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Chipotle App

Is it time for Chipotle? Skip the line and pick up like a boss or sit back while we deliver. With easy ordering and Apple Pay, go from craving to crushing food made with real ingredients faster than ever. Features: - Order for Pickup or Delivery. - Pay with Apple Pay. - Swipe to customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection. - Quickly reorder your saved favorite and recent meals.

 - Save your go-to Chipotle restaurants and delivery addresses. - Use and save Rewards for the hook up at checkout. - Party with Chipotle stickers.

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Chipotle app reviews

  • No customer service option 1/5

    By Sarah G.F.
    My delivery order was incorrect and there’s no way to communicate that through the app. I finally called the store and they said I’d have to drive there for my items or a refund. What’s the point of delivery?!?
  • Good...but, Landscape please! 3/5

    By flyfshr
    I’m glad to use the app for ordering. It’s good for that, but I wish it would auto rotate to Landscape mode for easier use. Other apps do this, is it that hard to make?
  • Great app, but needs menu updates 4/5

    By Salil66
    Love the ease of reordering. Love it when I have ordered online and I get to pick up my food without having to stand in the long line. Every order has been filled to perfection so far at my local Chipotle, so the process works very well. BUT THE MENU IS MISSING THE LARGE CHICKEN QUESADILLA WITH RICE - which I can order in store but not online. Can you guys please include this DELICIOUS item, so I don’t have to miss out on enjoying this ? Keep up the good work, Chipotle. I am a complete fan of yours. 👍👍
  • Top Pick Up Service 5/5

    By mustangn
    I love using the location at DNT and or Warren Parkway in Frisco Texas. The ladies that work the online orders are always prompt and courteous. Makes grabbing lunch on the go to have time with my daughter much easier for this working mom. Thanks for the great app.
  • Delivery Unavailable 1/5

    By iMarcusaj
    Before I used to be able to place my delivery order with this app and now all of a sudden no matter what address I put either my own or a random one to test out the app, I am always prompted that delivery is unavailable. Please fix this asap because it’s extremely inconvenient for me to have to go all the way to a nearby Chipotle and place my order.
  • Gift cards broken 1/5

    By Shaff21
    Fix the app to allow for gift cards to work and I’ll raise the rating, been broke since Christmas.
  • Gift Cards Won’t Work in App 1/5

    By SunTeshura
    I loved this App and ordering ahead was seamless until my gift cards (which I buy through Scrip to help my kids school) suddenly stopped working last month. I received a “canned” email when I inquired that they were having trouble with this and their technicians are working to fix it, but it has been over a month and nothing has changed. I am so disappointed.
  • Quesadillas 4/5

    By Bungalow-818
    I love chipotle and I love their app. I would have given it 5 stars but there is not a way to order quesadillas on the app. If they make it to where you can, then I’ll gladly change my rating
  • If only the app were as good as the food. 2/5

    By BADC0DE
    Two real issues with the app, 1) cant really put special instructions on an order, so customization options are limited. Personally I like both types of rice and beans, but can no longer order that. 2) they’ve made a change where you have to swipe up from the bottom to complete an order. On modern iPhones that don’t have a home button that’s also how you exit the app. More than once while ordering lunch I’ve thought I’d ordered but had no food waiting because I didn’t realize I was a centimeter too low on the screen when I swiped up.
  • App needs improvement 3/5

    By BoxLacrroseMom
    Too easy to accidentally add ingredients and items you do not want when scrolling the menu. Still love the food although it could be less salty. Wish Chipotle had tobasco to go.
  • Won’t take gift cards 2/5

    By Titchywy
    Every gift card i put in shows $0 balance in the app. The cards show full balance on their site. 👎
  • Nice app but gift card doesn’t work 2/5

    I like this app. I’ve been using it for quite sometime. However I recently received a gift card to Chipotle for Christmas. The next time I use the app I attempted to pay for my order using the gift card with no success. It just says that the card has no balance. So the following week I go to a Chipotle restaurant and was able to use my card with no trouble. I later tried to use it on the app again and still no success. It’s frustrating knowing the gift card has money on it but that the app just doesn’t work with it. Why even put that option on the app if it doesn’t work? Smh
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By Lindsey W. (her biggest fan)
    This is the 5th order in a row I’ve had arrive incorrect from this app. Orders have been from multiple Chipotle locations. When you pay $5+ on top of your order to have it delivered and tip the driver you would expect the order to be correct and to at the very least get what you paid for.
  • Good but.. 2/5

    By ÁJ
    It’s won’t let you use gift cards. I have 2 with a balance above $10 and when you enter it into the app it says they have no balance. Other than that great app and easy to use.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By bskybuster
    App doesn’t tell you that it’s not available in your area. Very frustrated. At least my Qdoba app works. Will be frequenting them now.
  • Can’t refuse food after being a hour later than delivery time 1/5

    By i hate the chipotle app
    Ordered food could not find customer service on the app to handle the order to cancel after 30 min late

    By I Hope the Team Reads this
  • Missing menu items 3/5

    By ALC120
    I love Chipotle as much as the next person, but something that drives me bonkers is that not everything they offer in store is on the app as an option. A big one is quesadillas... this is a really popular time and not an app option. Also, I’d welcome back the notes section to be able to add a note to the person making your order. Love the yumminess, but would like it to be a little easier to order!
  • $0 balance gift cards? 2/5

    By LR2 Girl
    I have a collection of new gift cards. Every single one I enter says $0 balance. In store employees know nothing about the app. Otherwise I do like ordering and walking in and just picking up my order without hassle. Like the process. Please fix the app. Also please allow more than one gift card in the wallet. Thanks!
  • Chipotle App doesn't work 1/5

    By weerrrtyyyuuij
    Makes you go all the way to order then says something wrong try later. Except it's been like that for over a month. It did work once for me in Nov.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Gorksnooter
    SUPER easy! Love how simple it is and it works very well! Got my food and it was delicious. This is probably my favorite app related to food that I have ever used.
  • Every gift card I add shows a $0 balance 2/5

    By AB212407
    Every gift card I add shows a $0 balance which means I cannot order via the app and pay with a gift card since there’s no “Pay in Store” option.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By anotherdru
    Third time I’ve used the app and had delivery and it’s the third time the order was screwed up. This time got a 3/4 full small guacamole when a large was ordered and the burritos that were ordered were the size of a baked potato!! Didn’t think it was possible to have such a small burrito from Chipotle. Shame on me for giving it a third try!
  • DJ BOOGIE2 1/5

  • Love Chipotle.... but... 4/5

    By JC2424
    Would love ability to add notes to order AND to be able to order a quesadilla (not kids meal).
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Pineapple--express
    There should be two options one for plain rice and one to pay when you get there that would be awesome
  • Cold 2/5

    By pecuba
    Allways the food is no on time, and the food is cold, referency miramar restaurant 3231 sw 160 ave miramar 33027
  • Gift cards never work :( 1/5

    By Savemesf
    Please fix the gift card functionality!
  • Never works with delivery 1/5

    By Tb516
    Every time me and my coworkers try to order for delivery from the app it never works for us it needs improvement
  • My gift card balance was drained 1/5

    By boomerrang16
    Filled out my gift card information on the app. When I checked back 3 weeks later, there was zero balance on my card. Do not throw away your physical gift card because the app is not reliable!
  • Nice 5/5

    By Jwkwbekdkeoqjhhebrodie
    It’s a good app and an easy way for me to order on the go. There needs to be a comment section or some way of specifying specifics about your order. Otherwise, great app.
  • Add Quesadilla to the app!!!!! 3/5

    By Ceddy52
    Love the app. 4 stars when you add the ability to order a quesadilla online!!!
  • Food is amazing app needs 1 thing 4/5

    By margo 5
    Love ordering from this app saves so much time. BUT, can you please make it possible to order PLAIN rice, my kids refuse to eat it with the cilantro and therefore I cannot order from the app when grabbing them food
  • Get it together Chipotle. 2/5

    By Cee Dawn
    What’s the point of delivery instructions if they don’t read them??? I asked the delivery person NOT to ring my bell. I also wanted a couple salsas on the side. Since there is NO OPTION in the app for this unless you want chips as well, I put it in the delivery instructions. Now back to my original question... and a FORK would be nice as well. Smh...
  • Minor additional options to the menu 4/5

    By Iphonefan415
    The app is very easy to use. I like how it asks for the person’s name to label everyone’s meal. However, I wish it would let you select other items that are not on their standard menu. For example, you can’t order a large cheese quesadilla or a large chips with salsa, not guacamole or queso.
  • Don’t use this because of the stores not the app 1/5

    By Intstannt Regret
    I’ve never had an order right from this app. And it’s even worse when I get delivery and you can’t do anything about it when it’s missing half of your order.
  • Love the app but...... 5/5

    By Ethan moeller jacob
    Really wish we could order large quesadillas (Steak and cheese, Chicken, etc) my teenage kids only eat the quesadillas and there is no way to order them on the app. Can’t believe it would too hard to get them added. Come on Chipotle...😉🙏
  • Garbage 1/5

    By OntehDL
    App is garbage. All I ever get is a “something isn’t right message”. Don’t waste your time
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By Lune216
    I submitted my first Chipotle pickup order today. Preparing the order was very simple and straightforward. My only complaint is that there is no side option for a cup of vinaigrette!!!
  • Gift card showing zero balance 1/5

    By Peddinti
    Gift card are not working in app and showing zero balance but it is working at restaurant. I was unable to order online.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By cohenc97
    This is is absolutely horrible. Every single time I have used this to prepare my food or have it delivered, it has been wrong. There has to be some miscommunication when they send the order in or their workers just don’t care. All I know is that I will never use this app to get a simple order prepared again.
  • Gift Card 4/5

    By DT169
    Love the app but of late it will not show the balance of a gift card that was recently added. One day you look at the app the gift card balance is there… Look at another day and it shows a zero balance. Please fix.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By the real laurcorr
  • So easy and quick! 5/5

    By svs614
    The chipotle app is one of the most efficient and easy to use. I appreciate going in and picking up my food without waiting in the long line. My order is always perfect.
  • Never wait in line! 5/5

    By Softballmom561
    I love using the app and running in to pick up my order! If you love Chipotle, you definitely need the app!
  • Rewards Points, Coupons 5/5

    By K Dot2932
    App is cool and all but we need some coupons and rewards Chipotle, i eat here almost everyday and spend 7-9 bucks i can at least get some money off for my business at this point you giys are being greedy We totally understand its all fresh and everything but come on
  • Clunky at first. 4/5

    By Park Place Legal
    My first try. It’s not always obvious how and where to swipe. Took three try’s to get the order done. I just think it could be simpler and streamlined. I don’t customize so if I could just tick a box that would be better. But walking in and grabbing my food and walking out. Awesome!
  • I’m Lovin it 5/5

    By Hachihachoochoo123456789yeah
    Wonderful app. Easy and quick to use, also accurate. Tysm I love it.
  • Great app if you’re looking to become a victim of credit card fraud 1/5

    By mllyllz
    I wish I had the ability rate this with no stars. I downloaded this app and entered my credit card information in this app for “convenience” in ordering and to my shock someone was able to place orders in ft Lauderdale (pickup) and a delivery to Brooklyn, Ny. My bank advised me to contact chipotle directly to inform them of the compromise in my online chipotle account and to dispute the charges proceeded under my account. Since the order to Brooklyn, NY was a delivery I contacted the store shown for Fort Lauderdale. I was then told to contact chipotle via the “talk to us” section of their website. The only problem there is that I was not actually able to send an email and kept getting routed to their FAQ’s section. So now I had to shut down my debit card and sit on over 30 dollars in unauthorized charges related to orders processed through chipotle online. Thanks Chipotle. I’m uninstalling this app!

Chipotle app comments

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