Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

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  • Current Version: 11.3.0
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  • Developer: Cisco
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cisco Webex Meetings App

Don’t let being away from the office slow your business down. Experience engaging, productive meetings from wherever you are. Cisco Webex Meetings delivers over 6 billion meetings per month, offering industry-leading video and audio conferencing with sharing, chat, and more. Experience why more people use Webex Meetings than all other meeting vendors combined. General features: • Join and present from any meeting, event, or training session directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch • Hands-free joining with Siri • One-tap joining directly from your calendar • Schedule meetings directly from your app • Customizable video layouts • Share your content (including 3-D files) or screen to everyone • Easily sign in using Face ID or Touch ID Want to learn more? Visit our usage guide at: By installing this application, you are accepting the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Statement ( and are consenting to receive communications, updates, and upgrades for Cisco Webex services. Cisco Webex may collect meeting usage data and personal information, such as your email address, from your computer or device.

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Cisco Webex Meetings app reviews

  • Works well love screen sharing 5/5

    By golfs4fun
    Love the screen share it helps to teach and learn complicated processes.
  • Good web sharing tool - lacking in tools to drive engagement 4/5

    By Fryeberger
    Solid and reliable web presentation tool. The recent upgrade with the video feed planted in the upper right part of the slides was a big mistake, with no ability to adjust one time in preferences. The audio VOIP can be very good but not sure why the connection drops periodically. I run a remote team and trying to drive engagement is a big need. We are trying some new tools to white board feedback in addition to the presentation and verbal facilitation - wish webex would build this into their functionality.
  • Easy to use and clear! 5/5

    By fun app - never ordered though
    It was really easy to setup and get into, the audio was clear, the screen can be zoomed in on which is really a plus, and using it on an iphoneX was amazing as it didn’t completely lock up my phone, I could receive calls and send texts, and navigate through different apps without losing connection. The only time I had a shaky connection is when I left my house and lost my WiFi... but all I had to do was switch it off and it came right back with no interruptions again!
  • Very Good! 5/5

    By JR_5265
    I recommend Webex for professional meetings and conference calls. Pretty easy and transparent for the end users especially on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Best corporate collaboration app 5/5

    By R Liam
    No other app does corporate meetings (internal or external) as well as WebEx
  • Good interface into WebEx Meetings 4/5

    By Likely Suspect
    Overall the app does a good job allowing the participant to view WebEx content on their tablet rather than on a computer. One problem is that it wastes a lot of screen real estate with meeting participant image boxes. This is unnecessary and should be replaced by a simple list of participants that may be hidden if desired.
  • Sound? 2/5

    By whydoyineedthis
    Good format, but I was unable to get sound using the computer application, I had to play it through my phone.
  • Only use because work requires 2/5

    By Orangelife4eva
    The app is cumbersome. It does not allow for a hands free option to connect, dangerous as I take a number of calls during my long commute to work. Furthermore with my last phone update all settings changed and I am still figuring out which permissions to allow.
  • Can not sign-in 1/5

    By ncm1952
    The current iOS version does not allow sign-in. Therefore you can not schedule a meeting from your iPhone or iPad. Big drawback. Please fix!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Ruby Cheryl
    This WebEx was great, I was unable to get home in time from work to do this on my computer but I was able to download the app on my phone and listen in and see the slides and I found it to be very helpful.
  • Still no support for Touch ID 1/5

    By Sgouy
    Even though there is a setting to enable Touch ID, I still have to enter my password regularly on both my iPhone and my iPad. Most inconvenient.
  • Smooth “Webexing” 5/5

    Use this app when I’m mobile and need to join weekly Revenue Calls, has performed flawlessly. I haven’t had it crash, haven’t had to refresh and the “I call you” feature to connect the audio is wonderfully convenient.
  • My 2 cents 4/5

    By No_Bull
    Great app, very convenient and simple to use.
  • Best webinar 5/5

    By F.U.D.G.E
    It was more than I expected. I appreciate all the people who gave input.
  • New Company on WebEx. Not Good 2/5

    By pedweld
    Many of our meetings have to be postponed because people can’t log on or can’t initiate the meeting. No training videos, no instructions, your support is horrible.
  • Best meeting app 5/5

    By 伊森来了
    Best meeting app. Everyday is great!
  • Most of times not working 1/5

    By rrjj1
    Most of times not working
  • Set up is hit or miss, rarely reliable recently 2/5

    By jcpjp
    Set up is hit or miss, rarely reliable recently
  • Terrible audio setup 1/5

    By Sammielib
    Why on earth would you set up a this type of tool for online meetings and NOT have audio capabilities? I couldn’t hear a thing in my meeting and technical difficulties prevented me from “calling in” for the audio. Frankly, it’s the worst experience I’ve had in a long time. Very frustrated.
  • Camera settings 4/5

    By super cody
    Would give a higher rating but I think each user should be able to setup their profile to default camera off or on when the meeting starts. It should nor ask each time I join. Also the voice box on who is talking should default minimized (or user preference) because it is distracting. Maybe a better option is to put in title bar of the screen.
  • Ok experience 3/5

    By cpesarchick
    Doesn’t work when someone uses their personal rooms. Those meetings don’t show up in the list. Otherwise it works well.
  • Too many issues 2/5

    By StevenFox88
    More often then not I have issues with audio on Webex and have to sign in from multiple devices in order to be able to hear and see everything during a meeting.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Uncle Devin
    I could not get to my desk top in time for a Webinar, so I used this app via my mobile phone. It worked perfectly and the signal was great. This is certainly a wonderful app that I will continue to use.
  • Authentication 2/5

    By jhtrice
    Every couple weeks the app requires re-authentication to Webex, almost always while I am traveling. So I either miss a call or have to pull over and enter the password and then join meetings. There needs to be an option in settings to disable the re-authentication check, if it’s there I can’t find it
  • Works, but with annoyances 3/5

    By interfrastic
    No major flaws, but the minor annoyances add up to a less-than-stellar experience. Some examples: 1. The app seems to prompt for a password unpredictably, usually when I am running late for a meeting; there is no password manager integration, so I have to look it up, copy, and paste. None of my other Touch ID–enabled apps do this, not even the bank apps! 2. The app constantly nags me to switch back to the meeting, as if it can’t run in the background. Often I need to check mail or notes during a meeting, so being forced to switch back to keep the connection alive is a pain. 3. Sometimes the user interface elements are obscured in a way that prevents me from pressing important buttons; specifically, I sometimes have to do a “rubber band” maneuver (stretch, release, and catch on the rebound) with the list of meetings to expose the start button long enough to press it.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Apple butt 32
    This app was very helpful. Our area was in the path of the Hurricane so our office was closed today. I was about to still view the webinar from my phone at home. Thank you very informative information Della Swain
  • Bob 4/5

    By Dunnro 02
    Would be handy to have drop down on meeting number for repetitive meetings each month with user ability to identify by nickname chosen by user. Have been using for past 2 years improved over that time.
  • Getting better over time. 5/5

    By Johnjanitor
    Reading some of the older reviews and it doesn’t match up with my experience lately. In 2018 the experience has overall gotten a lot better with time especially when my company has gone to a newer Webex URL. I suspect there were changes on the back end. It has all my needs of allowing me to join meetings without fumbling while driving. I don’t have any authentication issues. And I get all the audio options I need and they work. I come from this mainly as iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 user. I did have hiccups on my iPhone 6 but am not experience any like that since upgrading to the 8. Participant response features. If they are included I can’t find them. Still would like to raise my hand to ask questions for the larger sessions. Thank you for continuously improving the experience. Keep it up.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By photographerLite
    This is a fun app. I did a reading program and it lets you connect with other people in America. So awesome
  • Getting there..! 3/5

    By potato-head
    App is getting better, some of the UI is improved. You still need CarPlay support though, which is where I’m using this app 90% of the time (otherwise I’m at my desk and can use my browser to get into a meeting)
  • Great app 5/5

    By Don diggz
    This is one of the best business meeting apps I've ever used
  • My meetings are not showing up 1/5

    By ravinz25
    My synced meetings on my calendar are not showing up. Only or two meetings show up, the rest are hidden.
  • Webinars for Professional Development 4/5

    By Cat8Dog
    I downloaded the iPad app today on my first generation iPad Pro to watch a webinar for my own professional development as a Project Manager. This app worked just fine for the purpose it was required; displaying the webinar and allowing me to see the slides & hear the presenter. I didn’t have any questions to ask during today’s Q&A session. Thus, I am unable to comment on the functionality of that specific feature of this app. My general impression today was that I am pleased with this app.
  • Doesn't sync all meetings 1/5

    By abyssdas
    I don't have to use two apps to attend meetings. I need to have all my meetings and be able to join them, from one single place.
  • WebEx 3/5

    By Kfbluto
    So...since you asked. WebEx changes way too often including sign-in, and our customers always complain trying to join the call from the last time they logged in. This is my major complaint and is driving our company to move to other options. Functionality is pretty good but no notice of changes and how to navigate the changes. Not good when trying to walk customers through joining a call. I liked this app until the beginning of this year...I would highly recommend a customer focus group and get their input to stay competitive or get lost (like blackberry did)
  • Why do I have to re-authenticate all the time??? 3/5

    By jbh€
    Please fix this. Can’t join meetings often while driving because I find that I’m logged out.
  • Helpful for everyone 5/5

    By Bunny Jyn
    I love this app as it helps our organization communicate with each other even if we are continents apart. This app will bring you all in one room as you discuss things that’ll make everything better. Kudos to the developers!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Bible learners
    Very convenient
  • Very nice, easy to use 5/5

    By Hyewdfcvn
    Simple and elegant. Seamless first-time installation and use. The only trick I had to figure out was how to enable/disable the microphone. It turns out that one must tap the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, there is no icon or other hint as where to find those action settings. No biggie, though, and I figured it out fairly quickly. Other than that minor complaint, it’s intuitive and easy to use.
  • Good app to join meeting from phone 5/5

    By Chichu-nkk
    Good app to join meeting from phone quickly and dial number also easy.
  • Good, not perfect 4/5

    By Brooklynite '94
    Why is it that we cannot anymore login from different devices at the same time? For some of us it had been a helpful feature.
  • Great - once I can get on 3/5

    By allthegoodnamesaretsken
    This is really a great application. It is much better than other ones that our company uses. It has a clean, simple, interface and is easy to start with one tap -IF- and it is a big if- it is in the mood to log you in. I don’t know why it does not seem to remember who I am from day to day or week to week. As has been stated, I am usually using this while running to or from my car and, of course, running late, and need to get on right away. I have two businesses and have to remember which email I am using on which phone, and which password. It has been mentioned before I set the touch ID does not work. Another, not as frequent issue, is sometimes when connecting, the screen just goes gray. I understand it may be difficult sometimes to hook up or to get a signal, but I need to know if that is what is going on. Once on, the app seems to be more reliable and has better sound than others that we use. There have been several improvements over the past few years that make it easier than it used to be. I suppose I am spoiled, but it’s just not there yet.
  • No whiteboard? Seriously? 1/5

    By Rush T
    With all the advertisements about how cool the iPad is for drawing and such, why would Cisco neglect to add or allow this app to access the whiteboard feature?
  • It works well as intended 5/5

    By Gms35
    It always works for me. Voice and share screens are clear.
  • Good for seeing documents 5/5

    By MaryLut
    I use Webex with iPhone phone call for audio. Downloading the app was easy. I can join the meeting with the code provided by the meeting presenter. I can see the meeting presenter’s documents and graphs just fine.
  • Good conference App, need better international call back feature 3/5

    By Villacor
    Has served me well for over a year. The one feature that fails to work randomly is the call me back feature to log in through my international cell phone. Do not know why this happens.
  • Good App 4/5

    By indianbuckeye
    I travel a-lot for work, and this app has been very helpful in allowing me to take meetings on the fly. It has a few bugs here and there, however I must commend the developers for continually making improvements.
  • Switch to Black 4/5

    By Go to Black Background
    Webex works Great but is very difficult to see white charts and people. You should adopt the Zoom design with a black background
  • I hate WebEx everything 1/5

    By Mr Breaksnap
    Not just the app, the whole WebEx experience. Between the mobile app and the desktop app and just dialing into audio, I hate WebEx. It makes life so much harder. As an IT consultant who is constantly on calls and web-conferences and running between different locations, I need something that is designed with “one click” and simplicity in mind. This is not it. I hate using WebEx.

Cisco Webex Meetings app comments

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