Chordify - Chords for Any Song

Chordify - Chords for Any Song

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  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Chordify BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Chordify - Chords for Any Song App

Chordify is your #1 platform for chords for guitar, piano and ukulele. We give you the chords for 22 million songs and align them to the music in a easy to use player. Chordify helps musicians of all levels to learn to play the music they love. Get started with Chordify right now and get immediate access to the following free features: - Accurate chords for any song - Curated content & personal library - Animated views for piano, ukelele and guitar chords - Seamless integration with YouTube - Search our 22,000,000 song catalog, and any other song in the world - Cross-platform library integration (desktop, mobile) How does Chordify work? Simply: 1. Search for any song you want to play. 2. Choose the instrument you want to play the song on. 3. Now you will get an overview of all the chords for your song. 4. Jam along with your favorite song! Never picked up a guitar before? No problem, we are here to help you to become a better musician. All our songs have easy to use images that will show you how to play each chord of the song. Start practicing with any song you want for free with and become the guitar pro you always wanted to be! Subscribe to Chordify Premium and get access to the following extra features: - Easily transpose the chords if you want to play in a different key - Try the capo feature and play your chordified songs the easy way - Slow down songs to keep up - Loop tricky parts to jam like a pro - Download the chords from your favorite songs as MIDI file for easy audio editing - Take the calculated chords with you as a PDF printout, wherever you go. Everyone is a musician. Start playing. QUOTES “I'm using Chordify to learn new tunes for my Punk Rock Karaoke Band” - Greg Hetson, Guitarist - Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks, Punk Rock Karaoke “Chordify is incredible for studying music. Drop in a video and it works out the chords to play along.” - Oliver, user “Chordify is the greatest invention since someone thought to put milk in espresso. SERIOUSLY.” - Stephen, user ABOUT Chordify Chordify is an online music education tool, made by music lovers to help you to get chords for any song you want. Our service automatically recognizes the acordes and audio signal of a song and will synchronize this with your song in a simple and innovative music player. Chordify is an innovative business that will help starting musicians and advanced with playing the music they want to play. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions: Chordify Premium You can subscribe to Chordify Premium annually or monthly. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged the access price according to your local store currency. The price will be shown in the App before you complete the payment. Annual and Monthly subscriptions auto-renew unless explicitly turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period and you will be charged accordingly. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Become a guitar legend! Learn to play any song you want for free on guitar, ukulele and piano. Get every guitar chords you will ever need and become the guitar pro you always wanted to be. Do you want extra options for your songs? Become a premium member and you will be able to transpose, capo hint and change the playback speed of the song. Download Chordify now and get chords for any song you want!

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Chordify - Chords for Any Song app reviews

  • Awesome for piano people 5/5

    By im hungry12335
    If you know your chords this app is for you
  • Poor 1/5

    By Cupid sangte
    Subtitle not working
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By L_migue09
    Bbest app on the amrket i rely on it for my tutorials most the time all the chords are right on
  • Very Good but... 4/5

    By Rg65box
    I really like Chordify interface and functions. You can find chords for just about any song in various languages BUT there’s no way to sort or search your Favorites library - now how difficult can that be to design?! As a result you have to manually scroll through your entire library to find a song. I don’t see myself renewing membership without this feature.
  • Terrible UI 1/5

    By Denny Crane12
    What a mess. Not intuitive at all, very hard to use and follow along with songs.
  • Helpful site 5/5

    By talent none
    Makes me a better player
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Fall Risk1
    This app is a goldmine! I have access to thousands of songs! Chordify is without doubt the best investment I have made since I started playing.
  • Local 90s band chordify’d?! Awesome. 5/5

    By dreasmall
    This app is amazing. I have unearthed some real throw-backs and can’t believe how fast I’m rocking them out on the ukulele. This is amazing for beginners who live alone and have no one to annoy with their learning. Really great app except for the pesky heart/like... why is it soooo hard to like something?
  • Like it. 5/5

    By 🤪😜😊😆😀😁😂😃☺️
    Works pretty well.
  • The best 5/5

    By ccv-abe
    Amazing app I recommend to anyone!!!
  • Use different app 1/5

    By Jarebearr1
    The rhythms aren’t always right or on beat making it difficult to follow along if sight reading. Just get iRealPro which is better in every way
  • nice app 5/5

    By Ali40123
    very nice app
  • Old man still jamming 5/5

    By ghstrdr7571
    Outstanding!! Thank you fingers hurt but in a good way!!!
  • Too complicated 1/5

    By kickme243
    All I could do is look at YouTube videos. If there’s a way to get chords, I couldn’t figure it out
  • Do not pay for online subscription 1/5

    By Dat boi Chris
    When I tried to get the additional features with the subscription, their website tried to double charge my credit card and now i am having fraudulent charges and have to get a new card.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By tattmandu
    My favorite app... love love love it.
  • Instant 1 star for horrible mobile web app 1/5

    By fjalkdj
    You guys get 1 star for your HORRENDOUS mobile web app. It FORCES users to login, unlike the desktop app, so you can track us and serve ads. Then, to do ANYTHING worthwhile, you force users to download the app. Pathetic. Literally just stop. Put a giant banner on your mobile web page that says “we don’t give a $hï* about this just download the app we’re desperate”
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By PeezaG
    I used this app for all of 2 minutes and the ukulele chords are shown wrong and keep switching back to guitar on their own. The song I tried to play sounds nothing like it
  • Very good app, it helps me a lot 5/5

    By karen huron SD
    Good app, go ahead download it it for those of you who wants to learn how to play the song
  • Songs hard to find? 5/5

    By Unworthy Wretched Man
    Chordify... right on time.
  • Cool app 4/5

    By Gparker546
    Definitely a good idea. I didn’t get it at first, but it’s more for jamming to songs you already know, not necessarily learning new ones. Idk how the tech works but it’s pretty cool.
  • I don’t know why 3/5

    By Diamandmolly06
    I like playing this app and I’ve played a bunch of songs from here but I don’t understand the fact of why I can’t see where the capo goes unless I get premium, like I’m not even learning the full song and now I need to struggle finding where the capo goes or if it goes on at all.
  • Game changer 5/5

    By Zmurdman
    After struggling with transcribing songs, this app is a breeze to use! I use it to learn new songs, or sometimes I just like to jam along! Great App.
  • Frets 5/5

    I love this app it is great to learn music. But can y’all let me know how to tell what frets for guitar chords I’m not sure where it says what frets to play on.?
  • Its decent 3/5

    By speedgod185
    Its a good app it really is but it would make it much easier if they show what cord like c3 or a4 because beginners like me really have a hard time finding our way around the piano
  • Not what it advertises 1/5

    By Livi_marie
    I really needed to transpose some songs easily and this was supposedly the app to do it. But it misses a bunch of chords and I don’t even thing they transposing was accurate. I paid for a premium subscription to be able to transpose and it was a waste of money. Wish I could get my money back.
  • Inconstant song availability 2/5

    By mhazel
    For when songs are available, this app is a great learning tool but songs that are available today, disappear tomorrow as it appears that Chordify doesn’t have rights to use the song. Half my library is no longer accessible. I paid about $50 for this app that is questionable and has no way to contact the company.
  • Pianoooo 1/5

    By thefriendlyone
    It wont let me play piano. I do t play guitar or ukulele. Someone help me please
  • Lyrics and Chords 3/5

    By Eddie the Man
    If the lyrics were printed out with the chords, it would be a great help.
  • Excelente aplicación felicidades 5/5

    By allanino10
  • My go to 5/5

    By Imaginegallery
    I’m a mid level bass player and this is by far the quickest way for me select a song figure out what key it’s in and learn the basic progression within minutes.
  • Muy bueno 5/5

    By JorgeChampe
  • Great 5/5

    By Adambomb2326=]
    Learning would be hard to do on this app, but as a proficient player already u find it very easy to use to learn the basic chords of a song leaving the rest for me to improvise.
  • What happened with you and VEVO? 2/5

    By JeannaBakaJJ
    Now I cannot play along with many of the videos I like because they happen to be on vevo? What changed from just a few days ago? Since they are on vevo you cannot play along with them.
  • Download choridfy 5/5

    By Kidjosh509
    If you’re a fairly new musician this app will definitely help you along the way and improve your skills!!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By neo ronin
    Easily my favorite app. Anyone with a negative review just doesn’t understand the power of having the chords for everything. Nay sayers remind me of the phrase of "pearls in the mouths of swine"
  • Fun strum-along site! 5/5

    By Jon in Phoenix
    I recommend the paid version because it allows you to adjust the capo to get the simplest chords. Very easy way to survey songs to see how easy or hard they are.
  • Chordify rating 5/5

    By Ministering mechanic
    This is an AWSOME system! I use this a lot! I play keys in our church. I come to Chordify for songs I hear on the radio!
  • Helped me get motivated 5/5

    By Jojofan69
    It helped me get motivated with the easy songs
  • Good but 4/5

    By FNAFlover1234sl
    You guys need to remove subscription services because we are working and you need to make printing free all the time If you make this possible I will rerate you a 5 out of five stars til then I wait
  • Love it! 5/5

    By spittss
    Saves me countless hours of memorizing songs. I still love to figure things out using my ears but Chordify is a huge benefit for last minute crushing of 30 songs when I’m filling in at a gig!
  • Me- hate the ads!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, I’m ok w ap 5/5

    By SowHawg
    Don’t lik
  • Love it 5/5

    By ninAshechinah
    Chordify has help me expand my music library and learn so many new song! Thank you!
  • DO NOT UPGRADE !!!! You loose the volume feature 1/5

    By Bonanote52
    I had been using this great app for several years , and now in the last upgrade they decided to use Youtube's latest library which does no longer allow the volume adjustment in Chordify ( they should have stayed with the old one..... But decided against..... it seems that complying with Youtube is more important than caring for the users..... well ). If you do not upgrade to the latest version you do not loose the independent sound volume feature of Chordify, which was such a great thing when you are running a sim amp in parallel with Chordify. What a pity...
  • Great and very much helpful 5/5

    By Nsjskksskksskxmd
    I love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By katciller23
    I really love how easy this app is!
  • Gracias por existir 5/5

    By Micky1176
    Tengo 4 días con esta aplicación y es espectacular, aunque trabajo mucho y no tengo tiempo para sacar canciones con esta aplicación ya puedo encontrar las notas de las canciones que quiero, aunque la única fallita es qué hay canciones que según mi oído musical no van pero allí las mezclo y las encuentro, 👍👍👍
  • Use it as starting point only 3/5

    By eduard.dudar
    Have not played with it long enough. Whated to check one specific song and the app does good job to start some basic chords but it clearly misses some that one can hear and even see in a video being played so it’s 3 out of 5.
  • App 5/5

    By gee_man strummer
    Very useful and user friendly. I highly recommend it for any musician.