
    Not going back to McLean store. Left out items and mislabeled order. Not even a 1 star.
  • Support is the worst 1/5

    By MrsCarter2015
    Customer service is nonexistent at this company/app. Currently been on hold 12+ minutes after standing inside waiting for my order 40 minutes and being told they are out of everything. Talked to “Peppa” which was a waste of time…gotta remove this stupid app and stop eating Chipotle after this one. Freaking waste of energy
  • Great Food 5/5

    By bigtony3535
    Always great to order from this location. Always good service and great food. Thank you chipotle
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By msilvvaaa
    I’ve been trying to open the app for months and it just doesn’t work. It just crashes every time I try to open it and there hasn’t been a new update because I always check. I prefer to order ahead because the chipotles near me are always so dirty and the customer service is terrible, so I’d like to order online so I don’t deal with anyone’s attitude but now I can’t even do that
  • Useless 1/5

    By barec2
    App crashes upon opening. Even after reboot. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling w no luck.
  • There should be a way to request items on the side 2/5

    By kathieeverafter
    Why is there not a way to request items on the side or at least a note option for these requests when submitting an order for pickup through the Chipotlane? The kids chips also do not show up under order details after the fact, so it’s no wonder they’re always left out. Please fix these issues. They’re super annoying and make me not even want to use the app.
  • Make it better 1/5

    By Bla1n3
    It’s a great app if you want inaccurate pick up times and incomplete orders because they sold out of stuff that you can still pay for on the app
  • Getting online orders wrong frequently 2/5

    By PKTucson9
    We love chipotle food, but the store at 22nd St. and Harrison in Tucson is frequently getting our online (app) orders wrong, and it also seems like the meat value has gone quite south. There seems to be much more fat and gristle in the meat than ever before. With both complaints, it didn’t always used to be this way. But in the last six months or so, this particular store gets our online orders wrong about half the time, no exaggeration.
  • Ready Times are Worthless 2/5

    By Erster175
    We like Chipotle and the app in general but the estimated ready times are worthless. Sometimes it ready before we get there bit most of the time we’re waiting -5 to 20 minutes AFTER the promised time. It’s almost almost always faster to just wait in line.
  • Fix your app issues 1/5

    By Lashalle22
    I hate this app. Each time I try to order it takes my money and then a message pops up that says “sorry unable to get time available for delivery” or it’ll say “ sorry this time is no longer available”. Now a total of $44 was taken and is on hold for food I can’t order. Smh why is this app even charging my card after having errors??
  • Steak Bowl 5/5

    By Ang Alt
    Yummy food and great process for pickup amd affordable and great serving size
  • Got the wrong order and Pepper denied me 1/5

    By Whitecritic31
    I ordered 3 items and they delivered the wrong order with only 1 wrong item that was clearly someone else’s order. I talked to Pepper and she gave me a “credit” of 3 items…however u can only use 1 credit per order so i had to charge my card for the entire order again. Tried to call the store directly and they just redirected me to Pepper who then literally said they could not help me then ended the chat.
  • Done with Chipotle 1/5

    By AceKing4
    More than 50% of the time the order is wrong or major items are missing from my order. I don’t mind paying more for decent food but you have to give me what I pay for. Burned me too many times I’m done with this garbage
  • The app is a joke better not use it 1/5

    By alf_lv
    First time using the app the really bad experience took me more time to get my order than stay in line, people get in line and get out of the store first and I was still waiting for my order and also they put way less meat because you’re not watching, If you want a better order make a line and watch how they make your order
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By RJNeild
    Over 30 min and still no food. There are at least 5 of us waiting.
  • App hasn’t worked well in years 1/5

    By lovegoodmusicrock
    Without exception, I always have to re-enter my order 2-3 times before the app will accept it and add it to the cart. I haven’t been able to log-in to my account on the app in years; 2-step verification fails every time. So, I always have to use it as a guest. Then, if I’m actually able to submit my order, it is never ready at the restaurant even when the app says it’s ready for pick up. The app fails on efficiency and convenience, which means it has no useful purpose. Finally giving up and deleting it off my phone.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By Braveheartx1
    Ever since an update recently, not sure which one, it keeps crashing when opened.
  • Fresh. 5/5

    By MissRichBitch
    Always fresh!!
  • *fart noise* 1/5

    By Matt.McNabb
    Lack of customer support is disturbing for how often restaurants mess up.
  • App crashes before opening. 2/5

    By c875s142
    Try to nope. The app, splash screen opens, then it closes completely. Restarted phone. No luck.
  • Overpriced for what you get 1/5

    By Mmch13636885
    Paid $12 for a “salad” with very small portions. Mostly just lettuce. After so many bad experiences at chipotle, I will probably take my business elsewhere.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By gettinglava
    Customer service was not good at all
  • Reward points never show up! 1/5

    By Add my points
    My reward points never show up.
  • Forgot items 3/5

    By Klecaon
    They forgot the cheese and sour cream in my bowl 😩