ChowNow: Local Food Ordering

ChowNow: Local Food Ordering

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.39.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ChowNow
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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ChowNow: Local Food Ordering App

FINALLY. TAKEOUT THAT’S FAIR FOR ALL. ChowNow does takeout differently. We don’t believe in charging absurd fees—to you, our diners, or our restaurant partners. Other delivery apps slam restaurants with commissions as high as 40% on every order. Not ChowNow—when you order with us, everyone wins. Because fair takeout just tastes better. LOCAL FLAVOR RULES. We partner with the best independent restaurants nationwide. With us, you’re getting unique local eats that are ready for pickup whenever and wherever you are. Whatever your personal taste, ChowNow offers a diverse menu of the best local takeout in your neighborhood. ORDER TAKEOUT WHEREVER YOU ARE Every restaurant you find on ChowNow offers convenient takeout options. Many of our partners also offer delivery and curbside pick-up—just check out what’s cookin’ near you. Simply use “List View” or “Map View” to explore local gems in your neighborhood. Whatever you’re craving, just get it to-go! FIND THE FOOD YOU LOVE Bolognese or burger? Bibimbap or BBQ? If you’ve got a craving or looking to browse, just sort by cuisine type to narrow down your selection. Who knows, maybe you’ll try something different and discover a new favorite dish! FAST, EASY CHECKOUT Order ahead, skip the line, and pay with the tap of a button using Apple Pay. Securely store your credit card information to your ChowNow account so you can get better food to-go faster. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU 24/7 Need a hand with your order? ChowNow Customer Service is available via chat, SMS, phone or email ‘round the clock, seven days a week. We want your takeout experience to be fast, easy and most of all, delicious, so whatever you need, we’ve always got your back. ChowNow has every cuisine you can imagine, all in one convenient app. Satisfy your cravings for pasta, Vietnamese, barbecue, Korean, Mediterranean, Cajun, desserts, sushi, Indian, pizza, salads, deli, vegetarian, vegan, Greek, Chinese, Italian, burgers, French, seafood, Thai, comfort food, Mexican and more. ChowNow’s free food ordering app is available across the U.S. Whether you’re at home or traveling, use ChowNow to order carryout (and in some markets, delivery too) from the best local restaurants in places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Dallas, Austin, Orange County, San Diego, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Charlotte.

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ChowNow: Local Food Ordering app reviews

  • Appreciation 5/5

    By Ms. Keil
    Thank you for letting me download chow now!!!! You all are amazing, and awesome!!!!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Thebarbersbarber
    Annoying and tedious and broken.
  • Stay Away 1/5

    By 4470KAH
    Ordered from this app for the first time. Two hours later no pizza. Called the restaurant and it was still not picked up. The restaurant said we had to call the delivery company. Tried and tried getting ahold of someone through Chow Now. Never answered. it finally arrived after two hours, and there was no doorbell, rang or anything. They literally threw our pizza on our front porch among all the June bugs. It was disgusting. Thankfully the restaurant is going to make it right, but it was actually the delivery company that should have answer their phones and made it right. I will never order through them again.
  • Curious about 24/7 support 3/5

    By Alala55
    I tried to contact today 2/15 and no one was available nor did anyone attempt to contact me. I’ve used your service numerous time for Streets of New York. Always great service.
  • Don’t use. Better options. 1/5

    By jasharber
    Terrible customer service - and the link sent to fill out a survey doesn’t even work. Well, Zac, I said I’d warn others not to use your service and here I am. Chow now takes no responsibility for their app - just blame the restaurant. Well, I booked through your app Zac. Thanks for no solutions offered , investigation, or help.

    By bbyjesusYUL
    The app directed me to a list of restaurants based on my location. Upon ordering, I discovered the restaurant was 1400 miles away in Salt Lake City. When requesting a cancellation they said they needed the restaurants permission and I’d hear in 24-48 hours. I called the restaurant to be proactive… the restaurant had never heard of ChowNow! When I chatted with ChowNow support again, they pretty told me to pound sand and they weren’t issuing a refund. The restaurant owner and I are working together to ensure this FRAUDULENT delivery platform is held accountable!
  • Adds fees 1/5

    By JRyanEarl
    I had an order be refunded because they didn’t have the items when I got there. After this the app started to charge a service fee. I’m not paying a service fee for the restaurants mistake. No way to get support.
  • Non-Existent Customer Support 1/5

    By Darryl_R
    Problems dealing with a restaurant? Problems contacting a restaurant? Good luck, you’ll end up needing to call a phone number where you will be put on hold forever and nobody ever picks up. If I could give zero stars I would.
  • Promo codes not working 1/5

    By KES1279
    Really frustrating, promo code option was removed from the web version, downloaded the App, and it rejects my promo code anyway
  • Payment not working 2/5

    By makeamericagreatagainnnn
    Apple Pay on this app only work 25% of the time for me. I’ve tried multiple cards & never works.
  • Cannot Add Tip 1/5

    By Sixsigmadan
    ChowNow does not allow for adding a tip after placing an order. That is extremely disappointing as tipping a delivery driver is an important part of supporting the local economy and is an significant oversight. I avoid using ChowNow for delivery.
  • Costly Flaw 1/5

    By ChristinaEast
    The app has a flaw there if you change the pickup time but spend too much time in the app it reverts back to ASAP as the pickup time. They won’t refund you when this happens because despite you paying ChowNow 99¢ each time you place an order they will tell you to get a refund from the restaurant. I’m deleting the app and ordering over the phone at the restaurant despite being ordering online being easier for myself as a deaf person.
  • Unhelpful customer service 1/5

    By RandomCustomer000
    Honest review from a random customer: If you order food through this app and it takes a very long time to arrive or it does not arrive at all, customer service will offer to refund you a small percentage of their app currency for your next order. I have never had this issue through any other delivery service so I advice using any other.
  • Fraudulent 1/5

    By Epicbdm
    They send out emails with promo codes that don’t work on their app or the restaurant’s app.
  • Doesn't accept promo code from email 1/5

    By pointflyer908
    App said promo was invalid for a promo just received via email. Code had not expired.
  • Completely disorganized, is this a real business? 1/5

    By sdnelson11
    How do they even survive? Zero customer service, everything is effed up from minute zero. This app should be removed from the App Store. I’m not certain it is even a real business. Just got ripped off $50 for food and no response, the app is completely hosed, no answer from the restaurant. What a complete mess!! I could do better with a hand tied behind my back jerking it, with the other hand while speaking code to Siri.
  • Worst thieving company 1/5

    By Herb420life
    I've been waiting on my refund for 3 weeks. Now they said they sent it two weeks ago but my banks say they did. So it's not there problem anymore. This comonay will literally steal from you
  • Don’t deliver on orders 1/5

    By AppleNickNamesAreAPain
    ChowNow doesn’t deliver their food they hand it off to a 3rd party who may or may not deliver the order. One of the deliveries was to the wrong address, the second the 3rd Party driver decided the order was cancelled and marked the order as delivered. Most likely to scan the delivery fee and tip. Won’t order from this app again.
  • Poor delivery 1/5

    By eberynameistaken
    If the restaurant uses their own delivery person ChowNow offers NO support if you never get your food.
  • Doesn’t protect your purchases 1/5

    By amandadorraine
    Where as doordash or Uber eats will credit you back if there is an issue with your order, this company will not protect your purchases. Refunds/credits are pretty common and painless occurrences on other apps. I would not waste your time using this one as your bound to eventually run into an issue with your order and you will never get your money back.
  • Extra money charged on my card. 2/5

    By Apstockley
    Edit— the charge was fixed days after but not sure I feel comfortable using this app/service. I have screenshots I wish I could share. Used for first time tonight. My bill with all fees and tip at restaurant was $36.64. I check my card statement and it says that $43.96 was pulled from my acct. Basically $7.32 was unauthorized and stolen from my account AFTER placing my order with the restaurant. The restaurant has the correct amount and said the issue lies with ChowNow. So will NEVER use this app again. Check your bank statements people!! (Order #206733322 from Huey’s in Cordova, TN)
  • Application Order Issues and No Live Support 1/5

    By Andrew D 888
    Application randomly changes a delivery order to a pickup order without warning when using ApplePay.
  • No accountability at all 1/5

    By Bob SheZensky
    I placed an order for pickup at a restaurant called XXX (omitting for privacy). Went to the XXX location, couldn’t find it. Asked around, no one had heard of XXX. Looked up the address and it pointed to YYY. Went to YYY, they said they don’t use ChowNow anymore and they didn’t get any order and couldn’t refund me. Went to ChowNow customer support, they try to contact XXX and get no response. They claim they can’t refund me because the money was already in XXX’s account and that they could only refund it with XXX’s “authorization” (despite it not being an actual restaurant). TLDR: ChowNow will allow fake or deactivated restaurants to take money for orders without providing the food and won’t shut these accounts down or refund your money. ChowNow doesn’t hold itself accountable and doesn’t deactivate fake/closed restaurants but will take your money regardless. You’ve been warned.
  • Giving local restaurants a bad reputation. 1/5

    By MiJohnson
    Ive had numerous issues using CN for the first time. I tried to order on my phone but the websites buttons didn’t work- annoying but okay. Created an accnt on my computer and placed my order. Order never shows- annoying but okay. I had to scour the internet for a way to contact CN about my order—irritating and not okay. In the end, I still don’t have a resolution. I will be disputing charges w/ my bank and deleting my account. I advise you all to do the same.
  • Not that different 2/5

    By MC in LA
    Although they don’t charge restaurants a commission or customers a fee, it’s not free. The cheapest way to order take out is still the good old telephone. Restaurant’s menus are higher priced on ChowNow than in the restaurant.
  • It’s easier on the app. That’s a lie. 1/5

    By Happy TD wee
    Wont be using Boston tavern anymore. This horrible not user friendly app ruined a very expensive dinner for company. Oh we’re not taking orders our kitchen is too busy…. Would have been easier if the app said that. After trying to navigate its garbage programming. And shame on Boston tavern. After eating there weekly for months. It’s easier to just call. Not download anything. Not get served ads. And be told by a person what can and can’t be done. Don’t use this app or Boston tavern.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Daffy dawn
    I literally just downloaded this app and it keeps crashing. I deleted and reinstalled, app continues crashing. Please fix problems.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By cuelife
    Have had numerous problems with the app… becareful as it can be glitchy.
  • Charged me $8 delivery for a 4 min drive 1/5

    By Nsjzjsnxnxozma. B.
    This app brags about saving you money and helping businesses, they lied. “No business fees no they can keep their costs lower” well yeah you guys make that up by giving out insane delivery prices. My order price was doubled after i hit checkout. My order was $10, i paid $22 including tip. ($2 tip). This app is quite literally worse then DoorDash and Ubereats as far as prices l
  • Yalla Yalla is not on Chownow 1/5

    By resolve it
    I just placed an an order to Yalla and arrived to pick it up. They said they are No longer associated with you. Hopefully my order will not be charged to my credit card.
  • Never able to place an order 1/5

    By GabbieNicole890
    Anytime I hit Place Order I get an error. I tap it again and am told “you’ve already submitted an order. Please wait a minute”. I’ll call the restaurant and they don’t have my order. ChowNow is useless.
  • Good in theory but there’s a reason it’s cheap 2/5

    By tatertot041
    I understand now why we have to pay extra money on other delivery apps. It’s so the food actually gets to us in a reasonable amount of time and so that someone can actually help you when there’s an issue with your order. I like the idea behind this app but overall, I can’t recommend it because you’ll probably end up having no idea when your food will show up (it will probably take a lot longer than if you used other apps) and ChowNow does not provide much support/information to the customer. They just say to call the restaurant. Instead, I’d recommend sucking it up and paying more on other apps or just go order to go from the restaurant itself.
  • Yay!!! 5/5

    By lulu38OT
    I love the “order again” button!!! I go to the same place almost every day and am always in a rush. The order agai. Button will make my life just a tad easier!!
  • Garbage app that will only end up hurting restaurants 1/5

    By squatrackcurling
    Buggy, poor experience, no restaurant ratings. I think this app was meant to put the power and money to the restaurants. I’m seeing a bunch moving to it from the usual food delivery platforms. Because of how terrible the experience is for me as the consumer, I’m now going to be forced to boycott those restaurants (until they sell via a better platform) and I’m guessing I’m not alone.
  • Good Idea, Terrible Execution 2/5

    By angelasounds
    The concept of this app is brilliant. That’s where the positives end. They charge double fees, the UX is awful and forgets your information, and most disconcerting of all is that they seem to have flagged my account as a different user (which makes me feel insecure about them having my data.) Skip this app and just go pick up with the restaurant, or pay your friend to do it for you.
  • Watch your pickup time. 1/5

    By SlimMarley615
    ChowNow WILL send you fraudulent pickup times, go at the time you requested if it differs from the time they send you. Do this to avoid picking up cold food because ChowNow doesn’t care.
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By ah81991
    This company unfortunately has very disappointing customer service. Several items were missing from an order, and it took numerous contacts with customer service to get the issue rectified. Those I spoke with were not especially pleasant or polite. Will not be utilizing this app in the future.
  • Good service 5/5

    By JoelJax
    Quick and easy
  • App never works. 1/5

    By ATXLocal Bloke
    Tried to order off this app for several hours today and it continuously failed to load pages making creating an account impossible. Stick with the apps that work. If you can’t trust them to make a account correctly I would never trust them with my financial info.
  • Bad Service 1/5

    By cavadeduar
    Sent my order to the wrong location by accident. I called the restaurant and I was told to contact ChowNow customer service. So, I did. In order to get a refund, I was told by the customer service rep that ChowNow has to call the restaurant to see if the restaurant will approve the refund. They did not approve the refund because food was already made. Which I understand. It’s just overwhelming when the place you sent the order by Accident is an hour away from you. Other apps would have done a better customer service. Might delete this if they make a better job.
  • Where is the map? 3/5

    By foofamfoo
    Searching is hard without the map
  • Account hacked 1/5

    By hininja06
    Someone hacked my account and placed an order using the credit card saved in there! Don’t leave your information and credit card in this app! Don’t use this app!
  • DoorDash with Worse Customer Service 1/5

    By zvesic
    They just use DoorDash to deliver the order. Then when the driver calls the wrong number and fails to leave the food (like literally ever other delivery service does in the era of COVID), they won’t issue a refund. No food, no refund, no customer service.
  • Removed features 2/5

    By Dboyls423
    I’m good with the new app structure and layout, however, they removed the map feature. I use to look at the map for what restaurants around me use this app and now I can not. I understand they have the list, but I personally experienced this app more fluidly and functionally when I was able to just switch to map view and look for restaurants that way.
  • System has no accountability 2/5

    By macguru-42
    Placed an ordered and was given a thirty minute delivery time. 10 minutes past that time the delivery was still not made. I called the restaurant and was told they were delayed and it would be ten more minutes. 20 minutes later, still no food. All help options in the app say to call restaurant.
  • What Happened to The Map? 2/5

    By JanetTX
    Hi, I use to love this app and used it a lot, but now it has no map. Addresses alone are not enough. I’ll wait for the map to come back before I use it again.
  • Map removed 😞 1/5

    By Casaii
    The map was super useful for seeing which restaurants would be on my way home, or are in a certain area, so that I could order ahead for pickup. Now I have to look at each restaurant individually to see where they are. This is super inconvenient, and I've resorted to other apps for discovering restaurants in an area and ordering from them.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Charmae22
    I placed an order for DELIVERY. Paid the fee and a tip. Wrote directions and everything. The app submitted it as pickup and the restaurant was not accepting calls. They wouldn’t issue a refund or do anything to help. Cost me 80 dollars for nothing. DO NOT USE!
  • Annoying Preset 1/5

    By Calhoundish
    I am pretty annoyed that this is a food App that is meant to help you order your food faster and for some reason the default on it is pick up and not delivery so now I have at least one time with my family lost money because we’ve had to use Uber or Lyft to go pick up our food because we are family with multiple disabled people… It is an annoying bug and it makes no sense no other food service defaults with pick up as the first option