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ChowNow App

TAKEOUT SHOULDN’T TAKE DOWN THE RESTAURANT. Order takeout from the best local, independent restaurants without hidden commissions or fees. Other online ordering services gouge restaurants on every order with commissions as high as 40%. ChowNow is different – we make sure the restaurant doesn’t get burned. And neither do you. Download free for iPhone or iPad today. LOCAL FLAVOR RULES. We partner with the best local, independent restaurants nationwide – one-of-a-kind food prepared by inspired chefs -- ready for pickup whenever you are. Forget that focus-grouped food from big chains. Whether it’s pizza, sushi, or some other food you love, ChowNow offers a huge menu of the best local takeout near you. ORDER TAKEOUT NATIONWIDE – OR DELIVERY IN SELECT MARKETS. Every restaurant on ChowNow offers the convenient option to pick up your order to go. And in certain markets, we also offer the option for delivery, commission-free. See what’s available near you. Food ordering with ChowNow has never been easier or more delicious. SEARCH LOCAL Use List View or Map View to explore the latest hotspots and tried-and-true favorites in your neighborhood. From the best local pizza place to the hottest new sushi bar, pickup an amazing meal and go. BROWSE BY CUISINE Bolognese or burger? Bibimbap or BBQ? Sort by cuisine type to narrow down your selection. No matter what food you choose to order, you’ll be getting the best that local, independent restaurants have to offer – ready to pick up and take away. CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER Your ideal meal is just a few taps away. With ChowNow, every restaurant menu is easy to navigate and presents all customizable options up front. It’s the pickup app you need for fast to-go orders from one-of-a-kind local restaurants near you. EASY CHECKOUT Order ahead, skip the line, and pay with the tap of a button using Apple Pay. Securely store your credit card information to your ChowNow account so you can get better food to-go faster. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE Get best-in-class support. ChowNow Customer Service is here to help out with an order by phone or email, seven days a week. We want your carryout experience to be fast, easy and most of all, delicious. So we’re always ready to help. ChowNow has every cuisine you can imagine, all in one convenient app. Satisfy your cravings for pasta, Vietnamese, barbecue, Korean, Mediterranean, Cajun, desserts, sushi, Indian, pizza, salads, deli, vegetarian, vegan, Greek, Chinese, Italian, burgers, French, seafood, Thai, comfort food, Mexican and more. ChowNow’s free food ordering app is available across the U.S. Whether you’re at home or traveling, use ChowNow to order carryout (and in some markets, delivery too) from the best local restaurants in places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Dallas, Austin, Orange County, San Diego, Cleveland, and Charlotte.

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ChowNow app reviews

  • Lacks basic functions 1/5

    By HuskyEm
    I can’t even review the order that I just placed. No order history either. This app is utter trash.
  • Doesn’t orient to landscape on iPad 2/5

    By Binnytheball
    It’s very annoying to try and use this app because it doesn’t orient to landscape on iPad. Also it’s ridiculous that I can’t start my order for a store until the store is open. It’s 11:30am and I have a lot of different items to select for purchase, but since the store doesn’t open until noon, I can’t start making selections. I’ll bump them up 1 star from for having Apple Pay.
  • AVOID AT ALL COST!!! 1/5

    By Haner2
    Don’t waste your time or money! They don’t actually do their own delivery, they just contract with others like DoorDash. They confirmed my order and charged my card, didn’t hear anything for an hour and a half. Called the restaurant and they said the order was picked up a while ago. ChowNow has no way to contact customer service in the app, had to hunt it down on their website. They couldn’t help me because they had no info on the delivery driver, they had to contact DoorDash and still nothing. Never got any food. AVOID THIS APP!!! You might as well use an actual delivery service since that’s what they do anyway.
  • Great concept, terrible execution 2/5

    By secm89
    I love the restaurant selection and being able to order from local places without going though the predatory competitor apps, so I order from ChowNow as often as I can. That said, the app itself needs some work. Always defaults to a wrong nearby address, even though I have mine saved in there. The filters seem to work only sporadically, so sometimes pickup-/takeout-only options show up in delivery, and it’s not clear from the interface/tags which restaurants have delivery or just takeout (the tags are sometimes wrong). Restaurants say they’re in your delivery area per the location filter and then tell you they’re too far away after you’ve already selected your food and are checking out. There should be a place for restaurants to add a description and delivery notes separate from the menu itself. Also, you can’t add special delivery instructions, which has been tricky for me when I live in an apartment building and need no-contact delivery during COVID. Needs work!
  • Crashes and looses all you have selected before check out 1/5

    By VeriBR
    (Using an iPhone) I was about to check out and had to edit the billing address. Switched apps and when I came back to check out my order the app took me back to the initial page. So I was back to square zero: even had to search the restaurant name again. Really frustrating. I know they are working to improve it, but even the usability is bad and lack of pictures is a negative point as well.
  • Why oh WHY can’t you remember my preferences 1/5

    By apoc b
    Why oh WHY do I have to set the delivery option EVERY time? Why can’t the app just remember what I did last?????? So many times I’ve had to call the restaurant and apologize that I wanted delivery instead of pickup.
  • Push notification spam 1/5

    By Slithy Toves
    I really wanted to like this app - less abusive food delivery during a pandemic! Excellent. Unfortunately, they just can's stop themselves from spamming "You're getting hungry. Order delicious eats now!" via push notifications. So I have a choice between disabling push notifications and losing the ability to know when my food is on the way, or keeping push notifications and having to deal with spam. I chose to delete the app instead. Beyond unacceptable behavior.
  • No features 1/5

    By RollyBenden
    Menus and ordering—but no canceling, no delivery tracking. In my market they fulfill thru DoorDash but I get none of my DashPass benefits, and poorer service because the app doesn’t convey my delivery preferences. I appreciate the effort to do something good for restaurants but this app is terrible on the customer side.
  • Doesn’t give notifications if driver had picked up or delivered 1/5

    By delawareeco
    Would love to have the option to find out whether driver has picked up or delivered
  • Won’t login on VPN 3/5

    By Tetsuo29
    App wouldn’t login when I was using my VPN. Once I turned off my VPN it logged in but didn’t seem to know about my existing order placed via the website.
  • App isn’t ready, but good service 3/5

    By Dr. E.W. Berg
    This company has no infrastructure, no way to cancel orders, no customer service.... it’s not a “scam”, but if there’s any issue at all w/ order/driver/anything... you’re going to be frustrated and hungry.
  • Simplicity with glitches 3/5

    By Minivan2993
    Yes the app is simple and easy to use but if you log in after you order your food, it won’t work. It’ll say limited connectivity even though you are connected to WiFi.
  • Very easy to use for pick-up, but... 4/5

    By 098Drift
    This is an aesthetically appealing and well-functioning/designed app. It’s simple and easy to use, and gives me access to restaurants who would rather not deal with other services. However, could you PLEASE make an “Order History” tab that displays all of the past orders we placed through our accounts? Restaurant name and location, items ordered, total bill, and date ordered would be super helpful! Please and thank you!!!
  • Great App. Needs More Places to Order From 4/5

    By Z&M Fan
    I love the concept of ChowNow and how they do not gouge either the restaurant or the customer. Service has always been great. I’m hoping more restaurants start using this app to increase the diversity of the food options available.
  • Really bad 1/5

    By hagadole
    Really bad app, with no functionality, no tracking, no cancelation, no order history, nothing.
  • Confusing interface 3/5

    By Bozzytwittt
    For restaurants that offer delivery, you need to default this as the preferred method. I don’t frequently use the app and for get that I need to change from Pickup. I get what you are trying to do for local businesses, but the execution of this app can be much better. The design isn’t that intuitive.
  • Great cause, some UX updates needed 4/5

    By Stintusio
    For one, I can’t see the text I’m writing now so excuse the typos. But really it’s just UX updates that are needed. Like once you place an order, you can’t see your order anymore. It just disappears. Or there’s no past orders area. No reason to not get this app. I assume these changes will come eventually!
  • Love the Local Options 4/5

    By BuckeyeSweets
    I have been using Chow Now foena couple of weeks now. I love the local options and appreciate the minimal delivery fee! I am more prone to tip the driver the max when I'm not paying $15 dollars in service charges! I look forward to the app growing to be more interactivein the future!
  • Need a big room to improve 1/5

    By kimseolmae
    No place to check my order. Dont even know whether the order is ready to pickup.
  • Love the concept, one small issue 5/5

    By ExaggeratedSigh
    The app is great, I don’t expect it to have as many features as one of the delivery apps that charges much more to restaurants, those companies probably have a much bigger team and a lot more money to waste. The app is pleasant regardless, it’s a very nice experience. The only issue I experienced is I wasn’t able to sign up using my email. My email uses an uncommon country code domain name and it didn’t pass whatever validation the sign-up form in the app uses. I used a different email instead and it was fine, but the validation on that field might me more stringent then necessary.
  • No fees or commissions for restaurants 5/5

    By No.1 RestaurantFan
    There are plenty of apps for ordering food, however this year has shown how important it is to use the apps the support local restaurants. Apps that doing charge fees or commissions. Using ChowNow makes me feel good. It also happens to work really well.
  • App doesn’t open/load... 1/5

    By orgrawvgan
    Is ChowNow still in business? Another one of their restaurant apps stopped working also.
  • Blocks my VPN 1/5

    By armsaretired
    I use a VPN on iOS for privacy reasons. I’ve never had issues before but I’ve identified that Chownow does not work with it enabled. The app reports that “something went wrong.” The app has no support mechanism to report or resolve this. Disappointing because the app is unusable.
  • Not as good as grub hub 1/5

    By Stu 516
    Can’t edit my email Can’t track my orders No order history This is not a great app and I’m genuinely upset that my favorite pizza place switched from using Grubhub to this :(
  • Delete app before you start 1/5

    By Tdjitggbj
    Seriously and your welcome! App and service is not DoorDash or Grubhub. If you expect that go back to the title! DELETE!
  • Clean interface and easy to use 5/5

    By kamakazzi
    The best app for the worst of times
  • Blocks privacy-enhancing VPN 1/5

    By Mayfair9
    Does not work if you use a privacy-preserving VPN like Mullvad or Firefox VPN.
  • Where do the tips go? 2/5

    By Katheter
    So I just picked up my food and the server said “thank you for your tip, I know you had good intentions but it doesn’t go to us.” So I asked him where it goes and he said at the end of the day when they finalize all the transactions the tips don’t show up. Can someone explain this? This isn’t some DoorDash stunt is it? If the tips aren’t going to the business I’d like a refund of all the tips I’ve sent through this app.
  • Horrible (and costly) user experience. 2/5

    By mp303
    I’ve had so much money go to waste because the app somehow “forgot” that I selected delivery and put my order in as takeout. What makes it even worse is there is no way to contact the restaurant from within the app, which is weird because the whole point of this app is they are working closely with restaurants unlike GrubHub or Uber Eats. It’s obvious the developers spent time and energy making the UI look amazing, they should do the same with the UX. I really want to support local restaurants by using a platform that’s not gauging them with outrageous commissions. This ain’t it though.
  • Unsolicited promo notifications. 2/5

    By capntang
    I have email promotions set to off but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to disable promo push notifications. Dirty move, developers.
  • App does not remember favorite restaurants. 1/5

    By Eric Lyb
    BeyondMenu has their act together.
  • This lousy app always fails to use the default address 1/5

    By jrsousa2
    Dumb app it’s the second time this lame app fails to save my apt number, uses an address withou apt number even though I added to the freaking saved address.
  • Delivery filter is a joke 1/5

    By BansheeSnowKat
    Tried this while traveling because a restaurant I was looking at said it was the preferred option. First delivery available was TWO DAYS later. Tried it again from home, used the delivery filter and 95% of the results were take out.
  • An ordering app that doesn’t show you your order? 1/5

    By Spammy Pie
    Hahah. What kind of nincompoopery is this?
  • App breaks all the time with Cloudflare proxy 2/5

    By GusGuy2013
    ChowNow engineers need to fix their rate limiter. The app frequently becomes useless when using the cloudflare proxy / VPN. A dialog pops up “it appears you have no connectivity” - no, my phone is doing just fine. I suspect there is a brain dead IP rate limit not taking into account the myriad of shared IPs, VPNs, proxies out there. Tried to find “report a bug” on the support site and there were no options, so hopefully a negative review catches attention. Happy to revise once fixed!
  • App needs to allow for order status updates 3/5

    By zowzer
    The app should allow for order status to appear within the app, or send a notification pop up or text to phone. This would be more convenient for order tracking than having to check e-mail for order status.
  • No way to see orders 1/5

    By coloradojbs
    This app is terrible. There is no way to see your orders and get the status.
  • Abuses notifications with ads 1/5

    By flyingsnowball
    Deletion was easy.
  • Functional but bad UX 3/5

    By Hdoggg007
    The most annoying thing is that is always puts in an address that’s a few houses down the street. Let me set my default address and stop trying to GPS me (obviously your app isn’t good at it, because it works fine in other apps). No order history. No order status. I do appreciate that they charge merchants more reasonable fees, but they need to make a little investment in themselves.
  • No option to request refund 1/5

    By atl8595
    Had to cancel order with restaurant due to extremely long wait. There’s no clear way to do that through the app. Restaurant canceled my order but I was still charged.
  • Wrong address 1/5

    By BubbyRoz
    They took my address supposedly automatically but had it wrong. I kept trying to change it to no avail. Finally gave up and deleted the app.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By carolineeeloves
    The app is not user friendly. There’s no way to look up past orders or track your current order. I used ChowNow for the first time yesterday and I’ve been getting spam calls and texts all morning ever since. They’re definitely selling our information to third parties. Do not use under any circumstance.
  • Great business model, app needs work 2/5

    By Mfpaluch
    I’m all for supporting local restaurants better than the big apps, so in that sense I prefer ChowNow. However, the app needs work and is missing many basic functions. Most importantly, the app consistently defaults to a location-based address which is often inaccurate.
  • Payments with Apple wallet fail frequently 1/5

    By MJohan.
    Poor payment processing coding and logic.
  • No Order History 1/5

    By gojsia
    App should be updated to show order history.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By hshdbdnndndnd jejdhdndnsndns
    There’s no option for delivery or pickup and there’s no pictures for the food. It’s hard to navigate the app and after I ordered, there was 0 info for the order. When I called the restaurant, they told me it was a pickup!!! It should be a delivery instead!!! Worst food delivery app ever. Wouldn’t recommend
  • Good service terrible UI 1/5

    By ketchup king
    This thing is a nightmare, use seamless. And I hate seamless.
  • App needs significant improvement 1/5

    By ngRawr
    Can’t cancel orders and can’t even see order history, you need to open up web browser to do all other actions that should be available in app.
  • Great but doesn’t give coupon code option 4/5

    By Korgfan