Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast

Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 10.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast App

Like a tiny Chipotle that lives in your phone, our app lets you order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery. And… ABOUT CHIPOTLE REWARDS • Members bank points automatically for in-app orders. • In-person, scan the app to earn points and redeem rewards. • Redeem points on Food, Goods and Giving in the Rewards Exchange. • Set a favorite reward to track points as you go. • Get rewarded faster with extra point offers and early access to new menu items. • Oh, and let’s just say… we won’t forget you on your birthday. FEATURES • Pick up quicker with mobile pickup shelves and Chipotlane. • Or, get your food delivery bought straight to your door. • Try tasty menu items you can only get in-app or online. • Get your faves faster with saved meals and recent orders. • Go crazy with unlimited ‘extra’ ‘light’ and ‘on-the-side’ customizations. • Low gift card balance? Split the payment with another card. • Pay your way with Google Pay. • See your sustainability impact with Real Foodprint metrics. • Start a Group Order to invite your squad in on the fun. • Save your go-to Chipotle locations and food delivery addresses.

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Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast app reviews

  • some of the worst customer service out here 1/5

    By fjfjcjcjdkkdk
    makes it impossible to report error, horrible system
  • I wish it accounts for how backed up a location is 3/5

    By dayton814
    Every time I order it gives me a time to pick up. My orders are never on time. Have to wait 15-20 minutes. I wish app would calculate how fast orders are being filled to make sure the servers are not overwhelmed.
  • Glitchy, unreliable 2/5

    By tomodachi_yo
    App crashes all the time, logs me out, terrible. Invest in your tech or lose customers.
  • App won’t recognize my email 1/5

    By dergcv
    Tried to sign in on the app, it says email or password not correct. Double checked spelling of email, it is correct. Tried to reset password, typed in email. App does not accept email I typed. Ok, I will set up new account, entered email, app says that email is already in use( yea, by me. ) Go to web page, I am able to sign in with my email and order, still cannot sign in on app. WHAT GIVES CHIPOTLE? Never had a problem before.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ksbelle
    I have not been able to even get into the app-crashes immediately. IPhone 13. No other apps do this on me. Disgusted!!
  • App is crashing 1/5

    By MonDel556
    The app is easy to use, but it hasn’t loaded and keeps crashing.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By anoyed&frustrated
    Immediately upon opening the app it crashes making it impossible yo order ahead. It says it’s updated and everything is fine. 😡
  • Best place ever 5/5

    By MacyMacy acy
    This place is one of my favorite food places the people here are so so nice and respectful I love it
  • App is worthless to me now 2/5

    By Hybrid909
    The Chipotle app is laid out well and very intuitive to use, but recently I get constant “Something went wrong” generic error messages that tell me nothing of any use. Also, with a recent update, they took away the ability to order less than 3 tacos. Why??? I don’t need or want 3 tacos and I want them to have different proteins in them, now I can’t do either. With that this app is now useless to me and I refuse to waste 15 minutes standing in line every time I want to pick up some food. Customer lost.
  • Never works 2/5

    By lunabajana
    This app is always crashing. It never opens. Just the first screen then back to my apps page
  • Force close bug in new update 2/5

    By Orio 🌜
    Current update causes chipotle app to force close upon opening
  • Order guaranteed time 1/5

    By veham2213
    It took 30 time more than the given guaranteed time.
  • Just go in 1/5

    By Brissle1234
    This app is garbage for ordering delivery. The “pepper chat” is worthless. Talking to a support robot is frustrating. They could make this app so much better. Also lose the DoorDash integration.

    By yayaa0210
    Please add a plain white rice button or an option for no cilantro. As someone who can’t eat cilantro it’s VERY hard for them to get my order right since there’s no option for me to specify other than in the name. It makes me eat here less because I want to place a mobile order just like everyone else.
  • App won't let you pre-order when a store is currently closed 1/5

    By Proteon76
    Title says it all.
  • Money laundering 5/5

    By Makattak 3oh3
    Best place to launder your money. $20 for a cup of rice you can have your millions cleaned in no time.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By 1936393847293047380229
    Ordered through the app just to find out it didn’t come through on the stores end but my card was still charged. Tried it twice and got charged both times but no order showed up on their screen for me.
  • Awful 1/5

    By NickLa335
    Used once. Now locked out.
  • Didn’t get all my food from order. 1/5

    By herikn
    I ordered over $60 of food. Including 3 bags of chips. None of the chips were delivered. I made a complaint to get my $$ back online bc the app doesn’t allow me to do it except rate the delivery. They sent me an email saying they gave my chips and guacamole for a future date. NO. I need a refund. For food I didn’t get. Asap. This makes me very upset. I tried calling the store and I can’t speak to a person. I need a refund!
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Beard542
    The app won’t even let me in to order stuff so what’s the point in even having it. L app
  • App is fine but service? 1/5

    By cjshockey
    There’s nothing wrong with the app….But when you make a selection like double meat on chicken and you bring your order home and clearly get shorted on multiple occasions….that’s an issue
  • Location verify ? 3/5

    By 56wrty329
    Hi. I’d like to submit a request for an app feature that can either be toggled on or off. I’m often messing up which location my order gets sent to since there are various locations I frequent. So I end up driving way further because the app doesn’t prompt me to choose my location each time I order. Can that be a feature people can opt into? I’m often not even thinking about which location because in my mind I’m right near one and just think it’ll go there. Thank you.
  • Website or app wont let me sign in 1/5

    By Jayare6
    Trash useless app,
  • single taco 1/5

    By Leahk6
    bring back the option to mobile order one taco ……. it’s a waste of food for me to order three…. and now inconvenient for me to not mobile order…..
  • Not compatible with iOS 16 1/5

    By simsfan999
    Doesn’t open in iOS 16.0
  • Malfunction 1/5

    By deucebaby901
    The app opens then close
  • Bad UI, Can’t customize 1/5

    By Bdjsjaksoa
    The UI is bad and customization is difficult. For example it’s impossible to add taco shells to the order. Can’t make comments in the order. It’s easy to make a mistake when selecting something. The app can be improved, needs to be more intuitive.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By vladimirputting
    It just keeps crashing every time I open it
  • Impossible to cancel 1/5

    By gameloverr1206
    I tried cancelling my order immediately after I made it and it is just impossible. Ur “pepper” customer service bot does absolutely nothing!!!!! Every other delivery app has an option to cancel even if it is with a fee. Very disappointed. I would give 0 stars if I could. You guys don’t even have a customer service number that I can call. What kind of chain doesn’t have a number???
  • Website is challenging 1/5

    By company meeting
    Had to rebuild my order 3 times! If you can’t order more ahead than same day, let the bag remain available to checkout for a day or two
  • Why bother ordering for for later 1/5

    By Rainbowwalrus14
    What is the point of even having an option for ordering later in the day if it’s just going to default to an earlier time? Can’t even cancel the dang order, annoying.
  • Need improve 1/5

    By jgiesel
    Needs improvement on user-friendly. Layout is poor
  • Worst 1/5

    By B17654
    I hope you never have to cancel an order because they make it impossible.
  • Unable to use the app 1/5

    By Honeemolasses
    I’ve been trying to use the app to place an order but the app keeps crashing - it won’t open. Guess I’ll order from somewhere else. Oh well.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Teresalee8764
    I loved this app. It was easy! Now, it just won’t work! It’s happened 4 times now. It keeps telling me, “something went wrong.” I’m going to just delete it.
  • Shocked 1/5

    By Jack P. Walker
    Can easily take an order but has absolutely no customer service or access to a human representative. Only automated messaging
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Scubasteve302
    Immediately crashes upon opening the app. Tried turning phone off and on and wifi.
  • Stop updating 1/5

    By gmacdo41
    I swear everytime I go to use the app there is a new update that a barely get it up in time or miss to scan at check out and then no one wants to go back in and submit receipt. It is a food points app and I get updates are good but allow me to use old versions or put more stuff in the cloud, no need to be forced to update what seems like every week.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By adnap
    I used to like the app but it no longer works at all.
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By KrazyCelticKid
    - With single tacos no longer being an option, please bring back the two taco option - Please implement notifications for when the location finishes the order. Too often I’m standing there waiting because they don’t announce the order or place it on the shelf (poor design for my local store, the order shelf is around the corner from the kitchen so it’s never used)
  • Instant crash 1/5

    By Pikachu007
    Can’t review something that doesn’t work. Since update crashes on launch
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By LaBelle053019
    Eww they use door dash for delivery cringe
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Mmoreno33able
    This app used to make ordering much easier. Now the app won’t even open! I’ve updated and reset my phone and it keep crashing. I had an issue with my order and the solution was to add a “free entree” to my chipotle wallet. But I have no access to it because the app won’t work.
  • Need tacos 3/5

    By Anonymouz573017491$3
    You should be able to but crispy tacos as a side. Similar to how you can buy tortillas separately
  • Won’t Open 1/5

    By agvdhd
    App won’t open. More of a recent issue….
  • Used to work properly 1/5

    By Amilcar.
    I don't know what's going on, but it won't let me pay, I don't like McDonald's and I keep having to go with them because their app works fine
  • Hair in food 1/5

    By I am Bianca Nicole
    My order had hair in it
  • How long do I wait… 1/5

    By zulu92622
    I’m here at Chipotle to pick up my order (due 1:40pm) in a line of people waiting for their pickup (orders promised before mine. Some already waiting thirty minutes!
  • Do not use Apple wallet to pay 1/5

    By KihiciH
    Do not use Apple wallet to pay they will not send your money back and pretend that they did!!