Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

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  • Current Version: 6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Citizens Bank, N.A.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App

CITIZENS BANK MOBILE BANKING DESCRIPTION The Citizens Bank FREE Mobile Banking app allows you to check available balances and activity, transfer funds, pay bills, manage your billers, Send Money with Zelle, deposit checks, and locate ATMs and branches – all on your schedule, at your convenience.  

The Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app is available to all Citizens Bank Online Banking customers. Accessing the app is easy – simply use the same Online User ID and Password you have established for Citizens Bank Online Banking.  

 Access the bank accounts you manage at Citizens Bank Online Banking
 View account balances  
See recent activity 
 Pay Bills Send Money with Zelle®
 Transfer money between accounts  
Deposit checks
 Quickly see selected balances without logging in with Fast Balance 
Receive account alerts 

Our Citizens Bank Online Guarantee® protects you from fraud with 100% Online and Mobile Fraud protection. The technical security measures Citizens Bank employs--including state-of-the-art encryption technology, firewalls and secure logon--protect your accounts from unauthorized users. Just like most major credit cards, you are protected 100% against unauthorized online and mobile transactions, visit to learn more. 

 We are committed to protecting the privacy of your financial information. See our online Privacy Policy on our web site at 

 Get help when you need it - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or search by city, state or zip code with our built in branch locator. Contact Customer Service 24/7 with our click to call right from your iPhone. Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. ©2018 Citizens Financial Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
Citizens Bank is a brand name of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Member FDIC


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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app reviews

  • Not useful for managing finances 3/5

    By mattie_1991
    This app is useful only in that I’m able to check my account balance and transactions. The app does not have a feature that allows the user to search for deposits and withdrawals of specific amounts and the user cannot search for keywords when looking up transactions.
  • App is often down 1/5

    By Meghan$$$
    Use of app is frequently unavailable
  • Done with citizens 1/5

    By massman55
    Tried to complete enrollment for an hour but the app kept crashing!! I finally got to step 3 of The enrollment process but wouldn't let me click on the “select a question”. App aside, the bank always takes out money from my account because of hidden fees I was never told about when I made the account! Super disappointed. I’m withdrawing all my money out of the the bank and closing my account tomorrow. My advice is that you do the same. Smh citizens. END RANT.
  • Mobile App is currently Unavailable 1/5

    By Mobile App unavailable
    4/5 times when I attempt to log in, the app says “Mobile App is currently Unavailable, please try again later.” It is the most annoying thing ever, especially when I desperately need to check my bank. I don’t understand why it keeps happening. Please fix it.
  • When it works it’s great... 2/5

    By Zspyk
    When this app works it’s great. The UI is very intuitive and the performance is good. That being said 50 to 60 percent of the time I try to login it gives a the message “mobile is not available at this time”. Frustrating when I need it to work and can pretty much never rely on it to be operational.
  • Pay Bills stopped working! 1/5

    By DGLuch
    Never had issue with this app. Suddenly the Pay Bills will not work. I try to pull up the bill I want to pay and an “unknown error”comes up. Last time it was over a month. Tried deleting app and downloading again multiple times. Then suddenly one day it worked. Tech support had no idea what happened. Now it has stopped working again, over a week now!
  • Works ok now 3/5

    By Netnomad123
    The App is usable and does most of what you can do on the website. They seem to have more than their share of issues pop up though. It is stable now.
  • No running balance 3/5

    By Cront37
    I miss having a running balance on my checking account. Please bring that back.
  • Site always Down 1/5

    By JamesCBP
    This is a horrible bank! Who is their IT person? Their mobile banking site is always down. I plan to switch banks next week my wife never has this problem with TD bank
  • Nothing but issues 1/5

    By Tddssryiikjnvxxxyujkkojc
    Quik Pay with zelle doesn’t work like it should at other banks. Can’t even change any information in the Application and on top of that I still can’t do it on the mobile website. Just switched Max nothing but issues since the moment I left that bank. Terrible terrible terrible experience so far. I’m on day 3! Fix your online banking. ASAP
  • Best bank app I've ever used. 5/5

    By Boogerbandit
    Wow, I've been using this app for almost two years. I use it almost everyday. Instant money transfers between my accounts. I can set up multiple bill payments. Every once in a while temporary down time really bothers me. I think sometimes it is because I'm on a unsecured network. Still I love this app.
  • Credit card can connect to app 4/5

    By MyraKleist
    In response to some reviews complaining that the credit card doesn't work on the app, I'd like to say that you can view your credit card balance on the app as well as transfer from checking to credit card to pay the bill. You just need to call in and have them link the two profiles. Although this is a hassle, the app works perfectly after this is done.
  • Ignore Rae J one star review... 5/5

    By HCPDE
    Citizens Bank is truly customer focused... and as responsible adults it’s up to us to make sure the address on all of our accounts are updated when we move. The Staff are always helpful and friendly... never had an issue with banking in person or online...
  • Consistently unavailable 2/5

    By Wilbur23
    More than 80% of my login attempts are rejected as mobile banking currently unavailable with a please try again later message. When it actually works I have no issues with the app, and do find it very user friendly.
  • App is turning to crap 1/5

    By citizens bank app stinks
    The app recently does not allow you to login at all so you have to go through the website. It doesn’t recognize your password, your pin, or your face ID. Whoever is in charge of that department and working with the Citizens Bank app needs to be reassigned.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By 20 years loyal client
    When a great financial institution like citizens bank couldn’t support the mobile app for days , it’s loosing its touch
  • This app does the absolute bare minimum 1/5

    By be_lovely
    All this app does is tell you your balances and transaction amount history. Most of the time it doesn’t say where (company) the purchase or “debit” was made from. The app doesn’t allow for merging of accounts either. I can not access my citizens credit card from this app or any other citizens service, loan, car, mortgage etc. It has issues logging in often. Will not read thumbprint or register password reading. I’m really disappointed with this app, to the point where I’ve actually thought about switching banks which is a strong statement I know, but if I can’t read or identify what is going on with my finances then that’s a serious problem. I hope citizens works on this because it’s a huge issue that could make them lose customers.
  • Used to love the convenience 2/5

    By Shadow Lotus
    For some reason now though the app refuses to recognize my TouchID even though I’ve turned TOuchID on and off, uninstalled and reinstalled this app, and searched all the faqs and help menus. The app is supposed to have an option to turn on Touch ID, it’s not there (yes I looked in the security settings tab within the app and through the app settings in the IOS settings menu), and that makes it highly inconvenient especially when the app itself likes to tell me my password isn’t correct when I know for a fact beyond a doubt that I have put it in correctly. Fix your crap Citizens, or are you going to treat your mobile app/mobile banking like you did the overdraft fee scandal a few years back and just ignore it and pretend there’s no problem?
  • Face ID stopped to work 2/5

    By sveselev
    Last update to v. 6.4 worked fine with Face ID login on iPhone X, but stopped to work after one month of use. Requires password again.
  • What happened to Face ID? 1/5

    By Edawg35
    The app is having terrible issues today. Somehow Face ID is gone now too?

    By ms pratt
    Enough of this crap. Over a WEEK without my mobile banking working. I walked into the bank branch today to see if they could help me and they basically told me that I should use a checkbook to balance my accounts because their mobile banking, when it works, is still so god awful that it won’t show your true balance. They no advice on mobile banking (last time they told me to uninstall then reinstall the app, which I have done about 20 times today) nor did they know when it would be back up. They told me it was the banks error that there was an overdraft fee on one of my accounts, but because another one of their systems was down, they couldn’t reverse it. So they wrote down the same customer service number on a sticky note to give to me. WHY ARE ANY OF US STILL WITH THIS BANK?
  • Bad 1/5

    By Laurwn
    It never lets me log in. It always says “mobile app currently unavailable”
  • Functional, when it wants to work. 2/5

    By Obviously Tyler
    This app is easy to use when it’s actually working. It will crash and become unavailable on a regular basis. Extremely frustrating when I need to use it in a bind.
  • Awful 1/5

    By rachfacekilla
    App is awful. “Mobile is currently unavailable” is at least a once a week occurrence. Crashes. Real tired of it.
  • There’s better out there 1/5

    By andrew clauser
    I have no idea how they won awards for this app. I’ve had local banks with better banking apps. Logging in is a nightmare.
  • Worst app ever ZERO stars 1/5

    By hhrbriifjdeneidjdn
    Unreliable, should call it uninstall and reinstall, or mobile banking is unavailable, makes me want to switch banks
  • Transfers 1/5

    By Tarebear827
    This app never lets me transfer any money between accounts! It’s complete and utter crap! The bank is horrible also! They never help you and your always on hold for hours!
  • App isn't working 1/5

    By fuk nicnames
    I really like this app however it forces closes and won't work now. Fix this!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mironron
    The widget on my iPhone never updates, opening the app doesn’t work, it doesn’t even load before it closes itself out. Tried deleting and reloading the app and nothing works. Hate it.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Joe09771
    The app is useless, doesn’t work 75% of the time.
  • Worst bank and app 1/5

    By MrsRickillem
    This is the worst app ever. It always says “mobile app is unavailable” or “unknown error”. I tried the desktop website and it just loads until it times out. Fix the stupid app and make it efficient for your customers. Will be changing banks soon. Shouldn’t take over an hour to finally log in and check my balance.
  • Disappointed. 1/5

    Until today I had only experienced minor inconveniences which were quickly resolved. I have been incredibly frustrated this morning as I have not been able to access my mobile account due to a technical glitch which also affected direct deposits. I do not have a Citizen’s bank near where I live, and rely on the ability to transfer money between accounts to pay my bills as well as have money to spend as I wish. I had to learn of the glitch through Twitter and not through an e-mail or notification on the app itself. Customers have been assured that direct deposits have been deposited correctly but as of yet I have been unable to check my account online or through mobile. Very disappointed in Citizens and this app.
  • Utter nonsense! 1/5

    By Stevie. D
    I’ve sat on this review for a couple of years now, hoping; praying that Citizens Bank would one day get their act together and provide their customers with a banking app that actually works. This mobile application is a joke! I can’t tell you how many wasted times I have awoken on my pay day to check my balance, but this app is continually offline for hours. We (the poor folks who actually pay CB’s wages) never receive any notification of ‘downtime’, and don’t hold out for an apology either because it ain’t coming. If you’re looking at this app to be a potential companion to your potential new CB account, then please run, run as fast as you can, because you have been warned - you’ll see me running right behind you.. Utter nonsense.
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By Gimme_urs
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Flight87
    I often find I can even open the app. Seems to happen especially on pay days when I simply want to review my account. Really frustrating. It happens frequently and gives me an “Unknown Error” annoying!!!!
  • This app always has login problems 1/5

    By paramourblue
    Tired of all the login problems this app has
  • Won’t let me log in 1/5

    By MK1218
    It keeps saying there’s a problem. I logged in last night and it was fine. Not too sure what’s happening now
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Kendge8
    Won’t let me log in.
  • Inconsistent service 2/5

    By SuperMain
    The app is designed well enough but I am met with “Mobile is currently unavailable” way too often for the app to be reliable.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Tustino
    This app is so slow and hardly ever works. Thinking about switching banks. I need to manage my business online and this app and desktop site are garbage
  • App unavailable 2/5

    By Angelkiss32503
    Lately the app had been difficult to log in too. It keeps saying “unknown error” or “mobile network unavailable”. I’ve tried to reinstall the app but nothing has helped. It’s very frustrating when you need to be able to access your funds but you can’t. Hoping for an update soon.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jtizzle2727
    Between the app and the online banking never working its more than a hassle to see your accounts.
  • Unavailable a lot 3/5

    By Annynon
    I’d say about 50% of the time the app won’t let me log in. I get “unknown error” or “ unavailable right now - try later.” This is my money and my account. It makes me feel uneasy when I can’t access it. When it works, it works great. Easy to transfer money and make bill payments. Please work on the log in issue!
  • Fix your stupid PIN system 1/5

    By Jpdhf
    I’ve been locked out of my account twice now for an incorrect PIN when I can 10000% say that it was correct and I know it was. Your app is just getting frustrating now. Deleting.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Rev Dianne
    I avoided updating this app because of the bad reviews. Now that I’ve updated my iOS I was forced to update. Could not even do my mobile deposit, which is difficult for me since there is no citizens bank in my area. Lost ability to access statements to help reconciliation. This is a poorer version than prior app, less flexibility, and usefulness
  • “Mobile is currently unavailable” 2/5

    By 3rdrailz
    This mobile app doesn’t work anymore at nite. I get this message more often than not. Might be time change banks as I do most of my banking thru mobile app...
  • zelle 1/5

    By Memememeeerrrp
    Zelle won’t work and I can’t see my history.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lisssssssdss
    Can't ever log in
  • Log in 1/5

    By Pellecchia1519
    Constantly getting errors when trying to log in!!!!! Inconvenience and annoying!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Zombinichi
    Logging In is a pain and some time impossible features are archaic and zero support. Worst banking app I have ever used and will not be using it any longer.

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app comments


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