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  • Current Version: 2.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Clash Royale App

Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community. Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory! PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required. FEATURES ● Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles ● Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones ● Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests ● Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses ● Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents ● Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top ● Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community ● Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle ● Work together with your Clan to unlock Clan Chests ● Take on daily and weekly Quests for big rewards ● Play new events every week ● Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale Support Are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide:

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  • 😲 so cool 5/5

    By ckhtc
    I thought this was garbage but now it it’s like omg I can’t stop ✋🏻 thank you 🙏 bye ✅😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😗😉🤩🥵
  • CLASHING ! 2/5

    By Iusedthisanditsucked
    Clashes during 2v2 and during 1v1 on tournaments I’m mad af since I’m loosing opportunities to win 😡
  • Is the best game ever 5/5

    By Cobiebrown
    Whoever made this the best company this game is the best. I love this game you should make another game called zombie virus yet to use your fish kill. Love whoever made this and love your company peace out love you guys
  • Fun but dumb at some points 4/5

    By EthenAK
    The game has amazing graphics and art style also extremely fun and engaging. But the matchmaking can be a bit un-fun and ruin game play as you may go against people who are higher leveled or have higher cards. You also my not get what you want when you open a chest but there loot boxes so not much of a surprise there. People can be very nice but VERY toxic not only using the taunts built in but also in the clans that you join but those people only make up 35% of the people who play this game. Overall this game is quite a good game I just feel the matchmaking could be better but that something they will eventually hammer out. I recommend this game to anyone who loves strategy gameplay and has some spare time.
  • Ruined supercell for me 1/5

    By Cantaloupe 7
    This game is horrible:( wish I could give it a half star or even none at all. Literally super laggy, and super annoying. Yes I’m bad at the game lol but it offers no chance to learn and get better. It’s the same thing every match pretty much just who can spam their cards the fastest gets a win. Lol don’t even get me started on the waiting to open chests crap, supercell you have made enough money from clash of clans this is honestly BS having to wait up to 4+ hours to open a chest, like come on stop trying to milk your 10 year old fans for money so they can see what bull crap they get from their chest... huge letdown supercell. This is horrible
  • To hard to level up 5/5

    By The sexyist baller
  • Reporting players 5/5

    By feymay04
    I love this game! Not sure but I would love if we could report people who are either harassing or kicking people out of clans. This issue has happened twice in my clan and it hurt us very badly. Another alternative I have thought of is allowing the leader to pick out which co leaders are able to kick, just a suggestion!
  • Clash Royal is bad 1/5

    By ham slice243
    Let’s see were should I begin... the game crashes when I play and when I’m in the middle of games, chests take days to load the cards so I’m unable to play the game due to this, I’ve just made the decision to uninstall the game. This made up my mind that this game is bad.
  • Perdí mi cuenta 5/5

    By Ninjacrack
    He perdido mi cuenta y deseo recuperarla pueden ayudarme?
  • Good game but 1/5

    By clashwithazz
    I haven’t been able to play this game without lag in 5 months! I get kicked in the middle of every match, I don’t see opponents Tripp’s until they are at my tower, things so really slow and then speed up really fast, straight up freezing of the game. I just can’t play this game anymore it’s so aggravating and I’ve tried it on my networks and it still does this. Supercell fix ur dumb game
  • Changing your name 5/5

    By Levi😝
    I love this game and think it’s amazing, I just think that 500 gems to change your name is too much and I think it should at least be 50, and I’m tired of the name I have and I do t have anywhere near 500 gems and I just think you should take that away.
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By Druidboy22
    Add a way to pm people so I can tell sore winners to go f*** themselves.
  • 2v2 4/5

    By Allsoccer Pro
    This game is awesome I’m in arena 12 but the only thing is every time I do a 2v2 at the end someone ask for a friend request I decline it and 5 minutes later I’m my 2v2 is temporary disabled because of bad conduct. Is rejecting a friend request bad I don’t want a random person in my friends list so can you guys fix this it’s so annoying
  • Junk game, crooks, will steal your money 1/5

    By poweroverwhelmn
    Junk game, I spent time and money on this game to have them ban me for trying to get back my old game account. These people are crooks that won’t respond to emails or messages.
  • Sad Decline 1/5

    By bardock9051
    I have played this game for 2 years and I am currently at 4300+ trophies. This game was quite different and fun at he start. Although it was clearly pay to win, I never gave up on the game. Many of my friends have quit, but I still play this game. I have seen the in cards, arenas, and game modes. And I can tell it is not getting any better. My first example of this game descending into utter trash is its bundle. This game has bundles for every arena, and various events and holidays, but they have become worse and worse. The bundles at one point contained gems, the premium currency, but now most bundles don’t contain a single gem. SuperCell has also released new chests, and game modes that feel meaningless and unnecessary. For example, a newer chests known as the fortune chest, has a rotating selection that updates daily. I assume SuperCell wanted to add something new and refreshing, but I will say that is quite the opposite. For the 12+ plus months that the fortune chest has been released I have not bought a single one and have never had interest. For some reason it costs 750 gems for this horrible chest. It has no guaranteed legendary, but it costs 250 gems more than a guaranteed legendary chest. This is not one of the only pointless things in the game. The game mode “Touch down” is horrible. It is completely random being a draft challenge and is deprived of joy. It is completely boring. I remember at release it was hyped. I thought it would be a new a fun mode with some cool gimmick. I was very wrong. It is just normal Clash Royale without any lanes or towers. That’s it. That’s all SuperCell could think of. Very disappointing. Super Cell has not failed in adding new cards. Sadly many feel boring and pointless. I used to be excited for new cards because they added something new. Now they are a boring burden. This is because you have to collect and upgrade them. I no longer see any value and new cards and have given up on most of their new card releases. Lastly I have seen Super Cell starting to add and sell new emotes. This was a bad sign for me. This made me think of Fort Nite or some other cosmetic based revenue game. Except this was Clash Royale. After this I’m seriously considering uninstalling the app, but I have spent some money on it, but I feel as if I haven’t gotten any value. To end this review I suggest never spending money on this game. There is no value in these virtual chests except for a good feeling when you get some special card, but for me I have gotten so many it is just meaningless. I hope this game improves, but it won’t because SuperCell needs money.
  • Report system needs to be put in place 5/5

    By Kitty1309
    This game is great for killing time. The new cards, arenas, and game modes make for a great way to keep players interested over time. I find the game very enjoyable, besides there being some annoyances. One thing that absolutely makes the game unenjoyable is when 2v2 partners leave mid game. It is incredibly annoying. To alleviate this problem I suggest a report system be put in place to provide a negative consequence to those who leave the game. Many multiplayer team based games have this already, and it’s statistically proven to work.
  • Rigged! 1/5

    By Read & Achieve
    The ONLY card my setup is susceptible to is Ballon. Just lost “3” in a row. All “3” setups had “1” thing in common... ALL WERE LOON SETUPS!!! Supercell’s claim to not “fix” matchups is CLEARLY a lie! “3” in a row is “NOT” a coincidence. From a mathematical standpoint, the probability is pretty far from “normal”... Fix your matchup system; or figure out a better lie, Supercell!!! Since last post, I played 3 more matchups, 1 against ANOTHER LOON SETUP, followed by a LAVA HOUND SETUP, and then ANOTHER LOON SETUP!!! This is now “5” Loon setups in “6” matchups; with the only other being a Lava Hound setup. Are you serious?! This is blatant match fixing. The more I expose Supercell’s blatant match-fixing, by posting videos of multiple unequal matchups; or, in this case, blatantly matching me against the 1 setup I lose to often 5 out of 6 times in a row; I then receive worse matchups. How do I post that I’ve been purposefully matched against Loons 3 times in a row, only to face Loons AGAIN 2 out of the next 3?! BLATANT MATCH FIXING!!! So, I decided to play 2-vs-2 instead, to see what type of matchups I would get. 1st match, my “team mate” attempts 1 offensive attack, then watches the rest of the game. Really?! This is what I get, AFTER the stuff I have already posted about?! So, since Supercell chose to force me into 7 losses in a row, I just played 2-vs-2, “7” times, and did other things while the game played. Supercell forced me into “7” losing situations in a row, so I forced “7” others into the same fate. Attitude reflects leadership, right?! If Supercell can do it, so can I! :) Just lost 5 in a row, to players with ZERO cards leveled lower than mine, & multiple cards leveled higher than mine. Therefore, I will now play 2-vs-2 “5 in a row” and purposefully lose all 5. Supercell forced losses; so, I will also. Thanks Supercell for your leadership that I get to emulate! My name is, “Qu1ccsh0t”; & I have now purposefully lost 15 games out of 18. Supercell forced me into 5 losing matchups in a row. So, I play 2-vs-2, & purposefully lose 5. Then play 1. If it’s another forced loss (ie. my opponent has ZERO troops leveled lower than me, yet multiple troops leveled higher), then I lose 5 more in a row, ALL ON PURPOSE! THIS IS NOW 18 STRAIGHT LOSSES - 15 ON PURPOSE. Since Supercell feels like, after 18 losses in-a-row, that I STILL deserve to be matched against opponents with ZERO cards leveled lower than mine, and MULTIPLE cards leveled higher than mine, then I deserve to enjoy forcing others to feel the same forced-loss feelings that Supercell forces me to experience. Just purposefully lost “41” 2-vs-2 matchups in a row. After 41 losses, this was the matchup that Supercells algorithm says that someone with 41 vs losses deserves as an “equal” matchup... Me (Qu1ccsh0t) & (antras) against (jpr_cr 02) & (Glaike). In other words, mine & my team mates levels were EQUAL to our opponents. After 41 losses, I’m FINALLY given an “equal”?! How is this not proof ENOUGH that Supercell’s algorithm is meant to rape non-money players?!
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By EtMFred
    I’m giving this game one star because six times in a row my game has frozen at 84% right before a 1v1, resulting in a 100+ trophy loss because of these bugs. It’s not my device, because it’s an iPad mini pro and is up to date. The game lags constantly, sometimes up to three minutes just frozen. Also, the game is up to date so it isn’t that either
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Markester
    play it all the time, addicted.
  • Tbh 5/5

    By Annoyed Flower
    Good game tbh
  • Homo 5/5

    By nibba25
    Ur gay
  • Lag 4/5

    By Bluetheduck
    I lost two games in the mini deck tournament because WiFi shutdown in the middle of the matches and I feel there should be a protocol or a thing that makes u not lose progress if you lag out of a match or your screen freezes
  • Supercell’s Bad Habit 4/5

    By OGJakkob
    “Time is our most valuable resource.” Supercell has a tendency to design their games to have a timer on everything. Building and upgrading in Clash of Clans. Training troops. Time limits when attacking. Clan War preparation and battle days. With the former it was understandable as one can’t build a structure or train an army with the snap of a finger but unlocking a chest taking hours? It’s self evident that the design choice was meant to force players to purchase Gems to unlock chests immediately. Forcing people to spend money on a free service is contradictory to interest. For this reason players shouldn’t spend money to purchase Gems to unlock chests.
  • Pay To Win and Unfair Matchmaking 3/5

    By TehSavageGamer
    You will never be able to level up the legendaries that you want without paying some stuff. The game is fine other than tournaments, drafts, and classic deck battles. In all the mini collection tournaments that I’ve done, not once have I gotten good cards to make a deck. No fireball, no Valkyrie, no big troops. Nothing. I’m not able to defend. In the Classic Deck battles, the decks that I get are not even used anymore as most of the cards have been nerfed. My opponent, however, seems to get a spam deck that shouldn’t work and it ends up in me being 3 crowned. Last, the drafts, I don’t get the good defense cards to choose from. In every draft that I’ve done, there’s always a choice between Goblins or skeletons and archers or spear goblins. Following that is 2 spell choices. How is anybody supposed to go off that? It may be a fun game for some, if you’re willing to pay at least $20 because the stuff is overpriced as usual.
  • They cheap us out 1/5

    By jdgdixdgd
    I worked for two months to get a legendary Kong’s chest from my quest chest. I was finally really excited when I opened it up wen the last card came my options were electro wizard and graveyard I wanted electro wizard so I clicked on it but the game gave me the graveyard. Then I tried to contact them and it came back with some very unhelpful automated robot message. This game is terrible. DO NOT BUT IT.
  • Trash game 1/5

    By iguana243
    The game is good but every time I play I always go against someone that is a higher level than me so I always lose
  • Amazing 5/5

    By lolshakzhan
    Very addicting and well for when I travel.
  • Poor application quality. 1/5

    By joshskys
    Game keeps crashing randomly while in a match.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 246REVIEWER642
    Keep getting kicked from 2v2s and now I am banned from even playing them for a few hours. Seriously, come on!
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By alexander0920kid
    This game used to be fun, it was really balanced at the time. Now every time I get into a game I see some guy with cards over 3+ levels more than mines. Y’all are destroying every game you guys ‘ve made.
  • Customer services 1/5

    By mhiutwvei
    I tried to get my old account back that I had years ago they banned me from the new game I started cause I wasn’t even that mad till they did this my son wanted me to re download the game after years and a few new phones so I tried costumer service is a joke ask questions some one might no the answer to don’t remember the last time I played.
  • Fun while its balance 3/5

    By Jk1LLz
    Seems like after every new update they mess something up and the game becomes very unbalanced. It takes a while for it to be fix. This game at times is very fun but when they supposedly. Another thing they love to do is put you against someone deck who can easily destroy yours. If not they’ll make it seem like your cards are weak even if your suppose to have a advantage. I have 3000+ trophies so im not someone who just started playing.
  • Good but one problem 3/5

    By Notamathperson
    My game is freezing and I always lose then I lose my trophy’s I want this to be fixed soon.
  • sve vam jebem 1/5

    jebem vi majku banujte usrani kinezi sjebali ste igricu sa mega knighta i jebanog magic archera od vas sam dobio secernu bolest jebem vam majku skratili ste mi zivot za 20 godine dabogda vam pomrlo sve
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By yobama21
    The game is great overall but the thing I don’t like is when I’m playing 2v2 and my teammate leaves an and I have to play against two other players....I’d like it if supercell can at least replace the teammate that left with a robot or something
  • Fun but unbalanced 3/5

    By Cozy Boy Jay
    If you’re new to the game don’t waste your time unless you’re ready to waste your money. I just started playing and every battle is a battle against players with stronger cards. Losing to players with stronger cards that I don’t have is not fun. It wasn’t like this 2 years ago. After years of getting good reviews they must’ve made matchmaking unbalanced so that they could make money off the new players.
  • Issa good show 5/5

    By Whyisit5stars
    I really like dis game cuz it is kewl¡
  • Op cards n p2w 1/5

    By hhhhhheueuueueueu
    1. Hunter can kill a balloon in 2 shots that’s op and there are no counters except for fireball, rocket or another hunter very disappointing. 2. Golem is too op there is only skeleton army to counter but they always spawn it in the back which eliminates literally all counters. 3. X bow does too much damage and should cost 7 elixir or 8! 4. The game is rigged, I always face lvl8 noobs who only use money to win. The game also only lets me fight people who have way better cards so I cough up money.
  • Crash 3/5

    By Pride fight
    Every time I play this game crashes. It really is a quality game but it’s annoying how it constantly crashes mid battle. I’m personally at around 4300 trophies and due to the lagging I kept losing dropping me to around 3900. Please fix this supercell.
  • Horrible matchmaking 1/5

    By Icthfugcjydfycitfiuttufoyf
    I refuse to play this game anymore because all that happens is I get placed with people a higher level than I am. I’m not tryna be placed with some no life Asian kid who spent all his parents money on some gems. Please place with me someone my level in this horrible game.
  • Stale and no longer fun 1/5

    By Shf1000
    Game has become boring and stale. Everyone uses a variation of three strategies (hog rider, golem or a elxir pump deck) with same defensive cards. Overtime is too long. Troops are no longer the main focus and many matches too often just involve players just using spells to grind out wins. The matchmaking is terrible. Everyone complains about long losing streaks. The drafts battles are unfair and rigged.
  • Issue 3/5

    By Akiing54
    Wish I could get my old account back but I can’t
  • Per fjcnfnmdnfmd 4/5

    By dhhdbdnfncnfn
    Won’t let me buy gems game doodle
  • Battle bug 5/5

    By Brigzy2134
    I only did 5 star because I want this to be seen. This game is great do not get me wrong but the one thing that bugs the heck out of me is the battle glitch. This is basically where you accidentally hit battle but the cancel button does not work when you try to back out. It is the most frustrating thing in the whole game. I cannot tell you how many times I have hit battle and then tried to cancel and have nothing happen. Please fix this, it is so annoying.
  • Best game I’ve ever played 5/5

    By liljoser
    This game has so many fun mini games,challenges,tournaments,& more you won’t ever become bored
  • Greed Ruined the Game 2/5

    By Dewhickey72
    Used to be a well balanced game. Whatever ever Super Cell has done in last few patches has really messed things up. Definitely feels like a pay to play game. So sad.
  • Daredevil 4/5

    By noja142
    Love the game!! I got it last year and deleted it and got it back a couple weeks ago. Although I would like it if their was a market where you could buy and sell cards or something close too it. But over all I think it is a great game
  • Boring 1/5

    By Doffy78
    I always get bored of game but this one just like 5 seconds and I’m bored fun yet not good

    I have been playing Clash Royal for a while and I love the app I like how they are still adding cards.😁

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