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  • Current Version: 9.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Motivate
  • Compatibility: Android
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Citi Bike App

Now you can unlock a bike, buy a pass and find special deals all in the official Citi Bike app. This is your co-pilot for biking adventures in NYC. Pull up the app and see up-to-the-minute bike availability. Search station locations and addresses, to find the nearest bike or dock. Save your favorite stations, and know the situation right away at your usual spots. See info about your most recent ride, and all-time riding history. Know how long you’ve had a bike out with an accurate trip timer, and see confirmation of your completed trip after you’ve docked. Pick a destination and we’ll show you where to pick up and dock your bike. Need a route suggestion? Tap a station pin or location and the app will sniff out the best way to your destination.


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Citi Bike app reviews

  • Bike 3/5

    By Carluquiiiii
    I wished the bikes were a bit lighter, and had some gadget to attach a cellphone to it to use google maps on it.
  • Hi 3/5

    By Nicky Threelegs
    Can you add a bike dock near Columbia university medical center? Plz and thanks. More locations = more sales right?
  • Thank you for Citibike !! 5/5

    By 42ndstreetontime
    Citi bike is a fantastic idea!! Great bikes!!
  • unlock from app? 5/5

    By citirider
    where's the unlock function on iPhone X app? saw the list of stations and availability, but no option to unlock from my phone update: issue was explained and resolved quickly and efficiently. have everything I need now. thanks!
  • No plan a route 3/5

    By Suzanne Barb
    Hi. When will this be brought back. Or am i missing something?
  • Really good 5/5

    By djhell1
    Very cool convenient interface...seems accurate wrt bike availability, great feature that it tracks your rides. Would be nice if it synced better with Google maps...for instance recommending part Citibike and part subway routes. For instance: instead of “1 train to Times Square then change to the F” it could say “bike to 57th and 7th and catch the F train there” Would save time plus keep you out of crowded stations.
  • Help! 3/5

    By carmz457
    I see the comments dating back to November of last year about needing the “plan your route” back on the app. Do you have any updates on when this feature will be back?? It is very much missed. Also, I’ve noticed that searching for locations has been glitchy. I’ve searched for really well known places (that show up fine in google maps) and get zero results on this app. Not sure what the issue is, but makes it very frustrating since I had to go to Google, get the exact address and then head back to citibike app. The locations were: Century 21 Department store (I believe there are 3 in the city), West Elm (again multiple locations in nyc), Silvercup Studios (there are three main locations).
  • Don’t use bikes are unsafe 1/5

    By Ronnie10d
    1. The bikes arent safe the brakes hardly work, the seatpost clamp never clamps tight which is scary while riding, the cranks feel like they’re about to fall off also scary while riding. 2. The workers fill up bikes in stations where they don’t need it and there are never any bikes downtown in nyc. 3. They charge you ridiculous overage fees if you even go one minute past the limit and it’s hard to find a dock that either isn’t full or a dock that even has one bike to use. 4. The bikes are tremendously heavy and hard to go fast in situations where you have to move quickly.
  • Now offline too 4/5

    By 1M0A0T1T1
    Offline functionality makes this app useful, especially when I can't get to the internet but still want to find a nearby dock. Update: The app is now (again) useful online or offline with all current stations. On the other hand, some stations have been listed as “Coming Soon” for months.
  • Nice new features, easy to use, but ...slow... 3/5

    By ggtgevyggscybjgfed
    I upgraded from a version of the app that was a few months old so I don’t know what I missed in between. What I do see, though, is that it takes a very long time to zoom and scroll the app, and when you’re out there trying to get somewhere quickly and want to find a bike or dock and get going, this is very frustrating. It also seems that the Angels point designations on the map are sometimes way behind (it appears that I am often seeing the points from the last time I used the app, even if that was hours ago). This also makes it difficult to use. Given that this is an app supporting a transit system, speed really should be a key priority.
  • Bring back route function please! 1/5

    By Caki88
    Bring back plan a route function please!!
  • These Coders Deserve Applause 5/5

    By GreenpointBK
    This app is amazing. I use CitiBike nearly every day to commute and I couldn’t do it without this app. It’s clean, clear,’s perfect. Bravo to all who have worked so hard to get it to this point. I hope the MTA takes notice!
  • Years later, still no account access 2/5

    By jdhinshej
    This app want you to log in but provides no information about your account. Want to see your trip history? App can’t do it. Go to the website. Want to see your last trip? App can’t do it. Go to the website. Want to see your Bike Angels points total? App can’t do it. Go to the website. If you’re not going to build account management into the app they very least you could do is provide a WebView with access to the website. This app is good as a station locator, but that’s basically all it does. And you can get that from the website just as easily. Why even have an app?
  • Good needs improvement 4/5

    By Anon5748
    Great service for New Yorkers. I would fix 1) Allow Annual Members to use their app to unlock bikes. Right now, we can only use keys while day pass riders can enter a code to unlock the bikes. 2) fix the bikes themselves - around 30% of the time, I get a bike with an issue with it. Either skipping gears or needs cleaning so the bike is so sticky/hard to peddle. 3) fix the pedometer/distance - I ride the same exact route everyday; yet the distance on the app ranges from 4.1miles to 6.5 miles. Needs improvement.
  • “Unlock A Bike” disappeared 3/5

    By 我要背單詞
    Why!? Since I activated my key, the “unlock a bike” option has disappeared from the app. Please advise. (Update 11/26/2017: Problem solves. Nice attitude from Jake and the team)
  • Amazing App. 5/5

    Wow! The Citibike application exceeded my expectations. It’s an amazing service and makes the process of riding citibike even easier. This has made my commute to work so much faster (not to mention all the calories I’m burning along the way!)
  • Great addition to healthy neighborhoods 5/5

    By Discovery8888
    Citi Ike is such a convenient, healthy and pleasant way to get around Jersey City.
  • What happened to the suggest a route? 1/5

    By wifn v
    The route suggestion was key, not because it helped with knowing what roads are bike friendly, but because it integrated both bike routes AND citibike dock info. Now it’s gone. To get the same info you now have to go to citibike, remember the intersection, put it into google or apple maps. And hope that the station has an open dock when you get there. Otherwise you’ll have to do it all over again for the next Station. Why citibike why?
  • Map Inefficiency 2/5

    By ericmeds
    Map used to cache docks. Now it loads them on demand along with availability which i makes it much slower to get a bike using an app generated code.
  • It’s fine 4/5

    By Prometheas
    So, the app is completely fine. Pretty much does the necessary things. And recently, the app’s login mechanism has been integrated with iCloud Keychain. Dunno if that’s thanks to the app developer, iOS 11, or iPhone X’s Face ID, but the fact is that most of the friction to its “randomly” logging me out is now gone. It’s also already rocking iPhone X screen compatibility. Bumping my 2 star review to a 4 for seemingly having notably modernized. Good show, gang.
  • Ads covering navigation bars?!?! 1/5

    By weenjeem
    Is it just me or did the navigate buttons for each station just get replaced with banner ads??? W. T. F.
  • Frustrated after recent update!! 1/5

    By Thebigbird300
    “Plan a ride” is now gone!! Why?! This is essential to seeing and creating the most efficient routes. Please fix immediately! I don’t see any reason why this should have been removed. I am extremely frustrated as a customer.
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple health app. 4/5

    By Ninjaliver
    Health app is my one stop shop for my health data. Would prefer if I could see my walk/run mileage along with my biking mileage. Either add pedometer capabilities to app or enable syncing across platforms.
  • Bring back “Plan a ride” 2/5

    By jcbikes
    Not as useful without route info
  • What happened?! 3/5

    By Twobadcats
    I just tried to “plan my ride” and for whatever reason it seems to have been eliminated from the most recent app update. I rely of that feature to determine my route. I’d also like the ability to see my individual ride history, not just my overall use.
  • What happened to “Plan my ride”?? 1/5

    By Hshsyeiei
    This very essential feature of the app is now gone. Why in god’s name??!!?!!! Bring it back NOW!
  • Much Improved 5/5

    By Diesel buyer
    I’m a visitor from out of town who likes to use citibike whenever I am in NYC. This latest version of the app is a great improvement from last year. Easy to locate bikes, and get a code. Route finding around town is hugely improved, showing bike routes that seem pretty accurate. When it’s time to dock, it’s easy to spot bike deserts, that you might want to avoid. Kudos to CitiBike!!!!
  • Need “Plan a Ride” Back!!! 1/5

    By C。R
    After the update, the app no longer support plan a bike route between docks! It is one of the major features I use on a daily basis. I am not saying it’s the perfect routing system, but it gives cyclist an idea about the generic mapping. Since other bike route apps do not have citibike docks on it, this feature is definitely a huge advantage of Citi bike! I am not sure why the developer chooses to take it off. Maybe because of some data analysis says the number of users actually follow the route is super small. BUT the reason is not they don’t want the feature. Instead, we want more options, safer options available. I wish the company can reconsider putting this feature back seriously. Otherwise, there will be a third party app will take over the feature and be the most downloaded/used one for citibike members!
  • A step-bk update-I care enough to vent out my criticism 5/5

    By Bikie Angel
    Today after the update, the arrows pointing out directions of bike lanes are gone; and so is the "plan a ride"/suggest a route function. You know how many biking newbs rely on those(including me few months ago) to ride peacefully¬ feel lost&anxious&embarassed?? I honestly wouldn't have found out abt the riverside route if not for checking the updated routes periodically myself. I keep using this app...not because it counts calories...but because it's a map assistant until being able to ride "offline". Why phase out those?? I welcome the CS to contact me via email anytime to answer my concerns.
  • Great updates 5/5

    By x2o
    Devs do a great job! The new map is so much faster. Good work!!
  • App is great but to ride to is too expensive 2/5

    By AngFrench
    Please read the fine print and understanding on the CITIBIKE, If you are renting for the first time. You are only ALLOWED 30 MINUTES at $12.00 plus tax to ride the bike, after 30 mins you MUST dock the bike and pick up another bike, If you KEEP the bike longer than 30 MINUTES , you will be AUTOMATICALLY charged $4 per every 15 minutes over! Paying $26.00 FOR AN HOUR BIKE RIDE IS A RIP OFF! NEVER AGAIN. #citibike #nothankyou #neveragain
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Lao25
    Amazing! So helpful and convenient!👍🏼
  • Map needs help 3/5

    By jajw54
    Wish the map were a little smarter. Why is it giving me locations out of my current city? It should be able to connect you to docks close to landmark locations.
  • No bikes at nights in Midtown 2/5

    By Dalton do
    The app works fine. No alarm to notice you about your free time. Many bikes have problems and haven’t fixed probably. Got no bikes in Midtown tonight. They need to recycle them for riders. We paid for that. I have no problem like this in Chicago with a same service and this’s 10pm not rush hours
  • New life 5/5

    By elwnyc
    Are we in Copenhagen?
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Will_tang
    No daily trip feature for those who commute regularly. Favorite stations display is a bit confusing.
  • Few updates needed 4/5

    By piyushkothari
    Nice App, needs few updates: 1:Better navigation required including good integration with NYC bike paths 2: integration with Apple health for bike time 3:Ability to hold an standing bike (for 2 minutes)- bike gets picked by the time u reach 4: no account tab to see history of rides, pwd change etc
  • It works 4/5

    By PattyVega
    I'm a huge fan of the CitiBike program, this app is not super fast but my phone is a couple years old so nothing is. Key features needed to get 5 stars: 1) the ride data should sync to iPhone health or fitness apps 2) ability to reserve bikes in advance. Thanks
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Manylegged
    Terrible, poorly thought out service. Only 30 min/ride with insane late fees. Docks do not lock properly resulting in large amounts of said late fees. Unhelpful customer service. AVOID.
  • Worked perfectly. 5/5

    By Ted in Virginia USA
    Easiest way to use the bikes. I got a 3 day pass. So worth it.
  • Changes how I get around NYC 4/5

    By Julius12
    Great app and system. Litterally changes how i get around in NYC. My only wish would be for clearer explanation of the "rules" around minimum time between rides. Got stuck without a bike for my ride back once because it was too close to a previous ride.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Danielfkent
    App is simple and perfect. Only thing that could make is better is bikes in more neighborhoods.
  • The city bike change my life 5/5

    By marisaorganic
    The best investment I did was to pay for the yearly city bike, it is worth every penny, I feel more fit and I get to do lots of thinks and get fit at the same time, is very easy to find city bike from the app map, to rid in the park is the best because is way less traffic lights and also we are helping not polluting the planet
  • Trip loggig 5/5

    By r-words_fan_42069696969
    I would like inbenable to see my entire trip history not just overall and most recent ride.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By citibike_hater
    Your app doesn't work when rentals are down. What about those of us who are yearly users? Shouldn't have shut downs during holiday weekends.
  • Locations and bike counts are up to date 5/5

    By Shabissen
    The app works well, shows me everywhere I can find bikes, and how many bikes are at a given station at a glance.
  • Services unavailable- no refund 1/5

    By 1313nicholas1313
    Services were unavailable during my ride and i therefore could not check the bike in and then check it back out. I asked for a refund but they did not issue one.
  • Expensive, bikes are failing, and not enough docks 2/5

    By Lior NYC
    For $150 a year I'd expect bicycle that are better serviced. Would be nice to see less non functioning equipment. And around downtown in the AM there are zero available docks which makes this service useless to me and many others. Nice gimmick for tourists and those who don't need to be somewhere on time...
  • Love citi bike but the ios app has bug 1/5

    By Aadjmi1
    I ride every where in nyc using Citi Bike, absolutely changed my life. I have both an android and an iPhone. When I am on the Android I can unlock a bike from the app. On my iPhone it does not give me that option. My friend has an iPhone and it allows him to unlock from his iPhone. FIX IT
  • Love love love 5/5

    By emnem13
    Wish they had a share with friends feature but love everything else

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