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  • Developer: Pixelberry Studios
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One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world! • Customize your main character • Fall in love, solve mysteries and embark on epic fantasy adventures • Pick your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates • Control what happens next in immersive visual stories! Current stories include: THE FRESHMAN - Welcome to Hartfeld University! In this college drama, you’ll make new friends for life and find true love romancing your schoolmates. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris... or all three at once? - Dress your character in fashion-forward outfits for events like a sorority rush. - Choose a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal. THE CROWN & THE FLAME - Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown! Assume the role of the hero in this interactive narrative adventure. - Form alliances and relationships to build your army. - Dress in elegant fashions and powerful armor. - Crush enemies in an epic battle! PERFECT MATCH - Sign up for the high-tech matchmaking services of Eros Incorporated, and master the dating game! Create your look, meet your perfect match, and fall in love in this thrilling mystery story! - Customize your date to be your perfect match. - Roleplay as a guy or a girl. - Investigate a mystery with twists you won’t see coming! You might also love: BLOODBOUND - You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller! HIGH SCHOOL STORY - It's your first day at a new high school! Make friends, find love, and attend the Homecoming dance in your very own High School Story! ...PLUS more new stories and chapters EACH WEEK! FOLLOW CHOICES: *Prices shown in $USD. Prices may vary by region in accordance with the App Store Pricing Matrix PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS OF SERVICE - Please read our privacy policy at - By playing Choices, you agree to our terms of service ABOUT US Choices is from the team that has been bringing you narrative games for over a decade. We created the top 25 hit games, Surviving High School and Cause of Death, the first games with episodes, for EA. After leaving EA, our team regrouped as Pixelberry in a small office, set out to continue creating story driven games with heart and launched the two interactive hit games, High School Story and Hollywood U. Our team has now grown to over a dozen of the most experienced game writers in the industry. In our 10 years of creating story games together, we’ve seen heartbreak, marriages, great adventures, and even Pixelbabies. Stay tuned for more new interactive story games to pick from in Choices! - The Pixelberry Team

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  • Good stories crappy tech 3/5

    By vonhots
    The stories are pretty good but it’s terrible all the glitches it has with the diamonds. Even when you complain they say they can’t update your account. Other games have better customer service going to try Episodes.
  • Fix the Diamonds! 1/5

    By Tyler :-)
    The ads aren’t working! Please fix!
  • It’s all about the diamonds 3/5

    By r1v3rs
    Update: The My Cafe ad doesn’t work. It says I ended early when I finished all 19 seconds of it. I watched it like 14 times already and no other ad comes up. Minus a star for this. I normally don’t give reviews unless I have to ... hopefully the developers will read this at least. The app (books and chapters) is pretty diverse. Although I have just downloaded the game yesterday I can honestly say that this is a good way to pass time. It’s not a senseless game where you collect stuff or attack other players. It’s just like reading a book only more interactive and immersive. You get to be part of the creation. However, it does cost more than an actual book. I don’t mind paying for stuff, I can’t expect games to be free or otherwise developers won’t get paid. Realistically speaking though, For one book you spend $50-60. I bought that much to see how much it would cost. That’s for the keys and the diamonds needed to maximize your experience with the story. I have read reviews of people completing a book a month or more. If you’re anything like me, I won’t be able to wait that long to finish a book (let alone an entire chapter). The concept of the app is well designed but I can only assume it will be hard for those who love to ‘play’ but won’t have the means to pay for the extras which minimizes the experience they might have while going through the chapters. Overall, if you don’t mind waiting and collecting the diamonds some other way, this might work for you. If not, you will end up getting frustrated. To the developers, please provide options to earn diamonds that can at least complete a chapter. There wasn’t even a beginner pack for those who just installed the app. For me, I get 7. That means I complete the daily gifts and earn two at the end of each chapter (5 if I don’t do the chapters) Choices available in the book I played range from 16-30 diamonds which means I have to wait a week, so to speak, just to finish one chapter. You can also offer the option to ‘unlock/buy’ the entire book (given that it is complete) with no diamonds necessary anymore. It might also help to have offers for specific books that are popular tying the amount of diamonds/keys needed to unlock it. If you need a steady stream of profit, why not offer a premium ‘membership’ to players. I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable amount with diamonds and keys offered for weekly or monthly subscriptions. Try and listen to the people who actually love your app. At the end of the day, the more options you provide then they come back for more. As for me, I am taking a break to see how long it takes to save up diamonds in this game to finish a book. I have a pretty good idea how much I may need. I will pay the $9.99 to buy the keys but I want to see just how long it will take to save on diamonds.
  • This game is glitchy with the daily rewards!! 1/5

    By Slytherin Lennon
    I love choices, but I frequently get an issue where I watch an ad all the way through and wait for it to finish and once it finishes I still get a message saying I closed it too early. I DID NOT close it too early I watched it all the way through and I still get that message. This issue happens on the daily rewards and it’s only with one ad that seems to be faulty because when I get other ads for the daily rewards it works fine but most of the time they keep giving me the same faulty ad which still says I closed it too freaking early even though I watched the whole video so I keep closing the app and reopening it hoping to get a new ad but most of the time I still get the same faulty ad and it’s frustrating. I usually have to close the app and reopen it many times until I finally get lucky to get a different ad than that stupid faulty ad for that game called my café recipes & stories game which doesn’t even appear on the App Store so I don’t know why there’s even an ad for that game which doesn’t seem to even exist. I’m so tired of this issue it’s been going on for months and months I’ve reported it but still the issue persists and I know it’s not my internet connection because my internet connection is working perfectly. The app works perfectly too except for that glitch in the daily rewards which is annoying because it’s already hard enough to get diamonds for choices that require so many diamonds and the daily rewards was a good way to help save up diamonds if only some of the ads would work properly
  • Great, but hate diamonds... 3/5

    By PixelToad
    I love this game and its stories, but I absolutely hate how you have to pay diamonds for clothes and certain choices. I get that that’s how you make money, but can’t you just let people explore their own romantic stories without milking them for money? I mean, come on!
  • WTH with the ads - not getting stars 1/5

    By Karen0930
    I can’t close the ads to get my daily stats. WTH??? OLEASE FIX!!!
  • this game is so AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By miss cat baby
    THIS SO AMAZING😍🤩😍🤩 it is sooooooo fun and so addictive I can’t even explain how awesome it please GO PLAY THIS GAME like RIGHT NOW you are not going to regret this!!!!!!😜🤩🥰🥳😍
  • Only some stories are ok 1/5

    By KaiiDeniese
    Cheating is never ok Quit glorifying it
  • Amazing game but there’s an issue.. 4/5

    By TheArtsyOne926
    Hi! This game is amazing and I love all the stories that are available. I find myself getting so excited for new chapters of my favorite stories, and I get so involved with them, but there’s a possible bug/glitch that I found. The gem reward adds, (specifically MyCafe and Moments) are very glitchy. I’ll watch the full ad for MyCafe and it will pop up that I can exit the add, so I tap it. It takes me back to the diamond reward screen, but a message pops up saying that I didn’t watch the full ad. For the Moments one, I’ll watch the full ad and the screen will freeze every single time and won’t let me exit the add. I have to close the app and restart it to get out of it. I don’t know if this is a problem with the game, or just how the companies made them, but I hope that you guys can fix this issue! Thank you. 😄
  • Poor customer service/SCAM 1/5

    By Robert'schild
    I tried to contact customer support for weeks about my past purchases not showing up in my game and my entire history being wiped clean and got no where with them. I will never spend my money on anything from this company ever again and if you are smart you won’t either.
  • Fix the rewards system! 2/5

    By Tigerlyssa
    The stories are compelling, but the additional storylines and outfits are way too expensive. I could easily track up diamonds for watching ads... Except that the system is so buggy, half the time I don't get credit for watching because it mistakenly days I didn't finish to whole thing, or there is an error and they will credit me later - which never actually materializes. I have missed out on at least 10 diamonds today already due to this glitch. At best it's an annoying flaw. At worst it's a shameless attempt at squeezing more cash out of your customers.
  • Choices 5/5

    By Marion_necaise
    Great App!
  • Love this app, one problem though 3/5

    By cageandthesongbird
    Lately the app will not give me rewards for watching ads, it gives me an error message after the ad, stating that I didn’t finish it . Please fix this soon! I’m losing diamonds
  • Money scam! 1/5

    By jdizzle161
    This is a scam built to sucker people into spending more money than they realize. My wife has spend $604.39 on this scam in the past month! Stay away, and don’t let anyone that you share a bank account with download this. It was built purely to scam hundreds of dollars out of people’s bank accounts.
  • Can you help? But 5 stars 5/5

    By Osu177
    It’s a great game I played other apps about story telling etc, for awhile and found this one app and loved it. By far the best! One issue I’m having though the rewards it takes so long to load I don’t know if it’s a problem with me or what. But no matter what I do it it takes so so long to load. I’ll go off of WiFi use 4g and it still won’t load. Then back on WiFi and noting.. And the few times it has loaded its never given me my Diamonds.. but other than that it’s a great game!
  • Ugh 4/5

    By yee yee cowboi
    Really good stories but when I try to watch videos for my daily reward it keeps giving me the same ad then it says I close it too early when I don’t and it’s stupid.
  • Love it, but one gripe 4/5

    By jwar30
    First, I do love this game. The stories are surprisingly well-written (especially the newer ones) and I like that the characters don’t move, which is something that bothered me about similar story games. I also really appreciate the diversity and representation of a lot of different kinds of bodies and people. I find myself looking forward to the release days more and more (and the return of A Courtesan in Rome!!!!!!!). This game is what I do instead of watching TV. But, I DID NOT END THE AD EARLY All I want is to be able to get a few extra diamonds from the daily rewards so I can get more out of the stories. I’m watching these ads for you. But I’ve been getting ads for My Café lately where, even though I watch the whole thing and tap the X when it appears, I’m told I need to watch the whole thing if I want the reward. I’ve even left the ad open for a minute just in case there was a timer somewhere that I couldn’t see. Nope. This has also been happening with the bonus diamond when I finish a chapter. Is this a glitch, or are we supposed to be getting so desperate that we spend actual money? Also, is it so much to ask that the daily rewards are 1-2-3 diamonds rather than 1-1-2? I’m watching two ads every 12 hours for you, can’t you throw me a bone?
  • Can’t get diamonds 3/5

    By a CO teacher
    At the end of each chapter the game gives you the option of watching an ad to earn extra diamonds. I am learning the ads need to be thirty sec ads for you to earn the diamond. The game will only give you 15 second ads so you never get the extra diamond. I have not been able to earn my daily prize for over a week now due to this exact same problem. I really enjoy the stories, but I cannot unlock many of the extra scenes because it take so long to earn the diamonds by just playing the game. Too many errors when I try to earn the diamonds.
  • Love the game but hate the waiting time!!! 4/5

    By Aurora2312
    I absolutely adore this game but every time I read it the time that I have to wait for the pass to refill is so long it’s like 2 hours and 30 minutes and I hate that!!! Please make the waiting time shorter please!!! Like 45 minutes for the passes to refill please do this I really need it because I’m in my vacation time so I can read this as much as I want so please make the waiting time shorter please!!!
  • Constructive Feedback 3/5

    By theHaiNote108
    Love playing these stories! I only have 2 criticisms about this app. Firstly, there are stories that unnecessarily limit to only playing as female MCs such as Wistful Thinking or Ride Or Die, while playing as male MCs would not change the stories at all. As a male I want to play as a male MC so it’s rather frustrating. Another one is the recent ads that have no options to exit out or purchase the apps at all. Sure there’s exit button but it’d say that “you end the ad early”, even when I was watching the entire time. And there have been several ads like that which prevent me from collecting daily rewards.
  • Rewards 2/5

    By Shelllalee
    I love this game but ever since the new update I can’t collect rewards. I watch all the ads and it either say whoops something went wrong or you ended an ad early and I never do that I’m about 15 diamonds behind because if this. Please update the app
  • Bug fixes 2/5

    By KatiRoseCampanozzi
    I love this app. I’ve played just about every story at least twice. (Well, the ones that have finished stories at least anyways) My only issue is every once in awhile there seems to be an issue when I collect my diamonds. It will tell me, “You’ve ended the add early” so I end up NOT collecting my daily gifted diamonds and wait until the next day for it to start over. But then the first one, I sometimes receive but then when it gets either to the 3rd or 4th diamond after watching the add, it tells me that every time. Sometimes after playing a chapter, my diamonds don’t collect. And I’m connected to WiFi. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rebooted the app, but I think it’s an issue on your end. I also can’t tell you how many countless diamond I’ve lost because of this issue. Please help
  • What the heck! 1/5

    By why no diamonds
    There are specific ads not allowing me to exit for the diamonds. I’m not getting any diamonds from ads or daily rewards!
  • So much better 5/5

    By KarissaSte
    So much better now that you can receive 2 gems instead of 1 and you can also get reward gems!
  • Diamonds 5/5

    By jaccc.
    This is by far my favorite game, and I love how more options to get diamonds were added (like the rewards every 24 hours and a diamond for watching a video), but if we replay a book, we should get diamonds! We’re using a key to play it. Plus, if we happen to ever run out of stories we wanna play, the only way to get new diamonds would be by purchasing :/// But still, quality game and love the new diamond stuff, 10/10 recommend. Just add the diamonds for replaying stories :)))
  • more pls 5/5

    By Game_Cropper
    Pleaseeeeee finish a courtesan of romeeeee pleassse
  • Addictive 4/5

    By Mrh97
    Fun and fun exciting game but well most likely not keep playing as it is not worth spending so much money is too pricey, as you get trapped into spending too much real money kind of a scam
  • Romantic 3/5

    By fhrhdnfb
    I like the chapters but I need to get keys faster so that I can keep reading if I don’t have keys then I can’t read so I think they need to make it so that you get keys faster
  • Free diamonds arent really free 4/5

    By QuackieJackie
    Whenever I get the daily diamonds by watching ads, I close the ad after it plays and it says “Ad closed too early, try again to get your reward” so I have played the ad many times and waited about 3 minutes after it played to close the ad and it still says “closed too early” so im not sure how I can get the daily diamonds.
  • Chapter replay? 4/5

    By mayakea
    I absolutely love Choices. The stories are great. I just wish there was a way to go back to a specific chapter instead of having to restart the book. I want to go back to try diamond choices that I didn’t use at the time, but i’d have to go through the whole book first.
  • Linking devices 4/5

    By steveelynn35
    I just got a new phone and was really excited, but I don’t have Facebook do I can’t connect my devices together and it’s ver frustrating.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Malachi 💪💪💪
    I love the fantasy and I wish there was more of them because I keep playing the same over and over but it’s still fun so I just wanted to say I rlly love this game it’s rlly fun a time killer to
  • One Issue 5/5

    By LKT98370
    You have to buy a lot of diamonds in order to get the better choices in the game but other than that, it’s a really addictive and fun game to pass time and get attached to. 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Love the stories, BUT... 2/5

    By BsZp2016
    I absolutely HATE that all of the “good” choices cost a ridiculous amount of diamonds when you only get two per chapter 😒 the only reason I’m giving two stars instead of one is strictly for the stories.
  • To Pixleberry Studios 5/5

    By Jesse Prieto
    I've been playing these stories for a while now and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CHARACTERS. Especially my most recent book I have finished it’s called the Perfect Match. The character Hayden Young. OMG I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER CHARACTER. It such a shame to see the book end I didn’t want it to. It was so close to bringing tears to my eyes. PLEASE!!! make a third book I’m begging you. I loved Hayden so much she was such an amazing person I really wish she was real. I will never forget her ever.... So please make a third book for Perfect Match. I would really appreciate it.
  • Cheats people out of diamonds 2/5

    By ME333
    I really used to like this. I spent money to buy diamonds, but they claim to give you diamonds to watch ads, and then after about 30 plus tries of watching the same stupid ad, you get lame reasons for them not giving you diamonds. So you waste hours and hours trying to get “free” diamonds. They don’t want to help you, they just want your money. I’m not giving them anymore money until they honor their claims. It’s expensive without supplemental diamonds and they don’t want to help. I’m about to throw the towel in, but the stories are good, so I haven’t yet. We will see, I’m definitely not giving them anymore money until it’s fixed
  • Great storyline but! 1/5

    By s3ke
    Let me get to the one thing that everyone has a problem with 1st is why is there only 2 keys and that’s we wait like almost 3hrs I mean I get y’all don’t want people finishing stories so quickly but come on at least give us 3 or 5 that will make this a lot better
  • Great game but... 4/5

    By VixonWolf
    Whenever I go for the free gems from ads, some ads say “you ended early. Rewatch” even though I waited for the end screen. It’s annoying! Please fix it and I’ll definitely rate 5 stars.
  • Choices 5/5

    By krishna1969
    Great app!!
  • Greatest game ever 5/5

    By Jizzy Wali
    I followed the patterns that happen in High School Story and I got my girlfriend.

    By AroseForYou
    ‘You ended the ad early. You’ll need to watch the entire ad to get the reward.’ I watched the entire ad! Why can’t I get my reward! Huh? Why?! ‘Whoops! There was a problem collecting your reward. We will attempt to add it to your balance later.’ That is a lie! And comes up after every video! You never add in the missing diamond and never want to work! If I wanted to be ripped off I play Family Guy Quest For Stuff. At least when they rip me off they don’t lie.
  • Competition 4/5

    By Infamous328
    I been playing this game for years now and I just played a app where you have a choice to watch ads when having to use diamonds. Much like this game except you watch a add to unlock diamond events. You guys Should take that into consideration, hell I wouldn’t even mind if it was once a chapter to watch a ad in order to unlock a diamond event. Just my thoughts. - A fan
  • Reward problem 4/5

    By kiwi_05
    This game is one of the best choice based games I have ever played, and I love it. However, there is a problem with the check in reward. When I want to watch ads to get more gems and I exit out of the ad after watching it in its entirety, it says I ended the ad too early. It’s really annoying to have to watch the ad over and over and over again just to get one gem. If you could somehow fix this that would be great!
  • Very enjoyable 5/5

    By LJmoney1999
    I’m now in the 3rd book of High School story I love that story so much aswell as the crown and the flame
  • Murps 5/5

    By Narwall girl!❤️❤️❤️
    Murps is a word I made up that means Awesome. So u can say I said awesome app! Love it It’s so much fun! Ho do u make such an awesome app?!? 💟 my cat likes it too
  • Gems!!!! 3/5

    By ruth valentine
    Dear choices community, Please do increase the amount of gems rewarded after each chapter make it at least 4-5 as there is at least 2-3 events in a story that requires gems but not only for 6-10 per event but It costs 17-25 per especially in dresses and other fancy requirements sometimes in storyline necessities too 😢so please consider this comment on the behalf of everyone who has noted the same demand ( there are many of us in this population of “running low in diamond” category) note that adds don’t always pay (why? Is there a bug attack or something?) neither do playing /repeating chapters (like we don’t pay for mistakes??, clean ur own mess?) This reminds me please make there an option where i can go and change or repeat to play a chapter i want not to start from the beginning. As sometimes its boring to start all over while i would love to read a part i loved. I hope you will consider my thoughts.( at least one of them? Diamond one please) However everything else is perfect. Thank you. Yours truly A reader in despair.
  • Get App 5/5

    By Fernn10582
    Love the app!!
  • The Freshman Needs a Second Series 5/5

    By Shelby-nay15
    The Freshman was my favorite series, but I felt like it ended on a cliffhanger at the end of the last senior book. That series definitely needs a second series to it, like an after college series. Please?
  • Ads 4/5

    By Mylie0117
    Lately there’s been a problem with viewing ads to get diamonds. I would watch an ad and at the end it says “ad ended early. You must watch the entire ad to receive reward” even though I clearly watched the whole thing

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