Citizen: Safety & Awareness

Citizen: Safety & Awareness

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  • Current Version: 0.9.17
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  • Developer: sp0n, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Citizen: Safety & Awareness App

Citizen sends instant 911 alerts directly to your phone every time a significant incident or emergency happens near you. This technology empowers you to make safe and informed decisions. Real-time Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Live Video: Go live from the scene or watch an incident unfold from different angles – up to 25 people can broadcast from any incident at one time. Incident Details: Receive continuous updates on incidents and chat with other Citizen users to follow every developing story.


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Citizen: Safety & Awareness app reviews

  • Expand your coverage 2/5

    By Not a ostrich
    I downloaded the app to get notifications of emergency events in my area. Unfortunately the app doesn’t cover my area, so I basically wasted my time. You don’t know where it covers until you put your zip code in. Very disappointed.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Hmntthm
    Couldn’t even get past the log in screen. They take my email and the app crashes.
  • Better Before 2/5

    By julie212121732
    Before the last update, this app would only alert me about things happening near where I was. Now I get alerts from all over New York City, and it's been degraded to just background noise. I've looked within the app to see if there is a setting to prevent this from happening, but didn't find one. It seems like this is becoming more of an app for people who want to watch footage of horrific things happening, instead of one for people who just want the chance to avoid a dangerous situation. It's a shame. I really used to like this app, and now I'm close to making the decision to just delete it.
  • Great concept. Falls short of great potential 2/5

    By samrecord
    This app could be huge. It could be a bedrock upon which to build very strong hyperlocal communities. Hyperlocal social networks if you will. Apps like nextdoor attempt this but they offer to do so much that it becomes lost in ads and spam so I Disconnected from that network. Citizen is potentially great because everyone cares deeply about crime in their immediate neighborhood. Sure, some people care a lot about all the crime happening in their entire city and want to know if 5 miles away there was an armed burglary - but this is dilutive. A lot of people just won’t care about such a geographical spread. So again, I emphasize this point: EVERYONE cares deeply about crime in THEIR IMMEDIATE neighborhood. And by immediate neighborhood I mean from a few blocks radius up to a quarter mile radius at most in a typical city. And therein lies Citizen’s greatest weakness and missed opportunity: it is poorly optimized for this hyper locality. Instead, it’s default setting is of a crime review of One’s entire city. The notifications pop up for locations distant and less important, like a shooting 10 miles away. Meanwhile, I miss notifications on the fire that happened two blocks away that is more meaningful to me. Even a package deliver stolen off of someone’s porch three houses away would be 100x more valuable info to me than a murder 10 miles away. Once you get hyperlocality going, more neighbors would participate. With more participate, more dialogue, more helpful submissions. I care less to help my fellow New Yorker 10 miles away than my neighbors around me with relevant information. It’s not that I don’t care at all, just much less. If hyperlocality could be achieved, a true vibrant social network and platform could be created, one that I would fully engage and participate in. But alas this app is not that. While you can zoom in and see what’s going on near you manually, the app itself from landing screen to notifications etc are all optimized for entire city experience. Its not personal or intimate at all but just another big anatomous social network platform aspirant. They have got one half the equation right: people care deeply about the crime around them. But they got the definition of “around them” all wrong. So long as they stay macro-local, this app offers minimal value and I will be deleting it. Hopefully one day a developer gets it right and creates a true hyper local crime app optimized from the start to connect only those you say hello to in the mornings and evenings.
  • Well put together app 5/5

    By Seattlefrost7
    This app is very well put together and actually something similar to what DC Police use, but it’s only available for NYC and SF. I’d like to see more cities like DC, LA, Detroit, Chicago, or Seattle.
  • No citizen service don’t get alerts 2/5

    By Ginabeana7777
    I don’t get any alerts on Staten Island. I’m Brooklyn they are always piping up where ever I am.
  • If NYC & SF are the whole world... 2/5

    By luxmac
    I can’t find in the your App Store posting that this only works in New York City and San Francisco. Downloaded it. Didn’t like your privacy policy for having to give up my phone number. Eeesh. Went back to read the reviews. Saw the profound limitations and deleted app. Let us know when your world includes ours.
  • Irrelevant events and startling noises 1/5

    By Evesleaves
    Thanks, but I’d rather not have startling, ominous-sounding notifications telling me that there’s been an irrelevant event 7 miles away. And if I can’t have notifications, what’s the point?
  • Would love to be able to use this app 3/5

    By meixellent
    Great idea, but it tells me it’s not available in San Francisco, even though my friends that have it get all kinds of San Francisco. Seems like they have some backend stuff to work out still. Edit: After four or so tries I got it to actually allow me to sign up. The “Continue” button in the process was constantly grayed out, so force quitting the app and trying a few more times finally worked. Now that I can use the app, it’s pretty useful but the download/signup process definitely needs more dev attention.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Savage0927
    I’ve had this app for over a year and they still haven’t done my area I mean I guess it’s a lot closer because they just put it in New York City but they should really add this in the town of Brookhaven on Long Island
  • Some “Update” 5/5

    By Karen in Gotham
    I really liked Citizen until last week’s update—you know, the one that promised it would play better with the battery. Shortly after the update installed, and despite light usage phone usage, the battery began to drain at an alarming rate. Checking battery usage, I learned that Citizen was the culprit, consuming , on average, ~70+% of my charge. The problem persisted despite logging out and was only resolved when I, reluctantly, deleted it. Your bad, Citizen. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ETA: Meghan, you’re as good as your word. My iPhone battery performance is back to normal and the rating is being boosted accordingly. Thanks for being so responsive!
  • Stupid app, didn’t even have controls to set location. 1/5

    By Gavriel25
    Why can’t I set the location for which to receive notifications?
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Edulacer
    I love this app. It's so helpful and it's a wonderful tool to keep all of us informed about violence in our hood. Thank God I never had suffered any kind of violence
  • Loved the app but doesn’t works anymore. 2/5

    By Angie Lani Domani shirly angel
    In the beginning it was awesome i was always getting my alerts. But for the pass 1 month I haven’t been getting any alerts. Very disappointed.
  • I use to love this app!!! 3/5

    By Roachzwifey
    I have had this app since the beginning and I have lost count to how many people I have told to download and assisted them in downloading. Lately it hasn’t even been useful because I keep getting this message saying we’ve seem to have lost connection blah blah blah.. At first I thought it was because i was traveling and my signal was not good, but once I realized that even if I was connected through WiFi with full signal I would still get the same message. It is a problem with the app. I can’t do anything because it says I have no connection with unlimited data and or WiFi smh
  • Not working. Useless at this point. 1/5

    By Mr Cally
    Just updated the app right now (2/18) and it won’t even load. Claims there’s no connection. Please fix your app. How is it, that developers put out apps and don’t check them thoroughly before releasing them? Smh.
  • Pretty good app 3/5

    By Prek grama
    This app is somewhat helpful. The 2 glitches I find are: when it alerts you by sound to nearby problem, it is sometimes hard to read the details before the report disappears on phone lock screen. When you try to find the report using the app button, often it isn’t there. The other problem is the writing which tells you when & where a previous incident was. The writing is very faint white and is almost impossible to read, especially outside in bright light. Updated review: I still have this installed, but it really has limited value. I feel like you don’t know the area well enough— if I live in San Francisco, data from Mountain View, Berkeley and Oakland is not relevant. Maybe on a map that looks close, but it isn’t at all.
  • app itself is fine, killing battery though 4/5

    By Ktivs
    I had to delete this app when I found out that 33% of my battery usage was due to the Citizen background activity (I did not even open the app!) App itself is good, notifications are more or less relevant.
  • Deleted app...Bring back the old version 1/5

    By Amethyst281
    I deleted this used to be good and now I can only get today and the previous day incidents. I love this app but after an update a few months ago I am no longer able to see every incident that has occurred. I loved being able to explore my neighborhood as well as other areas I frequent and see what kind of incidents or crimes occurred there in the past. I can only see trending or stuff that happened recently. I want to see everything even if it happened a while ago.
  • Horrible App 3/5

    By Dayanarys
    Good concept horrible app. Update your app please
  • Cute idea for the paranoid 2000s 3/5

    By Dude0u812
    In many ways this is a clever app. Nice graphics, pretty well laid out and it does notify on seemingly random events in random areas. It does this with a startling alert that isn’t configurable, so it jumps your adrenaline to the roof to let you know that 7 miles away from you a hobo yelled at someone pestering them. Basically I leave it installed hoping they will tone it down and eventually get more granular and give better options for alerts. Let ME pick the sound, let me choose the areas I’m interested in and the “level” of attention I should give it (I.e. gang of people shooting up the neighborhood vs. a person fell on sidewalk). Maybe an alert for the area like Tsunami or nuclear warning. Or for real crime- an alert for someone kicking out tenants so they can list their home as a hotel on AirBnB. Right now it’s a blunt tool with the associated problems of being a blunt tool. Some good crime voyeurism to be had for sure, but without much relevance to people’s day-to-day it will eventually fade away.
  • Unable to record 5/5

    By Ivriyah
    Love the app but had difficulty in recording while I was at the scene.
  • Decent app needs iPad version ASAP! 4/5

    By Texan in Oz
    Please add an iPad friendly version of the app and an ability to navigate to incidents via 3rd party apps like Waze. Currently cannot figure out how to send incident locations to maps.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Bs unique nickname
    Shouldn’t require a phone number.
  • One suggestion 5/5

    By kidcamolon
    This is an incredible app, however is there anyway that you can change the notification sound of something happening around you to something less horrifying as that sound? Because the last thing I want to three in the morning is to be woken up by that horrifying sound. Please change that sound.
  • Location Delay 3/5

    By codev3rt
    There is a huge location delay. Sometimes I get location notifications for incidents when I’m 30-40 miles away 1 hour later. This is not near at at all. Running on iPhone X I guess it wasn’t addressed yet. Please fix.
  • 💯💯 5/5

    By Deeznuts ha gotee
  • GMomof2&1/2 4/5

    By SexyAssShari
    I heard abt this app from a co-worker. Downloaded it that day. Love it!
  • App is right on. 5/5

    By Yessie28
    Just downloaded the app due to the smell of smoke and the app immediately gave me the exact location of the fire as well as live feed. Fire is still active. Have have the app for 2 minutes yet.
  • Blackstargeneral 4/5

    By Africanous
    Excellent, very informative of your surroundings
  • The most need it!!! 5/5

    By Dj Elye
    Keep us updated about events happening around me. Sometimes right in front of my building. A great tool for citizens to make quick decision when need it. If I witnessing an event, I can report live what's going on. Thanks!!!
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Kget2knowme
    Best app in the iOS store now. Love it and I highly recommend it.
  • App needs improvement 3/5

    By Payroll2
    I would like to have the option to use the map OR permanently set my location. When swiping up, if I accidentally go on the map, it sometimes goes to locations that aren’t available/or of interest and it’s annoying to have to keep dragging it back.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Darlyne Pierre 19
    I LOVE THIS APP 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 VERY GOOD.
  • Fast is not always better 3/5

    By USA Fed
    Information flows fast. Videos are usually jumpy until someone with filming knowledge shows up. Also, too much cursing in the dialogue. Good info and interesting to see what’s happening in your neighborhood
  • Love this appp 5/5

    By j zahn
    It tells me important stuff
  • Annoying pop-up to rate app 1/5

    By sfnative
    I just down loaded and seems like every five seconds it asks me to rate the app. How about you let me use it for a minute?
  • Great app - has alerted me to nearby danger 5/5

    By Boom1111
    The Citizen app will have much wider appeal once the expand coverage across the country. For someone who uses the app now, it’s been very helpful. Several times now, the app alerted me to nearby problems. Once there was a man threatening pedestrians with a knife just half a block away. Real time real world updates are beyond value if it keeps you out of danger.
  • Accurate 5/5

    By xDskullxD
    Live reports on events going on around my neighborhood.
  • Little lee 5/5

    By Rockyroo3
    This app keeps me informed Of accidents and other things. I know what's happening in my neighborhood and in route to places I need to go. Give it a try.
  • Citizen 5/5

    By Blood of a spaniard
    It’s a great app to have living in any big city like NYC. I’m informed of my surroundings and I feel great knowing what happens in my neighborhood and city.
  • Misses a lot of occurences 1/5

    By ChigurhDaddy
    There are so many thing s a police scanner picks uo that this app never alerts you of. It’s ok for now but need improving. I onky get an alert from this a few times a week.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By YCmanda
    I just thought about calling 911 and wondering if this app will have any updates after an incident just happened outside of my building. Omg! It did! I hope this app are available around this country not just in NYC!
  • Hmm 1/5

    By Precious Cee
    Why won’t it let me download the app
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By RonJune
    I have been somewhat involved with Citizen since it’s inception and I am so very impressed with all that has Evolved since day one! I can either run to or run from what is happening and that is So cool
  • The Best app 5/5

    By Used Event Stuff
    Love the real time reporting and the allowance for sharing
  • Why record live? 3/5

    By HG90001
    I understand that people need that know about incidents that happen nearby so that a person can avoid the scene or area but to record the scene live is not helpful since it might create a crowd around the scene. It seems the people who created this App are a bit confused about what people should do in an Emergency such as a fire or robbery!
  • Best 5/5

    By noneyours
    So glad it was made.
  • !!! 5/5

    By Frasskidduxx
    The app does exactly what it says it will do. Very accurate
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By heegae
    This app is soo on point I love it! Always aware of my surroundings

Citizen: Safety & Awareness app comments


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