Clarity Money - Budget Planner

Clarity Money - Budget Planner

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Clarity Money - Budget Planner App

Featured by Apple as one 2017’s “New Apps We Love” -- Clarity Money is your personal financial advocate. We use data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions with your money. Seeing is believing! What else does Clarity Money do for you? Our free app will help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending and expenses, protect your credit score, and manage all of your accounts, in one place. - Stop unwanted accounts and subscriptions from charging you - Find credit card deals based on your spending habits - Cancel your bills - Manage your budget and expenses - Get started saving - Generate your credit score for free Find out why TechCrunch, Mashable, and Business Insider are talking about Clarity: “[Clarity] combines a number of the best features of existing money-management apps into a one-stop shop. The app lets you cancel subscriptions, and suggests how to manage credit (by offering a credit card to consolidate debt and provide the best card for a particular type of consumer) ... Finally, the Clarity Money app also lets users set up a savings account that will automatically withdraw money from a personal account.” - TechCrunch, 2017 “The iOS app is sort of a combination of Mint, which tracks your financial health, and Digit, which saves money in small increments. Clarity asks for your financial information, and from there tracks your spending and suggests ways to save. The app will … suggest subscriptions you could cancel and help you save money for specific goals.” - Mashable, 2017 “It uses data science and machine learning to … create a savings account, find lower interest rate credit cards and/or personal loans … and deliver actionable insights based on your spending patterns, credit score and credit cards.” - Business Insider, 2017 “It also trained me to review my transactions daily, a necessary evil in the age of digital spending. I haven’t pulled the trigger on cutting my subscriptions and switching my credit card just yet, but I am seriously considering both.” - Barron’s, 2017 This is what real Clarity Money customers say about the app: “A must-have budget and expense tracking app for people who want to be more conscious of their finances. The ability to cancel subscriptions that are wasting money is pretty amazing. Highly recommended.” “This app really helps with budgeting and monitoring spending, expenses and debt.” “Best way to manage your finances. This budget app allows you to stay on top of every transaction while offering keen insight into your spending habits, subscriptions, and debt.” “An excellent app to track finances and manage debt.” “I've become obsessed with money, budgeting, and saving. Clarity tells me how much money I've spent, what subscriptions I have, and makes saving and budgeting money easy.” Clarity Money is your financial champion and advocate, watching your back and looking for ways to save you money while keeping you on budget and in control of your finances. Download Clarity Money today! By using Clarity Money, you agree to our terms of use ( and privacy policy (


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Clarity Money - Budget Planner app reviews

  • Savings account 1/5

    By chrwstan
    I requested a withdrawal from the savings account. Needed MY money in a hurry. I can understand a business day or two. That’s what I was quoted. I checked back when the money was to be deposited back into my account and it quoted me another seven days from that date. Completely obliterated my trust for this app and its ability to handle money given their lack of support staff. Had to google search a few places to find a working number and it went straight to a personal voicemail. Be careful people, scared I may have lost a good chunk of money...
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By Mateo Mosquera
    I currently use this app and it’s awesome cause it gives you every detail of what your expenses are, even better than my bank account oficial app BUT I use an option that helps me save money and clarity withdraw 10 bucks every Monday but once I wanted to take that money back it says that is going to be available at least 1 weak after my request, so keep that in mind! Other than that, pretty useful
  • Very Helpful But... 3/5

    By Lolaowo
    I love this app because it tracks your spending and is suppose to have all you bank accounts in the same place. The only issue is that one of my banks will not appear on the app and I can’t get any feedback on when that might change. So it looks like I have a huge deficit in money. Once they change that. My rating might go up. Oh you can also add credit cards and check your credit score monthly. That’s helpful too.
  • Just trying to sell 1/5

    By LukeS81
    This app is just a sales tool trying to sell you more crap and harvest info about your spending habits. Don’t be fooled!
  • Locked out 1/5

    By seaj11
    I have been locked out and every time I request a new password it just takes me to a link to request a new password. Every time I reach out to customer service I get robot responses with a link to reset my password. Idiotic.
  • Simple 4/5

    By Kevcro888
    Easy to read, manage, and understand. However, can’t login some banks.
  • Need more flexibility and improvement 2/5

    By Romanbc_warrior
    I like the direction. It’s close but bill guard was better. Categories are generic. Can’t go back multiple months to compare more directed at their services of finding you better credit or removing unessesary subscriptions then actually helping you look at your trends over the past year.
  • Can't Use Outside U.S.... 2/5

    By Major Husker
    I would like to use this app, but since I live in Belgium, I cannot... I am American and have all US-based accounts. Unfortunate.
  • Good app with few categories in spending 4/5

    By Xsan-21
    In the month spending screen, I want to suggest to add more categories of transactions. I have an Amex card and I would like to see a Grocery label. You can add several other missing categories/sub categories as well.
  • Needs more customizable options 4/5

    By El-Magnifico
    I would like to be able to create my own category for finances. For instance, childcare, mortgage or rent. Please add in an update.
  • Needs added compatibility 4/5

    By matttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    App is awesome. I just wish I was able to connect my Robinhood account so I could get a more clear idea of my financials. Also Marcus by Goldman compatibility would be awesome too.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By muscicblahblah
    Very helpful app for managing my money!
  • Updates on my transactions are slow 3/5

    By Drummerboy214
    This app would be extremely convenient if there was a way that it could update my transactions, balances, and investments quicker.
  • Clarity Money is so useful! 5/5

    By cbarfield1789
    I love this app. It provides such a good breakdown of your spending and where your money goes. There is not a whole lot you have to do; Clarity Money analyzes your spending for you and places each and every transaction you make into different categories such as bills, travel, shopping, food, etc. I’ve been very surprised how efficient it is in recognizing each transaction and placing them into the correct categories. Every now and then, you must reclassify one or two, but for the most part it’s rare that you must do so. The app also offers an option to save money on a weekly or monthly basis with the built in Clarity Money Savings Account. There is also so much more. Bottom line: if you are serious about keeping up with your budget and would like an easy way to do so, this is the app for you. Honestly, this app is for everyone with a bank account or credit card. I’ve not found anything easier to use.
  • Wanted to try it but... 1/5

    By Bookfanmd
    Does not allow me to link to my bank, BB&T. Why would you not include one of the largest regional banks in the country? Submitted it but until then it’s useless to me. Looking for a replacement for Mint which keeps removing features (like the calendar).
  • Doesn’t allow me to register 1/5

    By QwertyuioopoasdfghjklZxcvbnm,.
    I was very excited to try this but when I go to register it says I’m sorry we are only available in the US. I am in the US. The very center of it. I’ve tried 3 times to register.
  • The helpful app that I was missing 5/5

    By MaxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx💔
    I need this so I could stay on track with my limited budget. It helps to exactly see what you are spending and where!
  • Life-saver. 5/5

    By AnimalTheSoulshifter
    Wow, something that consolidates all my finances to one place, in a way that saves me incredible amounts of time. Thank God for this app It has helped me get my finances under control.
  • Email verification 1/5

    By Gordon street
    I loved this app until the app asked me to verify my identification through my email. I’ve tried to send an email several times and it always arrived like two days later?! And the app said the link got expired whenever I tried to verify with the link provided in the late email. As a result, I’m not able to enter this app. In order to delete my personal information, I should be able to enter but I can’t! Stupid verification process!!!!!
  • Came from Mint. 5/5

    By Tdagraca
    I love the elegance of the app. The UI and UX is simplistic and fantastic to use, and I appreciate the weather at the top and the suggestions/tidbits offered. I came from Mint, but their app doesn’t offer me much at a glance! So here I am with a little bit more Clarity. :)
  • Good design - Shady practices. Avoid. 1/5

    By sguittet
    it seems that the app is incapable of sustaining good connection to banking institutions. Chase has been down for 5 days and they are waiting for their 3rd party to “fix it”. They use a 3rd party to connect to your account which is not only risky but make you wonder what they do with you private data. Shady practices, strong external dependencies for an app that just provide a new design (not always easy to navigate). Not worth the switch. The hype seems a bit engineered and I will stick my mint/personal capital.
  • It's good if you're looking for an automated accounts tracker... 4/5

    By AnniB.
    ...but not much else. The app is beautiful, it supports a good number of banks, it works with third-party to get you valuable information to your fingertips. But you don't have the option to add it manually. Which strangely enough, I was hoping for, don't know WHY, but I was. This app has the perfect interface, but no way to just keep a ledger manually for those of us who exist that legit still do it with an excel spreadsheet. Or to set budget goals. Kinda bummed out.
  • Good concert 4/5

    By Dee Comcast
    I’ve been using this app for about week everything was going great for the last two days the app hasn’t sync with my bank I need something more reliable. **update** app is now working as intended
  • Love the app but... 3/5

    By Elliot Song
    I love this app but I have some accounts that can not be added such as Barclaycard so the financial statistics are not accurate. The competitors have these banks listed. If you could add these banks I would definitely make Clarity Money my #1 financial management app. Thank you.
  • Categories 4/5

    By Jose Tapia O
    This is a very helpful app, however it will be better if it has more categories where we could place the expenses and track them.
  • Lacks the ability to view month to month spending 2/5

    By QuesaKing
    There are some key features I think are necessary to know how you are doing over all and not just the current month. I’m going to be finding an app that can show me previous months.
  • No such thing as free 2/5

    By GraemeGrabbins
    Privacy Policy: “Third-Party Service Providers: We may share your personal information with non-affiliated companies that perform support services for the Site (“Third-Party Service Providers”). We may also share your personal information with other third parties whose products or services you request within the Site, and if so, such third parties may use and disclose your information in accordance with their own privacy policies.” No thank you.
  • Updates 4/5

    By QuoteTheMoon
    I love the app and it helps me save. The only problem is it doesn’t update as quickly as I would hope. It is only updated with my transactions from a year ago and when I pay my credit card or something isn’t taken out of my checking account it doesn’t have that updated yet either. Is there a way you can fix this?
  • Download!!! 5/5

    By Aseia_perez
    It’s amazing as a college student it’s a must
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By General.13
    Let’s be honest, like 250K iPhone users, I’m using Mint which is good to make a budget and categorize expenses. My second money app is: Clarity Money. I love this app. I’m not categorizing anything, I’m just opening the app and look at the insights. I found it excellent. It’s exactly what I want to see. My expenses by month, my current revenue, what I can stop... I would like to see more insights and maybe a widget. But really nice app. Good job!
  • Well done 5/5

    By degionra
    Clarity is clear and concise, just as a 21st century app should be.
  • Nice app with potential, BUT 3/5

    By Walter740
    Seems like a great app with potential, really like the layout, but still missing many financial institutions. Such as Abercrombie & Fitch store card, GAP store card, Banana Republic store card, Comcast/Xfinity, Sprint PCS, Robinhood investment and others.
  • Pending Transactions & Categories 2/5

    By kaiabhadd
    Transitioning from the Dollarbird app & I love that it has my transactions. What it should include is PENDING transactions & the capability to create my own categories such as “Groceries” & “Eating Out” etc. Thanks
  • Sweet! 5/5

    By MrMoonCat
    I love all the ways it organizes your money, habits and expenses that you may consider cutting. It’s real smooth looking. I had some trouble getting my accounts to sync up at first because of stringent security, but who can complain about that, really. Idk if it’s possible, but the only thing I’d like to see is to have the ability to make payments on your accounts through clarity app? You can give permissions to gave them deduct from your account into a clarity savings, but aren’t able to pay out of them on our behalf? Great, helpful app. Thank you.
  • Latest update changed access? 3/5

    By D'e.M.
    Can’t access the mobile app from outside the states anymore even though my accounts are US accounts?
  • Yes and no 3/5

    By lanie m
    I love this app! Unfortunately they do not support my credit union, so I can’t really connect it to my finances and the Mint app does
  • Extremely helpful! 5/5

    By Itsy1357
    Best managing money app ever.
  • I got scammed 1/5

    By ChanceyShadow
    I thought this was going to be a life saving app for me. Help me financially get back on track and keep me goal focused. That’s NOT what happened!! I had just put my bank info in this app and my two Chase credit cards. Two days after this info was on the app my Chase cards were compromised! I’ve never had any trouble with identity fraud or theft before. Now I try this app and once I put my information in two days later I get scammed and have to file police reports?!?! Thanks for nothing! Don’t waste your identity on this app! Never again!!

    By randomnicknamebecauseihavetoo
    This app has a serious glitch — it duplicates accounts, giving an inaccurate total of your money, at least that’s what happened to me. Customer service was quick to help me correct the problem, which wasn’t news to them, but a month or two later it has occurred again. Time to delete — it defeats the purpose of having one, quick view of your worth, if it’s wrong. And why should I need to go into my account periodically to correct their glitches?
  • Difficult to Use 1/5

    By Dean.Kevlin
    Adding in new accounts is a BIG BIG BIG pain and it often doesn’t recognize the bank or asks for passwords that one doesn’t recall.
  • Geo Restriction 1/5

    By SLowery82
    Why would you geo restrict your app to the US? I’m stationed overseas with the US military. All my banks are US banks. If I can add my banking information, shouldn’t I be able to see that info in the app? It’s self-regulating - there’s no need to restrict it to GPS location. Bad call.
  • Useful, but inconvenient 3/5

    By hkathyeka
    When I first discovered the app, I liked how you can include more than just your bank stuff in order to track where your expenses are. It really made me realize what areas I’m spending more money on, how often I grab gas for my car per week, etc. However, I find it inconvenient because on the chart where it separates travel, shopping, fees, bills, food, etc... it ALWAYS mixes it up. I constantly have to move them, and no matter how many times I do, if I go to the same spot then it will still incorrectly categorize it and I have to move it once again. I stopped looking through the app as often as I did the first time I used it. Also I would get notifications saying how much I spent a week and said they wrote a breakdown... but it merely directs you to open the app. I hope they fix these soon, otherwise I might look for a more convenient app to use to track expenses.
  • Basic 1/5

    By Viper0205
    Add more institutions
  • Hassle to sync bank accounts 3/5

    By faithykins209
    During time I used it there have been ongoing issues with syncing bank accounts. It often starts off accurate, then the account link expires or stops working but the app does not notify user to fix it. Just phases off account connection leaving old static transaction info. Needs a Fix account notification to work better.
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By Bubbles assassin
    It keeps unlinking my discover account. Clearly it’s the app and not my institution. Called my bank and everything has already been verified. Don’t have any trouble with other apps but this one. Plus, I would like to receive notifications when my bills are coming up but it hasn’t sent me a thing, and yes, my notifications are active for this app. All my other apps have sent me daily notifications about my upcoming credit card payment. Not this one. On top of that, I would also love to add the accounts and bills that I pay for monthly but it doesn’t allow me to manually add them. As far as other apps, I’m actually able to manually add Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, etc, but this app here.... this app just takes what you’ve paid for in the last month or so? Idk. Clearly I’ve been paying for my monthly subs but it only managed to pick up my car payments and my comcast bill. Pretty disappointed to be quite honest. Biggest pet peeve was the unlinking of my discover account, every single day it was unlinked and I have no idea why. It’s clearly the app and might have a bug because again, I’ve called my bank, I’ve verified the info with them, sent codes to my phone and that’s that. Deleting account.
  • Still new 4/5

    By Ariiit
    I like the layout. I’m starting my freshman year of college so I’m trying to save money to be able to afford transferring. So far I like this app, but I’ll give the fifth star after using it a little more.
  • Easy and Convenient 5/5

    By HSVHuman
    The creators have made this app so easy to use that if you are interested in tracking where your money goes, you would be absolutely foolish to not use it.
  • Can't Use App? 1/5

    By ncydeofmelolll
    I've been using this app even when it was prosper. now it is saying i cant use it cuz its only for United States after i updated the app.
  • Update: AMAZING! I love this app 4/5

    By DrPickTay
    Update: Please stop disabling the Touch ID feature every time that I update this app. It’s inconvenient to have to re-enable it in the security settings after each update. Thanks for all that you do!! Previous Review: This application combines simplicity with an amazing interface that looks clean and well-organized. To top it all off, the app allows me to set a password for the app's login, which I personally love. It's extremely easy to see what days I've made a purchase and from where I've made it. Next to each of my purchases, there is an icon that displays the store logo from which I've made the purchase (Wendy's, Amazon, etc). Very clean and informative. Thanks so much for making this app!
  • Verify email 3/5

    By Dickles1
    How many times do I have to do that? Stop asking me to verify it please. Also syncing up with my accounts more than once a week would be helpful.

Clarity Money - Budget Planner app comments


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