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Citizen­ App

Joining the Citizen safety network will give you instant access to information about crimes near you. The Citizen technology will send you real-time push notifications to alert you of crimes that are close by. Users write to us every day telling us how Citizen is changing how they engage with their neighborhoods. Citizen notifications have prompted users to evacuate burning buildings, deter school buses from departing a school during a nearby terrorist attack, or even rescue their neighbor’s baby locked in a hot car. You may receive a notification of a crime in progress before the police have responded. This app is meant to keep you safe and protect you. Please use Citizen responsibly. Real-time Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Live Video: Go live from the scene or watch an incident unfold from different angles. Incident Details: Receive continuous updates on incidents and chat with other Citizen users.

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Citizen­ app reviews

  • Not good at all 1/5

    By No Yode
    Everytime I download it and put my phone number in it dont send the code it’s suppose to send
  • This App Is Stupid 1/5

    By BigFloxkin
    I can’t comment on any incident because I’m banned when I did nothing what so ever. If they don’t unban me soon I’m going to have to get my lawyer into this.

    By chrissy G floxks
    This is nonsense I got blocked for no reason...Bull crap unbelievable..These elders couldn’t find there glasses and was reading sh*** wrong
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Drogz11
    Why do you have to keep pestering me with a banner to set my location to always which I have to keep pressing the X to close? If I want to set my location to always, I’ll go into settings and do it myself. Otherwise good app.
  • Great app but needs:: 5/5

    The ability to add a photo of a missing child of an Amber alert is given. Keep up the good work!
  • Sorry, no mobile for me 1/5

    Deleted immediately. I don’t use apps that force me to give them my mobile number. I don’t want you to have SMS access to me.
  • One of the best apps 5/5

    By Beingadvin
    This is one of the best apps. I get a notification if there’s an incident near me with live video, comments and updates. This app also keeps our children safe, I reroute my kid if there’s an incident in a certain area.
  • Citizens 5/5

    By Nikxho
    Great app! It helps a lot in many different ways!
  • What’s the Holdup? 1/5

    By Finnegann
    I’ve been waiting awhile to use this app and never have been able too yet. I don’t know why it’s not in my area yet. It’s insane
  • App requires a phone number and location access. 1/5

    By nicolasd
    I don’t trust this developer at all. Shady. And their canned, repetitive responses to reviews show they’re not really listening to users. I don’t care about local alerts. I’m never going to broadcast live. There is no reason for me to allow location services, when a simple zip code would work. Secondly, I’m deleting this app because it will now no longer launch without you providing a phone number. Even if you’re on a device like an iPad. Sorry, not going to happen.
  • Not enough coverage. 1/5

    By COOKIE MAN!!!!!!!!!
    Y’all ain’t in ANY city. Shaking my dang head
  • Chat Messages 5/5

    By pedror1499
    Can someone tell me how to delete a chat message that was typed in by accident?!?!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Swepr3
    I read the details and downloaded the app. Upon opening, a message says they aren’t in my (major) city yet. Why didn’t you put that in the details in the App Store? Seems dishonest just to get more downloads. What a waste of time.
  • Censorship of Free Speech 1/5

    By Pleasesqueeze
    You can say whatever you wish no matter how offensive and racist as long as it is in line with their “progressive” agenda- Make a few conservative statements and you get blocked. So sick of silicone valley infringement on free speech. What’s happening in this country by tech company progressives is nothing short of criminal. There needs to be oversight and legal enforcement of speech infringement. These folks need to start being held accountable.
  • Give Zip Code Options 1/5

    By FilbertCornelius1
    We have children in NYC, Jersey, St Louis....I wanted to get alerts for these locations not my small town. Please give options to get alerts from different zip codes other than my own.
  • Great app, confusing navigation 3/5

    By Grr415
    The UI needs work. It’s a bit schizophrenic and completely unintuitive. Got a Nationwide Alert and I still cannot find a way back in the app to view it. Great app tho. Just needs to be organized better.
  • Blah!! 1/5

    By Awatt84
    Wish you’d expand your coverage area. That’s my only gripe. Me actually using it!! I seen it on a relatives iPhone when I visited and was jealous.. please help
  • Can’t use app. 2/5

    By jfresh2
    Honestly I don’t like how you can only see what’s happening in your area. Some people wanna be more open to everything else happening. I can’t even use the app now cause it’s not available in my community.
  • Don’t want to share my phone number 1/5

    By supersuperemily
    I enjoyed having this app, and found the information it provided useful, but when it asked for my phone number in order to function (private information I’m not comfortable sharing with them), I had to uninstall it. Before I did, I read through a lot of the terms of service. I am not a lawyer, but it looks as though by sharing video with them, they take over exclusive commercial rights of that data. You can share it with your family, for example, but not share it with a news agency? Anyways, I guess they have to make money somehow but I’m sad there’s not an option to just observe the information or anonymously provide videos.
  • Please allow customized alerts 5/5

    By alifornian
    Love this app, absolutely phenomenal. I would really like if I could draw a customized alert area a couple blocks around my house and get texts if anything whatsoever popped up... please make a bit more customizable, otherwise it’s perfect!
  • criminal uses this app 1/5

    By pcuser12345
    criminal used this app
  • Not available in your area yet 1/5

    By 08111980
    I learned about Citizen from an article on the App Store. I installed it and to my surprise it said that Citizen is not available in my area yet. Do you think this is a good user experience? Can’t you at least be considerate enough to have a disclaimer that Citizen might not be available in one’s area before one installs the app? Can you please be more respectful of people’s time?
  • Ios failure 1/5

    By IM Toast
    IPhone app total fail today. Would not get past opening page. Deleted and re-downloaded app, now it won’t verify my phone #. Also tried restarting phone. Nothing.
  • No video controls?! 3/5

    By Martholomeow
    Who ever heard of an app that has no video controls? Just because i open an incident doesn't mean i want to see the live stream, and there seems to be no way to stop the video or control the volume in the app. I want to be able to open an incident to just read what is Haywood without the annoying live streamers.
  • Great but 5/5

    By Lenny Moocow
    I wish there were a way to follow different incidents and save them. Also to filter by type of incident and search for incidents by keyword not just location
  • No longer accessible 2/5

    By Jasmintabulous
    I am a blind user who depends on the voiceover screen reader to help me navigate the app. For a long time I was able to successfully navigate the app, but this new update I can no longer navigate it on my own. This is unfortunate because now I can no longer read what’s going on in my neighborhood.
  • Hasn’t worked yet 1/5

    By SleepDeprivedNoMore
    Crashes upon startup. Haven’t been able to get past the Citizen Confirmation Code part. It crashes as soon as I enter the code.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By RDinNYC
    App doesn’t even get past the opening window before crashing. I’ve tried to delete it and reinstall, but the same issue persists.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By KMT1616
    App doesn’t work. Downloads, phone number, code, crash.
  • Keeps closing out on me after I verify my number 1/5

    By tiinyyx3
    Keeps closing and crashing after i verify my info and my phone number. Doesn't let me use the app at all
  • Why do you need my phone number? 1/5

    By alblanco
    The latest update wont let me use it unless I enter my phone number... was nice while it lasted. Deleted
  • the app keeps crashing upon opening 1/5

    By b cozy
    title speaks for itself not sure if its a problem with the latest version but it wont open at all on my iphone x.
  • New update keeps crashing 1/5

    By No1hotpapi
    The app keeps crashing on iPhone X’s max since you push out a new software update
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By kurtschwabe
    I uploaded the ap Entered my phone number Entered the code they texted me Then the ap just closes. I open it again and am forced to do it all again in a never ending loop.
  • Crashing At Start Up 1/5

    By CandyPepper23
    When I open up the app it asks for my number and code. When I insert the code, the app automatically closes and it keeps on doing that every time I retry.
  • Crashes during verification 1/5

    By Bait master
    App crashes after inputting verification code on iPhone 6S
  • Unusable 2/5

    By thimotyduenez
    Interesting idea, but bad execution. The app is extremely sluggish, to the point of being unusable (even in the most recent iPhone)
  • Location service *required* 1/5

    By garbagetime2017
    No way to use this app without allowing location services. Developer claims this is for notifications, but I don’t want notifications.
  • Not available in my area 1/5

    By bouncycurls00
    I live in Washington DC.....really?
  • promising idea but no 1/5

    By SFtroybob
    it was annoying getting alerts for events, most of which have no follow-up. it might as well be a random crime/gossip generator. read 'woman attacked' and wonder if someone got caught, if someone dangerous is on the loose, what time of day it happened; but keep wondering, because you'll never hear a peep about it again, and nothing is time-stamped. and don't read the chat comments unless you're eager to see what kind of busybody trash is living in your neighborhood.
  • Demands location tracking permission 1/5

    By MatthewD12345
    Gives you an option at startup to not allow location tracking, but if you select it, the app refuses to function.
  • Death of a nice idea 1/5

    By Reallywantedit
    This just started requiring a phone number to use the App. DOA. It would be shocking if this doesn’t tank the user base by 25%+, it should be more. Super dumb. If they wanted to ensure no abuse the phone number block should have been blocking the chat option only, goodbye citizen, you were somewhat useful even with the latency in reporting.
  • Update 916.1 is a mess and breaks profile 1/5

    By Robocub
    I normally love this app but just updated to 916.1 and now my profile got deleted and having trouble creating again. If I put in my username it rejects since it exists already.
  • Does not cover my area 2/5

    By fdlkwjfoiewjfoiew
    This app does not cover my area also if you click on the link in the App Store to view their privacy policy it takes you to an online ad site so I probably won’t try again. Probably up to something evil anyway
  • Requires a phone # to even try. 1/5

    By Armus77
    I’ll wait to ise until this app is written to defer requiring my personal info until after the point that I try to post something. Most people are likely to just care about viewing results so requiring info up-fromt is an extremely poor design.
  • The idea is great! 5/5

    By moonlightbae_2006
    The idea for this app looks great to protect people but is only available on NYC, it will be great if you expand to Charlotte, North Carolina :)
  • Concept Good, Execution MEH 2/5

    By BrooklynDad
    I imagine there are boundaries that need to be respected but app could become more informative by 1 Allow user report of incidents ahead of emergency response reporting. These would need to be vetted and danger is Citizen starts being used as 911 substitute. 2 Allow upload of video taken before incident appears on Citizen. Vetting needed to approve posting. 3 Merge incidents with police blotter. reporting and/or news media to provide full facts within 24 hours. 4 Don’t post video that provides low value info. Have users vote on video quality to prioritize which is displayed first. 5 Ability to post still pics. One good pic can be much more informative than 5 minutes of video. 6 Give badges for good user reporting. 7 Partner with All News media IE NY1 WCBS WINS
  • Scam calls 1/5

    By Cy0
    Ever since I downloaded this app I been getting scam calls non stop, I spoke with some people and they agreed that after they input there number they been getting scam calls
  • Horrible for officer safety 1/5

    By marty94111
    Entertaining app if you’re in one of the limited coverage areas. But huge concern for law enforcement agencies everywhere. Recently watched a barricaded suspect incident unfold on the app, while some teenager live streamed the event from across the street. The footage broadcasted the SWAT officers’ position to the entire audience, including the suspect! Apparently the designer of this app has no regard for the sanctity of human life.

Citizen­ app comments

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