Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

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  • Current Version: 39.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cisco
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cisco Webex Meetings App

Don’t let being away from the office slow your business down. Experience engaging, productive meetings from wherever you are. Cisco Webex Meetings delivers over 6 billion meetings per month, offering industry-leading video and audio conferencing with sharing, chat, and more. Experience why more people use Webex Meetings than all other meeting vendors combined. General features: • Join and present from any meeting, event, or training session directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch • Hands-free joining with Siri • One-tap joining directly from your calendar • Schedule meetings directly from your app • Customizable video layouts • Share your content (including 3-D files) or screen to everyone • Easily sign in using Face ID or Touch ID Want to learn more? Visit our usage guide at: Follow us: • Twitter - • Facebook - By installing this application, you are accepting the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Statement ( and are consenting to receive communications, updates, and upgrades for Cisco Webex services. Cisco Webex may collect meeting usage data and personal information, such as your email address, from your computer or device.

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Cisco Webex Meetings app reviews

  • Always requires set up that disrupts meetings. 2/5

    By LexxyG
    Performs basic functions well and reliably. That is it. Very arduous to sign in on every time. This delays meetings and always causes disruption. Very stupid problem to have.
  • Good improvements! 4/5

    By TapReviewer
    The app is getting better and improvements are being made on a regular basis. The recent changes to how audio works within a meeting are great! Keep up the good work!
  • Crash and disconnects 2/5

    By CharmsUS
    Unfortunately it has not been smooth lately. Connection on laptop dropped and difficulty hearing discussions (some distortion) when connected by phone.
  • Audio disconnect issue. 3/5

    By Uday.T
    Call drops on changing the phone orientation.
  • Ugly and doesn’t allow multitasking. 3/5

    By hikaru1412
    This app has allowed me to do meetings on my iPad so I am very happy for that. Has helped immensely. The UI is not aesthetic at all and I can’t really run more than one thing when it’s on or the app crashes. No idea why because I am using it on the newest iPad Pro with everything updated. You can’t multitask for some reason which I find strange for an app that is for meetings where you would definitely use multitasking often. If you just need a simple setup like an online lesson, then this works, but if you need more, then use a different app/program or just use the web app on a desktop or laptop. Please make this app function. Using this on the iPad would be wonderful if everything just worked. Hopefully come September this app can grow with iOS13.
  • Issues with website using laptop, but no issues on app! 5/5

    By Jayisbetterthanyou
    So far so good!
  • Scratchy and sometimes hard to hear 2/5

    By Sound system is terrible
    There wasn’t an easy way to turn up the volume and the sound was scratchy. Difficult to let moderator know you want to speak.
  • Great tool, needs some features added. 3/5

    By Missyprissysd
    This app is a game changer and I love it overall. There needs to be some changes to improve the functionality though. 1. The ability to edit a meeting you have already scheduled in the app. 2. Store previous invitees in the app 3. Have the ability to access a previous meeting, clone it, make updates and send a future invite. 4. Show usage history and allow for notes after the meeting is completed. Thank you!! Overall awesome tool!
  • Works well enough 4/5

    By Big Tom Callaghan
    Works well enough for me.
  • Webcam 5/5

    By JOANpumpkin
    worked for me!
  • Look at competition 2/5

    By Popadych
    I'm not a fan that there is ten different options out there to use but Webex makes there over lay and controls so confusing. It's simple gather all the best feature from the competition and inter grate them. Audio is key and yet I'm never sure if I'm on speaker or phone.
  • Meeting numbers and passwords 2/5

    By Rueben Windhorst
    The app would be great except all the characters that have to be entered is not convenient. Especially when you are in field sales and have 3 to 5 calls a week and everyone has different numbers and passwords. Why can’t a company have one number and different passwords for different calls. And if you don’t call in over the internet-you still have another phone number to enter!
  • Call feature doesn’t work 1/5

    By halqiurbxlixveirixrgqywppdv
    Very frustrating that the call in feature won’t ring my phone, I always have to call in separately or use computer audio. Lag time on computer audio is also very frustrating, as it’s hard to tell when someone is finished talking and people talk over each other
  • Apple Watch issues 4/5

    By NotxAmazing
    The only thing I don’t like is that the Apple Watch connectivity is super inconsistent. It pops up with the mute button on the watch so you can quickly mute and mute from your watch if you have your phone in your pocket. Super handy! The issue is that half the time the mute button just doesn’t work. Another 30-40% of the time, the button works but only after a 10 second delay, which reeeeeally defeats the point, because it feels like it isn’t working so I pull my phone out, juuuust in time for it to mute and then I am just angry. The last 10-20%, it works great!
  • Dislike rating pop ups 1/5

    By "@&$))#}{%^^>~
    I hope this rating puts an end to the annoying rating pop ups.
  • Web Ex App Works Well 5/5

    By Zorro Q.
    The WebEx app works very well on my iPhone. I haven’t experienced the bugs or issues others have wrote about. I find it to be highly functional with intuitive controls, even after the most recent updates.
  • No sound 1/5

    By Chef Jang
    No audio. No matter what’s tried
  • Continually improving 4/5

    By Johnny2can
    Getting easier to use, more seamless transitions from Safari (I’m on iOS) and Teams into Meetings. Had a hiccup this morning after corporate password change that wouldn’t allow me into meeting (Meetings app would just hang) until I manually authenticated first in Meetings. Once that was done, flawless meeting experience using Internet voice.
  • Better, but not the perfect meeting app yet. 4/5

    By BrocCheddarLover
    Webex has quickly addressed issues found in the mobile app and provided greater functionality. I found that files and videos streamed and played through WebEx are not captured when recording the meeting. This doesn’t make sense to me, the videos should be part of the recording! Almost perfect though! Thank you Cisco Webex!
  • Poor Video production 1/5

    By Solumi12
    Very poor production I am regretted paying for this the motion is very poor.
  • No audio 1/5

    By @AlmostEclectic
    Can’t hear a thing.
  • Difficult for a Newbie to get all set up for a meeting 2/5

    By nlj334
    It was hard to get sound because my “call” wasn’t going through and I had to constantly keep trying on my iPhone 7+. I suppose if you were familiar with the Cisco Webex app, I wouldn’t have missed so much of the meeting. I was also unable to find the raised hand button so I could ask a question on my iPhone 7+. This wasn’t a satisfying meeting when the purpose was to introduce new technologies and how to get started using them.
  • Worse each time 1/5

    By buttermybuns
    There is so much many better options that aren’t as frustrating.
  • Could be great but..... 2/5

    By sbussos
    Screen controls block the image with no way to move them. Giant boxes for things like participant are screen shared. No easy way to get to conference controls when sharing screen. Screen is filled with unnecessary things you can’t get rid of. Could be great with some ui tweaks.
  • Needs to stabilize soon 2/5

    By crazydogone
    When we first moved to Webex it was reasonably reliable and useable, but with each update I lose some measure of stability and a feature disappears, or changes significantly. (e.g. After the last windows client update its become totally unusable so I’m stuck using my phone or the web interface.) Please get it back on its feet.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dmarievee
    This app was a great experience for me. I recommend this app. It worked great on my iPad and is convenient and easy to use. Thanks!
  • Horrible audio quality 1/5

    By Amusatron
    I’d hoped the app would provide a modicum of improvement to the audio quality of the sessions it streams. Nope. You’re no better off with the app than a conventional web interface.
  • Meeting 1/5

    By Willy soko
    Bugs everywhere. We couldn’t understand a word. What a poor presentation. Thanks
  • Constant password nightmare 2/5

    By EatingOrange
    Saves password with Face ID but then constantly requires a password. Such a pain to use this app.
  • Nice job, well done 5/5

    By Dave Baillie
    Very clear, concise and informative. Love the radio voice too! Thank you, Dave Baillie, Seattle
  • disappointed 3/5

    By Jw35
    The app drops my calls nearly every time I try to either call in or call from my iPhone. I can get it to work over the internet but I’d rather not burn my data that way.
  • Audio was horrible ;( 2/5

    By Renee-S
    The Audio was just horrible. I could see the presentation just fine, but I missed all the content.
  • Very convenient 4/5

    By Asenath94
    I was able to interview with no problems and no interruptions. It was only two of us on the web call (the conductor and myself). It was another form of a successful & productive business meeting while I was at home.
  • Inconsistent and unreliable app. 2/5

    By Manoje
    Scheduled and accepted meetings fail to show up! Refreshing doesn't help! Inconsistent and unreliable app.
  • Webinar 4/5

    By ltiberia
    Very interesting, some take away information.... well presented and thank you very much....
  • Shy 5/5

    By Aisha Banks
    I was a little shy about the interview video conferencing in the beginning. But I loved the whole experience. What an awesome way to communicate with people!
  • End not leave meeting 1/5

    By j9gerber
    Very confusing mobile ux when click on red x should be able to end or leave meeting.
  • UI needs improvement 3/5

    By Balaji C
    I wish speaker on off, mute, exit button available in all screens
  • Big brother 1/5

    By Eran ATT
    The fact that you are collecting this data but don’t provide it to the customer is unacceptable practice.
  • AZH2O 4/5

    By AZNorsky
    Great App!!!
  • Getting worse by the day 1/5

    By PiakiAthina
    Not sure what has happened to this one great Application.... I used it for two years without any issues. Ever since the last big upgrade the audio is so awful that it’s almost impossible to conduct meetings. We are looking at alternative apps now but just a shame that it’s gone downhill so fast!
  • Very Unreliable 1/5

    By Qliandito
    We decided to use it for some our overseas presentations. Big disappointment we switched to free Skype.... Works better!
  • Not Apple friendly 2/5

    By Pantolima
    I have taken a number of classes and the technology was difficult to get up and running. The class I took today relied on chat boxes and I could not get one up on my iPad.
  • Care Coord 5/5

    By Time Saverx2
    Great tool
  • Non-tech first time user 5/5

    By DLSmith121
    Downloaded and had functional in 3 minutes. Worked flawlessly for 1 hour seminar.
  • Excellent way to connect 5/5

    By murrayphd
    I have not had the problems others have complained about. The webinars flow smoothly, it is easy to interact, either by voice or text, easy to hear comments by other participants. Facilitator can present material, while we still see her and hear her words. Almost as good as being there... maybe better, in the comfort of my own home.
  • Webex review 2/5

    By Tom from E.C.
    Seems OK from most technical points but wasn’t able to use the audio portion no matter how many different techniques I tried to engage the audio portion.
  • New Webex meeting app is just Awesome 5/5

    By Toocoolblue2000
    It has a whole set of new features like fingerprint login, auto call and sketch. Real good work.
  • It’s a POC. 1/5

    By really really frustrated.
    Easily passes Outlook as the worst tool of all time. New release today crashed my Mac.

Cisco Webex Meetings app comments

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