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  • Current Version: 8.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
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Chipotle App

Order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery & earn points towards FREE Chipotle with Chipotle Rewards. All with the tiny Chipotle that lives on your phone. •About Chipotle Rewards• - You’ll earn points for ordering online or scanning when you pay at a restaurant - Use the app to SCAN for points and use your Rewards at a restaurant - You can get points faster with Bonuses (like extra point days) - Let’s just say, we won’t forget you on your birthday - Forget to scan? No sweat, just keep your receipt and submit a points request - Points and Rewards can take up to 24-48 hours to show up in your account •App Features• - Create and join Chipotle group orders - Skip the line and pickup at our pickup shelves - Get your order delivered straight to you door with delivery - Check out our exclusive Featured and Lifestyle Bowls - Your saved favorite and recent meals are on the menu too - Swipe to customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection (no limits) - Make checkout a breeze and pay with saved cards or Apple Pay - Save your favorite Chipotle restaurants and delivery addresses

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Chipotle app reviews

  • Typical issues 2/5

    By Jess Gerr
    I wish you could have the choice to make a quesadilla, or also write a note in there. If there was a section with 50 characters soooo many issue my friends and I have had could be resolved.
  • Good usability, terrible customer service interface 3/5

    By rhino1562
    Honestly, I love ordering through the app. The ease of ordering, the user friendly interface, and the ability to customize is great! However...if you ever have an issue with your order, forget about making it right through the app!! It’s an automated chat that won’t allow you to say anything you need to say, only lets you make predetermined selections.
  • Functional could use more options 4/5

    By Webster2500
    So I’ve never had the app crash and it’s very responsive. I would like to have a notification system in place indicating when the food is done though. That’s when I would rate 5 stars

    By Katshe1
    DO NOT KEEP YOUR CARD INFO IN THE APP. Account was hacked by 3 different people and customer service won’t get back to me about it. No way of calling them unlike other customer service. Hoping they see this and I get a response. I actually worked there and they genuinely seem like they care about their workers and customers. This is in hopes of them seeing it.
  • “Pick-up” time is off 3/5

    By TWF70
    The app will tell you a pick of time of, for example, 6:15, but then you show up and have to wait in line for well past 6:15 to pick up your food. They need to better estimate pick up time especially, when the restaurant is “in the weeds”. My pick up time was 6:15 and I’m still waiting 30 minutes later??
  • Intuitive app with minor issues 4/5

    By Ameronc
    My biggest complaint is adding new gift cards. If you have ANY balance remaining on a stored gift card, you can’t add a new one for some reason. This, on multiple occasions, has made me use like $2 left on my gift card and forced me to pay the remainder with my credit card. Please fix this and it’s a 5 star rating for me!!! No other food apps have this problem!!
  • Bad App 1/5

    By NJgovernor
    Not a well organized app
  • Gift card 2/5

    By tarunmp
    Need to able to combine gift cards or save more gift cards for Payments. Thanks,
  • Awful 1/5

    By DSwizzle28
    Took nearly 3 hours just to have them cancel the order on me. Worst app I’ve ever used in my life, never buying from Chipotle again yall rly let me down
  • Terrible 1/5

    App only works half the time and then when you do order and promised a pick up time at 645. They come to you at 705 and tell you they ran out of meat!!! This is terrible!!!
  • Still no quesadilla option? 3/5

    By mikemch16
    It is mind blowing to me that they still don’t let you order a quesadilla through the app. Overall it has worked fairly well for me but come on - I can’t be the only one wanting this feature...
  • lovely 5/5

    By Shake and Bake fifty two
    Great app, awesome restaurant. My only request is to make a cumulative total for the foodprint. I know this feature is new but I think it would be cool to be able to see how much of an impact the order history has had on the environment rather than each order since I get pretty much the same thing each time. Edit: They listened and now the foodprint is cumulative! Thank you so much that is awesome!!!
  • Can’t change from pickup time delivery 1/5

    By quo rtyuihgfdchj13557
    I accidentally put in a pickup order. I tried to change to delivery but it won’t let you. I had to order twice to do so
  • Please add notification for when food is ready 3/5

    By urbanbond
    The app is great but I wish they could add a notification for when my food is ready to pick up. I’ve waited countless times wondering when my food will be ready
  • Orders not ready 2/5

    By DC:Dad
    The app works fine except that the ready times are overly ambitious. Please make them realistic within 10 minutes, at most. Tonight it was nearly half an hour late!
  • No Filling option make this app NULL to me 1/5

    By Courtguihdrhbbhu
    I can’t place an order unless I choose a filling but in store I never choose a filling when I order. Just rice and beans please.
  • ‘Ready’ time ... isn’t 2/5

    By macjdjeudjxjsud
    When do you want to pick it up, from these available times. Then show up and wait 30 extra minutes for your order. Ptui.

    By Rvnd. Devildog
    Let’s be real. Nobody beats a Chipotle quesadilla. Can it—PLEASE—just be a menu item. Thank you in advance! 😁
  • Do not use app 1/5

    By Rocco Jam
    Do not order from this app! Food is never correct, sometimes you never get your food delivered, customer service in the app is horrific, and overall if you want chipotle either go to the store and make sure they make your order correct or hope when you pick up your food it’s actually your correct order beware it prob isn’t! Use all this at your own risk and come on chipotle your better than this!
  • They are just as stingy with rewards as they are scoops 1/5

    By Breondak
    I started a diet and have eaten chipotle EVERYDAY for 2 weeks in a row! I’ve made sure I scanned or manually entered my receipts for rewards & Guess what? I haven’t gotten ANYTHING. They really don’t want to give you a free bowl 😂 they are just as stingy with points as they are with the scoops they give you.
  • Reward Point Issue 2/5

    By rellimkram
    I’ve forgotten to scan my order several times this past month. Each time I was told, “no problem, just enter in the code later.” Three times I’ve done this and it’s been over a week since the last one. So far, ZERO points have been applied. This is frustrating.
  • App Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By BthGt
    This used to be a great app...until recently. It won’t even open for me; crashed constantly. I finally deleted it and will use the website going forward.
  • Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette Dressing 4/5

    By Sheneacam
    Developers I call on to you to make the Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette Dressing as a side option. Lots of folks like to use the dressing on more than just a salad. Thank you.
  • Pretty good but could use some features to make it great 4/5

    By tipsyabby
    Have been pretty satisfied with the app. The delivery/pickup toggle could be made easier. Would love to add an option of some items on the side; like hot salsa on the side
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By Shaydz27
    I really have no issues with the app. I have ordered many times and everything seemed to work well. Just wanted to make a few suggestions. Please add the salad dressing as a side item to be ordered with anything. A lot of people eat it on their bowls and burritos without getting a salad. Another request/suggestion would be to make the cheese and sour cream available on the side as well. That way if we need to warm up our bowl upon delivery, the cheese will not be melted in and clumped together. Just a preference and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thanks for your consideration.
  • To go orders 1/5

    By Art 40
    I ordered my food for a 6pm pick up and the food was not ready until 640pm. Why use the app if you have to wait 40 min. I could have waited in line and got my food in 10 min. They need to limit the amount of orders at different times in the app. Then when you go to pick up your order they get annoyed and say that’s just how it is. Well I have an idea how about communicating with people and let them know your behind. Instead of talking to every angry costumer
  • Buggy App doesn’t work with the iPad. 1/5

    By vidlow
    I tried 11 times to plug in an address and it didn’t respond.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By ThiaR03
    Great for fast ordering but it keeps kicking me out of the app saying password is wrong even though I have face recognition... so I have to check out as guest every. Time. And miss out on my rewards. Please fix this.
  • They didn’t have the lemonade 2/5

    By ChimmyChim101395
    I’m a little ticked off. Usually I love the chipotle app, I use it all the time. But this time I saw something new. I picked the store I was picking up from and when I went to pick a drink for my meal they were offering organic lemonades. Hibiscus, mandarin, etc. But when my mother gets to that store they don’t even have the lemonades I ordered so I had to settle for the fountain machine drink. I have no problem with a fountain drink but if that store doesn’t offer the lemonades then they shouldn’t have it as an option
  • Great app 5/5

    By Greenwizard88
    It's hard to leave feedback on a first gen SE. The submit button is hidden with the keyboard is open.
  • Create password and sign in 1/5

    By fond foodie
    Does not work. “ oops something went wrong “ on three occasions!! Reset password and other attempts get same thing again and again! Sorry to say that it’s just not worth the trouble. And the chipotle near me has a order on app drive thru. Like the food but with the virus situation. “I’m not going to waste my time with your app!!😡
  • Terrible Online Ordering 2/5

    By ForEvrInCollege
    The only bad thing about the app is the online ordering aspect. Every time slot should have an order limit that after the limit is reached orders can no longer be submitted for that time slot. I don’t mean a time limit by the way I mean a realistic order limit that won’t put the employees behind on making online orders. Multiple times now I have had to wait at the pickup counter for 20-30 minutes or even longer for an order that should have been on time. Figure this out chipotle.
  • Terrible service and cancellations 1/5

    By spanishTown
    This app fails to provide a complaint section and after arriving at a location and waiting patiently 40 minutes after your pickup time, no area to cancel order. Poor quality of food in miami, fl. 36st nw 72 ave
  • Pickup time is not even close! 1/5

    By pickup time
    App is fine, what the problem is that you have a pickup time and still wait more than 30 minutes after the pickup time.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Shawnco00
  • No warning before “required update” 1/5

    By dom-i-nick
    I just updated the app like 2 weeks ago. Tried to use it today in the restaurant and got the dreaded “update in order to continue” nonsense. Held up the line while I updated it... Devs - It’s 2021. You can’t spend a few cycles on a better update experience??
  • Works amazingly every time! 5/5

    By ninjasaintnoproblem
    My favorite thing about the app is that it saves your last orders. The layout is overall very clean and user-friendly. I really like how they have a new charity every month and I can round up my order to donate. Also, the carbon footprint feature is very neat and makes me feel good about what I eat. You can also rate your order on the app and give an invite code to others to put in their orders. Love this app!
  • Plastic w/ my burrito 1/5

    By Fahmies
    Wish app wld allow me to select no plastic w/ my burrito. Why a fork is included w/ a burrito anyway is beyond me. Chipotle claims to be clean/healthy/sustainable food but this waste is an indication their commitment is shallow and more about marketing than true values.
  • Options unavailable 1/5

    By AyeeeeeeeeJaeeeeyyyyy
    I have been trying to order barbacoa using the app for over a month the option says temporarily unavailable however I have called the stores and they have it available is there anyway this can be fixed.
  • Terrible follow through 1/5

    By Zvillekid
    The app itself is amazing, one of the best restaurant apps. But whenever I order off the app, my order is wrong 50% of the time and 90% of the time I get about a half bowl. You will absolutely get ripped off if you use this app consistently for order ahead. This is an issue at multiple locations, not just one
  • Large quesadillas 3/5

    Wish they offer “actual” quesadillas on the menu and not kids size ones. PS: chipotle.... take this in to consideration.
  • Terrible time estimation 2/5

    By Lyluser
    The ordering on the app is fine. What isn’t fine is the expectation of delivery. I write this as I currently sit and wait while it still says estimated delivery 30 minutes ago. I have had it be as wrong as an hour. And because they use door dash they can have multiple deliveries before yours causing cold food. I used to try to use the estimation as a decision of if I want to pick up or delivery. But now I know I should always just pick up. I don’t know why it’s so terrible with delivery because when I do pick up it’s ready in 15 minutes so please tell me why it takes over an hour to deliver it. And it will say the driver is waiting for 30 minutes at the restaurant when I can order drive there and it’s ready?!?! Have better honesty and expectations for your customers. If I didn’t have a busy job in healthcare where I was exhausted after 12 hour days, I’d abandon it all together. But that’s probably what also makes me less tolerant to this crap
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Jonny thom
    No help button in case something happens to your order! I’ve used the app three times. First time was fine. Second time they gave away my order, no refund or help, third time they charged me, didn’t make the meal, and canceled it. Once again, you can’t go through the app for help. Horrible. Please don’t download
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By 123858'bhj
    I hope you don’t have issues with your order because if it’s a delivery best of luck and now the driver was zero help and parked a block away from the building!!!
  • Always lose a 1/3 of the food quantity 1/5

    By adiddy317
    Every. Single. Time. I order from the app I always get a noticeably different quantity in food than when I go in person. It’s always so frustrating!!!
  • Points 2/5

    By SoniaLG92
    Twice already. All my points disappeared & they reimbursed me with 2 free meals . Frustrating though when you think your getting a free meal & all your points all GONE
  • Crashes on launch! 1/5

    By mdyson
    Please fix, I’m hungry!
  • Allow ability to Save or use multiple gift cards. 3/5

    By Kto mbta
    need the ability to manage multiple gift cards or at least merge gift cards. can’t use partial balance on a meal and pay the difference with gift card. very inconvenient
  • Lost all mobile orders 2/5

    By Diagonalalex
    After waiting at the restaurant for 15mins I was told the system crashed and all mobile orders were lost.