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Chirp Audiobooks App

Chirp brings you amazing limited-time recommendations on popular audiobooks, including New York Times Bestsellers. You can save up to 95% on audiobooks every day! Our team of book lovers works with publishers and authors to curate new must-listen audiobook recommendations every day for our listeners. With this app you can listen to audiobooks purchased from the Chirp Books website. EASY TO LISTEN • Stream or download audiobooks and listen offline in the app • Easy to use sleep timer • Quick navigation by chapter • Listen on smart speakers or in the car via Bluetooth • Adjustable listening speeds With Chirp, you can listen to popular audiobooks for less every day. Download the app and sign up today!

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Chirp Audiobooks app reviews

  • Good titles , good prices 5/5

    By Peri Van Winkle
    I like the choices
  • Spare 5/5

    By Gemini7intheMoonlight
    Loved this!!! Well written and a delight to listen to.
  • Needed more 4/5

    By Zx6rrfast
    Love the stories but wanted more. I feel like the first two stories were not completed. The ending left for more. Still in the end John Grisham books are still the best out there.
  • Downloading problems 3/5

    By JepLegacy
    I have purchased several and have been unable to download. I’ve gone to the Chirp to open for any updates, but that hasn’t worked. Not sure what to do next! Please advise!
  • Frustrated! 1/5

    By eduardopalermo
    I am out of the country for several months and cannot access my Chirp books even though I live in the US. Won’t let me update the app that is loaded in my iPad and so I cannot listen to any of my books.
  • Excellent Book! 5/5

    By cynthia bl
    The story gripped me from the very beginning and the reader was excellent! I would not be surprised if this book is turned into a movie.
  • Love to listen 5/5

    By RedBsn
    I always have an audiobook and a reading book going. Years ahoy I bought or borrowed books on tape. Loved to listen on long car rides. Now it is so easy to purchase or borrow book and listen from my phone or car. I listen while I clean house, when I crochet or scrapbook, when I cook and in the car. And these don’t skip, the aren’t scratched like tapes or CD’s. Chirp has a great collection and I love the sales. I just bought 5 books all fir $21!
  • Affordable and Simple to use App and Website. May not have all the books you want. 5/5

    By FrenchFries22
    Great app and website, NO monthly charge just pay for the book, I have had zero issue with the audio books I listened to and am still listening too. Great app!, worth having. Only annoyance is that you have to buy them on the website but can only listen to the app. It’s annoying to have to use both but it’s only a small inconvenience.
  • Burden of truth 5/5

    By Quick thinker 29
    Well narrated. Great story.
  • Great Program for Great Books 5/5

    By 2RBF
    The audio books that Chirp offers have provided me with many hours of wonderful experiences and education while I am driving, working out, or just my normal daily activities. Thanks!
  • Flexibility 5/5

    By Shrinkmuch
    What I love is the option of getting audio books without having to subscribe to anything. I was listening to The Idea Of You by Robinne Lee…fabulous!
  • Chirp’ audio books 4/5

    By @#$qwerty
    I am enjoying the books I have bought on Chirp’s. I would have given 5 stars but I can’t find books written by the same author. You can have the books sorted by authors first name(?). Who knows the first name? Library’s sort by authors last name. I have around 1600 books, to me that’s a library. I have many series that I would like to be able to find. Please, please, please make it so I can sort by authors last name. Also, why can’t I access collections on my Chirp access? It’s only available on the website.
  • Excellent read! 5/5

    By Cat0505
    Well presented with personalization to the story. The summary is most interesting and makes one consider the losses in every industry with our contributions from folks who work some of the hardest jobs few Americans will do.
  • Refreshingly Different 5/5

    By DOTrainer
  • Another Bova masterpiece 5/5

    By Chirpmaniac
    Love the Grand Tour series, with its grand personalities, evil administrators, mix of believable and unlikely technology, intrigue, action, and ultimate belief in progress and technology. A very good follow-up to Moonrise.
  • Breakthrough by Michael Grumbly 5/5

    By ssggjgf
    Great book! I’d give it an A++! The narrator was very good, great voice. I have recommended this audio book to my friends, one of which has already purchased it!!! Thank you Michael, and keep writing!
  • Entertaining 5/5

    By Totdiva
    The book kept me engaged to and from my drive to work. Great description of characters and places !
  • Love 5/5

    By Delconley
    What a wonderful book. Thank you Anderson and Gloria for sharing your story; one of love and hope withstanding all the challenges life throws wt us. A beautiful tribute to your mother and son bond. The rainbow reference is perfect and you give two very unique perspectives. Thank you again for sharing.
  • Missing CarPlay and 4/5

    By LANdrew44
    Love the access to affordable audio books that are not available through local library. However, I listen to audio books mostly in the car or while exercising so I would really like to see better integration with CarPlay and ⌚. Once a book is playing, you can control it a little with CarPlay but you can’t start the app through CarPlay. Adding this would make app much easier (and safer). Likewise, would be good to have more ability to control app from watch or even better to be able to store a book on watch for phone free listening.
  • Chirp advantages 5/5

    By gaybiw
    Can choose books I want and listen anywhere anytime. Keeps me company and my brain working. Thanx Chirp!!!!!
  • Wonderful, Witty Tale 5/5

    By LLL20121
    A compelling story filled with Italian passion and Scottoline’s wit. Barbara Rosenblat delivers a great vocal performance.
  • Eye opening 5/5

    By Elah07
    Great book! It really opened my eyes to how trauma affects our bodies. I highly recommend this book!
  • Ok but book keeps starting over 3/5

    By Slrslljll
    Several times while reading my first book in Chirp, the book would start over from the beginning, and I would have to figure out where I was to continue listening.
  • Outstanding Value! 5/5

    By MarnaSR
    What a gift to myself! I have referred all of my friends. We are avid readers and thoroughly enjoy this app. The readers are classic and the reviews seem to be right on point, both in terms of the content and writing as well as the narrator skills
  • Great Prices! Couldn’t Be Easier! 5/5

    By The Real Ron P
    I’m relatively knew to the audiobook world and spent more than I realized very quickly with another app. Gambled with Chirp and and couldn’t be happier with the selection and prices. Yay!
  • Enjoyable! 4/5

    By moosie-mama
    Fortunately there are a number of good books for 99 cents and 1.99, which I’ve enjoyed. Though there are a great many I’d like to listen to that are too costly for me.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Momof2gurlz
    I love everything about Chirp. No subscription, no confusing credit system, no commitment. You buy and download what you want, when you want, and get introduced to new authors and releases all the time. The limited time deals are unbeatable too!
  • Excellent Read/listen 4/5

    I enjoyed it so much right up to the end 🥹 the end I hated the end why why am I left hanging 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Create303
    this was my first audiobook. it was so cool I could fold laundry while listening to my book. such a great idea. loved the story and it kept me up all night. it’s so different than holding a book and turning pages.
  • Chirp 5/5

    By Ella Bal
    This is a great app! It’s free and has reasonably priced audio books in genres that I love!
  • Terrible narrator. 3/5

    By Rhonda127
    The narrator’s intonation, inflection and manner of speaking didn’t change regardless of which character was speaking. Her voice was always strident and putting emphasis on the wrong words. It was painful for me to finish listening to the story. I won’t buy another PC book if she narrates it. Great story as always from PC. However, there were a lot of unnecessary dragging parts where Scarpetta is thinking before speaking and harking back to previous books or characters and sort of hija cling the current conversation.
  • Love it 5/5

    By RayRMD
    Good prices!! Good stories!!
  • Best Value for Audiobooks 5/5

    By Bullittgal
    I love Chirp! The app is reliable. It remembers my place if I switch between books before finishing one. The deals are unmatched that I have seen by any other audiobook source. If you want audio for the price of an ebook or less, give Chirp a try. The selection continues to get better all the time. I prefer Chirp over Audible, but still use both. Only drawback is the proprietary format meaning you can’t listen to other books not purchased from Chirp. Same with Audible, but at least the books are still yours to keep with both. Just wish I could get down to only one or two apps for all my audio needs. If I could side load my mp3 books it would be perfect.
  • 2 voices 5/5

    By videolearner
    Each author had a unique and interesting voice. I loved the perspectives. What an excellent book about I,portent topics
  • Life and Other Incoveniences 5/5

    By Catie0217
    Loved this book! Great character development! And the story was full of emotion and laugh out loud humor. Unfortunately, two of the narrators detracted from the listening experience. It could have been the way they were directed. Emma’s narrator ended almost every sentence with an upward lilt when she was telling the story. And the male narrator took a very audible gasping breath at the end of each sentence. That said GG’s narrator was phenomenal.
  • Lessons in Chemistry 5/5

    By Ginnysunshine
  • Ok App - No Widget 4/5

    By Vaevin
    The app plays fairly well, audio quality is usually good. I’m disappointed there isn’t a widget for iOS to have a player on the home screen like most audio apps.
  • Preferred Audio Library 5/5

    By WzrdRae
    I love using Chirp. It is my preferred audio library. The deals absolutely cannot be beat. I find myself buying something new almost every week! Moving forward, it would be nice to see these additions in future updates: - dark mode (easier on the eyes) - option to queue books - ability to purchase in app
  • Good affordable audio books! 5/5

    By docktronic
    I’ve used other audio book apps and I have say Chirp is glitch free and offers many great titles!
  • No minimim, wide range of titles and prices 5/5

    By K in AA
    There is no requirement to download a minimum number of books per month or anything else. There is a wide range of titles amd prices. In fact, a lot of my downloads have been full length novels by popular authors for $.99 each!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bookworm 395
    No monthly charges and books are very reasonable.
  • Excellent Deals 5/5

    By AZC22224
    I am a regular person with no budget for the luxury of audio books. Chirp makes it possible to have some of my favorites. More Specials Chirp ‼️
  • Classic Heinlein 5/5

    By Jimdennis987
    One of Heinlein’s classic SF’s before he wanderers into some of his late writings (eg. bad)
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Karabouie
    It’s motivating to hear how plastic the brain is and how much control we have over the different components. How it can work to our benefit and be used against us. This book definitely broadens my perspective and peaks my interest for the research done to the highest level!
  • Rare 5/5

    By Toca Madera
    Beautifully written and generously shared. You can not help but love this man. Diana I believe has been guiding him this whole time. There is no reason to disbelieve his unique life experience. He and Megan continue to be Royals in my mind and in the hearts of most people. What they share is true love and a beautiful story.
  • “spare” 5/5

    By 0309lane
    Through my tears, I sadly closed my phone, and that was the end of a wonderful, wonderful trip. I felt I was with him and Meg, the whole time through their confrontations, their love, I do admire him. I don’t understand maybe because I’m American? but I don’t understand why the royal family is so ticked off about this book. It’s a soulful truthful journey through hard times from boyhood to manhood. I truly truly enjoyed it. Thank you Harry. I appreciate your life and respect you. God bless you and yours.
  • Useless 1/5

    By UpsetwithEllen
    I bought two books but app won’t let me sign in to get them.
  • Enjoyed the story 5/5

    By Edna 28
    Enjoyed getting a glimpse of history in this lovely story.
  • 4 day fling 5/5

    By Kelly_Irene69
    Great fun little book with a happy ending