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Circuit Route Planner

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  • Release Date 2017-03-22
  • Current Version 3.12.20
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Easy-to-use multi-stop route planner and delivery app downloaded by over 10 million drivers - Sign up for a FREE trial today! Deliver more packages and finish your route faster. Save time, money, and gas with Circuit Route Planner. Adding stops to a route takes seconds. A single click optimizes all your deliveries and automatically maps out the fastest routes. Avoid traffic, find packages quicker, and deliver more efficiently. Using Circuit Route Planner, you can... • Find and add stops easily using your keypad, voice, or Apple Live Text • Add an unlimited number of deliveries and routes per day • Avoid traffic and delays with a route planner that automatically maps the fastest routes • Make last-minute changes to routes during the day • Use it with your favorite GPS - Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and more… • Set delivery time windows and priority levels for specific stops • Customize the amount of time to spend at each stop, and add rest breaks • Get instant and accurate ETAs • Add package details to make loading your truck and locating an item easier And much more… The top-choice route planning and delivery app for couriers and delivery drivers, used to deliver in over 180 countries. Helping drivers discover the best routes, avoid traffic, boost earnings, and finish ahead of schedule every day. “I’m a courier and deliver about 150 packages a day. This route planner always gives me the fastest route, so I can deliver more packages in less time. I make more money and save around an hour a day using Circuit. It’s the best app of all the ones I’ve tried” - Nathan, Canada Circuit Route Planner - Free The free version of Circuit Route Planner gives you unlimited access to all features, but routes are limited to a maximum of 10 stops. Circuit Route Planner - Premium Try Circuit Route Planner Premium and see how much time and fuel you can save in a week with our 7-day Circuit Route Planner Premium free trial. On average, most multi-drop couriers make savings of over $200 per month. 7-day trial complete? Subscribe to Circuit Route Planner Premium for just $20 USD per month, and your subscription will give you access to unlimited features, stops, and routes. Save time, money, and gas by using a delivery route planner that helps you do more and finish your route faster. FAQs Will Circuit Route Planner work in my country? Circuit Route Planner works in almost every country because it uses location data provided by Google Maps. If Google Maps works where you live, then Circuit Route Planner will work for you. We have users in over 200 countries and on every continent. Which languages does Circuit support? Circuit will automatically use your phone language if it is supported. If it is not, it will default to US English How many routes can I create? You can have unlimited routes on the free and premium version of Circuit Route Planner How many stops can I add to my route? You can add up to ten stops per route on the free version of Circuit Route Planner. You can add an unlimited number of stops per route on the premium version of Circuit Route Planner which is $20 per month. How do I subscribe/cancel my subscription? Subscriptions auto-renew monthly and are charged to your iTunes account. Cancel anytime by turning off auto-renew in your iTunes account 24 hours before the renewal date. Rates vary by country, and the local price for your region will be provided before you complete payment. Support: What’s new?: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: