Clarity Money - Budget Manager

Clarity Money - Budget Manager

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Clarity Money - Budget Manager App

Clarity Money is your AI-powered financial champion. Our free app uses machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smart decisions about your money. Take control of your budget and expenses and discover ways to save more with help from Clarity Money. Clarity Money can help you... - Save time: Organize your bills with automated expense tracking. - Save money: Automate your savings with a Marcus Online Savings Account & monitor recurring expenses to help cancel unwanted subscriptions. - Stay organized: Track your budget, spending, savings, debt and investment accounts in one place. How our AI powered financial management app works: - Quickly link your financial accounts to Clarity Money. - The app uses data to give you a clear view into your financial choices and tools to help take control of your financial life. - Your information and data are protected by multi-level safeguards. Download Clarity Money today! By downloading and using Clarity Money, you agree to our current Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy ( Clarity Money and Marcus by Goldman Sachs® are brands of Goldman Sachs Bank USA.

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Clarity Money - Budget Manager app reviews

  • Best Tracking 5/5

    By arianag1973
    My fiancé are trying to pay down debt and save for our first home, and he has some bad spending habits. This apps allows both of us to track each other’s spending to keep each other in check. It updates pretty regularly and is pretty accurate! I hope they come out with a widget soon!
  • Downloaded 1/5

    By nerdzme
    It doesn’t disclose the app’s fee.
  • Good start 2/5

    By kmorton15
    The UI is clean and smooth, and I hate to say it, but the app could be way more functional. Categorization doesn’t work - 90% of my transactions are I categorized. The “ice spend ___ at ___” is cool, but it only works for a few merchants. Overall, this app has a lot of potential for improvement.
  • Really helpful 5/5

    By tmoss1234
    This app makes me feel like I have control of my life, and it’s very easy to use and understand. Love it.
  • Needs to have the option for a monthly budget 3/5

    By Bonesring
    I like the set up of the app, but truly you need to have an option to choose between weekly or monthly and I am surprised they don’t have that. Seems almost like a basic feature to me.
  • A Simply Amazing Generalist App for Personal Finance! 👍👍 5/5

    By SuperFlyEDSguy
    There are a lot of apps available in the personal finance genre, and for the most part each app seems to specialize in some specific aspect such as budgeting, credit scores, lending, etc. I have many of these apps already as I want to see the bigger picture, so that I may improve my credit score. I also realized that even with an accounting background that I can balance the budget and prepare reports for multimillion dollar businesses, but I have a need for education on managing my own budget. Enter Clarity Money: I was initially hesitant on downloading yet another personal finance app, but as I already said, each one seems to have a unique benefit, so I decided to give it a try. The ‘short version’ is that I love this app! It’s a great generalist app for personal finance! It seems to have the right balance of everything and to say the least it’s super-intuitive! The ‘long version’ is as follows. Clarity Money has become my daily driver app for personal financial needs. Yes, there is a minor glitch or two here and there, but nothing that will deny it a five star review! Here’s what I like about Clarity Money: ✅ It shows you the big picture of all of your accounts in one place. I can see banking, credit cards, student loans, and even my IRA in the same place! ✅ If you have direct deposit, the app has a “Payday countdown” showing you the estimated days until your next deposit! ✅ You see your Experian VantageScore on the main page along with everything else! It shows when last updated, and clicking on your score shows you “Score factors” that either make-or-break your score, so you get an idea of exactly what needs improvement. This is super-helpful if you’re proactively working on increasing your credit score. ✅ The AI used behind the scenes to create the beautiful, but more importantly useful dashboard seems spot on! I would say that it’s highly accurate, yet a few features could be tweaked or added to the dashboard to make it even better. ✅ The main screen has a very useful feature where you can see exactly where you’ve been spending your money and over what period, for example if you wanted to know exactly how much you spent on Amazon last month. ✅ There are multiple ways to see recurring expenses, and the app even offers a way to cancel the ones you no longer want or need. I have personally not tried this feature, but it’s there. ✅ There are numerous ways to budget your funds, the AI categorizes your spending so you can easily see where your money goes each month. This also has a drill-down feature like most of the other reports on the dashboard. I really like that about this app. You can click to see more detail on just about everything, and on some screens drill-down even further. ✅ Like most other apps in this category, there are offers to open new accounts such as high APR (relative to the current market) savings, and investment accounts. Just be sure to read the fine print as not all are FDIC insured (namely investments). I have not used this feature, but some of the offers seem very fair and I am considering them. Of course this is expected as it’s how they generate revenue to keep the app free for us end-users. ✅ The longer and more frequently the app is used, the better the AI sorts and categorizes your data. Their devs have the machine learning thing down! ✅ Your account is password and Touch ID protected. Yes, your phone should be password or Touch ID protected first and foremost, but it does make me feel more secure to have that extra layer of security. To be fair, there are a few things that I didn’t like so much, or that could benefit from improvement. No app is perfect, though they are extremely close to nailing it. What prompted me to write this review was that I contacted technical support easily through the app earlier this evening and an actual human being contacted me with an answer via e-mail just a couple of hours later. I simply had a great experience with a real person! So, here’s what could use improvement: ❌ It’s a bit silly, but the avatar feature is broken. You cannot update your avatar no matter what device or browser you try to update it on. Support advised me that they are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. ❌ The AI doesn’t catch all of your monthly recurring expenses, but it does catch the vast majority. I believe the algorithm used may have a glitch tied to how each specific expense is listed on your banking statement. My cell phone bill does not show as a recurring expense even though it’s paid on the same date each month. ❌ Categorization is not 100%. It is pretty close though, but you could easily change the category of a line item on your bank statement pretty easily. It’s worth going over your items every so often to ensure that your spending categories are in fact spot on. ❌ My credit score has not been updated since August 19, and today is September 3. A more current update would be great. Other apps update your score on a weekly basis. ❌ You can only see your Experian VantageScore. No FICO or scores from other bureaus. Easy fix, use other apps in conjunction. No single personal financial app is perfect! So, that about wraps it up. It’s just a great app with great support, and I highly recommend using it! I don’t write reviews often as I’m very thorough (as you could see) and it’s time consuming, but this app deserves the attention and the five stars! Way to go team Clarity Money, keep up the phenomenal work you’re doing!!! 👍👍
  • Love the platform but 2 downfalls 4/5

    By chirpy2259
    Love this app and its layout! Clean and very user-friendly. I would appreciate if the following two things are improved- 1) The accounts are always 3-4 days behind. When the numbers are updated to my credit card or investments, the number usually get updated at Clarity 4 days after sometimes even a week. 2) I am not able to link to M1 Finance to Clarity. I have looked into help center and Q&A, and it seems like the suggestion area has been removed so I could not suggest the app to add M1 Finance so we can link our account to the app.
  • Balances and transactions are not updated properly 1/5

    Some institutions works properly, but other ones like Amex - you have to to unlink and link account again to pull new data. I contacted support, but they just replied useless phrases like “it might be problem with connection to your institution, linking you account, we are unable to provide a timeline when issue will be resolved, bla bla bla”. Worst support response. Amex work properly with mint though. This app hasn’t updated for 2 months already. All developer’s responses are the same - “please contact us via email”. I already did. Nothing changed. The problem is clear - no new data automatically come from amex, there is need to unlink and link institution again to pull new transactions. It’s not issue with Amex itself (it works properly with mint) and with my account (I haven’t changed credentials and other stuff).
  • Won’t link to my accounts 1/5

    By jholiday
    Won’t link to fidelity and my local personal bank at all. Booo, going back to mint.
  • Monthly budget 4/5

    By Jessy_mcdermott
    I love this app I just wish there was a way to have a monthly budget so that my rent/bills/groceries had a monthly total and most other things had a weekly
  • Not flexible enough 1/5

    By kdiaz_ynoches
    This app calculates a weekly budget but I operate my budget on a monthly basis. I spent many hours creating a monthly budget where I allocate a certain amount of money for certain expenses per month. I wanted an app that would just let me input all that data and then track what I spend per month. However, since this app calculates weekly & not monthly expenses, I have to divide each amount by 4.3 (average number of weeks), which ultimately messed up my calculations, because the app only allows for whole numbers meaning that I had to round up or down. It was too much of a headache to change my whole budget again. I say no thank you to the extra work. I wish this app offered more flexibility.
  • Glitchy App. Always need to re-login 1/5

    By ReviewCaliNy
    App is very glitchy and always delayed. Some accounts have the correct balance, others are way off. I am always needing to re login to certain accounts or delete them and re load to get correct data. I prefer this user interface vs Mint but the app just doesn’t work half the time and never has correct balances. Very frustrating.
  • Best free app you’ll find 5/5

    By BenMilner
    This app is fantastic! Seeing where I’m spending, and averages of what I’m spending a month on things other than bills is super helpful! One thing I wish was added was the ability to set monthly expenses without setting a set income per month, because my income is very flexible, I can’t set a income and have it be accurate. But it would amazing to be able to see that I have my expenses coming out before it happens!
  • really would love to use this app.... 2/5

    By qboy1987
    .... but my bank isn’t a part of the “institutions” that are given. i’ve needed help budgeting so badly and finally saw a friend of mine using this app and got so excited, thinking i finally found the perfect app for me. but in trying to register & set it up, i found that my bank isn’t included and there’s no way around that. i don’t know if this is an app problem or my bank’s problem, but i’d really love if they could expand their list so that i could use this app. i haven’t found anything else like it on the app store.
  • Unless 1/5

    By Mocasama
    I just downloaded from AppStore and when I try to add an account says I need to update to the latest version, there is nothing newer than what I just downloaded !!! Completely useless app at this point, going back to Mint
  • Basic features missing 1/5

    By Hskslsnd
    Nice looking app but it has simple features missing. Its a budgeting app so why can’t i compare total expenses and categories from prior months? You can only see the current month and the last month. Stupid.
  • Dark Theme! 5/5

    By AhmedSheshtawy
    This is the best tool to track your spending and your financial position. It’s only missing one handful feature, dark theme!
  • Great app 5/5

    By joyous79
    I was pleasantly surprised by this app. It is a really great app that is so easy to use and it’s free. I have tried other budget apps but I like this the most.
  • Bank not listed 1/5

    By jaivea
    Please add SC State Credit Union to the institutions list. Had to delete because my bank was not listed🙄‼️
  • Needs Customizable Budget Categories 4/5

    By MissVeronique
    I love the beautiful interface and ease of use. I think the weekly budget is smart. I would like to see customizable transaction categories. There currently isn’t one for business expenses. Or anything business at all. Mint is much more robust but also more cluttered so I came to Clarity. I’d just like to see this feature and the ability to split transactions so when I go to Target and spend 1/2 on the kids and 1/2 on supplies, I can track it correctly in the budget.
  • Decent with room for improvement 4/5

    By AdipudiA
    It does it’s job and has a clean interface but can be improved through following: 1. Ability to add manual accounts for accounts that it doesn’t link with 2.Ability to track budget by month rather than by week
  • Great start but room to improve 3/5

    By imaross
    I really like the look and feel of this app. I like how I can aggregate all my money, debts, and investments into a nice, easy to read, logical dashboard. All that doesn’t matter though, when I can’t track a major portion of my money. Clarity requires a login to every institution in order to track, which on the surface made sense, except when they don’t have an api for the specific institution you use. Now, I understand that they can’t conceivably have every single financial institution under the sun supported, but there are two major holes in that logic. First, they don’t support the Apple Card. That seems like a major oversight considering every single iOS user could conceivably have an Apple Card. Second, and more importantly, there’s no option to manually enter unsupported financial institutions information into the app. So, I can’t track my Apple Card at all in the app. Other competitors either offer Apple Card support or at the very least the option to manually enter it. If you have an Apple Card, this probably isn’t the app for you. If you’re considering the app I would suggest researching if your financial institution is supported in the app.

    By prettylilflo
    Dominican Republic
  • Works for me 4/5

    By Greenone24
    I budget using a percentage of my income for various categories and this app allows me to track those percentages. Overall it fits my needs. I like being able to see the monthly recurring expenses. I do like the daily quotes...sometimes they are fitting for me. Improvements needed: first, we should have the ability to split transactions. I pay a number of bills annually, but I save the amount monthly. I have to manually calculate what portion of the lump sum transfer to my reserves account belongs to each category. Another example is a number of services charge through iTunes which combines the amount taken from my account. Those bills belong in different categories so again I have to manually calculate. Second, we should have the ability to edit category names so they align to the categories that I use for my budget. One last request: we should be able to see the history of spend by category. The section that allows you to see recurring should have a drop down to choose. I would like to know the areas in which I am making progress.
  • Like the concept but wish you didn’t have to link an account 2/5

    By Awww11930325
    I like the concept of this account but don’t like the idea of an application having access to my bank account information. I wish there was a way to manually track an account instead.
  • Months 4/5

    By cosmo1217
    I really like how I can look at the breakdown of this month, but I wish that they had it for more months. You can only look at this month and last month, but sometimes I want to look at 2 or 3 months ago to make sure I’m not spending too much on something.
  • Buggy AF 2/5

    By Stevenxcxc
    Some of the tools don’t work. I’m getting tired of it not working and no one fixing them.
  • Decent 5/5

    By salilanth
    This app is decent and recommended for a nice dashboard view of your finances
  • Why does it ignore Venmo payments 3/5

    By @miiiiiiiiiiiitch
    I pay my rent and utilities through Venmo and for whatever reason the app ignores Venmo payments from my list of transactions so I can’t add it as a recurring payment making the budgeting function very difficult to use.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By gadgetzhq
    Nice app
  • Easy Choice 5/5

    By AsadCloud
    This is the best budgeting app I’ve ever tried, bar none. It’s easy to use and visually appealing. It makes budgeting more fun :)
  • Few Changes 4/5

    By caitlinharvvvvv
    Love the app it’s super helpful j would rate 5 stars but i just wish there was a way to split a charge on my card to two different sections (for example if i spent 50$ at target to be able to say 10$ was for shopping, 10$ for groceries and 30$ for personal care) also an option for a monthly budget instead of a weekly budget would be convenient
  • Update balance 3/5

    By Amandstill
    I wish the balance would up date fast I spent money about 2 hours ago and still no update on my app if we could get and update to fix that I will keep the app other wise I will find new one
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By TDK928
    Couldn’t even link my bank account. It kept saying that I would get a push notification but I never did. Tried it multiple times. Unfortunate because this looked like a great app.
  • Good So Far 4/5

    By nessanatalie
    I deleted the Mint app after years of it miscategorizing my spending and ultimately not providing much value in terms of organization and helping the user understand financial areas of opportunity. I’ve only had Clarity for a few days but the app is promising so far. I like the visual icons for expenses (graduation cap for student loans, plus sign for income, receipt for utilities). This would be a 5 star app if I was able to link my traditional Empowerment 401(k) account as the app only supports linking Empowerment IRA’s. It would also be great if the app was able to pull transactions from investment accounts like Robinhood and if instead of asking you to input your monthly take home pay, if it was able to calculate that based on your annual income or pull from deposits made to your linked bank accounts. I also wasn’t able to see my car payments under recurring expenses, but that could be because I haven’t received and thus paid my statement for this month, so Clarity doesn’t have any data to go off of yet. I’ll revisit this review within the next 2-3 months and reevaluate.
  • UI is nice, but misclassifies transactions 3/5

    By josewhocodes
    The app UI is great, but it seems to set my budget off a bit because it duplicates many transactions. Also it would be great to integrate M1 Finance :) One shows up as (pending) and the other shows up as the final transaction. Additionally, it would be great to separate the buttons for “all transactions” and “this transaction”. After working hard to classify my Venmo transactions, I may accidentally wipe out my hard work with my fat finger.
  • Won’t let me add all fixed expenses 3/5

    By Steviefan45
    This is a great app and more user friendly, but no matter what I try it won’t add all my fixed expenses.
  • Needs more 3/5

    By BiffenBoi
    This interface of this app is super clean and smooth. Issue is it doesn’t support two of my banks. It just needs more accounts to link so I can use it to its full potential. For now I’ll use mint.
  • What I’ve been waiting for 5/5

    By Larkmin
    I’ve been using Mint for years but was so tired of the bad Id and ad filled interface. This is a breath of fresh air.
  • Great app 4/5

    By davemart24
    I really like this app and there’s only one feature I feel it’s missing and that’s a bill reminder/ calendar so I can see when my upcoming bills are. It would be great if you guys could implement that feature.
  • Not great for Credit Union Members 2/5

    By Tchaikovskygirl
    I would love to just use this app and not Mint but I’ve tried for MONTHS to add my credit union account and haven’t been able to. I’ve submitted the name of the credit union multiple times to be added but haven’t heard anything and haven’t been able to add my account. This app is great so long as they already connect with your bank because you’ll be waiting a long time if you want them to add anything.
  • Bad news 1/5

    By Robneckflordia
    We’re sorry to inform you this app is only available in the US , I live in the US. Deleting app
  • Great app! 4/5

    By pri.rossi
    I LOVE the app but I have one recommendation to improve the experience: would it be possible to add a feature that would allow us to see the break down of our expenses by category (drinks; auto; travel, etc) beyond the monthly/ weekly view? Now I am only able to compare the current month/week with previous month/week and I would like to compare my expenses with other months to have a more holistic view throughout the year!
  • Simple Money Management Tool 5/5

    By jfurms
    Love this app! Really helped me turn around my finances and jettison my credit score from 504 to over 720 in a few years. Using this app to hold myself financially responsible for my spending turned my life around. Always recommend to my friends & family, so if you need an app to get started, give it a try.
  • awesome 3/5

    By 9600baud
    Theres a bug where i cannot update a credit card’s name because its too long and it pushes the edit button off-screen I am still unable to add an account with 2FA. Im aware thats Plaid’s fault but still annoying.
  • Great Interface. Easy to Understand 5/5

    By kkovalick
    Love this app! I was struggling to keep on top of my budget and spending habits. This interface is clean and easy to understand. I use it every week.
  • Bank 1/5

    By Mmcinerny
    If you could update five star bank in ny so my budget can be accurate again that would be much appreciated.
  • Great app, but has a minor flaw. 4/5

    By DWhit45
    I love all of the functions of the Clarity app. One thing I’ve noticed is that for the budgeting function that app considers the date the transaction is posted instead of the date it was charged. So this causes some transactions from the previous week to show in the current weeks budget which makes it inaccurate. There’s also no way to change the date of the transaction to fix it myself.
  • ‘Clarity’ leads to Joy 5/5

    By Bel of the Bal
    Clarity is not only a great app; It’s an excellent app. I would recommend downloading this application and beginning NOW, in this moment, to reap the rewards it offers.

Clarity Money - Budget Manager app comments

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