Clarity Money - Budget Manager

Clarity Money - Budget Manager

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Clarity Money - Budget Manager App

Featured as Apple’s “App of the Day” on July 10, 2018, this app helps you take control of your budget and expenses. Clarity Money is here to partner with you along your financial journey. We use data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions about your budget and spending. Clarity Money is a 100% free-to-use app that can help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending and expenses, keep tabs on your credit score, and manage all of your financial accounts in one easy place. Clarity Money can also help you: - Cancel unwanted monthly subscriptions - Manage your budget and expenses -Track spending by category, merchant, and transaction - Get started saving with automated recurring deposits - Unlock your free VantageScore Credit Score by Experian Process: Link thousands of financial institutions to Clarity Money including credit cards, checking and savings accounts, investments, and loans to receive insights. Here’s what Forbes, TechCrunch, and others are saying about Clarity Money: “Apps can be your best friend. There is also Clarity Money, which allows you to view all your daily transactions, and scours your accounts to help you cancel unwanted monthly subscriptions.” – Forbes, 2018 “[Clarity Money] combines a number of the best features of existing money-management apps into a one-stop shop... Finally, the Clarity Money app also lets users set up a savings account that will automatically withdraw money from a personal account.” - TechCrunch, 2017 “If Mint is a pedometer, merely reporting money in and money out, Clarity is a pedometer and personal trainer in one.” -Barron’s, 2017 “The tip: Download the Clarity Money app to seriously track your spending and see what you spend the most money on each month.” – Buzzfeed, 2018 “Clarity Money asks for your financial information, and from there tracks your spending and suggests ways to save. The app will ... suggest subscriptions you could cancel and help you save money for specific goals.” - Mashable, 2017 “Clarity also has a feature where you can easily cancel any or all of the expensive subscriptions that you pay monthly. You can literally save thousands of dollars a year by simply clicking a few “Cancel” buttons. It’s a great one two punch that your money will appreciate.” – Huffington Post, 2017 “Clarity Money is another nicely designed budgeting app that makes routine financial tasks easy to execute.” – Time, 2017 Let us be your financial champion and provide tools to help plan your budget, track expenses, and save more. Download Clarity Money today! By downloading and using Clarity Money, you agree to our current Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

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Clarity Money - Budget Manager app reviews

  • Really Disappointed. 1/5

    By Jstu78
    I was frustrated when I saw I could not link my credit union because they don’t support it. I figured I’d just use other tools they offer like budget creation, bill pay reminders, etc.. But, if your bank doesn’t link, you can’t do anything with the app. It’s completely useless. There are zero options for you.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By avsm22
    Loving this app, it helps me organized myself and increase my credit
  • Wealthfront integration 2/5

    By bferrara17
    Love the app but unable to connect to Wealthfront account with MFA. Anyone have a fix or does this app require removing MFA?
  • Would give negative stars if possible. 1/5

    By Zurielle
    I signed up for this app and immediately afterwards started receiving unsolicited mail from financial institutions. Some of them had the typical sketchy unsubscribe routine. I’ll admit that I don’t ever read privacy policies or legal/privacy policies but thanks to you guys I am going to start doing that. Hopefully soon, lawmakers will catch up with unsolicited mail as this crap is getting out of hand and not a very ethical way to make money.
  • Tracking my money 5/5

    By T'Rahja
    This app keeps track of every penny that you send. For someone like me who is trying to save money and by a home it’s really helpful. You really don’t realize how much money you send until you start counting it. It’s a great and I love it!!
  • Perfect for my choice 5/5

    By tejasvi161
    This App is decent and perfect for my choice. And yes there can be few glitches, but at last nothing is 100% perfect and seems the developers of this App will make a continues effort to make it perfect! Hope all my data is safe!!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Heisenberg 152
    I linked my financial institution but it didn’t show all of the transactions. Most of them were in the wrong category but the most challenging part was not seeing all transactions. It’s hard to budget that way.
  • Nice App but could use some basic updates. 4/5

    By 1_Southern-Gent
    I love the functionality of the app but I would love to see a feature or version for small business. I also think making the categories editable would be a plus.
  • ! 1/5

    By Amber_Sue
    This would be a great app if I didn’t need to put in an institution because I am from a small town and we have a local bank that doesn’t get involved in apps like this. I wish I could use this app to just plan and manually input my spending and income.
  • Review 2/5

    By Rentless love
    I don’t like that there are very limited options as to what category your bills can go into. I think you should be able to add your own also! It’s confusing as to where to find things and also when I started to first use the app it unloaded everything I spend twice so I had to go in manually and delete them. I do like that you can see you credit score for free and also that you can talk to the app through Siri. I also like how it breaks down things for you!

    By Shenricksen
    Tried for over 30 minutes to link different institutions. Couldn’t connect even one of them. Tried updating login information on the bank’s website, but still couldn’t connect account with updated credentials. This app is worthless.
  • Needs a calendar 3/5

    By Smd6680
    I like this app. It’s very helpful but it’s missing one key thing I need. I need a calendar to see upcoming bills and amounts. I’d give it 5 stars if it had that feature.
  • Can’t even sign up 1/5

    By taylurk
    I downloaded this app two weeks ago and have been trying to register a new account since, and they still haven’t managed to fix whatever - “whoops!” - went “wrong.” Very disappointing. Finding something else.
  • I would give zero stars if I could. 1/5

    By LynnBri54
    I FULLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DELETE THE APP AND TRY TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT REMOVED. This app completely violates your privacy. I downloaded this app because of all of the good reviews, but I didn’t even set up my account because of the ridiculous privacy policy. I am not normally one to read the full policy, but I decided to at least skim this one. WITHIN THE FIRST PAGE they clearly state that they sell ALL of the information you share with them to 3rd parties. This may include your social security number and your banking information. I understand that companies sell their users’ info but this is WAY over the line.
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By Michigan mom777
    I was very excited to use this app based on the research that I made...but my account from credit union in the list doesn’t work and my online savings account was not even in the list. I kept typing info to connect and kept failing. Then i felt like they were just taking username and password...
  • Not accurate. Doesn’t sync with all banks / credit cards 1/5

    By Toomanybarts
    Support is also laughable. I originally asked for help in November and have been chasing ever since - last response was 6 weeks ago! I would trust someone else with your financial data.
  • Link Bank Account 1/5

    By MusicLivingLabia
    So this app is free and the first want to say is linking your bank account to the app. So to his benefit is this app. Are you actually telling me that somebody created an app for free and there are new in at purchases and they are not benefiting from it? I don’t think so. This app has nefarious intent.
  • Missing many common services 3/5

    By CoakTG
    - Cox Communications (their new site) missing - Verizon Wireless missing - Sparklett’s Water missing Little odd these standard companies are missing. There’s ones like these but they do not work. Would seem with such a fresh crisp look, the app would be updated regularly and more institutions. Please add these...
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Chellie0603
    I’ve never rated an ap before but I had to share how much I love this ap! It’s so easy to use and is extremely helpful in keeping track of your spending, it’s awesome how much the ap does.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By K. Owen Scott
    I wish I had found this years ago.. It's extremely easy to use. Only suggestions is to add a debt payment schedule or something to account for debts.
  • Security 3/5

    By danish.farooq
    Hey there, I’m not gonna share my banks information with any other app, I need another option for put amount in your bank then I’ll add my expenses.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Natalie23567
    Good app but would like to set weekly spending budget and see how much i have left of it as day goes by. Is this possible?
  • Good concept poorly executed 2/5

    By ltmeets
    The entire purpose of the app it to track spend, but almost every spend category total is being added incorrectly, making it essentially useless.
  • Okay 2/5

    By Mt.Sinai
    Not very impressed. It’s okay. It doesn’t offer better graphics design like tracking your NetWorth than Personalcapital or by Mint.
  • Can't login 1/5

    By ane27
    App is glitchy. Suddenly won't even let me login. Then tried to create an entirely new account and it's throwing an error message. Switching to another service as a result.
  • Infuriatingly dumb! 1/5

    By Liam Forrest Hayes
    I tried creating an account. It wouldn’t let me update my email after Insubmitted one. I tried creating a new account with a different email. It locked the app and the website. When I finally was able to break through with a third email and got access to their “advanced features,” the budget was an absolute joke. Complete crap compared to Mint’s budget
  • Accurate info 5/5

    By tuffsuperme
    Good app, just need to stay updated on information being accurate with accounts.
  • Used to work, not anymore! 1/5

    By Toxicsina
    Used to work, not anymore!
  • Linked accounts 1/5

    By B**kworm
    I couldn’t find a way to use this without linking my accounts, so I’ve had to delete it. Extremely disappointed
  • Can’t even get into the App 1/5

    I downloaded this app & I can’t even sign up because it says it is only available in the United States. I AM in the United States. ??
  • Horrible 1/5

    By welp smh
    This app will not allow me to unlink my personal bank account and is continuously charging my card and I can not locate the money. Horrible app now I have to cancel my card
  • 3 Star 3/5

    By nomo22
    I enjoy the app but it isn’t as beneficial as could be when my main bank account isn’t linkable yet.
  • Not connecting to my bank 3/5

    By rjm401
    Great interface, but not connecting to First Republic Bank. Not sure how long it will take to resolve this. I think it’s a back-end data connection problem between Clarity Money and my financial institution. I wonder if others are having similar issues. Hope to be able to view my checking account in the app soon.
  • Sad to stop using Clarity 2/5

    By benbeenthere
    I’ve been using clarity for a little more than 6 months now, even referred it to friends who have loved using Clarity. But now it seems that my account is broken. Clarity has always had an issue syncing / recognizing transactions quickly (sometimes taking weeks) but now the app is saying that it cannot connect to my bank account. When I try to re-link the account it says there’s been an error and when I try to simply remove the bank account and start over it doesn’t let me do that either! So frustrating, I really loved using this app when it worked. I guess I’ll have to try and delete my clarity account altogether and give Mint Money a shot.
  • Doesn’t support majority of my banks 1/5

    By Lindsay86
    Doesn’t support majority of my banks and credit card vendors.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By thatguyattheparty
    Can’t even get set up. App thinks I am locked out of my bank account, but I am not. So I have full access to my accounts but it won’t set up, and it won’t reset itself so I can try again. Disappointed.
  • Downgraded 1/5

    By mvijayan
    This app used to be great when it was BillGuard - but now it is unintuitive, cluttered and not very functional (doesn’t sync well with accounts). I will be deleting it.
  • Lousy authentication system 1/5

    By Kirbyken777
    Attempted to link my account 3 times and this app caused my bank account to lock itself three times. Even though I used the same exact password and username, it refused to accept it.
  • Failing to register 1/5

    By anveshd45
    Unable to register today! What’s up with this bug....
  • Sketch 2/5

    By Gfjjgdsghtdnklomfsegjhtcnhfeh
    Wants to link to my bank accounts.... sketchy. Also, there’s no other way to continue using the app without doing so
  • Won’t even let me start 1/5

    By AlwaysAmerica
    Won’t let me even start a new account. Stated ‘Only in the United States’ WHEN I am in the US!
  • Great cut but could use some upgrading 4/5

    By Sfeller
    This app is great for bringing all of your accounts to one place for better tracking and management. I love the automatic payment cancellation feature. It helped me identify memberships that aren’t useful to me anymore and cancelled them for me with no hassle. If I had one suggestion for the app it would be to add a budget planning feature or debt payoff plan feature. If you’re struggling with finances that would be the most helpful.
  • Everything you need in one app. 5/5

    By Lancair207
    This app is incredible. I just saw it in an ad on Instagram, and decided I’d download it for kicks to see how it is. I swear nothing can beat it. I’m an organized freak and like to have everything exactly where I want it, and I like to be able to see everything going on in my finances. This app allows you to do that! I’m so glad I got it. Highly recommend.
  • Complete Game Changer 5/5

    By Torigg19
    I used to spend SO much time every month tracking everything in excel, and other apps never worked. I’m in awe. This saves me an incredible amount of time and stress. Love this app!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By 313 421 175
    If you are looking for an app that absolutely doesn’t work, look no further! This app has not working down to a science. Had it for a week and will not download anything. Go look elsewhere.
  • Panic attacks 1/5

    By Visiatoure
    This app gives me daily panic attacks because the information is never correct. Saying I’m spending way over the amount I knew I spent. Incorrectly labeling the withdrawals from account causing me to check my account constantly. I’m soooo done with this app, good riddens
  • Unsatisfied 2/5

    By Nami.O
    I have been using MINT to visually understand my spending. I thought to give a shot by downloading this app but it; took more time than MINT to sync spending; recognized spending and income in a weird manner that I had to change the category manually to make it accurate - simply wrong income info by reading my transfer and credit card payment as income; it didn’t tell me much of anything to be helpful.
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By Moorenat
    This has changed my life. Thank you for helping me be on top of my finances!
  • Savings app that doesn’t save 1/5

    By Vbsjid
    apparently this app is to good for capital one because they refuse to allow capital one users to save on this app

Clarity Money - Budget Manager app comments

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