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Citizen­ App

Joining the Citizen safety network will give you instant access to information about crimes near you. The Citizen technology will send you real-time push notifications to alert you of crimes that are close by. Users write to us every day telling us how Citizen is changing how they engage with their neighborhoods. Citizen notifications have prompted users to evacuate burning buildings, deter school buses from departing a school during a nearby terrorist attack, or even rescue their neighbor’s baby locked in a hot car. You may receive a notification of a crime in progress before the police have responded. This app is meant to keep you safe and protect you. Please use Citizen responsibly. Real-time Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Live Video: Go live from the scene or watch an incident unfold from different angles. Incident Details: Receive continuous updates on incidents and chat with other Citizen users.

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Citizen­ app reviews

  • Great - how do I turn off auto play 4/5

    By Kmc218
    Great app, love seeing what’s going on where I am. But, is there a way to turn off the auto play video? Sometimes I want to view the app without letting everyone else hear it
  • No 1/5

    By S-Hickey
    This app will make you paranoid of where you live & want to sell your home & move far away. I did.
  • Too broad 3/5

    By WantStuff2Work
    I don’t care whats happening in all of LA County, it’s 50 miles square. How can I construct it to maybe 5-10? Otherwise it’s uselessly alerting to things that are of no affect to me
  • Translation 4/5

    By j_lop
    I downloaded the app, I like the idea and I’m a fan all around. I downloaded the app on my mother’s phone my question is as follows, can I change the language in which she gets notifications? Maybe Spanish? If that’s not possible you guys are missing out on a whole new market.
  • Interesting but iPad app is wonky 3/5

    By airboo
    When you click On an incident the scrolling at the bottom for the details is not right on my iPad.
  • Great info 5/5

    By 66)(@!?)
  • It makes you aware of crime going on in and about NYC 5/5

    By suggarmamma
    I love this site! Why I work all kind of shift and it tells me what’s going on that the news have not capture so I know where to go not to get delay and able to reach to my job, appointment , or where’re I am going in safety. Thank you for creating this site for hard working people to be safe while they do their endeavors.
  • Where’s My City..?? 1/5

    By JohnnyBeGood51
    The APP Has A Lot Of Potentials, But Lacking Cities and Counties. Riverside, CA. Corona, CA. Chino, CA. Chino Hills, CA. Ontario, CA. Long Beach, CA. Cerritos, CA. Buena Park, CA. Whittier, CA. ???????????? ???????????? Name Your City and Mostly Likely Not Going To Be There.. What’s Point Of Having This APP..?
  • Very useful 5/5

    By SexySlayer
    The app is very stable and well designed. The information it provides is really useful to avoid any areas or just to know what’s going on in your neighborhood. Sometimes you hear these things through word-of-mouth and you’re not sure to believe it or not. With this app you’re getting reliable information.
  • Ridiculous Terms of Service 1/5

    By Jase1125
    Stay away. If you upload a video or photo YOU took, you own the rights. By uploading them and agreeing to the TOS you are relinquishing the rights of your media. That is complete BS. You are rewarded doing reporting for them by them taking ownership of your content. Also, stupid that they need one’s phone number. Add to the fact the app drains one’s battery, users should flee from this app/service.
  • Chicago? 1/5

    By KMFG011
    When will this be in Chicago? This would be very helpful!
  • Doesn’t do all 911 1/5

    By kindones
    I wish it did all 911 calls. I can listen to my scanner app but I heard sirens last night and checked this app. Only to not have anything new come up. Baltimore city has open source and has all 911 calls online they just aren’t as instant. Removed to 1 star as I try to zoom to the area not far from me and there are 0 dots. I find it hard to believe even 4 streets over in the county (in city) there are no 911 calls. That’s my area too. It’s a bad area. A area I avoid due to crime yet you show none Edited to say I just had 3 straight mins of cops and trucks go by but nothing on the app.
  • No Sound 😡😡 5/5

    By Netta Baby
    I love this app but I’m not getting any notifications. I’ve uninstalled it 3 time and still nothing. I don’t even get the badge notification. Everything is enabled so I’m not sure what’s wrong.
  • Never reports right 1/5

    By Engine 61
    There was a shooting today right near my home a block away and your app still shows last incident in areacwas last month. Not why I downloaded this
  • Nickname 1/5

    By angrycorn1112
    I swear I wish I could give it none star, after inputting number it kept saying X for nickname. I tried everything and it kept saying X next to nickname and didn’t allow me to create a account. I wanted to be save but whatever won’t even let me make an account
  • New favorite app 5/5

    By DeonteWeslen8362
    Downloaded Citizen approximately 2 weeks ago and couldn't be more happy. Yesterday I was on my way to gas station (needing to fuel up) and about 20 seconds prior to arriving, BOOM a Citizen notification deflecting me from harm. Couldn't be more thankful, I recommend this app to anyone when accounting for safety features nonexistent elsewhere.
  • Room For Improvement 1/5

    By JE11&TB12
    Doesn’t expand to Long Island
  • Would be great if i could use it 1/5

    By Cdtjnoosc
    Not in my area
  • Not in my area, 1/5

    By marly38801
    I downloaded and found it was not in my area yet. Then, it wouldn’t let me delete it.... took several tries to “catch” the app on my iPad. I’m not impressed
  • Citizen 5/5

    By myrasmalls
    Citizen is a great app which gives us up to date all info! So we can avoid or help a harmful situation!! I thank you!!
  • Superman Hearing 5/5

    By DCav3
    It’s like having Superman hearing from the comfort of your fingers.
  • People complain but its better then nothing 4/5

    By Johnny knights 20
    This app is really nice and at first I thought they would put fake scenarios out there but recently when there was a guy waving a gun around by my block I saw 10+ police cars out and searching on my way home even questioning me. I agree with one of the reviews on how he wishes how we can pick the alerts and distances and how some of his was unnecessary buy all of mine were serious but I do like it Brighton beach what do you expect. I'm just curious what their sources are like have they teamed up with the NYPD. And I do love the fact the users are there before the news even if the news were there they would never go live instantly or release footage or information out to the public. The app is at a great start and in NYC where there's crime under our noses this is very useful and with updates and time to time maintenance I think this app will be on every NYC residents phone. I also do wish there was a way to report your own crime either instantly with them contacting the police or minor things that can be filled out more detailed. Other then that great app I recommend it to everyone. Its also fun I've been going through this more then my social media because it's very interesting and useful information all the time. Keep it up I'm edition to my original review I think they should keep past alerts up to a week at least if not within a couple of years the whole NYC map would be red dots and you wouldn't to be able to find anything Second of all they should have 3 categories one should be major events one should be the top closest 3 rd should be trending I guess so cause it’s already and I feel like the list should be at least 3 times longer and especially listed closest to furthest because half of the things happening I see are 15+ miles I think the closest should me more important and if I wanna go somewhere I’ll check I’m the map anyways but I don’t want to go through the map because half the time the more you zoom in or out or you move the map some of the red dots appear or disappear but like I said with mothly updates they do good
  • Newest update. 1/5

    By ofcpurse
    I’m not liking the newest update. I’m not able to see any incidents. I’m following different areas of New York City and still nothing comes up when I open the app. Ugh
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By 4HerHer*
    Last update ruined it.
  • Looking for 5/5

    I like this app any chance of Boston soon? Scott
  • Best thing since sliced wonder bread 5/5

    By Non other
    For real
  • Language 3/5

    By rhufnhfinfghfomrbh
    This app is great but I would also want to be able to put it in different languages so everyone can be able to understand and use it
  • Still New 3/5

    By mssprecious
    I’ve been using the app for one day. I’ll be back later but so far so good. But it doesn’t always give details.
  • Citizen is great! 5/5

    By ExplorationProject
    I am amazed at all the crime that goes on in NYC. Citizen keeps me safer than what I was before. Their e mail alerts allow me to avoid dangerous places. I check the Citizen app at least five times a day as well. I hope Citizen will expand to other big cities as well.
  • Best app 5/5

    By sierrajio
    Very aware app
  • Needs a ton of work! 2/5

    By From me to everyone
    I’ve been using this app for a while now and can’t help but think that this app is more for entertainment than it is information. First thing that need to be fixed is the neighborhood selection since it isn’t 100% accurate. I don’t really care about what’s happening 4+ miles away from me. Another thing that needs to change is the option to share pics of missing/wanted people. Writing a vague description isn’t going to help find anyone or keep users safe if the person is dangerous. This app has potential but the kinks needs to be worked out.
  • Features lacking 2/5

    By SourDMB
    How about pinch zoom out on the map to a larger area and get rid of the black map background? Please add location setting to bring me to my area otherwise it loads with NYC every time I open the app and have to scroll over to West Coast; then it says on the top “out of service area.” Also, why is San Jose CA also not included but the smaller surrounding communities are?
  • App doesn’t pick up all incidents 3/5

    By skip442
    The app is good but it seems some emergency calls slip by and don’t show up on the app, seems like many people just use this t as a chat room..
  • The most informative app! 5/5

    By MsAuthor7
    Keeps me in the know in real-time!
  • Locations 1/5

    By Deeeeeezzz nutsssssss
    They don’t happen to have it for capital region Schenectady Albany area but says it’s for everywhere ?
  • Such bad UX 1/5

    By mattjsilverman
    Looks like no designers, visual or UX, helped make this app. Good ideas but this is hurting you guys.
  • Come on now . 1/5

    By Abberz254
    Doesn’t cover my area in New York . Why .
  • Great! 3/5

    By andy20182020
    Keep delivering great service to support our commu🙏👏🏼👏🏼
  • Going downhill, fast 2/5

    By gjeffrey102
    This app was my go-to whenever I heard sirens.. now it is riddled with unconfirmed reports and infrequently updated with resolutions of incidents. Previously, all incidents had some sort of conclusion or at least an adequate level of information was shared to make the app useful. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.
  • Background activity battery drain 1/5

    By ekurax
    Noticed my battery life was not great lately on my phone. Checked the battery usage report on the settings app and this app is chewing up battery running in the background like crazy! App is a fun idea but given that I rarely open it and it's draining battery doing whatever it's doing in the background makes it not worth it.
  • Wonderful app! 5/5

    By Kirill B.
    Great, shows all incidents nearby, much more reliable than police scanners or Nextdoor
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By Bigga917
    This is the absolute best app ever.
  • Nearly useless app 2/5

    By MoonbeamCoffeecream
    The map constantly freaks out when I try to zoom in or swipe. Not to mention late reportings so why keep this app when my phone alerts me faster?
  • Lt Gary Howard 5/5

    Great pictures, Wonderful Story, Everyone should have this App
  • One question/how good is the app 5/5

    By willi_1314
    Does the app works with out enternet? The app is the best I consider everyone to get this app
  • Citizen 4/5

    By MaryD7770
    It is a good app. You get notifications when something happens near your area. You can also see what’s going on in other areas. The only thing I think would improve it, is if there was a way to find out what happened after the alert. Like if it was a burglary were they caught? If it was a reckless driver were they caught. An update of the alert would be nice.
  • Really Good! 5/5

    By jay1214
    This app is fantastic, and it always keeps me alert ⚠️ from by surrounding neighborhood.
  • Complicated 3/5

    By Mechanic109
    App is great but shows past events that had happened days or months ago. Which isn’t help on things of today.
  • Good to know what to avoid 5/5

    By Prize life1
    It’s good to know when somethings going on a block away and the only reason you’re alert it is because the citizens App.

Citizen­ app comments

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