Chord ai - Play any song!

Chord ai - Play any song!

By Nomad AI OU

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  • Release Date 2019-08-07
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The hidden gem for musicians, from beginners to pros. Chord ai is the perfect tool for playing and learning any song. With recent advancements in artificial intelligence, Chord ai provides highly accurate chord recognition, beat tracking, voicing and lyrics for any song instantly and reliably. Say goodbye to tedious web searches for chords and hello to easy access to your favorite songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, your audio files, or even by using your device's microphone. With Chord ai, improve your playing skills and train your ear with numerous features tailored to every level of musician. ** BROWSE ANY SONG ** - You can select any song by browsing your audio files, SoundCloud or YouTube. This is the preferred way and each song will be processed in a few seconds only - Or you can use your device microphone to get the chords in real-time of any song playing around you or from your own playing ** CHORD & VOICING RECOGNITION ** - State-of-the-art chord recognition: Chord ai recognizes common chords such as major, minor, augmented, diminished, 7th, M7th, sus2 and sus4 chords. In the pro version, you also get advanced chords such as half-dim, dim7, 6/9/11/13, add9/11/13 and many more complex jazzy and other beautiful chords such as 69, 11b5, 13b9, 9sus4, min7add13 etc. - Slash Chord Recognition: Chord ai tells you the bass/lowest note of each chord using the slash notation. [Pro version] - Voicing & Position recognition: Chord ai is the world's first app capable of recognising not only chords, but also their specific voicing. This means that Chord ai can tell you more precisely which notes should be played, including their octaves, and which positions match best with the song [Pro version] ** LYRICS RECOGNITION ** - On-device lyrics recognition using the latest advances in the field of speech recognition. Nearly 100 languages supported including English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and many more! ** BEAT TRACKING ** - Chord ai uses state-of-the-art beat tracking algorithms to display chords organised into bars and beats ** SEPARATION INTO MULTI TRACKS ** - Automatic music separation into 4 stems: Bass / Drums / Vocals / Other ** MIDIFY ** - State-of-the-art audio to midi conversion - Export midified audio as a midi file ** ADVANCED REPLAY CONTROLS ** - Speed change: Slow down or speed up playback at your wish so that you can play easily along the song - Pitch shift: Change the pitch of the song to play in your desired key - Loop: the interface for setting loop start/end points is very simple and intuitive ** SAVE & SHARE ** - Saved songs and playlists are synchronised among all your iOS devices - Export transcriptions as PDF files. You can control the number of bars per line as well as whether you want to display lyrics and/or positions ** PIANO / GUITAR / UKULELE / BASS / MANDOLIN / BANJO ** - Select your preferred instrument among always growing list of supported instruments - Smart capo: you can also let Chord ai tell you preferred capo for either easiness of play of song matching [Pro version] ** LEARN NEW AND BEAUTIFUL CHORD POSITIONS ** - Find and learn chords from Chord ai's massive chord positions library (more than 100k guitar positions and more than 10k ukulele positions) - Positions ranked from easiest and common to most difficult and rare - Alternate tunings for guitar / ukulele / banjo / mandolin such as Drop D, DADGAD, Open D/G/A/C etc. [Pro version] Any feedback appreciated at [email protected] Privacy policy: Terms of use: