Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

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  • Current Version: 7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Citizens Bank, N.A.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App

CITIZENS BANK MOBILE BANKING DESCRIPTION The Citizens Bank FREE Mobile Banking app allows you to check available balances and activity, transfer funds, pay bills, manage your billers, Send Money with Zelle, deposit checks, and locate ATMs and branches – all on your schedule, at your convenience.  

The Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app is available to all Citizens Bank Online Banking customers. Accessing the app is easy – simply use the same Online User ID and Password you have established for Citizens Bank Online Banking.  

 Access the bank accounts you manage at Citizens Bank Online Banking
 View account balances  
See recent activity 
 Pay Bills Send Money with Zelle®
 Transfer money between accounts  
Deposit checks
 Quickly see selected balances without logging in with Fast Balance 
Receive account alerts 

Our Citizens Bank Online Guarantee® protects you from fraud with 100% Online and Mobile Fraud protection. The technical security measures Citizens Bank employs--including state-of-the-art encryption technology, firewalls and secure logon--protect your accounts from unauthorized users. Just like most major credit cards, you are protected 100% against unauthorized online and mobile transactions, visit to learn more. 

 We are committed to protecting the privacy of your financial information. See our online Privacy Policy on our web site at 

 Get help when you need it - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or search by city, state or zip code with our built in branch locator. Contact Customer Service 24/7 with our click to call right from your iPhone. Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. ©2018 Citizens Financial Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
Citizens Bank is a brand name of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Member FDIC

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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app reviews

  • No longer works on 6th Gen IPod 3/5

    By Trainboy0017
    I loved using the app on my iPod as I use my iPod for my work and other things over my phone and now every time I wanna use it just shows how much I got for a brief moment and crash after I liked using the widget so when I bought something i knew right away what I had left in my account please fix 😕😕😕
  • A nightmare 1/5

    By jbsheirufhddnsj
    This horrific app makes you log in and change your password 3 times each time you turn it on.
  • New Version Won’t Download 1/5

    By JamieBi
    Been a few days, unable to use my app, says I have to update, yet the update stalls every time.
  • Weak App Minimal Functionality 1/5

    By A Lincoln Owner
    Unlike other apps from major banks this one lacks a lot of information and functionality. For example you cannot see your online statements via the app. However you can access them via a web browser, although for some unknown reason you can only access the past 18 months.
  • does not work 1/5

    By haijung
    always say can not retrieve information,mobile is not availabe,tried many many times
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By ahb512
    My chip on my credit card didn’t work. My business and personal accounts do not work well together. They limit my mobile deposits to as low as $75 at times. How can I run a business like that? They still have not been able to activate mobile deposit for my personal account. But I guess that doesn’t really matter if I can only deposit $75 a month. The people in the local branch and the customer service representatives on the telephone are very nice. However, no one seems to know how to resolve my issues. I have trouble with the ATMs as well. The only time I can bank is the old fashioned way. Go to the bank during banker’s hours and see a teller. What an inconvenience.
  • Still can’t login 1/5

    By Katielizzzz
    Used to love this, but now I haven’t been able to login for months! Pop up saying “mobile is currently unavailable. Try again another time.” prevents me every time. Updated and the same thing is happening. Honestly the worst. Thinking about banking elsewhere it’s so bad.
  • Credit card 2/5

    By Mizzy Kizzy
    Lack of information Lately bill Less verity notifications
  • Pay credit card 3/5

    By brittlee113
    Is there any way to pay my citizens bank credit card from the app?
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By dsochia
    On 1/11/2019 I must have spent 45 minutes to set up two bill pay companies. Then they send me mesg from the theft department to call them to be told to wait for over 5 minutes I think their app is back in the 90s They should look at Huntington’s app. So friendly and helpful Back to citizens So I wait then I’m told they don’t know why maybe I have an OLD APP See that’s their programming department We deal with six figures at this bank and I’m done This new year changes are a comin I did what they asked me to do and I still can only put one company in and then I have to log off and go through a different browser Ya I know
  • What was once great, now it is terrible 1/5

    By dagrjg
    I use an iPhone 6S so I’m not sure if the issues I have are across the board. The app worked great for years but within the past 6 months it has cost my hundreds of dollars. Here goes: when I get an online credit card bill, through the app, I always click on the balance to pay it in full. For the past 6 months-ish the app defaults to the minimum due, even when I click on the balance. If I click on ‘other amount’ and enter the amount I wish to pay, the flipping thing still defaults to the minimum. If you like to do things quickly, like I do, you probably will just click on the balance, click confirm and close the app. If you don’t happen to catch the fast that it defaults to minimum due, it can cost you hundreds in interest. The only way I have found to pay my bills now is to go back and edit the payment. Maybe it works fine on a computer but for the iPhone it is absolutely terrible. BTW, their response when I emailed them was as follows:.....crickets...
  • hard to remove old phone number 1/5

    By mok2241
    i tried to delete my old phone number and it keeps coming back i can’t get rid off it and i can’t send no money to my self to another bank
  • The reason for one star... 1/5

    By 0ffspring_
    The reason I’m giving citizens a one star review is due to the app! The app is constantly telling me it unavailable and not able to be accessed and that’s just not okay with me. I love citizens as a bank but they really need to fix this issue on the app.
  • Strange 2/5

    By Intrepid Theory
    This new update removed the citizens widget completely, also it doesn’t even show that I own the app in my Notification Center .
  • Great new features! 5/5

    By hme55846
    I really love having Zelle as part of the app now. So easy to send money in real time.
  • Citizens bank 1/5

    By it said to enter a nickname
    As with most banks these scumbags don’t update your account regularly so the same day you find out you account is overdrawn they charge you the $35 fee
  • Awful app 1/5

    By lavvy0756737
    Won’t work I pod
  • iOS warning 1/5

    By vobloh
    Warning if you have iOS don’t bother wasting your time, this is been going on for a year whenever iOS comes up with the new update, this app when you sign in will lock you out! Then you have to call customer service to get everything reset and re-download. Even the customer services told me they have the same problem. Fix the app!
  • Will never allow me to sign in! 1/5

    By Jpc1080
    I have had it with this app. I’ve spent the last 3 months changing passwords, deleting the app, reinstalling the app, updating the app, on the phone with customer service and it still tells me my password is wrong. Even though it works everywhere else. And not a single employee can tell me why.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By dlbuckler
    Over all I am very happy with Citizens bank. They are not the best bank due to their interest rates offered for loans or CD savings accounts, but the help I receive from their phone support and their branches are always top of the line. The app could be better in terms of receiving points from the Citizens Bank Credit Card. They force me to log in on their actual website to claim my points which is not mobile friendly. That minor inconvenience could be addressed and everything would flow more efficiently.
  • App limited overseas 2/5

    By AMDJ Family
    This app does not work when you travel overseas. Every other bank app of mine works overseas but citizens bank must think it is a security issue. I give it a few months and then I plan to switch banks as I travel overseas a lot and cannot pay bills or get access to my accounts on my mobile phone.
  • App won’t allow you to sign on 1/5

    By RondoSho
    Won’t let you sign in thru the app, even after resetting password. Final straw with a company known for terrible user experience.
  • Be careful to pay via the app 1/5

    By Shijia7
    I used this app for years, until recently to be exact, this September, when I made payment to a credit biller, even I selected the balance amount to pay the app automatically converted to the minimum due. I ended up got changed for interest by the credit card company. I called citizens and reported the issue twice, and what they told me is IPhone OS issue not their app issue. If their app is not compatible with the OS, fix it do not ask their customer to jump through the hoops. Very disappointed!!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By amoghkatwe
    Such a horrible app. It does not even let me login using my fingerprint or password. You had one job, and can’t even access the primary job of the app. Disgusted. Looking forward to changing my bank.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By Dartmouth 2018
    I’m unable to log in on the mobile app. When I enter my password it says it is incorrect. Using the same password via their website works.
  • Real annoying issues! 1/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    Closed accounts still show up in the app, and changing user ID on online banking forced me to uninstall and reinstall the app to re-enable Touch ID because it thought I was a different user. I just talked to mobile banking tech support about this. Please fix these issues! Also, I need more than three challenge questions on my account.
  • Mobile unavailable 1/5

    By smbabrown
    Have not been able to sign in the app for weeks. “Mobile currently unavailable. Try again later”. I used to like the mobile check deposit, but this app is totally unreliable. No excuse for not being able to use it for weeks.
  • Absolutely awful 1/5

    By abigxiljane
    a mobile bank app has 1 job .... to let you access your money. this app says “mobile is unavailable” about 70% of the time. do NOT bank with citizen..... awful
  • Horrible...Just Horrible 1/5

    By Shots1229
    Honestly, this app is so frustrating I may have to switch banks. Every time I try to login it tells me my password is incorrect. I go to change it and it tells me I can’t use that password because my password can’t be the same as my previous password, which is the one it already told me was incorrect. No big deal, right? Just use Touch ID or a pin instead, right? Nope. Tells me both of those are incorrect too. Not even sure how that’s possible. So basically every time I want to try to log in I get “Touch ID incorrect”, “Pin incorrect”, “Password incorrect, your account has been locked due to three incorrect attempts”. Get it together...
  • Worst 1/5

    By jdbdjhx
    Worst bank in the country ap is terrible didn’t work for days so you can’t see your balance and then you get hit with tons of overdraft fees
  • Can't Log In 1/5

    By Zachedelic
    You gotta be kidding. "Invalid password" even through I registered my account 30 seconds ago and typed in the same exact password!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Pugg1e
    Locks me out of my account and forces me to change my password every time I log in (I only attempt once and KNOW I’m using the correct password.) TouchID also locks down account. Useless.
  • Unusable. 1/5

    By AlaskaHam
    Every time I type in my user ID and password, I log in and see how much is in my bank for a second before it crashes. This happens every single time. I can’t do anything else and as far as I am concerned this app is completely useless. I’d give 0 stars if I could.
  • “Mobile is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” 1/5

    By DannyGGGT
    That might as well be the name of this app. And when it does actually work, it takes forever to open: “verifying...” super annoying. Also, they should rename the Messages section of the app Snapchat, because incoming messages disappear after you read them, so be sure to screen cap them if you want a record, or want be able to read them more than once. Not that they’ll get back to you any time soon anyway. Also no way to see sent messages. Also the transaction descriptions could be more detailed. And how about the option to get push notifications when a transaction is made? What year is this? A bank’s mobile app is the primary interaction most people have with their bank. You would think the bank would care if those interactions were total garbage. But I guess not...
  • Mobile check is so easy to deposit 5/5

    By Merhabayn
    It auto adjusts, does not complain about lighting.
  • Love it tho 4/5

    By montyskates
    Your guy should have a Notification to pop up in your notification bar to your phone to tell us when the app banking is able to not
  • Horrible Design 1/5

    By Aaron122213339
    I can’t log-in because my password is too long to fit in the prompt (even though the website recommends a password at least 15 characters long). What a joke.
  • Unavailable 1/5

    By Cashm29876543210836
    More times than not when I go to log in it says Mobil is unavailable. So what’s the point of having an app or claiming you have online banking?
  • Junk 1/5

    By togg123
    This app is the worst I go out of the country and it doesn’t work you should fire whoever developed this app
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By ronnie esho
    The app is old and needs to be updated. Hello?? Were in 2019. What a shame!
  • FACE ID 3/5

    By Kayyyy3972
    It would be so much more user friendly for people with the new iPhone to be able to use the Face ID feature to log in.
  • Mediocre when it works 2/5

    By Jjjoooeeeebbbb1112233211
    This app is mediocre when it works. Half the time it’s down or I’m unable to see my account balances. The features are also not that great either.
  • Check deposit not working for me 1/5

    By qkkeee
    This function is not available to all. Not heard of this with other banks
  • Bug for Balance due 1/5

    By costomeropinion
    While paying the balance due of credit card using the app, the minimum amount came out instead of total balance. It has happened for more than 2 months. I called Citizensbank customer service, but this bug has not been solved. Customers will be charged interest on the unpaid balance. Be careful!!
  • can’t register 1/5

    By animeXkitty
    i’ve tried with my SSN and account number and it doesn’t recognize me when i obviously have an account with them
  • Does not meet expectations 1/5

    By Whitec08
    Does not have many features my smaller bank has. Citizens credit card transfers should be real time. Transfer feature works on deposit accounts but I noticed time and time again when making principle payments to loans the transfer gives a confirmation without a reference number. It shows the date and amount transferred. I called customer service and they blamed me for not following to the full confirmation page. I screenshot my transfer confirmations every time and now noticed I only have issues with principle payments to loans and credit card transfers. I want to pay my loan off quicker and it is frustrating to have make several calls without a fix. Considering switching banks completely unless this app can fix itself quickly!
  • Credit card 3/5

    By Issafen
    No app for credit card
  • Balance 3/5

    By debfrdmove
    Liked the old app better where you could see your balance after every transaction. When trying to reconcile my account it is difficult to identify when a balance discrepancy first appeared.
  • Junk app 1/5

    By OurHouseCC
    This is a terrible, no good, very bad app. I’ve been traveling internationally for a week, and both for security as well as checking transactions here (i.e. cash withdrawals and the exchange rate) while tracking scheduled bills at home, have been unable to login all but once, and that was three days ago. Every day that I’ve tried to access the app, a message says it’s not available. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it with no success. Like others, I’ve previously had issues with my PIN and thumbprint access. I’ve had to restart my phone to get the app to work (not experiencing issues with any other app or the phone itself at the time). Given the other cumbersome issues experienced with the bank, which I joined approximately two years ago, it makes me regret leaving Bank of America – they had their own customer service issues, but it didn’t feel like I needed to send carrier pigeons across the nation to achieve a simple task. I’ve previously complained to Citizens about different issues, and the response on more than one occasion has either been, “It’s our way,” or “Try restarting your device.” No, it’s the bank. Have consideration for your clients (your “citizens”) who trust you with the security and convenience of banking with you, and do better.

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app comments

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